Hot babe with a big ass gets hammered

Hot babe with a big ass gets hammered
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"My, what a good Slave we picked out Master," the Mistress coos playfully. "It's hard to say what turns her on most; being beaten, watching you get beaten, or you watching her and me together." With a fluid motion she climbs off the chubby blonde gets it in the ass hard of the bed and twirls the slave around, a cry escaping the younger girl's lips as her arms are stretched and crossed behind her head, the handcuffs biting into her wrists on the other side of the post as the Mistress pulls her up to a kneeling position at the foot of the bed, her hips bucking shakily against the wildly gyrating vibrator so roughly stuffed into her clenching pussy.

The Mistress grins up at their Master as she stands behind the fully immobilized slave, playing her hands once more down the sweaty curves before stopping over the dildo, ramming it roughly deep inside the slave, savoring the howl of agony and ecstasy before cranking it up to full power.

The slave thrashes madly in her bonds, helpless against the pleasure wracking her body, ashamed to give herself over to the sensations before her new Masters but helpless to contain herself as she climaxes, then jerks with surprise as the relentless pressure makes her climax again, moaning loudly "Yes!

Yes! Oh Mistress Yes!" "Tsk.I can see speaking when spoken to is going to be a real problem with you two," the Mistress growls, taking up the flail again. The Slave moans enthusiastically and writhed helplessly as the Mistress works her over with the flail, lashing her arched chest and clenching pussy mercilessly, the soft leather straps biting into her virgin flesh, the wonderful pain making her climax again and again, sweat pouring off her wracked body, the Master writhing beneath her, aching for his climaxing new toy just inches away but unable to move.

The Mistress reaches down between her Slave's legs, drawing the long sticky vibrator out of her tight, wet pussy, sliding it up her wounded chest and over her neck, drawing it across the Slave's lips, giving her just a taste before the Mistress licks it clean herself, savoring the sweet taste of her Slave's musk.

She then holds it back to her Slave's lips, slowly easing it into the bound doll's mouth, watching their Master squirm as she forces the Slave to deep-throat the toy, enjoying the aching desire radiating off sofia cucci well fucked by prisoner in jail in waves.

She leaves the slave bound and shuddering with the aftershocks as she crawls up her Master's body, slowly and teasingly sliding her perfect breasts up his leg, over his aching cock, stopping just long enough to give him a moment of false hope before continuing up, stopping just below eye level.

"Do you want her, Master?" "Yes," he admits defeatedly, squirming with unfulfilled desire. "Do you want me to uncuff her and order her to fuck you while she eats out my pussy?" He is unable to keep the giddiness out of his voice when he shouts back "Yes!" "And do you want the two of us to take turns giving you blowjobs and boobjobs, each competing viciously to make you come all over us?" "Oh, gods yes!" "And do you want her to fingerfuck me and kiss my tits while you drill me in the ass?" "Y-Yes!" "Well, too bad it's not about what you want, isn't it?

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It's about letting your Mistress control when you receive pleasure, and how." She laughs cruelly at his defeated expression as she rolls over onto her back, using his body as a bed as she spreads her legs, fondling her breasts while she pleasures herself, Master and Slave alike yearning for her alice bell has her moist cunt hammered but tantalizingly out of reach.

She rubs her fingers quickly over her clit, her Master's cock throbbing helplessly between her legs as she squeezes it between her thighs and she climaxes just to make sure he knows what he's missing, then slows to recover and fingers herself to another climax as she watches her slave aching to fuck her, tortured just to have to watch her Mistress playing with herself inches away, savoring each little aftershock, drawing out the pleasure.

"Please, Mistress, I'll do anything-" "Anything?" she laughs, stopping suddenly to sit up and face him, crushing his cock under her firm ass. "And what is it exactly you could give me that I can't just take from you by force?" As he moans defeatedly she climbs up onto his face, head still tilted forward on a mountain of pillows, letting his eager tongue finally lick her tingling pussy clean.

"Mm, there's a good Master. But you are still having trouble speaking out of turn.when you're in the bonds, I'm in charge.

Don't you forget it." She crawls down the bed to their slave, caressing her straining chest. "You, on the other hand, have been surprisingly obedient.I think you deserve a reward." She deftly unlocks the Slave's handcuffs, the younger woman rubbing her raw wrists relievedly. The Mistress then whispers a few words in the Slave's ear and picks up a long strip of cloth from amongst the scattered supplies.

"This isn't for your enjoyment, Master.

You understand," she says as she pulls the pillows out from under him, sliding them instead under his torso, making his head loll back helplessly before blindfolding him.

His tongue reaches out eagerly, trying to taste her as she remains just out of his reach, earning himself another lash across the strained muscles of his chest. "You will learn to eat what is put in front of you, Master, and to follow orders." "Yes Mistress," he replies somewhat glumly, earning himself yet another lash. Suddenly he feels a tightening around the base of his member as the slave somewhat inexpertly applies a band to it, still managing to tighten it properly so that his cock swells and turns purple, the pain slowly fading away to a numbness.

"Now you see what happens when you don't old big bobbs sexy teacher the rules, Master?" his Mistress whispers tauntingly into his ear.

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"I'm going to make all your wildest dreams come true, and you aren't going to be able to enjoy it at all. In fact." she trails off as she takes a candle offered by their Slave, dripping hot wax on his hairy chest, "I don't think you're going to enjoy this at all." She nods to their Slave, who begins eagerly riding his massive cock, whimpering and moaning in muted ecstasy as her Mistress forces him to eat her out, the two torturesses kissing passionately over the blind and insensitive Master.

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