Very hot and dangerous xxx in ebony

Very hot and dangerous xxx in ebony
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I hope you'rl enjoy this story.

Please note that the prologue starts of slow. It is after all an introduction. But at least it's short. Enjoy Prologue The Shape Of Things To Come: Thesleek black Mercedes Benz hooted outside the family gate, signalling the arrival of my uncle, Edgar Powers,and his family. I buzzed the gate opened and the car drove up the driveway.

Uncle Edgar, Aunt Vorna and Olivia were a family of missionaries. They had just been back from two long years spent in China where they said they established a church in some rural area. And their next trip was to Africa. My mother Magda, Edgar's sister, insisted naughty teenie cannot wait to drill hard love stick monstercock interracial I go with them. I was enjoying my days of nothingness a year aftermy sister Aria and I finished school.

But aftereighteenyears, myfather always said a man should be someone by then, and if not, then he should haveat leastestablished a plan on how to get there. My mother believed in that whole heartedly andinsisted I should be someone by now. And according to her, there was no better someone than a someone working for the church doing God's work. So I guess she thought I'd find it doing missionary work in the African heat.

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My sister Aria decided to tagged along as well. She couldn't bare a day without me.Aria was myidenticaltwin in almost every shape and form, and thankfully for her sake I had very effeminate physicalities. From our androgynousfaces with ourbig bold brown eyes, pert noses and full lips, to our slender but fit bodies-I could easily pass for her sister. Two drop dead gorgeous sisters, I suppose. If Aria was the most perfect thing I've ever seen, then I couldn't argue that fact about me.

I just had to accept it. The only reallynoticable differencebetween us was my short adorable gf in uniform adores sexy sex and the fact that she had boobs. But an A cup between us wasn't saying much at all.

Mysister Ariaand I stepped out of the house to greet them astheypulled up in front of the garage.AuntVornawas the firstout of theBenzwithher usualregal grace. She was always very stately and elegant. A gust of wind blew as she held herstraight blackhair in place while she tugged down her pin suit that hugged her generous curves.

Olivia was having some trouble with the wind as she desperately tried in vain to hold down the wide frills of her deep blue summer dress. The wind gave us a glimpse of her incredibily fit and shapely legs, a lot like her mother's, but she was much more petite.

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Olivia was the spitting image of her mum, albeit aslightheight issue and wrinkle lines, they could pass as twin sisters as well.

Olivia was barely five feet tall, her mother half a head above her. Vorna was also twentyyears her daughter's senior. And although Olivia was only sixteen, it was saying a lot of Vorna and just how well she kept her thirty-fouryear old body together. As soon as Olivia saw me she rushed up the stepwayandthrew herself into me. She huggedexuberantly with her arms wrapped around my neck as she planted a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek.It was a bit awkward but I didn't contest the matter.She pulled back and looked me deep in the eyes.

"Oh Arron, I missed you!" "I can tell," I acknowledged to my favourite cousin.She smiledand I smiled right back at heras thesuddenawkwardness grew into comfort, her lithe, whispy body pressed hard against mine as she stoodinto meon her tip toes. Her breasts squished against my chest.

Although she didn't have much of a bossom, I felt her mounds caress me as she breathed in. I savored the moment. I hadn't seen her in two hq porn jav liseli banyoda. And the last time I saw her, she was an awkward little girl. "Now, now, Olivia.

He's your cousin, remember." Her father hesitantly joked as he tugged her off of me by her skirt. His action wasn't enough to pull herawaybut it was enough to cause her skirt strap to slip off her shoulder and present me with a lovely view of her elegantneck line. "Yes, daddy." She said as she pulled away from me, her hand trailed down my chest as she broke the embrace to stand beside me.

Her eyes lingered on me as she slipped her strap back on. She smiled latex milf assfucked after teen gives blowjob. Her deep dimples and wide mouth lit up her eyes.

She had a very cheerful and youthful face. It showed through in her personality. But now, standing in the patio, her dark brown hair highlighted in the afterglow of the setting sun, she had an entirely different appeal to me. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she leaned into Aria and kissed her with the same sloppy wet kiss.

But with her it was on the mouth. Aria seemed to enjoy it before she turned toward Vorna and accepted a kiss from her. I watched on intently as their lips held together for a little while imagining something a little more perverted than the innocent scene in front of me before I was interrupted.

"Hello, children." Edgar Powers said ever so eloquently, not even offering a formal handshake, as he stood with his chest propped out and hands clasped behind his back. Olivia'sfather was quite strict when it came to bouts of public affection. He was always a bit of a tight-arsed cunt. Prim and proper as he stood straight-backed with his chin held up in the air, there was a definite air about him that wasn't quite right.

I couldn't put my finger on it. It was like the faint scent of shit, but you couldn't find it no matter where you looked. He was just a little too perfect. No one was that perfect. No one was that unblemished. "Hello, uncle Edgar." I greeted with a smile but under my breath and gritted teeth I whispered, 'I'm not your son, you prick.' Not realizing Olivia could hear me. Aria noticed and jabbed me in the ribs.

The look on her was slight amusement, as she eyed me open mouthed.Olivia stifled a giggle. "Are you all set to go, love?" Edgar askedAria. How dare her call her love, I thought to myself. "Yeah,uncle Eddie. Bags all packed and in the hallway,"sheanswered.

"Excellent!Olivia, hunny, help your cousins put those things in the trunk. We'll be on our way shortly. But," he pushed me aside, "not before I see my dearest sister." He entered the house to find my mother, Magda. I turned to Aria, "What an absolute ass--" Aunt Vorna cut me offwhen shereached out and held my chin towards her faceandplanted a kiss on my lips. A kiss that held a little while longer than a kiss should be between an aunt and her nephew. I felt her lower lip massage into my upper lip before she broke away.

I forgot all about uncle Edgar in that instant until she began talking."He's not always such a prick," she winkedatOliviaand shegiggled. "It's luscious virgin sweetheart in a steaming act good to see you two gorgeous children. Your'll have grown up so much since the last time I saw you two. You'rl were cute. But now, my, oh my! Would I like to take a bite out of you guys. Absolutely exquisite!" she said as she caressed my face.

"Please excuss me while I say hi to your lovely mother,"shesteppedaside to enterthe house. Olivia helped us with our bags stuffing them into the trunk. "Mum's right. He's not such a prick at all, you know," she smiled. "It's just an appearance thing. You'll see. As soon as we get out of here." She seemed really excited.

At first, I thoughtbecoming a missionarywould be the worst thing ever. I hardly knew what I believed in myself. And now I was supposed to teach the gospel to people who can't even speak a word of English.

It was unfathomable. Such a drastic change of lifestyle, and what was I going to do without my precious WiFi?

But somethinghadchanged the moment Olivia stepped out of the car. The moment she held onto me. The instant her gaze locked onto mine as her hand trailed down my chest. I didn't know what it was but I knew then that I couldn't spend another moment away from her.And in that instant, missionary work seemed like the greatest journey ever.

"Oh, my god!" Aria exclaimed as she noticed me watching Olviaskip off into the house. "What?" I asked. "You got a thing for her!" "I do not!" I detested. "Oh, yes you do!" She teased as she gripped my torso at bangbros boy spy on nieghbor sides and pushed me against the car.

I was very sensitive in that area and she knew I hated it. I reacted and flipped her around and thrusted her against the back of the van, and pressed up against her back, sandwiching her against the car. She could feel my stiff cock press into her ass. She looked at me with a smirk on her face. "Really now? There's no denying that, now is there?" She said as she wiggled her ass into my groin. "No." I moaned. "She's cute," Aria acknowledged.

"I wanna fuck her so bad!" I whispered into her ear. "Really? What about aunt Vorna? Oh my God!" "Yeah?" I raised my eyebrows. "Yeah!" Her face expressed her excitement as she turned around. "She full on kissed me on the mouth. I'm so wet right now!" she revealed slipping a hand down her sweat pants and raised it to my face. I opened mymouth and accepted her smiley fingers as they coated my tongue.I loved the taste of her sex. To be honest, there was no other girl out there for me than my own sister.

We were one body. We shared a womb together. We were each other's. We knew this very early on in life. I was so attached to her, nothing could separate us. Not even the fact that our father died because of us - he hada heart attack the day he walked in on us fucking. We were so shocked at what had happened. It was a shame, but we couldn't change the way we felt about each other. The loss only drew us closer. We were more careful around mum since then, and hid it from everyone else.

Except our sexual partners.

So long as they didn't know that we were siblings, we shared our partners. We shared everything. We owned each other. "You're so fucking naughty. I love it!." I said, licking her fingers clean. I leaned in for a kiss but she pushed me away as we heard Edgar and Vorna step out the house. Aria and I broke off and rushed up the stairs as if nothing had happened.

We said our final farewells to our mother. We'd only see her in another two years or so. It was all very touchy and heartfelt, but I knew mom couldn't wait to get rid of us.

God only knew what she had planned. A forty year old widow loaded with her late husband's insurance policy, I kind of had an inclination of what she was up to. The depraved genes ran in the family. Aria was crying and I held her close, sitting in the middle of the back seat as the car drove off.

During the two hour drive toward the airport, she had sobbed her way to sleep on my lap, her cheek resting on my firm cock. It was the most uncomfortable drive I'd ever been on. My sister asleep on my lap, Olivia holding my hand and Vorna always peaking over from the front passager seat. I couldn't wait to get on that plane. ***