Big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed

Big tit blonde loves to be cock slammed
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I finished my shoot and went to my hotel. I hadn't heard from either if the girls for quite a while. I took my shower came went to dinner with a few of my costars. It was a lot of fun, but since I had quite a few photo shoots and one film to do, I headed to my hotel and took a shower. I got settled and started to fall asleep. As I slept I heard my phone go off and it woke me up. I had just gotten a text from my sister. Addie: ok, so um, we really need to talk when you get home.

Like seriously need to talk. Me: uh oh. That doesn't sound good. Addie: don't worry you're not in trouble. I'm not mad or anything, I just have some questions is all. Me: about what? Addie: you'll find out when you get home sexy brother. Me: ok I guess I'll be patient.

How was your date? Addie: it was amazing! It's the best date I have ever been on. Me: good! Addie: um I think she is coming back. She said she has one more present for me that's from you. Have fun and I'll see you when you get home! Me: I will. You have fun yourself. Happy birthday kiddo. Love you! Addie: thank you! Love you too! Seconds later my phone rang and it was my sexy girlfriend. She sounded excited and incredibly horny.

"Hey sexy porn star boyfriend of mine." She said. "Hey yummy little girl of mine." I said. "Are you sure you're ok with me doing your sister?" She asked. "Let me put it this way, if you ever cheat on me again, I want it to be with her." Pornstar kagney linn karter gets pounded knockers big tits said.

"Well, I'm getting to cheat on you right now then." She said. "Yum." I said. "So when I told her that you were a porn star she got like, really really horny." She said.

"Really?" I asked. "Yes she did. I told her that I've seen all of your movies." She said. "What did she say?" I asked. "She asked if I liked them." She replied. "She is taking it quite a bit differently than I though she would." I said.

"She is, we talked about your porn for a long time. She asked me what it's like having sex with a porn star and I just said that it was the best sex I have ever had in my life." She said. "Am I that good?" I asked. "God yes, you most definitely are. I'm going to show her some of the magazines you have been in, and if you don't mind I might show her my favorite movie.

I really want to see how wet she gets." She said. "That's fine. Which one?" I asked. "Brothers monster cock." She said. "And by the way, she says that she has wanted you for a long time." Kylee said. "That's interesting. Let me know how that goes." I said. "Oh trust me, I'll tell you all about it baby.

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She is waiting for me. I'm going to go cheat on you with her." She said. "Have fun and happy birthday sexy." I said. "I will. I'll call you tomorrow." She said.

"I'll be waiting sweet heart." I said. We hung up and I just laid there thinking about what she had just said about my sister.

It certainly made things make sense that's for sure. It explained why she liked staring at me with a come fuck me look on her face. The way she touched me and how open she was with me about her sexual exploits if you will.

She loved touching my body and rubbing her hands all over me. Here is the crazy thing, and I know I'm really sick for saying it, but the more I thought about it, the harder I got. I just laid there for a while just imagining her and my girlfriend sharing my dick. Before I knew it I was humping the bed ever so slightly. I was imagining what those two would look like together.

I did all I could to keep from jerking off that night and eventually fell asleep. When I went to do my next movie I was more than ready to fuck the shit out of my costar. This next one was about a guy who's parents had died in a car crash. He moved in with his cousins and all of them were female. You can guess what ended up happening after an incestuous secret was revealed. Several girls got pounded hard, and all I could think about was Kylee and Addison. During that week I talked to the both of them a lot.

Kylee said she would talk to me when I got home about how her night with my sister went. They had been having some really hot lesbian sex together after Addie got out of school and sometimes twice a day. Kylee told me how badly she needed my cock and couldn't wait till I got home. She couldn't wait to taste all of my costars on my cock. After two weeks of filming this new porn movie I went home. Just as I walked in I noticed that Kylee was gone. She was at school and it was one of her Saturday school sessions.

I decided to take a shower and go to moms. I called Kylee to let her know I was home and then took a shower. After my shower I went over to my moms house. I walked in and saw my sister look at me and smile.

She glanced at my crotch and her eyebrows jumped. I just gave her a little grin and without thinking, pushed my hips out ever so slightly, pressing my soft cock against the jeans I was wearing. She bit her lip as Brutalclips tory lane goes wild on cocks walked toward her, and her eyes remained locked on my bulge. She looked up at me and her eye brows jumped again. She stood up and hugged me tightly.

Just as she was getting ready to pull me to her room, mom came out and asked to talk to us. We found out some very very interesting things. First we found out that incest ran through our family for many generations. For example, we found out that our grandparents were actually sunny leone new xxx sex storys. Incest between siblings and cousins was considered the norm for many generations.

My mom and her older brother were having sex together for many years before she had married dad. And many times her sister and her shared her brother and one particular cousin many times. That's when we found out that mom and aunt Linda were actually lovers at present date. We both sat there amazed at what we had just learned. We talked about that for a couple of hours. During the conversation Addison just blurted out, "Well, that really explains a lot, especially why I think Chad is so hot." She said." Mom just smiled with a surprised look on her face.

"You think your brother is hot?" Mom asked. "He is sexy." Addie replied not caring if it pissed mom off. "It is in your blood. It's bound to happen." Mom said. "Wait, you're ok that your daughter is attracted to your son, her brother." I asked totally shocked.

"Well, like I said, it's in your blood. Our whole family is like that, that being said, I am ok with it." Mom said as I looked at my little sister. "What if I was sexually attracted to him?" Addie asked as she started to squirm. "Just be careful, that's all I ask." Mom said. "But he has a girlfriend." Addie said. "And she seems to be very attracted to you too." Mom said.

"She is." I said. "Wait, Kylee likes girls too?" Mom asked. "Yes she does." I said. "I like girls too mom." Addie said. "Really? I didn't know that. Why didn't you tell me?" Mom asked surprised. "I never told you because I thought you would get mad." Addie said. "Honey I never would have gotten mad at you. I would have just told you to be proud of that and embrace it. Just be yourself." Mom said. "That's what Chad said to me." Addie said.

"How long have you known?" Mom asked. "Since she was 14." I said. "Well since we are all telling the truth, what is there that I don't know about you?" Mom asked. "He is a porn star." Addie said as she sat up straight and basically lit up. "Is that true Chad?" Mom asked. "Yes mom. We needed the money and it paid very well, so I started doing that." I said. "Yes we did. And I can't tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for us." Mom said. As we had this conversation, my sister snuggled up to me and started to touch me.

Mom didn't say anything to her about how she was behaving. Instead she just grinned and told us how cute we looked together, that was not expected.

She was amazed at how accepting Addie and I were about her lesbian love affair with our aunt. Truth be told, it was really starting to make me think about doing some very very dirty things to my sister.

I got a little hard thinking about what I would do to her if she wanted it. The more I though about it, the harder I got. I had to really bring my dirty incestuous thoughts in check before I really got extremely hard. I thought about Kylee and how she said that she would love to see me with her, and for the first time I was willing to let her watch me fuck my yummy little sister.

Just as the conversation ended, mom and aunt Linda left the room and my sister immediately grabbed my hand. I stood up and she pulled me to her room. She didn't waste any time shutting and locking the door. She turned me around and pushed me onto her bed. "So for my birthday present your yummy girlfriend gave me some things and revealed something about you that well, let's just say that I have never been so wet and horny in my life.

I didn't believe her until she gave me these." She said as she reached down and grabbed her back pack. "What is it?" She asked. "Porn. Porn that you have done." She said as she pulled a stack of magazines out and dropped them on the bed. "Are you ok with that?" I asked.

"Like I said, I have never been so wet and so horny in my entire life. I have been watching this every day since she gave it to me." She said as she handed me the movie I did called brothers sexy eighteen year old awesome cutie hardcore and massage cock.

"What did you think?" I asked. "I love it." She said as she slid into my lap. "Even though it's an incest movie?" I asked. "That just made it so much hotter." She said. "Is your cock really that big?" She asked. "I'm sure our sexy girlfriend has already answered that." I replied with a grin.

"She has, but I want to hear it from you." She said. "Yes it is really that big." I said. "God I want to see it." She whimpered. "You just might babe." I said. "I hope so." She said. "How was the other present I gave you?" I asked. "So so good. Oh my god she can really make me cum. Unfortunately ever since I watched your movie, I just can't get satisfied." She said. "What would scratch that little itch?" I asked. "You." She said as she exhaled hard. "I'm going to go buy me a new truck, want to go?" I asked.

"Hell yeah I do. Let's go now." She said. "We should amateur latina sells watch and pounded at the pawnshop brunette and blowjob wait till my hard dick gets soft." I said.

"K. Rainy afternoon with my daddy edited version me change, I want to look hot for you." She said as she climbed off of me. She looked right at my bulging jeans and bit her lip hard. We waited till I went down and we both walked out of her room. Mom was standing there and looked at us. She noticed that Addison's face was red and that she was breathing hard.

"What were you two up to?" She asked with a slight grin. "We just talked mom." Addie said. "Ok." She said as she giggled. I waited until she had changed. When she came out I almost couldn't believe what I saw. She was very flat chested and looked so so sexy. She had on a yellow bandana sort of like what the gangsters wear on their heads. She had it tied up and was wearing it as a shirt. So her flat very very young looking belly was very exposed.

She had a very tight jean miniskirt on and cowgirl boots. She even had a cowgirl hat on. She look very very sexy. "Do I look hot?" She asked turning around to let me get a really good look at her. "No, you look yummy." I said softly as I looked her over.

"That's what I was hoping you would say. Oh and by the way." She said as she pressed her little body against mine. "You have cute sweetie double stuffed by many bbc very hot body and a very.vvvvvery nice dick." "Thanks. You have a very very nice body." I said as I looked her in her eyes. "You're welcome. You can touch me anywhere you want." She said as she backed off and bit her lip. "You mean if I touch you like this.".I said as I very gently and softly slid my hand onto her very soft belly and slid it up and down, running my fingertips ever so slightly, just caressing her all over her stomach.

."It would be ok?" I asked. "Mmmmhmmm." She said with slanted eye brows and her lower lip between her teeth. I slid my fingers into her skirt slightly making her sigh loud.

Her eyes closed slightly as she then bit her lip. "Is that too far?" I asked. "Not far enough." She hissed quietly. "You can touch me any where you want too." I said. "So if I touch you like this?" She asked as she lifted my shirt and did the exact same thing to me as I did her."it would be ok?" She asked. "Perfectly." I said as I looked down to see that her nipples were hard. "Your nipples are hard baby sister." I said as the sexual tension started to reach a boiling point.

"I can't help it. You're making me really horny." She whispered. "Am I?" I asked. "Yes you are. I love how you're touching me." She said.

"I love how you touch me too." I said. "Too bad I'm your real sister and not one of those porn stars in your movie." She said. "Why is that?" I asked. "Because I'm really horny and I really want to suck your dick." She said. "If you weren't my real sister I would let you." I said. "Godhhhh. We better get going." She hissed. When we got into my car she was all over me.

She made me take my shirt off and rubbed me all over my upper body. She all but leaned on me as we started driving. She kept looking at me and and grinning as she ran her tiny soft hand all over me. We went by my house to pick Kylee up since she had just finished the day at school. When we went in Kylee was trying to figure out what she was going to wear. When I walked into the room she looked at me and smiled.

I walked up to her and kissed her passionately for several minutes. Her body melted against me and she kissed back harder and harder. She reached down and found my covered cock and squeezed it. I slid my hand between her legs and pressed my fingers against her pussy. She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"God I really need this." She whispered. "I need this." I said as I started to rub her through her pants. "Oh my god! Your sister looks ssssoooooo yummy.mmmmm I want her too." She said as I turned around and saw her standing there watching us.

"Hi." Addie said. "Hey sexy." Kylee said. "Do I look hot?" Addie asked. "Oh my god yes." Kylee replied. My sister came in the room and took her hat off. She looked down at Kylees hand as she gripped and stroked me through my pants. She just sighed and looked up at me and grinned. She finally let go and I stayed in the room while Kylee changed.

Kylee wore a western type shirt and no bra. She left two buttons undone exposing her chest, but not her tits, and left most of her bottom buttons undone exposing her six pack. She wore a pair of low riding tight jeans and boots to match my sister. As we all were standing in the kitchen the girls were all over each other. Then out of nowhere my sister looked at me. "Hey Chad, watch this." She said. She opened her mouth and slid her tongue out and into my girlfriends mouth.

My cock twitched as I watched the two begin to make out like crazy. I watched Kylee slide her hand into my sisters top, lifting it to where I could see her hand squeeze and massage her tits. At recent teen is willing for the first fuck session of the day same time my sister slid her hand into Kylees shirt and started to do the same time.

They broke the kiss and my sister whispered in Kylees ear. Kylee just gave me an extremely sexy, "fuck me" smile. They separated and we all left to go get me a new truck. The girls sat in the back and basically had yummy lesbian sex as I drove to the dealership. Once we were there well all got out. You should have seen all of the guys there and the way they all looked at my sister and Kylee. As I did my paper work, my sister went to use the bathroom. That's when Kylee whispered in my ear.

"Your little sister really really wants to wrap her tight little pussy around your cock baby." She whispered. "How do you know?" I asked. "She told me." She whispered. "I'm really considering the idea of letting her." I said. "She sexy as fuck isn't she?" She asked. "Yes she is." I said. "We should let her stay the night and let her watch us fuck." She said. "Why don't we let her join us." I asked. "Oh.fff.fffuck. Really?!" She asked as her body shook for a few seconds. "Yeah." I said.

"Yummy. I would love that so much. I just came a little bit." She said. "I know." I said as I laughed a little. "You want russians the horny people tube porn hear the sexiest word I have ever heard big brother?" She asked.

"Yeah what is it little sister?" I asked. She reached between my legs and squeezed my rock hard member through my pants. "Incest." She said.

"That is a very yummy word." I said. My little sister came out and grinned when she realized what was happening. I finished the paper work and we drove off in my brand new F250 super duty king ranch.

We went and showed mom and her lesbian lover my new truck and that's when we invited my sister to stay the night with us. Addison didn't waste any time at all grabbing her stuff and getting ready to spend the night with us. "Hey let's pretend to be sisters and Chad is my brother too." Kylee said. "Mmmmmmm.and he can fuck both of his sisters." My little sister whimpered. "Both of you are making me so fucking hard." I said. "Prove it big brother." Addie said. "Not now." I said. "Then we don't believe you." Kylee said.

"Too bad, I might have let you both touch it." I said. "Mmmmmm, our brother might let us touch his dick." Kylee said. "I want to." Addie said. "Are you surprised that your little sisters are lesbians?" Addie asked. "How long have you two been like this?" I asked. "For quite a while." Kylee replied. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "How were we suppose to know that you would like it?" Addie asked.

"The last thing we needed was for you to run and tell mom and dad." Kylee said. "Do you know now?" I asked. "Yes. We want you to play with us." Addie said. "Really?" I asked. "We have ever since we found out that our older brother is a porn star." Kylee said. "Let's get home and we will see what happens." I said as my cock strained against my pants. I walked out of Addie's room and few minutes later the girls came out looking very flushed. They were breathing kind of hard and were walking toward me.

Addie had her eyes glued to my bulge. We all got into my new truck and went home. Just as we walked through the door, my sister dropped everything and walked up to me and looked right at my bulge. Kylee just stood back to watch what my sister was going to do.

"You said I can touch you anywhere I want right?" She asked. "Yes I did." I replied. "Anywhere?" She asked. "Anywhere." I said.

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Immediately reached down and grabbed my throbbing covered stick making Kylee and I both moan at the same time. She gripped me and rubbed me for a minute or so. "Ssssssssooooo ffffffffuckinh hhhhhot!" Kylee hissed. "How does it feel baby?" Kylee asked. "So hard and thick, and really really longhhhh." Addie whimpered. "Wait till you see it, you'll cum in your little panties." Kylee said.

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"Can I see it?" Addie asked in a shaky voice. "Ask him." Kylee said as she undid her shirt all the way. "Can I Chad?" She asked. "Yes you can, but let's eat first." I replied as my cock pulsed in my pants. My sister turned around and started to walk away from me just as Kylee gripped my cock through my pants.

I slid my hand around my sisters side and onto her stomach as Kylee and I started to kiss really hard. My girlfriend stroked and gripped me through my pants hard and fast as I slid my hand into my sisters little tits making her moan slightly. She exhaled hard as I squeezed them and massaged them. She reached behind herself and gripped me and started stroking me at the same time Kylee was, making me moan.

"You should kiss your younger sister." Kylee whispered after breaking the kiss with me. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" I asked. "I would cum right here." She said as both girls stroked my cock through my jeans. I continued to massage my sister and Kylees tits and turned to my sister who heard the entire conversation. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth.

Before our lips made contact her long tongue slid into my mouth. We started kissing very passionately as she whimpered. I felt Kylee start to shake and heard her moan. "Oh my god!" She moaned as my sister and I kissed for the first time. I broke the kiss only for my girlfriend to start kissing her hard.

After several minutes we all stopped making out but our hands were still all over each other. We made dinner together and as we did my sister could not keep her hands off of my cock. We all ate and once we were done we all cleaned up and went to the den. Just as we walked in I sat on the couch. My sister and girlfriend both immediately started to make out very heavily. Kylee just walked my sister backwards until they both got to the couch. Kylee was facing me and my sisters back was facing me.

I moved to the end of it to give them both room to sit on it as well. I watched as Kylee slid her hand up my sisters back and started to untie her top. Kylee had my sister turn around to face me. We all made eye contact as Kylee whispered in her ear. My sister nodded her head yes and Kylee took my sisters top off. I almost blew my wad in my pants when I saw her little tits, and bright pink nipples.

Her flat pale white stomach spasmed a little and her chest rose and fell fast and hard as she watched me fuck her with my eyes. "Do you want your sexy brother to touch you?" Kylee asked. "Hhhh.yeah." She hissed. I reached up and slid my hand onto her tits as Kylee slid her hand between my sisters legs and started to rub her through her wet panties. She whimpered and started to move her hips as I watched my girlfriends fingers slide along my sisters pussy from behind. Addie arched her back and pushed her little ass out to give my girlfriend better access.

I couldn't help but sit up and start licking my sisters nipples and sucking on them. Addie wrapped her arm around my head and held me in place as I licked and sucked her tiny tits.

She started to run her fingers through my hair as my girlfriend kissed and nibbled her neck. My sister then lifted my head and kissed me hard as she reached down with her other hand and started to stroke me hard and romance and seduction makes beautiful czech cum. My ears started to feel very warm and chills ripped through me. My muscles spasmed in my stomach as she continued to stroke my cock through my pants. She broke the kiss with me and started to make out with my girlfriend heavily.

She rubbed me the entire time. I slid my hand between my sisters legs, pushing my girlfriends hand out of the way. That's when I realized that Kylee had already pulled my sisters panties to the side. Oh my god my sisters pussy was so damn wet!

Her pussy juices literally drooled off of my finger as I slid it between her soft warm pink lips. Her slippery goo coated my fingers and seeped between them soaking my hand. I looked down to see a very nice glob stringing off of my fingers and onto the couch. I could not believe how wet she was. I was absolutely amazed! I was a porn star for crying out and I had never seen or felt anything like that, ever!

My cock twitched so hard that it actually hurt. I looked up and her head was pressed against my girlfriends. "Oh my god.uuuhhh!! He is actually touching my pussy." She moaned. "Who is?" Kylee asked. "My brother is." She said between gasps. "Do you like it?" Kylee asked. "God yeahhhhh.I love it, it feels sssssooooo gooood.uuuuhhh." She moaned.

"What do you love?" Kylee asked. "The way my brother plays with my pussy." She whimpered between sharp gasps. "She is so fucking wet! Oh my god!" I said in amazement. "I know, I love how wet she gets when we talk about you." Kylee said softly as I really started to rub my sisters pussy. "Oh ffffuck, oh my god I'm going to cum." My sister whimpered. "Do you want to cum?" Kylee asked. "Yy.yeah." My sister whimpered. "Tell him." Kylee whispered as she massaged her tits. "Make me cum big brother.

Please? I want my bro.oh to make me cum." She said between gasps. I slid my finger deep inside of her and her stomach started to tighten hard and then release.

Her body jerked and she started to make thee sexiest, cutest noises Kylee and I had ever heard. She started crying out a little and her back arched.

I rubbed her g spot and her pussy clamped and squeezed the shit out of my finger. Her back arched and Kylee held onto her tightly as her entire body started to jerk and shake violently.

Seconds later she held her breath and exhaled really hard as she exploded. Her hips jerked as her first incestuous orgasm ripped through her like lightening.

She absolutely soaked my hand and her legs. I looked up to see my girlfriend kissing her hard. I kept fingering my sister as Kylee kissed her and massaged her tits. I watched her as she kissed her neck and collar bone. Kylee looked at me and grinned. "That was so fucking hhhhhot!" She hissed as she leaned down toward me. We started to kiss as my sister fell across my lap and jerked with my finger still inside of her rubbing.

Kylee started to kiss me hard pulling my finger out of my sister. She broke the kiss and began licking my hand and fingers moaning as she tasted my sister. She then kissed me again as my sister started to sit up and crawl to my other side.

She started to kiss my neck while my girlfriend and I made out heavily. I felt my sisters hand hot vixen violet starr gets her pussy stretched across and down my chest and slowly down further. I moaned into my girlfriends mouth once I felt her hand slide onto my cock, making me lift my ass off of the couch.

"Your cock feels sssso big and hard sexy brother." Addie whispered in my ear. Kylee heard her and broke the kiss. She stood up and started to take her pants off. My sister stood up and walked up to her and watched me start stroking myself through my pants. I watched my sister pull my girlfriends pants and panties down slowly as she looked up at her.

She then started to kiss my girlfriends tight abs as she continued to take her pants off. Once my girlfriends pants were down around her ankles, she stepped out of them. She spread her legs right as my sister looked at me and grinned.

"She has the nicest pussy ever doesn't she?" Addie asked. "Yeah she does." I said. "I'll bet he likes yours just as much." Kylee said. "I know he does, he is my brother." Addie said half whimpering. Addie stood up and started to kiss Kylee like crazy. I stood up allowing my sister to push her japanese cumslut rides 8 inch cock and says its too big tube porn the couch.

I stood there and watched them make out as I stood back up and removed my sisters skirt and panties. I dropped them on the ground and stood there and watched them start grinding their pussies on their legs as they kissed hard. I stood there watching as my cock hurt because I was so hard. I looked at my sisters pussy begin to drool like it was before, leaving a very wet and shiny spot on my girlfriends thigh.

My cock really twitched when I realized that my girlfriend was just as wet. I couldn't help but stroke my own cock. I watched my sister start kissing down my girlfriends body slowly. I could not believe that I was actually watching my sister licking my girlfriends pussy. My girlfriend looked at me and put her hand on my cock and squeezed it as I kneeled next to her.

I leaned down and kissed my girlfriend hard and started to massage her sexy flat chest. She moaned into my mouth and I could feel her body twitching under me as my sister licked and sucked on her pussy.

I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as she reached up and started to undo my belt. She slid her hand between my legs and pulled my bulge to her. She started to lick and bite my cock through my jeans as she whimpered. She stopped and her back arched far as she then gripped me through my pants. She started to shake as I watched my sister lick and finger her sweet little slit. I moaned as she gripped me hard during her orgasm. My sister stopped licking my girlfriend and looked up at me and smiled.

She looked at my girlfriends hand and bit her lip. Kylee looked up just as she started to come down from her orgasm. She looked at my sister as she started to take my belt off and unbutton my pants, making sure to rub my throbbing shaft. She unsnapped and unzipped my pants looking into my eyes.

She bit her lip and looked down at my sister as she started to pull my pants down. "Do you mind if I suck your brothers cock baby?" She asked. "Mmmmm, only if I can suck it too." Addie replied. "Come help me pull it out." Kylee said. My sister slid up my girlfriends body looking at my bulge the entire time. She would look into my eyes every once in a while. She started to grind against my girlfriends leg as she reached over and helped her pull my pants down further, leaving my boxer briefs on.

My pants reached my knees as I kneeled there. "Do you want to see your brothers cock?" Kylee asked. "Yeah. I want to see it so bad." Addie replied. Kylee hooked her fingers into my waist band and pulled my boxer briefs down to my knees in one tug. Just then Kylee sat up pushing my sister off of her gently.

My sister stood up and watched as Kylee slid to the end of the couch and start to push me back. My sister then helped her push me onto my back and straighten my legs out. My sisters lower lip was between her teeth and her eye brows were slanted as she stared at my throbbing cock. "Oooooooooohhhh ggggggod!" My sister moaned as she watched my hard drooling cock spring out. "It's nice huh?" Kylee asked. "Oh my god yeah. It's fucking huge!" Addie replied. "I know. Look how thick and long he is." Kylee said as she wrapped her fingers around my cock.

"Do you like it little sister?" I asked. "I llllove ithhhh." She hissed. "Do you want to touch it?" I asked. "Yeahhhhh." She replied. "You should touch your brothers cock. You'll love it I promise." Kylee said as they both reached for my cock. stunning blonde agnes with firm jugs sucks cock and gets anal I touch it?" She asked as she looked up at me as she squirmed.

I slid my ass down and opened my legs really wide and lifted my ass sexy ass pornstar selena santana grabs bbc and gets pounded hard from behind of the couch, pushing my cock towards my yummy little sister. She sighed and looked at my girlfriend who looked at her. "Go ahead and touch him, he wants you to." Kylee said.

"Are you sure?" My sister asked. "Yes I'm sure." Kylee replied. "But he is your boyfriend." My sister said. "He is your boyfriend too." Kylee said.

"He is my brother and my boyfriend." My sister replied. "Yes he is, so go ahead and touch him." Kylee said. My sister looked at my cock and slowly reached for it looking at me and then her. She bit her lip as she very gently wrapped her fingers around my throbbing shaft. Kylee looked at me and bit her lip. "He is ssssssooo bighhh. My fingers don't even reach. God it's eat my pussy and suck my feet teens vol nnnnice!

It's the nicest cock I have ever seen." My sister whimpered. "Try stroking him." Kylee whispered. "Ooohhh my god." I moaned as my own little sister wrapped her fingers around my cock lightly and started to stroke up and down.

"God damn you have a beautiful huge dick big brother." She said as I started to thrust my hips slightly. "You like it don't you?" I asked. "Fuck yeah I do." She replied. I watched Kylee sit there with her mouth opened, breathing hard and rubbing her own soaked pussy as she watched my sister stroke my cock. "This is like thee sexiest, freakiest, hottest thing I have ever seen in my life!" Kylee said. "What is?" I asked. "Your little sister is stroking her very own brothers yummy cock.

I swear to god, I've never been this wet before." Kylee half moaned. My little sister opened her mouth slightly and got her mouth as close to my cock head as she could. I could feel her hot breath on my cock head as she exhaled onto it.

She looked up at me as she stroked me really slow. She started to get ready to slip my cock head into her mouth several times, but wasn't sure if she would. Her soft glossy lips touched my cock head several times, brushing against me. I sighed as I looked at my girlfriend who looked like she was about to cum. "I really really want to suck it. Can I at least kiss ithhhhhhh?" My sister asked as she looked into my eyes.

"Go ahead." I replied. "Are you sure you're ok with your own little sister kissing your cock?" She asked whimpering. "Yes I am." I said as my girlfriend put her hand on my leg. She was shaking already and she moved closer to my sisters face as possible hoping that my sister would do something to my cock with her mouth. I felt Kylees hot breath on my cock as she exhaled hard as she whimpered. My cock twitched hard as I watched my own little sister kiss my cock head very softly.

She started to kiss my cock over and over again with soft long kisses, which eventually turned into soft, slow, long tongue kissed. My cock pressed against her lips as it twitched. Kylee looked up at me and I could see her neck tendons.

Her eyes were wide open in shock and her eye brows were slanted. "Oh god." I hissed as I felt my little sisters tongue start sliding around my cock head before she pressed her lips to my cock. "Does that feel good baby?" Kylee whimpered.

"Yeah." I said as my sister started to get more and more aggressive. Then out of no where my sister began licking up the entire length of my cock. My girlfriend couldn't hold back anymore and started to cum as we both watched my baby sister look up at me with her ice blue eyes. She exhaled hard as she licked my cock several times. Kylee and I both moaned at the same time and I almost exploded when my sister slipped my cock into her mouth and started to suck my cock slowly.

She released my cock and looked up at me with an extremely sexy grin. "I never knew my brothers cock would taste so goodhhhh." She hissed just before she slipped me back into her mouth. "I told you baby." Lascivious lesbian lovers do pussy eating pornstars hardcore whimpered. "You were right." My sister said after she popped my cock out of her mouth again. "Oooooohhhh gggggoood! I can't believe you're really sucking your brothers cock." Kylee whimpered as she started to assault her own pussy.

"I can't help ithhhh. He makes me so fucking horny." Addison hissed just before she slid my cock into her mouth again. Both girls began to kiss really hard, moaning as my sister jerked me and my girlfriend played with my balls.

My sister then broke the kiss and pointed my cock to my girlfriend. Kylee opened her mouth wide and pushed my cock into her throat making my cock twitch and pulse in her mouth. My sister started to lick what wouldn't fit in Kylees mouth. They started to switch, each girl taking turns sucking my cock really hard and bringing me closer and closer to blowing my wad.

When it was Kylees turn, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and pushed my cock into the back of her mouth. I felt her head move from side to side as she slid my cock into her throat, pushing it as far as she could. "Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuck!!!" I moaned out loud as my back arched as she deep throated my cock for the very first time.

She gagged and pulled my cock out of her mouth and repeated the process over and over again. Then it was my sisters turn. She didn't try deep throating me but my god her blow jobs were amazing! They were just as good as my girlfriends. As I watched my cock slide in and out if my sisters mouth, I fell back and thrusted my hips slightly. I moaned as my cock swelled more. Kylee knew exactly what that meant. "He is just about to cum." She whispered. They both launched an all out tongue and lip sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking on my cock at the exact same time.

They were kissing each other extremely passionately with my cock between them. Soon my cock pulsed and my balls tightened. I groaned out loud as both girls spit on my cock. "Make your yummy brother cum sexy." Kylee whimpered. My sister started to jerk my cock hard and fast, using their combined spit as lube. My girlfriend stood up and slid by my side and started kissing me hard. As we made out heavily, I felt my cum shoot up the length of my cock, and explode all over. My back arched and my hips jerked with each shot of cum that spewed from my cock.

I heard my sister groan as she continued to stroke me hard and fast. Kylee broke the kiss and crawled down. I watched both her and my little sister lick my cum off of me and kiss very passionately. My sister was astonished when she realized that my cock didn't go down. In fact it twitched in her tiny hand as I watched her make out with my girlfriend. "Oh my god! I thought guys were suppose to go soft after they cum!" Addison said. "Not your sexy brother. Now you know why I love fucking him." Kylee hissed.

"I want to see you fuck him." Addie said. "Yeah?" Kylee asked. "I want to see what his cock looks like inside of you." My sister said seductively. "I'm not going to last very long, he is huge." Kylee said. "Mmmmmm, that's ok, I'll just lick your cum off of his yummy cock." My sister whimpered softly.

My sister moved to my side, facing my cock and Kylee sat up and started to straddle me. My sister slid her arm across my stomach and placed her head on my chest looking down at my girlfriends bald tight pussy.

She grabbed my cock and pointed it at Kylees pussy. My girlfriend then spread her legs and had my sister aim it for her. I groaned once my cock made contact with Kylees pussy.

I felt her stretch around my cock as she pushed down further. "See how your brothers cock stretches my tiny little pussy?" Kylee asked. "Sssssssooooo hhhhhhot!" Addison hissed as she watched my girlfriend push herself down slowly until I was balls deep inside of her.

My sister moaned as she watched my my girl start sliding up and down sexy lady horny and cumblasted jerking jacking my cock, soaking it, and making it very glossy with her juices.

My back arched as her extremely tight pussy squeezed my cock hard as she started to ride me tattooed cheerleader kissed by horny lesbian couples babe slowly.

I couldn't help but start thrusting in time with my girl. She moaned as my cock ground against her g spot. I reached down and put my hand between Addison's legs, just a couple of inches below her drooling pussy. She spread her legs and I felt a glob of her pussy goo fall into my hand. I scooped it up and put my hand on her warm soaked slit. I began to slide my finger along the entire length of her pussy making her moan, and her hips move.

She started to thrust into my hand as Kylee started to speed up slightly as Addison watched her stretched pussy slide up and down on me. I slid my finger inside of my sister making her gasp out loud, and started to slide my finger in and out of her slowly. My entire hand was soaked from her wetness making me want to lick her. My cock twitched inside of Kylee as I helped my sister stand up and made her straddle my face. She seemed confused at first, but once she realized what I was doing, her entire body shuddered.

I looked at her shiny, drooling, bright pink pussy and my cock started pulsing inside of Kylee. I only knew that Addison looked down because I saw her blonde pony tail slide up her back. Just as I slid my tongue out and pressed it up against her clit her body jerked. I heard her gasp and moan as she watched my tongue lick her clit, and disappear between her pussy lips. I heard Kylee groan as she sat up straighter. "Is he licking your pussy?" She asked as her pussy immediately started to spasm like crazy.

"Mmmmmhhhhmmm." Addison replied, making Kylees pussy start to spasm like crazy. "Oh gooooddhhhhhh! Can I see?" Kylee asked between high pitched gasps and whimpers. Addie leaned back onto the arm rest of the couch so Kylee could get a better look. Kylee whimpered and my Addison made thee sexiest noises at the same time.

"Ooohhhh ffffffffffuck! That's the hottest thing I have ever seen. Oh my god.oh fffffuck.I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum.ooohh ssssshhhhit!" Kylee moaned as her pussy squeezed my cock over and over again. She gasped and fell forward onto my sister and soaked my cock with her cum. As she fell forward and shook I bent my knees and started to fuck her hard, all the while tongue kissing and tongue fucking my own little sisters sweet pussy.

Both girls were both gasping, moaning, and whimpering. I could feel both of them shaking and jerking. A minute or so later I could feel my sisters pussy begin to spasm like crazy. I felt her body jerk and heard her crying out. Her orgasm started to rip through her body at the same time my girl started to have one orgasm after another. My sister began to grind on my face jerkingly as she started to flood my face and mouth with her sweet cum.

Both girls gasped for air as I fucked one, and ate the other at the same time. My cock twitched when my sisters body tensed up like crazy. I drank as much of my sister as I could. I didn't german sex and facial in public watch part on hotwebcamteensorg either, I continued to lap her pussy and continued to fuck Kylee, giving them both multiple orgasms.

Before long Addison finally slid off of my face and into the floor next to the couch. Kylee immediately leaned down and kissed me hard. She moaned into my mouth when she tasted my sister. I sat up and picked her up, still buried inside of her. I held onto her tightly as I started to fuck her while I turned her around.

Her eyes were locked with mine as she moaned and whimpered. I laid her on the arm rest of the couch and started to slide the entire length of my thick throbbing rod in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could, pounding my lower abdomen and groin against her tight little ass.

I watched her incredibly tiny sexy tits bounce and jiggle as I fucked her brains out. Her body twisted and shook violently as my sister got into the couch. "Put your hand right there and press down gently." I moaned slightly.

My sister did as I told her, and then she leaned down and started to lick her clit. Kylee went absolutely crazy! She cried out and we watched her eyes roll into her head and her entire body stiffened up and jerked. Her head lifted off of the couch and she gripped the shit out of my forearms. Her back arched really hard and she rolled off of the arm rest, releasing my cock from her tight pussy. Her hips thrusted up really hard and high over and over again as she squirted busty cougar milf rimming and pussylicking stepmom lesbian and my sister as she rolled over twice and onto the floor.

"Oh my god. I've never seen anything like that before." Addison said with pure lust in her eyes. "Seen what?" I asked as I pulled her towards me and squeezed her tits. "I've never seen a girl cum like that. I want some." She hissed. "What do you want?" I asked. "Your big hard cock." She hissed as our lips touched. She reached down between us and started to stroke me slowly and rubbed her tummy with my cock, pressing it against her several times as we kissed.

After several minutes Kylee had finally come around. She sat up and lifted my sisters legs and started to lick her slowly. My sister gasped and moaned as she gripped my hard cock. Our eyes were locked and we started to kiss really hard. As we kissed I felt Kylee move Addison's hand and start sucking me really good.

She alternated between licking my sisters pussy and sucking my cock. Addison and I moaned into each other's mouth as we made out heavily. My sister and I could not stop kissing as my girlfriend continued to suck me and lick my sister. After a while my sister broke the kiss and both of our eyes and jaws dropped open. Kylee had taken my cock and slid it between my sisters legs and pressed it tightly against my sisters pussy. Addison immediately started to thrust her hips, sliding her drooling pussy along the entire length of my cock.

teen fucks stranger in shower slavemouth alexa your cock feels amazing on my pussy." My sister whispered as she started to thrust a little faster.

Kylee stood up and kissed both of us and looked into my sisters eyes. She put her hands on both of our asses and pushed us together to allow the entire length of my cock along Addie's pussy. Addison backed up and looked down to see how shiny my cock was from her juices. Kylee looked into my eyes. "I want to see what your cock looks like inside of your hot little sister baby." She whimpered. "I want it inside of me sssssooooooo badhhhh." Addie moaned. "That's incest baby girl." I said with a small grin.

"I don't care, I want it. I want to commit incest with my yummy brother." She said. "Oooohhh my fucking god you guys are going to make me cum." Kylee hissed. "Should I slide my cock immorallive naughtiest whores in a wild fou of my little sister?" I asked. "Yes you should." Kylee said as she started playing with my balls. "I want it Chad. I want incest sex with you big brother. Please, can we do it?" My sister begged as Kylee pushed her back onto the arm rest.

"Should I give her what she wants?" I asked looking at Kylee. "She wants incest really really bad. I really think you should give it to her baby." Kylee said as she helped my sister lay on her back. My sister then spread her legs wide open and looked up at me with a pleading look on her face.

She spread her pussy lips opened bit her lip. Kylee grabbed my cock and pulled me to my sister who's hips were already thrusting up and down. I then pushed my cock head against her pussy and Kylee started to rub my sisters clit with my cock head.

My sister sat up and started to make out with Kylee like crazy as my cock head slid up and down the length of her soaked dripping slit. Kylee broke the kiss and rested her head on Addisons.

"Does that feel good baby?" She whispered. "Uuuuhhhh.yeah." Addie replied. "Do you like your brothers cock?" She asked. "I love it! I want him deep inside of me." Addie whimpered between sharp gasps. "Yeah? You want him to fuck you?" She asked. "Ooohhh god, yes, yes I want my brother to fuck me so hard." Addie whimpered.

"You know that's incest right?" Kylee asked. "I don't give a shit, I want his cock sssssoooo bad. My pussy is aching so bad for him." Addie replied. "You aren't going to last very long baby." Kylee whimpered. "Mmmmmmmm.I'm about to cum right now anyway." Addie said. Kylee looked at me and grinned. "Go ahead and fuck her little pussy." Kylee said as she placed my cock head right on to her wet warm hole. I looked at Kylee and grinned as she looked down and bit her lip.

I pushed my hips forward and slowly pushed my throbbing stick inside of my own little sisters 16 year old pussy. Addies back immediately arched and she made the sexiest little squeaks between sharp high pitched gasps. Her eye brows slanted and her mouth opened wide. She really gasped hard and Kylee and I watched her eyes roll into her head.

I pushed deeper and deeper inside of her and pulling out little by little and then pushing deeper and deeper inside of her. Once I was well over three quarters of the way inside of her extremely extremely tight little pussy, it started to spasm like crazy.

I had never felt a pussy spasm like that before. I groaned and started to fuck her as she immediate started to cum really hard. My cock twitched and pulsed inside of her as I looked down to see her cum all over me. Her pussy was stretched really far and just seeing that started to drive me crazy. "Uuuuuuu.uuuuuuuuu ggggod! Yeah fffffuck me big brother, make me cum again, make your little sister cum with your huge cock!" She whimpered.

I grabbed her legs and held her as she twisted and turned. Her body shook as though she was laying on a huge vibrator. Her skin was flushed and her breathing was extremely erratic.

I started to fuck her kind of fast and she immediately started to cum again. I looked at Kylee and she was on the couch watching my cock piston in and out of my sister. She had three fingers inside of her own pussy and she was fucking herself hard as she watched.

Both girls were moaning and whimpering at the same time. My sister started to thrust her hips as her body jerked and soon I watched as a very frothy, white cream coated my cock.

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Her stretched pussy lips pushed all of it towards my balls. Kylee sat up and got under me and started to lick my sisters cum that was dripping from my balls. I started to really fuck my sister just as she begged me too. Her orgasms began to morph into one massive massive orgasm. I had to hold on to her tightly in order to keep giving her what she wanted. I didn't stop, I kept fucking my sister like crazy and her cum kept forcing it's way out and all over my stomach. Kylee climbed onto the couch and started to try sucking her tits but was having a hard time doing so because my sister was all over the place.

She was able to manage but my sister twisted her tits out if her mouth the more she came. Finally I stopped and pulled all the way out, then shoved myself deep inside of her. I did that several times before her body went limp and she fell onto the couch. Kylee looked at her and bit her lip. "You made your yummy sister pass out. Ffffffffuck that's so damn hot!!" She whimpered as I walked towards her.

She immediately dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock really good. I groaned out loud when I felt my cock slide into her throat over and over again. She gagged many times as she really started to throat fuck me. After several minutes, she got up and kissed me really hard as she jerked me.

She then broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "I want it in my asshhhh." She sighed. "You want me to fuck your sexy little ass?" I asked. "Yes, I want you in my ass baby." She whispered. She then walked away from me and grabbed a bottle of lube. She walked up to me and squirted a large amount of it on my cock and rubbed it all over. She turned around and leaned forward and squirted a bunch on her ass hole.

She threw the bottle to the side and spread her legs wide. "C'mon baby, put that sexy thing in my ass." She moaned. I stepped up and pressed my cock head fat hog giving sloppy toppy blowjob and ssbbw her ass hole and pushed forward really slow and gently. My sister came too and sat up to watch. She started to rub Kylees pussy as I squeezed my cock inside of her ass little by little.

As I pushed myself inside of her I looked at my sister. "Go get one of her toys, when I'm buried inside of her, fuck her pussy with it." I said. My sister bit her lip hard and ran out of the room. By the time she made it back I was buried balls deep inside of Kylee. She moaned and cried out when I started to thrust slowly. I started to get close because of how tight she was.

I moaned as she begged me to fuck her hard. As I picked up the pace, Addie slid her dildo into her tight dripping pussy. Before long Kylee was having a massive orgasm of her own. I felt Kylees cum spray all over the place as my cock slid in and out of her ass.

I fell in love with fucking her tight little ass at that moment. She was making noises I had never heard her make. My cock started to pulse inside of her ass as I slowly fucked her. As she orgasmed her pussy squeezed her dildo out of her pussy despite the fact that my sister tried to keep it there. Kylees legs gave out in her as her orgasm ripped through her as though she had just been struck by lightning. I held her up and laid her on the couch gently as my now drooling cock slipped out of her ass.

My sister didn't miss a beat. She turned me around and shoved me on the couch. She climbed into my lap and grabbed my cock. She looked right into my eyes as she slid my cock to her pussy hole and pushed down, filling herself up with me.

She leaned slutty mama fondled and fucked japanese and hardcore and kissed me really hard as she pushed down till I was dam near balls deep inside of her.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this." She whispered as she slowly slid up and down on me. "For what baby sister?" I asked. "Incccceeeesssst." She whispered really slowly.

"Oh my god your pussy feels so good." I moaned as pleasure ripped through me in waves. "You like your little sisters pussy big brother?" She asked between gasps. "I love my baby sisters tight tasty pussy." I replied as she started to ride me harder. "Good because I lllllllllloooooooovvve my big brothers huge cock. And I loooooovvve your girlfriend because she let's me fuck you in front of her." Addie whimpered.

"Fffuck! It's because incest is so fucking hot!" Kylee said as she crawled up to us. "Hi sexy girl." Addie said.

"Hey yummy little girl." Kylee replied. "So can he be your boyfriend too?" Kylee asked. "Ooohhhhh. Gggod! Yeah." Addie said as she gasped. As I started to thrust but my sister stopped me and looked into my eyes.

"No, it's my turn to fuck you." She whispered. "You should make him cum." Kylee whispered. "Is ok if I do?" Addie asked. "It's more than ok." Kylee said just before she and my sister started to make out like crazy. Addie started to ride me hard and fast, breaking the kiss with Kylee. Kylee began kissing me and rubbing my chest as my sister started to get closer and closer to the edge.

She bent her knees and placed her feet on either side of my ass on the couch. She then started to fuck me like it was going to be the cum spraying in a public cab with horny teen alessa pornstars and hardcore time. A few thrusts later she her pussy started to squeeze the shit out of my cock. I started to thrust since she had to stop. Her pussy exploded from around my cock as she cried out in little squeaks, extremely sharp breaths, and quiet moans.

She shook and Kylee and I watched her tiny tits jiggle like crazy as she shook. My balls started to tighten and I knew I was about to loose it myself. Once my sister came down from her orgasm she knew that I was about to explode. She climbed off of me and and dropped to her knees and started to suck and jerk my cock like crazy. My hips lifted up as I watched Kylee drop to her knees and start licking and sucking my balls.

I groaned and my body went stiff. Chills ripped through me as I watched my sister look into my eyes as she sucked me closer and closer to the edge. "Cum for her. Cum for your little sister baby." Kylee whimpered. My cock swelled more and more. I felt my cum begin to shoot up the length of my cock.

My vision went all white and I felt like I fell back. Then the most intense orgasm of my entire life ripped through me. My entire body felt very fuzzy and I felt as though I was floating. I didn't realize that Kylee and my sister were taking turns sucking my cock and jerking me. I then felt two tongues sliding all over and around my cock head.

I do not remember much after that. All I knew was that I was experiencing the most powerful feelings of pleasure hardcore fucking and footfetish with young chick hailey scott my entire life.

I felt like I was on another planet. I couldn't even feel my own body. I could feel my cock erupting and the worlds most intense pleasure course through me like I had never ever experienced. That feeling seemed to last for the longest time. I didn't want it to stop. After a while I felt light headed and collapsed. I could feel myself shaking as I laid there. I then felt my sister and Kylee either kissing me all over my body, or licking me, I couldn't tell I was still in the clouds.

It seemed like I was in another world for hours, but it was only a few minutes. I opened my eyes and saw Kylee and my sister smiling at me. I didn't know that they had licked all of my cum up at all. "I don't think you even know how hot that was." Kylee said. I couldn't speak, all I could do was smile. After several more minutes I was able to move but I was still trying to catch my breath.

I could feel my heart pounding as I sat there looking at two very sexy girls. "Oh my god! I've never experienced anything like that before." I said, having a very difficult time saying. "You made him cum really really hard baby." Kylee said as she giggled.

"I didn't know I could make a guy cum like that." Addie said as she giggled. "I think it's because you're his sister." Kylee said. "So, do you want to know how long I've wanted to fuck you big brother?" She asked. "How long?" I asked. "Since I was 14." She replied. "Tell him when you decided you were going to fuck him for sure." Kylee said. "Two things really, one, watching you two have sex, and two when I found out you did incest porn.

But I knew for sure I was going to fuck you when mom told us about our family." Addie said. "Wait, what about your family?" Kylee asked. "They all commit incest with each other." I replied. "God I love your family. I wish I was like, your sister." Kylee said. "Well you are baby sister." I said. "Yeah, you're my older sister from now on." Addie said. "God we have a yummy brother don't we?" Kylee asked. "Fuck yeah we do, and he is the hottest porn star ever." Addie said.

"God I love his cock." Kylee said. "So do I." Addie said. "We should all sleep together." Kylee said. "Why not, me my big sister and my big brother." Addie said.

"We should sleep naked." I said. "How else did you think us siblings were going to sleep silly?" Kylee asked. "Our hot brother is funny." Addie said. "God he is sexy." Kylee said. We all went and took showers together and went to bed. We later went to bed and all made out. We touched each other and all ended up fucking again. I had another orgasm like I had when Addie made me cum.

Let's just say that we didn't get any sleep at all. We all fucked all night long. At one point Kylee broke the video camera out and changed our names. She filmed me and Addie fucking for quite a while and posted it on an incest video site. My sister actually started to bleed at one point but she didn't stop me all. God it was an amazing amazing night!! We did eventually fall asleep, I'm not sure when but we did. When I woke up I had two extremely sexy little blondes snuggled up to me.

Soon they woke up and we all started to kiss again. We were going to have sex, but we were all sore. Kylees ass was sore, mainly because she had never had a cock as big as mine in her ass. She had dildos in her ass a lot from her girlfriends, but never anything as big as me. My sisters pussy was sore as hell. Me my cock was sore from fucking them both.

So we just laid there for a while and cuddled. Both girls were on cloud nine and they both called me their brother. We eventually got up and ate breakfast. We ended up getting dressed and hung out for the rest of the day. Both of the girls hung all over me as though I had velcro all over my body. I was loving it! Later I made a huge dinner and had mom, aunt Linda and our cousins all came over.

As that week went on, things with me and First time blooded vagina fucking image started to go really really good. She acted like my little sister all the time. We played pranks on each other all the time and just messed around. Addison didn't act any different than she ever had unless she was horny. If you would have seen her in the streets and didn't know her, you're think that she was an innocent virgin.

No one even had a clue that she had sex, let alone thought about it. As time progressed my relationship with Kylee grew and grew. Our sex life was absolutely amazing! There were times that she would bring my sister in on our fun. There were even times that I would just sit back and watch those two play for a long time until they begged me for my big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner. By then I had filmed way too many porn films to even count.

I had also recently retired from that and went through the fire academy. I passed it at the top of the class and I had a job an hour and a half away on a career fire dept. I was also a volunteer for the Fire Protection District in the small town we lived in.

Kylee is now had her MSN and worked at a level one trauma center near by. My sister had turned 18 by then and she would join us at least once a month. She had a boyfriend that was a douche nozzle. He could never satisfy her sexual needs, so she always turned to us to scratch the itch that her boyfriend couldn't get.

Now Kylee and I had been together for over two years and although our relationship was far from perfect, we knew how to make it work. Her parents still loved me. Good thing since she is now my sexy little wife. Fast forward to 3 years. She is now pregnant with our first child! Words can not express to you how excited I am about that.

I love Kylee so much, and this new child of ours is just making me love her even more! We are going to have a little girl.

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She is 4 months along now. She learned from her parents that she did not want to be away from our daughter the way her parents were from her. She wanted to be there for her. That being said, she decided that she was going to quit her job and be a stay at home mom after our daughter was born. I was perfectly ok with what ever she wanted to do. Financially, it didn't even hurt us. You see, even though I no longer film porn movies, I still wrote a hell of a lot of them and I was paid very very good for them.

I had copy written them and teacher and student zabardasti xxx the rights. So money was absolutely no issue for us.

We were set, our kids are set and everything. I didn't have to work, but I did for two reasons. My wife and my daughter. I wanted to make sure they had good health insurance, that's why.

We couldn't be happier. All of her friends that we had sex with in the beginning were insanely jealous of our relationship. They all dated douche bags that treated them like shit. They knew that our relationship was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they knew that we absolutely loved each other, and we were very deeply in love with each other. Yeah my life couldn't get any better.