Kenshinteki na kyonyuuduma wa otto no tameni miwosasage keirensuruhodo ikimakuru konno mako

Kenshinteki na kyonyuuduma wa otto no tameni miwosasage keirensuruhodo ikimakuru konno mako
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She woke up this morning feeling very horny. She had spent the better part of an hour last night, returning the favor from a couple nights before, by giving him a long, sensual and sultry blowjob. The kind he likes when she takes his entire length into her mouth and into her throat.

Not that he was enormous, but he was definitely above average in length and girth. It took her more than a year to learn to take all of him, down to the base, into her mouth and throat fuck him. Oh she would take him out of her mouth to lick his balls and down to his asshole then back to his balls sucking each one into her mouth.

She loves to listen to the sounds he makes as she pleasures him this way. The words of encouragement as she forces his cock deeper into her throat, making that gagging sound.

She knows that makes him crazy. She knows how much he loves that. She licked, sucked and fucked him with her mouth until finally she could feel him there at the edge of cumming and reached around, grabbing his ass and fucked milf sarah vandella blowjob her stepsons large rod own throat with his cock until he came. She sucked him as deeply into her throat as she could, drinking his cum, and making him squirm the way he makes her squirm while eating her pussy.

She kept sucking on his cock until it softened in her mouth then licked him clean. She then moved up beside him, kissed him then laid her head on his chest and fell asleep. Content that she had pleased him. He's already left for work but she still smells his scent on his pillow. She lays there for a short while breathing it in.

Finally, she runs her hand down across her tits, just brushing one of her nipples. She feels a shiver and continues to run her hand down to her bare pussy. She runs a finger across her clit and breaths in sharply as she touches it.

She starts to rub it, thinking of his tongue as she does. She absolutely loves what he does to her with his mouth and oh how she wishes his tongue was where her finger is right now as she feels an orgasm coming on. Suddenly she stops and pulls her hand away from her pussy. She will save herself for him.

She will wait until he gets home and mouth and cunt of a pretty teen banged care of her himself. But tonight it will be different. Not so much different than their usual kinds of play, but how it will all come about. She decides that although he is her master and she his slave, in their own special way, she will design how the day will lead up to and into the night she wants to give him.

Her master… A loose translation if you will in so much that very often he is control of the bedroom and what they do. That he is the dominate and she the submissive. That she will do what he tells her, without question or hesitation. The loose translation is that he knows what she truly does not like, what she cannot tolerate well and what her body reacts to.

He does know her body so well and she knows and trusts him because of it. Because of this, he pushes the limits but is kind and doesn't push certain limits. Their love making is sometimes very loving and sensual and others, it is rough and raw. Animal and primal at times. There is no love making but pure unadulterated FUCKING! Sometimes its bondage, feathers, ice and anything else tactile to drive her crazy.

Sometimes its bondage, spanking, whipping, toys, guy and a girl play with a dick torture. She truly loves what he does to her body and sometimes, although her head says no, her body screams YES and because she loves him, she gives herself to him to do with as he chooses and when she does, he respects her limits. She does not like her tits and pussy whipped.

She knows he likes to mark her body, but those are two places that she refuses and he does his best to follow her wishes. He is a kind master and she loves him dearly, as he loves her. She starts to rub her clit again thinking about the night she will give him.

Thinking about what he will do to her body. How it will hurt for awhile but then what he will do when the animal lust of marking his slave as his subsides. She thinks again of his tongue on her clit.

She lightly pinches one of her nipples with her other hand and as she does she feels herself getting close once more to an orgasm. She pushes just a little bit more to get almost there and then stops right before she goes over the edge. Her breathing heavy, she gets out of bed. The kids are gone for the weekend and she has the house to herself. She goes to the bathroom and then stops to grab something to put on and decides not to.

She heads downstairs with nothing on and goes to the kitchen to make some tea. The blinds are open in the kitchen and if there is anyone to see, she doesn't care. She figures on going about most of her day without clothes while she gets things ready for tonight. That and it will make things so much easier to play with herself whenever she feels the needs and bring herself to the brink before stopping.

Today will be filled with near misses so that when she has that first cum of the night… Oh my, it will be a big one. She spends some time having a small bite to eat and planning out what chores she wants to finish this morning. After she finishes her breakfast, she sits at the dining room table drinking her tea and allows her fingers to run across her pussy very lightly, almost brushing her fingertips across it.

She takes her other finger and runs it across a stick of butter she used for her breakfast. She pulls back the folds of her labia and with her buttered finger, rubs her clit.

Slowly at first but, oh this feels sooo good. She will not be awesome big tit lesbians licking and toying each other to do this for very long or she will not be able to hold off for tonight. Still rubbing very slowly, she takes her other hand and runs her finger across the butter.

Replacing this finger with the one on her clit, she allows it to dip into her pussy before pulling it out and bringing it to her lips for a taste of her own juices. She takes the whole finger into her mouth as if it were his cock, deep into her throat and at that point she has to stop. Oh my God that was too close! She gets up from the table, her legs a little shaky, and cleans up from breakfast.

She goes up to their room and goes to her nightstand and pulls out the rings that she knows she is supposed to wear every day. She gets out the little suction bulb and as she sucks the first nipple in to put on the ring, she sucks air in through her teeth. Ohhh, that feels so fucking good! She leaves the bulb attached to her nipple and almost automatically runs her hand down to her pussy and almost roughly starts rubbing her clit.

My God this feels good she thinks. She stops long enough to slide the rings in place on her nipple and moves the bulb to the other nipple. Again she sucks in air and again she roughly starts playing with her pussy. She shoves a couple fingers into her pussy with one hand and rubs her clit with the other. She is so fucking close that she fights with herself to keep from cumming and just when she thinks she can take no more, she stops, pulling her fingers out of her pussy and both hands away from her body.

Breathing heavily, she sits for several minutes allowing herself to come down before even thinking about slipping the other ring onto her nipple. Just in case. After both rings are in place and she has regained her composure, she goes back downstairs and makes herself another cup of tea and starts cleaning around the house. It feels good to move around the house with nothing on without giving a shit who might see from the window.

Just the thought of someone seeing her is a little exciting. Around one o'clock, she heads up stairs and goes into the hall bathroom. She decides to clean the tub out to take a long hot bath. She'll wait until later for the bath but wants to get it clean now so amateur couple get caught on webcam at night she's ready, so is the tub.

Once clean, she goes into the bedroom.

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She looks around trying to decide where she wants to be tied as her master usually gives her a choice. He has already got a hook set up on the closet door so she goes about clearing the things scattered around the area. She wants to give him plenty of room to "play." She changes the sheets on the bed, taking care to put the pads they have on the bad as she will surely be getting the bed soaked.

She sends him a text message saying she is thinking of him and loves him and he sends back that he loves her too. Very much.

She sets the timer on her phone for an hour and lies on the bed to read. While reading, she allows her fingers to lightly brush her pussy between "turning pages" on her e-reader. When the timer goes off, she puts her e-reader down, lies back on the bed and opens her legs wide.

Very wide as though tied to the bed. She starts to play with her pussy with both hands very slowly as she wants this to last for a little bit. She rubs her clit with her fingers and then stops to reach across the bed to grab one of the toys kept in a bag on his side of the bed and a tube of gel. She takes a little of the gel and smears it on the head of the big purple vibrator she pulled from the bag and slowly, ever so slowly slides it into her pussy.

She slides it inch by inch deeper into her pussy while rubbing her clit. Once she has gotten most of the vibrator into her pussy, she starts to slide it back out just as slowly as it went in. She starts a steady rhythm with the vibrator and continues to rub her pussy and again she starts to fight to hold back. Thinking about it, she figures this is probably a good idea because it has been a very long time since she has had to hold back without getting permission from her master to cum.

She keeps a steady pace for another couple minutes and it's almost too much for her and she yanks the cock from her pussy and screams a hair of a second before she is about to cum.

At this point, she decides to go downstairs and make herself a cocktail. If she is going to get through with what she plans for tonight, a few cocktails just might help do the trick.

She makes a tall one and gulps half of it down before heading back upstairs. She grabs the bag with all the toys and figures it's been a while since they were used so she will make sure they are all clean and the batteries are working in the ones that need them. She then goes into the closet and pulls out their other toy bag and starts pulling out jprulercom sexy japanese nailed in public 30 of the things she knows will be used tonight.

She pulls out the wrist and ankle cuffs, small bundles of rope, a paddle, a flogger and his whip. She grabs several bandanas he has in there when he wants to gag, blindfold or tie her differently. She also pulls out some of the items he uses for tactile play. She wants no hold barred tonight. Whatever he might want to do. However he wants to use and abuse her.

She wants tonight to be all about him. She knows he will not turn down the opportunity to mark her. So tonight, with a few cocktails on her side, she will give him that and more.

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A little surprise if you will. Everything is laid out and now she checks to make sure there are candles is all the votives and enough to refill them if needed. The room is ready. She heads downstairs again and makes herself something for dinner knowing he will eat at work.

Again she knows she needs to eat so that she has the strength for tonight and so she doesn't get sick from drinking without food in her stomach. As she eats, she has another cocktail and after dinner, cleans up, makes him some coffee and herself another drink and goes back upstairs to take a bath.

She starts the water and sits on the toilet for a few minutes. Once done with that, she turns on some music and grabs her drink and climbs into the tub. There is still plenty of time before he gets home, so she takes her time in the tub.

First laying there and letting the hot water relax her. After a while, she shaves her legs and pussy and then washes herself, letting the washcloth run all over, touch her everywhere she wants his tongue to touch her. She drops the washcloth into the water and takes the soap and rubs it across her pussy. After a few minutes, she lets the soap go and just uses her fingers to rub her pussy, slowly bringing her to that point she has been avoiding all day. She rubs her clit and pinches her labia and is getting closer and closer by the second and just as she feels herself at the breaking point one more time, stops and lets the feeling subside.

Oh she is so fucking ready to have her master ravage her and fuck her to the point of no return until she is squirting gallons of pussy juices all over the both of them. She gets out of the tub and dries off a little, dropping the towel to allow herself to air dry the rest of the way. She goes into their bathroom and dries her hair and then puts on a little make up, not because she has to but because SHE wants to. When done she goes back downstairs and checks his coffee pot to make sure it will still be on when he gets home.

She makes herself one more drink, figuring that should hold her over and then writes him a little note. In the note she writes: "Your slave has made you fresh coffee and waits for her master in his bed. Your slave has been especially bad today, walking around the house nude for all who wanted to see and playing with herself many times, even using a toy but never cumming because her master did not grant her permission. I truly deserve to be punished SEVERLY hot sunnyleone sex full movis my discretions.

I also have a surprise for you as I surrender my tits to you to use, ABUSE and enjoy as you wish." She hopes that he understands the words, severely and abused, being capitalized as tonight, she would give him the pleasure of marking her tits with the rest of her body.

She wanted him to know he could hurt more than usual. She merely added a simple request that said please be gentle with them. With that written and placed next to his coffee cup, she went back upstairs for the night. She got a glass of water and two Back and Body, just in case and took them and then sent him a text message saying, "I fisting and pissing on the teen slut you Master." And waits for him to get home. When her master came up to their room, he found her waiting for him on their bed with candles lit all around the room.

She had a very passive look on her face and he sees the rings on her nipples as she waited for his command. He looked around and saw that she had been very busy today and what she had laid out for his pleasure. He walked over and put his coffee on his nightstand, put his things down and simply reached out and took her face in his hands, brought her face to his and softly said, "are you sure?" and kissed her without giving her a skinny teen bdsm and knuckles rough first time he punishes her mouth by facefucking it to reply.

He got his answer in their kiss. Without another word, he reached over and grabbed the wrist cuffs and placed them on her. He then had her get off the bad and get on her knees and with her hands bound, ordered her to open his jeans, pull out his cock and suck it into her throat.

She didn't hesitate and was on her knees and pulling at his belt. When she started to unbutton his jeans, he pulled the belt from the saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde and set it aside to possibly be used later and then stood and allowed her to finish getting his jeans open. When his jeans were open, she pulled out his cock which was already getting hard and kissed the tip then opened her lips and took it into her mouth.

He moaned softly and then placing his hand on the back of her head, she pushed herself down the length until she had the head of his cock in her throat. She pulled off to the tip and then repeated the process several more times before he stopped her.

Grabbing her hair gently, he pulled her up to her feet where he had her stand while he got a piece of rope and tied it to the wrist cuffs. He then pulled her arms up over her head and hooked the rope over the hook on the door. He left it loose for the moment as he then got the ankle cuffs and put them on his slave as she waited patiently. He spread her legs wide apart with her back to the door figuring he would abuse her tits first hoping the pain would ease some before moving her to the bed when he finished marking her.

Once her ankles were where he wanted them, he had her move up to her toes just a little and secured her wrist so that now she was stretched out the way he liked and then he blindfolded her. He didn't ask her this time and just reach over to grab bandanas to gag her. She would need them for he would hurt her tonight more than he had in the past. Not that she deserved it. Not that he was upset about her walking around the house in the nude.

Not even for playing with herself. Because she wanted it and he knew how her body would respond to it. He stood for a few minutes and admired his slave stretched out against the door, waiting patiently, not knowing when the first blow would come. He lit a cigarette and sat on the edge of the bed, thinking about where to place the first blow. On her tits? Dive right in and get it over with? Or maybe start on her thighs or belly and let her wonder when the blow would strike her tit for the first time.

Instead he grabbed the "rake." It was actually a kitchen tool used for holding onions for cutting. 10 or 12 sharp little spikes school girl sex stories sexi vi a plastic handle.

He started at her neck and ran the sharp tips along her skin, down across her chest to her right tit, over her nipple which caused her to try to curl up into herself. Then over her belly and across her clit and down her left leg to her ankle. He could tell by her body's reaction, this was driving her crazy! He pulled it away and waited for several minutes. Then he repeated the process from the other direction.

From her neck to her left nipple, along her belly, her clit and down her right leg. Again she went crazy. He leaned in close so she could hear him whisper, "If you cum without permission, not only will I have your tits with my whip, but your pussy too!" She knew he meant it and focused all her energy on not cumming. He repeated the process of stroking the rake along her body from neck to ankle, one side to the other for the next half hour.

She was going mad with the tactile sensation of it all. Finally after 30 minutes, he stopped. He lit another cigarette, removed her gag and put the cigarette to her lips. She pulled a drag from it and then he let her take a drink from her cocktail. He asked her how she was doing and she said she was ok. He asked if she was still sure about what was going to happen and again, before she could replay, he kissed her. And again her answer was in her kiss.

He let her take another drag from the cigarette before putting the gag back in place then he sat on the edge of the bed looking at the items there and thought about what he would start with.

WHACK! She jerked and cried into the gag. A welt started to appear on her thigh. He had chosen to start with the whip. WHACK!

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She jerked and cried into the gag again. A welt appeared on the other thigh. He would get the whipping out of the way first so that the latter part of the night would be more pleasure than pain. WHACK! WHACK! A criss-cross appeared on her belly. He was whipping her with more force than usual so the welts were more pronounced.

To be honest, this made him very happy as he liked seeing the marks on her body. Her body doesn't hold marks for long so these may last a little longer into the night. Now the hard part… WHACK! Right across her right tit. She screamed into gag and flailed about for several seconds. He knew he had to make this quick as she would not last long. WHACK! She again screamed and flailed and when she stopped he leaned into her and told her he wanted two more welts on each tit and he would stop.

With that, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She started screaming and flailing and he told her that he was done. He told her that she needed to stop or she would hurt herself or he would whip her without mercy over the rest of her body. She started to quiet down and he told her that the worst part was over. He asked if she understood. She did not answer at first so he reached up, grabbing both her tits and repeated his threat that he would have no mercy for the rest of her body unless she settled down.

She stopped and shook her head that she understood. He waited for several minutes and admired the marks that were on her tits then he started to whip her across the belly and thighs for several minutes taking his time between strikes. All in all, he whipped her abound 12 more times on the front of her body.

When he was done, he again removed her gag and gave her a drink. He did not allow her to speak and after she drank, he replaced the gag. He then moved her so that she faced the door and bound her the same way, slightly on her toes all stretched out the way he liked. Instead of playing around this time, he went right to whipping her, telling her that he was going to punish her for the day's indiscretions and that he was going to be severe.

He did not lie. He laid 20 strokes with the whip across her back, ass and thighs then took a paddle and paddled her ass with it until she was crying into the gag, her ass not only had beautiful welts from the whip but was beet red from the paddle and she was fighting to get free. He told her that she had better stop fighting to get free, that she was going to hurt herself and he took a flogger across her back and thighs to make his point. She stopped fighting and he left her there for several minutes.

While he waited, he took a vibrator from the bed and put turkish wife swallow hot cum gel on it, walked up behind her and placed it against her asshole. He held it there for several seconds and reached around with his other hand and started rubbing her clit. He played with her pussy for a couple minutes feeling start to respond and then started to ease the vibrator into her ass. She started a muffled protest into the gag which he disregarded.

He moved his finger across her clit a little faster and felt her move in response allowing the vibrator to move a little easier into her ass until it was all the way in. He told her not to cum or he would have to punish her some more and she settled slightly even though he could feel her body still building. He stopped playing with her clit for a minute and grabbed another vibrator, this one a little bigger than the first, turned it on and started slipping hot japanese fashion model makes it out into her pussy.

He then gently started to move the one in her ass out and then back in as he moved the one in her pussy deeper. He now had them both moving in and out of her pussy and ass at the same time while she was stretched out against the door with nowhere to go. He could feel the tension building in her body as her thighs started to tighten with the impending orgasm and he repeated his warning.

He then started letting one of his fingers brush against her clit as he slid the vibrators in and out of her. She moved her ass and started moaning and her belly tightened. She started pulling against the rope holding her wrists, fighting, not to cum. She started to whimper through the gag and again, he repeated the warning.

He moved the vibrators and brushed her clit for a few more seconds and… Suddenly she felt a void in both her ass and her pussy as he yanked both vibrators from her body. Then she felt her ankles slacken as he undid the restraints and then her wrists were set free. She almost fell if it were not for her master catching her in his arms, then moved her around and placed her on the bed and commanded her to lie back and spread her legs as far as she could.

He had a tone in his voice that she recognized as powerful, raw animal lust and not to be toyed with. She obeyed and spread her legs as far as she could.

He then told her that she was to pinch her nipples when he told her to, as hard as she could. She was to make them hurt no matter what, and hold them until he told her otherwise. Suddenly, without warning, she felt the vibrators back at the entrance to her ass and pussy and he abruptly shoved them both back into her body as far as they would go.

He told her to grab her nipples and she did.

She squeezed them so hard and bit her lips because it hurts so fucking bad. He told her not to let up or let go and he smacked the inside of her thighs and asked if she understood.

She frantically shook her head yes. He started moving the vibrators. Slowly at first, almost all the way out, then all the way back in. He kept this up for a minute or so then started moving them faster and faster. Her nipples were killing her and her fingers started to ache from holding them so tightly and he could see this but she was also breathing very fast and her body was moving with the rhythm of the vibrators.

He was now moving them very quickly and brushing her clit again with his finger and she was so close to the edge. Suddenly, his hand stopped the vibrator in her ass and he reached up and slapped her hands away from her nipples then taking control of the "cock" in her ass again, plunged them both to the hilt again.

Then he said cum for me Baby and with that he bent down and took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it. The excruciating pain from blood running back to her nipples after being held so tightly, for so long and then being slapped away, the vibrators working in and out of her ass and pussy and her clit being sucked into her master's mouth, her lover's mouth was all she could take.

All the pain of the night had suddenly turned to pure animal lust and pleasure. She was a fucking bitch in heat, a slave whore being used, abused and pleasured by her master. Her master had given her the best, most over the top orgasms she had ever had in her life, wicked slut rims assholes and gets double penetrated this one… OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!

The sensation she felt in her tits from being whipped then pinched then slapped. The roughness in the way he slammed the cocks in her ass and pussy, the sucking and biting of her clit. She was yelling into her gag, "I'm YOUR fucking slut!" "I'm YOUR fucking whore!" "I'm YOUR fucking bitch!" And then she could hold back no longer.

All she could do was scream. She screamed into her gag and exploded in such an orgasm that it was more than her master had ever given her before. Her whole body quaked, her head spun and she felt so fucking good! She exploded her juices all over her master's face and chest. All over her thighs and along her legs! She wanted to move but couldn't. She was frozen, back arched high off the bed, mouth open now unable to scream, even if the gag were removed.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!! She couldn't stop coming and she didn't want it to end. She never wanted it to end! Sheila B. Cumming