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Beautiful teen in sexy lingerie masturbating on webcam
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There I was in gym class sitting on the floor watching as Gavin Jensen was running laps with his usual huge crowd of friends. Everyone loved Gavin he was like the god of the entire school, even the teachers respected him.

His pitch black hair was so silky and smooth looking, the way it swayed with his beautiful face. His light blue eyes almost inviting to anyone he speaks to including me. His light smooth sunny leon xxxx storys play looks like it was created by angels, he was very tall 6'0 maybe 6'1 skinny but with strong arms. I could see his junk jumping around in his shorts as he ran; he must be at least 9 inches I thought to myself.

"Quincy! Get your ass off the floor and start running!" Mr. Jones always knew how to spoil my Gavin watching. I know that sounds creepy but I can't stop it's like he has I'm beautiful written all over his body.

My name is Braiden Quincy, 5'5 tanned skin light brown shaggy hair small body I have a six pack but no arm muscles at all. I got up and started running still thinking about Gavin's untouched penis flopping around.

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People knew I was gay but didn't really mind to give me any shit besides Chris Edwards. Man did he hate my guts for some reason; he has been picking on me since fifth grade. It was now my junior year in High School so now I'm sixteen and still getting picked on by a muscle head like him.

If I really wanted to give him the satisfaction I'd kick his ass right here and now. I want him to try something I'll hit him back twice as hard. Chris Edwards was one of our star football players and often got to talk to Gavin.

Gavin didn't seem to enjoy Chris Edwards company very much as I can tell by the look on his face. Gavin was a really happy go lucky person, but what I didn't know that he has a very dark side to him.

After about another ten minutes of "running" and fantasying about Gavin class was over, finally. I thought to myself, time to see Gavin's sweaty skin.

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I skinny japanese luscious chick fingered and boned hardcore blowjob my lip and made my way to the locker room. I took off my gym jumpsuit and waited for Gavin to walk by, he did and wearing a very confident smile and his beautiful eyes sparkling. "Braiden, come here I have something I want to show you." That voice soon followed by a few other people's laughter.

I knew who's voice that was and didn't have to guess what he wanted. It was Chris Edwards. "I'm busy Chris." "Braiden, I want you to see this just come here for a minute" After getting dressed I made my way over to Chris and his group of jock assholes. Gavin was across from them taking his shirt off as bad as I wanted to look at him I was stuck with Chris waving his 7 inch dick around.

"That is very nice Chris." The next thing I knew was Chris grabbing me by the arm and pulling me close to him.

His grip was harsh leaving a nice bruise on my arm for later notice. At this point I was stuck and I needed some help as soon as possible. Chris was laughing as loud as he could force himself; rubbing his dick up on my thigh.

My anger was getting the best of me and the more I struggled to pull my arm away the tighter his grip got. "Who said you could walk away from me like that pussy? Definitly not me know get on your knees and suck this dick, that is if you can handle it. Being with your experience I think you can handle three dicks in your mouth right Jerrek?" All three of them were laughing hysterically and I just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

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They were trying to force me on my knees to suck his dick when something happened that I still can't believe happened. I saw a big hand grab Chris's arm forcing wench is addicted to cock sucking hardcore blowjob off me. All the other guys looked as shocked as I felt and I turned around to see Gavin standing there with a very pissed off face. He took one look at me and then a look at the other guys.

Jerrek started to back away as Chris stood his ground. I looked at Gavin's blue eyes there was a yellow circle around the black of his eyes. This made me think of him as even more sexy. Gavin had stopped them, for reasons i'm not sure I know why. "Jerrek, Vince if you know what's good for you, you'll walk away right now." They spent no time to rush out of the locker room whispering to each other.

Chris however stayed his ground.

Gavin's voice was so loud and tough sounding it was like he was my Greek god and I was his mere slave. "Chris if you want to do things with Braiden than go home and do it. No one wants to hear you saying that shit to him. If I made my lover that uncomfortable than I wouldn't even have the audacity to look him in the face.

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If you keep making him feel that way than you'd better keep an eye on him otherwise you'll lose him." Gavin's voice was so loud and booming it sent goose bumps up my spine My heart sank Gavin thought me and Chris were a couple?

What the hell, for real? I wanted to punch Chris in the dick so hard at that point. I was so pissed off that I didn't even realize they were still arguing I didn't want to hear it but their argument forced itself in my ears.

"Whoa Gavin look Braiden and I aren't even friends let alone lovers I just wanted to fuck around adorable jade have a taste of big dickadorable jade have a taste of big dick him because he is gay you know that right? I mean bro come on like I would really want something with another guy?

I'm as straight as they come." Chris was so angry he practically spit out his excuses. Gavin looked him up and down with disgust and then at me. His face than went blank as if he had just taken in the information given to him on a silver platter.

Pretty much my life story. I hated Chris beyond anyones hate anywhere. Gavin than took a deep breath. "You don't seem that straight to me Chris. If I were you I would leave Braiden alone from now on, because obviously he doesn't seem to enjoy it very much.

But I'm sure if I wanted anyone you wanted I'd give them a hell of a lot more respect." Gavin replied in a very annoyed voice. That's when Gavin walked away and let Chris and I to stand there in silence feeling stupid. I laughed a bit at Gavin's straight comment but immediately stopped as he exited. I also mulled over his other comments he told him to leave me alone? Well that was new, someone standing up to Chris in favor of me?

Chris seconds later pulled his dick back in his pants and stomped out leaving me there to think about Gavin. That's the first time I've ever heard him get mad or even argue with someone.