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Busty blonde woman gets her pussy railed by pawn guy
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It was her first day of school, and she was nervous. Moving from middle school into high school, Jenny knew she was going to be the little fish in a big pond, but it was just high school right? How hard could it be? Jenny wasn't the most popular girl, in fact she wasn't anywhere near what anyone would call popular. She had a few friends yes, but nobody at school really noticed her or knew her name. "Bye," she breathed in as she opened the door and said her last words to her mom.

She moved her feet out the door stepped out into a new world. There were kids everywhere, hustling and bustling every which way with no regard for each other.

It was like being in a hive of bees, random movements, pushing and shoving. She looked for a familiar face, anybody to hold onto, but no one appeared. There were kids there that looked like they were 25, kids who looked like adults. She put her head down and walked, trying to blend in, hoping not to embarrass herself.

She walked into the building, searching for safety, searching for her first class. 'Why is this school french cutie loves big cocks big' she thought to herself, wondering the halls, too afraid to ask anyone for help.

Finally she found it, relief spread across her face, as she sat down in her first class. The bell rang, she was safe. "Welcome everyone.

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Welcome to Advanced Physics," the teacher put down her bag as she walked into the class. 'Crap', she thought to herself as she realized she was in the wrong class. But what to do. Sit through the entire class or get up in front of everyone and leave. After mulling it over, she stood up and headed for the door. "Excuse me, where are you going," the teacher called, obviously annoyed. "I'm sorry, I'm in the wrong class."She turned and everyone was staring at her.

Her face turned bright red as she wished she could disappear. Some kids snickered under their breath as she turned and left the class. She wanted to cry. How could this day start any worse? If this was what high school was like she wanted no part of it. Finally, her right class, she walked in 10 min late on the first day.

Now even the freshmen were staring at her, her own classmates muttering under their breath. She could die right there. Sinking into her chair she sat there, hoping the rest of the day would pass without incident. Finally lunch came around, the one thing she couldn't screw up. As she walked toward the stairs to the cafeteria, her heart sank.

The cafeteria was more crowded than she could ever imagine. She scanned the tables for an open seat, but there was nothing.

What was she going to do? There were no faces sunny leone sex stories sex 2019 recognized, no friends to sit with. What was she going… Suddenly she missed a step, tumbling head over heels down the last flight.

The cafeteria grew quiet as she rolled to a stop. 'No this isn't happening' she thought to herself. Her books were everywhere, papers lunch, everything on the ground. But that wasn't even the worst part. The silence was deafening as kids from all over the room collectively gasped. Then it started; the laughter. It started like a small trickle, but engulfed the room like a wave, sweeping over everyone. Some kids pointed, others just stared at her.

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But no one moved to help her. She picked herself up, grabbed some papers, left her lunch on the ground, and sprinted out the doors.

But no matter how fast she ran or how far she got, she couldn't escape the sound, the sound of the laughter. It was now 6th period and she was in the same spot she had been for the last 2 hours: the women's bathroom. Hopefully she could hide out there and escape this hell. Her eyes were red, but she had run out of tears long ago.

She just sat there praying for the final bell when she heard the door swing open and footsteps. 'No, please don't let them hear me.' She sat there motionless, silent. "Did you hear about that girl who fell at lunch?" "That's all anyone is talking about; I can't imagine how embarrassed she must be.

I don't know if I would survive that. "Yeah," comparte su novio con su amiga xgirls other one said, "she walked into my first period class and then had to leave 10 minutes in.

She isn't having the best day." Hearing all those girl talk about her, she couldn't hold it in any longer. She burst out in tears. It was the first day of school and already she was labeled as the loser. 'Why is this happening to me' is all she could think. She tried to hold it back, but tears just kept coming.

The three girls heard the crying and turned around. "Who is in there?" one said, "There is no need to cry, come out and talk to us." Hesitantly, she opened the door and revealed herself. The one girl gasped, leaned over and whispered into the others ear. Their faces mirrored hers as they realized who she was.

What was even worse, Jenny realized that these were the 3 most popular girls in school, notorious for being cruel to anyone who wasn't in with their crowd. "Hey don't worry about it," Laura, the queen bee, comforted her.

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She was the prettiest girl in school, the one every boy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. And now Jenny was making a completer fool of herself, crying in front of her like this.

Her life was over. "I'm sorry," was all she could muster, "I'll leave you alone." She quickly grabbed her bag and hurdled towards the door. The three of them blocked her path. "Don't be so quick to leave, we know who you are and we're sorry" "It's all right" Jen mumbled, student and mom teacher forest to escape.

"You look like you could use a friend right now. Why don't you hang out with us for a day? Jenny couldn't believe what she was hearing. Why were they asking her to hang out with them? "Don't worry, we don't bight" they laughed as they grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the hallway.

The rest of the day went smoothly. They showed her around the school, teaching her the ins and outs, who to hang out with and who to stay away from. The best part was, since everyone knew she was hanging out with the big three, no one dared say anything to her.

The day went by pretty without a problem after that and when the final bell rang, she was a little sad to go home. "Hi mom, she said as she jumped in the car. Nothing felt as good to be back with her mom, back to safety. No matter what happened at school, she always loved being with her family. Surprisingly, the early morning events had slipped her mind. She was finally making friends; something she was t was not very good at. She told her mother the day's events, from the beginning.

"Be careful," her mom said. "High school is a tough time and kids aren't always so nice, even those who you think are your friends" her mom spoke with knowledge only years could bring.

Jenny knew her mom was right, but it felt good to be liked for once. Plus, they invited her to a party this Friday. It was the first one she was ever invited to and she couldn't wait. "Jenny, Jenny" everyone chanted in unison. The noise was deafening, all of it for her.

She took a look around the room, never had so many people been focused on her before. It was Friday night and she hot middle age milf and big tit shower striptease black suspect taken on a rough ride t her first party. She found herself in the middle of the room with everyone staring at her. It felt good to be noticed once, in a good way. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the chant, but she leaned in and gave the girl opposite her a peck on the lips.

"Yaaaaa" the room went ballistic.

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People stampeded in on her, picking her up and hoisting leila gang bang french bukkake on their shoulder. People were hi fiving her, kids she had no clue who they were.

Everyone knew her, and it felt good for once to not be invisible. Everywhere she went, someone came up to her and introduced themselves.

"I'm Mark, I'm Carrin&hellip."the names blended together as everyone wanted to meet this new girl who had come from completely off the radar. She couldn't believe this was happening; she was somebody. Only a few days ago she thought her life was over, now she was one of the most popular girls in school. Everyone knew her name, knew her face. It felt good to be someone for once in her life. The night was all one big blurr after that. The next morning she didn't feel so good. She enjoyed the party, but it had been a few days she since she had done anything with her family.

"Hey sweetie, we missed you the other night, I hope we can hang out sometime this weekend," her mom said. "I'm not sure, I have a lot of homework to finish, but I'll try and find the time," Jenny replied. The truth was she did have a lot of homework and it had started to pile up because she had been going out with her friends almost every night that week.

And she had missed family night, but it was only one night, right. She finally had friends and she didn't want to risk losing them. She would do anything for them, anything to keep them. She couldn't become her lame self again. Anyway, it wasn't like they were trying to be mean to her. They genuinely cared about her. The next Friday night came around and there was another party to attend.

Just like last week she had was having a great time, drinking, laughing, and enjoying life when someone came up behind her and grabber her boob. She jumped back a little bit and turned to see that it was her friend Allison.

"Stupid, what was that for?" she playfully slapped her friend on the arm.

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Allison was rubbing her chest, when a crowd formed around them. "It's your turn," said Allison, taking her arm and placing it on her chest. It was a repeat of last week, everyone chanting her name. She was caught up in the moment again, lost in the chants. She started groping her friend's chest, taking her other hand and placing it on the other boob and rubbing it. It was easier this time, her inhibitions started to give way to pleasure.

She even took her hand and ran it up her friend's shirt, making the crowd go wild. She loved the feeling of all eyes on her.

Everyone loved her; everyone wanted to be her friend. Next thing she knew a guy stepped forward, placing his hand up her shirt. She was a little scared at first, but more and more people started to circle her and scream her name.

She couldn't resist the urge, she wanted more. Without thinking, she knew what she could do. She removed her hands from her friend and moved them to his body, slowly caressing his curves. Finally, they made it to his pants, where she slipped them in and grabbed his semi hard cock. She started running it, up and down the shaft. All eyes were on her and she loved it. She continued, stroking his cock in front of the whole room. Up and down she went, speeding up as she went along.

Suddenly the man fooling around with my step sister and friends full story in pleasure and she could feel he was done. Everyone came up to her. She was the life of the party and although she felt a little bad for how she had to do it, nothing compared to being part of the popular crowd. At school she got funny looks from all the uncool kids who undoubtedly heard what had happened at the party.

'What did she care, they were all losers who were jealous.' She had true friends now and didn't care what any of the nerds thought. During the car ride home, Jenny and her mom were talking as usual.

"Your father and I are a little worried about you," she said, "You've missed the past 3 family nights, you hardly ever talk with us anymore, and you've started to dress differently." It was true; she had started to dress a little more "provocatively." But all her friends were doing it, and she was tired of being the outcast.

"Don't worry mom," she said snobbishly, naughty skinny girl hard fucked by tattooed none of your business." She had completely changed, she would have never said this before, but times were changing, she was somebody now, and her mom was trying to convert her back into that old nobody.

"Just be careful." Her mom pleaded, ending the conversation. Next Friday came, and the fun was just starting. She wore a tight mini skirt and a very tight top, accentuating all that she had. She had a few drinks and started mingling with the crowd. She wasn't planning on doing anything crazy tonight.

"Take some shots," her friends came up behind her and gave her a shot glass. "Ohh no, I'm fine," she said. "Don't be a puss they said as they shoved it into her hand, practically forcing it down her throat. 'I guess one or two can't hurt.' She thought to herself as she downed a few more shots. She was starting to get a little dizzy; she could feel those shots now. Suddenly, she found herself in the middle of the living room again, and looking around all eyes were on her.

She knew they wanted something. 'What the hell, she thought to herself' she was drunk and she was gonna show them a good time. The first boy she saw she grabbed him and shoved her hand down his pants, jerking him off as she had done the week before. But the chants weren't as loud, people started to leave. No she wanted it all, she wanted the glory. She wanted to be someone. What could she do? Suddenly, the boy grabbed her head and pushed it down.

What was he doing, as he pushed it toward his amiga de la prepa y mi verga. Quickly she realized it, but she didn't want to do this.

But the chanting increased; she could hear people start to get interested. What was sex stories pic full xnxx aunty german to do? She didn't want to be the school slut, but this is what he wanted, this is what her friends wanted.

And they really cared about her, they weren't just using her. 'What the hell', she thought, 'everyone does it. Why can't I?' She took his cock in her hand, moved it toward her mouth and swallowed it. She wasn't really sure how to do it, this was her first time, but she just did what seemed to make him happy. In and out she went, using her tongue to circle around the shaft. She licked it up and down, playing with it like a lolly-pop, she sucked it. All eyes were on her and she loved.

After a little time, another boy came from out of the crowd and started to play with her skirt. She was so preoccupied with what she was doing, she didn't even notice him start to reach under and tickle her pussy. First he was over her underwear, just brushing up against it, teasing her. The pressure felt nice, she really liked it. He worked his hand over her whole lower body, caressing her legs and rubbing her thighs.

She felt real good, forgetting where she was. His hands finally made their move, pushing her underwear aside and entering. She could feel her anticipation, she wanted it so badly. She had never experienced anything quite like this pleasure.

As his one finger entered, she pushed against it, trying to grind against it. Everyone was looking, but she didn't mind, they were her friends. He lifted up her skirt, exposing her bare pussy for the room to see as she got fingered.

He gently massaged her insides as she could feel herself getting wetter. What a rush it was. Suddenly he found her clit. Like a shot of ecstasy she let out a moan. Pleasure raced through her entire body as she begged him to go faster, harder. She was moving now, pushing into his finger, crying for more pressure as it built up inside of her. Then like a bus it hit her, she let out a huge moan, spraying everywhere. Her body was convulsing without control. She never felt anything like it before.

All around, people where cheering. They loved her, they were her true friends and her parents would never understand.

She sat there for a little while, skirt off in the middle of the room, thinking about how lucky she was to be truly appreciated.