Horny slut in fishnets deep throats huge cock and rubs her cunt

Horny slut in fishnets deep throats huge cock and rubs her cunt
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The Chronicles of Suzie's Descent The following story is about 20% true. I've obviously changed the names of the people involved. This is a collection of real events, fantasy and experiences that I really wanted to happen. I'm certainly not a writer; so please forgive the typos and/or mistakes. If you like what I've written. great, if you don't, that's cool.

Comments, constructive or otherwise from fellow deviates are always welcome. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1 For many years, I hottie babe carolina sweets wants to fuck huge hard meat your average gia and marsha licking cunts and sucking big dong big tits big dick housewife.

I've had a few jobs over the years and always enjoyed working. I have 2 sons who live with me, Matt (18) and Steve (19). My husband (at the time) and I used to have a fairly good relationship.

We used fuck like rabbits all the time and life was pretty good. I'm fairly short, about 5' 2" and proud of my (100% natural) 34 EE breasts. I have very (big) puffy areolas, which are about 3 inches round and when my nipples are hard, they stick out about one inch. I do carry a couple of extra pounds, so I guess you would describe me as slightly chubby. I should also mention that I've always shaved my pussy. I've always had an obsession with my huge clit, which I pull on as hard and as often as I can.

When I'm turned on, it always sticks out from the lips of my pussy and it swells up to about 2 inches and throbs horribly. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist. There have been many times that the boys caught us fucking and I found that quite a thrill. It got to point where I would leave the door open by "accident" and I knew that they were standing there watching us. I used to make sure I was positioned on the bed or where ever, in such a way that I "knew" they could see his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I occasionally caught a glimpse of them jerking off, while they were watching us fuck. The boys had girlfriends at various times, but I knew that they were bisexual. The first time I walked in on them, Steve was fucking Matt. I was a bit surprised, but I explained that it didn't bother me at ALL and just to continue on and enjoy themselves. As the boys got older, the relationship deteriorated. My ex had a good sized 9" cock and I loved getting fucked.

But it horny teen floozy kate gets screwed hard to the point that he would only fuck me once every few months, which really pissed me off.

I've honestly never been that fussy about who fucked me, just as long as I had a cock in me. I guess I've always been a slut and a bit of an exhibitionist. For a couple of years I did fuck around a bit. But I got tired of the hassles with my husband and I know muslim solo took a sexy refugee home made the boys very uncomfortable. So we came to an amicable agreement.

The boys would live with me, I kept the house and he moved out. I've always had a really good relationship with my boys and it was a LOT more comfortable after my ex left. Unlike me, both of the boys are quite tall, broad shouldered and quite handsome, if I you ask me. They pay me a few dollars each week, to help with the expenses and I appreciated their help. The problem that I had right now was that I seemed to be horny all the time. I really wanted to explore my sexuality and have some new experiences.

I ordered a couple of big rubber dildos online and they became my best friends. I used them to fuck myself almost all the time. In my ass or pussy, or both at the same time. At the time, I worked in a clothing store and sometimes, I would slip one into my pussy, put my underwear on and go to work.

I could almost last the whole day before I had to go to the bathroom and take it out. At the time, I wasn't very vocal when I came, so it wasn't that hard to disguise the fact that I was having several orgasms, although I japanese istri selingkuh durasi panjang amateur caught a few times.

After a couple of months of just having the boys around, I was comfortable walking around in a "sheer" night dress. I stopped wearing underwear at home, just to see their reactions. I started to realize that I craved the attention and I was always looking for the bulges in their pants. They made it very obvious that they liked what he saw.

I made a point of not using the shower in my room. But rather, I used their shower/bathroom. They did ask me why I was using "their" bathroom. I made up a flimsy excuse that the shower (in my bathroom) wasn't working properly. As usual, they just shrugged their shoulders and said, ok. I would always try and time it so that we bumped into each other. Sometimes I would deliberately walk to the bathroom naked. If one of them was in there or walking out, I would "act" really embarrassed and start apologizing.

The first few times it happened, I would try and cover up and run back to my room. It seems funny looking back, but neither of them noticed that as I was going back to my room, I was pinching my nipples and pulling on my clit really hard.

I did notice that neither of them could take their eyes off my tits and that made me giddy with excitement. On one occasion, I was running (very slowly) back to my room and I heard Matt laughing and say, mom your tits look fantastic, you really shouldn't cover them up. I stopped and turned around. He realized straight away that I was playing with my nipples and my clit was sticking straight out.

I kept pushing the boundaries and after a while, I didn't cover up or run back to my room. We would pass each other in the hallway and as either Matt or Steve was walking towards me, their eyes were "glued" to my tits and clit.

My ex would come and visit regularly, so I made sure that the boys "knew" that they were the MEN of the house and that their father was just a visitor. After he had been at our house a couple of times, the boys were comfortable with him being around. I, on the other hand, now found myself wanting to flaunt myself at EVERY opportunity, whether their father was there or not. I ONLY wore a light cotton (wrap around) house coat in the house and NOTHING else. For the first couple of weeks, I would always seem to "forget" to tie it up and after that I didn't bother.

Sometimes I would make SURE my house coat was completely open and walk into their room unannounced on the pretence of asking a question. I'd catch Matt sucking Steve's cock or Steve fucking Matt. Sometimes I'd walk in when one (or both) of them were jerking off. I would just smile and watch them. Other times I would pinch my nipples and watch. I was ALWAYS (almost) naked and acted as though it was perfectly normal.

It only took about a week and after that, they didn't even bother to close their doors for privacy and neither did I. I have always lovely gigi gets nailed in a car naked, but now I always left my door open, slept on top of the covers mother in law sucks dick to her husbands always kept my legs apart.

My feet face the entrance of my bedroom, so if one of the boys came in the talk to me, they were staring straight at my pussy. They always made sure that they had to ask me a lot of questions. Insert big smile here! The next time Matt came out of the bathroom, he was naked as usual. I'd honestly not taken the time to inspect his cock. It was semi hard and it was huge! My mouth and pussy watered at the sight. I wanted so badly to suck his cock, to feel him, I wanted him to fuck my pussy raw and I pinched my clit at the thought, not caring that he was watching.

My ex's cock was fairly big, but Matt's cock was easily 10 or 11 inches long and almost as thick as my arm. I soon discovered that both of the boy's cocks were about the same size. I've always been obsessed with huge cocks. I just couldn't take my eyes off them and I didn't try to hide the fact.

From that time on, I didn't cover up anymore. If I got changed in my room, I left the door open. I would quite often walk to the kitchen naked just to get a drink and hoped that they would see me, which they often did.

The sexual tension between us was electric and I loved that feeling. One night it was quite hot and I was feeling very horny as usual. I walked into the kitchen naked and asked them if they minded if I didn't put any clothes on. They seemed a little nervous when they saw my clit sticking out and my tracer and fuck big dick new cartoon were hard. I ignored the fact that they were staring at my clit and mentioned that my nipples were really sensitive and the house coat that I was going to wear would rub against them, which was true.

They just shrugged their shoulders and said, "Whatever mom, if you don't want to wear clothes, that fine". We ate dinner that night and everything seemed normal, except that I was naked and finger fucking my pussy under the table. By the end of dinner my clit was "rock hard". They helped me with the washing up and I really loved parading around naked in front of Matt and Steve. After dinner, we sat down to watch some TV. I was still naked, but I had my legs "pulled" up in front of me.

I was opening and closing my legs slowly so that they rubbed against my nipples. By now, my nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out. My pussy juices were pouring out and making a huge wet spot on the chair. I was so horny, I started masturbating. The boys saw what I was doing, but acted as though everything was normal.

The next time Matt got up to get a drink, he stopped and stood directly in front of me. Do you want a drink, mom? I let my legs slowly fall apart and kept pulling on my clit, "sure, that would be nice". Over the next couple of hours this happened several times and each time one of them would stand directly in front of me. They didn't try to hide the fact that they were staring at my clit or watching me masturbate.

I really enjoyed what they were doing, so I casually asked them if they would prefer that I didn't wear clothes in the house anymore. As usual, they just shrugged their shoulders and said, "Whatever". I jumped off the chair and stood in front of them, with my clit and nipples sticking straight out. I took on a slightly stern tone of voice and said, "Well, that's not really an answer, is it.

How about you be 100% honest and TELL me what you guys would prefer." "Ok, how about from now on, you're naked all the time", said Steve. "I prefer that you keep masturbating", said Matt. I sat back down on the chair, slowly spread my legs and pulled on my clit, "Ok, is that ALL you want?" Matt jumped up and said, "We just love looking at your clit and watching you masturbate.

It looks like a small cock, so from now on keep your legs apart, so we can see your cunt and clit all the time". "I smiled at him, Oh, so you like looking at your mother's pussy?" Matt smiled, pointed to my pussy and said, "Pussy?

. It's called a cunt and yours really is beautiful". Steve got up and stood next to Matt, "You have the biggest clit I've ever seen. We love looking at it and considering how big it is, I think from now on, we WILL call it a cock". "Well, I'm happy to please. I'll be naked all the time and I WILL keep my cunt on "show" for you guys.

From now on my clit WILL always be called a cock, but PLEASE pull on it as often and as hard as you can. "Is there anything else?" I said.

"Yeah, from now on, when you're fucking blonde camgirl private fingering show masturbation privateshow with your dildo, leave your door open." said Steve.

I feigned embarrassment, "I didn't realize that you knew I was doing that". I explained to them that I needed to masturbate a LOT and I never knew when the urge was going to hit me. "Fine," he said, "if you feel the urge, get your dildo and fuck yourself where ever you happen to be, don't ever resist the urge from now on." "I really need to get fucked right now, do you want to watch?" I pulled my pussy open with my fingers showing them the juicy insides of my quivering cunt.

I'm not really in the mood for cunt at the moment," said Steve. "What's that supposed to mean?" We've got stuff to do. How about you pull on my cock for a while? "Nah, we're going to play a video game in Matt's room and jerk off, thinking about you" I did go and get my biggest dildo and I fucked myself in the lounge room, but they didn't come back out.

From then on the dynamic between us changed completely. My ex called in the next day and I was in the kitchen, naked. My ex's eyes nearly popped out when he saw me. I explained that the boys had TOLD me that I'm not allowed to wear clothes in the house anymore. Just then Steve walked out and stood beside me. He put his arm around me and began to fondle my nipple. Mom really has a fantastic set of tits, doesn't she dad? I could see the bulge in my ex's pants.

Steve said, watch this dad. He reached down and started pulling on my clit and I just moaned. My ex looked quite agitated and said he was going to say hello to Matt and walked off.

I looked at Steve and said, "Well, that was odd". Steve laughed and said, "No not really mom, he's in there fucking Matt". I suddenly had an epiphany! I walked into Matt's bedroom and (sure enough) he had his cock in Matt's ass. I stood there watching for a couple of minutes before my ex realized that I was standing there.

He got very nervous and was about to get up off the bed. No need to get up and you can fuck Matt any time you want, as far as I'm concerned. He thought about it for a moment and then continued fucking Matt. Is this why you weren't fucking me? My ex looked at me and said, "His ass is tight and your cunt is too loose". I smiled at him. Well, I love having a big cunt and I guess I'm lucky that the boys have bigger cocks that you.

As I turned to walk away, I said, we don't close any doors in the house any more, ok. He smiled at me and continued fucking Matt Next time I walked into Matt's room (naked as usual), we were just talking. He was getting changed and it was really funny, because I'd never noticed that he had a small tattoo on his inner thigh and a nipple ring.

I mentioned that it looked really cool! I knelt down in front of his cock and told him I wanted to see his tattoo. He stood still, but his cock was only about 2 inches from my face.

I licked my lips and horny dude asked skinny blonde babe to sucked his cock inside the car his sweet musky scent but, resisted the urge to just gobble his cock into my mouth.

I inspected it for quite a while and then asked him where he had the tattoo and the nipple ring done. He seemed really proud of the fact that he'd done them himself. He explained that he had the gun to do the nipple ring and had borrowed it from a friend. It was funny because both of us were naked. His cock was rock hard and my nipples (and cock) were sticking straight out, but it didn't seem to bother him. I (on the other hand) was crazy horny! I asked him to show me the gun, so he pulled out a small wooden box.

Inside was the gun, some surgical solution and a variety of rings. I picked up a couple of the larger barbells and commented that I really liked these. He didn't miss the opportunity "These would look fantastic on you, mom". But I think I have something that would complement your udders better" I blushed when he called my tits, udders, I did sort of feel like a cow with humongous tits. He produced a series of steel rings with little bells looped on them.

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He leaned over and sucked one of my already throbbing nipples and slipped the ring on. My nipple throbbed in time with my cunt and he leaned over and did the other. "What about that other ring?" I asked innocently. He knelt down, slipped three fingers into my cunt and slipped it onto my cock as if it was a ring and then gently tightened it with some tools.

"You like that mom?" he asked as his thumb flicked my cock. "Oh yeah" I moaned "more" I cried holding his wrist and fucking myself on his fingers. "You're a slut, mom!" He laughed "Yeah I know" I gasped, "I really want you to fist fuck me" He cupped his hand and pushed up as I slammed down.

I could feel his hand slip young german babe riding cock julia reaves and spread my cervix. I squealed in pleasure and started fucking his arm.

I clutched at his head as his lips wrapped around my cock and he sucked on it like a piece of hard candy.

My whole body shook as I came so hard I must have blacked out. When I woke up I was laying on Matt's bed. I touched my throbbing nipples and found them coated in cum. I smiled and realized that he'd jerked off, on my tits. I scooped some up and ate it.

I walked out of his bedroom and found both of them watching TV. Matt stood up as I walked in and looked almost apologetic. "Mom." "It's okay, in fact anytime you feel like it, go right ahead and cum on mommy. Actually I would prefer if you cum in mommy but." I smiled, "Only if you want to. I wanted to talk to you about getting a few tattoos" "Ok, what and where?" "BUILT TO FUCK somewhere here" I said pointing to my chest and maybe slut across my lower back and." "You mean right here" he said getting up and tracing a line on my chest.

"Hmm"&hellip. I took his rigid cock in my hand and started stroking it. I stepped closer, rubbing the tip of his cock against my throbbing cock sending a delicious electric buzz thought my body. I looked at both of the boys and said, "I WANT you to treat me like a slut. I want you to fuck me, cum on me or in me anytime you feel like it". I moaned and sucked his nipple, his cock exploded against my cock "Hmmm, yes as much of that as you can and more, I want lots and lots of cum". He laughed and looked at me incredulously and said "okay".

Meanwhile Steve jumped up and jerked off onto the pair of us. I rubbed their fresh cum into my cock and held onto Steve with one hand while I shivered and shook with another earth shattering orgasm.

The following morning I walked into the bathroom, naked as usual. Matt was just stepping out of the shower and I acted as if everything was completely normal. I started an innocent enough conversation with him, asking him about what his plans for the day were and things like that. I turned and sat up on the counter as he hung up his towel.

His eyes seemed glued to my cock that was protruding from between the lips of my pussy. His cock bounced as he gazed at me and drops of fluid were leaking from its tip. "How about it Matt," I asked spreading my legs as I pulled my pussy lips apart exposing the pink of the interior. I was so horny, I was seconds away from raping him but I bit my lip and tried to control the primal urge that was coursing through my body.

"How about what?" Matt responded. "Will you shave my pussy?" "Huh?" "I thought you might like it better this way, and it's getting a little." "Sure, I guess" he said. His trembling cock and eyes betraying his excitement. I was that horny, I was (genuinely) panting. I cute amateur ari plays for the first time NEVER been that turned on in my life.

I looked him in the eyes and said, "Will you shave my cunt, please?" We both looked down at my pussy and started to laugh… my pussy juices were pouring out and making a puddle on the counter and dripping onto the floor. He kept looking at my pussy and then began to slide his finger in and out, I groaned loudly. Is this what you really want mom? No it's not.

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You know what my cunt needs. Now please fuck it, right now! He pulled his finger out and slid his whole cock into me in one thrust. I groaned really loudly and said, now fuck me! He started fucking me really hard and I started grunting very loudly. Steve heard what was going on and walked in. He stood here watching and said, "Your cunt looks so good, when it's full of cock.

Matt, when you're finished, I'm gonna fuck her". The three of us ended up fucking for most of the day and every chance we got from then on. Both of the boys loved yanking on my cock, (which pulled my cunt open) and then jamming their cocks in me.

My cunt was big enough that I could take their whole cock in one thrust. I remember the first time that my ex walked into the house, after the boys had started fucking me. I had my legs spread and Steve had his cock buried in me.

He just stood two female cops arrest big cock black with a smile on his face. Sometimes when their father came over all three of them took turns fucking me. From then on both of the boys became quite controlling and I encouraged them as often as I could.

I think they became MORE obsessed with big toys make two hot babes happy cock that I am.

They couldn't keep their hands off it and would yank on it really hard every chance they got. I really loved it, when they did that! Even my ex started doing it.

They instructed me to only wear short dresses and revealing tops. I came home one day and realized that they had gone through ALL my underwear drawers and thrown everything out, bras, panties.

everything. After any of them had cum in me, I wasn't allowed to clean up the mess. I would just let all the cum run down my legs and drip onto the floor. The trouble was they were fucking me so often and came in such huge quantities that the floor in the kitchen sometimes got very slippery.

So, we started keeping several matts spread around on the floor. Sometimes I would be making dinner and one of them would walk up behind me, bend me over and fuck me 'till he came and go off to his room, without saying a word to me. Other times, one or both of them would kneel down behind me, grab my cock and just keep pulling on it really hard until I started squirting or they would suck on it and then walk off.

Within a couple of weeks, it only took a few hard tugs on my cock and I was already squirting! It felt like they were "milking" the teat on a cow and it felt fantastic. Those times were the best, when they treated me as though I was just a cow.

I reminded Matt that I was (still) serious about the tattoos. He looked a little concerned, so I asked him what the problem was. He pointed out the obvious&hellip.

His friend would see my tits. I laughed and said, "I don't see a problem, he's going to be putting a tattoo just above my tits that says "BUILT TO FUCK" and one on my lower back that says "SLUT". You're both going to be here when he does it, aren't you. Sure we are, but he's not a professional tattoo artist, what happens if he gets horny? Well, first up… do I need to be completely naked?

I guess so. yeah, that would be really cool. That's NOT the way I meant it and you know it. He knows that I'm your mother; he knows that you're both fucking me and he definitely knows that I AM a slut.

So what exactly are YOU telling me I HAVE to do? He looked straight into my eyes&hellip. Spread your legs and let him fuck you. I started placing a LOT of emphasis on my words, hoping that he would keep going with this.

Yummy, is he the only one, after all, once he's done my tattoo's EVERYBODY will know that this body is built to fuck and I REALLY do need a LOT of practice. Mom, we KNOW that you've never been fussy about who fucks you. Steve and I have a few friends that we've already talked to and they WILL start calling around and fuck you whenever they feel like it.

As long as I get fucked regularly, then that sounds great! He was so turned on, he just pushed me to my knees and I sucked his cock until he came in my hot honey desires to fuck non stop. Yum! As he was walking away, he told me that from now on I wasn't allowed to shave my pussy hair, one of his friends had to do it and he would TELL me about any new rules as they came to mind.

I shivered in anticipation! After the first month (which was pretty frantic) we settled into some sort of routine. Sometimes I was watching TV and one of his friends would walk in.

As soon as I saw a cock, I immediately spread my legs, my cock would get hard and I'd start squirting straight away. Their friend did come over and do my tattoos and I was really very proud of "BUILT TO FUCK" across the upper parts of my tits and "SLUT" on my lower back and yes, he did fuck me.

I was getting fucked about 6 times a day and on weekends there would be a few more. That was the best. I LOVED the feeling of having a cunt and ass full of cum. I had also become completely addicted to fucking.

One day Matt and Steve came home from work and said, "considering how many of our friends have fucked you and let's be honest, everybody knows that you're a submissive slut. We really love that!" We think that it's about the right time for a new strategy. From now on, Steve and I ARE going to share you with the rest of the world! We have a couple of new rules for you. From now on, if ANYBODY AT ALL, I repeat ANYBODY asks, suggests or (even) hints at something of a sexual nature, you HAVE to encourage their advances and show absolutely NO shame or hesitation.

We don't care if it's a hobo that gropes you, a group of teenage boys or a waitress. You have a body that's "Built To Fuck" and that's EXACTLY what the rest of the world is GOING to do to you. they're gonna fuck you! I was so happy, I gave both of them a huge smile and a hug.

you're 100% right, I AM built to fuck! END OF PART 1