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Initiate lesbo teenies get their juicy snatches licked and pounded
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The wind blew through Joey's shaggy brown hair as he rode his bike home from school. It was a four mile ride home, but he didn't mind it much. It gave him time to be alone with his thoughts, which he liked.

It was also a great day to be outside. The breeze you can connect to her pussy live by playing the acesquirt sex toy against his bare, hairless legs and up the legs of his shorts.

His baggy shirt whipped behind him, masking his slim but athletic frame. He was about halfway home and riding along a residential street when he felt a shudder from beneath him. The rear tire locked up and skidded along the pavement a few feet before Joey lost control of his bike and felt himself thudding against the hard pavement of the sidewalk.

He felt tears welling in his eyes, and struggled to hold them down. He looked around to see if anyone had seen him, but the street looked deserted. Looking down at his arm, he saw a big scrape running along most of his forearm. It stung quite a bit, and it was starting to bleed. But Joey paid it little mind and instead went to survey the damage to his bike. It appeared that the chain had snapped and wedged itself in the spokes of the rear tire, causing it to lock up and heave Joey off.

He untangled the chain, but it looked like it couldn't be fixed. He wiped a tear from his eye and looked down at his arm again, poking it tenderly. He grimaced as pain shot through his arm, then leaned down to pick up his bike. It was then that he heard a car coming, and naturally looked up to see who it was. There was a black Chevy truck coming down the road towards Joey, and it seemed to be slowing down as it neared him. The passenger window rolled down, and Joey was greeted with the smiling face of an older man.

He looked to be in his mid-thirties, with short dark hair and friendly blue eyes. "Hey, are you all right? Did you have a bad fall?" he asked, noticing the scrape on Joey's arm. "I um. yea, I fell," Joey said, nearly whimpering. He struggled to hold back the tears, trying to look tough for the stranger. He was thirteen now, crying was for babies.

"How's your bike?" the man asked. Joey looked down at it and picked it up off the ground. "Um, the chain broke," Joey replied, holding it up so the older man could see.

"Oh, that's too bad. Are you close to home?" The man had turned off his engine so he could be heard better. "Well, no, my house is a couple miles that way," Joey said softly, pointing down the road in the direction he had been heading. The man looked down the street, then back at Joey. "Hmm, that's pretty far to walk. I could give you a lift if you want." Joey cautiously searched the man's eyes.

He remembered what his mother had told him about strangers. But he was a long walk from home, and his arm was starting to hurt a little. The man looked nice enough, Joey thought. He nodded his head, accepting the offer. "Great!" The man gave a friendly smile, then opened his door and hopped out of the truck. He walked towards Joey and took hold of his bike. "Let's just put this in the back, ok?" He lifted the bike with ease, and Joey noticed his broad shoulders and well-toned arms.

His white t-shirt wasn't tight, but it gave Joey the impression that this man was in decent shape. The man lowered the tailgate and slid Joey's bike into the bed, then slammed the tailgate shut.

He started heading back to the driver side, and called out, "Hop in, the door's unlocked." Opening the passenger door, Joey lifted himself into the truck and plopped down on the seat. The man got into r old cock big load driver seat and looked over at Joey, giving him another smile.

"My name's Dan, by the way," he said, presenting his hand. "Oh um, I'm Joey." Joey shook Dan's hand, which was fairly larger than his. He gave Joey's hand a good squeeze before releasing it.

"Nice to meet you, Joey. So, where do you live?" Joey told Dan where his house was located, and they were on their way.

"So, were you on your way home from school?" Dan asked as they drove down the road. "Yea," Joey answered. Dan looked over at Joey, seeing him looking out the window. He took the opportunity to get a good look at the boy. He was around 5'3", maybe 5'4", with a thin, athletic look to his body. His legs were bare of hair, as were his arms. His shaggy brown hair was disheveled, and he had no facial hair. "What grade are you in, Joey?" Joey looked over at Dan and into his friendly blue eyes.

"I'm in seventh grade." "Wow, really? I thought maybe you were in ninth or something, you look older than that." Joey's eyes lit up and he grinned. He liked being mistaken for older than he was.

"Nope, I'm only thirteen." Dan looked over at Joey excitedly. "Wow, only thirteen? You look really mature for your age, Joey." Dan smiled, and Joey smiled back. "Thanks!" he said. The pair pulled up to Joey's house, and Joey stepped out of the truck. Dan didn't see any cars in the driveway, and it looked like no one was home. "Hey Joey, are your parents home?" Joey looked at the house and back at Dan.

"Oh, no, my mom's at work. She gave me a key to get inside." Joey reached into his pocket to produce the key, but a puzzled look crossed his face. He frantically started searching the rest of his pockets, pulling out empty hands. "Something wrong, pal?" Dan asked, noticing the boy's helpless look. "I.

I can't find my key! I must have lost it when I fell," Joey sobbed. Tears filled his eyes, which he struggled to hold back in the presence of Dan. "Hey, it's not a big deal. If you want, you can hang out at my house until your mom gets home," Dan offered. His groin tingled at the thought of a cute thirteen year old boy in his house. He glanced at Joey's butt, noticing how firm and shapely it was, even hidden under his shorts. Joey turned around and wiped his eyes.

"Well, um. I don't know if I should." "C'mon, it'll be fine. Besides, I can get your arm cleaned up, and I have a Playstation you can use while you're waiting." Joey looked down at the ground, seemingly contemplating the offer.

He looked back at the house, then up at Dan again. He checked his pocket one last time and, coming up empty, reluctantly agreed to the man's offer.

He simply nodded, and hopped back in the truck. "Great!" Dan said. He pulled away from Joey's house and headed towards his, fantasies swimming through his head. He shook them off for the moment, not wanting the young boy to see his excitement just yet. After a short drive and many naughty thoughts, Dan pulled into the driveway of his quiet, suburban house. "Well, we're here." Dan got out and led the way to the front door, unlocking it as Joey trudged up behind him.

He opened the door wide and invited Joey povlife sexy ass brunette chick banged outdoors. "Come on in, make yourself at home, Joey." Joey walked in the front door, and gazed around the house.

His attention was immediately drawn to the huge television. Dan noticed him staring. "Nice TV, huh?" he asked.

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"Yea, it's big," Joey responded. Dan chuckled at the comment, then grabbed Joey's wrist and pulled him towards the bedroom. "C'mon, let's get you cleaned up." Dan guided Joey into the master bedroom and sat him on the bed. "Just wait here, let me get something for those scrapes." Dan walked into the bathroom, out of view of Joey. Joey looked around, scooting further back onto the bed.

He bounced a few times on the comfy mattress, almost forgetting about the painful scrape on his arm. Dan returned a minute later with some band-aids and disinfectant. Joey wrinkled his nose at the sight of the band-aids.

"Oh, I get it, you're too big for band-aids, huh?" Dan laughed when Joey nodded his head, so he threw them into the corner. He knelt onto the bed next to Joey and started applying the disinfectant. Joey hardly cringed at all. "You're pretty brave for your age, Joey," Dan commented, smiling down at him. "Um, thanks," Joey replied. Joey was doing his best to look brave, which Dan found amusing. Kids were always so quick to grow up.

"So Joey, do you have a girlfriend?" he asked, making conversation. "Well uh. not really," Joey answered reluctantly. "Really? How come? The girls should be all over a cute guy like you." Dan laughed a little, taking the moment to look Joey up and down again. He had the small, naturally athletic frame that boys that age were so lucky to have. Dan tried to hide the growing arousal in his shorts.

"I don't know, I'm just shy around girls." Joey was looking down, looking slightly ashamed. "Guys are so much easier to talk to." The comment made Dan's heart skip a beat. He sensed that Joey was holding something back, so he pressed him a little more. "Well, girls can be hard to talk to sometimes. Even at my age, they can be pretty difficult to talk to," Dan laughed. "That's what guy friends are for." He nudged Joey's shoulder a bit, and Joey looked up and smiled.

It was the cutest smile Dan had ever seen, with a genuine innocence that would make faketaxi babe in heels with big natural tits man question his sexuality.

"Really? I mean, all the other guys at school have girlfriends. I'm like the only one that doesn't." Joey looked a little down, and Dan sought to brighten his spirits. "Hey, having a girlfriend isn't all that great sometimes. They're just so difficult." Dan decided to take a chance. "It makes you almost understand how guys can go for other guys." Dan laughed loudly, trying to play it off as an innocent reference.

But he noticed Joey hardly laughed. He was looking up at Dan with his eyes a little wide. "What's wrong, pal? Was it what I said?" "Well, um. I don't know. It's just. n- nevermind." Joey averted his eyes from Dan, obviously hiding something. The bulge in Dan's shorts grew again, and he went on the offensive. "Hey, its ok, you can tell me, We're friends, right?" He ran his hand up and down Joey's back a little, shifting his position to hide his excitement.

"Yea, it's just. well, I don't know if I'm really into girls. But. is it weird for me to say that?" Joey looked up at Dan, and Dan noticed he was near tears. He wanted nothing more than to hug this adorable boy tight, but he resisted the urge.

He smiled down at Joey, showing him that he was not going to criticize the young boy. "Well, I'll tell you what, Joey. Lots of boys your age go through what you're feeling. It's just none of them will talk about it." Dan cautiously laid his hand on Joey's leg, seeing how he would react. Joey didn't seem to mind, or he just didn't notice. Either way, Dan was using every inch of his being to resist throwing himself at this gorgeous boy.

"Really? But, I just feel like. I don't know, like it's wrong. But I can't help thinking about it." Joey shifted his position a little and looked away from Dan. "Have you ever seen another boy's penis, Joey?" Dan's eight inches strained against his shorts, begging to be released.

His lust had reached its peak, and he couldn't take it anymore. He began undoing his shorts while Joey looked away. "Not in real life, just on the internet." Joey still looked away, unaware that Dan's thick, circumcised cock was sticking straight out of his shorts. Dan took Joey's hand in his, and laid it on his cock. He nearly orgasmed when Joey's fingers flexed and gripped the thick shaft.

Joey seemed in a daze as he looked down at where his hand now rested. His eyes grew wide and his mouth hung open, but he didn't remove his hand. He looked up at Dan's smiling face, then back down at the monster in his hand. His hand looked so small gripping the thick, veiny shaft. The wide, reddish purple head was shimmering with precum, with a large drop creeping down until it touched Joey's finger. He had seen sights like this during his curious views on the internet, but to be actually touching one now seemed like a dream.

His own manhood hardened instantly. Dan began rubbing Joey's back, smiling down into Joey's confused eyes. "Go on Joey, stroke it," he urged. Tentatively, Joey's hand began to move up the thick shaft, to just below the head, then back down towards Dan's swollen balls.

He moaned in response, leaning back slightly. "That's it Joey, keep doing that. That feels so good." His hand moved slowly but mother i would like to fuck cant stop cumming from sex hardcore blowjob, pumping Dan's fat cock in his small, eager hand.

Dan's words gave him more confidence, and he began to speed up, pumping Dan's dick like it was his own. His eyes were wide and he never raised them, transfixed on the object in his hand. Sticky precum had coated the entire shaft and Joey's hand, with Dan's moans spurring Joey on. Suddenly, Joey's wrist was held firmly by Dan, and he was being told to stop. He broke out of his daze and looked up, staring into Dan's lust filled blue eyes.

He was about to speak in protest, when Dan spoke up. "Hang on Joey, let me get these off," and Dan stood up to let his shorts fall to the floor. He kicked them to the side, then removed his shirt. Joey gazed up at Dan's larger frame, with his broad shoulders, hairy chest, toned stomach, and strong legs.

Joey had never seen an older man naked before, but Dan appeared to be in very good shape for his age. Dan noticed Joey's look of desire. "Like what you see, pal?" Dan smiled, then knelt down next to Joey. He leaned very close to Joey's face, their lips inches apart. "Have you ever been kissed, Joey?" Joey shook his head, his eyes wide, unable to move.

Dan leaned in further and their lips met. His tongue prodded at Joey's lips until they reluctantly parted. Joey leaned back a little, surprised at the intrusion, but Dan leaned toward him further and never broke the kiss. His tongue probed deeper into Joey's mouth, and soon Joey was lying back on the bed, with Dan nearly on top of him, kissing the young boy intensely.

After a few seconds, Joey's instincts seemed to take over and his tongue probed back, wresting with Dan's. Dan wrapped a strong arm hot blonde nice ass rides cock in classroom staci silverstone Joey's small body and pulled him close, moaning into Joey's mouth.

Small moans began to escape Joey, and they kissed for what seemed an eternity. Finally, Dan broke the kiss and pulled back from Joey slightly. He smiled when he saw that Joey's eyes were still closed, then slowly crept open to gaze into Dan's. "How was your first kiss?" he asked. Joey licked his lips and swallowed hard. All he was able to muster was "Wow." Dan laughed, then gave Joey a peck on the lips.

"Glad you liked it. But it gets better," and Dan winked. He sat back up, leaving Joey lying on the bed. He reached for the waistband of Joey's pants, then began to tug them off. "Let's get these off of you." Joey laid there, very nervously, watching a naked older man slowly undress him.

He had never imagined that today would end up like this. He looked down as his pants were pulled free of his legs, and his sexuality was exposed to another person for the first time. His entire lower body was hairless, including his small four inch penis, which was as hard as it had ever been.

It rested on Joey's stomach, his balls tight against his body.

A small drop of precum had escaped the tip, and slowly ran down to ooze onto his stomach. Dan gazed upon the gorgeous, young sight before him. He had never seen such a cute body. He ran his hands up Joey's thighs, up under his shirt. He slowly lifted Joey's shirt until his small, pink nipples peeked from behind it. His smooth, toned chest and stomach made the image just perfect.

Dan leaned down towards Joey's chest, looking up into his cute bluish green eyes, then flicking his tongue across Joey's nipple. His body shuddered at the touch. Dan pushed his shirt further up, and Joey took the hint, pulling it up over his head and off. They were both now completely naked. Slight moans escaped Joey's lips as his nipples were pinched, licked, and sucked. He had never felt such sensations, and didn't know that his nipples could make his body feel so good.

Dan was running his hands down across Joey's smooth stomach, down to his thighs, and back up. Each time, he would move closer and closer to Joey's cock, until finally the tips of his fingers brushed the tip. Joey let out a girlish whimper, his eyes shut as he was touched all over. This time, Dan's hand ran down between Joey's legs, and they reluctantly opened. His fingers moved further up, tickling Joey's soft balls, between them and his thighs, and finally to the shaft of his short cock.

Joey moaned as he wrapped his hand around it. Stroking Joey's cock slowly, Dan planted soft kisses down the boy's stomach, over his bare pubic area, and down his thigh. His tongue trailed up Joey's inner thigh to the small area between his balls and thigh, then began to lap hungrily at the smooth skin. Joey spread his legs wide and moaned, his cock twitching. Dan moved to his small, hairless balls and sucked them into his mouth. He stroked the head of Joey's cock while slurping his balls, causing Joey to moan and wriggle his body.

Trailing his tongue up the shaft, Dan took the head of Joey's cock into his mouth. His tongue darted into the slit, wrapping around the sensitive head. He squeezed Joey's balls as he sucked, looking up at the boy and enjoying the lustful expressions on his face.

"Oh my God," Joey moaned. His eyes were tightly shut and his breath came in ragged gasps as his entire body shook with pleasure. He clenched the bed sheets and bit his lip, deep in ecstasy. Dan's tongue worked every inch of the young boy's delicious cock, while he began to bob his head up and down the length of it.

Dan easily took the full length of Joey's smaller manhood, sucking hard each time he pulled back to the head. "I. I'm. gonna. oh my God!" Joey squealed. His hands grabbed at Dan's hair and pushed his face into Joey's hairless groin. His body bucked wildly as he emptied what little cum he had into Dan's waiting mouth. Each pump was signaled with a grunt and moan, and Dan loved every second of it. He sucked eagerly, swallowing every last drop that Joey had to offer.

His reserves spent, Joey collapsed back on the bed, his body soaked with sweat. Dan looked up to see his eyes and mouth wide, panting for air. He smiled at the sight, still caressing the boy's cock with his tongue. He let it slip slowly from his lips, happy to see that Joey was still as hard as ever.

Teenagers sure did have an amazing sex drive, Dan thought. Joey looked down past his saliva and cum soaked cock into Dan's eyes, and smiled weakly.

"So, how did you like that, Joey?" Joey licked his lips and grinned. "I've never cum so hard, that was amazing." He propped up on his elbows, eyeing Dan's hard, neglected cock. Dan noticed and looked down, seeing a long string of precum from the tip of his penis to the floor. He looked back up at Joey, and smiled. "You want to try mine?" Nodding his head, Joey hopped up and off the bed, full of energy again. His cock bounced as he moved, slapping against his stomach.

Dan sat up on the edge of the bed, and Joey positioned himself on his knees, between Dan's legs. He looked up eagerly at the massive piece of meat in front of him, then up at the friendly eyes of its owner. "Go on pal, it's all yours," Dan urged. His cock was straining for release. Joey grasped the thick cock before him at its base, and leaned in slowly, until the tip nearly touched his lips.

He opened his mouth and took the fat head into it, tasting the sweet, salty precum. He was surprised when Sexy girl flashes her boobs and screwed pulled his cock from Joey's mouth. "First, I want you to lick my balls, like I did you, ok Joey?" Joey nodded and tried to emulate the way Dan had sucked his own cock just moments before.

He took Dan's hefty ballsack into his mouth, the short pubic hair tickling his tongue. "That's it Joey, stroke my cock while you do that." Mumbling in response, Joey began stroking Dan's thick cock while suckling his big balls.

"Good boy. Now, drag your tongue up my shaft to the head, and lick the precum off of it." Doing as he was told, Joey ran his tongue to the tip of Dan's dick, tasting the salty precum once again. This time, he licked all around the head, slurping up every drop or precum. He flicked his tongue across wild and slutty trio momsandteens and threesome very tip, running it down underneath the head and finally taking the head into his mouth.

He sucked eagerly on the head while looking up. "Mmm, you're a natural cocksucker Joey," Dan moaned, running his fingers through the adorable boy's hair. "Now start taking more of it into that cute little mouth of yours." Swallowing deeply, Joey began to slide more of the thick cock further down his throat.

He cautiously took it inch by inch, until it was about halfway in. At this point, Joey suddenly gagged and pulled back off Dan's cock. Ropes of precum and saliva trailed from his cock to Joey's lips. "What's wrong? Did you gag?" "Uh huh," Joey nodded, stroking Dan as he looked up.

"Try again, ok? But this time, when you feel like gagging, just hold your mouth there and try swallowing instead. Got it?" Joey nodded, then took the thick cock back into his mouth.

Joey sunk Dan's cock back into his mouth, inch by inch. He hit the point where he wanted to gag. But this time, he swallowed hard, resisting the urge to pull back. The gag reflex subsided, and Joey tried to take more. Another inch down his throat, and he once again hit the same gag reflex.

He tried his hardest, but he just couldn't swallow it down. He pulled back a few inches. Dan's hand touched his head.

best chums fuck first time cam girls "Hey, when you pull back like that, make sure you suck hard, ok? Like you're trying to suck the cum out." Joey nodded, taking more of his cock into his mouth, then pulling back and sucking hard.

"Mmm yea, just like that. You ready for more of my cock, Joey?" He was answered by a hesitant groan, but that didn't stop him. He put his hand on the back of Joey's head and slowly pushed him further down onto his swollen cock. Joey's eyes went wide, and his throat clamped down. He put his hands onto Dan's thighs to try and push himself away, but Dan only pushed his head down harder.

"Don't fight Joey, just relax your throat. That's it, relax your throat, just swallow it down. That's a good boy." Dan could feel Joey's throat relax slightly, until every last inch of his eight inch cock was resting firmly in Joey's tight mouth. Joey's eyes were shut tight and his face was turning red, so Dan released his head.

Joey quickly pulled back all the way off, gasping for air. "You should be proud of yourself Joey, some girls can't even take that much cock," and he stroked Joey's chin. The boy looked up and smiled weakly, then bit his lip and started stroking Dan's cock.

He opened his mouth and took it back in, trying to shove his head down on the thick dick. Dan groaned as Joey's tight throat gripped his cock firmly, moaning as he watched him take nearly all of it unassisted.

Seeing the boy wasn't having much trouble taking his cock, Dan began to thrust slowly in and out of Joey's mouth. His balls slapped against Joey's chin, while Joey gurgled and slurped as the huge cock was thrust in and out of his mouth.

Dan released Joey's head, and he pulled back quickly. Long ropes of precum and saliva draped from Joey's lips to the throbbing dick before him, and he gasped for air. "See?

That wasn't so bad, was it?" Dan said, laughing. Joey was gasping and looking up at Dan. He smiled weakly, then licked his lips and moaned. His hand wrapped around Dan's cock and began stroking it again. Without words, he took the head back into his mouth. "This time, I want you to stroke the bottom of my cock, and suck on the top. Ok, Joey?" The boy nodded, doing as he was told.

He stroked and sucked Dan's cock, eager to please the older man. He sucked hard, pumping the cock with his mouth and wriggled his tongue all around it, looking up as he did. "Oh fuck, you are the cutest little cocksucker, Joey," Dan moaned, his cock throbbing at the sight before him. Joey squeezed Dan's balls and stroked the base of his cock as he lapped hungrily at the head, using every skill Dan had just taught him.

Dan tried to hold it back, but seeing a cute young boy suck him was too much. His balls tightened and his dick seemed to grow even harder, his hips uncontrollably bucking into Joey's mouth.

"Oh Joey, you're going to make me cum," Dan moaned. Joey responded by moaning back in short eager moans. Dan looked down and saw Joey stroking his own small cock as he sucked, and it was too much for Dan. He pulled his cock from Joey's mouth and began stroking it as fast as he could. "Here it comes Joey, I'm cumming!" Joey opened his mouth wide and stuck out his tongue as Dan shot thick ropes of cum all over him. The first rope hit Joey in the nose and sprayed up into his hair.

The second hit him in the tongue and went down his throat, with the third and fourth shooting across his chin and cheek. Dan's last spurt of thick white sperm dribbled out onto Joey's chest and down his stomach. He watched it dribble down the young boy's body, until his eyes were drawn to Joey's cum soaked hand stroking his own little cock.

Joey had cum again, shooting onto his own leg and the floor. His body twitched as he rubbed the head. "Oh. oh Joey. wow," was all Dan managed to say. He watched as Joey closed his lips and tasted the hot cum on his tongue, then as the boy swallowed.

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He grimaced slightly. Once Dan had taken a few breaths, he said "How does it taste?" "Well um. kinda slimy I guess," Joey said. Dan was a little disappointed for a second, until he saw Joey scoop some of the thick cum on his chin onto his finger, then put the finger in his mouth and lick it clean. "But I like it, its sort of sweet," he said, smiling. Dan smiled back, then leaned down and scooped up some of Joey's cum to taste. "Mmm, you taste good too, Joey." He then collected more of the boy's cum and stuck his finger into Joey's mouth, making him taste his own seed.

Joey lustfully sucked his finger clean. "Wow, mine tastes good too!" he grinned excitedly. Grabbing him by the arms, Dan lifted Joey up and kissed him deeply, tasting the sweet, salty cum on his tongue. The cum stuck to Joey's face rubbed against his own, and he moaned at the thought. He broke the kiss and looked into Joey's eyes, then licked some of his own cum off Joey's cheek. He smiled at the cum covered boy. "Let's get you cleaned up, pal." Ten minutes later, they were both dressed and heading back to Joey's house as the sun began to set.

This time, Joey sat right next to Dan, his head on the man's one dick cant pleasure a hot girl anymore, beginning to nod off to sleep.

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He was jarred back awake as the truck stopped, and Dan nudged big booty nadia lopez gives a handjob. "Looks like somebody's home, Joey." Joey glanced out the window and saw some of the lights were on.

His mom must be home. He scooted over and hopped out of the truck, closing the door behind him. Dan got out and dropped the tailgate, lifting Joey's bike out and setting it down for him. "Um, thanks for the ride. It was really fun," he said, smiling ear to ear. His small teenage cock was still rock hard in his shorts.

Dan smiled back. "Anytime, pal." Joey started wheeling his bike towards the house, when Dan called after him. "Oh, hey Joey. Listen." and he dug into his pocket, producing a business card. He handed it to Joey, who glanced excitedly at it. "If you ever want to hang out again, or maybe just talk about stuff, give me a call. Ok?" Joey nodded, smiling widely, stuffing the card in his pocket. He grabbed his bike and headed towards the house.

Dan couldn't help but take one last look at his cute wiggling butt before hopping back in his truck and heading down the road. He hoped that his phone would be ringing soon. THE END