Intense gangbang action featuring a kinky blonde

Intense gangbang action featuring a kinky blonde
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Graduation night mission: I had sent out my letters to Susan and Chelsea a couple days ago.‭ ‬I had put the same address on both since I knew that the party would be held at Susan's.‭ ‬I had made sure that both had a sign and deliver seal.‭ ‬We get called in to do a high profile snatch‭ ‬and grab.‭ ‬We get paired up and its Bear,‭ ‬BW and me in one team with the others partnering up.‭ ‬We go over the plan while we head to the mansion the local drug lord is in.‭ ‬We get dropped off two clicks south as hot romance brzar sex story go in fast and hard to the location.‭ ‬We get‭ ‬there and see four lookouts.‭ ‬Long Range says he's got this and I watch while he fires four rapid fire shots killing all four in under three seconds.‭ ‬He turns and smiles.

‭"‬Ladies first.‭" ‬BW flips him off and he turns to me ‭"‬Hey Schoolboy same bet‭?" ‬I look at‭ ‬him ‭"‬Deal but I also want twenty bucks and some glasses because you have molly jane behind the scenes whitest ass I have ever seen.‭" I say while‬Pol snickers ‭"‬For someone who is as tanned as him I have to agree.‭" Pol says while ‬BW shoves me back ‭"‬Well if I win you suck me off.‭" He states while ‬I smirk back ‭"‬No one's mouth‭ ‬is that small‭" I exclaim ‬while I kick him in the ass and sprint forward ‭ ‬I kick in the door and rush the first guy I see firing.‭ ‬We go through clearing each room.‭ ‬We finish and I hear everyone calling clear for their rooms.‭ ‬BW comes out and Bear is right behind him.‭ ‬I turn to smile at my newest godfather and I hear a sound I will never forget as long as I live.‭ ‬I watch as Bear's chest explodes and he falls to his knees as some tweeker pops the breech on a sawed-off double barrel shotgun.‭ ‬I snap my M4‭ ‬onto target and‭ ‬I shoot him in both shoulders and his knees.‭ ‬I rush to Bear while he gasps trying to breath.‭ ‬He smiles as he asks me something that he has asked no one else.

‭"‬ Matt can you deliver a letter to my daughter Lisa‭? ‬I want her to know that she was‭ ‬always on my mind.‭" ‬I nod telling him I would ‭ ‬He smiles as he tells me he has left his family with a better gunsmith than him and that all his sexy ravenhaired bombshell has her cunt drilled pornstars and brunette were now mine.‭ ‬I tell him fuck that and that he was strong and he'd be back in a couple days.‭ ‬He smiles at‭ ‬me before he shakes his head,‭ ‬as he looks into my eyes.‭ ‬He takes one final breathe and he is gone.‭ ‬I cry for the man who has been like a father to me and is now gone.‭ ‬I look at the tweeker and snap.‭ ‬I start pounding him while he begs for me to stop.‭ ‬I hear BW scream for me to stop but I don't listen.‭ ‬This little fuck killed my friend and I will send him straight to hell.‭ ‬I crack both of his orbital sockets and snap his jaw.‭ ‬I look at Bear and see his old Ka-bar and pull it out.‭ ‬I hack the guys fingers off‭ ‬and start gutting him.‭ ‬As I finish the prick is still alive but barely.‭ ‬I ask BW for his SAW.‭ ‬He looks at me and I snatch it away.‭ ‬I pop it over to full auto and see that I have about‭ ‬200‭ ‬rounds left in the box.‭ ‬I walk to the asshole and I hold that trigger down cute young teen redhead army boy meets busty stepmom his chest and head explode into a fine red mist.‭ ‬I smile at a job well down.‭ ‬We call in our chopper and I ask BW to grab Bear's legs.‭ ‬He looks at me.

‭"‬This was our brother and he will get a proper burial.‭" ‬Pol tells BW to do it ‭ ‬The chopper‭ ‬comes two minutes later and we saddle up.‭ ‬I look at Bear's body and wonder how I will tell Lisa that her father was dead.

A week later outside Lisa's house: Once we got back to HQ I found the letter addressed to Lisa.‭ ‬I had‭ ‬$3ct10n8‭ ‬find out where she lived.‭ ‬He tells me Nashville,TN.‭ ‬I take a car and drive there.‭ ‬I arrive outside her house around noon and walk to the door.‭ ‬I see the door open up and a young lady comes out and she looks like she is going kannada actress shruti xxx story work.‭ ‭"‬Are you Lisa Jones‭?" ‬She looks at me ‭"‬Yes and how can I help you‭?" ‬I look at her as I speak ‭"‬I served with your father.‭ ‬It is my unfortuate duty to tell you that he has past away in the line of duty.‭" ‬She looks at me and laughs ‭"‬I'm glad that asshole is died.‭ ‬It's because of him my mother died.‭" ‬I look at her and I walk to her grabbing her by the throat slamming her into the house as I lean close ‭"‬You little whore.‭ ‬You were the only thing on his mind since he sent you to live with the druggie whore's mother.‭ ‬He always hoped that one day you'd‭ ‬forgive him.‭" ‬I look her into the eyes,‭"‬This is his letter to you.‭ ‬You will read it NOW.‭" ‭ ‬She looks at me with fear nodding.‭ ‬I hand it to her and she opens it and reads it.‭ ‬She starts to cry as I look at her puzzled.‭ ‬I help her inside and she hands it to me.‭ ‬The letter was basically Bear telling her that he was sorry for being a bad father and that he sent her to live with her grandmother since he knew he'd screw up her life.‭ ‬He hoped that she had a good life and that she continued to have a good life.‭ ‬He tells her that everyday he wanted to call her but his failure to save her mother drove him to abandon her.‭ ‬As I read brazzers layla london wants some office cock I hug her and tell her I'm sorry.‭ ‬She nods as she tells me thank you and she is sorry that I had also lost him.‭ ‬I drive back to HQ and‭ ‬shake my head as I start working on Bear's last unfinished project.a Barrett M107.‭ ‬I smiled to myself,‭ ‬just watch this Bear.‭ ‬When she's done you'll go Schoolboy did this and I taught him everything he know.‭ ‬I get to work on finishing the little darling.

The next few months just pass by with us doing one mission after another.‭ ‬We lose Littlefoot in Iraq and Blastproof in Bulgeria in a conflict.‭ ‬Long Range would leave us in Panama.‭ ‬I have lost four brothers within the last three months.‭ ‬I'm not scared of dying.just of being the last one alive.‭ ‬We get the call and off we head for the next mission to be an easy one and comeback.‭ ‬The next three and a half months are fun being flown all across the world to do what no sane person would do.‭ ‬Before I know it we are in December.‭ ‬We do one mission and‭ ‬$3ct10n8‭ ‬is killed.‭ ‬That hits me hard along with those of us still alive.‭ ‬We all get leave and I am told to sort my emotions out and go home.‭ ‬I fight with Pol and he tells me.

‭"‬I don't care which way you go but you need to get your head back.‭" ‬I nod and take a flight to Poplar Bluff under my fake name ‭ ‬I pack my night bag since I didn't own much in the way of clothes anyways.‭ ‬I fly out and see that Christmas is a week away.‭ ‬I rent a Chevy Impala from Enterprise and head to Dexter.‭ ‬I really am regretting coming back.‭ ‬I stay at the Budget Inn under my fake name and plan what I am going to do.

===================================================================== Mary POV-The next morning I wake up heading downstairs to take care of my three loves.‭ ‬I shed a tear because my loving son isn't around.‭ ‬This will be the second Christmas I will miss with him.‭ ‬The girls come down and I hear a knock at the door about an hour later.‭ ‬My heart stops while I hope it is Matt.‭ ‬Sarah runs to the door.‭ ‬I heart a little bickering and I see Billy walk in.‭ ‬We exchange some comments village xxxx sex stories storys hard I look at him.

‭"‬What do you want asshole‭?" I ask while ‬Billy looks at me ‭"‬I want to say I'm sorry for everything and hope that maybe you'll let me spend Christmas with my family.‭" ‬I tell him no because he was the main reason our son left ‭ ‬He nods while he continues to beg.‭ ‬I notice another figure enter the room and I freeze in my place.

===================================================================== I head to my old home to see a new Corvette in the drive.‭ ‬I guess Billy was doing good for himself.‭ ‬I park and make sure I have all my‭ ‬skin covered.‭ ‬I feel the weight of the old‭ ‬1911‭ ‬in the small of my back.‭ ‬I had a small silencer on it and subsonic ammo to help keep things quiet.‭ ‬I have a couple throwing knives ready just for my plan.‭ ‬I get out and walk to the door.‭ ‬I check it to find it is open.‭ ‬I quietly open it heading in hearing Billy begging like a little bitch.‭ ‬I walk in and Mary sees me.‭ ‬She starts to cry and I hear her.

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‭"‬Mmm.Matty your home‭!" ‬My sisters and aunt all turn to see me while Billy gets up ‭ ‬He looks at me. ‭"‬Son why didn't you call‭? ‬I would have come and gotten you.‭" He says while ‬I laugh ‭"‬Really‭? ‬The last I remembered you wanted me gone dad.‭ ‬Oh wait you hated me calling you dad.the last I remembered you wanted me gone Billy.‭" ‬Billy looks at me almost in tears ‭"‬I did but hearing you might never come home.‭" ‬I laugh telling him I tried my damnest to die but someone up above didn't want me and old Lucifer was afraid that Xxx porn sites that are nasty take over and make him my bitch ‭ ‬The girls all cry and I laugh ‭"‬Why are you crying ladies‭?

‬Remember I was a little boy and not a man.‭ ‬You wanted me gone just as bad as Billy did.‭" I say staying calm while ‬Kelsey cries ‭"‬Matty please stop.‭ ‬We missed you baby please tell us we have a chance to have you back in this life.‭" ‬I smile since they are going to make this so easy I look at Billy and open my arms and he smiles walking to me to get a hug.‭ ‬When he gets close I drop my one arm and a knife comes out of the guard and I drive it into his chest where his wife and kids can't see.‭ ‬I whisper into his ear.

‭"‬Instead of a white Christmas I want a‭ ‬red one.‭" ‬He gasps since I punctured his aorta ‭ ‬I shove him back and the family sees the blood.‭ ‬I walk to my mom and she screams to please stop and she loves me.‭ ‬I slice her throat while she tries to hold it together and I kick her in the head.‭ ‬Kelsey and‭ ‬Jennifer look to me and I pull my‭ ‬1911‭ ‬and fire a xxx girals and boys sex stories story 2019 rounds with them hitting both girls in the head.‭ ‬I watch their brains explode.‭ ‬Their bodies crumple to the floor and I turn to my dear sweet aunt.‭ ‬I walk to her while she cries.‭ ‬I start slapping her around while she cries.‭ ‬She speaks to me.

‭"‬Please stop Matty we love you so much.‭ ‬We have waited on you.‭ ‬We wanted to be with you forever.‭" ‬This just pisses me off more that they think I wanted Billy's sloppy.god knows what the hell the whores were ‭ ‬I hit Sarah again busting her nose and she looks up at me with these loving eyes knowing I wasn't going to let her live.‭ ‬She leans forward kissing my lips.

‭"‬I love you Matt.‭ ‬I forgive you and hope one day you can forgive me.‭" ‬That statement pisses me off and I empty my remaining magazine into her head ‭ taboo busty stepmom riding stepsons hard cock ‬I pick up my casings before heading to out.‭ ‬I get to the car and drive to the room I rented for a few hours.‭ ‬I dispose of the bloody clothes and boots just to replace them with nice ones.‭ ‬I drive to George and Susan's‭ ‬for them not to be home.‭ ‬I then head over to Chelsea and Tim's.‭ ‬I see their cars and George's.‭ ‬I smile thinking I can't wait to see their faces.‭ ‬I smile hiding the monster I am.‭ ‬I walk to the door and knock.‭ ‬I hear Adam call out that he is coming.‭ ‬He opens the door and I smile.

‭"‬Hey bro.‭ ‬I'm home for a couple weeks if I am still welcomed.‭" ‬Adam breaks down crying ‭ ‬He hugs me and I return it while he drags me inside telling me to wait. ‭ "‬Guys we got a gift from Matt.‭" ‬I hear feeting getting up and I smile.‭ ‬Chelsea is the first around the corner and she screams ‭"‬MATT YOUR HOME‭!!!" ‬She flies into my arms and we share a hug while she kisses me I break it for Susan to replace her and I get her love.‭ ‬George and Tim both hug me while Nick is like Adam and clings to‭ ‬me a little too long.‭ ‬I tell them I had been injured slightly but we had some R&R.‭ ‬I tell them I would be home for Christmas if they wanted me.‭ ‬My godmoms scream fuck yes and hug me again.‭ ‬We enjoy the evening like all was right with the world and i was just away at college.‭ ‬To my family it dad forces sissy fem son tfuck because I was home.their long lost member was back.‭ ‬About seven o'clock George gets a call and looks at us all with shock.‭ ‬He tells whoever it was that he would be over in a couple.‭ ‬He hangs up just to look at me,‭"‬Matt can you come with me‭?" ‬I look at him kinda questioning and he tells me.

‭"‬It's about your family.‭" ‬I nod getting taboo busty stepmom riding stepsons hard cock but everyone says they are coming ‭ ‬The parents load up in one car and I drive my brothers and myself.‭ ‬I act like I don't know anything and they are buying it.‭ ‬Once to the house I see all the police tape and I hear Chelsea.

‭"‬Oh God what happened‭?" ‬George looks at us ‭"‬The UPS guy was delivering a package and saw all the blood.‭ ‬He called the police.‭ ‬Matt I hate to tell you this but.but your family is dead.‭" ‬I try to act shocked ‭"‬What.‭? ‬What about my sisters.‭? ‬And Sarah.‭?" ‬George looks at me hurt ‭"‬They're all dead Sport.‭ ‬I'm so sorry.‭" ‬We go in and I see the damage I have done They try to stop us but I get introduced as the son and‭ ‬being home on leave.‭ ‬The lead officer gives me his condolences and I thank him playing my part in this charade.‭ ‬Everyone is torn seeing the whores and the asshole killed.‭ ‬After a few questions I get told the scene would be cleared in a few days and then‭ ‬I could have anything I wanted from the house.‭ ‬I nod still acting like I was in shock.‭ ‬We head back and all head to bed.‭ ‬I chuckle quietly at my acting.‭ ‬The next few days are sober playing two fronts.the upset son in public and the perfectly happy man in secret.‭ ‬George calls telling me that the house is cleared and I could come back.‭ ‬I nod and head in seeing all the blood is cleaned up.‭ ‬I look and see the old Christmas tree and a few letters.‭ ‬I go to see them and find they are addressed to me.‭ ‬I open them to find they are from my mom and sisters.‭ ‬All the letters are telling me they loved me and how they were sorry and hope that we can be a family again.‭ ‬I read Sarah's as she tells me she loves me with all her heart and how she is mine and mine alone now.‭ ‬I shake my head remembering her last words of loving and forgiving me.‭ ‬I start to actually cry knowing that my family did love me.but I killed them.‭ ‬I spend Christmas with my godfamily and I feel so numb.‭ ‬I think back to all the holidays they were there and now I could never see them again.because of me.‭ ‬I head back to DC and meet back up with the team wondering where my life would go.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Matt twenty two years later I'm sitting on a bus heading back to Dexter.‭ ‬The last twenty years have been something else.‭ ‬I never fully healed from the damage I caused.‭ ‬I threw myself into the job and stopped calling my family.‭ ‬I kept tabs on them and I was there for a few things without anyone knowing.‭ ‬George and Nick would die five years after I left in a shootout,‭ ‬Tim would have a heartattack almost three years later.‭ ‬Susan would die in a car accident three after that while Chelsea died of a broken heart about six months later.‭ ‬Adam had found a wonderful girl and married.‭ ‬He had three kids,‭ ‬two beautiful daughters‭ ‬and a son.‭ ‬Adam took things ok from what I can tell.‭ ‬He made detective and retired with twenty years as well.‭ ‬My last mission I had been shot and paralyzed.‭ ‬I look at my old beaten hands and think of my days with BW and the rest of the team.‭ ‬The twins would die about five years after I returned in combact while Pol would take a round to the throat trying to get the newest recruits into the copter.‭ ‬BW told me I was incharge because Pol would want that and the other reason was he sucked at you fuck her virtually missionary style to a nice big creampie cream pie closeups orders.‭ ‬BW‭ ‬would had died about five years ago from alcohol poisoning.‭ ‬He couldn't handle the demons anymore nd started drinking to numb the pain.‭ ‬My one fear I had was coming true.I was alone.‭ ‬The newest recruits were ok but the family bond was not there.‭ ‬In my‭ ‬final mission I would be the only one to return alive but just barely.‭ ‬I was paralyzed,‭ ‬lost a leg and my right arm.‭ ‬I also lost ninety percenty of my hearing and my left eye.‭ ‬I was badly shot up and had shrapnel all in my back but I was alive.‭ ‬I was medicalled out and was being sent home.‭ ‬I had called Adam and he was willing to accept me back until I got on my feet.‭ ‬The bus pulls into the station and everyone gets off and I follow.‭ ‬I get handed my bag and see my brother smiling.‭ ‬We hug while I get introduced to his family.‭ ‬We head to his house and talk about old times.‭ ‬The day goes by and I feel aprehensive about staying.‭ ‬The next week is the same since I have kept a secret from him.‭ ‬We go to a bar and I can finally talk man to man with my brother.‭ ‬I take‭ ‬a deep breath.

‭"‬Bro I have something to confess.‭" ‬He looks at me and I tell him about killing my family and acting like I didn't know ‭ ‬About coming home for all the funerals to never let anyone find me and then what I actually did for a living.‭ ‬Adam looks at me.

‭"‬You are not welcome at my house anymore.‭ ‬Your a fucking monster to kill also blameless to be fucked hardcore and blowjob family.‭ ‬As far as I am concerned you died when you left.‭" ‬He gets up and heads home ‭ ‬I sigh and wheel myself outside and I find a liquor store.‭ ‬I buy a couple bottles and head to some place I hoped would giving me some release.‭ ‬I go to the old park and find the tree with my letters and Holly's.‭ ‬Adam had told me she died at graduation and I feel bad.‭ ‬I roll onto the dock looking out at the lake.‭ ‬I kill the bottles while my thoughts take over.‭ ‬I was truly alone because of my action.‭ ‬I pull my old‭ ‬1911‭ ‬and I look at it.‭ ‬I sigh before pressing the barrel to my head.

‭"‬Adam I'm sorry.‭ ‬Guys I'll see you soon.‭" ‬I press the trigger.BOOM.‭ I wake up and I can see just fine.‭ ‬I look‭ ‬to see I have my arm and leg back.‭ ‬I can move just fine but the temperature is a little high.‭ ‬I walk to the door and I open it to see fire and brimstone.‭ ‬I venture out looking at the blood red sky and smell the sulfer.‭ ‬Everyone I see looks broken and down.‭ ‬I see demons flying about before I see my teammates.‭ ‬They don't notice me because they are working.‭ ‬I run to them screaming their names while they look up and smile.‭ ‬I hug them while they tell me it was about time I joined them.‭ ‬BW smiles.

‭"‬Hey there are‭ ‬five people who want to meet you.‭" ‬I look and he points south from our position ‭ ‬I nod walking to see five feminine outlines.‭ ‬I start walking over to them and speak. ‭"‬Hello‭?" ‬All five heads pop up and I see my mom,‭ ‬aunt,‭ ‬sisters and.Holly ‭ ‬They all rush me hugging and kissing me.‭ ‬I apologize to my family for killing them and they apologize for hurting me.‭ ‬We talk and I joke.

‭"‬Well I guess we have all eternity to make things right‭?" ‬They nod and I think to myself.It's a Good Day to Die ‭ ‬We chat while they inform me they were sent to hell for betraying me while Holly tells me she committed suicide.‭ ‬I look at her and she continues. ‭"‬Your sisters beat me up and threatened me.‭" ‬I look at them while they lower their heads ‭ ‬I tell my side of things killing‭ ‬for a living and being the worst of the worst. ‭"‬I went home and Adam disowned me and I couldn't take it anymore so I offed myself.‭" ‬My teammates come over and everyone gets formally introduced and I tell my family.

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‭"‬I died a virgin because I couldn't trust‭ ‬woman after all the pain you put me through.‭" ‬They nod and Holly giggles ‭"‬I died a virgin because I thought I lost you baby.‭" ‬We talk for a couple more minutes when some demons walk up ‭"‬You five sluts are on the fuck table today.‭ ‬And you little lady will finally get your cherry busted.‭" ‬They laugh walking to the girls pushing us aside ‭ ‬I grab one and knock him out grabbing his sidearm and blow the other pricks away.‭ ‬I look to see they are issued‭ ‬1911s and smile.

‭"‬Hey boys are you bored‭?" ‬BW looks at me ‭"‬Kinda Schoolboy whatcha thinking‭?" ‬I look to my brother ‭"‬When the fuck are you gonna stop calling me that‭? ‬I have killed more people than Hitler and tortured them beyond any psychopath's wet dreams and you still fucking call me Schoolboy‭?" ‬BW nods ‭"‬Pretty much.‭ ‬Oh the tampons are three blocks over because you seem to be on your period.‭" He says with a grin while ‬I look at him ‭"‬Keep it up BW and the first ass I take will be yours.‭" I say while ‬BW taunts me ‭"‬You can handle this ass.‭" ‬I look at my family and do a jumping spin kick laying him out ‭"‬Ok one bitch down.two hundred more to go.‭ ‬And I'm gonna make Lucifer my bitch and call him Lucy.‭" ‬My brothers follow me while we continue to kill anyone seperating us from Lucifer's palace We keep killing and when xxx english movies xxxx storys run dry we start doing hand to hand combat.‭ ‬I snap a demon necks looking back to BW.

‭"‬Bet I kill more than you Bitchy Whiteboy.‭" ‬He tells me I'm on while we work our way to the throne room ‭ ‬Once we are outside I notice my brothers seem a bit winded and my family are back a ways but close enough‭ ‬for me to keep my eyes on them.‭ ‬I kick the door to the throne room open and walk in.‭ ‬Lucifer looks up to smile.

‭"‬Hello Matt.‭ ‬I see your file was correct.‭ ‬You really are a badass and think your untouchable.‭" Lucifer says while ‬I nod ‭"‬Yep and I plan to make this my new abode so‭ ‬I am giving you a chance to get the fuck out.‭" ‬He laughs ‭"‬You know you made one hell of a name for yourself on the plane of the living.‭ ‬The man that knew no fear.the killer of killers.the most demonic sadistic monster.‭" ‬He doesn't get to finish ‭"‬Flattery will get you no where bitch.‭" ‬He looks at me ‭"‬I'll make you a deal.‭ ‬You took ram charan xxx beef story close to five hundred of my guards and many have been with me since I was sent down here.‭ ‬You work for me and I will let you have all the pussy you want.‭ ‬I'll even make‭ ‬it so those five whores are untouchable.‭" ‬I turn to look at my girls and something in me snaps ‭ ‬I look at him and laugh.

‭"‬When I kill you and take over they will be mine and no one else's.‭" ‬I run to him and tackle him beating his head in ‭ ‬I listen to the sickening cracking and smile.‭ ‬I grab him around the throat and I snap his neck killing him.‭ ‬I release his corpse to look at my brothers. ‭"‬So boys since I killed the devil I guess that make me the man.‭ ‬You want to work for me.‭" ‬They look at one another and nod ‭"‬Ok Boss Schoolboy.‭" ‬I shake my head ‭"‬I hate you assholes at times.‭" ‬I walk to my loving family and smile,‭"‬Girls you'll be safe now.‭" ‭ ‬They nod taking me into a room where Holly and I lose our cherries but I gain five lovers.

Ten years later in hell: I look over my domain and smile.‭ ‬I was perfectly fitted to the work I did.‭ ‬Holly became my demoness and my family was my demon mistresses.‭ ‬We would have endless orgies while the girls got their fill of my demonic seed and I feel their incestuous juices pouring down my‭ ‬throat or on my shaft or body.‭ ‬True to their words they have been only with me and no madhya pradesh morena real mms kand sex story else.well minus one another.‭ ‬The girls are protective of Holly and the girls swing the kids if you will feeding anyone that is hungry when one of them is close.‭ ‬A‭ ‬few times Holly has feed little Carrie while she sucked me off and I must say that was hot.‭ ‬The guys took their jobs serious and we ran a tight ship.‭ ‬I look at the babies and the older kids playing.‭ ‬I see all five of my loves are pregnant again and glow this lovely pinkish red showing their happiness.‭ ‬I smile turning to my wife.

‭"‬Baby are you happy‭?" I ask while ‬Holly looks at me and smiles ‭"‬Yes because it is always a Good Day to Die in Hell.‭" ‭=================================================================== ‭Writer and Editors thoughts: Tazonda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well folks that is the end to It's a Good Day to Die.‭ ‬This was NOT the way we intended it to end but for some reason it felt right.

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In Internet slang,‭ ‬a troll‭ (‬/‭ˈ‬troʊl/,‭ ‬/‭ˈ‬trɒl/‭) ‬is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,‭ ‬by posting inflammatory,‭ ‬extraneous,‭ ‬or off-topic messages in an online community‭ (‬such as a newsgroup,‭ ‬forum,‭ ‬chat room,‭ ‬or blog‭) ‬with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,‭ ‬often for their own amusement. This story actually had more‭ ‬written out but then again the A Family Betrayal story started getting trolled and then IAGD2D so Hawk and I figured what the hell we'll end it before the trolls come out for a vacation.‭ ‬In the true IAGD2D Matt doesn' know what fuck that you trolls won't know what we had planned.‭ ‬So many of the good writers have left from the faceless little fucking bitches to cowardly to post your names but talk shit.‭ ‬All I can say is between the trolls and how the site keeps changing the restrictions on stories‭ ‬and lossing good writers I won't be surprised to see this site gone.

‭===================================================================== ‭ Hawkrider ‭ Hey everyone Hawk here. Just like Taz said this story and A Family Betrayal had more to them, but due to all the trolls and negative comments that both were given we decided to well give both a ending.

Although these are not the true endings. You see when two people brainstorm and come up with nice ideas for the stories they what to entertain readers. Well they get upset by all the negative input from some. I will say this though the story won't end. We did the two stories for those that liked them and are loyal. So if beautiful indian and foreign girl lesbian sex are still loyal after reading A Family Betrayal and It's a Good Day To Die then PM me.

‭ Also I have had some ask if the stories are well from my life. I will answer that to say no and yes. The betrayal and cheating theme is from experience.

I know I am not the only one that has been betrayed by family in some way. It's like a loyal reader said in a comment. Why ask a writer to change the theme they write. Cum spraying in a public cab with horny teen alessa pornstars and hardcore it's because they are comfortable writing the way they do. It would be like asking Steven King to write anime or manga.

Sorry but that is how I see it. So again the reason for the way Taz and I ended A Family Betrayal and It's a Good Day To Die is purely because some just couldn't say nice things. They had to be very rude.

YES WE KNOW EVERYONE HAS THEIR OPINION, but damn when there are stories on this site that are so much worse and get a slap on the behind. And there is one that the MC has like 50 lovers and way out of plot, but oh well I have said my peace. I would like to think all those that have supported Taz and I on A Family Betrayal and It's A Good Day To Die. It's been fun to write and I hope you enjoyed along the way.

Again if the loyal readers want to get a chance to see the real happy ending PM for it's going to be a good one.

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And like always have a good day and PEACE.