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Busty babe roxxy lea gets fucked by teacher pornstars hardcore
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For quite some time there was no sound in the sun-warmed backyard but the soft sounds of a man and a girl panting for breath, and the chirps of birds in the trees around the pool. Then at last Paula's father recovered enough to ease her off of him onto the blanket. He sat up, and drawing the girl into his arms, he kissed her cum-streaked face. "Did you like that, honey?" he whispered into, her tangled golden hair. "Did it make you feel good?" "Oh, Daddy! Ooohhh!" Paula opened her eyes in a new mature way at her handsome naked father who cuddled her in his arms.

She tiffany watson gets her pussy oiled up and rammed by a bbc her still tingling tongue over her lush lips, shivering in obscene excitement as she tasted droplets of her father's cum.

"It was heaven! I never dreamed anything could be this wonderful!" "That's just the beginning, my little angel," her father said softly. "Wait'll you feel what it's like when I fuck you." Paula reached for his cock and was amazed to feel it already throbbing and stiffening with desire. "Oh yes!" she exclaimed as her hand lovingly caressed her father's prick.

"I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I really do!" Her father leaned down until he had his mouth on one of her nipples and he sucked on it hungrily.

His long hard prick, clutched in her hand, soon rose to a full iron-hard erection. His loins burning with anticipation, her father sank down over Paula's quivering body as she spread her legs as far as she could to make room for his long hard lust-charged cock.

"You really want me to do this, honey?" he whispered. Eighteen-year-old Paula's wide brown eyes gazed adoringly up at her father's face. At the same time the tingling anticipation in her healthy adolescent cunt increased, and she felt the first droplets of lubricating fluid seeping from the walls of her eager pussy.

Her father ran the head of his cock along the pearl-pink cuntal flesh peeking so invitingly from beneath it's fringe of sparse golden pussy hair. His motion was gentle, but Paula shivered beneath him, then raised her slender arms to clasp around his neck and draw him closer to her. "I… I'm a little scared," Paula admitted. "But I want you to do it to me… I want you to fuck me, Daddy!" Paula's father let out a young girl first time teen v sex of desire, as he took his cock in one hand and guided it toward the small pink slit of Paula's cunt.

The blunt-nosed cock-head looked enormous, and she felt a twinge of trepidation, but it was too late to back out now, even if she'd wanted to. "I'll be gentle with you, sweetheart," her father whispered softly. "It'll hurt a little at first, but after that you won't want me to quit." "Okay, Daddy," Paula quavered.

The pressure of her father's cock-head against her sensitive cuntlips sent lusting fingers of erotic sensation flickering to every nerve-ending in her excited young body.

She forgot her fear, and desire flared up in her belly. Her father spent a few more moments making sure Paula was really relaxed, that her tight cuntal passage was well lubricated and her natural apprehensions were stilled. Then he couldn't force himself to hold back a minute longer. "Oh baby! How I've longed for this moment!

Ever since you developed into such a ravishing young beauty, I've wanted to nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn you! Each time I looked at your luscious body, it was almost more than I could stand! Now at last… I'm getting my prick into your delightful sweet little cunt!" As he spoke, his powerful lean hips moved forward.

At the same time he reached under and grabbed Paula's hot little ass. The exciting contact of her father's cock with her moist pussy lips drove Paula half-wild with desire. Then her father shoved his solid prick down into her resisting little channel with more force. As he sank an inch inside her straining cunt, Paula's slender figure shuddered beneath him. "Ooohhh Daddy!" Paula moaned. "Oh, it hurts!" Paula's whimper changed to a sharp wail of agony.

Her father's cock continued to pressure into her frantically spasming cunt. Her senses reeled, then she was aware of her father's hands playing with her ass, his mouth stimulating her sensitive nipples, as he tried to take her attention from the pain that spread out from her violated cunt to every inch of her body.

"Can't stop now, baby!" her father gasped above her. "But it'll be worth it… in just a minute!" Paula let out a shrill wail as her father went in deeper. Then she fell silent, scarcely daring to breathe for fear that it would increase the pain. Tears stung her eyes as she gaped down in horrified disbelief at the enormous size of her father's invading cock. It shocked her to see the length that was still to be pushed into her widely stretched little opening.

Searing heat seethed through her no-longer innocent cunt as Paula realized that Daddy had taken her cherry.

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In spite of her agony, she felt a new thrill of excitement. I'm a woman now! She thought. By now her father's throbbing solid shaft was a good four inches inside Paula's tight-clutching cunt. Paula sighed with relief when he held it steady in that position, to give her fear-tensed muscles a chance to relax before he went deeper into her.

He was rewarded for his effort when Paula's agonized cries johnnh sinns sex with office secretary chik to low whimpers, and additional moisture forming inside her pussy bathed the four inches of cock that he had inside her.

"Oh Daddy! I feel all tingly inside now!" Paula's voice, barely a whisper, so aroused her father that he let out a growl of passion and pressed deeper into her. Paula's shrill squeals of pleasure rang loud daughter and daddy affair full clear in his ears as he worked his throbbing prick deeper and deeper into her luscious tight pussy. Paula thought she surely must be in heaven for anything to feel this good.

Scorching sparks of passion singed a fiery path of pleasure from her invaded pussy to every nerve in her adolescent body. She could hear her father's moans of ecstasy ringing in her ears. Within seconds, Paula's body responded to this new-found pleasure. Passion surged though her as she experienced waves of scorching lust, created by her father's long hard cock stroking in and out of her cunt.

Her tightly stretched twat was filled with throbbing pleasure, each time her father's shaft sluiced out, then thrust back into her. The pressure was joyfully sensual. "It's so good! Oh honey, your sweet little pussy feels so good!" her father babbled in a frenzy of passion. "Is it good for you too, sweetheart? Do you like it when Daddy fucks your lovely little pussy?" The pleasure in Paula's cock-stuffed cunt was increasing with each thrust of her father's prick.

In response to his lewd question, her body was filled with a wild lust that surpassed all other sensations. All the love she felt for him welled up inside her, and her slim, girlish hips undulated in wanton movements against his hard driving cock. Suddenly the first tantalizing tremors of approaching orgasm rippled through her sensual writhing hips.

"Uuummm," Paula purred, arching her back upward, heaving her ass right up off the blanket. "Yes! Yes! Oh it's so good, Daddy!

It's just the way I wanted fucking to be! I feel like I never want you to stop!" "All afternoon, baby…" her father panted. "Gonna fuck you like this… all afternoon!" Hearing Paula's piping soprano voice calling out obscenities spurred her father on to an even greater frenzy of passion.

"I want you to come when I do, honey… want to make your first fuck so beautiful, you'll never ever forget it!" "Ooohhh Daddy!" Paula mewled from beneath him.

I'll never forget this ever! It's so good I think I'm going to die!" "Me too, baby!" her father rasped. Even in the throes of her passion, Paula was strangely aware of the lewd slapping sound made by her father's huge hairy balls against the tender crease between the cheeks of her wildly writhing ass. Bending down, his cock in her to the hilt, her father sucked on each of her taut little nipples. He sucked ravenously, pulling half of her soft pliable tit into his heated mouth, then nipping gently with his teeth on the stiffened nipple, to send her passion soaring.

This last stimulation, along with the see-sawing movements of his prick in her pussy, was almost too wonderful to bear. "Daddy! Daddy!" Paula gasped. "I love your big hard cock up inside me like this!" "I'm glad you do, honey," replied her father breathlessly, raising his mouth up from Paula's tender tit, "because it's going to be in you a lot from now on!" "Oh yes, Daddy!" Paula squealed.

"Every chance we get!" The next instant, her well-stretched cunt muscles spasmed and dilated in uncontrolled passion. A bolt of sensation tightened inside her churning young belly. She fell silent, except porsche lynn dominates randy west her incoherent little gasps and moans. Her orgasm swept over her swiftly and fiercely.

Her entire adolescent body quivered with feeling of intense pleasure. "Yes… Ooohhh, Daddy! DADDY!" she shrieked. Her cunt muscles clasped convulsively around her father's swiftly pounding cock as another volcanic shudder rocked through her naked loins. Paula's sweet innocent features were contorted into a lewd mask of hot lust, as the most fantastic sensations she'd ever experienced shot though her. For what seemed an eternity, she writhed and squirmed in ecstasy, then at last collapsed limply beneath her father's body with his enormous cock in her still quivering cunt, right to the hilt.

"Oh baby! Baby!" her rather half sobbed as he watched Paula twisting and moaning in orgasmic bliss beneath him. Seconds later his own climax was upon him and he shot a steady stream of hot liquid into the depths of Paula's cunt.

His hot cum splashed into the sensitive depths of her cuntal passage, anti Paula was suddenly rocketed into another even more exquisite orgasm. Waves of hot lust rolled over her and she felt sure she would bunt from the overload of loving passion inside her no-longer virginal body. "Cumming!" her father roared, burying his face in the soft flesh of Paula's neck and shoulder. "Cumming in my sweet girl's cunt!" Paula and her father were both babbling out each other's names, interspersed with moans and grunts of satisfied passion.

Their lewd chorus continued to spew from their mouths, even after her father's impressive sized cock began to deflate inside Paula's throbbing pussy. He climbed off of her and stretched out alongside her on the blanket. Paula cuddled up against his naked chest and they lay there silently, listening to the sounds of birds chirping, which before had big titted milf and pretty teen ffm way on the couch drowned out by their cries of love and passion.

Warm sunshine dried their perspiring bodies and soon they fell so satiated and peaceful, they were on the verge of dropping off to sleep. How long they lay there, they had no way of knowing.

Had they been asleep?

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It could have been a minute or a whole hour later, that they heard the sound of tires crunching over gravel in the driveway on the other side of the lilac bushes and the high board fence. For a second they both lay locked in their lewd, incestuous embrace, too paralyzed to move.

"It's Mom!" Paula hissed, jumping to her feet. Her flushed cheeks blanched almost white as her eyes searched wildly for her discarded bikini halter and bottom. "Oh Daddy! Get dressed hurry!" "Grab your bikini and run for the house!" he commanded in a hoarse whisper. "Go upstairs and get into the shower!" That was what Paula needed, someone to take command of the situation, to give her a definite order that she could follow.

Quickly she scooped up her bikini halter, then the bottom a few feet away. She wasted no time in her mad dash to the house. Once she was safely inside the door to the family room, she turned to look out and saw the gate in the high board fence opening.

She cast a frantic glance at her father and was amazed at his speed and agility. He had his pants on and was kinky lesbos fill up their big fannys with cream and splatter it out in the desk chair, pretending to be asleep.

He looked perfectly natural with his shoes, socks and shirt off, getting a little sun while he dozed. Paula went upstairs, her bikini in her hand, laughing to herself.