Tiny yo amateur gagging on huge dong

Tiny yo amateur gagging on huge dong
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Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 Revised and re-edited 2019 All rights reserved by the tcs1963. As always edited by my friend takemedown. This story is a work of fiction and contains deions of explicit sexual acts, Incest, Bdsm, Ddlg, and Lesbianism. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, Please leave now. If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful then please leave now.

If you enjoy my story or if it evokes a sexual feeling or urge of any kind, please comment or rate. (((((((((((((The End of Pt. 3))))))))))))))) Morgan found out about her Daddy's sexual relationship with her schoolmate, Mary, and how he enjoys calling her Morgan, imagining she is his daughter.

Now, the real Morgan has joined them. Tom and Morgan Growing Together Pt.4 Daddy/daughter Story.

My Daddy's cock suprised me when it fell across my lips. The weight alone was intimidating. Then I realized he wasn't even erect, and I became a little apprehensive. It wasn't that it was my Daddy's penis, it was the size of it as compared to my tiny pussy.

I wasn't used to that size of man-meat. The heat alone warmed my lips, and then my tongue snaked out and his manly taste was down-right addictive. I couldn't control myself, my tongue was searching for every inch of his gorgeous and tasty mature cock. Something that I had wanted since the first time I touch him, was now laying across my mouth. Its size made me question my decision, but I was too far gone now.

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Then the tip of my tongue swiped a drop of precum from the head, and I knew I had to have more. My fear diminished, and I became my own flesh and blood Daddy's cockwhore. My mouth watered and my tongue slid across every inch sex stories desi village bhabhi sex I could reach. Then I realized it wasn't just his cock flavor I was tasting. Snapping back to reality I remembered that my Daddy's cock had just exited Mary's ass.

I was not just tasting my Daddy's cock, it was Mary's freshly fucked ass too. My tongue continued sliding along his shaft and her taste became more predominant. Not grossing me out but making me slowly start wiggling it around searching for more of their flavor. I could hear my Daddy calling me "a good girl" and coaxing me on to further explore his cock with my mouth. The whole time my cunny was being assaulted by the magic wand and my juices spilled out of me and down my ass crack, making a large wet spot on the sheets.

While my oral assault continued, I saw him point at his ass and Mary quickly knelt behind him using her hands to spread his cheeks as her mouth went to work on his asshole. I could tell each time her tongue slid deep into Daddy because a guttural moan followed by a growl came from between his lips, and his cock stiffened against my tongue.

The wand was pushing me closer and closer to orgasm and Daddy realized it because of my moans and body movements. My hips were lifting off the mattress trying to make the wand touch me more.

Daddy whispered in a voice that was more of a command than a request, that I was not allowed to cum yet. Making it perfectly clear that his pleasure would come first. My body tensed up as I tried to contain the flow of my orgasm. My jaw straining to open wide enough so that the head of Daddy's cock could slip into my mouth.

Pushing deeper with each stroke, He was literally fucking my mouth I lay there straining to accommodate his size. While my cunny was so sensitive I could scream. Remembering her tongue in my cunt, I knew Mary's tongue was doing its job raping Daddy's ass, sliding in and out My mouth started getting sore as he used me as his cock receptacle.

I couldn't imagine having to service this monster prick every day. Daddy's trembling jim bf xxx big booms me that he was getting closer to cumming.

He grabbed the wand and held it tighter to my clit. Vibrating me into a sexual Frenzy. My tongue sliding faster and more frantic. I could taste his precum leaking more steadily from the head of his cock. The taste driving me wild with wanton lust. He became more deliberate with the massager on my clit.

Almost painful but not enough for me to ask him to stop. My lips suckled his cock aggressively, willing him to feed me his cum.

My cunny becoming so sensitive and in a constant orgasmic state, fluid leaking everywhere. Mary making loud sucking noises as her tongue continually assaulted my Daddy's ass.

I couldn't help wondering how wonderful that must feel. Thinking to myself, hope I can get a rimming from her someday. My cheeks were sunken in and my eyes looking up at Daddy. I watched as Mary squeezed and kneaded my Daddy's balls. Both of us working in unison to milk his cock. You could hear his grunts and growls of pleasure coming from above us.

Daddy enjoyed using both of us like whores, and we relished in allowing him to do it. Shit to be perfectly honest I think we both loved it. Daddy was certainly a happy man. As I swallowed his cock the wand was making my sloppy wet pussy very happy. The vibrations from the wand were literally shaking my insides, and my swollen clitoris was feeling rather battered.

I felt the wetness from my cunt run down between my ass cheeks and pooling all around my ass. I watched Daddy look down and stare at my little cunny gushing pussy juice out like a fountain.

I've never cum so hard in my life and I've never felt that much intense pleasure. Daddy was working his cock all the way to the back of my throat making me gag. Then he suddenly stopped and pulled out leaving the head settled on my tongue. That's when I realized he was getting close to cumming. Just seconds after my pussy squirted, I tasted his thick warm cum shooting in my mouth.

His cum was salty and pungent, with a sweet taste. I knew right then that I wanted more. He slowly pulled his cock from japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub mouth.

My cheeks puffed out and full of his cum. Mary eased alexis fawx who can squirt and you could see her face moist and slightly blushed from the tongue work she had done on Daddy's ass. As they both were stared at me, my legs were trembling as they hung bound.

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Perspiration all over my body and I was trying to catch my breath. My lips were swollen and covered in my Daddy's cum. I opened wide to show them how his load was coating throughout.

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I swallowed twice to consume all of Daddy's load. Which was delicious might I add? Daddy reached down and gave a playful slap to my pussy, then telling both of us what good girls we had been. Leaving both of us with big old shit-eating grins.

Daddy and Mary both set about releasing my bindings. I felt grateful because my arms and legs were getting a little stiff. Finally free, I jumped up kissing my Daddy right on the mouth. My cum covered lips sliding against his. This wasn't a daughter kissing her Daddy kiss this was a sexual kiss with lots of tongues involved.

Daddy looked at me and Mary and said, "You two little ones are a complete mess. Why don't you both jump into the playroom shower and I'll go inside to my own shower? I'll meet you, Miss Morgan for a nice Daddy/daughter chat in a few." The End. of Pt. 4