College dude fucks busty step mom and babe

College dude fucks busty step mom and babe
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I finished my coffee and went back upstairs to my room, reliving the prievious night over and over again in my head; I was close to being sick when a light knock sounded on my door.

Come in I replied, I was sitting on my bed with my head in my hands when Meghan walked in. Whats wrong Daddy she asked. I looked up at her with tears in my eyes and started saying I was sorry for what happened last night and swore that I would never drink around her again, or ever touch like that again.

Meghan knelt down in front of me with tears of her own in her eyes and asked me if everything that I had said to her last night was a lie? what do you mean I asked her, you told me that I was beautiful and that I had a really nice body, did you just say that so you could get me naked, or did you just do it for the blowjob?

No I said loudly, you are very beautiful and you have a body that could stop a clock, I am just feeling bad because you are my daughter and it is really wrong.

She looked up at me and gave me the sly smile and said " I don't have a problem with it Daddy, do you?" I liked it when you touched me last night, it made me feel really good. She stood up and backed away from me and then pulled my old teeshirt over her head to reveal her perfect naked young body, I can keep secrets really good too Dad! she said as she walked naked out of my room.

I sat on the edge of my bed trying to digest what I had just cece and capri pleasuring each others sweet pussies in bed and saw with a raging hardon, what do I do now I said to myself. I got up off of my bed and walked to the window to see a beautiful sunny day looking back at me and I decided I would do some yard work and try to clear my head. I changed into my old jeans and tee shirt and headed down stairs; I was pouring myself another cup of coffee when Meghan walked into the kitchen.

Are you ok Daddy? she asked, you are being really quiet. I am not sure what to do about all of this I told her, what we did last night was illegal, I could go to jail and never be able to see you again, not to mention that I have now probably scarred you for life. Dad she said, I am ok with this really, I was a little freaked out at first when I saw you looking at me last night, but then it made me feel special. I told you I will not tell anyone, it will be our little secret, so you can relax now Dad, it is ok and she reached up and slim and busty stunner ride a shaft my forehead, anyway I am going to go hangout with Amanda, I will be home later.

Amanda is Meghan's best friend since kindergarden, they were unseperatable since they met years ago, her dad is also my best friend. I watched out the window as Meghan walked next door to their house, my god she is beautiful I said to myself, where will this all lead, I already knew the answer to my question, trouble!

No sooner had the words trouble left my lips when the phone rang. I picked it up to her my ex wife's voice on the phone; Hi John she said, I was wondering if you could keep Meghan and extra night, I have to go out of town on business and won't get back until Sunday night.

Yes it is ok I told her and then the conversation turned to how much Meghan has grown up and the need for her to stop acting like a tomboy, I agreed with her and complimented her on how well she was doing with our daughter, she said thanks and said that she had to go, she said I will pick her up on Monday morning for school and hung up; Bitch I said aloud, I hate being nice to my ex! I headed out to the garage and fired up the lawnmower, I finished the lawn and was just beginning to trim along the fence when my friend Carl came out to say hello, John he said, how the hell are you?

I haven't seen you in like forever, Linda and I thought you may have moved out, No I replied and explained to him that I have been working 12hr shifts, all work and no play makes for a boring life buddy he exclaimed. We should hangout this afternoon maybe hit the golf course for a round, what do you think? he asked. I looked at him and said it sounded like a good idea, but I hate to leave Meghan home by herself, well I don't think that is going to be a problem he said, I think the girls want to go shopping.

A few minutes late Meghan and Amanada came out of the house and to see us. Dad can I go shopping with Linda and Amanda, meghan asked, I told yes and then she asked me for money to shop with, I have to replace my dress before I go home. I told her there was money on my dresser and that she could help herself.

The two girls walked towards my house and Carl said, "wow there are two heartbreakers if I ever saw any" Meghan is beautiful, she has sure grown up John he said. Amanda has grown up too I said, she is the spitting image of her mother. Amanda is taller than Meghan with small breasts and an ass that would stop the setting sun, with auburn hair and bright green eyes, she is truly her mothers daughter.

Oh to be young again Carl said, lets hit the golf course buddy! The time on the golf course and the beer that followed seemed to help clear my mind and accept the fact that my daughter gave herself to me willingly this morning, I was not sure how far this would go, but be it the beer or the fresh air, I was ready to let things happen as they may.

I arrived home to hear the two girls giggling in the den, I listened for a few minutes opening another beer from the fridge when I heard Amanda say " my god that thing is huge" it didn't take to much to know what they were doing, I walked down to the den and said hello to the girls. I looked into the den at two bright red faces as I looked at the computer screen to see some young teenage girl with a huge cock half inside her. Amanda looked scared out of her wits when she looked at me, and I replied, " Do you think that is an appropriate thing to be looking at your age"?

They both looked at each other and turned off the computer. Please don't tell my dad Mr. Smith, he would get really upset. Your secret is safe with me Amanda I said, but be careful what you look at on the internet.

I am going to go cook some supper I said, you too have fun, I could hear their laughter as I cooked supper and every once in a while I could hear them talking about sex and what it would be like, I smiled and realized that they have indeed grown up. I yelled to Meghan and told her supper was almost ready, she said her good byes to Amanda, I said good bye as well and Amanda said " Let me know how it works out" I asked Meghan what that was all natasha vega blow a lucky old bastard and she just said girl stuff, which meant none of your business.

We had finished eating dinner and were cleaning up the dishes and Meghan asked " what is fit teen gets ass to throat fuck and takes anal creampie eating mia bandini like to have sex dad?" I was kind of taken back by the question and asked her what she meant. Does it hurt? we were looking at some of your favorites on the computer ealier and saw the picture you saved of a young girl with a huge cock inside her.

My face now turned a few shades of red and I told her it did the first time, but after that it begins to feel good, she looked at me like I didn't understand what she was asking, I told her she will find out in time.

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We settled in for the evening and decided to watch the movie that we had started the night before, Meghan was laying across the couch with her head in my lap, she was being very quiet tonight and I was wondering if she was reflecting on last night, I decided to break the ice and tell her that I talked to her mother earlier and that she was going out of town on business and that she would be staying an extra night with me.

Business my ass meghan replied! she is going to get laid. Meghan I said, that is no way to talk about your mother, well it is true, she can't wait until I come here so she can go to him. I am guessing that you don't like him, No! she replied, he gives me the creeps, he thinks kids are a burden, I know, big boobs milf eva notty nasty threesome in the bedroom is what he told me, I rubbed her head and told her that it just meant more time for us.

She hugged my leg and told me that she loved me. The movie had ended and we decided to call it a night, I mixed a large strong drink for my trip upstairs and I kissed Meghan goodnight. I was just getting compfortable in bed when Meghan knocked on my door, yes I said, can I talk to you for a few minutes dad?

anytime baby I replied, she came in and sat on the bed beside me, Dad I have been thinking about what has happened last night and I need to talk to you about it!

My heart sank and I began to fear the worst when Meghan said " can I ask you some question about your favorites?" I wasn't sure where this was going so I said sure. We looked at some of the pictures that you have saved and we were going to look at a favorite site that said cunnligus, what is it?

I explained to her it is when a guy goes down on a girl, sounds like fun she says, can we try it? I looked at her and asked, " are you sure you want to do this, it is very wrong"?

yes dad I am sure, get over it already. I kissed her firmly on the lips and proceeded to remove what she had on for clothing, once I had her naked I kissed her forehead and then grabbed both of her hands and pinned the down above her head and started my assault on her tiny body. I gently kissed and licked my way down the inside of her arms until she giggled with delight as I nuzzled her armpits, I the kissed each of her breasts and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth while I rubbed the other one between my fingertips, she began moaning with pleasure and then I kissed her genly on the lips and asked her " are you ready?" She moaned out a yes and I started kissing her neck and worked my way down each side of her ribcage until I reached the sensitive spots on her groin, I licked lightly between the crease of her legs and her belly heaved with excitement.

I took a minute to breath in her fragrance and then gently sex stories desi village bhabhi sex a kiss on her virgin lips, much to her satisfaction. I looked up at her looking down at me and then spread and lifted her legs, I kissed her soft lips again and then slide my tongue down over the hood and then spread her lips with my tongue licking my way back up to her tender clit.

Her young body rocked and moved with the motion on my tongue, I licked her tiny pussy with all my might as my free hand found her soft and erect nipples, this seemed to put her over the edge and I took two fingers and spread her lips and began a feverious assault on her tender clit once more. Her belly started to rise and fall in rapid motion until she finally let go a huge orgasm shouting " holy fuck daddy" I covered her young pussy with my mouth and swallowed her cum as she gushed hard into my mouth.

I held her and gently licked the last of her cum into my mouth while her body shuttered with delight, she then pulled my head up to hers and kissed me all over my face. That was the best thing I have ever felt in my life she said, thank you daddy she said as she kissed me on the lips.

I layed down beside her and she hugged me with my hard cock pressing into her belly. We layed there for a while and then she said to me " I want to be the girl!" The girl I replied, what girl? The girl on the computer who's picture you saved; I want to feel you inside of me. I don't know I new urdu speaking sex storys, you could get pregnant, no I can't she replied, I have been on the needle for almost a year.

This is all a little quick don't you think?

I asked her, she pleaded with me to try it and after much pleading I asked are you sure? because once we start this I will not stop until I am done. I am sure daddy she said as she reached down and grabbed my cock, I want to be your girl! I reached down and felt her still soaked pussy to make sure she was ready to recieve my huge cock, I leaned over her and lay between her legs and I started rubbing my cock up between her legs up over her belly, I looked down and saw how big I was compared to her, this is going to hurt her alot I thought!

She seemed tense so I started rubbing her breasts and her pussy until she was starting to squirm under me and I asked her again, "are you sure?" yes I am sure daddy, put it in!! I reached up and grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed and then lifted her small little body and slide it under her nice firm ass. I then rubbed my cock over the entrance of her pussy to lube it up and then positioned myself over her, I slowly entered her and felt her young pussy spread over my huge cock, I pushed in until I felt her resistance and she gasped, tears filled her eyes and she said I don't think so daddy, it is to big, it hurts.

I reached up and held her head between both of my hands, I told you it would hurt for a little bit and then it would start to feel good. She started crying and said " I am really scared daddy, it is too big, it is going to hurt alot, please take it out" I kissed her forehead and then her lips and then said " I told you once we started this we would not stop until we were done, so I want you to take a deep breath and then look deep into my eyes, then we will start!" She took a deep breath and then held onto my arms, she was sobbing and holding tight on my arms and I reached down and used her wet juices to lube up my cock, I kissed her again on the lips and then slowly slid my big cock into her tiny virgin pussy, her eyes were like silver dollars as I slowly ripped thought her virginity and buried my cock deep in her pussy in one slow long stroke.

She screamed and scratched at my back and begged for me to pull my cock out of her, but I held it in place until her spasms stopped and she got used its fullness. Her young pussy squeezed hard on my xhxx story teen ride sensually cock, straining to accomadate the length and width of it, she cried out loud and pleaded with me to take my cock out of her but I held her sex kutty web com xxx storys porn steady in my hands and did not lose site of her eyes.

Once she settled down I looked at her and kissed her once again and then I began stroking slowly in and out of her tight young pussy. She felt amazing and extremely tight as I started riding her at full speed.

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I watched as the tears rolled down her cheek as I slammed hard into her, she layed there with a blank look on her face young sex parties teen chicks sharing stiff dicks I reached down and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and started my final assault on her.

She cried out everytime I bottomed out in her young pussy until I finally blew my load deep into her womb. As my orgasm faded I kissed her forehead and told her I was sorry that I hurt her, she just layed there silent as a mouse and did not say a word. I woke up a few hours later to an empty bed, I thought about the night before and could not believe I was so hard on her for her first time. Feeling guilty I got up and went to her room to look for her, she was laying there on her bed and I layed down beside her, I started to tell her how sorry I was when she wispered in my ear, " Fuck me Daddy, I want to feel you inside me again, you said it feels better the second time, show me Daddy, fuck me now!!" I looked at her and then held her tight and rubbed her naked young body, I am so sorry sweetie I told her, I never meant to hurt you, I hope you will forgive me.

We layed there for a long while and then she turned and kissed me on the forehead, I forgive you Daddy; it was then that we both realized that we were not alone, someone else had walked into the room.