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Angelika - Like an angel Truda - Fighting woman Varick - Protecting Ruler Harman - Man of the army Alan sighed, it had been a week so far and still no one was getting where he wanted them to be. Appearing near the training area he watched as Madde and Angelika were flying fantastic bang for a nerdy gal hardcore and blowjob the road into the woods.

Shaking his head he'd thought that most of them would be starting to get a handle on this by now. Rounding a corner, he saw that both Varick and Harman were upset at the two women they had just blasted across the road. "Are you actually teaching them or trying to kill them?" Alan asked as he watched the two women reappear beside him. Harman stood up straight pointing a finger at Alan. "You really left us not much choice.

After your demonstration we have been trying to perfect what you showed us. I am still having trouble attuning to exactly what you hit me with!" "You need me to hit you again eh?

Are you a glutton for punishment?" Alan asked as Harman was nodding with a huge smile on his face. Sighing Alan told him, "Alright make your defense again." Alan waited as he saw Harman concentrate then his eyes opened and he nodded. Sighing again Alan released a blue ball of energy watching as it stopped within a foot of Harman. With a huge smile Harman held it, well for almost twenty seconds then flew across the road to just inside the wooded area.

Nodding Alan waited for Harman to come back. "Hell yeah! Wait! Was that the same strength as before? That was easier to hold though as I said before I felt it start to eat its way through after 15 seconds." Harman asked. "You seem to be finally increasing.

I need to test all concerned again," then he turned to his mother and Madde. "Are you two feeling strong enough to be tested?

I can wait on the both of you if you like." "I think we will be fine," Madde said as she looked at Angelika. "Though if you took the both of us last I think it might give us a few moments to rest up." "Alright," Alan said as he concentrated and called the rest of the two groups.

The last to appear was Aldrich, an unhappy look on his face. "I am still considering it Aldrich, though these types of moods might convince me otherwise." "I thought you could do something in my mind, to prevent me from doing what it is you are afraid I might do." Aldrich replied. Sighing Alan nodded, "I can but I have to have the permission of the one I do this to. If there is any resistance then the mind of the one I 'adjust' could be seriously damaged.

Though there aren't many I want to do that to, I still don't enjoy destroying a part of a mind. I can feel your resistance Aldrich, 'til you are ready I cannot risk it." Turning back to the group of people before him Alan nodded to all seven of them.

"I am sorry I haven't been able to help all of you with this training. I am still at an impasse finding the doctor though I am starting to narrow it down. We all know he is here in Germany. We all know he isn't in the southern section where we are.

Of the 357,168 sq km of total area (137,903 sq miles), I know that he isn't within 267,766.5 sq km (103,385.3 sq miles)." "That's about one quarter of Germany!

You mean to tell me you have searched three quarters of Germany these last seven days?" Truda asked an incredulous look on her face. Nodding slowly Alan told them, "I am afraid that I still haven't found him as of yet. He appears to have a hiding type of field of his own. Though it does appear that he is on the Berlin side of the Elbe river." Nodding Emory said, "Berlin, yes as I remember he was in love with that city, though he had no wish to be there long.

If I remember right he had a large dwelling 100 kilometers to the north of Berlin. It might help if you were to start there." Pausing Alan smiled, "Anything else you can think of Uncle will help. I called all of you here to test you again. Obviously I wasn't thorough enough the first time. Plus I never tested Emory or Varick, I thought that both of them being as strong as they were wouldn't need it.

I guess I was wrong. As I just showed Harman it appears that no one has gotten the energy wave length yet. Emory I'd like to start with you.? Emory nodded as he stepped away from the group.

Firing a blue bolt Alan smiled as Emory held it for twenty-five seconds before he was pushed backwards to the other side of the road. A moment later he appeared a broad smile on his face.

"Well, that was exhilarating!" Nodding Varick walked to his brother as they traded place. When Varick nodded Alan released another blue bolt.

Alan's smile got even bigger when Varick held the blast for thirty seconds! This was hopeful as he hadn't thought any of them had progressed this far. Even as Varick flew towards the road Alan could see that it was only about half power. "I see what you mean about it eating away at the defense Harman." Turning toward Alan Varick said, "I also see what you mean about we weren't using the right wave length. As it is now the Brazzers monique alexander monique keeps it fresh could have easily over powered all of us." "Alright, Aldrich?" Alan called as the young man stepped up.

Nodding he was ready, Alan released another bolt at the young man. Unlike the last time Aldrich actually held the blast past ten, then fifteen seconds. Finally at nineteen it got through and the man was flying through the air into the woods. Appearing a few moments later with a smile the young man thanked Alan.

Truda smiled hugely, "I hope you are as surprised at my effort Alan." Taking her place she concentrated then nodded she was ready. Alan released a fifth bolt that headed toward Truda, struck her defenses, then veered off away from her. Well most of a teen gets fucked for future promise, what was left struck her knocking her down and back.

Alan's smile was even larger than before, "Finally, one of you has figured out how to divert it!" Shaking his head he stared at Truda. "I'd still say that you have the strongest defense against him Truda. I thought that none of you would get this. Very well done!" "Thank you, I thought of it a few days ago.

I remember you doing something like that earlier when it was just us five training. I thought it might work on any energy so, I have been working on it." Truda said with a proud look. Alan nodded then looked to Madde and his mother. "Whichever of you are ready." Madde looked at Angelika and nodded stepping forward. Nodding to Alan he released another blue bolt, stopping a foot from her he was pleasantly surprised when most of it reversed back toward him!

Raising his hand the bolt turned at a ninety degree angle shooting skyward. Madde was propelled backwards across the road. Appearing beside Alan she asked, "Was that alright? We both saw what Truda was doing and thought to expand upon it. I can see now what you meant about the energy, yours eats away at one's defenses. I am afraid that's why I was only able to deflect part of it." "That was excellent!

Either way is good, yours deflecting or diverting works. Mother your next." Alan told Angelika. Taking her place Alan released a seventh bolt after she nodded she was ready. As with the others it stopped a foot before her though this time most of it was deflected back towards him. Angelika was knocked down with a smile on her face. With an even broader smile Alan raised a hand stopping the bolt. Then just as suddenly it fizzled out! "Now that is a damn good trick!" Angelika said as she got off the ground.

Alan nodded at all of them. "Once you are strong enough being attuned to the energy wave length, you can actually cancel it out.

Though I am afraid that none of you are that strong yet. All of you are showing a hell of a lot more improvement than I had at first thought. Some of you even more, you may not be there yet but your potential is very encouraging." Alan stopped short when he saw that Emory had suddenly stopped and was stock still. Extremely horny petite teen bitch lola fae 1st double penetration thought a moment then started to curse.

That bolt that he'd sent straight up was a damn marker that the Doctor could easily follow! "It is the Doctor's probe again. It feels a hell of a lot stronger than it was before.

I don't think the hiding field is going to stop it!" Emory was saying. Pissed, Alan winked out appearing at the south end of the town of Krippen.

Alan fired a massive blue bolt north toward Berlin. A moment later he felt the probing energy disappear, then a mental scream from the Doctor. <You bastard! So you have mastered the blue waves!

but can you defeat.> Came the Doctor's thoughts even as Alan was releasing another blue bolt. Again there was a scream of mental anguish. <This isn't over, bastard!> Just as suddenly the Doctor was gone as Alan tried to follow him as fast as he could. This time there was far less territory to cover as the Doctor retreated.

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Finally the Doctor lost Alan near Berlin but not before Alan had eliminated everything south of Berlin to the Elbe. Sex xxx sixy storys english he felt he was a lot closer than ever before.

Alan opened up still feeling a fading trace of the Doctor. As quickly as he could he scanned straight north of Berlin.

A few moments later the trace was gone but Alan was smiling. The further straight north of Berlin he went the stronger the feeling of the Doctor he got. Appearing back at the village Alan had a huge smile etched on his face. "Damn it Alan!" Angelika said as she threw her arms around Alan. "You can't keep doing this! You had both Truda k tinyk pretty teen rachel james spreads her tiny pussy I worried to death!" Truda walked up and actually punched Alan in the arm.

"OW! Damn it Truda why in the hell did you do that!?" Alan almost shouted. "THAT!" Truda said with an angry look on her face, "was for worrying the hell out of my best friend!" Throwing her arms around Alan also, Alan could swear that both of them were crying! Then as they both withdrew saw that they both had in fact been crying!

Truda and Angelika held on to Alan as Angelika kissed him. Truda then gave him a long lingering kiss that seemed to go on forever. "You are far more important than you think Alan." Angelika whispered in his ear. "Yes," Truda was saying in his other ear. "I'd hate to have to bring you back just so I could kick your ass!" Alan could only stare at them both as they released him and walked away. Shaking his head he turned to look at Harman and Varick.

Both of whom threw their hands up in surrender with huge smiles on their faces. Wait?! Harman was smiling? Alright what in the hell was going on?

"You really worried them Alan," Alan heard the soft voice of Madde. "From the moment you vanished neither of them could feel you. Angelika was beside herself with worry. You really don't know how lucky you are Alan. I lost my mother not long after I was born." Sighing Madde went on her voice breaking a bit.

"Father could never remarry, he said it was far too painful after she died. I. I think he blamed himself." Alan looked at Madde in shock because of the personal things she was telling him. "I'm sorry Madde, really I am. I was raised with no one, in and out of orphanages, different homes that didn't want me, just the money involved. I was beaten, many, many times. So bad that finally I was comatose when the state inspector came." Alan looked up black guy mature girl xxx story Madde seeing that she was distressed not unlike his mother had been when he told her.

"I hope that you finally went back and paid that son of a bitch back many times over!" "No, if there is one thing Mother and the others have taught me is that if I can't do things like that. If I did then I would be no better.

No, I won't kill unless I have no choice." Alan explained to her. "That's another reason I tried to discourage losing it to your emotions. Once you are there it's very, very difficult to stop." "So what happened after the inspector came?" Madde asked him. "They tried to hide me but the inspector was far smarter than that. When he found me, I swore that the man was going to be sick.

I was taken out and placed in protective custody at the hospital for almost a month. Finally I was placed with a loving family.

They gave me love and a haven. Though I am afraid it was too late, I was quiet and withdrawn." Alan told her.

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"Don't you see? Both you and Angelika were robbed of the chance to know each other as you were growing up." Here she lowered he head and whispered. "Much like father, your mother and our Uncle were.

Make the most of it, at least now she is here, you are here. You have a family, a real family. My god Alan you've sanilyn xxx storys sex stories foll given a second chance! All of you have!" Madde explained to him. "I hadn't really thought of it like that." Thinking in silence for a few minutes Alan looked up to respond and found he was all alone!

Well shit he thought as he left to find the others. Reaching out he felt for his mother he had to talk to her again as there were things he had to get off his chest. That and he still had to work on their memories more. Rounding a corner all seven of them were there deep in discussion.

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"Alan, we were just discussing the Doctor." Emory told him. "I don't think he will be bothering us for a bit." Alan told them. Then he launched into what had taken place when he'd vanished the last time. japanese step mom sleep and boy sex xhamter best heard him groan and scream so I am fairly certain that I hurt him.

That and the fact he called me a bastard sounding extremely pissed off at me." "You may have hurt him but I am afraid he will be back soon. Remember Angelika hurt him when we first met and he was after us a week later." Varick relayed. "I am afraid it might even cause him to accelerate his plans, whatever twisted and devious intents they are." Alan nodded, "I have to accelerate my search for him.

I think it would be far better to attack him than for him to attack us. I also need to look at all of you again. It's been a week since I did any strengthening of you or measuring of your resistance.

Though I need to talk to mother and Truda again before I start, I do believe I also owe you both an apology." Both Angelika and Truda had astonished looks on their faces. Both were stunned to silence as they nodded their agreement of his statement. Motioning to them all three walked away from the group. "Alright what is this about?" Truda started staring at Alan. "I am sorry that I worried the both of you.

I have been so consumed trying to find the Doctor that, I forgot that I was also alienating all of you. For that I am sorry. I also haven't been there to help all of your training.

That changes today, I might be the strongest with the power but I am a human also. I hadn't realized that I missed all of you as badly as I did 'til a certain cousin pointed it out. Hang on a sec." Alan said as he stared at the others a ways off. Madde was in the middle of the others when she started to breathe heavy. Turning she stared straight at Alan as a feeling started to build from deep within her vagina. Then it started to wash all over her as she fell to her knees her body starting to twitch.

Aldrich, worried started to reach for his mother but was stopped by Harman. "I wouldn't unless you want to be a few miles away, beat the hell up." "What is wrong with her?" A boobs pressed while sleeping sister worried Aldrich asked. "Wrong? Nothing is wrong but believe me, if you try to touch her she will respond most violently!" Harman told the young man with a smile.

Still staring at Alan, Madde's body started to convulse more as her panting increased. "Oh my god!" She finally said.

"Don't stop! Don't you dare stop!" Finally twitching and convulsing at an increased rate she screamed out her pleasure. Looking at Alan she mouthed thank you, then passed out! "Now as I was saying." Alan started. "What was that for?" Angelika asked.

"A reward." Alan said nonchalantly. "A reward? Looked a lot like torture!" Angelika said. "Ha! I don't think so. Having experienced it a few times I can honestly tell you THAT was no torture!" Truda said with a smirk as she informed her friend.

Sighing Angelika nodded, "I'm sorry the both of you, it has been far too long. What few memories I have I can't remember ever experiencing anything like that." Truda suddenly got a wicked wry smile on her face as she looked at Alan whose eyes flew wide then he nodded. Turning to Angelika, Truda started to smile when Angelika's eyes flew wide. Falling to her knees she started to pant as a tingling feeling was starting to spread from her vagina.

An even more astonished look came over Angelika when she found that she wasn't able to form a truly coherent thought! Panting harder she found that the feeling was spreading further and further throughout her body.

Suddenly her body was convulsing much like she had seen Madde's do. Then the most wonderful feeling was flowing through her, filling her to the point her senses were heightened. Screaming out through her pleasure she stared at Truda and Alan then laid back. Still panting Angelika had to wait a few minutes before her body and tall gorgeous hottie disrobes in a cute way were making sense. Smiling Truda leaned down and whispered, "See?

I told you it wasn't torture. Well not really anyway!" Angelika could only nod, this it seemed was the first time she'd ever experienced this. No wonder Truda hadn't wanted anyone to touch her! "I thank you I think, Truda. Please don't do that again." Looking at Alan she whispered back. "I think I want to experience the real thing. I." Suddenly Angelika's eyes went wide as new harsher memories started to flood her mind. "NO! You bastard! NO! Don't you dare!" Alan's eyes went wide as he dove into Angelika's mind.

Not nearly as far as he'd had to go before, he found a younger Angelika terrified in a corner of her mind. Tears were streaming from her eyes.

Alan could only watch as an extremely older version of the Doctor was laughing at Angelika. <He is mine! When he is old enough I will take the body from him! Then I will have created the perfect human!> Reaching out the Doctor touched Angelika.

<Sleep and forget you little breeding cow! You will never be a threat to me again. Not as long as I have him!> <He is my baby!

Give him.> Angelika was shouting trying to rise from the operating table. <NO! He is mine! You were just the breeding tank for him!

You are the most worthless of the four that survived. I'd kill you now but I will need your body again in a few years! Sleep and forget. You are nothing, the sooner you realize it the better!

He was made from my DNA alone not yours. He was grown in you and no more. Forget him you bitch, then later I can use your body again for another.> With a scream Angelika started to spin downward as the visions of her son vanished. Snarling Alan touched the Doctor's visage. <Hello you bastard. Remember me? As I told you get used to disappointment!> Turning slowly the Doctor's visage mouth was hanging open. Looking at the baby his shock became more apparent. <NO! I planted control in you!

You should be mine.> Alan smiled at the visage. <I was far stronger than you are even as a baby. You planted nothing in me! Oh, but I did in you!> Laughing Alan watched as the visage started to cringe then scream.

<After you are dead she will always remember this. I think it will finally free her enough to help destroy you!> Alan watched as Angelika appeared next to him. <Ah! Here she is now! Good by ass hole!> With that they both fired at the visage as it screamed and was gone.

<Thank you my son, though I only carried you I still felt you were mine. I bonded with you in a way that hideous freak of nature would never understand.>Alan could only nod as both of them ascended right before he was to disappear Angelika turned to him.

<I have always loved you my son, my friend. I am so sorry that you really aren't my biological son. Though you still feel like it.> Alan was speechless! Here he'd school girl sex stories sexi vi that she'd not want anything more to do with him now that the truth was revealed. Before he could say a word his eyes snapped open.

Truda was sitting on the ground beside Angelika huge tears falling from her erotic love tunnel poundings pornstar and hardcore, Shaking her head she hugged Angelika then came over to Alan hugging him also. Leaning down she said, "I think that the two of you have much to discuss." Kissing him Truda retreated to the others.

Varick was about to ask Alan what was going on when Truda whispered in his then her brother's ears. Both nodded hanging their heads and moved off with her. Groaning Angelika sat up looking around. Everything came flooding back as fresh tears left her eyes. "I don't understand Alan. You told me when we were alone outside the city of the assistant that you had looked at our DNA.

I remember you telling me that there was a 95.375% probability that we are related. How could you have been wrong?" Angelika asked. Alan thought over everything that they all had experienced.

Every conversation, every battle, everything that the Doctor and the now dead assistant had said. Nothing about what the Doctor had said in her mind was really making sense. Going back through his mind Alan started to reexamine the DNA readings that he'd done on both of them. He really wished he had a sample of the Doctor's DNA to do a comparison then he could know for sure.

Then a thought hit him. "I need to do a few things before I can truthfully answer that." Alan told Angelika. Walking to Emory, Alan asked if he remembered where the bunker was that his siblings and the others were held in. Emory nodded saying it was west of Krackow near the Polish border. Thanking him Alan flashed out appearing near a huge mound of dirt. Reaching out Alan searched for what was left of the old bunker. To his surprise he found it easily on the other side of the mound of dirt.

Appearing in the chamber that he'd only seen in their minds Alan stopped short. So much pain, death and torture had happened here. Ahead him he saw a long hallway that led to several doorways. Walking forward he hoped he could find something of the Doctor's that might still have his DNA on it. Entering several of the rooms he saw a multitude of skeletons fused to the walls and the floor.

The closer to the last room he got the less of them he saw. 'Til the last of the three rooms, there were nothing but burned marks on the walls and floors.

Entering the last room Alan stopped as he saw it was the room that they all had been in. There was what was left of the canister that he'd made explode. Shaking his head, it appeared the place had been abandoned right after the explosion.

Searching this last room he began to find a few a few hairs. Running his hand over them he began to see the others. Closer to the door he found a few that matched the assistant.

Then he found a few that he could only assume were the Doctor's. Nodding Alan had been running DNA comparisons the whole time he'd been here.

As soon as he did on the one he assumed was germanic kuwatian girls faking ass Doctor he grimaced. The DNA he found had markers that matched his own, as did Angelika's! So Alan thought the son of a bitch had lied, at least to a point.

Shaking his head he was about to wink out when he felt a presence. <So you know the truth.> Came the Doctor's thoughts. <Here I thought no one would ever discover. You are exceedingly brilliant son.

Though I don't think you understand the sacrifices I made in creating you.> <Sacrifices!?> Alan fired back. <You took my mother for your perverse pleasure! I see no sacrifice!> <What? I never mated with her! I created you from that bitch's DNA. I would never sully myself in such a way. No, you are my ultimate creation, one that I still mean to use!> The Doctor said as he tried to enter Alan's mind. Alan smiled building his defense higher, <I don't think so!> Alan said as the Doctor screamed, withdrawing.

<I am not the weak little child you tried to control so long ago!> Pushing harder the doctor screamed more as he withdrew. Alan followed the doctor as he retreated south of where they were. Again losing him after only a few minutes.

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Cursing Alan appeared back in the village. Angelika whirled to stare at him when he called, "I'm back mother!"