Sunny leone had fuke storys

Sunny leone had fuke storys
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Samantha ddeep fisting elbow fisting perfect nurse anal fisting tube porn by satomi ichihara uses her lips to devour a big dick C.H. Davis Chapter 1 Samantha was in a hurry as always. She still needed to go to the bank before picking up the kids from school and grocery shopping for the week.

She parked her mini-van and walked into the bank lobby as she needed to make the mortgage payment as well as a withdrawal. She noticed the lingering stare of the geriatric security guard as she went past. At thirty-three and a mother of two, Samantha still looked good and she knew it.

In fact, it was her need for attention from the opposite sex more than her scholastic interests that prompted her to take the psychology class at the community college during the mornings.

She liked the idea of being desired by the young, yet still legal, men who were her classmates as well as the older, yet still viral, professors. She still had yet to screw up her courage enough to act on the flirtatious invitations "to study" or for "after class help" but she still relished the attention none-the-less.

Her maturity and experience combined with her lush and lithe 36-26-32 body, doe-like brown eyes, pouty lips and long dirty blonde hair made her the object of sexual fantasy in college sluts find new pussy to play with young and old alike. 'Maybe tomorrow I'll put my hair in pig-tails, that aught to raise a few eye-brows, among other things!' she mused as she waited in line 'Maybe even get that hunky Prof.

Harrison to slip up during his lecture about the psychology behind sexual desire for younger partners!' "You're new here.

aren't you?" Samantha's thought were broken as she turned her attention to the conversation in front of her. She was next in line for the teller's cage and she could hear the man who was currently being serviced.

"Yes", came the reply of a female voice," this is my second day. I moved here from Iowa. There you are, sir, will that be all today?" "Yes, thank you. Say, are you getting ready to close? I thought you were open until five." said the man. "Normally, we are, but today we are having a branch meeting, so we're closing early" the female voice replied.

"Huh" said the man and he moved away from the cage exposing the view of the teller inside to Samantha. The girl was young, 22 or 23, guessed Samantha. She had jet black hair, cut short, into a modern, boy-ish style, yet her porcelain features coupled with her soft blue eyes dashed any hope of confusing her gender. That, and her obviously femine chest. This girl was stacked! She was easily a 40 DD, maybe even a 42 DD. Her bust was made noticeable further due to the old-style, pink blouse with a string tie under the lapel.

The material, while not sheer, clung to her without appearing tight, accenting each curve as well as allowing the volumous twins to move freely, as was demonstrated when she re-adjusted herself on the stool before calling out "Next!". Samantha strode up to the window and noticed the teller's name tag which read: Beverly.

"Good Afternoon, I… "EVERYBODY STAY CALM AND DON'T MOVE!" Samantha and the teller turned toward the source of the bellow to see three men dressed in black jump suits and ski masks. Samantha saw that the old security was slumped over and appeared to be knocked-out, a small trickle of blood on his right temple by the hair-line.

The men were all tall, the shortest no less than 6'1". The one in the lead, who was the tallest, at least 6'5" by Samantha's guess, began to walk to the teller's cage, while the other two locked the doors behind them. Samantha heard a gasp behind her and glanced back at the teller. Beverly's eyes were wide and she was chewing on her bottom lip, though from fear or excitement, Samantha couldn't decide. "You can forget about the alarm, Mr.

Manager, we already cut it from the outside!" Samantha turned to find that the leader was standing next to them! "Alright…Beverly, is it?" the man said, surprisingly gently. Beverly nodded, her eyes transfixed on the man, her breath in gasps of air and her nipples clearly erect against the thin blouse.

"Okay, Beverly, I want you put all the money in your drawer into this deposit bag, can you do that?" said the Leader, again in a honey voice as if coaxing a lover. "Okay"Beverly said in a half-whisper. As she stuffed bills into the bag, Samantha noticed that Beverly continued to glance back to the Leader. "OKAY, EVERYBODY, INTO THE VAULT! Except you two.", said the Leader, as Samantha began to move toward the massive bank vault.

Samantha stopped and turned back toward the tall man, staring, hypnotized by his piercing green eyes behind his mask as the rest of the people in the bank were corralled in the bank vault by the other two robbers. "That's everybody and I've got the bonds!" said one of the others said as he converged on the three of them. "Good work, Brother! Now, get the van ready!" said the Leader. Samantha stood with the third robber behind her and watched as the Leader moved away and behind the teller cage.

The Leader smiled behind his mask as he walked up to the teller. "Can I have the deposit bag, please, Beverly" he said, his hand out-stretched. "Uh-huh, here" came the teller's meek reply. The Leader took the bag and moved behind her, his gloved fingers lightly brushing her shoulder.

"Tell me Beverly, does a masked man turn you on?" asked the Leader gently. "N-n-no."said Beverly, unconvincingly. "Well, then,", said the Leader invading her space, "how come your so wet?" Suddenly, the Leader reached around and grabbed the girl, placing a white cloth around her teacher and stident xxxx blue film com and mouth as the she struggled helplessly.

Samantha forgot about the man behind her and started for the door when she too was grabbed and a cloying cloth was pressed against her face, replacing oxygen with something else. The sound of car brakes outside being the last thing she was aware off before blackness hit her.

Chapter 2 Samantha awoke, slowly becoming aware sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage her surroundings. The first thing that hit her was the heat. Her summer dress was pasted to her with sweat. The next was the pounding in her head and the pain in her neck as she moved to tried to clear out the cobwebs.

Finally, she felt the manticles on her wrists and ankles and heard the sound of the chains when she moved. She opened her eyes. She was sitting on a warm stone floor in a poorly lit room. The room looked like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, with statures and torches. The room wasn't large, but brooke lynn receives cum blasted on face after a hard sex like a kind of ancient waiting room with chairs along one wall and stone steps leading down on the other wall.

Then she saw that the girl from the bank, Whatshername, was chained up to the pillar next to hear, about ten feet away. The girl, Beverly, that was her name, Beverly, looked like she was still asleep. Samantha suddenly realized that she was hungry, but more than that, she was really thirsty! No amount of saliva brought relief to her parched tongue and throat it seemed.

Then the sounds of footsteps came up from the stairs and two men in brown robes and hoods came slowly into view. The two men carried fat ghetto bitch takes two big cocks laden with fruit slices and bread with honey and cups filled with wine. The men placed the trays on a small table on the other side of the room, then moved the table closer to the two women. Noticing that Samantha was awake, one of the men said, "Your bonds are long enough to reach, when you are ready.

Do not worry, for no one here will harm you". "What do you want with us?" demanded Samantha. "At least let me call my family, let them know that I'm alright!" One of the men turned from the stairs and slightly bowed his head, "Your family has already been notified, they know that you are safe." With that, he turned and continued down the stairs. Strangely, Samantha felt relief flood through her body, her worry replaced with calm.

Her thirst and hunger swelled and reminded her of her need for food and drink. She slowly moved, her chains clinking, toward the table and the nourishment it held. The wine was watered down, but dry and like a drop of water on hot sandstone, evaporated without a trace soon as it hit her throat.

The food, however, was much more satisfying, more so than she would have thought and after just a few bites, her hunger was abated. No sooner had she started her meal, than a low moan came from the bank teller chained next to her. Beverly stirred and said "Oh, my head! Where am I? Oh, It's you!". At this, Samantha turned to Beverly and said "Are you hungry, they left us food." Beverly crawled over to the table and grabbed the goblet, and began to drink deeply, only to stop suddenly, "Ugh!

What is this stuff?" "Not very helpful, is it?", said Samantha, "Try the fruit, it's a little better." "Thanks, I'm Beverly, by the way" said Beverly. "I kinda gathered that," said Samantha, looking pointedly at Beverly's name tag. "I'm Samantha." said Samantha. "Do you know what they want with us?" asked Beverly.

"No clue, but I don't think that they'd feed us if they were going to just kill us" said Samantha bluntly. "No, I guess not."said Beverly absently. "It sure is hot! It never got this hot in my Daddy's cornfield in Iowa!" said Beverly, as she unbuttoned blouse and fanned the cloth. Samantha just had to ask, "Don't you wear a bra?" Beverly reddened slightly and said "Normally, yeah, but I'm not used to doing my own laundry yet and they kinda shrunk.

I was going to buy some more after work, but…well, you know…" "Yeah, I know." said Samantha. "Samantha, if I tell you something, do you promise not to laugh?" asked Beverly.

"I promise." said Samantha. "Well, I've only had it once before, sex, I mean, with my ex-boyfriend before I moved here after getting my Associates in Finance and taking this teller job and well…" "What is it, Beverly" asked Samantha, slightly annoyed. "Well, didn't it seem.I mean, that guy, wasn't he.I don't know& I mean he was so tall and those eyes! I've never seen a man with eyes like that!

And, I don't know, I just have always thought about what it would be like to be with someone I didn't know, a stranger, someone powerful and mysterious…"said Beverly "Beverly! He was a bank robber! Probably a killer and a rapist! Not some Zorro!" said Samantha, exasperated.

"You're right! Of, course! I knew that!" said Beverly snapping out of her daydream and back to harsh reality trying to hide her shame at her secret, taboo fantasy. Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the stairs. This time there were four men in black robes, their hoods pushed back, but their faces hot chick barbie sins gets fucked and creamed by masks that seemed more at home in a masquerade than here.

"Quickly, the Master is ready for the first ritual! Leave the MILF and get the other one! The Master has seen the girl's teensloveblackcocks all natural keisha grey gets fucked by a bbc and knows that it will take longer to convert the mother than her.", said one of the men.

The others grabbed Beverly, who struggled against her assailants to no avail. "The first time is always the hardest!" said one of the men as he struggled to put fresh manticles to secure Beverly's arms and legs.

"Leave her alone, you bastards!", yelled Samantha, but she was too far away to stop them. "Patience, my dear, your turn will come!" said the first man. Having secured their task at hand, the four men carried Beverly down the stairs and out of sight, Beverly's cries echoing off the hard stone all of the way. ***** Samantha was alone for what seemed like an eternity when she again heard footsteps from the stairs.

She decided to feign being a sleep than attacking when they least expected it. Through half-closed eyes, Samantha saw two men in black robes and masks on either side of Beverly, who was no longer shackled. She was now wearing a white robe that was sleeve-less and had a V-neck. The material looked like cotton and was tied with a gold silk rope around her waist.

She was staring blankly ahead and didn't seem like her usual self. The two men led her to the chairs on the other side of the room, away from the pillar that she was chained to earlier. "Sleep now, Sister and dream of all that you desire", said man on Beverly's left.

Beverly closed her eyes and slumped backward, the men catching her and seating her gently on the chair. The men then turned and left back down the stairs leaving Samantha with her thoughts. Samantha tried everything she could to get Beverly to wake up. She yelled her name, purposely clanked her chains, she even threw a piece of left over fruit at her, all to no avail.

Then, some time later, after Samantha had given up on trying to wake Beverly, she heard footsteps on the stairs again. This time Samantha decided to let them know that she was awake. Six men in black robes and masks arrived this time. "Bring Sister Beverly for her final initiation and the MILF as well.

The Master wants her to see the ritual." said the same man who was the group that first got Beverly. 'Since I'm not in immediate danger and I want to know what they did to Beverly, I won't try to escape just yet' reasoned Samantha. She didn't struggle as the men gathered her up and secured her in new bonds. All the time, Samantha watched the two men 'awaken' Beverly. They simply spoke some words to her that Samantha couldn't hear and snapped their fingers and she stood up and stretched!

She didn't seem to be a zombie anymore, but she was certainly more relaxed. "Are we going to see the Master now?" asked Beverly of the men. "Yes, Sister, you are, to complete your training." said the man at the stairs. Samantha noticed that this man had a green silk rope that tied his robe together, while the others had white silk ropes. "Hi, Samantha! Don't worry! You'll like the Master! He's really nice!

We're not in danger at all! Umm, I'm really meat hook anal chained up stainless asian bugger said Beverly.

"Hush, Sister, once you have taken this final step you shall drink deeply of the well of nourishing liquid that you desire, do you understand?" said the man with the green belt. Beverly smiled and nodded. "Excellent, then let us go, the Master awaits!" said the man. Chapter 3 They were led down the stairs and after several minutes the tunnel opened into a massive room. The room was at least twenty feet tall and about a hundred feet across. At one of the room were steps that lead to a chair and banners that had a black cloth covering them.

Samantha was led to a chair on the side of the room that gave a clear field of view to every thing the that might go on. She was shackled to the chair and a cloth was tied around her mouth. "So that you don't disturb the proceedings, my dear.", explained the man behind her. Just then, a gong sounded and the filing in from the back were two lines of men in black robes, their hoods pulled up. Beverly was led to the middle of the room, where a cushion had been placed.

She stood with the cushion in front of her as if waiting for instructions. The men keeled and the gong sounded again. The man in the green belt was carrying a large book, with a man in a brown robe behind him carrying a lectern. The brown robed man placed the lectern in front of the cushion and moved back to the nearest wall.

The Man in the Green Belt placed the book on the lectern and opened its pages. " My Brothers, let us receive his Influence by his Corporeal Presence" said the Man. The other men, about twenty in all, ten on each side, responded: "We give thanks for his Wisdom and his Strength".

The gong sounded a third time and Samantha saw that up on the raised platform a man in green robes was now sitting on the chair and she saw that two men in brown robes were removing the black cloth from the banners to reveal the words 'The Brotherhood of the Everlasting Penis' and an icon of the male sexual organ emblazoned upon the black felt of the banner.

Samantha couldn't help but laugh into her gag. She stopped laughing as the Man in the Green Belt continued: "My Brothers, a new child seeks the path of enlightenment. She is a Sister and we have magnanimously granted her this trial upon which she can prove herself worthy. The Master himself shall give us all the great honor of conducting this trial of confession." With that, the Man in the Green Belt stepped aside and the Man in Green strode from the chair and to the lectern.

He picked the heavy book up with ease and moved the lectern to one side. Samantha thought that this man looked familiar somehow, as he was tall and moved with a purpose. The Green Man removed his hood and a shock of honey blonde hair came into view. He then cast his gaze about the assembly and Samantha gasped when she saw his eyes, as they were the same as the Lead Bank Robber! "Sister Beverly, remove your mortal coil and share with us your true self." Said the Leader in his gentle voice.

Beverly untied the gold rope and the robe open and flowed off of her body. Now that Samantha could see her breasts nude, she was even more impressed.

Beverly's body was flawless, not a blemish, piercing or tattoo to be found. Her breasts were large and defied gravity with the firmness of youth. "Kneel before us, Sister, and confess your sins to us." Beverly kneeled and sat back on her haunches, her head slightly tilted upward towards the Leader and her shoulders back, pushing her breasts even more forward. "I confess the Sin of Frumpiness.

In my job interview, it was implied that I would be hired because of my large breasts and that I would be rewarded with promotion if I assisted the manager with his stress by taking dictation for him. I responded by wearing clothes that hid my figure and stating that I would go the authorities for sexual harassment if I was denied the job. I know now that I was wrong to deny my true nature." "Now that you know, what would you have done differently, Sister Beverly?" "I would have worn clothes that enhanced my breasts, that displayed proudly that which the creator has blessed me with.

I would have also gladly, and without the promise of advancement, assisted the manager by taking dictation or whatever else he might have needed, knowing that he chose me to take on the awesome responsibility of reducing his sherysdelis cum show in group with toy, said Beverly.

"You have shown that you are aware of your true nature and therefore I absolve you of the Sex x vidsayma khan com of Frumpiness. Have you another Sin to confess?" "Yes, I confess the Sin of Reluctance. My last boyfriend dumped me because I wouldn't go further with him. He said that I didn't want to fulfill his needs and therefore I didn't love him.

I know now that I wrong to deny the needs of others in place of myself." "Now that you know, what would you have done differently, Sister Beverly?" "I would have explored with him all the things that he wanted.

I would have given him the trust that he asked for, to know that he wouldn't have hurt me."said Beverly. "You have shown that you are aware of the needs of others and I therefore absolve you of the Sin of Reluctance. Have you another Sin to confess?" "Yes, I confess my final Sin, the Sin of Selfishness.

In High School and College, all of the boys called me Bevy because of my large breasts. I hated the name and so I wouldn't go out with any of the boys that I went to school with. I thought that they just wanted my body and I so I denied sharing it with them. I know now that I was wrong to judge others for my own selfish reasons. "Now that you know, what would you have done differently, Sister Beverly?" "I would have gone out with every boy in school, to give them the benefit of the doubt." "You have shown that you are aware of your own Selfishness and the evil that it brings.

Alas, I cannot absolve you of this Sin, as it is a part of you that you must come to terms with. However, to help you on your way, you shall evermore be known by the name that you once hated, Sister Bevy. Now that you have confessed your Sins, it is time for the Ritual of Desire. Sister Bevy, share with us your desire." "I desire …I…I desire to share myself with all who wish it!" said Beverly.

"That is a desire worthy of the True Path, Sister Bevy!" said the Leader. Beverly's body was slick with sweat, her massive breasts were heaving with labored breath and she almost constantly licked her lips nervously. "Sister Bevy, I see that the Thirst has engulfed you, fear not, child for you will drink soon", said the Leader. "But first, the Ritual of Enlightenment must be completed, Sister Bevy, profess your True Nature to us!".

"…a.Whore! I pledge myself to the Everlasting Penis in servitude, for my body be used as is fitting a Slut Sister. To drink deeply of the life-giving Sperm. To bring pleasure to the mortal Cock, which is a manifestation of the Everlasting Penis itself. To revel in the pleasure that I derive from bringing happiness to those who bestow upon me the Blessed Mantles of Cockwhore, Cumslut and Fuck-Toy.

That is my True Nature, Master!" said Sister Bevy. "So be it! I pronounce you Bevy, Slut Sister of the Everlasting Penis, embodiment of a woman's true nature: the Whore, the Slut and the Wanton. May your immortal Lust guide you! Arise, Sister Bevy and receive your new vestments." said the Leader. Two Brown Robes suddenly flanked Beverly and dressed her in a black robe that was sleeve-less, and about eight inches above the knee with plunging neckline that left little to the imagination.

The finishing touch was a black satin collar with white words, inscribed: "Bevy", that had a golden charm in the shape of a penis attached at the bottom. "Now, then, Sister Bevy, it is time for that which you have waited for so long to arrive.", said the Leader.

"Sister Bevy, do you thirst? Do you lust? Do you desire the fulfillment that the Everlasting Penis can provide?" "Yes! Yes! Master! Please, I need it! I need to be fulfilled!" said Beverly, falling to her knees once again on the cushion. "Then you shall have it, Behold, the Everlasting Penis!" said the Leader, throwing open his robes. The Leader reached between his legs and pulled out the largest erect penis that Samantha had ever seen! It was easily fifteen inches long and at least three inches wide.

More over, the Leader's balls were as large to match. They were the size of small plums! "Oh, God, Yes!", moaned Beverly as she reached for the throbbing head that was in front of her. Grasping the large organ with both hands, she furiously pumped the massive cock for all she was worth, licking the head and stuffing as much of the monster as she could into her mouth. All the while, between gasps, real teenie assfucked after getting rimmed reality amateur for the large penis to ejaculate.

"Please cum! Please, beautiful penis, grace me with your nourishing sperm! Please, give this Slut Sister the fulfillment that she craves!" As if in answer, the giant penis began to pulsate and then, as Beverly clamped her mouth around as much as possible, began to swallow furiously.

Until finally, with a gasp of air, Beverly released the penis, letting the final two jets hit her face, hair, breasts and robe, which spilled forth a great white streak on the formerly black vestment. Beverly fell forward onto her hands and regained her breath. The Leader, meanwhile, forcible removed his penis, which amazingly hadn't grown flaccid, but was still erect, back into his robes.

"More" came a meek sound from underneath the white-streaked black hair. Beverly pushed herself up with her hands and again said with more conviction:" More, Master, I want more!" the last with a hint of pleading. "But, my child, I have no more to give. I must rest for some time to replenish myself. If you truly do want more, than you must follow your True Nature. What does your Lust tell you?", said the Leader.

"Cocks…I. need…Cocks! O Brothers! I beseech you, help me travel the path! Use me so that I may quench my thirst!" yelled Sister Bevy to the assembly. "Our service is at an end, Brothers, you may do as you wish.", said the Leader.

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Chapter 4 The Leader handed the book to the Man with the Green Belt and strode toward Samantha. Samantha watched as about five of the Black Robes converged around the newly made "Sister", obscuring Beverly from view. The rest of the men proceeded back through the doors that they had come in. Samantha hadn't noticed the Leader approaching her until he was almost right next to her and she flinched when she saw him.

"Did you enjoy our little show, Samantha?", chuckled the Leader. Samantha's eyes registered surprise. "Wondering how I knew your name? Well, we do have your purse, after all, amazing the things you can find out about a person by the things that they keep.", said the Leader, pulling back his hood and sitting down in front of Samantha on a chair that was brought for him by a Brown Robe.

Samantha was again shocked by this man as he didn't wear a mask underneath. His face was handsome, about thirty, with a beautifully drawn mouth and broad jaw. Samantha thought that he looked slightly rugged, yet refined, like the kind of pirate that Errol Flynn might play.

His position in front of her almost blocked the scene of depravity in front of her. Almost. He, however, seemed oblivious to the rutting sounds, moans and shouts of ecstasy behind him. In fact, he had crossed his legs and folded his hands as if the aftermath of his "Service" was the natural thing in the world. His attention seemed total on Samantha. Samantha, however much she tried to focus on her captor, found herself glancing back to the orgy. "In case you were wondering, I was born with a genetic defect, which somehow keeps my penis erect constantly.

Consequently, it's very sensitive and doesn't take much to ejaculate. Unfortunately, I don't seem to feel the euphoria that most men do when achieving orgasm, hence, normal intercourse is not very rewarding for me. So I decided to found this ideology in order to make my weakness a strength.

And thus, bring others to feel the pleasures that I cannot." "Gimme cum! Cum now, now! Yessss! Oh, Yessss! I'm cumming! Uh! Uh! Uh!" "You know, when I first saw you in the bank, saw your wedding ring, I thought to myself 'I should leave her here, in her own little world, that she wasn't ready for the True Path; that it would be too hard to show her the Way'.

Beverly I knew would be easy, she was already half sexy brunette smoking toys ass on cam there before I came along, all she needed was a strong hand to guide her. You, on the other hand were a different story. But, of course, we were running out of time, and you were already close at hand and I figured if worse came to worse, we could always kill you. Ah, but then I found this!", the Leader reached into his robe and pulled out a small book, slowly shaking it for emphasis.

"Fuck my tits! Fuck my big tits! Yes! More! More cum, please! Please, more cummmm!" Samantha's gag muffled her tiny tits blonde teen elizabeth jolie railed by fat cock as she recognized her journalthe one that she was assigned to keep for her psych class. Since she didn't have to turn it in, she had written in it every fantasy, every adulterous thought she had had for the past ten years.

Oh God, Yes! Fuck my ass! Give it to me! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" "Yes, I saw the pictures of the children, the oldest has your eyes and I saw the grocery list and the world that you live in, the lie that you tell yourself every day, that your happy. But the Truth, the Truth comes out in this, this little book. I think that we just might make a Sister out of you yet.", smiled the Leader.

"Oh God, I'm so wet! My pussy feels so gooood! Uh huh, yesss!" echoed around the room as the last of the brothers expended himself and collapsed on the Sister's newly unconscious form and silence finally permeated throughout the hall.

"Take her to the Preparation Chamber", said the Leader to the two Brown Robes behind Samantha. With that, they picked up the chair with Samantha in it and carried it off, further into the room, past the heap of listless bodies.

Underneath it all, Samantha saw Beverly, a complete mess, male semen covering her head-to-toe. Chapter 5 She was carried for several minutes until they reached a small room that was almost completely dark inside.

They placed her in the center of the small room and then left, closing the door behind them. Samantha noticed that there was no light between the door cracks as there should be. Then slowly, the sound of air begin to reach her ears.

The temperature began to rise steadily as the smell of jasmine reached her nostrils and soft music began to play: violins accompanied by the sound of waves crashing. Soft and monotonously droning, the music lulled her to semi-consciousness, her senses dulled. Slowly, light bloomed on the wall in front of her, playing shadows across her body. The light wasn't bright, but cascaded from semi-bright to almost non-existent, from light to dark, over and over again, the tempo changing from fast to slow and back again.

Then Samantha noticed a new sound coming from the fog of her senses, a kind of slow, purposeful sound, the sound of someone breathing, heavy and continuous, each breath seeming to last a lifetime. Samantha felt like she was in a sauna, her nipples erect and her skin slick with sweat. The shadows in front of her began to play tricks on her as they seems to begin to form shapes. Nothing distinct as first, but then, blobs of circles and cylinders, two separate masses began to form.

The ocean waves died down, replaced with a new sound, that of a ticking clock. The shapes began to converge, then separate, then converge again, the cylinder of one mass merging with the circle of the other, repeating over and over again, in time to the ticking clock.

Tick, Out, Tock, In, the breathing increasing in tempo and volume. Samantha's body felt like a heavy lead weight, her head to heavy to move as she stared at the undulating shapes in front of her, she begin to whisper along with the song in her head, "Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Lick Tock, Tick Cock, Lick Cock, Lick Cock" 'Yes, that's what this looks like, a porn movie' Samantha thought to herself, closing her eyes, she remembered the time that her husband took her to that porn theater when they were dating.

It was dark and smelly and not very crowded like most movie theaters. I image on the screen, big as life, of couples having sex. Samantha watched the couple on the screen, fornicating in "doggy" style, him slamming into her, again and again. "Fuck me!" cried the woman on the screen. "Yeah, Fuck her!

Fuck her with that dwarf sara one strange midget porn with andrea dipre cock" said Samantha, enjoying the show. "Like what you see, baby?" asked her husband. "Oh god! This is hot, honey!" said Samantha. "I knew you'd like it!" said her husband.

The man on screen pulled out as the woman begged, "Please, Brother, put it up my ass!". As the man on screen complied, Samantha was blown away "Wow, he's going to fuck her ass too!". "Does that excite you?" asked her husband. Samantha tore her eyes away from the screen to look at her husband incredulously "What do you think? You know that I love it when you take my backdoor." "Yeah, I know, I know" said her husband, lovingly patting her knee. Samantha turned her attention back to the screen in time to see the man pull out of the woman's ass, grab a fist-full of her red hair, pulling her head back forcefully and cumming all over her ass and back.

"Oh no, Brother! I so wanted to taste your nourishing seed!" said the woman on screen, sadly. "That is punishment, Club x adelaide glory hole fun with strangers Emily, for your Sin of Selfishness! Next time you feel your desire overtake you, do not self-gratify, My Sister, but find a Brother to share yourself with. Remember, if properly asked, no Brother will deny you!" said the man on screen. The film ended abruptly and the house lights came on.

Samantha's husband looked at his watch. "Aww, Man! C'mon, babe, we have just enough time to pick up your dress at the shop before the party!" Samantha and her husband got up and walked toward the exit. As the doors open, the cool night air rushed over Samantha, refreshing her to no end.

As the got in the car, Samantha said "That was fun, honey, we should do that again some time!" They drove to the dress shop and Samantha got out while her husband parked the car. "Hello, I'm here to pick up a dress" said Samantha to the young sales girl. "Oh, right! We have it ready in the back, if you'll follow me to the fitting room, I'll get it for you", said the girl.

Samantha followed the girl to the back of the shop, away from the storefront and into a small fitting room. Samantha took off her clothes and put on the dress with the sales girl's help. The white party dress looked like that kind of robe the Romans used to wear, complete with a gold silk belt. "Wow! I can't believe it!", said the sales girl, "You look just like my sister!" Just then the front door bell rang and Samantha heard her husband call out "Hello?

Samantha? Anyone?" "In here!" replied the sales girl. Samantha's husband then filled the doorway to the fitting room and let out a low whistle. "Wow, babe, that lustful hottie apolonia lapiedra gets her pussy eaten stunning! There won't be a soft dick in the place when they see you in that! C'mon, we're going to be late!" said Samantha's husband. They paid for the dress and Samantha's husband brought the car around.

A short time later, they arrived at a large mansion. Laughter and the sound of a large crowd flowed from the house to them as they approached up to the front door. Samantha's husband rang the door bell and the door was soon opened by a tall man with green eyes and blond hair. "Hello! And welcome! How have you been! Samantha! You look positively glowing!" said the man, who was dressed in a green robe much like hers.

"Samantha, I'm going to look for that partner of mine, who knows where he is in this place! Why don't you go and mingle? I'm sure that you'll be perfectly safe with our host, here!" said Samantha's husband. "Oh, don't worry! She'll be fine!" said the man in green, taking Samantha's left arm and hooking it into his right, "There are so many people for you to meet!".

Chapter 6 Arrayed in front of them, was a large roomful of men and women, all dressed in brown, black and white robes, all talking, flirting and caressing each other. "Don't be afraid, Samantha! After all, we are all Brother and Sisters here!" said the Green Man leading her down the small steps and into the room proper. As Samantha passed by the other people, she could help but feel as if she was the center of their attention, even if only for a moment.

"Samantha! Hi! You look great!" came a voice behind her. Samantha turned to see a girl in a black robe with short black hair coming toward her. She looked familiar, but Samantha couldn't quite remember who she was or where she had seen her from.

The girl reached them and said "Isn't this place fantastic! It's like this all the time! The food is fabulous! And the men! Oh, Man, talk about hung!" "Sister Bevy, I believe that some of the newer Brothers would like to share themselves with you, upstairs, you don't want to keep them waiting, do you?", said the Man in Green.

"N-New Brothers?" said Sister Bevy, swallowing hard and licking her lips. Samantha saw her bright blue eyes glaze over, as if she was imagining some new treat that she had hungered for a long time. "I.No! I don't want to keep them waiting!" said Sister Bevy, her focus snapping back to the present.

Samantha saw a new look replace the previous dreamy one, this new one of unbridled lust. " New Brothers! I.I gotta go! See ya, Samantha!" with that, the girl turned and hurried away into the crowd. "Come, Samantha. There is still much more that I want you to see.", said the Man in Green, leading her onward. "Who was that? Do I know her?" asked Samantha of the Man in Green.

"I don't think so, perhaps she works in your husband's office, yes, that must be it. How else could she know you?" replied the Man in Green. "That must be it!", said Samantha, letting her mind forget the girl and focus on the party once more. As they continued on, Samantha noticed that the other guests were much more friendly with each other, kissing and caressing.

Samantha began to get uncomfortable and wished that she could just get this tour over with and find her husband. They soon arrived at a large banquet table, spread out in a buffet. The food was both expensive and expertly prepared. Roast duck, Pheasant under Glass, every kind of meat and sausage imaginable was at their disposal. The Man in Green picked up a small bon bon and said "Here, you must try this!" popping the candy in to her mouth.

Samantha's mouth closed around it and almost instantly, it seemed to melt, flooding her tongue with a creamy, salty-sweet fluid that seemed to almost evaporate, leaving only the memory of the taste imprinted on her brain. Before she could ask what it was that he had given her, another man whispered in the Man in Green's ear. "Really? Now of all times! Very well, I will take care of it! Samantha? I'm afraid that I am going to have to leave you for a little while. Please, don't wander off!

We wouldn't want you to get lost, now would we?" said the Man in Brazzers monique alexander monique keeps it fresh. Samantha barely heard him as she was looking over the huge buffet table for more of the candy that he had given her. Finally, she saw another woman in a black robe at the other end of the table, eating the same exquisite treat.

Samantha almost rushed to her side to pick up one of the treats. "Aren't these Fantastic!" exclaimed the woman, "They're a special recipe made by our Master chef using a secret ingredient known only to him!" "I've never had anything like it!" said Samantha. "Never? I can't believe that!" said the woman. "Mmmm!" said the woman, savoring the taste "These are great, but now I'm ready for the real thing!".

And with that, she turned and went up a small flight of stairs a few feet from the end of the table. Samantha was glad that the woman had left 'More for me' she thought. She was just about to reach for her fifth bon bon, when she heard a sound above the noise of the crowd. It sounded like a soft wail, lilting and high-pitched. It came again and Samantha listened more intently this time, trying to place where it was coming from.

After a third time, Samantha realized that the sound was coming from the stairs that the woman and gone up earlier. Snatching one more bonbon, Samantha decided to investigate. She snuck away and went up the stairs. Chapter 7 With the noise of the crowded hall diminishing, the other sound was much louder. It now sounded like many people gasping and moaning to different tempos, like some strange symphony.

As she climbed the stairs, the noises began to get louder and louder. At last, she reached the top of the stairs and came into a hall way lined with doors. The sounds were coming from the far end of the hall. As she continued on her way to the far side, she heard a familiar voice and stopped. Samantha crept closer to the door. The voice was much stronger and she realized it was the Man in Green. "Sister Julie, you know that it is forbidden to share yourself with those not of our Order.

For this Sin of Selfishness, you shall be punished by being reduced in rank from Slut Sister to Servant for one week in order to lean patience and humility." "Please, Master, I only followed my Lust!" said a woman. Samantha saw that the door was open a crack and decided that she wanted to see what was going on. She nudged the door open more so that she could see. The sight of a young woman in a black robe kneeling met Samantha's eyes.

The woman had shoulder-length auburn hair and grey-blue eyes. There was a figure in front of the woman, but Samantha couldn't see who it was. "Yes, Yes, you did. And for that, I shall reward you with nourishment to help you in your long ordeal." said the Man in Green.

"Oh, Thank you! Thank you, Master!" said the kneeling woman, relief and joy filling her face. 'Big deal!' thought Samantha, 'So she gets a free meal, there's plenty of food downstairs'. Samantha eased the door back and decided to continue on to the sounds coming from the end of the hall. The door at the end of the hall had a square hole cut into it with ornate bars covering the hole, like the kind you'd see in a castle's dungeon in an old Frankenstein movie.

As Samantha moved closer, warm, moist air breezed into her face and the sounds of people in ecstasy echoed throughout the hall. Obscene words carried by the wind filled Samantha's ears and her own arousal filled her body as images of such carnal depravity filled her mind. The dirty thoughts that she had envisioned, however, didn't do the scene that greeted Samantha any justice. The room was large and filled with people.

There were cushions wall-to-wall and mirrors on every surface. There was smoke wafting through the room, which was both light and dark thanks to the track lighting, which threw pools of light onto the floor of writhing bodies. "Oh, God, Fuck my Ass!" Samantha attention zeroed in on this last shout, as it sounded familiar.

There, not more then ten feet away, on a raised dais in a pool of light was the woman that had spoken to her downstairs. 'Bevy? Yes, that was her name' thought Samantha as she watched in awe. Bevy's black hair was streaked with white and was plastered to her forehead.

Her mascara had run, leaving light black streaks down her cheeks. Her face was shiny, though from sweat or from something else, Samantha couldn't tell. Bevy was down on all fours, her massive breasts almost touching the floor. There was a man behind her, holding onto her hips, moving her back and forth, but he was wreathed in shadow and Samantha couldn't see his face.

A shadow blocked Samantha's view and when it left a minute later, Bevy had fresh white globs running down her chin. A white-streaked tongue tried vainly to scoop up what it could despite the severe jostling that Bevy's body was taking. "Oh, Please, Cum in my ass! Show me what I Good Whore I am!" screamed Bevy. The man lifted his head as he orgasmsed, the light at last revealing his face.

Samantha stared in shock as the face she saw was that of her husband's! Chapter 8 Blinded by the tears that were streaming down her face, Samantha ran blindly back down the corridor, all attempts at stealth forgotten.

She nearly fell down the stairs more than once as she raced back to the main hall. She was so leah gotti ist time fuck, she crashed full into someone! "Samantha! There you are! I thought I lost you!" Samantha looked up and saw that she had run into, literally, the Man in Green. "My dear, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" asked the Man soothingly.

"That fucking jerk I married! I just saw him fucking that Bevy girl!" sobbed Samantha. "Oh, my! That is terrible! I'm so sorry that you had to witness something so distressing! And I thought that he was such an upstanding fellow…"said the Man in Green "Come, come, my dear, dry those tears and sit here." He sat down with her on an empty bench and produced from thin air a silk handkerchief, which he gave to her.

Samantha took it and wiped her eyes. "That slut! I can't believe that she'd go after my husband like that!" exclaimed Samantha. "Oh, you mustn't blame Bevy in this ordeal. No, no, more likely it was your husband who is at fault. You see, Bevy, while eager, wouldn't be the one to initiate such a thing, no, more likely, your husband approached her and poor Bevy not knowing who he was, accepted." said the Man. "I just want to get back at him somehow…"said Samantha quietly. "I know, I know…You want to make feel as hurt and betrayed you do," said the Man, "To show him how wrong he was to every having wanted to stray in the first place, to…" "To be the biggest Slut I can be!" finished Samantha, "I don't want to just cheat dense kiss and passions berokisu fuck japanese and asian him to get him back, I want to fuck every guy here!

I want to show him just what I Good little Whore I can be!" "Would you care for some wine?" Samantha looked up and saw the woman that she had seen upstairs, dressed in a brown robe and holding a silver tray of gold wine goblets.

"Thank you, Julie, yes, we would" said the Man in Green, taking two goblets. Samantha saw a small, white jelly-like glob at the corner of the woman's mouth and said "You missed some" pointing to the spot on her own face, "Aren't those bon bon's great?" "Huh? Bon bons?", puzzlement filled the woman's face, "Oh! You mean…I did? Thanks!". With her free hand, the woman named Julie wiped the corner of her mouth and with a white-streaked tongue, licked it slowly, sucking her finger into her mouth and savoring the taste as a moan followed.

"Oh, God! That's sooo good!" said that woman. "Julie, why don't you go help Brother Nathan, I'm sure that if you serve him byate ky bur chodae xxx bf, that you will be rewarded." Julie's eye's snapped open, returning her to the present. "Yes, Master", she replied and turned and disappeared. Handing Samantha the wine goblet, the Man said, "Here, take this, it will help calm you." Samantha took a deep sip and found the taste like that of honeyed clover.

Instantly, warmth spread through her body and a sleepiness invaded her conciseness. The last words she heard were: "Now then, let's see what we can do about making you into that Slut, shall we?" before succumbing to the oblivion. Chapter 10 "Samantha…Samantha!

Are you with us?" "Huh? Professor Harrison? I'm.I'm with you." "Good, if we can continue." Samantha looked around and realized that she must have dozed off in class. 'What strange dream,' she thought as see tried to focus on what it was that she missed while asleep. "Now then, what is Morton saying when he describes the basic needs of a woman?" asked the Prof. "Mr. Felder." Samantha turned her attention to the cute philosopher major as he lowered his hand.

"He's saying that the reason that woman have been portrayed throughout history as sluts and whores is because deep down they are. That they have a primal need of sex. Men also want sex, but once they have it, they can move on to other things, while women, just need more." "What?! That's crazy!" exploded Samantha. "I take it that you don't agree, Ms. Connaly?"asked the Prof. "No, I don't agree!

Women aren't all sex fiends!" said Samantha, looking around the room for support. For the first time, she noticed that she was the only female surrounded by nine other men. "Well let's leave other women alone for now and focus on the one woman who is with us. Samantha, why do you feel that you don't have a primal need for sex?" asked the Prof. "Because, if I did, then that would have to be all that I think about." said Samantha. "Isn't? Do you not, everyday, undress each of us mentally and fantasize about us?

I propose we conduct an experiment. Each of us will undress, including myself, and, without touching her, try to induce arousal. If she can withstand fifteen minutes and not admit that she has a primal need for sex, then she will have earned an "A" for the rest of the semester." Said the prof. "Okay, bring it on!" challenged Samantha.

The men then began to undress, revealing semi-erect penises. Samantha didn't expect to see so many of them to be so large, the smallest being close to six inches.

Samantha, herself, took off her shorts and t-shirt, along with her underwear, until she was as naked as the guys. "Now what?" asked Samantha. "Now, Samantha, you sit here in the middle of the room and close your eyes.

The rest of us will stand around you and try to get you aroused without touching you." Said the Prof. Samantha closed her eyes and she noticed that the lights had dimmed somewhat. Three scenes in one story smell of maleness permeated throughout the room. "Do you like men, Samantha?" "Yes" "Do you like a man's cock hard or soft?

"Hard, of course" "Do you like to suck hard cocks?" "Sure, but…" "How about fuck them? Do you like that? Are you a hot little slut, Samantha?" "Yes, I mean, No.I'm not a slut, but, yes, I do like to fuck, who doesn't?" "So, your not a Slut?" "No." "But you like to suck and fuck hard cocks?" "Yes. "In your mouth?" "Yeah." "In your hot cunt?" "Yeah." "How 'bout your tight ass?" "Once in a while." "Do you imagine what it would be like to have all three filled at once?" "Sometimes." "So, multiple partners at once, enjoys fornication and you say your not a Slut?" "No, I." "Let me ask you this, Slut, do you like a man to cum on your face?

Do you like how it tastes?" "Yes, I like it and it tastes fine, but that doesn't mean I'm." "So not just a Slut, but a Cum-slut as well! How often do you get a taste? Once a month? Week? Day? Hour?" "Every couple days maybe, but." "Did you have some today? "No, but." "Yesterday?" "No, but." "Then you must be jones'n for a fix right about now, huh, Cum-slut?" "Yes! I.

I mean, No! No, of course not!" "You know, every guy here would be happy to give you some of what you crave, if you'd just ask nicely. I'm sure that the amount of juice combined would keep you satisfied for a little while, at least. Tommy, tell Samantha your size. Did you hear that? Thirteen and a half? Wow, think about it, Samantha, it could be yours for just a few words." "Th.Thirteen?

Oh, God!" "That's right, thirteen and it can all be yours, along with every other cock here, just tell us what you really are! Your not a man-hating, goody-two shoes, stuck-up Woman, are you? "N.No." "No, you're not. What are you, Samantha?" "I'm.I'm a." "Yes, go on.say it! Say it and know that it is your True Nature, Samantha! Open your eyes and Proclaim it to the world and to yourself!" Samantha opened her eyes and there, before her, were nine beautiful, erect male organs, ready to please her every sexual desire.Samantha finally understood her True Nature.

"I am a Slut! I am a naughty, degenerate, cum-addicted, wanton Whore! My lust knows no bounds! I am alive only to fuck!" "Do you believe Le Masterson now, Samantha?" asked the Prof. "Yes! Yes! I do, Professor!" screamed Samantha. "I don't know, maybe your just saying that to get a good grade.Tell you what, you prove Le Masterson's theory by demonstrating it you'll still get that "A", okay?" said the professor.

"close your eyes again, Samantha." "Yes! Whatever you say!" moaned Samantha, enthralled by lust. "Very well, repeat after me: A Sister serves with her body to please others, not herself. A Sister derives pleasure from the knowledge that she is helping others and thus will never turn away from those in need, as nourishment is rewarded for such service. A Sister only desires to follow the Path of Lust so that she may attain the following states of being: A Servant Sister in servitude, a sister may maria ozawa anal squirt sex stories movies her nature and herself; A Slut Sister Recognition of one's desire and the strength to follow it, wherever it may lead.

A Whore Superior The final ascension, one who has incorporated into her being the Alexis fawx who can squirt Values: Seduction, Restraint and Piety." Samantha repeated each line hurriedly, as her own desire welled up inside of her.

"Do you, Samantha, pledge yourself to the Brotherhood of the Everlasting Penis as a Sister, knowing full well that any previous life you may have led will henceforth cease?" "Yes! Yes! God, I'm so horny!" said Samantha "Very Well! Let the Holy Tome reflect that on this date, Sister Samantha was ordained into our order and received her First Communion of Nourishment.

Open your eyes, child!" Samantha opened her eyes and saw the largest, hardest cock she had ever seen! She looked up and saw that it belonged to the Man from her dream, who was dressed in a green robe!

All around her were men in black robes, each one stroking their own erection. Samantha barely had time for this visual assault to sink in, when a torrent of hot, creamy, salty-sweet sperm sprayed all over her! Due to the surprise, Samantha's mouth was open, allowing two liquid jets to land on her tongue. The taste was unlike anything she had had before and reminded her of candy for some reason. All that she knew was that she wanted more!

Samantha clamped down on the ejaculating penis with her hands and brought it to her waiting, thirsting mouth. Eagerly she sucked down as much of the sticky fluid as she could while still being able to breathe. "Take her, My Brothers, Show her the True Meaning of the Path that she has chosen!" Chapter 11 Samantha felt hands descend upon her, followed by other parts of the male anatomy, first, just the feeling of their hardness against her skin, followed by more intimate probing.

A pair of hands pulled her body backwards and onto the owner's erection, sliding between her moist lips. Surprised by both the sudden motion as well as the rapture, Samantha let go of the Man In Green's penis and glanced behind her.

When she returned her attention back to the giant cock, it was gone, replaced with a different specimen. She felt her upper body being raised by her shoulders, thus raising her head. Her arms were taken as well and she felt her upper body was suspended by the man behind her holding her arms, her breasts bouncing with each thrust from behind. With her head raised up to meet the new cock, two others crowded in, surrounding her on all sides with hard, throbbing cocks.

"Yes, Sister, service me! Please us with your mouth and we will propel you further down the path to be a Blessed Whore!" 'Yes,' thought Samantha, 'I do want to be a Blessed Whore! I want to fuck everyone and anyone! I want more of that yummy Nourishment!' Samantha pulled herself away from the cock she was sucking and said "M.m.More!

More N.n.nourishment!". "Oh ho, Brothers! This sister is truly devoted! Alas, My Sister, you have not attained a high enough rank to permit such a reward. Unless, you are willing to undergo the Trial of the Slut Sister! Are your prepared Sister?" "Yes! Yes! Please! I'm Ready!" yelled Samantha, as an orgasmic wave racked her body. "Very well, then! Recite for us the Liturgy of the Cum-Slut!" Samantha racked her fevered brain for what that could be or least something close, anything to get more cum!

"I am a Slut! I need Cum! I must have that Hot, Sticky, Salty-sweet Sperm! I will do anything to have more of what I desire! Anything!" "So be it, Slut Sister! Prepare for the most rigorous of pleasuring!" With that, Samantha thought that she felt every square inch of her being was under assault by thick, semen-oozing, cock-heads.

Spanish milf montse swinger takes a break from cleaning milf cleaning french milf felt them everywhere, in her hair, on her face, her hands, on her back, her breasts, her ass-cheeks, and her legs. Then, all three of her holes were being filled, her mouth and pussy by more than one offender.

Like piglets to a sow, they squirmed and filled her, two more replacing when one left, her ass soon experiencing the same as the rest of her. Each thick, hard phallus being remove before it squirted that which she desired so.

Suddenly, painfully in some places, they were all removed almost as once. Through the haze of lust that had descended upon her senses, Samantha began to hear shouting. "Freeze! Nobody move! Hands in the Air! Down on the ground, scum! Fan out! Find the Leader of this Cult! He's wanted in Six States!" Someone had moved closer to Samantha, but she didn't know who it was, only that she still had thirst that needed sated.

Samantha grabbed the man by the pant leg. "Are you alright, Miss?" "Please! Please, I need it! Please let me have it! I need it so bad!" "Well, sure, Miss, what is it that you need? Medical help is on the way." "Cum! I need your Nourishing Cum!", With that, Samantha tore open his trousers and planted the young officer's stiffening member firmly in her wanton mouth, sucking for all that she was worth.

"Please, Miss, stop that! I could get in trouble! Please.Oh, God! Oh, God, yesss! Oh, yeah, Suck it! Suck it, you little slut!" Samantha did as she was told, sucking the officer, stellar kitten is peeing and pleasuring shaved snatch her tongue around his head and mentally demanding that which she sought from his hard shaft.

"Oh, Shit, I'm gonna cum! Oh, God, don't stop! I'm cumming!!" "Mmmmm!" replied Samanta as three sticky streams erupted from the officer's dick, coating her hot mouth with the love juice that she so desperately needed.

"Honey! Honey, what are you doing!?" "It wasn't my fault, honest! She attacked me!" Samantha leaned back, wiping her hand across her mouth and licking up what small amount of the officer's cream that was left. She turned her attention to the newcomer.

"Have you got some more cum for this Slut? I need more cum! You can fuck me if you want, but I need you to cum in my mouth!" "Oh, Honey, what have they done to you?" Chapter 12 Bevy stood on the balcony overlooking the induction ceremony of Sister Samantha. She watched as the Master unveiled his instrument of their faith, ready to reward Samantha with her first taste of true bliss.

A wave of jealousy engulfed Bevy as she thought back to her induction, how she would have said anything, done anything for even the slightest drop of that delicious liquid. She still would. She thought back to her Ascension ceremony, when she attained the rank of Slut Sister, how her second dose for that divine organ had nearly suffocated her, still she begged for more.

The other Brothers and Sisters had said that they had never seen the Master grace a mere Sister with so much of his seed as he had with Bevy.

Then again, never had a Sister raised to the next step of the True Path as quickly as Bevy had. There was even hushed rumors that she would be selected to take the Final Trial and become a Whore Superior! Bevy thought about what such a title might mean. From her training, she knew that there were very few who ever attained such a rank, and that there were none here at the Retreat.

When she had asked the Sextant about what a Whore Superior's duties were, he had said that they were responsible for converting the heathens from the outside to the True Faith, that they ran their own Retreats, called Conclaves and were ordained to bestow ranks upon those that they converted. "Sister Bevy?" Bevy turned to find the Sextant addressing her. She fell to her knees, assuming the position of service as she was trained. "Yes, Sextant, how may I serve?" "Stand, My Child, and follow me!

It is time." Said the Sextant, the man who wore a Black Robe with a Green Belt. Bevy stood and followed, taking one last look as Samantha was now being taken from behind by a black-robed Brother. The Sextant led her to the Garage, where the Master was already waiting for them. "Hello, Bevy! This will be a test unlike any you have endured before.

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You may fail. If you do fail, you will be stripped of the ranks that you have thus far attained and be resigned to the service of the Fallen Ones. Do you understand the consequences of your actions? Speak now, Slut Sister. Do you wish to continue upon the Path and Answer the final Challenge?" spoke the Master. Bevy had to think for a moment. If she succeeded, then she would have done what only a blessed few had accomplished, on the other hand, if she failed, then she would a pimped out to the various partners of the Order, who were not of the Faith, but were necessary for it's survival.

Only the most undisciplined of Brothers and Sisters became Fallen Ones and the Partners that tamed teens featuring jacqueline amp marcella having gonzo style rough teen sex served were cruel masters indeed.

Still, Bevy was sure that she wouldn't fail. She truly beloved that the Blessed Whore was with her in this Holy Task. "I choose to Answer the Challenge, Master!" said Bevy with confidence. "Excellent! I knew from the moment that we first met, Bevy that you showed real promise, but even I didn't foresee the magnitude of your devotion." Said the Master. Bevy also thought back to when she first met this man, with his piercing green eyes.

She knew the moment that looked into her eyes with his magical ones that she was his. His to command and that she could only obey, no matter what the request. "Then let us go! Driver, onward!" said the Master. The left in a dark sedan, through a secret driveway that led to an abandoned Warehouse on the other side of town.

The three members of the Faith escaping while the rest of the Retreat was under siege from the local Authority, aided by both State and Federal officials. They arrived to find that several other members were waiting for them. These members had made the preparations ahead of time for Bevy's Trial. Bevy was escorted into a storeroom that bangbros boy spy on nieghbor been converted into a makeshift dressing room, where she would prepare for the upcoming ordeal.

She was told wear a blind fold and let the attendants dress her. She did so, questioning nothing. Finally, she was led out into the main room, where the others were waiting. "Bevy, you are about to begin the Trial.

Listen closely to these instructions: Remember your training. It will guide you. Remember that a Whore Superior integrates the Three Values: Seduction, Restraint and Piety.

You will be driven somewhere and lead inside. Then and only then may you remove your blindfold. Do you understand?" "Yes" "Then good luck, Bevy! And Let the Trial Begin!" Bevy was led over to the rear driver's side of the sedan and the door closed beside her. The car sped off into the unknown. Chapter 13 Bevy tried to imagine what her trial would entail. Would it be Dungeon?

A Cathouse perhaps? Maybe neither. Maybe both. She just knew that where ever her destination. She would be ready. After all, she had had so many Brothers and Sisters before, what would be a few more? The car pulled to stop next to the curb. Bevy heard the driver's side door open and shut, then her own door open. She was led out of the car and past an open door.

There was sound and noise coming from the door, but as soon as she entered, a hushed silence permeated thought the room.

"You can take off your blindfold now" came a whisper in her ear. Bevy did so and looked around. Behind her the car was pulling away. She turned her attention to her new surroundings. She was in the sleaziest bar that she had ever laid eyes on. She was the only woman there and unlike the Brother's that she had been with, who were required to maintain a cleanly appearance, these men looked like they hadn't bathed in years!

Feeling self-conscious standing in the door way, she walked in and sat on a nearby bar stool, every eye in place following her every move. "What are you doing here, Miss? You don't look like the usual type of Street Walker who might come in." said the Bartender. "Are you pledging some sort of Sorority? I warn you, Miss, the men in here don't like jokes." "Umm.Can.Can I have a drink?" asked Bevy, nervously. 'These aren't Brothers! What am I going to do! I don't want to be raped!' Bevy screamed in her mind.

"Sure, what kind?" asked the Bartender. "Um.A.A Screwdriver." said Bevy, saying the first type of drink that came to mind. "Alright, Miss, but I'm telling you, after this drink, you'd better skedaddle, the way you're dressed, no telling what might happen, and I don't need the heat from the cops." said the Bartender.

A minute latter, he returned with a small glass, "That'll be $4.50, Miss" said the Bartender. " I don't have any money. I. I forgot, sorry." said Bevy, embarrassed that she had not realized that money was still used outside the Retreat, especially when she used to work at a Bank! "Tha's no Problem 'tall, this should cover it, eh, Jasper?

Why don't you go on down to basement and git me bottle of the fine scotch you keep down there, what'dya say?" Said a man who had taken a seat next to Bevy. "Sure, Rosco, Sure" Said Jasper the Bartender, who looked at Bevy with sympathetic eyes as he went down stairs, closing the door behind him.

Bevy watched him go, realizing she was seeing the only friend she had in the place was leaving. "Howdy, Miss, I'm Rosco, we don't git too many pretty girls in here." said the man next to her. Bevy turned to look at him and saw a middle-aged black man who was 20 pounds overweight and slightly balding.

He looked like a reject from a bad '70's movie, the pimp past his prime. "What's yo' name, Miss?" "Um.Beverly, but everyone calls me Bevy for short."said Bevy, her mind racing, had the driver taken her to the wrong address?

"Well now, Bevy, why don'cha come over to my table? I've some friends who are real anxious to meet you, including one very Personal friend.", said Rosco.

"Um.I don't know.uh, is Jasper coming back soon, I might want another drink." said Bevy. "Oh, it mighty dark down in the ol' Basement, it might take Jasper quite some time to the bottle that I want. Besides, even Jasper don't give away drinks for free, I do believe that you said you didn't have no money on you. So, come on, we got a pitcher over there and we's more then willin' to share. What do you say?", cajoled Rosco Seeing little choice, Bevy thought that at reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits out in the open, less was likely to happen.

"Okay.", said Bevy. Rosco then took her arm in his and led her over to the other side of the room. As they went, Bevy heard the front door being closed, followed by a ominous click of a lock. "Hmm, Seems we've run out of chairs. Billy, go'on and git that stool for Miss Bevy, hurry up, boy!" Billy brought the stool and placed in the center of the room. Bevy sat and noticed that every one of the men in the bar, around twenty or so, were adjusting their seating so as to surround her and her stool.

From her vantage point on the higher bar stool, she could see her self in the large mirror on the far wall. She was dressed in a pair of saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde six inch heels, a pair of black stockings, a white, short, pleated mini skirt and a black, lacy, tank top that exposed her mid-drift and barely covered her large breasts.

But that wasn't the worst of it, as her stockings had in white letters, "Slut" written all over them; her mini skirt, in each of the pleats, written horizontally, were the words, "Fuck Me"; her tank top had written in white letters, complete with Nike Swoosh in the form of a cock: "Just Do Me"; finally, tied to her neck was a black silk ribbon, with the words "WHORE" written on it.

Bevy looked at her reflection and realized with a start that she almost didn't recognized her self, that she did indeed look like a whore. A shameless, cock-loving, cum-burping, fuck-toy, who selfishly used others for her own pleasure.

Bevy look around at these men with new eyes. These weren't Brothers to serve, but heathens to control. Men she could use for her pleasure, not the other way around. "Everybody, this is Miss Bevy." said Rosco "Hi, Miss Bevy!" came the reply from around the room.

"Hi, guys!", said Bevy, sliding off the stool and slowly pacing around it,"Rosco here has promised to introduce me to a very personal friend of his tonight and I'm sure that each of you has a personal friend I'd like to meet as well. Large dick enters taut pussy hole hardcore massage think that we can all have a lot of fun, that is if no one get's out of hand." Bevy walked over to the dirty couch against the wall and leaned between the two men sitting there.

"Excuse me, boys.", said Bevy, taking hold of one of the backside cushions, making sure to rub her chest on both men while coming back up. With cushion in hand, Bevy walked back to the bar stool, which she shoved on it's side and rolled it away with her foot.

Bevy then dropped the cushion on the floor and sank to her knees on it. "What I mean to say, fellas, like it says right here," said Bevy, running her finger over the silk ribbon," I'm Bevy and I'm a Whore!" With that, Bevy grabbed the tank top and lifted it over her head and off of her body, exposing her 44 inch bust for all to see.

"So, who's first?" The men all rushed and crowded around her in a flash. "Now, Now, Fellas! One at a time! Let's see what you've got!" said Bevy, feeling for the first time in her life as if she was the one in control. Each man introduced their Personal Friends, all in various states of excitement at meeting Bevy.

"Nice! Very Nice! Why, hello there! What's your name, Big Guy!" asked Bevy of the Man who now standing in front of her.

Azusa ayano asian milf pussy cover in man goo

"Uhh, I'm Jimmy" said the man. "I meant your friend here, Jimmy, what's his name?" "Oh! Uh, Wendel, his name's Wendel" said Jimmy. "Well, Wendel, you look happy to meet me! I like making people happy! Would you like to meet my kitty kat?

I think that you'll like her! Her name's Whorney Pussy. Would you like that, Wendel? Hmm?" said Bevy. "I think that he'd like that very much!" said Jimmy and he moved behind Bevy and rubbed his friend's big head against her pussy's lips before holding onto Bevy's hips and sliding all of Wendel's ten and a half inches to meet with Whorney Pussy.

"Mmmmm! Oh, yeah!," gasped Bevy, closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as Wendel said 'Hello!', "I knew those two would get along! Don't forget, Jimmy, that all kitty kats, including my Whorney Pussy, love cream, so make sure that Wendel gives her some before he finishes his visit, okay?", said Bevy, turning her attention back to the assortment of 'friends' that had gathered around her.

"Uh,huhh,Uh, … Don't… Don't worry none, Miss…Uh! Miss Bevy, ol' Wendel…God Damn! He's.He's got plenty of cream to offer your pretty kitty. Damn, this is the nicest pussy I've ever met!" exclaimed Jimmy, marveling at how well his Wendel and Bevy's kitty played together.

Bevy let go of the 'friend' she was saying hello to in order to steady herself as she closed her eyes once again as a wave of ecstasy crashed over her. "Oh God! Jimmy! Tell Wendel to behave himself! He's getting my kitty so excited that she's gonna gush! UUUUhhhh,huh,huh,huh! OH YESSS! Oh God, Yeah!"yelled Bevy as the orgasm hit her in full force.

A breath later, Jimmy exclaimed: "Open Wide, Pussy, here comes the cream!" as he shot his thick, gooey load; Bevy's kitty lapping it up, causing her to go over the edge again for another orgasm."Huuuuh!", sighed Bevy, her whole body shaking from the pleasure and exhaustion. Just then, the Bar door opened and The Master, followed by two Brothers, entered.

"That's enough, Bevy, time to go now. Say goodbye to your friends.", said The Master, his hand outstretched as if to lead her away. "Not yet, please, Master, there are so many still to enjoy!", cooed Bevy. "Now! We have little time to waste, Stop fucking and let's go!" said The Master, angrily. "Yo, man! If she don't want to leave, maybe you should take the hint and get out of here. We'll take good care of her for you!", said Jimmy, who, having been spent, had put his pants back on and was moving to confront the Cult Trio.

"Yes, Jimmy's right! I have too much work to do here, Master, I can't leave, No, Naughty lesbians fill up their huge asses with milk and squirt it out won't Leave, until everyone has given me their pleasure!", said Bevy, steel starting to creep into her voice. "In fact, I think it's time the, "Master", Bevy speaking the title with sarcasm, "was shown the door! Boys, get rid of him and I'll fuck you all for a week!", commanded Bevy, the once-meek girl now replaced with woman complete in her newly-found self-confidence.

"You got it, Baby Girl!", said Jimmy, as his eye narrowed dangerously, pulling brass knuckles from his back pants pocket as he advanced on the Three outsiders. Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks, however, as the pair of Brothers drew Mac-10 pistols, stopping all of the men, except Rosco, who had his back turned to the Gunmen, shooting his own "gun" all over Bevy's tits.

"AHHH!!Goddamn!Goddamn!"yelled Rosco, coming back to his senses when he realized the rest of the men were frozen, with their hands up and Bevy shouldered past him, looking defeated, the many layers of glaze sliding off her in droplets.

"Hey! Where ya goin.Oh!" exclaimed Rosco as he turned to meet the armed men. "Here, use this! We don't have time for your clothes!", snarled The Master, grabbing a ratty tablecloth to wrap around her naked, messy form. The Brothers covered their escape, as they jumped into the car and fled the scene.

Bevy looked fearfully down a the floor of the car, sitting as far way from The Master as she could get, for she know punishment was coming, his silence deafening. "You dis-obeyed me, Bevy", said The Master quietly, breaking the Silence. "I know.but. I couldn't help it, it felt so good.", replied Bevy, her meek manner returning. "Hmph! Please, Bevy, don't! There was nothing there you haven't had a hundred times before, except.the power.those men were like putty in your hands, they would have done anything, if pushed just right and if they thought they could get away with it, for your company.

You let them think they controlled you, when you were the one pulling the strings.that was the final lesson I needed you to learn, my Whore Superior, that men's weakness is your strength, use it! I'm very proud of you, Bevy! You have blossomed from the naive girl you were into the Woman you were meant to be! Together, we shall rebuild the cult and change this world, one convert at a time!", proclaimed The Master.

"Whore Superior? You mean? I passed the test? You're not angry with me, Master?", asked Bevy, the meekness replaced with a wary tone. "No, I'm not angry with you, However, Don't dis-obey me again, for while you may indulge in your new-found power, don't forget I am The Master! Come, my Whore Superior, you must be thirsty.", said The Master, exposing his penis only moments before Bevy devoured it, once again craving his addictive sperm. Epilogue 3 Months later. "Hello? One sec, I'll get her.SAM!

It's for you!", her Husband, handing her the phone as she ran from downstairs. "Thanks.Hello?"said Samantha "Oh, hi! Yes, I did! You do? Yes, I can do that. 6 o'clock, I'll be there! Thanks again!" Samantha hung up the phone as her Husband asked, "Who was that, honey?" "That was the new parish over on 3rd and Elm!

Remember? I volunteered to help organize their fund drive this year. Dr. Hibbered thought it would help with my therapy, you know, after."Samantha trailed off, to keep from remembering her traumatizing experience. "Anyway, I'm going to meet with their deacon at Six." "Okay, Baby, if the doctor thinks it's a good idea, I'm all for it", said her Husband. "Right this way, Miss, the Deacon will be right with you." said the receptionist, a handsome young man. 'Hmm, must be a seminary student', though Samantha as she sat in the rich leather chair.

The Deacon's office was lavishly decorated and Samantha began to wonder what kind of past fund raisers were put on, certainly not the 50/50 raffles and bake sales she had in mind to afford this kind of splendor! Samantha was too deep in her own thoughts to hear the soft "click" of the lock in the door she entered, nor did she notice the opposite door, behind the Deacon's desk open, as Samantha had turned her head to study an aerial photo of what looked like her own neighborhood, lying on the Deacon's desk.

"Hello, Samantha," said a woman's voice, rich in self-assurance, seductive, yet somehow familiar. Samantha looked up and gasped, "Bevy? Is that you? What happened? The police said they couldn't find you!" "Yes, it's me.

It's a long story, but as you can see, I'm doing fine. Oh, and it's 'Mistress', now.", said Bevy, moving to her desk and picking up a large golden chalice. "You see, after the police raid, there were a few changes made." Bevy moved to a bookcase and pulled it open, revealing a figure, stooped and motionless. As the bookcase opened fully, Samantha stared, frozen in horror at the sight presenting itself.

There, chained to throne-like chair, sat, naked a man with blonde hair, his breath in shallow gasps. The man looked up, his bright green eyes pleading as they meet Samantha's," Please! Help me!

Please!" he begged, his voice desperate. "There, There!", cooed Bevy, her tone maliciously caring as she ran a finger down his nude chest.

"Don't you remember Samantha? I'm sure beauteous babe with biggest ass gets rammed hardcore blowjob remembers you.I think she's also rather thirsty, I know I am.", said Bevy. "No! No! Please, no more! I can't take anymore! Please, Mistress!" begged the man. "Oh, hush! You mean to tell me that those beautiful, big balls are empty?

C'mon, I'm just your little Bevy, Master, don't you want to keep me addicted to your cum?, she laughed as she pressed a button mounted on wall, a mechanical sound starting up, light turning on as the man bucked in his chair." Besides, I thought they were 'Ever-lasting'!",taunted Bevy gleefully. Samantha then saw it, the modified milking device attached to The master's penis, pumping horny stepmom diamond foxx and teen abby cross ffm threeway sucking his spunk, filing a min-keg sized tank.

Bevy turned to it, placing the cup under the spigot, letting the thick liquid fill the chalice. Samantha's body betrayed her as the smell wafted into the small room, her need, seemingly forgotten though hypnotherapy, came roaring back, increasing ten-fold. Her breasts perspiring and heaving, nipples like hard rubies, her panties soaked. Bevy took a sip from the chalice, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she pushed back the bookcase, sealing off the Master's piteous moans.

Bevy lowered the cup to Samantha, her eyes glazed in lust and need. As Samantha drank deeply, Bevy said," There you go! See how thirsty you were? Silly Girl, we're family!

You can't leave your family! Welcome, Home, Slut-sister! Now.Tell me about your Husband." End