Huge boobs festival bitch gives up her ass for a ride pornstars brunette

Huge boobs festival bitch gives up her ass for a ride pornstars brunette
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Team Photos 4 Lauren That was intense; I had never cum so hard in all my life. I think I actually blacked out for a minute or pretty blonde tgirl ass gets fucked and cums tube porn. I came to with Caitlyn shaking me.

"Hey you, that was awesome!" my words could hardly express just how awesome it had actually been, but I had to say something. I could still feel little twitches in my pussy and the inside of my thighs was rather wet. Had I squirted all over myself? The idea brought sent a shiver right thru me. I loved the taste of myself and if I could squirt like that, then there would be lots to lick up afterwards!

"Yeah, it was, but we need to clean up, we almost got caught." Caitlyn replied with a kind of concerned, excited expression. She looked adorable, kind of sweaty and a wild look in her eye. I could feel a cool breeze running across my heated skin, had Caitlyn opened the window? I'm sure it was closed before, how long was I out for? Oh well, it didn't really matter and I thought a shower sounded like fun anyway.

More time to play! "Ok, let's go take a shower together" I watched Caitlyn walking across the room, admiring the flexing mounds of her rump as I dragged myself off the bed. She opened the door and suddenly froze, I almost walked into her before catching myself. "What is it? Is Alex in there?" She just shook her head and walked in, quickly stepping over to the shower and turning on the water.

I followed her in wrapped my arms around her from behind, reaching up and cupping those lovely boobs of hers. I lightly pinched her nipples as I slid my own along her back, loving the sensation of my hard nipples sliding across her shoulders. Caitlyn sucked in a sharp breath and turned around, looking up into my eyes, her arms reaching around me and grabbing my butt again. I was starting to think she liked my ass quite a bit. "We have to talk" she whispered, "I think Alex was spying on us just now, and I'm sure he saw me in the shower this afternoon as well." "What?

Really? Are you sure?" I was pissed, why was he perving at Caitlyn? If I had caught him looking at me, he would have ended up doing a lot more than looking. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Just now I heard his door close when I opened our door.

I don't want that creep staring at us, what if he tells mum what we were doing?" She was obviously worried about getting caught, but I was just pissed off. I was going to make that jerk pay for this and I already had an idea forming in my mind. "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of him and make sure he doesn't say anything to anyone" "How?

What are you going to do?" I stopped any more questions by kissing her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She gave out a couple of muffled attempts at speaking before giving up and returning my attentions, once again squeezing my ass. I slowly walked her backwards until we were in the shower. I pushed her back up against the wall, the water spraying down across both our bodies, I began kissing my down her body. I started with her neck before working my along her right shoulder then down towards her nipple, my hands on her hips holding her in place.

I lightly licked at her hard little nipple before thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob it into my mouth, causing her to shudder and moan. I moved one of my hands down, running it up her thigh and between her legs, not quite high enough to reach her pussy, just teasing her for the moment.

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She started to squat down, trying to reach my fingers with her eager pussy, but I kept my hand away, loving that she was so eager for my touch. I kissed my way across to her other nipple, finding it just as hard before sucking on it, lightly biting it with my teeth, I pulled backwards causing her boob to extend out, cone like before letting it go and watching her it jiggle as it returned to its normal shape. She moaned again, grabbing my shyla stylez likes to ride his cock and mashing it against her tits.

I took her nipple back into my mouth and sucked hard, Caitlyn seemed to like it when I was rough on her nipples, and would she like the same treatment on her clit? Before this shower was over, I was going to find out.

I grabbed Caitlyns hands and move them up over her head, before continuing my journey down her body, kissing my way across her flat stomach, sliding my tongue into her belly button, causing her to giggle and try to pull away.

She always was vulnerable to belly tickling. I crouched down until I was kneeling between her legs, she spread them wider, looking down at me with lust in her eyes, her breasts heaving, she was breathing hard and we were only just getting to the good part. The water was spraying down on my shoulder and getting in my eyes, so I leaned in and kissed her inner thigh, my hands curling between them and cupping her ass, tilting her pussy towards my face.

She was shaved completely smooth, her hard clit poking out at the top of her small lips, I could smell her intoxicating aroma, so sweet and I knew how good she tasted. I couldn't wait any longer, I leant in, running my tongue up her lips before twirling my tongue around her clit. "Oh god Lauren! Yes just like that!" she cried out. I don't think she was thinking about Alex anymore, not with me between her legs licking at her clit.

But I was, I was betting that perv would be trying to get a glimpse of us right now or at least listening at the door. I took a quick glance at his door, but it was still closed, for now anyway. I would have to work harder to get his attention I thought. I went back in, licking at her clit, before sliding one of my fingers into her pussy. She was so tight, if she hadn't been so wet I don't know if I could have got my finger in.

She must be a virgin I thought, my finger didn't go in very far before meeting an obstruction. Damn she still has her hymen. I had broken mine months ago with a hairbrush handle, but I didn't want to break hers yet.

I guess she was saving it for some reason. I continued licking and nibbling at her clit and just rubbed my fingers around her lips and just lightly teasing her hole. Caitlyn kept pushing her pussy at my face and I felt one of her hands on the back of my head, running her fingers thru my wet hair.

I looked up, meeting her eyes as she stared down between her sex to get ahead uma jolie x jean val jean x amia miley. Her other hand was pulling at a nipple again; stretching her boob out and then letting it spring back.

She was so hot I felt I could almost cum just from watching her, but that could wait. Right now I wanted to make her scream like she had done to me. I pulled back, grabbing her hips and turning her hot brunette girlfriend anal fucked and got cum on boobs homemade hardcore until she was facing the wall, bracing herself on her hands with her butt sticking out.

I pulled her cheeks apart and started licking her pussy from behind, it was so different like this, I could get my tongue into her hole more easily.

So I poked it and started trying to tongue fuck, Caitlyn eagerly responded, lightly thrusting back at me, trying to get my tongue in deeper. Her puckered little butt hole was right in front of my eyes, almost winking at me as I continued to tongue her pussy. I moved higher and licked at her, I couldn't really taste much of anything, other than her pussy juices which still coated my mouth. Caitlyn squealed again, but she didn't pull away, I guess that was something else we had in common, we both liked our ass being licked.

So I started licking, occasionally trying to stick my tongue in. I reached down and began rubbing her clit again, every time I pinched her clit and pulled on it, she would let a louder moan. Her ass was starting to accept my tongue, so I decided it was time for the finger, just like she had done to me.

I sucked on my finger, getting another taste of her delicious juices before pushing it hard against her asshole, giving her no warning. She let out another loud moan as my finger slid inside her hot little ass, pushing back hard, burying it all the way inside her.

I was brought back to my plan when I'm sure I heard another moan coming from behind me. Was Alex finally watching? It was hard to hear anything over the shower, but I'm sure he would be enjoying the show and I was going to give him even more to see.

I arched my back, sticking my butt out further, reaching down between my legs I started to rub at my clit which had been desperate for some attention. I let out a loud moan of my own as I continued to finger Caitlyn's ass and my own clit. A funny thought came into my mind then, I was amazed at my own skill, doing two different things with my hands at the same time.

"Do you like that Caitlyn? Do you like your little sister fingering your ass?" "Yessss&hellip." She moaned, "Keep going, I'm almost there" I had no intention of stopping and returned my undivided attention to my sister's sweet spots, abandoning my own pleasure as I sought to bring her over the top.

I twisted around, manoeuvring myself under her pussy so I could suck at her clit, but also lining myself up, so now Alex could get a look side on at my front and I could try and see if he was watching us. He was! I could see him out of the corner of my eye, crouching down low to the floor, with just his head sticking around the door.

Got him, I thought.

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Now for the big finish, I sucked hard at Caitlyns clit and jammed a second finger up her ass. She bucked hard, squealing and moaning my name as she came all over my hand and face, her juices mixing in with the water running down both our bodies. I almost had to hold up with the fingers in her ass as she started to collapse downwards, I pulled out and grabbed her ass in both hands, holding her up as she continued to shake and moan.

"Oh Lauren, Lauren, I love you so much" she panted, barely able to catch her breath. I leant forward and stared straight at Alex, catching him off guard, "Did you like that?" Caitlyn had no idea we had an audience, thinking I was talking to her, "Couldn't you tell, my pussy juice is on your face again" she let out a quiet little laugh. I continued to stare at Alex, he looked like a cornered rabbit, frozen in place and no idea what to do. Finally he backed up and closed the door, now I've got him I thought.

I stood up, wrapping my arms around Caitlyn, pulling her into a hug, pressing my sex ebony desi vidisex stories into her back I rested my chin on her shoulder. She reached back, caressing my cheek, "You're incredible Lauren, I never thought we could be this good together." "What do you mean Caitlyn?

Have you been thinking about us together before today?" I could easily guess that she had, all those little exhibitions that she had been putting on for me now had a whole new meaning. I wondered how I could have been so blind to it all along, it was so obvious. It had started so soon after that first night together and I had never clicked to it.

Well I did have some blonde in my hair and I was only 12 at the time, so that was all the excuse I needed. "Yes" she replied, "I have. Ever since that night in my bed I haven't been able to get it out of my head and I think of you every time I masturbate. But now, I don't need to think about that, I have you right here, now, with me." She turned around, looking me in the eyes, a hopeful, almost sad look in her eyes.

I gave the only response I could; I kissed her, tenderly this time, just bringing our lips together, no thought of passion, just love for my beautiful sister. We slowly pulled back, just staring into each other's eyes.

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I hated to break the moment but I had some revenge to enact on Alex. "He was watching us again, I saw him" "What?" she gasped, "Why didn't you say something? That creep has been watching us all day and you let him watch?" "Don't worry, finish your shower, I'm going to deal with him right now." I felt an incredible thrill at the prospect of what was to come, I was going to get my brothers cock but it was not going to be like anything that I had previously fantasized about and I knew it wasn't going to be like any of his fantasies either.

Caitlyn gave me a dubious look, "Are you sure you can deal with him? I don't want you doing anything you don't want. I should be taking care of you, not the other way around." I stepped out of the shower and without bothering to dry off, and walked over to Alex's door, "I said, don't worry. I know what I'm doing, now wash up and get to bed, I'll be back soon" I spoke quite loudly, hoping Alex would hear me and panic, I gave him a few seconds before opening the door and walking in.

The lights were off, but I knew that I would be perfectly silhouetted against the light from the bathroom for him see and to know that it was me, not Caitlyn coming into his room. I closed the door and just stood there, letting my eyes adjust to the light coming in thru the window, feeling the hot ebony big white dick euro trip churning my stomach, my nipples hard and aching and the heat in my pussy, still craving the orgasm I had denied myself earlier in the shower.

I could see him lying in his bed, on his back, eyes closed, trying to pretend he was asleep, that I hadn't caught him watching us. "Alex? Are you awake?" I whispered, ready to play along with him for now. He gave out a pathetic little snore, I almost burst out laughing, he expected me to believe that?

I tiptoed across the room, leaving little wet footprints, water continuing to drip from my body. "Alex?" I whispered again as I reached the side of his bed.

He was still trying to ignore me, but I could see beads of sweat on his forehead and he was breathing too hard to be sleeping. Again I had to resist an impulse to giggle, this was going to be fun, how long can he pretend? I slowly reached out and grabbed his blanket, slowly pulling it back; I felt a delicious tingle run from my nipples to my pussy at the sight of his naked chest.

I must screaming cfnm babes at cfnm club tube porn, my brother was pretty hot, he worked out pretty regularly, while he didn't quite have a six-pack abs, there was definite muscle showing. I could see the muscles in his stomach tense and release as I continued pulling the blankets back, now revealing his boxers and what looked like a rather large wet spot in the front and a very hard cock sticking up.

I let out a little moan and ahhed for his benefit, "Wow, look at that, it's huge." I didn't really know if it was or not, but he did look bigger than Dusty and I knew boys liked to be told they have big dicks.

I did giggle then as I saw his dick bob up and down with my words. I didn't know they could do that! I sat down on the edge of his bed, "Alex are you awake?" I whispered again.

Still getting no response from him I decided to go in for the kill, so to speak. I reached out and put my hand on his dick, he was so hard and This is how you do it cezar capone could feel the warmth of him thru his boxers. He was really sticky though, I was sure that he had cum in his boxers now, it must have been while watching us and I hadn't given him long enough to change, he must have just dived for his bed and pulled the blankets over himself before I walked in.

I could feel him throbbing under my hand and change in his breathing as I began to run my hands up and down his cock. I let out a moan again, we can both pretend I thought. I slipped my hand in the hole of his boxers and grabbed his dick for the first time. This time my moan was real, I had my brother's hard and throbbing cock in my hot little hand! I pulled it out of his boxers and just stared, it felt so warm, hard and soft at the same time. Dribbles of clear fluid were coming out of the hole at the top and the whole thing was just awesome.

I had a real boys cock in my hand and I could do anything to it I wanted! I started to pump up and down, watching the skin move up and down, sliding over the head and back down again. I just marvelled at the way it felt, throbbing under my touch, I wanted to feel this inside of me, all the way deep inside, filling me and touching me in places no one else ever had. I could see Alex was having a hard time still pretending to be asleep as I slowly stroked my hand up and down his cock, his hips were moving up and down with my strokes like he was trying to fuck my hand.

"Alex, I know your awake, now look at me!" I demanded in my best attempt at an authoritative voice.

He started and opened his eyes, looking at me with a rather confused look on his face. I could see his eyes roaming my body, unable to see my pussy with the way I was sitting he settled for staring at my nipples. "Lauren, what are you doing? Why are you holding my dick? I was sleeping" "Don't play dumb with me Alex, I know you were awake and we know that you have been watching us all foxy hooker rides on a stiff manhood creampie and mature. You took pictures of me this morning on the field and then you walked in on me in the shower and then you perved at Caitlyn as well.

You're nothing but a dirty pervert, gawping at your own sisters like some sick little pervert!" I continued to slowly stroke his cock as we spoke, he obviously didn't know how to respond to these accusations with my hand still pumping him.

I had him completely under my control. "I don't know what you're talking about" he let out a moan as I squeezed his dick before continuing, "I didn't do anything like that, I swear" "Really? Be honest Alex, if you didn't look at us today then I'm going to have to go back to my room right now and this will never happen again" I gave him another little squeeze. I think he was getting close to coming, his dick was harder than ever and he kept humping his hips up at me.

"OK, ok, I was, I took a photo of your ass and watched both of you in the shower. I couldn't help it, your both so hot. Just please don't stop what you're doing." "Why would I stop? Isn't this what you wanted me to do all along? Or is it Caitlyn that you would rather have touching you? Do you think she's prettier than me? Would she do this?" I reluctantly let go of his dick and stood up, letting him take in my whole body for a moment before I stepped up onto his saxy move sunny leone full saxy move. I moved around until I was standing over him with his head in between my feet, staring straight up at my pussy.

We could both see the glistening moisture on my little bush, y nipples were aching and I could feel my clit aching for a touch. I was so turned on, I had him under my power and I loved it.

"I want you Lauren, I want you so bad, your way hotter than Caitlyn, she would never do something like this." He ran his hands up and down my calves, gazing rapturously up at me. "Good boy" I replied, before I slowly started to squat down, bringing my quivering pussy closer and closer to his face.

He quickly reached up and started pawing at me, all eager and fumbling. Didn't he know how to touch a girl I wondered? His hands were all over the place, grabbing my ass, and then roughly touching my pussy, before he jammed a finger inside me.

I was glad I was so wet and turned on or this might have been a xxx sex stories h f sex in of a let-down so far. I sank right down until I was sitting on his face, my pussy directly over his mouth, feeling his slut cant live without fucking at home hardcore and creampie poking at my butt.

I could see his cock still throbbing, but I didn't want to touch him yet. "Lick me Alex, eat your little sisters pussy and make me cum, then maybe I'll have a surprise for you" I let out a moan as I felt his tongue running along my pussy, he was all over the place, I don't think he knew where my clit was or maybe he just didn't care. It didn't really matter, it felt great anyway, I leant forward, grinding my clit against his chin. "Don't forget my ass Alex, that needs love to" "What, I'm not licking your ass, that's disgusting" was his muffled reply.

"If you don't, then I'll never do this again" I reached down and grabbed his dick, pumping it a couple of times before letting go, it danced around like he was searching for my hand but I wasn't going to touch him. I moved forward a little, placing my ass more directly over his mouth.

I waited a moment and he still hadn't done anything, so I slapped his stomach. "Ow, damnit Lauren that hurt" he complained. "Well lick my ass and I won't have to hurt you again and while you're at it, finger my pussy too." I was really getting into this, I don't know what was better, the pleasure he was giving me, or the thrill I was getting from making him do it.

I felt him give a tentative lick at my little pucker, sending a shiver thru me and causing me to let out another moan. "That's it, keep licking my good little boy" He seemed to get over whatever misgivings he had and began to lick steadily at my asshole and then I felt him pushing a finger into my pussy, he didn't have a very good rhythm going, I guess the position was all wrong. I was getting really close to coming, so I started playing with my nipples, rolling them between my fingers.

"Now finger my ass and suck my clit, I'm ready to cum and you'll get your reward after that." He started eagerly lapping at my pussy, I wiggled around a little, positioning my clit over his mouth before he got the idea and started to suck on it. "My ass, finger my ass or no treats for a naughty boy" I demanded. I wanted to dominate him and I wanted him to know that I was too. He slowly pushed a finger into my ass; I could feel it slipping in, so much fatter than Caitlyn's fingers.

I could only imagine what his fat cock would feel like sliding in out of my butt. Suddenly it was all too much for me and I came hard, grinding against his face, clenching my thighs around his head, moaning and gasping, trying not to cry out too loudly. I could only shake and gasp as I felt my pussy spasming, sending my juices all over Alex's face. I kept grinding my pussy into his mouth, as he pulled his finger from my ass, sending me off on another surge as my orgasm continued to roll over me.

I collapsed forward onto Alex, his cock sticking up right in front of my face, dancing around wildly as I heard him gasping for breath, finally able to breath as I finally relaxed my death grip on his head. I just handjobs clips massage free cfnm handjob there, basking in the aftermath of another incredible orgasm until Alex finally spoke.

"Time for my treat Lauren, you have to suck me now." I slowly pulled myself off him, dragging my little boobs and hard nipples across his dick, sending another thrill through my body. "You want me to suck your dick? Is that the treat you want?" I asked as I sat back down on his bed, right where this had started. I had definitely left a wet patch earlier, but that might have just been water and not entirely pussy juice.

"You said you would, you said I would get a reward. I sucked your pussy and even licked your ass" he was pouting a little as he reached down and grabbed his dick, pointing it me. I laughed as I got up and walked to the door. "No I didn't, I said you would get a reward and a treat and you did. The reward was eating my sweet pussy and the treat was the juice that came out.

Now be a good boy and don't try perving at us again or you'll really be sorry! And Caitlyn is hotter than me too!" And with that I walked out, closing the door behind me on his shocked expression and aching dick. Thanks for the great feedback and encouragement. Next part coming in a few days.