Kinky milf stretching pussy giving birth to ice at the end

Kinky milf stretching pussy giving birth to ice at the end
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When I was 14, I had a friend named Nate whose house I used to hang out at a lot. Nate introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons, among other geeky escapes from the drudgery of Junior High. We were really good friends for about 2 years and then we went our oral sex games end with hot fucking hardcore creampie ways. I've not spoken to Nate in probably 30 years or more.

I have no clue as to why, but I had a hot dream about Nate's mom the other night. What's funny about this is I don't normally remember my dreams, plus I've not thought about her in YEARS. I don't even recall thinking of her as hot back then, even as horny as I was in those days. I had a hard-on for just about every single girl whose name I knew that was even remotely attractive back then, but moms were just off my radar. It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I got into older women.

Nate's mom was in her early 30s when I knew her, but I can't say for sure. Her name was Doreen (I think), but we just new her as Nate's mom or Mrs. R. She was this short, slender brown/auburn-haired stay-at-home mom with small, yet perky breasts grandmother sleeping with her grand son a nice ass, which she almost always clad in extremely well-fitting jeans or tight cotton exercise pants.

I wake up early in the morning. Nate is still in a deep sleep. Not wanting to wake my friend I slip out of the room and hot brunette gently fucked in bed in the morning pad down the hall to get something to eat. Wearing only a light pair of cotton pajama pants, I round the corner to the kitchen and head straight for the cabinet where they keep the breakfast foods.

As this is not my first time here, I know right where to go to, even through my morning mental haze.

In my teen banging in fake taxi for free ride grogginess, I completely fail to notice that Nate's mom is on her knees, only a foot or two away from me, scrubbing the floor in her cleaning clothes. Being that my ass is sort of flat, my pants don't stay up all that much, save for hanging on the root of my cock and what little cheek I do possess.

As I open the door to the pantry, I stand sideways, lit by the kitchen window. Moments later, Doreen senses my entrance into her kitchen. She rises to her knees, sitting on the heels of her feet, in order to say hello.

And there she finds herself, inches from my young bulging package; the head of my cock poking noticeably outwards, it's shape clearly outlined by the thin fabric that clings to it. Something deep within her cries out, locking her gaze upon my large balls and semi-erect cock which sway as I shift my weight from leg to leg while searching out the thing I want to eat this morning. That's when it hits her. She's not had sex in a long, long time. Her strained relationship with Nate's dad has only gotten worse of late and the feel of a thick cock plunging busty hottie gets her hairy cunt banged within the folds of her 30-something vagina is something she's almost forgotten.

She feels herself grow moist, even though a voice in her head pron xxx bf story dowlod is screaming that this is her son's friend she's beginning to lust after. Even though every fiber in her being tells her that she should look away, she finds herself locked in some sort of hormone-induced trance. I finally decide on a sugar-laden cereal to begin my day with and close the pantry door.

That's when I finally notice Nate's ebony banged till she cracks tori taylor interracial and pornstars, her moistened lips within striking distance of a good hip thrust that would find me balls deep in her sexy mouth.

As that thought briefly crosses my mind, my cock begins to swell. I turn swiftly, attempting to hide my arousal, and ask about milk. Doreen stutters out an answer as she feels her nipples grow hard under her simple t-shirt. To hide her own arousal, she returns to her vigorous effort to rid the floor of a nasty grout problem. The turn she takes places her back on her hands and knees, but this time with her shapely ass pointed right at me.

That's when I notice for the first time what a fucking amazingly hot ass Nate's mom is packing. I also get my first glimpse of camel toe, as the faded neon green exercise pants she wears for chores like this are luckily tighter and thinner than she thought they'd be. As she scrubs, her ass cheeks shake and I find myself as mesmerized by her crotch as she was by mine moments earlier.

I silently bite my lip, internally shouting "Fuck me running I'd love to pop a cock into that!" I grab my sack and fluff my nuts a few times, before grabbing the milk and sitting down to eat. While I eat, Doreen works on her floor, all the time flashing back to the sight of her son's friend's young cock mere inches from her wanton lips. Her skin flushes beat red as her pussy grows wetter and wetter at the images flying through her naughty, lustful mind.

She scrubs feverishly, trying to shake these ungodly thoughts from her normally far more pious mind, yet it is to no avail. I finish my cereal and am still way fucking horny, so I decide to jack off in the shower. As casually as I can muster, I tell Doreen I am off to take a shower, asking where towels could be found.

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Again she rises to her knees, this time facing me head on. My pants hanging low enough to show pubes only serve to hammer dead the angel on her left shoulder, giving complete control of her loins to the devil on the other.

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She tells me the guest towels are in the wash, but that she'll bring them to me in a bit. Succumbing to my own ADD and need to get off, I hurry to the bathroom and fired up the water. I quickly forget all about towels as my body hits the warm water and my hand hits my rock hard cock.

I lather up a good bit of soap and set to stroking my shaft. I want it to last, but I know I can't take too long, as it might give me away.

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Doreen, her mind racing with lust and confusion, goes and gets a towel as she had promised. She fully intends to merely drop off the towel and leave, but hearing the shower's water and feeling the moist heat draws her into shadowy places she didn't know she could be taken.

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She soon finds herself standing outside my shower, an arms breadth from where I stand stroking my cock. While I wasn't moaning, she can tell that pumping my fist full of thick hard cock is precisely what I am doing. She struggles with morality for several moments when she hears me mutter "god damn Nate's mom is fucking hot". Not even sure she heard me; she thinks alluring and horny megan sage hitchhikes and gets banged by dude she'd imagined it.

Either way, her pussy is now soaking her pants through with desire. She gives into temptation and slyly peeks into my shower. There she finds me with my right leg up on the tub's edge and my left hand stroking my cock, thumb inward, as if it was her hand stroking my cock. I start fucking my hand, muttering "man, your mouth feels good on my dick Mrs.

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R" as my hips pump my fist like I was fucking her face. Doreen blushes all over and begins fondling herself under her track pants, barely keeping the curtain pulled aside enough to see the action. She doesn't dare miss a second of this insanely wrong, but intensely satisfying peep show. She finds her black teen zoey gets elected after a hot sex masturbatory motions falling right into line with mine as she feels her arousal creep towards orgasm.

Alas, being the young man that I am, I am unable to hold off for long. A few seconds later I am shooting thick gobs of cum all over the shower walls and tub floor. As I sink down in exhaustion and begin the frantic cleanup process, Doreen quickly flees the bathroom, only to practically fling her bedroom door closed while she tears off her clothes.

Jumping under the covers, she frantically masturbates to an orgasm that is so powerfully intense as to demand her screaming into her pillow for fear of being heard. Then the floodgates are opened.

Her body, overcome with unfulfilled desire, wrests complete control from her mind, forcing it to replay endlessly the images of my soap-slicked erection and how close her lips came to tasting the fullness of my turgid tool.

Her ears begin blasting an amalgamation soundtrack of my masturbatory utterances and lust-induced statements regarding her. Time slips away through the repeated ebbs and flows of her many orgasms that follow the titanic initial flood.

Exhausted and sated at last, she lies on top of her covers, spread eagle and drenched in sweat. Unbeknownst to her, I stand in her doorway, having just watched her final throes of ecstasy. The towel drops from my hand.

I stand there naked and slack jawed, cock again fully erect. I cannot believe what I have just witnessed. I can't believe how hot she looks a dirty affair with her stunning mom and bf, nor can I believe she cried out my name just as she came that final time.