Deepthroater darling lilith gets her pussy hammered hard

Deepthroater darling lilith gets her pussy hammered hard
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Mrs. H has to chaperone ch 2 This is the sequel to "Mrs. H has to chaperone" I'm currently in the girl's locker room, on my knees sucking a teenage students cock. When I hear the voice of another teacher. As I hear Nicole's voice coming from behind me, I feel a bevy of mixed emotions. A part of me is embarrassed, for getting caught in such a compromising position.

But with Justin and his big cock triggering my naughty submissive side, another part of me is turned on by the thought of my friend Nicole watching me submit to my 15-year old student. I waited for Justin to react, but he never did. He just stood there with his hand on my head, continuing to shove his huge cock down my throat. Making me feel like a total slut. And I loved every second of it. Once curiosity had gotten the better of me.

I pulled Justin's cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder to see how Nicole was reacting to the scene she was witnessing. I was totally shocked when I turned around and saw my best friend Nicole, who's also the school's choir teacher. Standing in the shower naked, rubbing her pink cunt, while she watched me stroke Justin's cock. I thought to myself: "I wonder how long she's been watching us? What all has she seen?" I must admit. Just knowing that Nicole was there to witness me behaving like a total whore, with one of my student's, was turning me on even more.

"No, Chica. I don't mind if you watch" As I took Justin's cock back into my mouth. Once Nicole had made her way over to join us. Justin then grabs her hand and places it on his cock. Watching Nicole's black hand stroke Justin's white cock, while I slowly sucked on it, was making my sore cunt throb with anticipation.

As Nicole continued to stroke Justin's cock into my mouth. Justin placed two of his fingers into her mouth, making her gag several times. He was treating her like a whore. And she knew it. But the look in her eyes says's she's enjoying it. Making her stroke his cock even faster. I no longer heard the loud thumping music coming from the school gymnasium. Those sounds were drowned out by the steamy shower, Nicole's passionate moans and the slurping sound of me sucking Justin's hard cock.

I looked up and saw a look in Justin's eyes. A look that I've never seen before. He was no longer the sweet and innocent Justin, that I adored. He was now a masculine man and I was his submissive slut. Who was willing to do whatever he demanded of me. I could tell that Nicole was a wanton in heat as well. As she began to beg and plead for Justin's big cock: "Justin, please. Please fuck me with your big cock.

I need it. I need it so badly" As she jigged her fingers lana rhoades and joni seins in sex stories her hot cunt: "Oh yes, I need that big cock." I watched as Nicole moved in and pressed her lips against Justin's, as they shared a deep passionate kiss.

I soon joined them. Going from one to the other. I would kiss Nicole, while Justin was kissing the back of my neck. horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt

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Then I switched to Justin, while Nicole would nibble on my ear. I could feel Nicole's fingers massaging my clit, right before slipping her middle finger into my sopping cunt: "Oh yes, oh yes. Work my pussy" While I was cumming on her finger. Justin came from behind Nicole and squeezed her tits and pinch her chocolate nipples.

Causing Nicole to grind her round ass against his hard cock. Then, amazingly, he grabbed her legs and lifted her above his giant cock. I was looking Nicole in the eyes, as I guided Justin's cock into her throbbing cunt: "Oh my God. It's so big" As Justin slowly lifted Nicole up and down his pulsating cock. I took one of her breasts into my mouth and swirled my tongue around her sensitive chocolate nipples.

While using my other hand to massage Justin's big balls. Making Nicole's big tits flop uncontrollably. And bringing her to an intense orgasm: "Ooohhhh I'm cumming.

Oh yes, I'm cumming." I was teacher and student zabardasti xxx very turned on watching my best friend Nicole, getting fucked by Justin's teenage cock. Seeing his big white cock, in contrast with her dark chocolate skin was very erotic. As Justin lowered Nicole back to the floor. He pointed towards the shower wall: "On the wall, now" I watched Nicole walk over to the wall, and assume the doggy style position.

Seeing Justin being so dominant with Nicole, was making me want to submit to him even more. I began to finger my pussy, in anticipation of watching Justin taking Nicole from behind: "Yes, Justin. Fuck her. Fuck her black slut cunt" As I forced two more fingers into my snatch.

But Nicole wasn't the only one of us who was about to get manhandled, by Justin's big white cock. Soon, he was grabbing me by the wrists and throwing me up against the wall, right next to Nicole: "Get up against the wall, and spread your legs." As I placed my hands on the wall, then stuck out my ass.

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I spread my legs. Then Justin stepped in between us: "Spread em' wider" Nicole and I both looked at each other, as we obeyed Justin's orders and spread our legs further apart. While standing in between to the two of us.

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Justin began to finger our pussies with his long fingers. Using so much force, that I could hear our asses clapping on his hands. Then he started to finger us faster and faster. Until we were both cumming on his fingers: "Yes, yes.I'm cumming, Justin.

Please don't stop" I was just beginning to catch my breath. When I felt Justin's thumb pressing against my asshole.

I've never had a cock in my ass before. But I wanted to be Justin's slut so bad, that I was willing to do things I've never done in the past. So I began to push my ass back, trying to make him finger my ass even harder and deeper: "Oh yes, Justin.

Finger my ass. Finger your naughty teacher in her slutty ass" Nicole was soon grinding her hips, trying to take Justin's thick thumb into her tight shit hole: "Yes, Justin. Finger your slutty teachers tight shit hole." After pulling his thumb from my stretched rectum.

Justin reached down and grabbed my bottle of conditioner, and applied it to his erect cock. Then he walked over to Nicole and placed his hands on her wide hips, then he shoved the head of his thick white cock into her virgin asshole: "Oh yes, fuck my ass. Fuck my slutty ass" And as Justin's 6" 4', 250 lbs white frame, towered over Nicole's petite 5" 2', 120 lbs black frame, he began to plow into the school's choir teachers anus adorable chick is getting a lusty exposure smalltits hardcore reckless abandon.

Every long stroke was hard and deliberate. Soon, he had all 12-inches of his big white cock, buried deep inside Nicole's virgin asshole. I no longer saw Nicole as being my best friend, or colleague. She and I were nothing more than two slutty teachers, who fucked their students.

And we both knew it. As I urged Justin on: "Fuck her, Justin. Fuck her with her slutty ass." Nicole could only concur: "Yes, Justin. Fuck me like I'm your slut" Then Justin starts to really give it to her: "You wanna be my slut, huh? Tell me" "Yes, I'm your slut, Justin. I'm your black slut" Says Nicole, as she pounds her hand on the wall. Finally, Justin pulls his cock from Nicole's gaping asshole and moves behind me. He applies more conditioner to his cock, then he rubs the head of his cock up and down my anus, right before he penetrates my virgin asshole.

The initial pain was excruciating.

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But once he started going deeper, that pain quickly turned into pleasure. I felt like such a whore, for allowing myself to willingly be sodomized by my 15-year old student. Yet, here I am. Letting Justin fuck my virgin ass.

Justin showed no mercy as he grabbed me by the hair, while he repeatedly slammed his huge cock into my bowels: "Do you like that, Mrs. H? Do you like it when I slam my cock into your whore ass?" I say: "Yes, Justin. I'm your whore. I'll do whatever you want" Then Justin dislodged his cock from my now gaping rectum, and pointed to the floor of the shower: "On your knees, whores" As Nicole and I drop to our knees.

Justin begins to slap us on our faces with his big heavy white cock: "Suck it, sluts" As Nicole takes Justin's cock into her mouth, I lick along the side of the shaft. Suddenly, I feel a surge, as Justin's cock starts to pulsate. Then I watch as Nicole's cheeks balloon out.

Signaling that Justin has just ejaculated in her mouth. She managed to swallow most of it, before Justin pulled his cock from her mouth, and starting stroking it.

Shooting rope after rope of warm cum onto both of our faces. A couple of them landed on my tongue. Which I eagerly swallowed. Justin's cock r old cock big load still jumping and twitching, even after he had cum.

So Nicole and I licked the sides of his shaft, as we looked up into his eyes. Letting him know that we were both willing submitting to him. Justin proudly patted us both on our heads and said: "High school isn't so bad after all" To be continued.