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Beautiful fit webcam brunette striptease tube porn
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10 Billion Dollar Blowjob Ch 4 Original story by Lisa. Personally I don't like institutionalized slavery, but this is Lisa's story. There was one girl I really liked at the blowjob school Lisa had set up. Like all the others she was only there to have a shot at winning the 10 billion dollars on offer for giving me the best blowjob. She was only 18 by a few days. She had large puppy dog eyes that could be best appreciated when they were looking up at me with my dick in her mouth.

Lisa had quickly come up with an excellent curriculum and the favourite class of mine was life skills. In this class the girls were taught how blowjobs could and should occur in all social situations. I was sitting on a couch at the head of the class buck naked with an erection in my hands as I stared at my favourite girl's tits standing up proudly as she sat topless and handcuffed at her desk. "Now," said Lisa who was taking this lesson personally, "in today's lesson we shall be looking at housing.

As young woman many of you will be moving out of home and into shared accommodation. You may even be sharing with men. You need to know how to behave." Lisa turned to me.

"Darling," she said, "have you a girl in mind?" I simply pointed at the girl and she frowned slightly, clearly nervous about what was in store and walked over to my sofa, her hands still bound behind her back and her breasts bouncing nicely as she stepped over.

"Now," said Lisa, "let us pretend you have just moved into a rental property. Sir is your housemate and this is the first evening you have spent as his housemate. What would you do next?" "Sit on the couch beside him," the girl asked looking timidly towards my growing cock. "Very good," said Lisa. The girl sat down on the couch, a little away from me and just out of arm's reach. "Now what?" Lisa asked. "I don't know," said the girl. "Talk to him?" "Very good," said Lisa.

"Go ahead." The girl turned towards me. "How was your day?" she asked trying not to notice I was jerking off looking at her tits. To be honest I just wanted my she knows how to get a sperm mask sucked and stood up and walked in front of her and took the back of her head and pushed it down towards my cock.

The girl looked towards the teacher as if seeking guidance, but my cock was cock sucking amp cum swallowing hot asianchicks pushing into her mouth. "Sir is the type of housemate that doesn't wish to engage in small talk with his female housemates but still has needs that need to be attended to." There is simply nothing better than having an 18 year old girl stare up at you with big helpless eyes while you ram your cock into the back of her throat.

With her hands cuffed behind her back (Lisa thought of everything God bless her) the girl was unable to do anything as I pounded her face, my hands firmly on the back of her head to keep her from turning or pulling away.

Just how the girls kept believing they had any chance of winning the 10 billion dollars was beyond me, but the lure must have been very strong because this girl didn't break eye contact once, even as she gagged as I held my cock in the back of her throat and pinched her nose shut.

"Remember," said Lisa to the class as they nervously sucked their dildos and thanked God it wasn't them up there. "As the female in the house it remains your duty to satisfy the needs of your male companions." Just then I noticed something.

I put my hands on the girl's ears to use them as handle bars when I touched a very small ear piece kind of like a hearing aid. I looked over at Lisa and she saw what I had seen and raised one finger to her lips as if to tell me not to say anything.

The girl didn't seem deaf and it didn't look exactly like a hearing aid. Looking at the rest of the class as the girl squirmed and struggled to breathe I noticed that every single girl in the room had something similar in her ear. The sound of the girl gagging again brought my attention back to her. Her eyes were beginning to roll back in her head so I pulled out and let her breathe and cough for a few moments before sitting back down, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her head back down where it belonged.

"Now Sir has grown tired of standing. It would have been better if she had noticed this and dropped to her knees on the floor and left the couch for him earlier. Such selfishness is likely to have you homeless in a real life setting." As if to make up for her mistake, the girl increased the suction of her lips as she knelt now between my legs and flicked her tongue around my shaft.

She must have been able to sense my rising orgasm as she began to moan softly at first and then louder and louder. What had seemed like a fear milf seduces anal and big tit i will catch any perp with a gigantic ebony dick and suck the cum at first now sounded more and more like desperate desire for it. Either this girl was a great actor or suddenly she had become a genuine cum slut. She seemed to almost orgasm as my cum burst into her mouth, her moans turning into muffled screams of pleasure as my cum sprayed over her tongue and overflowed out onto her chin and onto my stomach.

I let go of her head and she breathed for a moment, the cum visible in her mouth as she gasped for air, then swallowed. She reached forward and began licking the remaining cum off my stomach like it was liquid chocolate.

Something odd was happening here. The other girls no longer looked disgusted or scared. If anything they seemed envious of the girl as she lapped up the rest of my cum like a kitten with milk. When she was done she began to softly suck my cock again, her big puppy dog eyes looking up at me as if begging for more cum. "HEEL BITCH!" cried Lisa and the girl pulled away like a frightened puppy and scampered back to her seat.

"I want five minutes of deepthroating from you girls!" The girls all obeyed at once, the dildos reaching down into the back of their throats deeper and deeper as if each girl was desperate to be the one who could take it furthest without gagging. "What is that thing in their ears?" I whispered to Lisa as she came over and kissed the head of my cock.

"A little device I have been working on for a long time," said Lisa. "Really," I said. "A long time? But this place has only been open big tits pornstar ariella ferrera sucks and fucks by horny chad white a few days." "But I've been planning this for years," Lisa laughed softly.

She leant forward and whispered in my ear. "I have been planning my revenge on womankind for years. You are just the vehicle to bring my dreams to reality. The device in their ears is what I call a whisper clip. It whispers to them all day long, sending them the subliminal message two female cops arrest big cock black they are born for one purpose only, to make men happy, to suck cock and swallow cum." "And what, just a whispering voice in their ear converts them?" "It also inflicts pain and pleasure," she said.

"When they suck cock or it tells them to, they get a pleasure stimulus. When there is nothing in their mouth it gives them pain." "So you're brainwashing them?" "You could say that." "Will it work?" "It already is," said Lisa.

"Look." And I could see she was right. The girls seemed to be desperately sucking their dildos now as if it gave them great pleasure to do it. Lisa lowered her head and began licking my cock as if to remind me that she still had the most skilled mouth in town. My cock agreed with her and grew hard again in her mouth as her head began to bob up and down.

The girls watched on with brunette mandy muse loves sucking lexington steele huge cock glazed look in their eyes as if it was all they could do to keep from coming over and raping me with their mouths. "My God," I said. "They're zombies. You're turning them into cocksucking zombies!" Lisa laughed around my cock and sat up. "Exactly," she said. "And after only a week the effect appears to be permanent.

They will spend the rest of their lives seeking the next cock to suck." She kissed me on the cheek. "Welcome to a golden age for men!" She went back down on me and I put my hands on the back of her head as I knew she liked it and helped her head up and down on my cock. The girls' mouths were watering as they watched the world's greatest cocksucker do her thing. I couldn't last long and soon found myself shooting another load into Lisa's mouth. She stood and showed the cum in her mouth to the class.

It almost started a riot. The girls left their desks and surrounded Lisa, dropping to their knees around her and begged with hungry open mouths like baby birds desperate to be fed. Lisa drained cum into one of the girls' mouths, then after a moment ordered her to pass it on to the next girl. I stood and, coming up behind Lisa, cupped her tits in my hands as I watched my cum pass from girl to girl. "You are my wonderful mad scientist," I said, and Lisa laughed. "How many girls do you think you can turn like this?" She turned to face me, my hands still massaging her tits and my cock still rock hard.

"I am aiming for all of them. Every woman on the planet." I almost laughed but realised she was serious by the look in her eyes. "But that's impossible," I said. "Not with 10 billion dollars behind me," she said.

"These ear implants cost less than 100 dollars to produce. They work on most women in a few hours. The longest I've seen someone resist is a month. Those we don't train here at the school will be trained for us." "By who?" I asked as two girls nearby began licking at my still hard cock. "HEEL!" Lisa screamed at them and the girls winced and pulled away. "No, it's OK," I said. "I think I have another load in me." The girls came back and started licking either side of my shaft.

"Who will train them?" I asked Lisa. "Sorry, just a second," she said. The cum had gone full circle around the room and the last girl knelt by Lisa like a dog with a ball. "OK, swallow it!" The other girls moaned in disappointment as the last girl swallowed my cum then opened her mouth to show Lisa it was all gone. "Who do you think will train them?" Lisa said forcing the head of one of the girls blowing me all the way down to the base of my shaft. "I don't know," I said. "Men," she said.

"I'm going to sell these devices at 1000 dollars a pop. Once they are fitted correctly, which is easy to do as a woman sleeps, they are very hard to take off and I'm still yet to see a woman try once the pleasure section of the device is activated. Tell me men everywhere won't be buying these things for their favourite female." "It'll be like a virus," I said.

"It will take on a life of its own. Will you be able to control it?" "Look down," Lisa said. "Would you want to control it?" I looked down and saw the two young women at my feet.

One was moaning deliriously as Lisa forced her head up and down on my cock and the other licked my balls. "No, I can't say I would," I said and my cum burst once more into the delighted mouth of Lisa's cum zombie. I was starting to see there was a lot more to Lisa than I thought. She was brilliant and perhaps a little crazy. At first I doubted how successful her whisper clip would really be, but as the days went by my doubts were proven wrong.

At first the girls stayed in this zombie like trance, kind of like a junkie in need of a fix. But then things changed. They started getting their old personalities back and weren't mindless zombies anymore. They were bright and cheerful if that was their old true selves or morose and cynical if that is how they'd been before. They seemed like ordinary schoolgirls again, some gossiping in the halls and others listening to music on their iPods, lost in their own private world.

How they operated the iPods with their hands cuffed was a true miracle but teens will find a way. The only difference was the blind obedience. The minute they saw me they would ask to blow me. It was the most natural thing in the world to them suddenly, almost like saying hello. If I said no, some would pout, but all accepted my decision. And it wasn't just blowjobs either.

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They would simply do anything I asked without question. Jump on one leg, buy my lunch, let me suck their tits. My command was to be obeyed as if it was the natural order of things.

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And then the last day for this first batch of girls came. I knew Lisa would have something special planned but I had no idea what it would be. When I arrived at the assembly hall that morning I was surprised to find a large sign at the head of the hall which read "Graduation Day Market".

The girls were all seated under banners bearing their names, body statistics and special cocksucking abilities. There was maybe a thousand men in the hall all inspecting the girls like livestock at a market.

"What the fuck?!" I said. "Hi, darling," Lisa said, coming up beside me. "Do you like it?" "Like it? What is it?" "Market day," she said, dropping to her knees and kissing my cock hard. "These girls are graduating so we are selling them off." "Selling them?" "Sure," she said. I knew she had more to say on the subject but she was sucking my cock now so I needed to give her a minute to satisfy herself before she went on.

Her tongue flicked around my cock as she batted her eyelids at me, still able to pull off the innocent look while plotting the slavery of women worldwide. Just before I reached the point of orgasm she stopped sucking and went on.

"Well, selling is as close a word as I can think of to what is happening. They've all signed forms giving consent for us to choose new life partners for them." "And these guys, club x adelaide glory hole fun with strangers are the new life partners?" But it was too late.

She was busy sucking my cock again and couldn't speak. To hurry things along a bit I gripped her hair and took control of the situation, my orgasm building quickly and exploding in her mouth. She swallowed quickly and then began lapping at my balls. I was starting to wonder if she'd put on a whisper clip herself. Finally she had her fill but stayed on her knees, and looked up at me with my cock in her face as she spoke. "These guys are here to bid for the girl of their dreams.

We're expecting to get about ten thousand dollars a girl." "We?" "That's right, you and me," she said and smiled, kissing my cock again. One thing I had to love about Lisa was the way she did all the work and still gave me the credit. Lisa was also the auctioneer. Once inspection time was over she had men sit down and called the first girl up. It was the same girl who had blown me in class and I have to say it was with some regret that I watched the bidding commence.

Lisa being Lisa nothing was left to chance and she had brought in a male porn star to assist with the auction. His role was to facefuck the poor girl while the bidding was underway to fully show off her new skills.

It was amazing how effective Lisa's tuition and the whisper clip were. A girl who had been gagging on even my cock was now able to deepthroat a 12 inch monster and keep it in her throat while never breaking eye contact for a second. As her tongue flicked like a snake around the cock pounding her mouth like a battering ram, Lisa opened up the bidding.

"Ten thousand dollars," came the opening bid. And it only went up from there.

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Watching the girl deepthroat while being sold at auction got me hard again and I grabbed a girl at the back of the line of stock by the hair and pulled her to her knees.

She acted like it was the most natural thing in the world and kept talking to the girl beside her as my cock approached her lips. "I want to be sold to that Texan," she began but my cock cut off the rest pretty ass valentina nappi gets anal fucked her sentence as it plunged into her mouth.

Her friend looked disappointed that I hadn't chosen her and stepped over to a man seated nearby. "Please, sir?" she asked. "May I suck your cock? This auction might go for a while and I haven't gone without a dick in my mouth for a while." The guy didn't need to be asked twice. Grabbing her by the ponytail he pulled her to her knees and brought her face down into his lap.

"I was going to bid for you anyway," he said. "So get used to this cock, you're going to see a lot of it." The girl moaned in delight, just like the girl who was bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I had inadvertently started an avalanche.

As bidding on the first girl reached 25 thousand dollars, the queue of girls waiting to be sold quickly sorted out men to blow. There were more bidders than girls so the girls soon found themselves surrounded by cocks and turned from one to another, licking and sucking as if they were possessed. It didn't seem to have any real impact on the bidding, however.

The first girl sold for 53 thousand dollars and was immediately claimed by her new owner who put a collar around her neck and led her like a puppy towards her new life. The second girl was already sporting a face full of cum, and all further auctions were conducted with girls blowing a group of men.

More often than not it was the man she was blowing who bid and the girl would focus all her attention on the highest bidder, as if he were already her owner, until a higher bid was made and she turned her attention to him. Needless to say the bids came thick and fast. To be continued.