Crazy terra has fun on public streets

Crazy terra has fun on public streets
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For those who haven't read part 1 please go read it or else none of this will make sense to you at all, you may get a slight kick out of it but you'll get more with the other story.

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Also any feedback would be greatly appreciated but anyways enough talk its showtime! Me and Maralee, both beauteous chick has sex with lad pornstar hardcore and naked, sat there shocked looking at Marissa and finally I broke the silence by saying "Well we all know I don't mind". Maralee said"Well Marissa, me and you already do enough stuff at home so why not but are you sure about losing your cherry?".

I almost came right there because Marissa was now that I noticed just a miniature version of her s*s as she was 5"2, same athletic thickness, size B cups, a smaller ass but perfect proportionally to her and cute little size 6 feet and to know that she and Maralee already screwed around! Before Marissa joined in me and Maralee had business to finish so I kept fucking Maralee and I came on her ass cheeks which Marissa leaned over to lick up and eat it.

They both sat on the end and let me suck their toes and lick the soles of their beautiful little feet and then they both gave me footjobs Marissa getting my actual dick and Maralee got to play with my balls and I came all over their beautiful little toes and they cleaned each others feet before we got down to business.

Me and Maralee took care of Marissa popping her cherry first after she went slow but I could care less she was so tight I almost came in her without us even moving so I had Maralee on top of my face so I could lick her sweet pussy and taste her sweet juices.

I did my usual routine of focusing on Maralee's clit until she was aching for something in her pussy at which point I plunge my tongue in as far as it'll go which either makes her cum or start humping my face till she cums on my face.

This time she just came on my face and then all attention was on Marissa who was close to cumming and me and Maralee put all our effort on her.

Maralee started to rub her clit and suck on her little titties and I just got in a good rythym with her hips and started speeding up and going in deeper. When she came Maralee had to keep her quiet with a big deep kiss as she was screamin her head off from her orgasm and I came deep inside her pussy from her already tight pussy putting my dick in a stranglehold.

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We made sure no one woke up and then they knelt down and started to suck my dick, Maralee got my dick because we knew she could deepthroat me and Marissa sucked my balls and stroked my dick. All I heard was wet sloppy sounds and the occasional gag from Maralee and the quiet moans coming from Gorgeous girlie with beautiful hairy pussy h spicygirlcam. I don't know how they did it but they made me hard and made me cum again and I blew my load all over their beautiful faces and tits which they took a few minutes to clean up with their tongues and we all had to sadly say goodnight and it was our last night together so me and Maralee shared an extra long kiss, we almost fucked but I knew we had to stop and go to bed.

The next morning I woke up a little sad but as we were all packing up something amazing happened "DAMMIT STUPID TRUCK" I heard come from my dad's truck so I quick ran over to go see what was wrong and asked my dad and he said that the battery was dead.

All the other families had left except for mine and Maralee and Marissa's f****y .We were around a two hour round trip to town so Maralee's dad told us that the adults would go into town and grab what they needed for one night because by the time they would get back we wouldn't be able to make it home.

They asked us if we were all right with it, us three had to hide our enthusiasim and tell them we would be ok. As soon as our parents left Maralee and Marissa hopped on the back of the truck and kicked off their flip flops telling me to suck and fuck their little toes, I happily obliged and sucked their little toes and lickedtheir beautiful wrinkly soles.

I grabbed both of their feet and put them on my dick to which they started giving me one of the best footjobs of a lifetime. I didn't last long and came all over both of their feet which they cleaned off immidiately after I was done. Then Maralee and Marissa got into a 69 position with Maralee on the top with her ass to me and they started to lick each other's pussies, I came up to Maralee's asshole and shoved my dick in and started to fuck her asshole.

After a couple of minutes of fucking Maralee I pulled out and shoved my dick in Marissa's mouth and she deepthroated my cock, making Maralee so wet she started dripping pussy juices down into her asshole. I pulled my dick out of Marissa's mouth and shoved it back in Maralee's asshole, making her and me cum at the same time and when I finished Marissa licked Maralee's asshole clean and swallowed all my cum.

As soon as I got hard again I did the same thing except for I was fucking Marissa and Maralee was sucking my dick and cleaned out Marissa's asshole when I came. We finished up and got dressed and waited for our parents to come and while we waited I got to suck Maralee and Marissa's toes and lick their feet. We had to stay the night in our trucks so sadly we didn't get to do anything that last night and the next morning when we were all saying good bye Maralee and Marissa gave me huge hugs and pressed their tits as hard as they could home made sex ape tube porn my chest and I felt their nipples poking through and I poked them back with the boner they gave me.

We knew we had to hang out when we got back to the city. Within a week of us getting back I got a call saying the girls wanted to have a pool party/sl**pover but thats for another story.

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