Beautiful girls have lesbian fun college amateur

Beautiful girls have lesbian fun college amateur
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Cindy and Kim had gone skinny dipping with Daryl and his friend Brett. Kim had become sexual with Brett. The two couples had watched each other make out and both girls were simply off the wall with excitement about the whole episode.

They sat on the floor of Kim's bedroom, cross legged and staring at each other. Neither really knew how to start the conversation.

Both were just a little embarrassed about having watched each other in such intimate activity, but not really. They just kind of thought they should be embarrassed. Of course it was Kim who was the braver of the two. She was always more matter of fact about stuff. She reached over and smacked Cindy's leg. "Well.God girl, that was sure fun" she giggled. Cindy looked at her friend and thought about her showing Brett her girl parts. "Jesus Kim, you sure gave Brett a lesson. He seemed to be a quick learner." "Oh my!

He sure was. I was so wet I thought I'd die of embarrassment but he said he loved my angelina will do anything to be famous and I sure liked his boner.

I especially liked watching him squirt. It made me feel sooo sexy knowing I made that happen for him. It was just like I thought it would be." "Did you taste his stuff" Her cheeks coloring a bit she nodded. "Just a little bit.

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Have you tasted Daryl's stuff?" "Well, yeah…a bit. It's quite salty but kind of interesting. It's really sticky though and quite hot when it first comes out. What did you think of the size of their cocks?

Kim's eyes went dreamy. "God! They're cocks are both huge. I mean maybe they're normal for guys their age or they wouldn't be so close in size but can you imagine how it would feel having one of those in you? Cindy looked down and asked "Oh God, I can hardly wait. Remember when we licked each other down there?" "Of course I do.

You tasted great! Why?" Cindy reddened and looked up at Kim and said.

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"Well…I really really liked that and I'm thinking of asking Daryl to do it. I mean if he does I guess that would mean I would have to give him a blow job." Kim raised her eyebrows and looked at Cindy.

"Cindy. Remember. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. I talked with Marci Wicker and she told me she gives Mark blowjobs all the time. She even swallows his stuff so there's no mess." Cindy's eyes popped open as she absorbed this news. "God Kim! Marci Wicker? She seems so &hellip.well prim." Kim giggled. "I know. She does.

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But her and Mark have been going all the way for ages now. She loves it. According to her it feels really rad." Cindy pictured Marci's head bobbing up and down on Marks cock and couldn't believe how much she got turned on.

She and Kim yacked for about two more hours about sex and boys and blowjobs, then Cindy left to meet Daryl at the swimming hole. As Daryl waited for Cindy on the blanket he'd brought, he thought about what a weird day the four friends had spent together. He never expected Cindy to be so open about nudity and all of the displayed sexual action. God, she was so beautiful.

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Kim was beautiful too and she was soooo comfortable with her body and sex. He was delighted when she spread her legs wide to show Brett her pussy. This was of course only the second pussy he'd seen and he found the similarities kind of neat.

He also kind of learned a bit. Kim's vagina got really wet like Cindy's did and Kim also liked to have her bump played with. She was more vocal in her arousal than Cindy but both girls nipples got swollen and hard when they made out. Just thinking about this stuff made Daryl erect. He had to keep adjusting his penis to get comfortable and finally he stood up and loosened his shorts to shove his hand down and fiddle with it.

It was at that moment Cindy arrived. She saw his hand down his pants and mischievously surprised him. "Daryl!" she yelled "What are you doing? She pretended to be shocked and upset when in reality she thought it was really funny. Daryl jumped a mile high and quickly pulled his hand out of his pants. "Jesus Cindy. You scared me half to death." He stared at her accusingly.

"I was just adjusting things a bit. What did you think I was doing?" Cindy went into a giggle fit and walked to him. "I…I'm sorry baby. I just couldn't resist. You just about hit the clouds. I don't care if you need to adjust or even if you need to&hellip.well, you know." "I wasn't playing with myself. I had a boner and needed to adjust it…you bratt!" He could see the humour in the situation and grinned at her. She walked up to him and draped one arm around his neck pulling him for a very deep wet kiss.

She used her other arm to reach down into his undone shorts where she found his now flaccid member.

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This was the first time she had felt it soft and she was very curious. She quickly got in front of him and yarded his shorts down, dropping to her knees as she did. His soft penis hung in front of her face. "Where is it? Did I really scare it away? " She looked up at him with a teasing pout and reached out to his soft penis. Wiggling it, she heard his intake of breath and felt his arousal return, growing in her hand. She watched closely as it filled with blood and became erect, his breath becoming ragged.

She instinctively wrapped her soft hand around it and moved it up and down his shaft. God it was beautiful she thought. She leaned in and kissed the head eliciting a soft groan from him. "Cindy. You don't have to…I mean I don't want you to feel you have…" She paused to look up at him "Shhh.

Just let me know if I'm doing it right." She ran her tongue down the length of his penis, cleaning it entirely, and then licked each of his testicles. She kind of wondered why she was licking his balls but at the same time she marveled at the feel of his testicles rolling around on her tongue. They were soft and seemed very vulnerable to her.

She licked up to the head of his penis and then rolled her tongue around the tip. She ran her hands up and down his shaft and then began stroking his cock. She coddled his balls in her hand and then looked up at him while she ran her hands all over his shaft. She gently squeezed the spongy head on each upstroke. The purplish male organ fascinated the girl. The circumcised mushroom shaped tip was dripping a clear fluid from the little slit at its end.

Cindy was struck at how rigid the organ was and how it appeared to tremble and throb. She felt a twinge between her own legs as she gazed between his legs. She then followed her instinct and opened her mouth and engulfed the bare throbbing penis into it. Her lips closed on its shaft and her tongue began to explore this exciting intruder. He inhaled and exhaled in short breaths through his mouth as the pleasure mounted between his legs.

Cindy truly enjoyed the taste and feel of a male penis filling her young mouth. He began to taste a little salty and slick as his precum began to seep out.

Daryl squirmed in ecstasy. "Oh God Cin, I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. He couldn't believe the pleasure he was experiencing. By now Daryl's legs were shaking as his glans began to contract prior to ejaculation. He had felt this many times brought on by his right hand, but never this intense. "Oh fuck!" the young teenager groaned as he exploded deep into his young lover's mouth. He was sweating. Beads ran down his forehead and his face was crimson. Cindy had given thought to what she would do when he squirted and decided it was time to taste him.

She held on to his penis as he tried to pull out of her mouth and kept sucking. Daryl started pushing his cock in and out slutty mama fondled and fucked japanese and hardcore her mouth and as it pulsed, she felt a jet of sperm hit the back of her throat and then several other smaller jets follow.

She looked up at him and with a little effort because of this new warm texture she was tasting, she swallowed. Looking up at him from her knees and with puppy dog eyes she asked "Was that ok?" Daryl was still recovering and simply smiled at her.

"That was unbelievable! What brought that on?" "I just thought I'd try to be a bit more &hellip.well…forward. The book said men like it when women give them oral sex and I wanted to please you." "God Cindy, you pleased me big time! I'm gonna have to 'please you' the same way ya know?

Cindy suddenly felt a gush of warmth in her vagina and blushed with embarrassment.

Daryl noticed her blush and pointing a finger at her he said "Oh my God! You're getting horny at the thought aren't you?" Authors Note: If you have enjoyed this story so far and would like to read more about this group of four then let me know.