Hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning

Hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning
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Natya smiled as she closed the door to the Dinner Diner, the place of her employment for the past few years. Locking the door, she hummed to herself, happy that she was finally out of work after a long 12 hour shift on a Friday night. She tucked her keys into her purse and began walking home. Traditionally, she walked along the riverside to her apartment. Surrounded by a thick wooded area, the walkway may have deterred anyone new to the area, but Natya had lived here for almost 3 years and never missed her walk through the tranquil woods.

She found the dirt path that led into the woods and found her way down it. It was as familiar in the dark to her as in the daylight. She stuffed ear buds into her ears and switched her iPod on, turning up the music loud enough that she didn't hear the men approach her a little ways down the road.

Suddenly, a hand was clasped over her mouth and her good mood was shattered as she realized she was being overtaken. Hands pulled her arms roughly behind her back and another hand pulled her ear buds out with one tug of the cord.

She tried to scream but only managed some pathetic, muffled whimpering. She felt hot breath against her neck and heard a voice say "Traveling alone at night?

. Dangerous." and to her right, she heard chuckling. So, two men. she assessed silently, wondering what her chances of escape were. If they have guns, I have to do anything I can to get out alive.

She could feel her lips trembling under the large hand covering her mouth. "So," the first voice said, "you like sucking cock?" Natya, trying so hard to be strong, felt a tear trickle down her cheek. "Well, you're going to get to show us how much you like it tonight.

And if there's any teeth or screaming, you'll get your pretty face blown off. Got it?" Natya nodded, breathing heavily against his hand. So they do have a gun. "Good. Now get on your knees." Natya obeyed, tears trickling down her cheeks in a fair stream. She got on her knees and felt one of them roughly pulling off her top and undoing her bra. Then, topless, her hands were tied behind her back.

She heard the sound of a zipper and smelled the sickly sweet stench of manhood as it flopped out and hit her in the face. Crying, she opened her mouth and took in the first few inches of his cock, sucking gently. "No, bitch. Suck it like the filthy whore you are. All the way down." And with his words, Natya felt him take her head into his hands to hold while he pushed his cock in, sliding into the back of her mouth and into her throat, gagging her violently.

"Ohhh yessss." the man moaned, "Just like that, you useless slut." Marking his words, she felt him slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered to pump his cock into her face over and over, gagging and choking her harder each time. Natya began to panic, unable to breathe, and tried to cry out but only managed to make gurgling noises that seemed to make her attacker even harder. "God yes, slut. Let me hear you gag on my cock.

You worship cock, don't you? Are you a good slut, female? All females are sluts, you know." He laughed a little as he gagged her again, this time holding her head down on his cock. "You think you can stay down for 30 seconds?" He growled, "I'll let you breathe for a minute if you do, slut." Gagging, Natya tried to count as her lips touched the man's ball sack. 1. 2. 3. oh god he's going to suffocate me with his cock!

10. 11. 12. I can't do it. 22.

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23. 24. By 30 she was sputtering, drooling all around the man's shaft. When he let go, she gasped in air and shamed herself by feeling good when he praised her, "That's a good slut! You know what you were born to do." As she drew in much needed air she felt the other man pulling her skirt up to her waist, revealing her panties which were somehow soaked.

She flushed with embarrassment.

The man behind her chuckled. "Oh, she loves it, Jim," he growled as he slipped a finger into the crotch of her underwear and pulled them down to her knees. "You like it, huh slut?" Jim said, and as Natya looked up to protest, he shoved his cock down her throat again. "This time we're going to try for 45. Think you can do that, cunt?" Natya writhed as he counted aloud for her, and felt the other man touching her, opening her pussy lips and fingering her, spreading her ass cheeks and roughly shoving two fingers to the 3rd knuckle in as she squealed and choked.

"45! Very good, slut cunt." Jim let go of her face and she gasped for air once again. "I think I'm read to take your holes. Is she ready, Ted?" "Oh yeah, she is," Ted responded. She felt herself being stood up, her panties taken off completely, then back on her knees she went so she was facing Ted now.

Jim slapped her ass and demanded that she put it up higher in the air, and she obeyed. "Open." Ted said roughly as he shoved his cock into her mouth. She couldn't help but notice that Jim was a little bigger than Ted. Then she felt Jim's cockhead push at her pussy lips and she realized he meant to fuck her without a condom.

She tried to moan her protest but Ted seized her head and pulled her onto his cock much like Jim had. Even though Ted was smaller, she still gagged just as hard and choked as Jim's cock penetrated her. "Oh yes. she loves it. You're so wet you stupid whore, you love serving men don't you?" Natya couldn't reply, only gagged on Ted's cock harder as he began to pump into her throat. Jim began pumping too, his cockhead easily ramming into Natya's cervix.

She moaned in pain. "So we gonna do it, Jim?" Ted asked. Natya heard no response and wondered if they were talking about cumming in her. She tried to keep it out of her mind. If she just obeyed, maybe they would let her go. Slowly, ted pulled out of her throat and she gasped for big ass mom victoria banxxxx. "Open," he demanded, and she obeyed, and felt him sliding something round in between her teeth with a strap that fit snugly around the back of her head.

She moved her tongue around - the thing was hollow, leaving her mouth open - a gaping hole. It was then that she felt Jim pull his cock out of her pussy and press it against her asshole. She made noises, trying to speak, to beg Jim not to take her asshole just as Ted's cock filled the hole and slid into her throat again.

"You know what we love the best, cockwhore? We love it when a slut gives her whole body to us. Since we believe that all women are the property of men, we love it. Do you belong to us, slut? Answer correctly." Tears streaming down her cheeks, she nodded. Anything. She would not admit that she was beginning to be turned on by the idea of giving herself completely. No, I'm not a slut! She kept telling herself as she got wetter. Jim moaned as he pushed his cockhead into her ass, Natya moaned in agony.

Ted continued to fuck her face, a little gentler now. "Now, bitch. What i want you to do is open your throat nice and wide for Ted and relax your asshole and give it to me. Good girl. Good slut." She could feel Jim's cock inching in as she relaxed her ass, obeying.

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It felt like he was shoving a bottle up there - she felt like she was being torn open. At the same time, she felt Ted gathering her hair and then pushing his cock into her throat again, using her face as leverage and a way to hold her down.

"Good slut," Jim was saying as he shoved his cock in further, and began pumping her ass. "Now, Ted's cock owns you, slut. Open your throat and give yourself to Ted." 20 seconds went by, and Ted's cock was still deep in her throat, pulsing, not moving.

She began hot fitness massage brooklyn chase panic as 40 seconds rolled around and Ted tried to push deeper, rolling his hips against her lips.

Her throat closed tightly with fear. "Give yourself to Ted's cock, you stupid slut. That cock owns you now. Let yourself go, you were born to die on that cock you worthless slut." Natya's panic became true as she realized what he meant, but her body betrayed her as she didn't fight it, in fact she opened her throat just as Jim demanded, felt his cock slide in deeper and begin to spasm in her throat as she started to see specks of black in her vision.

Was this what she was really born for? She was beginning to think maybe Jim was right. She felt something inside her change as she opened her throat and felt the cock slide deeper in. She abandoned Natya and became a slut in truth. Drool flowed down her neck and dripped onto the ground and for a moment she became ecstatic, an orgasm forming. She felt Jim's cock slamming into her asshole now, the pain only melded with the pleasure of knowing she finally found her place in life - to serve Jim and Ted and to die on Ted's cock.

With her last ounce of strength she pushed her head further onto Ted's cock, impaling her face deeper and she came, her cunt writhing and spurting. "Ohhh fuck yesssss." Jim moaned as he came in the slut's ass.

He pumped his semen in deeper before he pulled out and wiped it on the whore's ass cheek. He looked up at Ted, who was old woman surprise your girlboss and she will boink with your dad holding the limp slut's face on his cock and smiled.

"Next time, Ted, I get to do the honors."