Fervid girl opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated

Fervid girl opens up narrow pussy and gets deflorated
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Names were changed for privacy, but everything is from personal experience. Enjoy :-) I grew up with a big family.i am number 3 of 5 kids. All siblings were close but for me my older brother Christian it was a little different.

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My name is Kate I'm about 5'2 with a tiny waist and a big butt. I'm not skinny but not fat either with brown eyes and brown hair and everything started when I was 16,Christian was 18,he is about 5'11 not skinny but not fat he has blue eyes and brown hair. I had this boyfriend and things went good I thought I loved this guy,he gave me everything I wanted and more,I lost my virginity to him at 15.After we had sex everything changed big toys make two hot babes happy started to show his real self,he got me skipping school,and drugs,and sneaking out and just stuff I wouldn't normally ever do!!well one night he got me in some trouble that I couldn't get out of,in the end we broke up.

My brother was the only person I could talk to about anything he would always give me advice for anything I asked him.

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Just about every night I'd go to his room or he'd go to mine and we would just talk. Nothing ever happened. Well one night he was in his room and I walked in-like I always do- and he was jacking off. I started to talk and then I realized what he was doing and I ran out the rooms apologising.

After everybody else layed down he came to my room,and said not to tell our mom.

I had had sex before -only a couple times- but never seen a dick,always to nervous to want to see it first. I guess I'm the one that really started it all. He asked me why I got freaked out,and I said I had never seen one like that. well he started rubbing his dick through his pants and I told him if he's going to do that he needs to go to his room.he loved messing with me by Saying "just touch it a little".he left that hq porn hot teen biqle story and nothing happened.it was ok but weird for the next couple days.about 2 weeks went by and he came home late from hanging out with friends.

He was really horny that night for some reason so I was on the computer and he came in my room,I asked him what he wanted and he said he was 'looking for a towel'. I said I don't got one,so he left when he came back after a shower he was in just a towel, he sat on my bed and was watching TV with me. He leaned over and started to try to play wrestle with me,eventually he ended up straddling my stomach and his hard dick was poking out the towel.

He kept saying just touch it. I just layed there. he took my hand and wrapped it around his hard dick and helped me jerk him off. I thought that if I was not moving than I technically wasn't doing it.well he used my hand and finished himself off.

afterwards I just told him to go to his room. Over the course of about a year that happened about every other week. Then he moved out. I thought that the incest was over! Boy was I wrong. After he moved out my other brother and one of my sisters moved out. So that left me and one sister still at the house. He was gone maybe 8-10 months and He ended up fighting with his roommate and Stayed with us for a few days.

Well I had senior free period so I would come home from school almost 2 hours early. And no one else was home it was always me for 2 Hours alone.

In the few days he was staying with us I forgot the first day and I had taken a shower after school,when I came out he was standing at the door,I was only I'm a towel so I didn't have much to cover with. So I made it past him and started walking to my room,and he followed me.I said I needed to get dressed and all he said was "its like your wearing a bathing suit,so what's the big deal if I see you naked".

Well I a.ways knew incest was bad, so I wanted no part of what he was doing or trying to do. well I tried to close the door but me being so short he kinda over powers me. I thought I had a great plan to get dressed with towel still around me that way he wouldn't see nothing. It worked until he came up behind me and out me in a bear hug.I immediately fell to floor so he would let go,he did,but when I was on the floor I realized I only had on a shirt and underwear,so he could easily get to anything he wanted to.

Well he started to play wrestle with me again. And this time he ended up behind me in doggy style postion. And I was trying to crawl away but somehow he maneuvered his finger around my panty leg and shoved his finger straight in me! I can't lie and say it didn't feel good. At first I tried to fight it but its like the more I tried to push him off and resist it,the faster my orgasm was building!

I gave up a fight fro a good 5 min. Then its like all of a sudden I exploded,it was soon intense my eyes rolled and all I could here was him saying".that's right cum for me ,cum me." and I'm not even sure how long my orgasm lasted.

Nothing else happened the next few days he was there. A year went by without seeing him,he moved out of state and russians the horny people tube porn came home for Christmas.

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last year I had graduated school around June and he came home in December, well when everybody is at work and school I'm the only one home and he was there things happen. Like before I was getting out the shower and when I walked out the bathroom this time he was no where in sight.so I made a dash to my lexi cop and police tease the mummy cops asserted their authority over ! Nooone was in there so I shut the door and I guess due to everything on my mind I forgot to lock the door.well I was walking around my room in a towel and looking for clothes to put on,when christian came in.

I was shocked and everything.well I asked him to leave and again he said he just wants to look .so I decided to try to change with a towel on again. Well I got my panties on and then he snatched the towel off so i was completely naked except for panties.I tried covering up but it as no use.I eventually just let him look at me all he wanted as I finished getting dressed.

He had other plans.as I was trying to put on a bra he took out his cock and started jacking off right in front of me.when I had my bra on he came behind me and unsnapped it. So I kept re hooking it that went on for about 10 min. I finally decided to forget the bra and just put ,g shirt on until he left.so as I was putting on my shirt he pushed me face down on the bed.- I have a high bed so if you bend over on it your ass it straight up- well he held me down with both hands and pushed his hard cock all over my panty covered pussy.I could help but to moan.

Eventually he had me turned on enough that I didn't fight when he took one hand off my back and put it to rub my pussy,which made shivers go down my back.he again maneuvered his finger to go under my panty leg and shoved it in my wet Pussy. I couldn't make out coherent sentences. I wanted him right then. He shoved down my panties while his other hand grabbed a hold of his big hard dick and shoved it hard in my wet tight pussy.

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It's like time stopped,because we both wanted it for a long time. He started picking up speed and gave me another great orgasm as he reached around and started playing with my clit as he fucked the hell out of me.maybe 3 min after I started my orgasm he started bucking his hips and withdrew really fast and came all over my back my ass,and my hair.it was a mess,I definitely needed another shower.

I am now 20 and he is 22 we still talk and we send nudes to each other ever so often. He is married and happy .I'd be lieing if I said I wouldn't do it again. He's on of the best fucks I've ever had .mmmmhmmmm ;)