One spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend

One spicy teenage some from my slutty girlfriend
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My girlfriend and me. My girlfriend had on a short skirt, see through blouse and sandals. No panties and no bra. I had on loose shorts, t-shirt and sneakers and no underwear.

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We had both decided that somehow we were going to pick up a third party and have a threesome. We made our way to the mall and parked our van in the covered parking section and as we got out of the car I noticed a young guy standing by a post about 30 feet away. When I opened the door for my girlfriend and she got out I took her in my arm and started to kiss her. While I was kissing her I slid my nerdy bbw girl is really happy to be fucked hard up the back of her skirt and kept an eye on the guy by the post.

I new I had lifted her skirt up far enough that he could see her ass and that she had no panties on. I kept fondling her ass until I had her complete ass exposed and I noticed that the kid had his eyes bugged out and was feeling his dick through his pants. I stopped for a second and told my girlfriend we were being watched, but wouldn't let her turn around to see.

I described the kid to her and told her I was going to talk to him and if he came over with me to go along with whatever I said. I broke off from her and wandered over to the kid. My girlfriend in the meantime had turned around and was watching me. When I got up to him I said, "I'm real sorry man for what just went on." He said, "What do you mean?" I said, "I didn't realize anyone was standing here when I was feeling my girlfriend's ass up and now I want to apologize for it." I then asked if he would come over to my girlfriend and let her apologize also.

When he said it wasn't necessary I explained that it was because she feels terrible about it and would like to make it up to him. He agreed and came over to my girlfriend with me. While we were walking over I learned that his name was Mark and I told him my wife's name was Beth and I was Doug. When we got over to Beth I explained to Mark that Beth had an insatiable appetite for sex and was never satisfied, and that that is why we were making out. I began to carry on with the story I was making up and then stopped.

I looked right at Mark and asked, "Hey Mark how would you like to come home with us and have a threesome?" He stammered and then said I don't think so." I then said I would make you a deal. You and my Beth get in the back seat of the car and if in 5 minutes Beth can't convince you to come back with us then you can go your own way. He started to say no but Beth moved over to him and said, "at least give me a chance to convince you, OK?" He said "what the hell" and headed for the car.

Beth climbed into the back and Mark followed her. Beth moved in close to him and started to kiss him, and then she put her hand between his legs and started to feel him up. I had a good enough view from outside the car to see Mark already had a hard on. She took his hand and placed it between her legs and pressed his fingers into her clit.

While he was rubbing her clit she was undoing his pants so she could get hold of his cock. Surprisingly he had no underwear on so she easily got his cock out and began stroking it. She then pushed back from him and lowered her head to his cock. She wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it in to the hilt.

Then she began moving up and down on his cock each time taking it into her mouth as deep as she could. They had been at it less than 5 minutes when she pulled his cock out of her mouth, looked him in the eye and said, "How about it, you want to come home with us and have some more?" He just said "yea".

I hopped in the car, started it and drove off towards home. Since we were about 20 minutes from the mall the 2 of them in the back seat had more time to get to know each other. By the time we got home they were both naked and wrapped together. We live in the country so when I pulled into the drive and stopped Beth got out without dressing and told Mark not to bother dressing.

He followed her into the house and actually he didn't have too much choice because she had his cock in her hand and was leading him in. When we got into the bedroom, I started to strip but Beth stopped me. She then turned to Mark and said that she was willing for anything if he would do anything she asked. Mark was so turned on he would have said yes to anything and he readily agreed to do anything she wanted.

She told Mark that she wanted him to take my clothes off and without hesitating he came over to me and slowly stripped me naked. She then said "Doug I want you to suck Marks cock to make sure it is hard enough to fuck me." I had never had another guys cock in my hand nevertheless in my mouth but I figured what the hell if she can suck it so can I.

I got down on my knees and took his cock in my hand and guided it to my mouth. I licked the head of his cock and then slowly slipped it between my lips. I started to suck it in, but could not get it very deep. Beth got down beside me and started to instruct me how to deep throat Marks cock.

I finally was able to get his whole cock in my mouth and was sliding his cock in and out wanting to make him cum. While I was doing this Beth was madly stroking her clit and I could tell she was getting close to Cumming herself. Beth pulled us apart and pushed Mark onto the bed, then she straddled him and sat down on his cock.

She was so wet his hard cock slid right into her and she started to pump up and down on his cock. I got around to the front of her and while standing on the bed I aimed my cock for her open mouth. Here she was fucking Mark and sucking on my cock at the same time. I could feel myself cumming and at the same time Beth and Mark both had orgasms. We all collapsed on the bed and rested for a time.

Beth was the first to get up and told us to stand together so she could get at both our cocks. She knelt down, took Marks cock into her mouth and sucked him until he was hard. Beth then moved onto my cock and got me hard while at the same time she was pumping Marks cock.

Beth then slipped her mouth off my cock and took hold of it. She pulled both of us together so our cocks were touching then she took both our cock heads into her mouth at the same time and sucked on them. Beth sucked us both for several minutes then she moved over to the end of the bed and lay down with her legs hanging over the end of the bed. "I want you both to eat me to an orgasm or two. The two of us dropped to the floor in front of Beth and went after her pussy taking turns licking her clit and running our tongues in and out of her pussy.

Our fingers were working on her clit and her hole and I noticed that Mark had inserted a finger up her ass which was driving her insane. His other hand was on her breast and her nipple was being pinched by his finger and thumb, she was in ecstasy as we brought her to one orgasm after another.

Beth was almost screaming that she wanted more and we were willing to give it to her. Beth wanted a cock inside her, she needed it and told Mark to get his cock in her now. She moved her legs apart petite juvenile vixen rides old dong oldvsyoung and hardcore Mark moved up and slid right in. He was giving her a good fucking, slamming into her stroke after stroke. I was sucking on her tit and had my hand between her legs working on her clit and feeling his cock sliding in and out.

Beth was now having multiple orgasms and since Mark had cum earlier he was taking along time to come again. Watching Beth having multiple orgasms by having me take care of her tits and clit while another guy fucked her was the best thing that had happened to me. It took Mark about 20 minutes to finally cum and after he did we just collapsed on the bed.

We had laid on the bed for about 10 minutes when Beth told me to eat her out and suck Marks sperm from her pussy. As I started lapping at her pussy she told Mark to suck on me to get me hard again.

She then maneuvered herself under Mark and began sucking on him. We were all turned on when Beth stopped us and got off the bed. She got some lubrication and had me rollover on my stomach. She began to lube my ass and told Mark that she wanted to see him fuck me. Mark was ready for anything and when he moved around back of me while she helped him get his cock aimed at my ass hole.

She helped him push into me and once I relaxed I could feel his cock slide all the way into my ass. Mark then started to fuck me slowly at first and then faster. She then had us stop so she could get onto the bed so that I could slip my cock into her pussy. It took a bit but we finally got into the rhythm of it. Mark was plowing into my ass and I was plowing into Beth's pussy.

When I started to cum I was sure I could feel Mark shooting his sperm into my ass at the same time. We laid there for awhile then Beth said we should have a shower and get cleaned up. When we got in the shower both Mark and I took our time soaping Beth's body and washing her. We worked on her breasts and between her legs making sure to pay extra attention to her clit and her two holes. As our hands and fingers were working on her and she was again turned on.

Mark and I had our fingers working in and out of her asshole and her pussy while rubbing our bodies up against her. She had her one hand on Marks cock and her other on mine. Beth was so turned on by what we were doing all she could do was hang on to our cocks and then she started to orgasm again.

Neither one of us let up on her and Beth was having multiple orgasms again. Mark was enjoying making her frankie asked amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes as much as I was; watching her have so much pleasure was incredible.

Finally she had us stop after about 30 minutes and we just stood under the shower. When she got her breath back Beth took the soap and washed both Mark and myself from head to toe. She left our cocks until last and then she dropped to her knees and with one hand on Mark and the other on me she slowly washed both of us.

After she finished and rinsed off the soap she started to slowly suck our cocks. Beth would take me into her mouth and suck me then she would do the same to Mark. I did not think either of us would get hard again but Beth was incredible at sucking a cock and brought both of us hard again. After she was satisfied we were hard she said we should go back to the bed because she wanted something to be done to her.

We got dried and headed for the bed, when Beth told us to go and lie on the bed next to each other. When she came in a couple of minutes later she noticed that both our cocks had gone soft but she just came up to us and started to suck on us.

Beth would suck on Marks cock, then on mine while she mari likes to get fucked by hard one hand between her blonde milf in love with black guy working on herself. Beth moved Mark to the edge of the bed and then got on top of him sliding his cock in her. She then told me she wanted me to fuck her ass at the same time. When I moved around to her ass I saw she had lubed her hole and was ready for me.

I slowly worked my cock into her and then started to move in teen sweetie davina davis pounded and creampied on the bed out slowly.

Mark was moving his cock in and out of her pussy at the same time when Beth between pants told us she wanted it harder. Mark and I got into rhythm and were giving her a good fucking when she started again.

In seconds she was into multiple orgasms and could not stop cumming. We fucked like this until Mark and I came again, both at the same time, filling her pussy and ass with our cum.

Hen we just collapsed on the bed. Marks cock was still in her pussy and mine was still in her ass. She begged us not to pull our cocks out of her and we all fell asleep like this but finally we both slipped out of her and when this happened she moaned and we all woke up. After relaxing for a bit, we all had another shower together to get cleaned up. Mark said he had to be going so we headed for the car.

I had gotten dressed but Mark and Beth's clothes were in the car so they went out there nude. When we go to the car Beth told Mark that as a thank you for cumming over she would suck on his cock all the way back to where Mark wanted to go, while I drove.

She was as good as her word and since he had cum so much already it took him the total 20 minutes to cum again. In that 20 minutes Beth had about 6 orgasms since she was playing with her own clit while she sucked on Marks cock. When he finally came she was on her seventh. Back at the mall we exchanged phone numbers and Mark asked if next time he could bring along one or two other guys. Beth's eyes lit up and she said the more the merrier.

I figured Beth would want to go home and sleep but she surprised me by wanting to go into the mall. She put on her skirt, sandals and see-through blouse and made our way into the mall. As we walked around she talked of what happened and told me it was so great she was turned on again. As we went around she made sure she had to bend over to look at things or reach up to a shelf. As she did this her short skirt rode up revealing her naked ass.

She had become an exhibitionist in just one day or perhaps she always was but did not know it. We went into a coffee shop and after she had a good look around she finally found a table she wanted to sit at.

When she sat down she made sure she was in a seat that looked out over the shop and I was in mistress leather skirt piss drink seat next to her.

I could not see what she was doing but she that did not matter because she was telling me. Across from her was a table with 3 teenagers sitting at it. She told me that she was slowly opening and closing her legs and when I glanced over I could see the three of them staring at her. Beth then told me she had her legs wide open giving them a wide open view of her pussy. Just her telling me what was going on had me turned on again.

She had slipped her hand between her legs and was playing with her clit all the time describing to me what she was doing. As she started to have an orgasm I looked across and saw that two of the boys were rubbing their hard cocks through their pants.

One of the boys had shorts on and had his cock out though the leg of his shorts pumping on it.

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After Beth's orgasm subsided and I am sure all three boy had orgasms we got up to leave. Beth stopped over at the boys table and asked if they liked what they saw. All three said yea at the same time and Beth asked for their phone numbers. She told them she would call sometime and really give them something they would never forget. As we left she told me she was building a list so we could have someone to call when ever we wanted more sex partners. Beth also told me she wanted to have another female join us because she wanted to have sex with another woman while I watched and then joined in.

She gloryhole fetish girl fucks a big black cock that watching me go down on Mark had really turned her on and she wanted me to have the same turn on. We stopped at an electronics store where she bought digital movie camera explaining she wanted to record the next time and every time after that. Before we left the store she had the camera unpacked to make sure it was working.

The battery was charged and the camera was ready to go as we left the store. We had parked underground in the parking lot and back in a corner where no one else was around so when we got back to the car Beth looked around then took her clothes off.

I was stunned by this but even more stunned when I heard a noise, turned around and saw the three boys from the coffee shop had followed us. Beth said to get the camera going because she was going to get fucked by all three. She later told me she has whispered to one of the boys to follow us if they wanted to get fucked.

Beth climbed into the back of the van and spread her legs telling the boys to come and fuck her. Before the first boy had his cock erotic and juicy some sex hardcore blowjob her she was having an orgasm. Each boy took his turn fucking her while I recorded the whole thing.

After her first orgasm she just kept having multiple orgasms as each boy took his turn and another climbed on. Each of the boys had got to fuck her twice and after they were finished and had left she told me she was full of sperm but wanted me to fuck her before it all drained out.

I set the camera so it could tape us then pulling out my cock slid into her. I could feel the sperm in her as it really lubricated her pussy. I was so turned on by what had happened it did not take me long to cum and my sperm mixed with theirs. Beth put on her shirt but otherwise she sat naked from the waist down as we started to drive home. She had placed a towel on the front seat under her to catch cum that was leaking out of her saturated pussy.

She put the camera in front of her and while I drove she played with her clit rubbing cum around that leaked out. I figured that she had had enough orgasms but here she was having another one. When I remarked on this she said she could not help it she just wanted more and more.

To help her out while driving I reached my right hand over between her legs and working her clit brought her to more orgasms. When we got home we went straight to bed and had long slow sex. When we finished we both fell asleep in each others arms and slept through what was left of this day and overnight.

The next morning being Sunday extraordinary defiance amazing teen pussy hiddencam and hardcore decide to just rest and do nothing. Beth decided to put on a thong and nothing else and spend the day like that. She also had me put on a thong saying she just wanted to be able to see my body all day. Several hours after we had been up the doorbell rang.

I threw on a pair of shorts and went out to answer the door. There was a young pretty girl at the door who wanted to see Beth as she had a delivery of some products Beth had bought at a party she had been at.

She was dressed in tight shorts and a a tight blouse and obviously did not have a bra on.

Like Beth her breasts were small but I could see her nipples under her shirt. When I went to get Beth she told me to have her come out back where Beth was out back lying in the sun. I brought the girl out to Beth and again she shocked me. When I had been out moments before to tell Beth this girl was here she was lying on her stomach and still had busty teen cutie moans while taking in a big cock thong on.

Now she was lying on her back, her legs were spread apart and she had taken off the thong. The girl had told me her name was Mary and was she shocked, to say the least, but Beth told her she had had a hard day yesterday and she was not going to get dressed for anyone today, she was just going to lie around getting a tan. Mary handed Beth the parcel she had been carrying and Beth told her to sit down while she had a look at what she bought. Beth handed me one parcel and she bought these for me and that she wanted me to go in and try them on.

She also said she wanted me to come back out and model each one starting with the red one, for Mary and herself. Beth also said I was not to look at the other ones before I put them on.

I took the package and went inside the house to open it. What I found was three boxes each containing a thong in my size. I opened the package that contained the red one and put it on, which was your standard thong that covered me up and although embarrassed I went out to the girls to model it. When I came out they both made remarks about how good I looked to make me feel good.

Beth then said to put on the blue one and come back out. The blue one was real skimpy. It barely had enough to romi rain and tyler nixon my cock and balls and just a string around my waist and up the crack of my ass. I walked out to Beth and Mary feeling very self conscious but again they both made me feel real good by their remarks.

I was then told to go and put on the last pair she had bought for me. Before I went back in the house I noticed that Mary had undone most of the buttons on her blouse and I could just see the edges of her nipples. Beth had her hand down at her crotch and was gently playing with herself while Mary tried not to watch.

As I went back in the house I figured I was going to have a hard time putting on another thong because I now had a hard on. I opened the last package and when I put it on I found it had a hole for my balls to hang out of and a hole for my cock to stick out of and little else.

I found that both the holes had tight elastic around them and when I put them on my balls stuck out and my cock felt as if it would never be able to go down. It was hard and the tight elastic made it even harder.

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When I got to the door to go out and take a deep breath I saw that Mary had her hand at Beth's pussy, Beth was rubbing her own nipples which were sticking out and Mary's other hand was fingering one of her nipples.

When I came out neither one of them stopped what they were doing but they both stared at me. Beth had me come over closer and told Mary it was OK for her to feel the thong I was wearing and make sure it fit properly. Mary removed her hand from her nipple and began to rub the thong, my balls and my cock.

Beth then said that if I were a good host I would help Mary out of her clothes so she would not feel out of place around us. When Mary stood up so I could get her clothes off I made sure that when I removed her blouse I fondled both of her nipples.

When I helped her out of her shorts I also went to touch her pussy but Beth said not to as that was for her to do for now. Beth had Mary lie down next to her then she spread Mary's legs apart and started to play with her pussy. Beth then got between her legs, moved her head down and started to lick Mary's clit.

Within seconds Mary was moaning as Beth licked her clit and pushed two fingers in and out of her pussy. Mary was fondling her own breasts when Beth told me I should play with Mary's nipples and suck on them. While I was sucking each of her nipples Beth had gone back to work on her pussy and within minutes she brought Mary to an orgasm.

After Mary's first orgasm Beth moved up sone leyon boor story x Mary and said Naughty gfs getting down and dirty at this swingers party should sit back relax and enjoy. The two of them came together in a long kiss and then started to rub their hands over each other. I was really turned on watching Beth make love to another woman and when they moved around so each of them could lick each others pussy my hard on even got harder.

I did not want to touch myself because I knew I would cum and I was hoping I would get to fuck Mary at some point. While the two of them sucked and licked each others pussy and clits I reached in and began fondling their breasts and nipples.

Beth was already into one of her multiple orgasms but so was Mary. After what seemed like hours both of them stopped to catch their breaths and calm down a little but they both asked if I would continue playing with their nipples. After a few minutes Beth again got between Mary's legs and started to lick her pussy. She then asked me to come and help her and between the two of us licking her pussy and putting our fingers in her she had another big orgasm. As we were bringing Mary up to another orgasm Beth pulled me up and guided my cock into Mary's pussy to fuck her.

As I started to fuck Mary, Beth moved around so her Mary could lick her pussy. As I pounded into Mary both of them were having orgasm after orgasm. I still had on the thong with the tight elastic around my cock and balls which was preventing me from cumming so I knew that Mary was in for a good long fucking.

We kept this up for a period and then Beth switched around so I could fuck her while she ate Mary's pussy. When I knew I was going to come Beth switched around again so I was back inside Mary and said she wanted to see me come while in another woman. Within seconds of sliding my cock in and out of Mary I was cumming. When we finally stopped we all laid down next to each other for a rest, but within a couple of minutes both Beth and Mary were playing with each others pussy while I got to sit and watch.

Again they got between each others legs and brought each other to orgasms by their licking.

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When they had finished they came over to me, stripped of the thong I was wearing and then the two of them started to lick and suck my cock. Taking turns sucking and licking my cock they were bringing me to another orgasm.

Beth let Mary have the honors of sucking me to orgasm as she moved around so I could lick her pussy. At the same time I brought Beth to an orgasm, I let loose in Mary's mouth. Mary drained my cock of cum down her throat and did not let up until I could take no more.

After we had rested Mary said she had to leave to make some other deliveries but before she left Beth told her to come around anytime for more of the same. Mary looked at both of us and said she would definitely be back and soon. After Mary left Beth and I lay in the sun gently playing with each other and talking of what had happened in the last two days.

We both decided it was fantastic and we had to do more of this all the time and then we went on to come up with more ideas. Beth vowed that from now on when we went anywhere she was going to wear as little as possible because she really enjoyed her exhibitionism and having others seeing her.

Amazing virgin honey in a steaming act also said she wanted to have me fuck her while others watched us. Beth was already becoming impatient to do something more. She found out she was an exhibitionist, she really like doing it with another woman, she liked to watch me fuck and get fucked by both another guy and girl. She really liked cock and after having three guys fuck her twice each then me she was wondering how many cocks she could take and she said seven was good but she wanted to try ten next.

Beth wanted to be gang banged and she started to plan how this could be done knowing that once she started to orgasm she would not want it to stop.