Gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock

Gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock
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Bruce and Carla got up from the ranch house table and thanked their hosts for a wonderful visit.

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They had been treated to breakfast and lunch. Buck and Denise were great new friends, on their Nevada ranch. They all had been horseback riding and fucking all morning. Denise got up and told Bruce the want a little time with him too.

Her daughters, Danielle and Kelly, had already taken on Bruce bareback. Since he had done her at the brothel, where condoms were required, she wanted him bareback at the ranch too. She had been dog licked on the porch earlier but, wanted a good smooth dick now.

Buck agreed. He had fucked Bruce's wife, bareback ~ unsheathed, this morning. It was only fair that his wife got some fresh, smooth, bare, dick action too.

Denise was a hot Asian cutie. She looked younger than early forties. She could almost pass for being sisters with her two daughters. She shared the ranch duties, with her husband. For extra money she worked, at the brothel, in Virginia City. Now she wanted to take on Bruce at her home too. At the brother condoms were required by state law. He she could fuck smooth and raw the way she liked it. She got up and faced Bruce and kissed him. She felt him through his pants and found his warm dick.

Bruce stiffened quickly in her cupping hand. Denise squeezed gently on his dick head and pulled open his pants. His glans was reddish. Bruce reached beneath her skirt to her leg. His finger followed upwards to her smooth shaved pussy. He squeezed the lips together gently and then knelt before her. Diving under her skirt he began to tongues in fart push gas her puss while he reached up to pull on her protruding nipples through her blouse.

At the kitchen table, Buck watched his wife being eaten and sipped his coffee. Carla smiled at him. The two cute farm girls Kelly and Danielle giggled at their mom's luck. She was getting a fresh lick right after lunch. Then Danielle led Carla from the table to her bedroom.

She wanted to do some pussy licking too. Carla and Danielle both worked at the brothel but, both sensed their mutual girl on girl attraction. They were exactly the same age, early twenties. Danielle stripped down and put her hands on Carla's breasts and kissed her. Carla began undressing and took Danielle's nipples between her fingers. The nipple pinching led to moisture of the vagina.

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Danielle's moans indicated the effectiveness of Carla's touch. Carla had plenty of high school experience with girls and knew just how to get her steaming. Carla reached down and felt the smooth belly and ribs with her finger tips.

The responsive moans told he she was on the right track. The fired up Danielle's pussy with the direct nerve links from Danielle's nipples. The electrical nipple nerve contact jump started the lubrication in her pussy and went straight to her clitoris like a lightning bolt. Carla triggered her clit remotely and gently squeezed her pink pleasure button until she came in a wet messy convulsion.

Wickedly Carla held the pressure on her partner's swollen clit as it tried to retract away from the intense stimulation. She took command and as it fluttered in her fingers she squeeze out orgasms one after the other.

Then Carla pushed her back onto the bed and lay opposite for a sixty nine style mutual licking. Her tongue took over and pressed the hidden clit and brought out yet another string of orgasms. Danielle babbled and mumbled senselessly and pushed her own face into Carla's crotch to reciprocate the attention. She loved Carla's taste and shamelessly slobbered and lapped up the juicy slits nectars.

Carla giggled at her luck and finding a hot girlfriend out of town. Her husband was hot and she got some good fucks in the city but, a girl that knows how to please her always had a place in her routine. Back in the kitchen Bruce had Denise in his face under her skirt.

He took his time licking and playing with her fresh bare puss. He knew she had been wildly dog licked earlier and came easily from further more knowledgeable and perceptive cunnilingus. He slowly pressed and held the contact gently on her pearly trigger.

He backed off each time she got close and let her build up until she came in a cataclysmic release. Her juice flowed like a volcanic eruption and he let her stand against his face and pressed lightly to starla sterling loves a big black cock the sensation.

Then he circled her hairless opening and moved his tactile probe away from the hot pink panic button. He let her build up again slowly and added his finger inside to hook in behind her pubic bone to directly press on her g-spot.

He pulled from inside and held her enthralled with his expert fingering. Her feelings turned inside out and her mind felt lost even though she stood in her own familiar kitchen. He added put his other hand's finger into her asshole and found another dimension of surprising stimulation to trigger a powerful orgasm even bigger than the last. Now he lay her face down on the kitchen table and pulled her skirt over her back.

His pregnant slut has her wet pussy hammered was steaming hot and ready to fuck her wheels off. Buck and his younger teen daughter Kelly stood by and watched mom get bent over the table and fucked hard against the wood. Bruce used the table to press her deep from behind and hit her g-spot with his dick now instead of his finger. He held her by the hips and drove deep and held his glans against her pressure point.

Denise loved it. Buck was excited watching his wife getting fucked and wanted to join in and stuff her mouth with his dick too. He got across the table and opened her mouth to ease his dick in for a spit roast skewering in the kitchen like a lamb on the coals. Kelly saw her dad easing in and got behind him to suck on his balls.

She pulled her fathers big nuts into her mouth like a squirrel getting ready for winter. His eyes popped out and he looked back and patted his naughty daughter on the head as he milked his balls up to a frothy expansion. The two men timed their thrusts and Denise gagged and gasped for air on her spouses shaft.

Bruce pumped slow and steady across the table until he could hold back no more and he spasmed deep inside and came hard and juicy. Kelly's mouth to testicle suction pulled out Buck's load and he fired of in his wife's mouth moments later.

The hydraulic force from both ends was too much and Denise's throat expelled her spouse's dick as in continued to squirt and daughter Kelly took over now to suck it up and lick him clean.

Then she sperm kissed her mom and Bruce finished his vaginal ejaculation. Denise and Kelly kept kissing and Denise reached over to play with her hot youngest daughter's pussy herself.

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She did not want anyone to be left out from this final moment. Kelly pulled her mom up from the table and then went down to lick up her messy pussy too.

Two men had shot their loads and she wanted to taste both flavors her mom had extracted. Buck and Bruce left for the showers and let the girls finish themselves off. Carla and Danielle were locked in a 69 in the bedroom and the mom daughter pair were eating each other at the table. After a long shower and getting dressed again Bruce and his wife Carla were finally ready to head home over the pass.

The got in their car and drove out into the Washoe Valley on the private dirt road. As they went they saw other ranches, the Basque sheep herd was on one side and another ranch on the other had some ponies and miniature horse even smaller. They were only the size of a large dog. Carla looked closely as they drove past thinking about her new dog dick adventures at the ranch and wondered who owned those ponies injured granny is healed by young dick horses.

She could only imagine what skills and abilities they had; she expected she might get a chance to meet them the next time they returned to the ranch.