Charmi kaur blue films storys

Charmi kaur blue films storys
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The Cock Lock Carly Parker stopped in the hallway, just outside her son's door. She heard the grunts and knew he was jacking off. She'd heard the same sounds many times, lately, and at all hours of the night and day. "I need to put a stop to that shit," she thought, "it's gotten to the point of addiction, and it has to stop, now." As she opened his door, she saw blasts of cum shoot four feet into the air and land on the bedspread, near the foot board.

Don Parker never even tried to hide his eight inches, nor his effort. He smiled at his mother and said, "That was a GOOD one, mom. I was thinking about fucking your ass. I'll bet it's just as good as I imagined." Carly was beside the bed in two quick steps.

Once she slapped his face, she swung a fist toward his balls. Fortunately for Don, he saw it coming and jerked his knee up. Her fist hit bone, causing sharp pain to shoot all the way to her elbow. "Goddammit, you little mother-fucker! That hurt! Get your fucking clothes on and get your ass outta here. You have two days to find a job and get yourself another place to live." He jumped out of his bed and grabbed his mother by the shoulders, threw her onto his bed and straddled her waist.

Frantically, she tried to hit his nuts, face, anything to discourage him from what was about to happen. Her efforts were futile. Don managed to wrap one of his big hands around both of her tiny wrists. He swung one leg off her small body and, with his other hand, went to work on removing her cut-off shorts. "Goddamn you, Don! sexy mature nurse myuu hasegawa and a patient tube porn

Let me up, now! If you do this, I'll kill you, you bastard!" "I'm not your little boy anymore, Mom. I'm a full grown, twenty year-old man, and I have my needs… and I need pussy. You've got me so damn horny, watching you parade around in these little shorts, and in your underwear, and in that fucking blue bikini." She cussed him again as her panties followed her shorts to good and long blowjob from the wife floor.

He returned his leg to his previous position and let go of her hands, long enough to rip her t-shirt off her torso, "And guess what pussy I need, Mo-ther? Yeah, this one." He took one hand and slapped it behind him, hitting her pubic mound, "I'm gonna fuck you, Mom, and fuck you again, and fuck you again. I'll fuck you anytime I want and anywhere I want. There ain't a fucking thing you can do about it, or I'll beat the shit out of you and I'll fuck Anna while you're unconscious… and I'll fuck her again, and I'll fuck her again." He moved his legs between hers and began sliding his meat back and forth against the front of her cunt, contacting her clit each time his helmet pulled against it.

"Now spread your fucking legs and take it like a good mom should." As Don pumped his mother's light blonde pussy, Carly lay still, pissed off at her own son… the sweet little boy she'd given birth to. She reflected on the day her husband announced he had enlisted in the Marines.

She thought about how mad Don was and how he had hit the Sergeant in the nuts when the man had informed them Roger had been killed in Iraq. Carly's mind was oblivious to the invasion her body was suffering. She was determined NOT to enjoy sex with her son… it wasn't sex, anyway… it was pure, abusive, all out rape.

The second Don was spent and rolled off her body, she jumped off his bed and ran to her bathroom. Thirty minutes later, after a long shower, she dressed in jeans, full set of underwear and a long sleeve shirt. Don was sound asleep, naked, when she passed his room… she'd fix his fucking ass where he couldn't hurt, nor fuck anybody… ANYBODY! The porn shop still had the 'male chastity belt' she had snickered about a couple weeks before, when she'd bought the new, vibrating dildo.

The contraption was made of hard acrylic and covered a man's cock and balls. It also had a hole in the end for piss to exit, and several smaller holes for ventilation. The belt had a keyed lock and fastened in the back. It appeared to be plenty big enough, so Carly paid the clerk $149 and left.

Not knowing what to expect when she got home, she tucked her purchase under her car seat and went inside. Sure enough, Don was waiting… "Where in the fuck did you go? If you told the cops, I'll kill you and leave the country with Anna," he grabbed a handful of his mother's hair and twisted, "and I'll fuck her day and night. I'll get her pregnant and make her have a miscarriage… then I'll do it again." "Ouch!

Stop pulling my hair Goddammit! No, I didn't go to the fucking cops. I went to the drug store and bought some chaturbate lulacum part take your popcorn and relax after' pills.

You might rape your mother, but I'm not getting pregnant with my own grandchild." He twisted her hair a little more and said, "Good thinking, Mom. You won't get pregnant doing this…" He forced her to the floor and shoved his dick at her mouth, "Suck me off and if you bite, I'll jerk every hair out. I want a deep throat and swallow every God damn drop, too." It had been eight years since Roger had left on deployment. The previous night was the last time Carly had a cock in her mouth, but she hadn't forgotten what a man liked.

Don wasn't able to last more than a few minutes. As soon as his load blasted down her throat, he released her and made his way toward his room, "I'll want some more pussy later, after Anna goes to sleep… so be ready." Carly waited on the porch for Anna to get home from work.

She had already fed Don his supper and managed to slip a few knock-out drops into his Coke. She hugged her eighteen year-old daughter and held her hand as they entered the house. Once inside, Anna sat in shock as Carly explained what had happened and the threats Don had made. Anna loved her brother, but what he had done was inexcusable. They discussed the plan Carly had devised… A scream in the middle of the night woke Carly and Anna.

Don had awakened to find himself handcuffed to his bed rails. Something had his genitals in a bind, but he couldn't see what it was, in the dark room. Carly turned on the light, smiled and strolled to the side of his bed, "How do lo rico que se agasaja solita la puta expect your sister and I to get our beauty sleep, sweetie? You're just making too much noise." "Get these fucking cuffs off me, you bitch!

When I get loose, I'm gonna kick your ass all over this house! And, what the hell is on my dick?" "Oh, sweetie, don't be so upset. That little ol' thing is called a cock lock.

It has a hole in it so you can pee… isn't that nice?" "Nice my ass! Get that mother-fucker off me and turn me loose." "Funny you should use the term, 'mother-fucker', that's what started this, sweetie.

You never should have raped your mother. You never should have threatened your mother. Now you'll live like this for a long time, sweetie," her loving tone changed as she strapped a ball gag onto his mouth, "You're gonna pay for it, now, you bastard." The biggest drawback to the situation was having to provide, and clean, a bedpan for Don's waste.

Although Don was madder than hell, he began to settle down and accept his fate after the third day. He wanted to know how much longer he'd have to suffer his difficult situation. "Need I remind you that you raped me?" Carly sneered as she slapped the cock lock, "and need I remind you that you forced your dick down my throat? "Once I'm convinced you've learned your lesson, I'll consider turning you loose. In fact, I think I've figured another way to make your fucking situation more difficult." Don could do nothing but watch as his 42 year-old, hotter than a flat iron, mother began undressing.

Immediately, his acrylic prison filled with a raging hardon.

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Once naked, Carly threw one leg over her son and bandar and girls sex mobis her lubricated pussy down on the hard plastic device. It wasn't as comfortable as her dildo or a real cock, but it was a means to bring herself an orgasm, while denying Don the same. As hard as he tried, there was just no way to feel her cunt sliding on his own skin.

The frustration caused him to cuss her repeatedly, as she enjoyed the torture. When she came, she slid her fingers inside her pussy, wetting them with her juices. "Smell this, you cock sucker," she passed her fragrance under his nose, "You never get any of this on your dick again." Anna saw her mother leaving Don's room without any clothes on and questioned Carly about it.

Carly explained about making his punishment harder. Anna asked, "Okay if I tease the bastard, too? I haven't been a virgin in a long time, Mom." Carly gave her permission but told her to be careful and not take any chances.

The next day, Don was shocked when a nude Anna walked into his room, "What the fuck? Are you a crazy fucking whore?" "Look what I brought, big brother," she produced a soft, downy feather, "I'm gonna give you a little treat." She pushed the feather inside the piss hole of the cock lock. Don's dick was already hard… same as the majority of the time during the last five days. But when she began teasing it with the amazing feeling the feather produced, he started humping, hoping to cum and unload pent up desires.

But, to his dismay, she played for a minute or so, then quit. She teased him with her tits and masturbated in front of his eyes.

The man was completely entranced by his sister's fantastic body and her exhibition, "Anna," his voice was barely above a whisper, "please turn me loose.

I'm begging you, please. I'll never force myself on another woman. I'll only fuck the ones who agree that they want it. Please, Anna, I…" It appeared to Anna that Don passed out.

She shook him and called his name, but he remained limp. Carly had told her she would be late getting home and that her cell phone was in the repair shop. "Oh, my God!" she thought, "I can't call Mom! If I call an ambulance, they'll see we've had him chained to the bed. I don't want to go to jail. Oh, my God, I have to turn him loose and get him to the bathtub. Maybe some cold water will wake injured granny is healed by young dick up." The process took a few minutes, but Anna was pleased with her efforts when she guided the staggering man through the bathroom door.

Once inside, Don slammed the door, trapping his naked sister, "God damn you, you little bitch whore; you're gonna pay for this last week of misery. Where's the key to this fucking contraption?" She didn't have a clue where their mother had hidden the key to the cock lock, so Don found a razor blade and sliced through the belt. Anna sat in the floor, trembling with fear of what he would do to her. Once his cock and balls were free of their 'prison', he screamed, "Yesssss!!

Hah, hah!! Now, bend your ass over that fucking toilet seat! NOW!" Anna complied and immediately had all eight inches inside her. She was experienced enough that, the only pain she felt, was his fingers digging into her flesh when he jerked back on her waist, each time he crammed his neglected dick into her. He filled her until her pussy overflowed, his cum making puddles on the bathroom floor.

He ordered her to get dressed and bring her car keys to the garage. As he went to grab his own clothes, he picked up her phone and hid it between his mattresses. Minutes later, he held his strong hand around her neck as she drove to the highway. Two hours later, Carly answered the door. She had returned home ten minutes earlier and found Anna's car was gone… her daughter was gone, too… and so was Don.

"I'm so sorry to have to be the one to inform you, Mrs. Parker, but your son, Don, was killed in a horrific traffic accident this afternoon. You or your daughter will need to come with me to the morgue to make a positive identification." Carly was riddled with mixed emotions, "I'll go with you, Chief. Anne's gone and won't be home for a while." Although Don had been her only child for the first two years, Carly shed no tears as she confirmed the battered body was, indeed, her son.

She grabbed the sheet from the mortician's hand and jerked it away, "Why is his dick gone? Did somebody want a fucking souvenier?" "Actually, ma'am, it was bitten off in the accident. It lodged in the young lady's throat, choking her to death, too." Carly flinched, caught her breath and asked, "Who was she?" "We're still trying to identify her, ma'am.

Even when we do, we'll have to inform her next of kin before we can tell you who she is." "I know most of his friends," her voice sensual dolls eating pinks small tits pornstars as she spoke, "and most of the little bitches were whores; sorry little cocksuckers who dropped out of school and sold pussy to anyone who had a dollar.

It was probably Dixie or Resa. Where is she? Maybe I can tell you who she is." The medical examiner led Carly to a row of stainless steel cabinet doors.

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He selected the right one and slid the drawer out. As he pulled the sheet away from the corpse's face, Carly's eyes widened. A small whine got caught in her throat as she fainted to the floor, "Anna."