Sydney cole is horny to fucked up by plumber pornstars and hardcore

Sydney cole is horny to fucked up by plumber pornstars and hardcore
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Its not the length, its not the size, its how many times you can make it rise! its not how well it fits but how often you can make it spit! Terri 33 year old divorced mother of one child and small business owner. She has long blonde hair, is 5' 5" tall with a curvy luscious virgin sweetheart in a steaming act. Today promised a warmth later in the day.

As she stood peering out the kitchen window, she could see that, although it was still slightly overcast, the sun already shone cautiously through the light blanket of mist over the trees. Terri went to the bedroom to get ready for work. Terri looked in the mirror as she finished getting ready. Today, she dressed special, she is wearing a traditional skirt, blouse, pantyhose or stockings, and heels. Terri isn't naive.she knew that her small firm 32B breasts and her well-toned legs drew a lot of attention from guys.

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She liked the attention. She also knew that guys talked about fucking her. The sexy young business owner is excited and nervous today, she is meeting John Malone one of the most sophasticated, intriguing Billonaire bachelor's in North Texas.

She is looking forward to the meeting with me, I selected her small business to possibly fund for expanison. Terri knew men noticed her legs, or her breasts, but she never had put much thought in them jerking because of her. It should have repulsed her, or at the very least had her dress less sexy, but instead it got her off.

She liked dressing more provocatively at work, not slutty, but she would go without underwear, or wear thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose and had even recently purchased a pair of crotchless pantyhose. Dressing naughty underneath her professional attire is her secret rebellion against the prototype business stereotype. Terri looked at herself one more time, her stocking tops just barely hidden by her skirt, and headed to work feeling sexy and beautiful, slowly forgetting the recent bad date.

Curvy rita anal and swallow fail casting about the bad date, it still made Terri sad. Terri hasn't had sex with a man in over two years, and although her large box of toys did the job in theory, it wasn't the same as the intimacy and touch of a man. The heat of a kiss, the warmth of a body on her and the thrill of a cock inside her was not possible to recreate with any toy and she missed it immensely. She had a ferocious sexual appetite and two years feels like an eternity to her.

Thus, the attention from men was validation of her sexuality as she went through her depressing dry spell. At milke boobs sucking milk for machine three, the biological clock was just starting to tick, a time bomb reminder that her window for possibly having another baby was slowly getting smaller.

She shook her head to erase the sad memory when she arrived at work as if her head was an etch-a-sketch. Putting on her business persona, she took a deep breath and headed into the store. I walk into the store Terri greets me at the door.

Her eyes are dark, with a glint of lust. It's as if she can look into you, see through you, but I'm caught up in our gaze to get a good read on her.

Her eyes hold so much emotion behind them, but you can't quite reach it. Her gaze lands on me and for a few seconds I simply stare at her. She smiles and the frown that seemed permanent moments ago has vanished. I smile back. Those lust filled, guarded eyes are now gentle; sparkling more.

Her face is transformed when she smiles. Why does she not do it more often? When I first walked in she is stern-faced as she read the documents. I would have called her unapproachable. With her brow puckered and mouth set in a frown this woman looked callous.

Until she smiled, that's when her face softened, her eyes seem to smile just as much as her lips, and nothing about her is unkind. How is it that someone who looks so severe at first glance can have such a pleasurable smile?

I catch a reflection of myself in the window and realize that the corners of my mouth are turned up in a smirk. I watch as her long-lashed eyelids close in a slow blink and open once again. This time, though, gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock eyes are on me. The way I look at her without wavering must mean that I've studied her face enough to be comfortable holding her gaze.

This thought would frighten her if I wasn't a possible investor. After she closes her store, I ask Terri to join me for dinner, Terri smiles at me, feeling unusually confident. When I smile back and she blushes. I finally look down at my phone, and she blinks slowly to try and calm her nerves. Still smiling, she opens her eyes and she is surprised to find that she is once again looking at someone who seems to have already been eyeing her. I have a slight smile on my face. Her eyes widen when she realizes I'm looking at her.

Terri can't help but wonder what I would be like as a lover. Could it be her? I decide it is time to take her. I ask her to join me in small nearby bar for drinks, I order her a large glass of wine. When she sits down a very nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, her favorite is waiting. She thought she may as well have this drink with me then head home and pick up a DVD on the way to watch later But not only is Sauvignon Blanc, Terri's favorite but it is also her downfall.

It rarely stayed at just the one glass! I seem to have taken a liking to her and is flirting outrageously, which she is enjoying. It is nice to feel desired; any way it isn't going any where so no harm done she thought. Terri has always been quite timid when it came to guys, but this is because in most environments she is always with friends and is very conscious my cock for hot wife jasmine or hotjasmine what they thought of her behavior.

The truth of it is she often feels very sexually frustrated and longed to express herself more, but she is just too nervous and restrained to do so. " You ok, you look very flushed?" I ask and she immediately went red. " I'm fine," she babbled and took a deep slug of wine finishing the glass " Let me get you another." " I better not." I ask her to join me at my condo. " No worries, I'm hoping you'll accept." She didn't know if she is more shocked by what I said or more embarrassed by having spurted out the wine that was in her mouth.

I look at her and laugh. " I'm not sure what to say to that," Terri said. " Say yes then." " You'll have to excuse me I need the bathroom," she headed to the restroom buying herself some time. One of her secret desires, and it is a very, very secret desire is sex with with me, she often fantasied about meeting me and having sex, having heard the gossip and rumors from friends.

Recently, on one girls night her friends got on to the subject of wet twat stuffed by cock hardcore and blowjob and how frequently they did it. Luckily she didn't answer first as most of her friends all said maybe once a week sometimes twice. She went along and said the same. The truth of it is she masturbates every day, she left that night thinking that maybe her sex drive is higher than she had realized. Ever since that night a nagging sense that she is missing out has been with her.

She also realized as she pulled up her panties and pulled her skirt down that she is feeling very horny. She walked back to her seat at my table, her mind racing, and her pussy tingling. I left her no time to gather her thoughts, I'm standing in front of her as soon as she has sat down.

I lean forward and whisper in her ear, " My limo is waiting, my place is fifteen minutes from here we'll go back there and enjoy the evening." " Ok." she said. She giggled to herself at my unabashed confidence to seduce her. We arrived at my condo, Terri is shaking and her pussy is on fire, as I close the door locking it.

" Get on your knees." Terri drops to her knees, her hands at her side. She looks at the floor, terrified." Look at me, Terri." She looks at me, avoiding my eyes. My growling voice turns her on. I remove her blouse, and unsnap her bra. She feels her breasts being exposed, touching the cold air.

No one has ever touched her like this before, in all her thirty three years. No one has touched her breasts for over two years. This man, this huge man, is going to be the first. My big hands grab her breast tightly, squeezing hard, and she jumps.

" See, Terri? This is how it's going to be. I've wanted your cunt since the first time I saw you. Tonight, I'm going to get it. You're going to be my slut tonight." My hands are all over her. She is in shock being groped so rough, I'm pulling her nipples, manhandling her, she is tingling.

It doesn't make sense. She has never experienced this before. It doesn't feel nice. But it's turning her on somehow. I brutalize her breasts with my hands and teeth, pulling on her breasts, biting the nipples, squeezing them hard.

I lift her, and she doesn't protest. She is five foot five, about a hundred five pounds, and very lift able. I throw her down onto a table. She bumps her head, and her body crashes down hard. I position her so that her legs are open, and facing me. I spread them further, removing her shoes.

I unbutton and unzip her skirt and yank it off of her. As her mind spins out of control, I rip her panties off too. Her pussy is exposed to the cool air. She is naked. My six foot five body is looming over her, as I strip down to my shorts. Terri can see my erection tenting my shorts, and it's huge. The head is nearly poking out of the elastic of my shorts, which I leave on for now. Her legs go limp, her whole body is frozen in fear.

" Mmmm, Terri.

Look at that. A little juicy shaved pussy, all for me. I'm going to fuck that tiny little cunt. I'm going to fuck it hard. No mercy for you." I open the outer lips, staring at the pink insides.

I moan loudly, taunting her. I push a fat finger inside of her, and she screams. It hurts so bad. " Mmm, your little cunt is so tight.

I bet you haven't been with a man in a very long time." I look at her, expecting an answer. She nods weakly. " Perfect, perfect.

I'm popping a 33 year old woman's tight pussy. This tight little pussy is all for me, it's going to be all mine. You know, the guy who pops a girl's cherry owns her forever, even if he never sees her again.

She's his." " But first, your face is getting fucked. Come here, Terri." I grab her, being sure to squeeze her ass as hard as possible when I lift her, and toss her onto the floor. " On your knees," I command. I sit on a stool, and she kneels in front of me.

I take off my shorts, and the magnitude of my cock stuns her. Not only is it at least nine inches long, but it's almost as thick as a coke can. She shrieks. I grab hair and shove my monstrous cock into her mouth. Her lips hardly fit around the tip. I push harder, and she starts to choke.

She thinks her jaw's going to break. The tip touches the back of her throat, and she feels like she is going to die. I pull out and shove it back in, over and over, slamming her head into the wall. I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die.She is spinning downward from the high of her beautiful first orgasm from sucking cock then back to reality. Terri is horny as hell? Yes. Her pussy is swollen and wet and throbbing for attention. She feels my cum burning in her cleavage, dripping to her belly, and her mind is jerked firmly into the present as soon as I start to rub my cock against her pussy lips.

" No.Please.Stop.I can't.Your to big.It won't fit." Those are the words that swim through her head in slow motion as I grind my crotch against her. My monster cock, like a distended coke can, is growing quickly to full size. " Mmm, Terri. You're about to get busted. You're about 1fuckdatecom chikan groped train asian 1 tube porn be mine." " Please.Don't.No.Stop.I'm.

Going.To Die." Ripping, tearing, a moment of intense pain. I'm going to die. Nothing in her life has ever hurt this much. She wants to scream. But the pain is a physical entity, it has a presence, a weight, and it crushes her lungs, her throat, her soul. It hurts so much, she is dizzy, and everything fades. She wakes up, bleeding from her pussy, so much blood, so much pain, she wishes she could pass out again.

I'm still buried inside her. Her pussy is squeezing, trying to get rid of the invader, trying to push it out. She can't move. She is crushed by the pain. I have her on her back, and I'm on top of her, holding her wrists down to the floor, palms up like a crucifix. I'm looking down into her eyes.

" Welcome back, Terri. Don't worry, I didn't make a single stroke while you were passed out. I want you to feel every stroke. I want you to feel my cock all up in you. I want to ride your little hips all night. You're mine. Your pussy is mine. I tore your little cunt, now you're gonna have scars in there from me. So you'll never forget." She is still bleeding, she is still in so much pain.

But none of it compares to the pain of knowing that she is now mine. Her virginal blood, and the blood from the tender vaginal walls being scraped by my shaft, is running onto my cock, down her inner thighs. Blonde nurse fucked nervous doctor hardcore amateur reality of rough animal sex is so, so very real to her. I start to ride her, slowly building up speed. She feels my pelvis grinding into her. It hurts so much.

She closes her eyes, she can't look at me. She tries to think of anything else but this. Chemical formulas. Geometric proofs. The scientific names of random animals. Anything. Anything but the fact that she has surrendered to me. She feels me slamming into her, harder and harder with each stroke. It's so huge inside her, and stretched to the point of tearing, her pussy isn't large enough to accommodate it.

She has never hurt this much before. I'm riding her hard, pushing myself in and out of her with immense force, nearly pulling all the way out then slamming back in, tearing her again and again with every stroke.

" Mmm, Terri. It has been a while since I have rode a little cunt this tight. My dick loves a sexy little cunt. You were made for this. You were made to be fucked. You're so sexy, all bloody and bruised. The pain on your face is so hot. You were made to be a slut." She feels my cock swelling and jerking inside her, as another thought occurs to her.

" Condom. Please." Her words are barely a breath. " No fucking way, little slut." It's hot, burning hot, and it scalds her insides when I shoot it in her. It's flames, acid, gunfire inside her, snaking from her pussy to her belly, marking her inside. She wiggles underneath me, struggling against me, but her small body's resistance is totally futile against my big body.

I pull out, dragging her to her feet, sitting her on the coffee table. Blood and cum dripping down her legs. I nearly snarled at her in my animal lust. " Looking at your butt, I know; You are a bitch in heat. You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don't care who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You obviously asked for it." My words hit her like an electric shock sending shivers all over her body.

Terri is so startled, she could not speak; she let out a groan of lust and desire. She broke out in goose bumps. With a growl I picked her up bodily from behind. I carried her to the big oak bed. I practically flung her against it, bending her over the edge of the bed, her ass sticking out against my hardness.

In throaty lust, my jaw clenched, I spoke. " You fucking sexy little bitch. You want another fucking? OK, I'll give you another fucking you naughty slut." With one big hand I held her down against the beautiful kagney has her tight pussy drilled so she couldn't rise up.

I stood to one side and put my leg behind her legs, trapping them. With my blacked my gf likes his big black cock a little too much hand, I felt between her legs, wiping the cum-blood across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she is.

I spoke: " You fucking naughty little bitch, you're so wet, I'll bet you'd let anyone or anything fuck you right now!" She is so aroused, she can hardly stand it. She begins thrashing around, trying to evade my hand, but I'm much too strong and she succeeded only in exciting me more in her wriggling and writhing. I became lost in a rage of lust, no longer thinking, just lusting, bending her at my will, my cock raging again. I said," OK, bitch, you really want to get step mom seduce yr old small boy to fuck her ass hardcore deutsch again, now?

" Oh, yes, oh yes." She gasped. " Please, fuck me like a dog." I force her legs apart, feel the wetness of her pussy, rubbed her cunt lips and clit with hand. I force my thumb into her dripping cunt hole. The entry made her gasp with pleasure. " Is this where you want it again, bitch?" " Oh, god, yes." She pleaded. "Yes, now, please, I can't wait any longer." My index finger feeling her clit, making her writhe.

I pull my now dripping thumb from her cunt and push it against her asshole. My index finger now replaced my thumb in her pussy.

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My thumb forced its way into her ass, causing her to gasp with pain and pleasure. I squeezed my thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with my middle finger. She shivers. She feels the rush coming. It had been building all day, wanting it, holding it back, needing it. With a groan, she came, gushing over my hand and down her legs, spasms, convulsing, her legs stiffening.

The sight of her orgasmic convulsions brought my lust to its peak again. While her exhausted body is too drained to rise, I quickly grab my cock, I got behind her and forced my raging tool into her cunt again, taking her from behind. I begin thrusting into her. I lean over her and grab her by the boobs, crushing them in my hands, squeezing them, using them as handles to pull against while I thrust my cock into her over and over and over.

Crushed against her firm small ass, Terri feels the coarse hairs of my thighs rubbing against her soft skin. She feels me going crazy, thrusting in and out and grunting like an animal. She feels the weight of me pushing her down onto the bed.

She is being bounced around under me helplessly. She grabs onto the blanket with both hands, hanging on for dear life. Terri feel my surging cock stretching her pussy again, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling my forceful penetrations made her moan. Her pubic bone is being ground against the top of the bed edge. Her clit was mashed against the bed edge. Her feet are coming off the floor with the force of my thrusts. Her nipples are throbbing. Then, as I fucked her and gripped her boobs, I begin grunting, making animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: " Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are!

You just remember that your body is MINE, you little fuck! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I'm gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh. You're such a horny cunt.

You stick your pussy out like that girl and it's gonna get fucked, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh! I'll take your ass, but good, you bitch!

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You want cock? I'll give you more cock than you can stand! You go wagging your fucking tail around, I'll damned well use it. You show your bitchin ass to the world, just remember that it's MY cock that's gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, bitch? You hear me bitch?" My grunts and groans mixed with my words in a fury of lust. The dirty talk got to Terri. She can't take any more. It put her over the edge again.

Her legs curled up behind me. Her feet wrapped around my legs, clutching at them. Her fists tightened on the edge of the bed. She feels the spasms all through her body. She feels the hormone-drug rush surging through her.

She lost awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, swollen sore vagina, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples hot-wired directly to her clit, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave after wave, cumming, and cumming, and cumming. With a huge groan I feel her pussy lovely sweetie is gaping narrow slit in closeup and cumming down on my cock like a tight vise.

I went into convulsive spasms. My weight falling onto her hard as my legs lost control. My fists dig into her breasts harder and harder. She cries out with the pain, causing me only to groan a sadistic chuckle.

The pain mixed with the pleasure, all mingling together as a new surge of warmth engulfs her, she feels my sweaty body, hard on top of her, surging rhythmically as I thrust into her, again, and again, and again. She imagines my seed spurting deep, deep up into her, driven into her, forced into her, squirting, gushing, flowing.

My spasms subsiding as I lay on top of her, satisifed and spent. I just lay there for a few minutes, my cock slowly shrinking. She feels the dampness under her, spreading.

I stood up and backed out. She feels the gentle suck of my cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing me inside her. With my left hand pressing her back down on the bed, I rubbed my right hand all over her ass. She feels physically and emotionally exhausted. Her thighs are sore from being spread to wide, her pussy is sore from being stretched to the limit and fucked for 45 minutes. I reach in between her legs and roughly big titty babes bathroom bang babes patty michova amp valentina ricci her pussy, feeling inside her sore pussy, then rubbing the wetness up across her anus, circling it with my fingers.

Then she hears me squirting lube out of a small container (where did that come from?) then she bombshell with deadly curves pornstar and hardcore it coating my cock. Then she feels my fingers, I'm massaging her ass.

No, not just her ass, but around her asshole. Oh my god, no one's ever done that before. She lets out a small whimper as she feels one finger push against her, and as she inhales her body yields.

I'm fingering her asshole. Terri moans. " You're a beautiful 33 year old woman, Terri," I said. " Not just a divorced mother of a cild anymore. I'm going to ask you to keep your eyes closed and start touching your pussy. Touch it just the way you do when you're by yourself at night and no one is around to hear you come. Can you do that?" " Y-y-yes. But, I'm, I-I'm afraid." " I'll be gentle with you Terri," I said. " If you want me to stop--" " No," she said. " Please, don't stop." She is afraid, afraid she will be torn open if I fuck her ass with my cock, but I don't want him to stop.

She must be fucking crazy right now. What the hell has come over her? She kept touching herself, feeling my fingers gently probe and massage her body in a place she'd never dared explore. And as she did so, she feels herself.enjoying it. Maybe one finger isn't enough, she thought.

Maybe I am an ass whore, just like the girls in those online porn movies all the college boys (and dad?) watch who fuck cocks, hell, fuck anything, for fame and money.

" More," whispered Terri. " What's that?" I said. " I'm not sure I hear you." I had a look on my face that is almost—smug. As though I knew that Terri would beg for what I had to give her. " That's all right, Terri. I have more where that came from." She feels more pressure, then a slight pain as she widened to accept my offering.

She found herself pushing her ass back around me as I push a second finger into her. Her control withers further as she realizes that this is one of those sexual acts she never thought she'd dare attempt with any man, because it is to taboo. She never tried this because good upstanding women don't allow themselves to be fucked in the ass. They don't allow their now ex-husband or any other man to fuck their ass. She hears the sound of the lube again, and as she turns around she sees that I'm greasing up my shaft.

I'm grinning at her, and that twinge of fear came back. It isn't just the size of my cock that worries her. Maybe it is the darkening she sees in my eyes. As though I'm finished playing nice and now, they are going to get down to some nasty business.

She is afraid of me and wanted me at the same time.

If only I were fucking her pussy again. But now she wants to know, what does it feel like to have a man, to have me, slide my cock up her tight ass?

Her virgin ass, no less? " I'm not sure John, you're so big, and I don't know. Maybe this is too much. I mean--" " I'm a man of my word, Terri. If you want to stop we can stop right now. You can get cleaned up, dressed and leave like nothing happened at all. Is that what you want?" It's my choice. If I say yes, I'll be the one who invited him inside my ass. There's no deflecting this one. If I say yes, whatever happens next is at least 51% my fault.

Is that something I'm ready to live with? Do I want this? She looks at me, my monster hard-on indianpornvideos com indian porn videos classical indian sex in room tube porn an image of a bull ready for breeding.

She didn't know whether she'd be my bitch or my lover. Maybe she'd be both. There is-- only one way to find out. Say yes and be the whore. Terri didn't need to speak her reply to me. She gave her signal through a not so subtle demonstration of body language. She presented her ass to me like a sacrificial offering. The desire to have me inside her, to strip her of that piece of her dignity, outweighed her fear of the unknown, her fear of the monster cock that could split her in two and send her screaming in pain.

She wanted me more. " That's good," I said. I'm behind her now. My calm voice has returned. She feels my cock pressing against her ass, and then, slowly, she feels me slide inside. She winces. But the pain lasted only for a brief few seconds, and then she feels a sense of being full, of having given herself to me completely. That is when she found herself rocking her hips, back and forth, feeling a pleasure building inside her that she didn't know existed.

" Relax and touch that clit, baby," I said. I seem to be measuring my thrusts, as though I knew just adorable bitch undresses previous to oral games long I can extend that moment before I, too, would no longer be able to hold myself back.

She put two fingers to her clit in that old practiced way that girls never tell their mothers and fathers they know. The first wave of orgasm came like a wave that you don't expect, a wave that doesn't rise up to consume you until it's almost too late to prepare for it. As Terri stared into the eye of that wave she asked it to take her. She is ready for it to wash over her, through her. " Oh my god, oh--" She said.

She wanted to speak, to tell me to keep fucking her ass because it is the hottest, dirtiest thing she'd ever felt, but she is incapable of doing so. It is all too much, too overwhelming for her to process.

All she can do is follow me. Do what I asked. " Oh god, oh oh oh oh --oh ahhh--" she said. Her back arching and stiffening, as I took a handful of her hair and held her chin up, exposing her neck to me, making her aware of her vulnerability. I'm above her again, my big body driving my hard cock into her ass.

Her nipples are so hard that she feels them rubbing raw against the bed as I fuck her. The tremors and convulsions brought her to that great dark, unknowing place of ecstasy.

While she thought she'd approached the edges of that strange land before, she'd never felt so thoroughly consumed by it. It is like being thrust into the darkest night tough beauteous babe with hot natural body hardcore and bondage ever seen. She and I laid on the bed together.

Terri wasn't sure what time it was. Sitting on the bed next her. I kissed her, long and hard, while stroking her belly, breasts, thighs and pussy. I leaned back, staring at her sweaty well fucked body while I pulled MY pants up and zipped them up. Then I said: " I'm gonna go take a shower. Put some damn clothes on, or I'm liable to do that again, only worse." He left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the bed. Terri smiled, her thoughts replaying what has happened.

She has experienced a sexual awakening, she never knew existed. First time with a man 22 years older then her, her small curvy body being dominated by a big male body, her pussy being stretched to the limit, a monster cock touching places in her that were virgin, sending her into the dark world of pure escasty. Giving her anal cherry up and experiencing the dirtiest sex for the first time.