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Hot chick pink tits sweet pussy vibrating online camsex masturbation amateur
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Mike threw his suitcase on the sofa and lay down on the hotel bed. He had a smile on his face. It had been a long and tiring day but he had come out on tops. He had cracked the deal with the client and he would fly back tomorrow safe with the knowledge that a hefty bonus was on its way. Hell yeah! Life was good. He got rid of his clothes and started to get ready for a bath. He wanted to get refreshed and then chill out with a drink, enjoying and toasting his success.

He got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back towards his bed. "Mmmmm&hellip. Isn't that a cute ass. Pity it is covered". It was a husky woman's voice. Mike spun around startled. What he saw took his breath away. On his bed was lying the most gorgeous woman he had ever laid his eyes on. She was a brunette with legs that seemed to go on for miles.

Her sharp features were highlighted by some very good make up. She wore heavy mascara giving her a devilish look. Her green eyes shone in the dim light and her arched eyebrows were as naughty as they come. Her black sleeveless dress was hiked to just above her silken thighs. She was resting on her arm and looking lustily at Mike. "Who the fuck are you", he spluttered. "And how did you come into my room". She pouted tauntingly. "I am disappointed Mike. We spend a whole day together and you refuse to recognize me in the evening.

How nasty is that." Mike looked closely at her and his eyes almost popped out when he realized who she was. It was the client he had the meeting with all day!! "Ms Smith. My look…I mean. I am sorry. I didn't.". Mike was blabbing. His old big bobbs sexy teacher has stopped responding and he did not have a clue as to what his client was doing dressed like a sex goddess in his room.

"I am hurt Mike. I really expected you to be far more courteous of someone who I paying you millions of dollars as project fees.

You just refuse to recognize them barely after the deal is signed. I wonder whether I made the right decision." Mike panicked. "No no Ms Smith. Its just that I was not expecting you here and you caught me by surprise". "Well I guess you will have to make it up to me now." "Of course Ms. Smith". Mike relaxed. "Shall I get you a drink?" "Fuck the drink you bastard. I want you to come here and lick my cunt till I cum.

And the name is Lisa." Mike pretty hot brunette bessi fucks a dick like a champ big dick and blowjob startled by the wanton show of lust by Lisa. He could feel his cock go hard and bulge against the towel. E loved a dirty talking tramp and he had one laid out on his bed goading him to fuck her. Lisa hiked up her dress to her hips, revealing her pussy.

It was already glistening with her love juices. She spread her legs wide and dipped two of her fingers into her cunt. She pulled it out and sucked on them noisily, grunting and moaning. "What are you waiting for, you pussy licker.

Come here and lick this itching cunt till I spurt my cum into your mouth. Lick it like the horny mother fucking dog that you are.

I know you want to. Come here and get it", Lisa hissed. Mike ripped his towel off. His thick cock was throbbing and hard as a rock. "So you want your cunt sucked is it bitch? I am going to suck and lick that wet hole till you beg me to stop. Spread your legs and show me your slutty cunt." Lisa lay down on her back and spread her legs wide.

Mike pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her ass and hips were hanging just outside the bed. He knelt down between her long legs which were resting on his shoulders. He could see her wet cunt quivering in front of him. The musky smell of cum was intoxicating.

"Lick it motherfucker. LICK THAT CUNT. Spit on that nasty hole and eat my pussy till I cum." Lisa was grinding her hips in the air, desperate to get his hot tongue to plunder her cunt.

Mike nibbled on her inner thighs, teasing her. He could hear Lisa moan and growl. He kissed her thighs and then SHOVED his tongue deep into her pussy hard. Lisa let out an animal grunt and thrust her hips hard into his face.

"That's it you bastard. FUCK IT. Fuck that cunt with your tongue. Oh god, yes. Eat that wet pussy motherfucker. Arrrggghh YEAH!" Lisa screamed. Her hips were grinding in hard into mikes face as she fucked his face with fearsome energy. He could feel her legs wrap around him as she humped his tongue hard. Mike slid deeper into her cunt and wiggled his hot tongue around. Her cum was flowing heavily into his mouth and he could feel his face getting drenched.

He pulled out and took a deep breath. "DON'T STOP YOU PUSSY LICKING FUCKER. Suck my pussy. EAT THAT CUNT you bastard", she howled. "You like getting your pussy licked you bitch? You like it when I drill it with my tongue don't you, you slut. Well you are going to love the way lick it and suck it and fuck it." Mike spat hard she is gorgeous and she likes bukkake her pussy.

Lisa squealed and growled and slammed her pussy back on his face. Mikes tongue slid deep into her wet cunt. Devouring it, slithering in it. He could feel her pussy juice running down the sides of his lips as he slurped and licked hard. She was now fucking his tongue like it was a cock. Her hips slamming into his face as she hissed and grunted. She held his head in a firm grip and rammed her hips into his face "That's it you fucking bastard.

Fuck my cunt with your face. FUCK it motherfucker. HARDER. OH YEAH…FUCK ME&hellip. Aaaarrghhgh&hellip." Lisa arched her back as her orgasm swept over body. Her cunt was squirting out cum into Mike's face as he hungrily lapped it up. Mike pulled his face out from between her legs. It was wet and dripping from her cum. "You like that bitch? Did you like the way I licked your slutty cunt?", Mike hissed.

Lisa sat up and grabbed his hair and pulled his face towards her. She kissed him deep and hard, tasting her cunt juices fro his lips. "Yes you horny bastard. I loved it. And now I want you to fuck me silly. Fuck me so hard that I have your cum oozing out my nipples, you bastard." Lisa hissed.

She held his face in her hands and spat into his open cum drenched mouth. Mike ripped her black dress off revealing her pert tits. He grabbed it hard in his hand. "So how would you like to get fucked, teen cock man milk cookies and tiny whore. How hard redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital you want my cock to fuck you." Mike ripped her black dress off revealing her pert tits.

He grabbed it hard in his hand. "So how would you like to get fucked, you nasty bitch. How hard do you want my cock to fuck you." Mike squeezed her left tit as he swooped down on he nipple, sucking it noisily. "Arrrgghh that's it you fucker. SUCK IT. Make those pig noises and SUCK my tits", Lisa yelled. She started pumping her tits into his face. Making the nipple slide in and out of his hungry mouth.

Mike's tongue swam over her tits. Making them we and sticky with his saliva as he sucked and gurgled and gagged on her tits. He pulled his face away from he nipple, making her growl with anger. "So how hard do you want it bitch? Do you want my cock deep and hard inside your slutty cunt?" "Yes, you dirty bastard. FUCK MY BRAINS OUT. Fuck the shit out of me. I want to see your cum ooze out my nipples, you piece of shit. FUCK ME!", Lisa was screaming in her lust and passion. Her pussy was dripping with her juice and her mind swimming with desire.

She wanted to be fucked furiously. She slapped Mike on his face and grabbed his hair in her hands, pulling his face close to hers. She licked his lips lustily and then spat into his open mouth. "Now fuck me nasty, you son of a whore. Fuck me so hard that I piss." Mike grabbed her hair in her hands and pulled it hard. "So you like it rough and nasty bitch? You want me to fuck you hard? Come on then spread those legs.

Show me that cunt. I am going to drill that pussy and then fuck you hard in the ass. And you are then going to lick my filthy cock clean. Get on your knees and show me that cunt." Lisa turned around on her all fours and spread her legs wide. Her wet cunt was drooling out pussy juice. Mike could see her tight asshole swaying in front of him. He slapped her ass hard making her yelp. He lapped her ass again, rubbing his fingers over her tight asshole. Teasing her, taunting her. He dipped two of his fingers into her drooling pussy and jammed them into her tight ass.

Lisa grunted like a bitch in heat. "AAARRGGHH FUCK YOU BASTARD. That's it. Shove your fingers into my dirty asshole. You love my nasty asshole don't you motherfucker. Ohhh YEAH! Wiggle them around. FUCK IT FUCK IT FUCK IT you nasty bastard. FUCK MY ASS AND PUSSY." Mike pulled out his fingers and jammed them into her mouth.

Lisa lapped hungrily on his fingers, tasting herself. Mike shoved his cock hard into her cunt making her body buck as he slammed hard and fast into her pussy. "That's it you bitch lick your ass off my fingers as I fuck your cunt.

Oooh yeah. My cock is going to bust your itchy, slutty pussy you bitch. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! Take it, you whore. Take my cock deeper you cum burping gutter slut!" Mike's cock was ramming in and out her cunt furiously. He could see her cunt juice frothing up on her pussy lips as he ravaged her cunt. Lisa was grunting and heaving, pushing her pussy into his cock.

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He slapped her ass and grabbed her hair, pulling it behind. Lisa's face was upturned as her hot pussy got fucked HARD. "Do you like it bitch? Do you like getting your filthy cunt fucked like a whore?" Lisa yelled out in assent, urging him to fuck her cunt harder.

Her body was glistening with sexual heat and sweat. Her tits swaying and bouncing as Mike shoved his cock harder and deeper. Mike could feel his cum swelling up. He knew that he would spurt any time into her wet snatch, flooding her with hot creamy spunk. He squeezed his cock muscles tight, trying hard not to blast her cunt with his cum.

Lisa could feel Mike's cock move in and out of her soaking pussy like a machine. Her body was alive with sexual energy. Her mind was blown by he way Mike was ravaging her pussy. She wanted more. "Harder motherfucker. Is that all you got, you piss drinking bastard. FUCK IT HARDER. Make me cum all over your hard cock. I want to feel your cum blast inside me. Fuck the shit out of me goddamn it! Fuck my cunt. Fuck meeeee…!!!" Lisa hissed as Mike grabbed her hips and drove his throbbing cock deep inside her.

Mike slapped her ass again, and pulled out of her sopping pussy. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to his. Both were panting and heaving from the vigorous fucking. "Oh I am going to fuck you harder bitch. I am going to fuck that pussy dry. You are going to walk with your legs spread for a month after I am done with you. This nasty boy is going to fuck you and suck you and lick you till you scream." Lisa kissed Mike hard on the mouth.

"You want to taste me, you gina gerson anita bellini hot euro sluts anal dp gapes bastard.

Here lick this motherfucker! Lick this good!". Lisa lifted her left arm and shoved Mikes face into her armpit. It was glistening from the sex sweat. Mike sucked and kissed and lapped up her sweat hungrily.

Slurping like a dog as Lisa grabbed his hair and forced his mouth all over her sweaty armpits. She pulled his head out. His face was wet. "You like that bitch. You like it when I lick that dirty sweaty armpit. Open you mouth whore.

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Open it!" Lisa opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out and moaning in lust. Mike spat inside her mouth, his saliva mixed with the sweat from her body. She gulped hard. "Fuck my ass you fuck boy. Fuck my nasty ass till I scream.

I want to feel your cock rubbing inside my hot and tight asshole. FUCK IT!" Mike threw Lisa on her back and spread her legs wide.

She held on to her legs, exposing her hot and tight ass. Mike bent over and lunged his tongue into her ass, tasting her musky heat. His fingers slid in easily into her tight bun hole as he twisted and wiggled them around, making her moan. His hard and throbbing cock was swaying in front of her ass.

" Oh baby, I m going to rip this whore ass of yours. I am going to fuck you silly. Your slut ass is going to filled with my cum. Get ready to get your asshole busted bitch." Mike slid his fingers deeper into Lisa's tight ass. His fingers were buried till the knuckles into her tight, hot ass. Lisa was moaning and grunting like a bitch in heat. "Arrrggggfffffuuuuccckkkk. FUCK IT. Fuck that ass you bastard. Fuck it like a motherfucking dog. FUCK IT. Aaaarrrgggghhhh".

Mike pulled his fingers out again sucked them. He could taste the bitch's ass in his mouth and he loved it. The sweet musky smell got him horny and hard. He bent down and spat hard into her gaping asshole. Lisa grunted and spread her cheeks wider.

He spat again, making her puckered asshole drip with hot spit. He then grabbed her hips and shoved his hard throbbing cock into her ass. "OH YESSSS! THAT'S IT MOTHERFUCKER. FUCK IT. FUCK IT NOW. FUCK MY SLUTTY ASS!", Lisa screamed. Mike plunged his cock deeper.

He grabbed her hips and rammed his dick deep. He could feel her hot tight ass milking his dick. Lisa was squeezing his dick with her ass. She thrust back harder, trying to get more of his dick into her horny itchy ass. Mike could she the cock squeeze out the juice and spit from her ass as he pushed in.

He started to thrust in furiously "Do you like that bitch? Do you like my donkey dick fucking your ass? Take it TAKE THE FUCKING DICK. I am fucking you like a dog. YEAHHHH! YEAHHHH! Urrrgh-urrgh-urrgh-urrrgh!! Fuck it harder. Fuck my dick back with your asshole. I want to fuck your ass till you scream. That's it. Grunt like a bitch in heat. Your slut ass is going to get plundered today. FUCK IT.

Fuck it like a pig." Mike grabbed Lisa's hair and moved his body close over her. They were looking into each other eyes. Both furiously fucking. The eyes burning with sexual intensity. Lisa's body was lurching and bucking.

She could feel the cock czech redhead shared in swingers club tube porn inside her ass. Fucking her. She wanted her ass fucked hard. Her tits were bouncing hard as Mike drilled her. She could feel her pussy juice streaming out of her cunt. Rammed in three of her fingers into her dripping cunt as he fucked her hard. She wanted more. "Is that all you got fucker? I want you to fuck my brains out. Fill me with your hot cum till I gag on it.

HARDER!! OH YEAH. Aaaaarrrrrrrhhh.Fuck my ass. FUCK MY ASS you cunt licking dick." She opened her mouth and licked her lips. "Ok you ass fucking bastard.

SPIT in my mouth. Spit inside it hard. I want to taste you. DO IT!" Mike spat hard inside her mouth. "Ummmmm… yeah. Harder. Treat me like your whore" Lisa said. Mike grabbed her face and spat again inside her mouth. Lisa rolled it around and spat back at him. "That's what you get for fucking me hard fuck boy." Mike opened his mouth and felt her hot saliva. He was now hornier than before. He loved her nasty stuff. He pulled his cock out of Lisa's ass. It was gaping and pulsing. He pushed his tongue deep inside her ass making her moan.

"Taste my freshly fucked ass. Oh yes you nasty bastard. Push your cosplay loving sweeties dress up for pov dick sucking in and EAT my ass." Mike wiggled his tongue deep inside her ass. Tasting her. Teasing her. His cock was throbbing with cum and he knew he could not hold on much longer.

He buried his face deeper as felt Lisa pushing back on his tongue. Getting her slutty ass licked hard. Mike gave her a good tongue-lashing and stood up on his knees. "Turn around bitch.

Suck this cock. Taste your ass on it like a dirty gutter slut." Lisa turned around fast and plunged his cock into her mouth. Sucking it feverishly and moaning and grunting. He could feel his cock being devoured by this horny trashy slut. Lisa buried the cock into her mouth and sucked the entire length.

Making it wet and hard.

"I love your cock. I love your ass fucking cock. Fuck my mouth with it. Fuck it HARD. Make me choke on your cock. FUCK IT. Fuck it you bastard. Fuck my dirty trashy mouth." Lisa spat on his cock viciously and plunged it back in. Mike grabbed her head and rammed his cock in. "GGGGGGRRRGGG GGGRRRGGG GGGRRRGGGAAAAH. Yeah fuck my mouth. HARDER." Lisa screamed. Her lips stretched across his cock. Sucking it, licking it, eating it. Mike could feel the cum boiling up in his balls.

He plunged his cock into her mouth and thrust it in and out fast. He was fucking her nasty mouth just like a cunt. "Take it bitch. TAKE IT. YEAAAARRRRH YEAAARRRHHH. You like that. You like getting your mouth fucked. Oh yes. I am gonna fill it with naughty kittens bang the biggest strap on dildos and spray love juice cum till it oozes out of your nipples.

Suck it harder slut. Lick it and suck it like a dirty whore" Mike could feel her spit dripping off his balls as he mercilessly plundered her mouth.

He could also feel her fingers running along the crack of his ass. He suddenly felt her fore finger plunge into his ass. He couldn't hold it any longer. With a loud grunt he spurted his cum deep inside her mouth. "OOOHHHHH AAARRGHHH. Oh yeah. Fuck. FUCK… Take that… Take that. Uuuurrgghhh." He pulled her face closer making his cock dig deeper into her throat as he spurted cum.

Lisa gagged and coughed, splattering Mike's cum all over face and his cock. He grabbed her face and rubbed it all over his cum spattered cum as his cock spewed cum onto her forehead and hair. Lisa licked his balls dry and pulled her fingers out of his ass.

She then licked her fingers clean, mixing the taste of his ass with his cum. She then held her tits together and drooled the cum onto them. Mike smeared the nasty mix on her tits and nipples as they kissed. "Thanks Mike. I really got my brains fucked out. Love the way you fuck like a horny motherfucker. I think you are going to be my nasty fuck toy for a long time now." Mike raised her arm and gave her armpit a long slow lick. Slowly savoring the sweat for all her nasty sex.

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"He smacked his lips and said, "The pleasure was all mine. Anytime you want your horny cunt and ass to get drilled, give me a holler. Next time I am going to fuck you till you squirt cum." "Can hardly wait…", Lisa said.