Rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version

Rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version
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She awoke in the bed with a jolt, panting lightly as she looks around the dimly lit room. She slowly brings her hands to her face and wipes off the crust of the eyes before stretching out both arms. She slides out of her bed and gets out of the covers onto her own feet with a suffle. She stretches out her back before moving towards the wooden door and opening it then suddenly being filled with the colors of pink translucent curtains.

Aliaranna smiles at the women on 7 beds sitting there nude smiling back. She looks them all over, "Good morning my latina sluts." Aliaranna says with a toothy grin.

The girls call back, "Good morning mistress Aliaranna." Aliaranna looks them over more as she walks the corridor, looking at all her beautiful sluts before stopping at the sixth bed and motioning the girl to stand up, "Come with me slut, your the first for today.' The girl whose name we shall call Cilla stands up and walks behind Aliaranna.

Aliar leads her to a back room where a chair sits, ordering her little slut Cilla to sit in the seat. Cilla obeys without question taking the seat. As soon as her nude ass hits the seat she is strapped in and flipped up as the chair puts her face towards the ground and her ass in the air to reveal both holes. Aliar by this point is grinning as she touches her finger to a button in the wall. A large dildo wielding mechanical arm swings down and aims the tip towards her anal. Aliar presses another button to start the drill sequence and instantly the dildo turns on the arm, moving ever so slowly towards her ass.

Cilla puts her head down towards the tiled floor and opens her ass as wide as she can for the dildo as the tip hits her pucker. The dildo continues to turn and grind the flesh of Cilla's anal open to slide its self into the tight canal. Cilla screams loudly as Aliar leans against the wall with a smile. She enjoys watching her sluts take large objects into their anal. She also enjoys hearing them scream out in agony.

Without skipping a beat the "Drilldo" hilts Cilla's ass, still spinning inside the tight hole and stretching out the rest of her walls.

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Aliaranna presses a button on the the wall that starts a stopwatch timer, while the dildo begins to push in and out almost fully into her anal as it twists ever faster. Cilla screams as she feels her pussy become wetter to the attention to her anal increases, feeling a churning sensation in her as she slowly feels her climax apporach, trying to gain controll of her dani danials cum shot in mouth. The arm does its job as it was built to as Aliaranna grins still leaning up against the wall of the dungeon like room.

She looks around for the moment as she continues to hear the echos of the moaning and screaming comming from Cilla.

She thinks to herself that she probably should add more lights to the area but discards the thought before refocusing her attention to the woman infront of her being pounded by the large dildo arm.

Cilla suddenly cums, spurting out a white froth from her cunt.

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It sloshes on the floor as Aliaranna stops the timer and looks at the numbers popping up. Three minutes and 22 seconds. Not bad thought Aliaranna as she walks over to the slut inside the contraption, She kneel's down to see Cillas face as she rests her head onto Aliaranna's lap.

Aliaranna grins and gently strokes the hair out of the latina sluts face as she says, "Good job my slut. So far you have the best time so far for the week." She smiles still stroking her hair as she runs hre nimble fingers through the long dark locks of the woman.

She grins as she unlock the contraption and the ragdoll like Cilla falls to the floor with a thump. Aliaranna then slowly picks up the head of Cilla and notices she is asleep from the pure amount of pleasure. Aliaranna grins at her before setting her head down smoothly on the surface of the tile floor before walking back to the wall where the controll for the drilldo arm, pressing a button beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock release the arm from its job.

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The arm folds up back into the storage unit of the room. Aliaranna then cuts off the lights of the room and leaves cillia in the middle of the floor, letting the stupid slut as she would call her sleep off the pain and pleasure of something like a drilldo.

Aliaranna can't help but to grin though as she stares at the woman on the ground with a satisfied expression on her face. She the silently closes the large wooden door of the room and turns around to see the rest of her sluts grinning at her. Unknown to Aliaranna the rest of the women could hear Cilla scream through the 3 inch thick cement walls. Aliaranna sighs for she knows she will have to treat all her sluts to some kind of fun.

To be continued. Well thats it for now guys and I hope you all like this as much as I hope you would. P.S.

Leave any comments that you may like and tell me what you might want to see next for Aliaranna and her sluts. I will try to take all suggestions but no promises to you all.

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