Busty asian brunette gets a spunk in her awesome face

Busty asian brunette gets a spunk in her awesome face
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After graduating teen fucks stranger in shower slavemouth alexa theatre school about ten years back, I've been performing on stage and have done a few commercials and guest starred on some high profile television shows. I recently directed a play to great reviews in the newspaper as well as winning a community theatre award from the local arts council.

But my main job is a drama professor at the local community college. It's less tiring than regular acting gigs and the pay is great. On top of that, I got a daily eyeful of some of the college's most attractive students and a few of them will usually be willing to perform extra credit for a chance to be a star, if you know what I mean.

We just started the winter semester and I am auditioning my class for a new show that I personally wrote about a girl who is being seduced by another girl and is confused over her feelings and desires for her and the man she loves. The students who are able to get parts in the play will get to perform for credit and upon a successful run, advance to the next level next year while those who don't will be kicked out of the program and be forced to take dramatic theory to finish their degree.

Needless to say, a lot of people wanted to get into the play in any role possible. I sit in the seats of the theatre where the only thing on stage is a couch I'm using for auditions.

Two of my students, Brittany and Ally, walk into the theatre after a long day, with them being the last ones to audition. Brittany is a short Chinese girl with long straight black hair with large, dark, inviting eyes, a slender figure with a tiny waist, amazing hips and a nice firm bubble butt. She has a creamy complexion with fair white blonde housewife swings outside with a stranger. Her breasts are slightly above average, accentuated by a tight pink button up top but her assets are definitely her ass.

Ally is pinky xxx karla lane sara jay in orgy cock and mas Latina and is much taller. In fact, she's tall for a girl, towering over many of the guys at school.

Ally is a voluptuous brunette whose complexion is darker than Brittany's and sports a pair of full bodied lips and dark green eyes. She comes in with a green v-neck shirt that gives off some amazing cleavage, as if her breasts are about to bust out of her shirt. They both are sophomore drama students with delusions of grandeur, thinking that they can become rich and famous one day because they are hot.

Unfortunately, neither of them can act their way out of a paper bag. Ally's line deliveries are wooden and Brittany sounds like a bimbo every time she recites dialogue. Plus, with Ally's height, it's hard to find her a scene partner that works well with her. They're definitely on the verge of being kicked out of the program.

The male students do welcome their presence in class, especially for scene studies where they get paired up with them for love scenes. Regardless of how cold it is in the theatre, they always wear shorts or skirts to class. Since we have a proscenium stage, I often get a good view of their crotch during class. The theatre's temperatures are also cooler than the rest of campus and sometimes their nips would stick out from their shirts.

I have often thought about screwing these two, but no opportunity has presented itself. That is until now. "Hello Brittany and Ally. Ready for your audition?" "We are, professor," says Brittany in a bubbly voice. "We're ready to become stars of your new show." "That's for me to decide," I tell them.

They begin reading their lines and are killing the scene, and not in a good way. Brittany says everything like she's a dumb blonde and Ally barely has any emotion to her voice when she speaks. "Stop, stop, stop!" I yell out.

"What is this?" "What's wrong, professor?" Brittany asks. "What's wrong? This scene is supposed to be full of sexual tension.

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You're supposed to be seducing her, Brittany but you come off sounding like a retard than a sexy seductress!" "Looks like I'm the better actor," Ally says with some excitement. "Oh, don't get me started on you, Ally. You're supposed to be filled with dramatic emotion all over. A hot girl is trying to seduce you and steal you from your handsome boyfriend.

But your delivery falls flatter than Kiera Knightley's chest!" Brittany laughs at that joke. "Try it one more time," I tell them. They try again and while it's a little better, it's still a hopeless situation.

"Okay girls," I tell them. "I'll be frank. Your chances don't look so good." "I'm sorry, professor," Ally says. "I'm trying my best here.

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It's hard to see her as a sexual prey when she's my good friend." I take a moment to think of how I can better their performance. "Brittany, do you think Ally's is pretty?" I ask her.

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"Yes, of course!" she says. "Ally, do you think Brittany is sexy?" I ask. "Well yah, lots of guys go after her," she says.

"No, not other guys. You, Ally. Do you find Brittany sexy?" I ask. "I suppose…" she replies, her voice cracking a bit. "Have you ever seen each other naked?" I ask.

"Professor, that's gross!" Ally screams. "I mean in the locker room of the gym or the shower after swimming," I say. "Well, yah…" Brittany replies. "And what do you think of her when you see her naked?" I ask Brittany. "Have you ever thought about experimenting at the sight of peta jensen fucks her lucky neighbor p exposed breasts?" "Professor, that's getting personal," Ally says.

"Yes, professor," Brittany replies. "I have thought about it." "BRITTANY!" Ally screams. "Oh c'mon, Ally. I've seen you stare at my ass in the locker room too," Brittany says.

Ally blushes a bit. "And rightfully so," I tell them. "Your butt is amongst the nicest in all of my students." "Isn't there anything you can do to make our performances better?" Brittany asks. I think about that for a moment.

What can I do to make both these girls embrace the raw passion needed for their characters? "Brittany, come over here," I command. As Brittany comes over, I'm tingling with anticipation. She is one sexy female. The way her hips wiggle as she walks over excites me further. As she reaches me, I reach out and begin to unbutton her top. I finish unbuttoning it and pull it off of her, revealing the fact she's not wearing a bra, exposing her beautiful, firm tits.

They stand out from her chest wall. They are creamy white with a pink areola and pink, erect nipples. "What are you doing, professor?" asks Ally. "Ally, this is called method acting. During the show, actors tend to use real life experiences to draw their emotions from.

Since the roles you're auditioning for are a bit sexual in nature, I thought this can help your performance. I will try out with Brittany first unless she has an objection." "Sounds good to me," replies Brittany as she takes off her skirt.

"Now our female lead in this show is constantly fighting her urge to be with her best friend so Ally, I want you to come over here and touch Brittany." Ally comes over and I take her hand and touch it to Brittany's breast. I help her fondle Brittany's tits. I take her fingers and run them over her erect nipples and Brittany lets out a soft moan.

As Ally caress Brittany's breasts, I move my hands down Brittany's flat, soft stomach to her amazing round ass and give her cheeks a nice squeeze, finally coming around to the front where I slip my hand into her panties and gently rub her pussy, which is now dripping wet.

I kneel down and pull Brittany's panties off. "Brittany, is teens pound guys butt hole with massive strapons and squirt juice anything you would like us to do?" I ask her. "My nipples are really sensitive," she says. "I want someone to suck on them." I nod to Ally to make her move and she slowly brings her face to her boob and hesitantly flicks her tongue over her perky chest.

I treat myself to Brittany's creamy smooth butt and kiss those bubbly cheeks, at times giving her sweet ass hole a gentle lick. "Does this excite you Ally?" I ask. "I've never done this before," she says. "There's a first time for everything," says Brittany.

"You should try it too. You'll like it." I stand up and reach out to give Ally's bust a squeeze before I lift up her v-neck and expose those amazing mummeries covered in a yellow bra.

Brittany begins to remove my shirt and pants. "Shouldn't you get undressed too, professor?" questions Brittany. "Of course I must. The character you're auditioning for is confused between her lust and urges for both a man and a woman so we need to use a male body as well as a female one," I reply.

Brittany removes my pants and shorts. My cock stands out straight. "Looks like the professor is unleashing his inner Stanislavski," remarks Brittany. I unhook Ally's bra and let her incredible 34D tits fall out. Her olive colored skin glow where her curves are and topped with brown areolas and succulent nipples, they are to die for. I start swirling my tongue over them before applying my lips and giving them a gentle suck. "How does that feel?" I ask Ally.

"It feels really good," she says. "Now Brittany, you take one nipple as I take the other," I tell her and she brings her face over to Ally's giant boob and starts sucking. "Which one do you like better?" I ask Ally. "You're both amazing!" she moans. "You now must use these feelings toward your performance. Your character is confused over her desire for a man and a woman. Let both of these pleasurable sensations guide you to give a great performance," I tell her.

"If you do well here, it will definitely boost your chances of being a better actor." Brittany understands the nature of the audition and takes hold of my throbbing cock and begins to stroke it. She gently jerks it before pulling it towards her mouth and she sticks out her tongue to lick the tip of my cock. Her tongue focuses on the opening at the tip of the head for a bit before she moves down and spends a few minutes licking up and down the underside of it, which is very sensitive.

Meanwhile, Ally digs her hand through my hair in pleasure as I feast on her amazing mammeries. I take off Ally's pants and panties, revealing herself to be a natural brunette. I take a seat on the couch and have Ally stand up on it while Brittany continues to work her magic on my shaft. I part her legs and move my head between them, looking at her inviting pussy.

It gives off a musky sweet scent that's very alluring. She has one of those puffy cameltoe ones with nice thick lips that completely cover her fleshy insides. I run my tongue along her inner thighs. She gasps at the first touch of a tongue on her flesh. I move my tongue up to her large cunt lips and gently slurp the moisture along the length of each one. She gasps again and pussy juice leaks from between her lips.

Brittany has taken my cock into her mouth and is swirling her tongue around the sensitive head before moving up and down on it. As I continue to eat out Ally, Brittany climbs on top of me. Taking hold of my cock, she guides it into the opening of her sweet cunt and lowers herself down saucy redhead pleasures a fat shaft orally my shaft.

She is really tight and it takes a few good moments for her to get it all the way in. Once it's in, she begins to move back and froth in a grinding motion. I start filling Ally's cunt with my fingers, occasionally spreading her lips apart to enjoy the succulent pink flesh that's inside. Brittany's cunt is red hot, strangling my cock with intensity. The sensation of her pussy moving up and down my shaft drives me wild. I turn Ally around so that she can watch what Brittany is doing to me.

As Brittany continues to pump up and down on my cock, she takes her friend's pussy in her mouth. "Good, Brittany," I tell her. "Use your animal instincts to seduce Ally. This will all help you in your performance." "Quit the bullshit and just let me fuck you," Brittany says. As Brittany continues to dine on Ally's shiny pink pearl while riding my hard cock, I start licking Ally's butthole and she gasps in pleasure. I see Brittany receiving a face full of pussy juice. My cock is straining and I can feel the juice start to squirt from the end of my dick.

"Brittany…I can't hold on much longer," I tell her. I can't hold back any longer and a gush of semen rush out of my cock, leaking out of Brittany's pussy. Brittany reaches down and sticks her fingers in cum, bringing them up to Ally's mouth to taste. Ally hungrily licks the cum off Brittany's hand. I push Ally aside and make out with Brittany for a job well done.

Even though I just came, the sight of these two delicious females makes my cock immediately bounce back to life.

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I suck on Brittany's tits while fingering her ass and she sucks on Ally's enormous mounds. I get up off the couch and pull Ally down, laying her down on her back. I spread her legs apart, standing between them and with my hard cock in my hand, I position it at the opening of her sweet cunt. I press gently at first before pushing through with a quick thrust and start to stroke in and out sexy teen lucy tyler will fuck for cash reality kings quick speed.

Ally gets a hang of this and starts to hump back. Brittany sits next to Ally on the couch, rubbing her clit while sucking on her nipples and I continue to finger her asshole.

They both start moaning louder and louder. It's amazing how much longer it takes to cum the second time around but that just means the pleasure will last longer. I fondle Ally's breasts as I ram her tight snatch and Brittany comes up to give me a kiss before working her way down to my chest.

The combination of her sucking on my nipple and my throbbing cock inside Ally's pussy is pushing me over the edge and I feel the second orgasm building in my cock. I warn them that it's coming and Brittany gives my nipple a gentle bite before I pull out and blast Ally's body with my semen, with quite a bit of it hitting her face.

Brittany starts licking Ally's entire body, cleaning up whatever bit of semen she can find while Ally lies there panting. I collapse on the couch and Brittany starts to lick my body all over. After a few minutes of rest, we get dressed and I tell the girls that they made the cut. "So, which one of us is the lead?" Ally asks. "Neither of you are," I tell them.

"But you house vark man fak new to be in the play. However, your performances are not as strong as your classmates. I'm going to have to hold an extra rehearsal with you two every week to ensure your performance is up to par." "Not a problem!" Brittany exclaims with a smile as she licks the rest of the cum off my dick. THE END.