Teen sydney cole loves to get nailed hard and deep by big cock pornstars hardcore

Teen sydney cole loves to get nailed hard and deep by big cock pornstars hardcore
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Warning:This story features Incestual relations and brutal rape, if you are not into this type of thing i recommend you leave now. ALSO, please excuse any spelling/grammatical/punctual errors as English is my second language.

Carly was in the shower, warm water running down her adriana chechik in making her drip full on zzerzcom, naked body. Her hand rubbing the clit of her virgin pussy. :"Uh-uhhh OHHHHH!" She uttered in an orgasm as low as possible trying not to get caught. Meanwhile. Freddy, her friend the 'Tech geek', was in her room applying a hidden camera that would send a feed to his laptop of anything that was going on in her room.

"I'm going to have so much fun with this" he chuckled. About to leave, he notices something sticking out of Carly's dresser drawer, he slowly pulls the drawer open and see's Carly's underwear drawer.

He saw all kinds of underwear, he then grabbed a pair of silk panties, bringing them up to his nose, he feels his cock twitch and then get hard. Without even thinking he dropped his pants, bring the underwear back up to his nose, he starts to jerk his cock slowly and gently; He then brings the panties down to his cock and jerk's off into them.

Carly walked into the room to see Freddy with his pants down to his ankles. "Freddy? What are you doing?" She asked, Freddy jumped and pulled his pants up, slipping the panties into his back pocket "Oh, nothing Carly, Your brother let me up here to wait for you" He tried to say nonchalantly. "What did you put into your back pocket?" she asked. "I did not put anything in my pocket Carly, You must be seeing things" he said.

Freddy just now noticing Carly was in a short towel that barely covered her pussy, Freddy now with a raging hard-on stood there young sweet teen blonde poor jade jantzen. "Ok then, Let me feel your pockets!" she quietly yelled.

"No Carly!" he yelled. "Why?!" she said. Freddy had no answer, so Carly took that as an 'ok' to search his pockets. Carly stuck her hand into his front right pocket and found his pear phone, she then comes around to his right back pocket and she pulls out her underwear with the inside covered in his precum. "WHAT THE FUCK FREDDY?!" she screamed.

"I'm sorry Carly, it was so tempting" he said in a coward-ish tone. Carly walks up to him angrily, and pulls him up by his shirt, which then caused her towel to fall. Freddy was in awe, her beautiful, soft, and perky B-cup tits right in his face and a shaved cunt below.

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Carly picks up the towel, and re-wraps it around her. "Get the fuck out of here you pervert!". she yelled again Freddy was on his way out, when he looked back at Carly he could see the lower end of her ass crack.

He then runs back and pulls Carly's hair back, then brings his hand to the front of her mouth only to let Carly let out a muffled scream. "I've waited too fucking long for this!" he chuckled evilly, having wanted to date and fuck Carly ever since he hit puberty.

He then drops his pants and underwear to reveal a thick seven inch cock. Twisting Carly around by her hair, she sobs softly in pain, Freddy then slammed his long rod into her mouth making her gag relentlessly Her sobs never fazed Freddy ecstasy filled brain, Freddy losing control of him self shoves his cock balls deep down her slimy, warm throat, which caused Carly to blow chunks all over his cock and floor of her room, slam after slam, sob after sob, it became obvious to Carly that this was not going to stop.

She just stopped crying and zoned out for a minute big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner Freddy smacked her as hard as he could, which brought her back to reality. "BITCH!

You're going to watch what I do to you!" he said as he smacked her again. Freddy then pulled out his long cock for just a second, allowing Carly to get a small amount of air, until Freddy slammed his cock into her throat brutally again.

Freddy then pulled out of her mouth letting Carly drop to the floor.Suddenly he picked her up by her hair and threw her on the bed.

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He placed his cock onto her pussy lips just rimming the outer lips and clit, then suddenly smashing into her tight pussy. Ramming just as hard as he did to her mouth, he was slamming as hard as he could, and pushing so far up it hit her cervix, then Freddy bent over while still ramming her tight young pussy, he smacked her tit, and she screamed in pain, then Freddy pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach and smashed his cock back into her pussy, Carly though this would never end, until she a large grunt, and warm cum fill her tight pussy, Freddy pulled out his cock covered in blood and cum.

Carly fell to the floor crying and weeping over what had just happened. "Hey, cunt! You never tell anyone about this! Or there will be fucking consequences!

Got it?! Carly lay silent except for the occasional sob.

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Freddy walks over to Carly and pulls her naked body up by her hair. "Did you hear me you fucking bitch?!" he yelled "Yes!" Carly whelped in her own filth, with bloody cum dripping down her legs.

"Good, Now clean yourself up you fucking whore, I don't need anybody knowing about this". ------------ Authors note: part 2 coming soon. :)