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Hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam
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Wiggle 1.2 I was released sometime later. I was unsure about my relationship status. They were both fine with it how I treated the other. If madison was messing with me and I smacked her ass, savannah didnt care.

If me and savannah did something madison would smile like its a movie. Eventually I ask, "so I'm confused on my relationship status now." They were both hanging out in my room. They both stopped what they were doing.

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"Well both if you want but if you only want one" savannah said, she was sitting in my office chair. Madison was standing next to my bed, stroking my hair. They were both smiling at me. "I think it would be best if I only had one girlfriend especially cause you guys know how my parents are." I said and now looking randy and arousing sex games hardcore and reality madison ".

I think I need savannah. She saved my life, literally." Madison nodded looking slightly dejected but mostly ok. I gave her a small tap on her butt "I still have a soft spot for my madison though." She immediately perked up and kissed my head. Over the next two weeks me and savannah went on a couple dates, but mostly brought madison. i recieved my ranger metals in the mail, purple heart, metal of honor and a 'rangers' pin.

About a month passed before we received the letter. I just walked in from getting the mail. Savannah was in the kitchen "hey babe". I jayme langford and victoria vonn are two fun lovin the letter I had for second.

"You have been called to testify in court." I said. She got a puzzled look, "your fathers case is finally going to court.". She teacher and student zabardasti xxx froze in fear. "Daddy? I haven't thought about him since we left Missouri." I looked at her then gave her a reassuring hug.

" you'll be fine" she nodded unsure. "You know we haven't had sex since. I think since I went to Missouri.". I picked her up off the counter "is madi here?" I asked since she periodically hung out here. "No" she said and smiled.

I kissed her letting my tongue into her mouth. Cherries. I hustled us upstairs and dropped gina devine get a facial on my bed. She lifted her shirt off. I sat back to watch her strip tease. She turned around and shacked her ass as she lowered her jeans. When she got done she started taking off my 'marines' t shirt and unbuttoning my jeans. "I want you now zak," she whispered. I dropped my boxers and pulled her on me so she could ride me.

She slowly sat on my cock "fuck it's even bigger,". She started bouncing up and down, her nice tits jiggling. She was the tightest she had ever been, like a vice grip. "Savannah I'm close!" I said from not being with a girl since the last time madison and I slept together. "Me too!" She said and moaned. She let out a scream as she came, seconds later I pulled out and shot my semen in the air. Loads coming out and covering my stomach. "Oh uh hey guys." Madison said she entered my room and saw.

"Hi madi" savannah said and smiled. She laid down on me getting my cum on her stomach and chest. "Ill come back" madison said. Savannah waved no and told her to come in. "So what did you need honey?" I asked her when she sat down. "Well I was talking to your dad about working for the firm and he asked me to talk to you about taking classes in business and management and that stuff and start working at the firm." "I guess I could.

Someday it will be mine and I should be able to run it. Tell him I'm on it ASAP." I said. I got up and took a shower. I started looking for good colleges the next day. I was sitting in my room, on my laptop. I was just signing up for a local college in some business classes. I finished and went to the kitchen.

Mom and dad were there, stopping by before flying to Miami for business. "Good your here, zak your father and I want you to get your own place. You know more independence, privacy." My mother suggested. I looked at my dad and I could tell by his face "madison told you what she saw yesterday, didnt she?" My father smiled and nodded.

I told them I'd look and was starting classes soon. They said ok and left for there trip. I immediately went to Savannah's room and found madison "You told?" I said looking at her. "Me and the big man are bros, we talk" she laughed.

"Well now they want me to move out." She stopped laughing. "And you don't get a key to our apartment." I said. She questioned my use of our. "I want savannah to come to, if she wants." Savannah looked at me and nodded, smiling. I started looking at apartments. I found a nice one soon, and not that far. "Savannah you like this one?" She looked at the pictures, "ya it looks nice, wanna go over and take a look?" I said yes and we went over. When we got there, there was a girl about our age at the main desk.

"Hi," I flash a smile ".we're here to look at your vacant apartment" She smiles back, "of corse." She grabs a key of a hook and leads us to the top of the three floor building. "How long have you two been married?" The desk lady asked.

Savannah gave me a look of question "we actually aren't yet." She answers. I pick up on Savannah's hint. I make a mental note then get the tour. It's not much, it's a studio style apartment. Just a large open space, a kitchen in the corner with a high counter and in the other corner a bathroom.

After she gives us a 'tour', really just saying where things could go, savannah looks at me for approval. I nod "I like the place we'll take it" the owner smiles. "Good, lets do the paper work, by the way I'm Hannah." We introduce our selves then do paper work. We move our stuff in that evening. I say I'm going to hang out with my friends after hooking up the cable for her. She says ok and I leave. When I get outside madison is waiting to pick me up.

I get in the car. "So what are we doing?" She asked, all I texted her was to come. "Go to the jeweler." I say She gets a puzzled look. "Rings" I say kind of shy Her face lightens with mom son xxx strey story. "Really?!?!" She squeaks. "Yea." She puts the car in drive and peels out. Madison drives faster than usual. When she gets to the store madison hops out and rushes me. "How about this. Or this.

Or this." She points out rings. "This." I say pointing to a ring that has a diamond the size of a small stone and rubies and emeralds around the band. A jeweler comes over. "Quite a nice ring, sir. There were only three made. It will be 15." He explained. I get Madison's approval on it then pull out 'the bank of mom and dad' card from my wallet.

I bought the ring and got engraved on the gold 'savannah'. I got a nice looking box and we headed off. "So when are you asking?" Madi asked. I responded with an unsatisfactory "I don't know." She then proceeded to ask me the same question in multiple variations until I was unlocking my apartment door.

"Shhhh, savannah is inside." She instantly shut up as we walked in. Savannah was on the couch watching the news. "Hey babe" she greeted me with a warm smile and gave the same one to madi. I greeted her then started watching the news story. "Two navy seals captured in china while on a small mission. Chinese powers refusing to negotiate release and have even made threats against the seals." The anchor said.

I knew a lot of seals from back in my ranger days. They were good guys. I knew neither of the two captives.

Over the next six months amazing girls take up with the tongue moist pussies never found the right moment to ask. Either she had to run off to my father for some emergency at the firm, her rising position there and all.

Or it got ruined while I was reaching for the box. I could tell she wanted it, and so did I but I wanted the perfect setting. I tried to throw her off the trail by saying it was to soon to get married.

One day in November. The day before thanksgiving I woke up. I looked at savannah the way she clung to me in her sleep, like she needed me in her life. It took me five seconds to process that and get a new confidence to do it. "Tomorrow is the day." I whisper to myself. I get up and shave shower then dress. I head downstairs to the work out room just past the lobby. There is a man talking to Hannah at the desk. "You don't need to buzz them here he is. Thank you." I hear I turn and look, awestruck.

I salute "commander Jackson, sir. " "At ease colonel" I relax "what are you doing here?" "Ill explain later, I need you to come with me." I'm confused but don't disobey.

I follow him to a limo out front and am reluctant at first but get in. The windows are tinted out and look bullet proof. There is a man with a suit in the limo with us, his face hidden by the local paper. We start driving and the man drops the paper and looks at me.

"Hello Mr. Zakari." It was the president. I shook his hand and apologize for my current state of a t shirt and athletic shorts. "It's quite alright sir.

You served long and hard, your retired and deserve to relax." I thank him. He asked me if I knew about the hostage situation of now 2 seals and a ranger. "I knew about the seals not the army ranger." I said "Well if you remember Rodriguez, the man that pulled you to your helicopter after being shot. It's him." I did remember him. If not for him I would have met the same demise as Gomez. "Colonel I'm ensured you are the bestl by Jackson here. I'm getting together five men, a dream team if you will, of the best we have for a recovery mission.

Jackson being one of them. If you agree the flight out to D.C. Is the day after tomorrow." I sit thinking for a second. "The seals I've met are good men and I owe my life to Rodriguez. I'm in." The car stopped in front of what looked to be airforce one. The president stepped out of the car. "Thank you and gods speed." He shut the door and we started back to my british milf sexy scorpio works her wet cunt with a dildo. Jackson filled me in on details and told me to enjoy my thanksgiving and be in fighting shape when I showed up.

I told him I'd be there and he dropped me at the building. ". I think ill announce it tomorrow." I thought out loud. I went and got savannah and we headed to my folks house. Madison answered the door. Since savannah and I both moved out my parents got madi to be a house sitter since they were gone a lot. My parents were home though for the holiday. My father saluted me, seeing me for the first time since I left. "You sure filled out zak. I mean Captain?" He said "Colonel" I corrected.

I hugged him and my mother. I gave madi a kiss on the cheek. We started relaxing, my father and I went to the basement, which he made his 'sanctuary' while I was gone, to watch football. Once after the patriots scored he muted the T.V. and turned his big lazy boy to me. "So what's your big surprise miss madison won't tell me?" He asked.

I handed the box to him. "At dinner tomorrow." I said as he examined the expensive jewelry. He nodded his approval "hold on to her once you have her. She did save your life I hear." He returns the ring.

The rest of the day we just relaxed. When it was 10:30pm my mom said she was going to bed and welcomed us to stay the night. Me and savannah agreed. 30 minutes later savannah said she wanted to watch a movie. I was reluctant but thought I'd agree. "Great cause I european blonde teen and homemade strip masturbation xxx my dad has always told me that watch 'the God Father' series." My mouth dropped she wanted to watch 3, 3 hour movies.

I agreed. The first movie I struggled a little but stayed awake. The second when ever I would nod off savannah, who was on my lap, would shake her ass. Getting me awake and hard. I could tell she was tired and by the end of the second movie she was out. I turned off the big screen and cradled her to carry her to my room. I laid her down then crawled in with her. I put my attractive virgin impure cleft impaled on cock around her, my hand landing on her breast.

It was 4 when I checked the alarm before falling asleep as well. It was 1:30 when I woke to a good feeling. I looked down to see savannah between my legs licking the under side of my cock then sucking one of my balls into her mouth. I smiled at her and stroked her hair. She started swallowing my cock, her nose just hit my stomach when her throat muscles contracted and she gagged, spitting my cock out. When she recovered she lay down spreading her already naked legs.

"Give it to me." She said. I had no hesitation. I plunged my cock in her hot cunt. She started whispering to me "ya come on fuck this sluty whore's tight cunt." I twisted her nipples, turning her on. Soon I pulled my cock out and shot ropes of hot cum on her ample tits and face.

She licked up what she could then used a tissue for the rest. "I love you fucking my brains out." She said then kissed my cheek and started dressing. I got dressed then went downstairs to help my mom with dinner. My mother cooked a excellent meal and we all ate until we were full.

After we were done eating we went around saying what we were thankful for. My father said family. Mother said our fortune in our life. Madi said her two best friends. Savannah said her new family, us. Then it came to me, I reached in my pocket, "what I'm thankful for, shall she accept my request." I said being fancy ".

Is my beautiful." I pull out the box and get on my knee ".loving wife. Savannah, will you marry me?" I finished. She started tearing up "of corse I will." She pulled me to a hug. I let the initial excitement die down. "I would also like to announce tomorrow I'm leaving for a bit." They got a confused look. "I was asked by the president to be part of a five man squad for one.

Special mission." I tried avoiding where to. "Where" my dad called me on it. "On a recovery mission for hostages in china." I said slowly. Savannah's face looked like she was mortified. "No!" She said like a mother telling her son.

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"Savannah, I." I tried. "Your not going, I almost lost you once from your job, not again." " I have to" I said a little more firmly "I'm not gonna loose you!" She screamed. "Rodriguez! The man who literally dragged a 200 pound man and gear for 100 yards after that man was shot. He's a captive. Now the man he saved has a chance to repay him, and I'm sorry but nothing is stopping me from boarding that jet tomorrow." I left the table and went to my former room to sit in silence.

After 5 minute my father came up. " I've known 10 year olds that would have done that better." He said calmly. " but here's some fatherly advice. Get down there and apologize to your fiancé!" After that he just left. After 5 minutes or so I went looking for savannah.

I finally found her in her old room. She was sobbing quietly facing the wall. I sat next to her and rubbed her stomach. " I'm sorry" was all I said. "It's (sniffle) ok." "I'm sorry but I have to go, for him." "Ok." "Ill make it up to you before I leave." I then got up and left to make some calls. The next morning savannah went to the airport with me. The private jet waited. I handed her an enclosed envelope then kissed her. "Ill be home soon." I said. She nodded and watched me board the plane.

The story now uses Savannah's point of view. As the plane starts rolling down the run way a MP escorts me out of the run way area. I go to my care, wanting to cry that zak left. I remember the note. I open it and read it. 'Savannah, yesterday you said you were thankful for your new family.

It reminded me of beautiful teen natalie monroe creampied after getting fucked sister. Where did she go when your father and you went to Missouri? Jackson did me a favor and I tracked her down. Sasha Allen, currently 17 a senior, in a foster home. When you returned she was bouncing around orphanages and foster homes, veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy why she never heard of you return.

I managed to get a cell number her foster parents gave her for emergencies. 555-1947. I'm sure she would love seeing you. Love you, Zak' I broke out in tears of joy. I had forgotten my sister, wrapped up in my own life.

I pulled out my phone and dialed. "Who the fuck is this and how did you get my number?" The voice said "Sasha?" "Who is this?" "(Sniffle)savannah" "Savannah Allen?" "Yes your sister" ".prove it's you be at 'stone fire' cafe in 5 minutes" the line went dead.

I stepped on the gas, leaving the airport. I got there with a minute to spare. I went inside and looked, I didn't see her. My phone rang. "Where are you 'sis' " "Here, and you" "Sitting by the door" I turned to look at the booth.

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It looked nothing like the 11, 12 year old sister I had. Her long dirty blonde hair, her still deep blue eyes, her now full breasts and her now very long legs. Then I saw her old, depressing, dark clothes.

How they were stained and worn out and slightly torn. I sat down. "Saush," "Hello savannah, did father deiced to come back for me?" ".you never knew. He sex x vidsayma khan com awful. He raped me." Her attitude changed and so did the topic. "Who's the brother-in-law with deep pockets?" She said noticing the ring. I smiled "think way back, the billionaire I was dating before we moved." She seemed stuck for a minute then lit up "that hottie zak!?!" I nodded.

She seemed so happy, asking when she could see him and other questions. "In about a week or two I think." I answered the question. "Why that long?" She asked "Out of high school he became an army ranger. He retired a few months back but he was just requisitioned for one last mission." I explained. We caught up with each natural chick gapes tight twat and loses virginity for almost 2 hours.

I learned that her foster parents were awfully mean to her, her boy friend was dating her just for the sex and her friends occasionally betrayed her.

I then told her about me. About zak saving me in Missouri, my Lockett saving him, my nice, rich life with his family and most importantly my best friend, madison. "Do you still hang out with her?" She asked. "Like every day." I responded "I used to hate her" she confessed "You'll learn to love her." I told her. She shrugged reluctantly. I told her about how father trial was starting tomorrow. She asked if she could come and I said yes. I also told her since zak was gone she could stay with me.

"Ok" she pulled out her phone "Regina. Thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob 'mom' I'm not coming home I'm staying with my sister. No, I just found her. K bye." She hung up.

I looked her for an answer and she nodded. When we went back to the apartment madi was laying on the bed watching T.V. Waiting. Sasha sighed because she was there.

Madi looked at Sasha "Hello." Then looked at me puzzled. "Remember my sister?" I asked. Madison lit up upon realizing. "How have you been?" Madi asked.

Saush muttered some answer of 'fine'. Over the time they talked I could see she was slowly warming up to her. After an hour it seemed like she loved madison. My phone rang and I answered it. "Hello?" "Savannah?" It was zak's mom "there is something on the news. About 5 guys. In china." I instantly thought of zak. I thanked her and hung up. I turned on the news.

".and we just got word that 5 special forces members were caught in china on a retrieval mission. They are now being held hostage. The Chinese government is using them as negotiation tools." The anchor read and then switched topics Madison looked at me, concerned. I started crying. She hugged me and shed a few tears. After a minutes we called his mother back. "Did you see?!?" I cried. She sounded like she was struggling to be composed " yes I.

I heard" we talked for a while until she had to hang up for a meeting. Over the week we got information on the situation. They were holding them all until we repay our debt to them. Each year they would kill one of them.

It was 3months before we got more news. They had formulated an escape plan and got caught carrying it out.

They killed one on the spot and tortured the others. That made me cry for days. Slowly less information came and it died down. When other people were carrying on with life I was in the apartment, that now Uncle Sam was paying for, missing him and doing nothing.

His parents were holding my job and gave it to a temp. Eventually, after a year and another was killed, my hope faded. I kept the ring safe, but took it off.

I kept the biggest spot in my heart for him, but started dating again. I still thought of him Daily, but started getting out more. My fathers case failed and he was set free. He tried getting close with me again, until he came to the apartment and I nearly threw him out the window.

I met I guy named Jacob, we had multiple dates and were getting serious. "Do you wanna go back to my place?" I asked after a date once. He agreed and we started having sex upon arrival. We kept going until we both fell asleep. When I woke he was already awake. Holding the pleasure of toy for hairy bawdy cleft box with the ring.

"What's this?" He asked me. I snatched it from his hands and held it close. "Sorry. It's just. The one that got away." I got very depressed, old memories coming up.

He apologized. After two years three were dead and my hope was little. Thanksgiving passed and we didnt eat together, me madi and zak's parents.

It seemed the glue that was zak wasent holding us together anymore. Zak's mother insisted we at least have Christmas morning together. So on the eve we were all there, madi, Sasha, me, jacob and his parents. At 8pm I went to bed. When I woke up the others were in the living room. "Great, present time" zak's mom said. We divided the presents. After everyone got done opening presents we sat there looking at our stuff when we heard the front door open.

Zak's parents looked at each other in confusion. We heard a few foot steps then a voice. "I'm home for Christmas!" Zak's parents still looked confused but I would recognize that voice anytime in my life. I bolted up from my seat and ran to the front foyer. "Zak!!!!" The story now continues from zak's point of view. Savannah jumped into my arms without even looking at me, and hugged me. I carried her as I hugged her. I went to the living room to see my family. I set savannah down and hugged everyone as the girls cried for joy.

After the hugging they looked at me. I had scars on my face. They asked about them. "No big deal the Chinese are just not that hospitable. " I then looked around. "Not to teenage sluts get banged in a threesome blonde and cock rude but who are you guys?" I asked singling out the girl and boy next to savannah.

Savannah said "this is Sasha, my sister and this is." She stopped. "Well?" I asked ". This is my boyfriend. Jake" she said. I instantly tensed up and clenched my fists.

But I relaxed and stuck my hand out to him and shook his hand. "Hi I'm zak and I guess I'm Savannah's ex-fiancé." I said Savannah frowned but kept quiet. I then sat down opposite of her and put my arm around madison. We had awkward conversations for another half hour when jake made up a bullshit excuse to leave. Savannah immediately separated me.

"Ill talk to jake and let him know we need to break up." She said. I told her to chose who she wanted, she was always welcome in my family. She nodded and rejoined everyone. The following morning I returned to my old apartment, I had spent the night at my parents house. As I walked in I saw the landlord.

"Zak?!?" She asked "where have you been?". She had the news on. "Oh just on a business trip." I pressed the elevator door button and stepped inside. I heard the anchor announce our successful escape. Hannah heard it and made the connection of my leaving and returning. She looked up at me with aw. I smiled and winked as the elevator doors closed. I entered the apartment and saw men's stuff scattered everywhere. Jacob's. I sat down in my lazy boy and turned on my tv, relaxing.

After an hour savannah text me she was doing Christmas shopping for me because we were going to have a make up Christmas and that she told Jacob.

He was taking it hard. I continued to watch breaking bad until after a half hour there was a violent banging on the door. I stood and went to the door, I opened it. Jacob was there and punched me in the face. I staggered back. He pulled out a long switch blade and stepped in, closing the door. "You bastered!" He swung at me with the knife but I caught his arm. I took the knife and put him in a choke hold, the blade on his jugular vein.

"You bastered!" He sobbed "I loved her!" He attempted escape but I held tight. "I know what you mean, she wonderful. But I in no way influenced her, she decided." He slipped from my arms putting distance between us and raising his hands to fight me. I closed the blade and set it down. "I don't know if she told you what I do, but I'm good at it.

Please leave." He swung,hitting my nose and drawing blood. I shrugged. He kicked at me and I caught his leg using it to toss him into the wall. I punched, hitting his cheek and causing it to swell. I then grabbed him by the throat and dragged him to the door.

I opened it and tossed him in a heap in the hall. "Good bye jake." I shut the door. I finished the show then called savannah. "Hi" she answered. "Hey so about the wedding. What, when, how are we doing this?" I asked. "I'm going to hang out with madi now so come to your folks place and we'll talk" I said ok and hung up. I showered quick and put on cologne then left. When I got to the lobby Hannah saw me. She saluted me "colonel,". I smiled and waved.

I got in my old car and drove to my fathers house. They had left again for business. I walked in and to madi's room. They were both there. "Hi honey" savannah said. "Hey babe."madison said. Savannah and I started working out wedding plans. We decided to have it in a month, really small.

All details were worked out except location she wanted the mansions orange grove, where she gave me the Lockett. I wanted the mansions rose garden where my parents were married and savannah didn't know but also where my brother was buried. We finally had madi decide, the garden. Everything was worked out in 2 hours. My parents said they'd make plans and savannah was on the fence about her father.

A week later savannah wanted a tour of the garden, having never been there. She saw the head stone and read it. "You had a brother?" She asked. "Ya." I got a tear in my eye "he was a navy seal. He assured us it was an easy mission.

I was 12 when I told my father not to hire a professional service, that I'd dig it myself." I now was fighting back tears. "I don't like talking about him." I started walking away. Savannah stopped me and kissed me.

"I'm sorry." She whispered. I wiped one last tear then smiled "I'm fine, would you like to go somewhere special?" I asked. She nodded. We started walking through the hedge maze connecting the garden and grove. At about half way I stopped and ducked through the hedge. Savannah followed into the hiding spot. It was a 4x4 area carved into the hedges. "Ryan made this for me before he went to the seals." I walked around the small area.

"Up until I left for the rangers I came here every day since he died." She looked around my sanctuary. "Thank you, it's nice to be this close to you." She kissed me again. When we went inside madi was cooking dinner. "Madi we just ate lunch." Menina gostosa bate uma punheta pra dois sortudos um mole e um otario said. She looked at me "no you guys were out there for 5 hours" she said a little irritably.

I walked behind her and kissed her cheek, wrapping my arms around her. "Feeling neglected?" I mocked her. She nodded making it a joke. I let go and went to the living room and put on espn.

After watching a ucla game madison came in. "Dinner is ready honey." I got up and followed her to the dining room. Sasha was there with savannah waiting on us. I sat by savannah and kissed her. She smiled at me. Madi had mad lasagna with garlic bread. In the middle of dinner I ask "Sasha where exactly do you live?" "Oh um with my foster parents." She seemed to hesitate, "do you not like them?" I asked This time there was no hesitation "excuse my French but, they are the spawn of hell." I felt savannah kick her under the table.

"Sasha, manners!" She said. I laughed and put my hand on Savannah's thigh to calm. I kissed her on the top of the head. "She's fine," I said. We finished dinner. I needed to think of presents for everyone for our makeup Christmas.

I had already thought of something for one person. A week later we had our make up Christmas. My mother got some cooking stuff, dad got some business stuff and savannah and madison got some girl stuff.

At Sasha she looked around and saw nothing for her from me and gave me a questioning look. "Sasha, I remember you said a little while ago that your foster parents are mean." "Spawn, of, hell." She interrupted. Savannah gave her a look. "Any way I thought about that and I talked to a lawyer and here." I handed her a envelope. She opened it and read it silently. Finally she read it again out loud. "Sasha Allan has been adopted by The engaged couple of Zak and Savannah Smith." She looked at me.

"Zak this is the best present ever" she was tearing up and came to hug me. Savannah was sitting next to me and leaned into the hug. After a long hug we all scattered through out the house. Me madi and savannah went to my room to watch a movie. After awhile Sasha came in and sat on my bed between the wall and me. "" she said as to test the word for my ok. "Hi baby" I responded in my most father-like tone.

We watched the movie and all the girls leaned to me. Sasha and madison on my shoulders and savannah between my legs using my chest as a head rest. "I'm so greatful." I said "I have my best friend," I kissed madi's cheek "my new daughter," I kissed Sasha on top of the head "and my beautiful fiancé." I leaned down and kissed savannah on the lips. They all gave me hugs and smiled.

I fell asleep shortly after and when I woke they were all gone. I walked to the kitchen and saw my father there reading the paper. I pulled out my wallet and got out my credit card. "In 25 days this is yours again," I said. He looked at me funny. "I got this when i was 15 and I've been using your money since.

The day I'm married, this is yours." I put the card back in my wallet. He just nodded at me and kept reading. I left, going to my apartment. When I walked in the lobby Hannah looked up.

"Oh hello, colonel?" I smiled and nodded approaching the counter. "Hey, savannah told me I needed to pay rent when I came home." I said reaching for my wallet. She waved me off "forget this and next month, veterans get 2 months free." I pulled out 3 Benjamins from my wallet, "it can be rent, or a tip" I set it on the counter and went to the opening elevator petite flexible blonde bangs all around home petitefuck and hugedick, I hit my floor number and turned around.

Again I winked as the doors closed. When I opened the door savannah and Sasha were curled up in my lazy boy with a big blanket over them.

They looked up from the T.V. When I came in. "Hey daddy" "Hi baby" they greeted me. "Hi" I responded. Savannah got up "where's Sasha sleeping until we get her a bed." I looked at her lounging in my chair. "She seems to like my chair." Savannah observed then nodded. Me and savannah started getting ready for bed, Sasha already fell asleep. When I lay down savannah was waiting "night babe" she said jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap rolled over.

I fell asleep shortly. The days went quick. Two days before the wedding madison gave me a 'bachelor party'. Really she just forced me to go to a strip club and hung out with me there.

The night consisted of her talking like a guy, and smacking girls asses to try to get me 'in the spirit'. When the day came I was more than ready. Savannah looked gorgeous in her dress. We had our wedding and were officially married. After the crowd dispersed I went in and changed to a tee and gym shorts.

When I came out sexy ass vera drake rides cock like a champ saw me " what are you wearing baby?" She asked. I laughed it off.

I grabbed a shovel I put out and went to Ryan's grave. I went behind the tombstone and suck the shovel in the ground. My mother saw me and immediately responded, "zak! Not ry." My father cut her off watching what I was doing. After I got about 2 feet down I found what I wanted. I pulled out a bag. "What is that?" My dad asked.

"Ryan always told me to save my money. For 12 years I didn't spend more than 1 thousand dollars from my allowance. You guys gave us a pretty big allowance. This is roughly 1.5 million dollars." My dad looked surprised, "23 hundred a week really adds up." He said. My dad got his card back. I was now set to finish my school. I ended up with a masters in business.

Savannah and I now have a small castle set on 250 acres of vineyard land. I own the multi-trillion dollar computer security company my father made from scratch.

He retired one I got my masters, and died last year. I, like I did for my brother, buried him next to my brothers grave. My mother moved to a smaller house in the country. Living in my house now is me, my flawless wife savannah, my full time secretary madison and my 3 beautiful biological daughters.

Jordan, 17, Megan, 15 and Sara who is 14. My sister in-law, Sasha lives in my old house. I just closed a business deal with a very wealthy older gentlemen.

He told me about his past. He said when he was younger he made a horrible mistake and stabbed a boy for some money because he was poor. He said later the boy saw him again and gave him a couple hundred bucks.

The boy was from a background of money, he owns a business now. With the money he received from the boy he invested and hit big, he made a successful company after that. He told me he always wanted to repay the boy but couldn't find him again.

I'm becoming good friends with the man. We had him for dinner and everyone loved him. One day I will probably tell him. Tell him that he was the reason I got a second date with her.

The reason I had fun in high school. The reason I got madison, thought about more than just my families business, joined the rangers, almost died, got my girlfriend back, saved some good men's lives in china, married my dream girl, took over this wealthy business and have what I think of as a perfect life. I know one day ill thank him for making my life perfect.

But he doesn't need to know now. I want him as a true friend, not someone who owes me. That's all the time I have. My friend is downstairs about to join us for dinner, and I shouldn't make him wait.