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Foxy teenage babe rides a fat pole blonde and cream
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Thud. Thud.

Thud. This was the only sound I heard as my shoes met asphalt. It was morning, about 5 AM to be exact. Two weeks had passed since my encounter with Blaine's father.

I turned a cold shoulder to the world after that. I had not had my phone on since it happened, I avidly avoided Austin at all costs. It hurt me to turn away someone that was so willing to drop everything for me. My grades and polo were better than anything, those were the only things I gave my attention to. I had not said one word to Blaine since I saw Aimes and him together, not one. I rounded the corner and continued forward faster.

This was all I really did, run. Ever since that night I did not know what else to do. I was ashamed I let that happen to me, absolutely ashamed. There was hope, however. The mome and son first time after it occurred I took the tissue to my friend in the science lab.

He had amazing access to the labs at school, he was somewhat of science prodigy. He never asked questions. He did whatever he had to do to prove the DNA belonged to Mr. Thomas and even stored the sample away to be accessed later if it came to it. That paper was locked away no one would ever guess. I was waiting for my plan of action. Blaine's father still had no idea that I had evidence, no idea at all. I rounded a corner and came to a halt.

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I knew what I had to do. I turned around and ran straight towards Greek Row. I didn't stop until I was on the landing of Austin's fraternity. I gulped in a lot of air and opened the door. Unlocked, surprise, the fraternity had some huge rager the night before. I walked over passed out people, through the living room with naked bodies collapsed on top of each other, and past bathrooms of girls stooped over the toilet.

I quietly made my way up the stairs and down the hall to Austin's room. It was still very quiet and early. I slowly turned the knob and made my way into the room. I was surprised to see Austin laying in his bed alone.

He must've really meant what he said about waiting for me. I closed the door behind me and slowly made my way to the bed. God he looked so damn cute. I brushed his brown messy hair out of his eyes and he slowly opened his groggy eyes. His piercing green eyes looked into mine, and a smile crept across his face.

"I knew you'd come back, they always do". I couldn't help but smile. Of all the things he could say, all the vile profanities he could spit out, he uses a cocky line. That's how I knew he was never mad at me. "I threw a lot on you, I knew you couldn't handle it" he said.

Crash. Everything came down in that one line. He knew it. This perfect guy was blaming himself. It was not his fault though. It was all mine. "It was not anything you did Austin, nothing at all" I couldn't bring myself to tell him what happened. "Don't worry about it Jer" he said.

That's when he did what I had been wanting the past few weeks, he reached up and pulled me into him. I fell asleep. When I woke up he was still there, the way I left him. He brushed my hair away from my forehead and kissed my forehead. It was a long kiss, he kept his lips pressed to my head and took sharp breaths through his nose.

"I missed you" he said. I couldn't take this anymore. He was too damn good and I was nothing. I got up and headed to the shower, turned it on, and got under. It was freezing, but I didn't care. The water hitting my naked body felt amazing. Then it got warmer. I looked up to see Austin there, naked and all, with his muscles flexing at every intake of breath, and his dick swinging there.

He got in and sat on the shower floor with me. He pulled me in and that's when it happened. As I let my last breath out it shuddered, and I began to sob. Tears flowed relentlessly down my face. I felt childish, but the best thing was, he sat there, not saying a word, he just kept pulling me in tighter.

When they finally subsided I whispered, "I need to go to New York. To Blaine's house. I need to speak with his he finds her masturbating and offers his help. "Ok" he said. I looked up to him and kissed him. "You know I will do anything for you right?" he asked. "I know" I replied. It was only an hour or so drive to New York from where the college was, and Austin made no hesitation getting me there.

There wasn't any class today either. The ride was pretty quiet. I didn't necessarily understand the dynamic that was going on at the moment, but it was being caused by me so I didn't say anything. Before I knew it the gate to Blaine's house was just outside the windshield. The driveway behind it was very impressive, leading to a grand house.

It was huge and seemed too big to house a mother, father, and child. The gate milf taxi driver seducing young guy in her fake taxi, Austin must have known the code, and the car began its ascent of the driveway. Austin parked right in front of the steps that led to the door, and got out and opened my door for me. I was nervous, very nervous. I slowly got out of the car and made my way up the steps.

The house reminded me of the one in The Great Gatsby, it was on the harbor and all. Classy Folks. The door was opened by what I assumed to be there butler, and he ushered us inside. "Mister Thomas is in the study, and Mrs. Thomas is bath mom caught watching son in the parlor.

Mister Thomas has asked not to be disturbed and I ask you respect that" he then left us standing in the grand foyer. I was baffled. "Austin, by any chance, do you recall where the study is?" Austin led me on what seemed like a mile walk to the study.

The two oak doors were shut and Austin stayed in the hallway while I snuck in and shut the door behind me. The room was filled with books, and had rows of shelves.

I made my way down until I came to a reading area. The room was dark because the shades were drawn. I then saw who I had been looking for. In a desk adjacent to a wall was Mr. Thomas, stark naked, in his large leather chair, stroking his insanely huge cock. On the huge computer screen was a scrawny kid pushed down on the floor and a huge muscular guy with a monstrous cock swinging in front of the kids face.

He forced it in the kids mouth and held his cheeks open while he face fucked him. He then kept the kid pinned down and moved around and plunged his huge cock into the scrawny boys ass. The kids squeal gave Mr. Thomas a rush of excitement and he began to stroke furiously. "You do seem to like force don't you Mr. Thomas" this gave him quite a start and I could've sworn he could hit the high ceiling with the jump he gave.

After he calmed down he turned his chair toward me and said "Climb on Jeremy, I've been thinking about you". I slowly walked over and came to a halt in front of him. I started to reach for my pants like I was going to take them off, but instead made a dive with my hand for his balls which were laying on the chair.

I grabbed them and gave them a twist. He yelped in pain and was mine. "Remember wh-who is in control here Jeremy" he stammered. "Me" I said. "HA" he said.

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"No really Mr. Thomas. I have a DNA sample from the cum you left in me, the date it was released, and I even, thanks to technology, have who it came from and the type of sample it was.

I have hard proof you raped me. And funny thing Mr. Thomas, I'm not yet 18" with this his whole demeanor changed. His face went stark white and his penis quickly began to deflate. "What do you want" he said hoarsely. "I want you to leave sn xxxx hf earch some porn alone and when I want something you give it to me" I said. "Wouldn't want the empire you've built come crashing down around you right?" I said.

I left him there shivering. When I came out Austin was sitting on a plush love seat in the hall. "Done?" "Yea". We left the house and got in his car. Instead of going back to school we crossed the street and went into the gate of another house.

It was smaller than the one before, but still monstrous. "Welcome to my home" he said. "Are your parents home?" "Probably not. My parents work in the company during the day, and are having a white party tonight. No help either, my parents don't believe in hiring others to do their personal work" he said. I liked them already. When he parked the car and began to open his door, I reached across his lap and grabbed the handle and shut it.

With the wave of triumph I had had with Mr. Thomas, I was suddenly horny. Insanely horny actually. I unbuckled my seat carolina sweets lily rader in girls night and moved on top of his lap. I began to kiss him furiously. Almost instantly I felt his dick harden under me. I was already rock solid. I pulled my shirt over my head and, with some difficulty, took off the mesh shorts that I still hadn't changed out of from this morning.

When I was naked I pulled his shirt over his head and felt his body while I continued to kiss him. I clumsily undid his pants pulled them down just enough so his cock sprung out. This was all difficulty because we were in the driver's seat, but we pulled it off. I spit into my hand and rubbed it on my ass, then without even thinking I plunged my ass down on his cock, it slid into my ass and I let out a little scream. It had been awhile and I had tightened up.

He loved it though. I was still so horny and began to vigorously bounce up and down on his cock. We were both moaning and began to get sweaty. He began to meet my bounces with thrusts.

He was hitting me in just the right place, and the feeling of ecstasy made its way throughout my body. I began to dig my nails into his chest and he began to bite my neck.

"FUCK" I yelled. He was grunting and groaning like crazy. He opened his car door and somehow, it still is a mystery to me, held sex xxx storys ptl fgr com me and got out, made his way up the steps and into the house, walked into the kitchen, and let my back rest onto the granite countertop in the kitchen.

That when he really began to pound me. HE leaned forward so his rock hard body was on top of my stomach and shoved his tongue down my throat as he thrusted in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his torso, pulling his cock deeper into me. He thrusted and thrusted and with one final push, began to cum profusely into me.

HE bit my neck hard as he released his huge load into me. We lay there panting and our bodies were slick with sweat. He passionately kissed me and climbed out of me.

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I was still horny and had not came in weeks. I looked out the window and saw a huge pool and an interesting looking hole on the far side of the pool. "Let's go swimming" I said. We ran outside and jumped into the pool. I felt the cum seep out of me as I swam to the other side of the pool. The hole I saw was surrounded by rocks, and a water fall poured over the hole. I passed under and swam into what seemed like some sort of cave, I continued to swim until my feet met some steps. I climbed them until I was met by hot water.

There was a Jacuzzi in this grotto. I was amazed. I climbed in and waited for my partner to join. When he climbed in I devishly smiled and said "Your turn" he smiled and nodded. He stooped over the side of a rock and gave me easy access. "Jeremy be gentle, I always do the fucking and have never been fucked before, and your cock is so much bigger than mine" hot orall service from skinny japanese hardcore and blowjob said.

It was almost comical. "Ok babe" I said. I began to finger his hairless asshole. I got it wet by licking up and down and shoving my tongue in and out. He was moaning and enjoying every second of it. "FUCK ME" he yelled. I happily obliged. I centered my cock at his asshole and ease my way in. "Just shove it in" he said.

I did. He yelped. "FUCK ME NOW". I began to pound his ass and he met my thrusts with his hips. "Kiss me" he said. I leaned forward and kissed him. I was in ecstasy. I hadn't done anything sexual in the past two weeks and my penis was enjoying this. I pounded him hard and fast, going in and out, in and out. I felt my orgasm coming. It caught me off guard when my cum speed out. It was amazing. I felt like it would never end. Eventually it did, and I mindlessly continued fucking him until my dick went soft.

I climbed out of him and fell back into the Jacuzzi, too weak to move. He grabbed me and led my over the a seat in the Jacuzzi.

HE set me on his lap and kissed me. "Wow" he said.