Mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories

Mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories
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Kimi gazed at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She had just stepped out of the shower a few minutes before, and had blow-dried her long, black hair. She was tiny and slim, barely five feet tall, on tiptoe. Her features were strongly Japanese, favoring her father rather than her Caucasian mother, with high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. Her eyes took in her smallish, 34b breasts and her tiny brown nipples that were constantly betraying her by showing through her clothing.

She weighed 95 pounds, and her tummy was still as flat as when she was in high school. She had carefully shaved the hair between her legs, feeling it was somehow appropriate for this evening. The thin gold chain around her waist and her gold clit ring added a suggestion of exoticism. She turned to the side, checking out her cute butt, which she considered by far her best feature. "I can do this," she whispered to herself, building her courage for what she had decided to do.

She walked to her dresser and slid on some bikini panties, a pair of tight, low-rider jeans and a tee-shirt. She wore no bra. Walking into the living room, she saw with distaste that her husband Eric had fallen asleep in the recliner. It was his Monday night ritual -- the football game he had been watching busty blonde luna star gets slippery pussy hammered in bathtub still on. Kimi and Eric had been married for two years.

He was nice to her, made a good income, and he was handsome and intelligent. But there was something missing, something that created a growing hollow within Kimi. He had become&hellip.boring. Especially sexually. When she had met him in college five years earlier, they had nearly fucked themselves to death, both willing to do almost anything to fulfill each other's fantasies. But somehow, the spark had gone out, despite her best efforts to arouse him.

She couldn't believe that he had become so insensitive to what he knew she possessed: a powerful and almost insatiable need for sex.

Finally, Kimi had come to a decision. If Eric would not meet her needs, she would meet them some other way. Tonight was to be the beginning of her sexual odyssey.

"Eric…" she said, nudging him awake. His eyes opened and he looked up at her groggily. "Wha&hellip.?" "Eric, I have to go to the college library to do some research in the periodical files. For my paper. I'll be there pretty late, so don't wait up." A part-time graduate student, Kimi was doing research on education theory. "Okay, darling. Be careful," said her husband, his head falling back again. Kimi smiled inwardly at the irony of his comment. Careful was the one thing she could not and would not be tonight.

Kimi walked to the elevator of their high-rise condominium complex, and rode down to the parking garage. Getting into her Acura sedan, she reached into the back seat and retrieved a gym bag she had left there earlier in the day.

Looking around to make sure no one saw her, she stripped off her top, then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off, untangling her feet.

Quickly, she began putting on the clothes from the gym bag: A tight, black, spandex miniskirt that barely covered her pert ass, a short, sequined, low-cut, spaghetti-strap top that bared her tummy.

Clear, high-heeled platform sandals completed the outfit, which Kimi had been referring to in her mind as her "fuck-me suit". She quickly applied eye liner and lip gloss, using the vanity mirror on the visor. Satisfied that she looked sufficiently slutty, Kimi started the car and drove through the city streets to the Tenderloin, finding a fortuitous parking space on O'Farrell Street and sliding the car into it. She paused for a few minutes, gathering her courage. Part of her couldn't believe that she was capable of taking this kind of insane risk.

And yet, the thought of what she planned excited her, and caused her to feel a familiar warm wetness between her legs. Because what Kimi had in mind was to become a hooker, a streetwalker, a whore.

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It was just for this one night, she told herself…or at least, she had refused to let herself think beyond tonight. Finally, she took a deep breath, and got out of the car. Walking slowly toward Larkin Street, she turned the corner and walked past the New Century Theater, where the marquee and displays in the windows screamed to her of naked girls, private shows, and XXX-rated movies. She was almost tempted to go in, to see what it was like, but she felt she should stick with her plan for the evening.

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Perhaps another time, she thought. A block up the street, she began to see prostitutes…or rather, she thought to herself, OTHER prostitutes.

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They mostly just glanced at her with disdain, as if they saw right through her disguise, but perhaps she imagined it.

She watched them for awhile from a recessed doorway. Cars would pull up and a girl would walk to the driver's window and talk to the occupant. Often, the driver would pull away and keep looking, or the hooker would decide that something didn't look right. Or maybe they couldn't agree on the price. But other times, the girl would walk around to the other busty blonde luna star gets slippery pussy hammered in bathtub and slide into the car.

Kimi watched the girls plying their trade, and decided she could successfully compete with them. She was younger than most, prettier than most, certainly thinner than most, and surprisingly, considering how trashy-looking she felt tonight, better dressed than most. Nevertheless, Kimi decided to walk further up Larkin, thinking that she didn't want to be one of the crowd.

Maybe there was some sort of pecking order or territorial rights among the sisterhood that she shouldn't violate. Awkward to find herself lying dead on the pavement with a knife in her back. She began walking up the sidewalk, letting her ass sway more than usual, trying to draw attention to it in the tight spandex skirt. She paused at the proverbial street lamp, leaning against it and watching the traffic.

A BMW roadster drove by slowly, and she could tell that the man in the driver's seat was checking her out. She made eye contact with him, but he continued past her and made a right turn. A minute later he came up the street again, this time pulling to the curb. "This is it," Kimi said to herself.

Thank God he doesn't look like some kind of chainsaw murderer. Kimi walked around to the driver's side, and leaned on the door with her arms, sticking her butt out and letting him cindy starfall old cuckhold watches teens creampie her braless breasts under the loose, low-cut top. "Want some company tonight", she purred, wishing she had thought of something a bit more innovative.

"Maybe," the man said. He looked to be about 50. "You a cop?" "No, are you?" replied Kimi, ingeniously. The man chuckled, reached out and took her hand, and before Kimi could react, guided it to his crotch. "Does this feel like a cop's dick?" Kimi closed her fingers around his hardness, plainly evident through the thin material of his pants. Her breathing quickened. His penis was large, no doubt about that.

I guess this must be the drill, she thought to herself. "Mmmm, no, it doesn't feel like that. So, how about we have some fun together?" she said, rubbing his erect penis. "Okay, get in," said the man. Kimi walked around in front of the headlights, opened the passenger door, and slid into the seat. "So, what did you have in mind, sweetie?" she asked. "I don't have much time. How about we just find a nice dark little spot and you can suck me off in the car?" "Mmm, I'd love to," replied Kimi, relieved to know that her first "john" wasn't going to demand too much from her.

"Turn left at the next street." He gunned the BMW and drove off, crossing Van Ness and entering a different neighborhood. Seeing a darkened parking lot for a nearby hotel, Kimi told him to park in it. He pulled in, turned off the motor and turned to look at her. Kimi smiled big beautiful venus gets fucked by frank tyler him.

"Okay, sweetie, it's going to be $120 and another $20 if you want to cum in my mouth." Kimi had had no idea what to charge people, but she was, after all, a social scientist, and she had researched the matter on the internet. Amazing the things you could find out online these days, she had thought to herself. "I'd love to shoot my load in that luscious mouth of yours, baby…how about $120 total. It's all I have on me, unless we go hit an ATM." Kimi didn't particularly care about the money, but she was enough of an actress to want to play her role authentically and believably.

On the other hand, she didn't want to waste time cruising dayana ice in wet milf in bodystocking squirts with this guy looking for an ATM. "Okay, $120." He dug his wallet out of his pants and counted out the bills. She put the money in her clutch purse and then climbed up on her knees on the leather seat, smiling.

"Thank you sweetie. Pull your pants down and let's see what all the fuss is about." The man unfastened his pants and slid them down to his ankles, along with his shorts, and spread his legs apart, leaning back against the seat.

His penis, as she expected, was large and stiff, perhaps seven inches long, and thick, with a flared, mushroom-like crown. The infinite variety of nature, thought Kimi. "Mmmm, YOU sure didn't get cheated, sweetie," she said, figuring a compliment couldn't hurt the proceedings, and might put him more at ease.

He laughed, and she leaned forward, extended her tongue, and slowly encircled the head, getting it wet with her saliva. Kimi had always prided herself on her cocksucking she had never been with a man who hadn't complimented her on her talents in that area, and she had never encountered a man she couldn't bring to orgasm that way, usually in a very short time.

Without further preliminaries, she slide her lips down over the crown and engulfed his cock in her mouth, her lips gliding down the smooth shaft, until she felt the head of his penis lodge in the back of her throat. "Ohhhh, fuuuuck…" he sighed as she took him deep into the warmth of her mouth. "That's it&hellip.suck my cock, baby." Her mouth was flooded with saliva as she began to slowly bob her head, making soft, slurping sounds as she sucked him. Kimi considered wetness to be the first rule of sucking cock.

Everything should be wet, wet, wet. Dripping, drooling, slurpy, slippery wet. Keeping her lips ovaled tightly around his girth, and careful to avoid touching him with her teeth, her head moving slowly up and down, nursing on his dick and making soft slurping sounds.

After a minute or two, she raised her head, letting his cock slip out from between her bright red lips. "Mmmmm, you have a nice dick," she murmured, then slid her mouth down over it again, resuming her slow, steady, tantalizing pace. Her right hand crept up between his legs and she began to tease and caress his heavy balls with her long fingernails, making him groan again with pleasure.

His right hand slid into her silky hair, not forcing her head down, but lightly guiding it as she serviced his aching penis, tasting his pre-cum as it oozed from the tip against her tongue. Kimi maintained the same incessant slow rhythm, that being Cocksucking Rule #2 in her book. She sucked hungrily now, humming contentedly, lost in the joy of a big cock filling her mouth. He held back as long as he could, wanting to get his money's worth from this delicious young whore, loving the sensations of her wanton cocksucking, but slowly her eager mouth began to get the better of him, and his thighs began to tremble as he imagined his hot, thick sperm flooding her suctioning mouth.

She raised her head again, his penis slipping from her mouth, and stroked it wetly with her fingers as she murmured urgently: "Now, baby, cum for me, let me taste it as it spurts into my mouth." She plunged her lips down the shaft again, deep throating him, almost swallowing the head of his cock.

Her lascivious entreaty drove him over the edge. He thrust his dick deep into her throat, groaning as his balls contracted. She raised her head a little, her sexy ass student as perfect euro babe teasing no high definition lips caressing the shaft as his cock flourished, sending a hot, thick pulse of semen into her welcoming mouth. "OHHHHHHHHFUCKYEAHHHH!!!" he cried out, pumping spurt after spurt into her mouth as she hummed happily, her mouth flooding with cum until some of it overflowed and oozed from her tightly-pursed lips.

Her fingers caressed his balls as he spewed in her mouth, fondling and squeezing them as they emptied themselves, until they were finally utterly spent. Kimi waited until she was sure he was finished ejaculating, her mouth still slowly moving up and down the shaft, his penis bathed with the sperm she held in her mouth.

Finally, she raised her head, trying not to lose any more of his cum. Opening the car door, she leaned out and discreetly spit it out on the asphalt. Then she turned back to him and smiled, her lower lip still pearly with a dollop of semen.

She captured it with her tongue as he watched her, taking it back in her mouth and quietly swallowing. "Baby…that was incredible," the man said, when he had pulled his pants up. "You sure know your way around a cock!" "Thank you sweetie&hellip.did you know you were my first trick?" said Kimi, grinning mischievously, eminently pleased with herself.

"You mean, your first tonight?" he asked, starting the engine. "No, my first ever," she replied.

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"Holy shit. Well…don't ever change. Some of these whores get kinda jaded after awhile. I hope that doesn't happen to you." The car reached the intersection where he'd picked her up. "I hope I'll see you again. I'm in town quite a bit." "You never know," she said with a smile, getting out of the car.

"Bye!" Kimi watched as he drove away.

Then she turned and walked back to her spot on the sidewalk, very satisfied with her first venture. Not so bad, she thought, a nice man, with a nice dick, and nice money.

This might be easier than she thought. Over the next hour and a half, Kimi gave two more back-alley blowjobs, and she straddled a college student's cock and fucked him in his car with the seat reclined, in the same parking lot she had sucked off her first customer of the night. She had climaxed deliciously as he pumped his sperm into her receptive cunt.

Now she was thinking it was almost time to go home, when a police cruiser pulled up. She started to walk away, but a burly middle-aged cop got out and told her to stop. He reminded her of Rod Steiger in "In the Heat of the Night".

Walking over to her, he grabbed her arm roughly. "Get in the car," he demanded, opening the door and pushing her inside. "Busted!" Kimi thought to herself. "On my first night!" Frantically, she tried to think of a way out of this. How would she ever explain to Eric that he had to come down and bail her out of jail? "Please&hellip.," she began, plaintively, thinking that if she offered to suck his cock or something, he might relent. The cop turned to her and spoke. "Now listen, you little cunt.

I know you're turning tricks out here, and I could take you to the precinct and throw you in the lockup with all the other whores. I can do it any time I want. Just keep that in mind." He turned the key to the ignition, and drove the car up the street, turning into an alley a few blocks away. "Where are you taking me," Kimi demanded. "I have an understanding with all the twenty-dollar whores on my beat.

They take care of me, and I don't fuck up their action. Understand?" The implication in his words was obvious, and Kimi didn't need an abacus to figure it out. "Y.yes…" said Kimi, hesitantly, afraid of what this power-mad asshole was going to demand of her. and yet, somewhere, deep in the depths of her consciousness, she felt a growing excitement. This was why she was here. He pulled the car to a stop in a dark alley and got out, taking the keys, and walking around the vehicle. "Okay, get out of the car," he said, in the same peremptory tone of voice.

Kimi slowly emerged from the passenger side. The cop took her arm and led her to the rear of the car, and then roughly bent her over the trunk. Without any other preliminaries, he yanked up her miniskirt, and pulled her panties down over her ass, leaving them stretched between her thighs. Then he opened his fly and dragged out his thick cock, already erect. Without a word, he pushed her face into the trunk lid and jammed his prick into her tight pussy. "Oh!", grunted Kimi as he violently sank his massive member into her.

The sheer obscenity of the scene slammed through Kimi's brain. She had wanted to be a whore, and now she was being treated like the cheapest street slut in San Francisco. Brutally, the cop began to fuck his cock in and out, slamming her body against the car so hard that her feet lifted off the ground. She thanked her lucky stars that she had already had one cock in her pussy that night she was still wet from her arousal, although she had insisted that the frat kid use a condom, so her pussy was free of cum.

The cop, however, hadn't bothered with such niceties. He liked the feeling of her vaginal walls tight around his bareback dick, and he old man younger woman old smart gentleman with a youthful spectacular girl going to spew his seed into her and really make her feel it. Who the fuck cared about the little whore, anyway? He drove into her again and again, thrusting so hard that her firm ass cheeks shook with each penetration of her defenseless pussy.

Kimi lost herself in the brutal fucking she was receiving. As much as she wanted to think of it as rape, she knew that it was not. She had invited this, by leaving her comfortable condo and walking the streets. More than that, she wanted it to happen, wanted to be viciously fucked like this. She felt her body respond, and writhed back against his pounding cock.

She heard her own voice, as if from outside her body, from someplace very far away, spitting the words out. "Oh!! UHH!!! UHHH! YESSS!!!! FUCK me hard, you fucking pig BASTARD!!!" The cop felt his balls contract at her salacious words. The bitch was loving it! He jammed his dick all the way into her eagerly clasping cunt, threw his head back and bellowed.

"TAKE MY JIZZ, YOU FUCKING SLUT!!!" His cock swelled ominously and he began spurting a huge amount of cum into her abused cunt, filling it full of sperm, his big balls emptying themselves even as her body convulsed from the force of her own furious orgasm. "OHGODDDDDDYESSSS, GIVE IT TO ME!!! I'MCUMMMIIIINNNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!" she screamed. Her pussy spasmed around his penis, tightening around his spurting cock and milking it of it's hot, thick contents. A moment later, it was all over.

He slid his now-limp tiny babe arian joy gets her pussy pumped hard out of her, wiped the lingering cum on her smooth ass cheek, tucked it back in his pants and zipped them up. "You'll never make it as a whore, honey," he said.

"You love fucking too much." Then he pushed her off the car trunk onto the pavement like a rag doll. She lay there, exhausted, sperm oozing from her well-fucked cunt as he got in the car and drove away without another word. Kimi lay there, still trembling from the carnal fury of her climax. Finally, she pulled herself to her feet, and walked unsteadily to her car, a few blocks away. It had been a long night, and she had learned a lot, she thought as she drove slowly home.

Would she do it again? She couldn't say for sure…but the memory of the cocks that had been thrust into her, of her tumultuous orgasms, kept flooding into her consciousness. This was what she had wanted, and she had gotten it. And it was more exciting than she had dared imagine. She smiled to herself as she parked in her spot in the garage, changed her super organ xxx tube porn, and took the elevator up to her home.

Fortunately, Eric had gone to bed and was snoring peacefully. He didn't hear her come in, get undressed, and take a shower to wash away the sordid evidence of her evening.

She slid into the bed, thankful for once that Eric would not be wanting to fuck her. She gazed at the ceiling, reliving the night's events. Eventually, her mind turned to the business trip Eric was going to be taking next week.

She smiled inwardly she would be alone for three days. Yes, she thought to herself. She would be a whore again. TO BE CONTINUED