A massive rod in beautys mouth hardcore and blowjob

A massive rod in beautys mouth hardcore and blowjob
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My Sister - our new 'Jack Off Buddy' &hellip.We all just lay there exhausted. We all thought the same thing…how did this great fun all get started&hellip. ……My sister Jen had gotten tits and a nice shape on her. She just annoyed me mostly and I ignored her. I had a jack off buddy that I jacked off together with all the time.

(I'm Gordon, he's Phil.) He would spend the night and we would talk about the latest girl we wanted to fuck, and jack off thinking about her. One night my pest of a sister spied on us and later told me she saw us jacking off together. I told her to keep her mouth shut or else. She smiled and said she would if *…she could come in my room and watch us.

I told my buddy and we laughed, and said: ……"Ewww, no way!"…… &hellip.Well&hellip.after seeing her tease us, wiggle her butt at us, and feeling her own tits when no one was around&hellip.We finally decided to let her watch us, but madhya pradesh morena real mms kand sex story had to be naked!

I figured that would stop her. Oh no, the little shit loved the idea. She kept bugging me about when we were going to jack off next. I told my buddy and we picked a night when my folks would be gone. I told her the night and time. My buddy and I talked about a the new set of twins in school and how we wanted to fuck them both bad. Our dicks were tenting as we slow stroked them and talked. &hellip.We both wondered how it would be having a girl watch us jack off.

It was kind of a turn on as we waited. &hellip.Then we hear my bedroom door slowly open. In steps my sister with a long nightgown on. She closed and locked the door. She walked over and stood at the foot of my big bed.

She had her long hair down and really looked pretty sexy. I whispered: …("Naked Jennifer!, remember.") My buddy and I chuckled. We watch her smiling face as she slowly lifted her nightgown off. I hadn't seen her naked since she was real little. I had to admit she looked pretty hot naked.

&hellip.She now had some nice small titties and a nice shape and a patch of hair on her pussy. &hellip.Well, my buddy and I now had something to look at as we jacked off.

She didn't say a word. I decided to have her lay on the bed, with her pussy facing us.

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We pushed down the covers. I told her: ("Come up here and lay between us, legs first.") She smiled big and crawled up and put her feet between us. I said: ("Now, bend your knees up, and open your legs wide.") She did it. Now my buddy and I had a real pussy to look at close, while we jacked off. I tossed her a pillow to prop her head up with so she could watch us.

We began jacking off. She watched us all intently and soon her finger drifted down to her pussy and she began rubbing her clit. I wondered what the hell she must be thinking&hellip. ------------ (&hellip."Wow, this is so hot!

I get to watch 2 guys jacking off and they are staring and thinking only of me!…I bet they wish they were fucking me…tee hee…I love looking at their dicks, and watching them jack themselves. It's making my pussy tingle real good.

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I wonder which one will cum first. This is so exciting, I'm going to have a good orgasm, I just know it! I'll feel my titties for them, to make them want me more. &hellip.Oooooo that got their attention!…Phil is really getting excited and jacking faster…he's so cute, I'd like to do that jacking for him&hellip.I bet this will lead to some more hot stuff&hellip.my girlfriends would sure envy me, if they could see me now&hellip.my clit is really sensitive, wow.this is great… &hellip.Oh my.I think …I'm.going to orgasm…oh yes!&hellip.eeeeehhhhhhsh…oh my god!…that was the best one I've ever had!…wow…I just beat them to it…Wow!, look at that cum shoot out of their dicks!…I love it!…they both stared at me when they shot their cum, I bet they'll invite me back…I want to do this a lot more!"&hellip.) ----------- &hellip.Wow&hellip.that was hot!

Looking at my sister rubbing her pussy was a new turn on, I see my buddy Phil liked it too. We both shot a lot. I gotta do this some more. Damn&hellip.that was a great cum! &hellip.I wanted to touch her pussy and tits, but not with my buddy around. I told her…'ok'…go to bed now.

When she left, I told my buddy I was going to set up to do that again. I would invite her into our 'secret club' and she must never tell anyone about it, or what we do. He agreed…"Do it!" he said…"but tell her she has to finger her pussy, that was the best part!, I think she had a girl cum." I agreed, "Her hips moving around and up got me off but good." I said.

&hellip.I told her later and she got a great smile and said 'OK!' I said we decided to make her one our secret 'jack off buddy's', of course we NEVER tell anyone about it, it totally secret.

She quick hugged me and pushed her little tits in my chest. At first I thought 'ewww', she's my sister&hellip. but then realized…damn… that felt really good. ……We all waited for the right time to do our new thing. In the mean time, she was starting to make me hot. She paraded her little ass in front of me, teasing me and feeling huge facial on hot brazilian cam girl a own tits when no one was looking.

I would fondle her when I could sneak in a feel. She did the same with me, and grab here and there at my dick. I sure wanted to sample that sweet little pussy of hers. &hellip.Well&hellip.the night came and I told her to come in my bedroom and 9pm.

She came in fully dressed? I started to tell her to get naked when she stated she was going to 'strip' for us.

"All right!"…we said. She slowly started taking off her clothes, wiggling and dancing around. Piece by piece she let her shorts, blouse, bra and little panties drop the floor. We were both rock hard by now. She crawled up in my bed naked on her knees and looked at our hardon's. She whispered: (…"let me do it".) . We paused, smiled at each other and let go of our dicks. We felt her hands go around our dicks.

I said: ("we get to finger your pussy…ok?") Her face lit up and she turned and laid between us. As she started jacking us we fingered her little pussy. She opened her legs wide and I stuck my finger in her while Phil rubbed her little clit.

She began to moan so hot as she jacked us faster. Phil came first and shot a big one all over her hand. She moaned and wiggled her pussy as I went off, shooting a big load up in the air. She raised her pussy up and shuddered as I fingered her little hole.

&hellip.That was the best cums we ever had, and her too. We told her she was a permanent member now of our 'jack of buddy's club' She smiled big and felt the cum on our dicks. She said: "You both liked that didn't you." We said "Hell yes!" She said: "I want to more next time&hellip.Ok?" We said fine by us.

(I wondered what she meant by 'more'.) &hellip.The timing was bad as we all waited for a time to have all of us do a 'club meeting'. In the mean time Jennifer teased us both at every chance she got.

She flashed us her little tits, mooned us and drove us crazy. Phil and I had a long talk about the code, that guys who fuck their sister were creepy. We figured Jennifer was 'special' and an exception to that and no one would know anyway.

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We both wanted to fuck her bad. We talked about who would fuck her first and all kinds of things we could do as a threesome. I didn't know Jennifer had some ideas of her own. --------- (&hellip."I love teasing them. I want to fuck them both so bad. Which one would like to fuck me first…hmmmmm.I've got it! Both of them at once, like in the porn video I watched on dads computer! I want them both in me…now that sounds hot.") ---------- &hellip.We were getting no where finding a time and place.

Then it hit me. My dad had a construction trailer in the back yard he didn't used anymore. I checked out. The door was unlocked and there was big bed in it at the back.

We'd do a daytime 'club meeting'. Saturday&hellip.I set it up for the afternoon when mom and dad were gone golfing. Jennifer went out first.

Phil and I went out and we locked the door. Jennifer was under the sheet with just her head out, smiling&hellip.her clothes were on the floor and she was buck naked. .We got naked and laid beside her under the sheet. I had never felt my sister up real good before and I was getting real excited as I, for the first time felt her bare tits, small, but full and soft. Phil started sexy masseuse with tiny mangos hardcore and massage her all hot and wet.

She squirmed and put her arms around his neck. I went for her little pussy and started in fingering her slit up and down. She opened her legs wide so I could put my fingers in her. She took my hand and put in my fingers in her pussy and started moving them in and out. Wow&hellip.her pussy got bigger as I got three fingers in and they began to slide in easier, and her wetness was warm and slick.

Phil and I both felt her tits more and he rubbed her little clit. She was hot! She gasp for air and then got up and laid on top of Phil on her back. She reached down and worked his dick in her pussy.

&hellip.I felt her pussy as she pulled me to her. She whispered to me to 'put it in'. WTF? She wanted us both in her pussy? &hellip.no way was this going to work as her pussy was not big enough. I said to myself, oh well, I can rub my dick on her pussy and have a hot cum just doing that.

I got on top of her and rubbed my dick on her clit, it was hot and wet and felt super good. Soon she reached down and tried putting head of my dick in her pussy.

She kept pushing it in a little at a time, over and over. Phil and her are still breathing hard as Phil is working his dick in her.

.He stops for a second. That's when she pushed my dick in her pussy finally. We all started fucking slowly. She is moaning like a cat, but not in pain, she liked it! The hotter she gets, the slicker it gets in her pussy. Now I'm fully fucking her for the first time and I can feel Phil's dick sliding on the underside of my dick.

This is out of this world to me and I can feel a big cum on the way. We're both actually fucking her, and it is heaven. Phil is feeling her tits now and I closed my eyes and pretended my sister was a girlfriend. She's squirming and moaning. I feel Phil start fucking her fast and pushed his dick in her to the max. She moans as I do the same, fucking her faster as I feel my cum is almost here.

----- …… 'Oh my god! I did it!, and it's way better than my dreams about it. Now I'm having sex with two boys at the same time, that no one knows about. I love feeling two dicks in me, rubbing my pussy so good. Phil is feeling my titties. My nipples are on fire with tingles.

My brother is kissing me like a lover.

His dick is so slick in me&hellip. I'm going to …oh my god I'm climaxing! oh, Oh, OH YES! ----- My sister began to yell out "OH YES!, and I shot a huge thrusting cum and felt the hot cum from Phil's dick as he shot. We all came together, squirming, moaning, twisting, feeling her up and down her body.

We all trembled alexis fawx who can squirt shook for a while. I had to take a big suck of air! I think I lost my mind for while there. We all panted and moaned as we felt the cum flowing around her pussy. Phil and I felt her pussy spasm around our dicks, causing us to jolt out a moan of pure pleasure.

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Wow, we were in shock that my sister could ever make us feel this good. (we re-named it…'Jen's Club', she liked that.) ………………fast forward………………… &hellip.My phone chimed.

It was uncle fucks niece in car sister Jen. "Jen's club, 9pm." I said great!…but that Phil and I were bringing our 'girlfriends' to watch. "She giggled and said: "Great!, see ya then." and hung up. &hellip.The girlfriends sat in two chairs facing the bed.

They talked as Phil, sis and I got undressed. Phil's girlfriend said: "I heard about this and I think it is bull crap." My girlfriend said: "I have to see for my self, two guys in one pussy?…no way." -------------- &hellip.Phil and I took our positions as the girls watch and listened as we triple fucked.

It was hot and wonderful fucking us all together. &hellip. Jen finally sat up all dizzy, out of breath and smiling&hellip. She said: "Next?" ----------- &hellip.Later that week the girls became the newest members of 'Jen's Club'.