Gina ryder in her third scene of all time

Gina ryder in her third scene of all time
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At eighteen and some odd months, my senior year of high school, I was about the same height as I am now, thirty years later. I've added a few pounds, well OK, about twenty pounds, in the intervening years and while I was never much of an athlete I'm still in pretty good shape. My biggest concern as I developed into manhood was the size of my penis. It was obviously smaller than my peers and some of the meaner, crueler guys used to make fun of me in the locker room.

All through high school I dreaded gym class and the then mandatory showers. In early June, with only a week to go, I was looking forward to the end of my locker room torment. The closest I'd come to sex besides regular couplings with my right fist, was heavy necking and some petting in the back seat of my old Pontiac.

That late May Thursday evening, I took my shower, including a nice leisurely jack, before brushing my teeth and going to bed. As I slid my naked body under the sheets I enjoyed the feel of the cotton against my skin and was asleep pretty quickly, thinking of my coming liberation from the smart assed remarks of my antagonists in the daily locker room sessions.

Startled awake in the darkness of the night, I realized there was somebody else in the room with me - I could hear breathing, slightly raspy, from across the room. Rolling over in my twin bed, I reached for the lamp on my bedside table and turned it on. Immediately I saw her, an old woman sitting in the chair at my desk, watching me intently. "Who, who the hell are you?" I managed to stutter out after a couple of false starts.

"Doesn't matter who I am, boy. Only matters what I can do for you," she said in a soft but authoritative tone. "I understand the boys, the boys at school, they make fun of you?" "What are you talking about?" I asked. "Come on, boy. I ain't got time to play no damn guessing games with the likes of you," she nearly spat it out.

"You knows exactly what I'm talking 'bout, boy. They been teasing you about the size of your damn penis. You stupid men, you're all little boys when it comes to that.

Always worried about the size of that damn thing of yours, ain't you?" I could feel my face flush as she stood up from the chair and started across the room. With her standing up, I could more nearly make out her size and shape. She looked fairly short and heavy, wearing some sort of flowing, flimsy, gauzy gown that seemed to change hues as it moved with her.

It was obvious that she had huge, pendulous tits that swayed behind the gauzy material of her gown as she walked toward me. Standing by my bedside, moving quickly she suddenly snatched the covers off of me and smiled as she looked down at my penis and testicles. "They are a bit on the puny side, boy, but I can do something about that for amateur punishment with fantasy spanked and canned total submission. Do you want me to help you out a wee bit in that department, boy?" "What do you mean," I stumbled on the words.

"Don't play stupid with me, you little fucker," she reprimanded sharply. "I'm asking you if you want a bigger damn prick, and balls to go with it, you little ass." "well, yeah, I guess," I mumbled. "You guess? You guess, boy?" she spat. "The answer is either yes or no, you little dickhead. This is serious business. I swear, each generation of you fuckin' men seems to be dumber than the last. Damn, I swear." Her look was cross and angry as she glared at me. "Well?" "Yes, I want to be bigger.

I want to be bigger than most guys," I managed to say firmly.

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Her face immediately softened to a slight smile as she reached around behind herself and produced a mug of steaming broth. "Here, drink this, boy. It'll give you the size you're wanting." I took the mug from her outstretched hand and sniffed its aroma.

It didn't smell all that bad, mostly like a strong beef and vegetable broth. "Drink it, boy.

Drink it now," she urged. I swigged it down in several large gulps. It was bitter tasting and hot flowing down my throat and made me feel hot in my abdomen.

"Is that all?" I asked. "I just drink that?" "well no, deary," she smiled as she said it softly. "Now you need to fuck me, and fuck me good." As she said it, she moved quickly and her gown fell at her feet. She was heavy with some rolls of fat around her middle and those huge tits sagging down on her belly.

I could feel myself beginning to engorge with hot blood in my penis. Looking at my developing erection she laughed.

"You dickheads are all alike. Even an old hag like me can get a rise out of you!" Grabbing my penis in her right hand she began jackhammer like strokes that felt like she may tear it off of me.

"Here, let's see if we can work up enough dick to manage to get into me.

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I like to be satisfied, boy." As I reached full erection she lifted her leg over, straddled me on the bed, and sat down roughly, guiding my penis into her. "Now stay with me, boy," she said as she began to ride me like I was a mechanical horse or something. Forward and back, her hips thrusted on me faster and faster.

I reached for her tits as they hung down onto my chest, lifting one to my mouth to suck on the huge nipple that was staring at me. She began to moan, a gutteral, animal like moan that seemed to emanate from deep within her as she began to thrust in an even more concerted way. Forward and back, she roughly rode me until she began to shake and tremble.

As she stopped her thrusting I could feel her cunt alternately tightening and loosening on my penis, massaging it as I felt myself go over the top.

"Oh damn," I mumbled as I felt myself cumming within this old woman.

Though I'd just jacked off in the shower that evening it felt like I was letting a huge load loose in her cunt, hot, wet. In the waves of orgasm sweeping over me I felt myself letting go, the light of the room blacking out.

I was blacking out. When my alarm went off I awoke with a start. "Damn," I thought, "That was one hell of a weird fucking dream. Shit, I'll be glad when school's over." Flipping my covers off, I swung my feet off the side of the bed and sat up, scratching my head. As I did, something on my bedside table caught the corner of my eye. Looking at it Nilinis muna ang burat tube porn probably stopped short pretty fast.

It was a heavy, off white china mug. What the fuck? Looking down at my legs I saw it. My penis, it was laying on the bed between my thighs reaching nearly to my knees. What the fuck? It looked oddly shaped until I realized it was lying on my testicles. Lifting it in the middle of its length, the end hung down like a piece of limp rope but what caught my eye was the size of my testicles.

They looked like they may be the size of medium limes and my scrotum was enormous, a huge wrinkled sock of loose skin. Jumping up off my bed, my penis and testicles swung back and forth, striking my thighs. My damn penis hung loosely down, about two thirds of the way to my knees.

It had to be at least ten inches long, flaccid, with my testicles hanging down a good two thirds its length.

Holy shit! I'm some sort of a damn mutant. Pulling on a pair of loose gym shorts I headed for the bathroom to go take a leak. In the hallway I met my older sister, nearly ran masturbating in thigh high lingerie and high heels her as she come out of the bathroom.

Backing up, I said, "Excuse me. Gotta' pee." I noticed her eyes locked, looking down at my shorts. I followed her gaze, looked down, and discovered that about three or more inches of my penis were hanging out the leg of my shorts and the hem of the leg was bulged by my testicles, clearly visible hanging there behind my penis. My sister blurted out, "Jesus, little brother. Is that what I think it is?" "What the fuck do you think, Vickie?" I asked as I shoved past her and shut the bathroom door behind me.

Pulling off my shorts, I tried to take a piss and manage to ring the toilet bowl, having a bit of trouble until I figured out where to grasp that damn snake between my legs to aim it accurately.

Done with the piss, I looked at myself in the mirror. "Shit," I thought, "I've never seen anything like this!" Leaning into the shower, I turned on the water and adjusted it before climbing in and closing the glass shower door behind me. Standing in the warm water I looked down at my penis and testicles again. Where the fuck did they come from? Was the old hag in the room for real? I heard a knock on the door.

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"Bobby, you OK?" I heard my mother ask. "Yeah, Mom, I'm fine," I replied. "Can I come in?" she asked. "I'm in the shower, Mom." "I know, Bobby. Vickie told me you had a problem," Mom replied. "I'm fine, Mom," I told her but the bathroom door was opening anyway. Before I knew it she was in the bathroom, looking at me through the clear shower door. "What's going on, Bobby?" she asked. I turned off the shower and toward her so she could see me. Sliding the door back, I looked down at my mutant organs and said, "This, Mom." Her eyes bulged as they locked on the sight.

"Oh my," she gasped out. "When did that happen?" "I woke up like this just this morning," I told her. "That's not normal, Bobby. Something's wrong. I want you to see Dr. Vernon, today," she said. "Today's a good day since you don't have school. Do you want me to call for an appointment with her?" "Yeah, Mom," I replied. "That's fine." She left the bathroom and I returned to my shower, washing up, washing that snake and my hanging testicles carefully.

Dried off and back in my bedroom, I pulled on boxer shorts and my jeans. Big mistake. The jeans were too tight, hurting my oversize nuts and the legs were too tight on my thighs for my penis to hang comfortably down the left leg. Shit. I pulled the jeans off just as Mom tapped on my bedroom door and opened it. I was standing there with my penis and testicles hanging out the left leg of my boxer shorts and saw Mom's eyes stop at the sight.

She looked like she was trying to maintain eye contact with me but couldn't prevent her eyes from drifting back down to the sight of my penis hanging out of my shorts.

"Dr. Vernon can see you at 10:30. Do you want me to come with you?" she asked. "Whatever you want to do, Mom," I told her as I turned toward my chest of drawers to pull sunny leon fuck boy xxx story in sex stories a folded pair of cargo pants. They fit more loosely and were comfortable.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that depending on how I was standing, my new equipment was either very obvious or not quite so obvious. Getting more accustomed to moving around in my new state, I sat down on the side of the bed, pulled on socks and tied my sneakers. Grabbing a T-shirt I headed down the hall toward the kitchen.

Vickie was sitting at the table. She looked up with a funny grin and asked, "Going to the doctor, Bobby?" "Yeah, Vickie. I am," I replied as I poured myself a bowl of shredded wheat. Mom was drinking a cup of coffee and looking at the morning paper. She looked up and told me, "We need to get going soon if we're going to get to the doctor's office on time." "Sure, Mom."