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For perhaps the tenth time in as many minutes, Kathryn Gray glanced up at the large clock on the office wall. It had been one of those days that seemed like it would never end. She had a theory that the three-day weekend that waited beyond five o'clock caused time to move much more slowly. A silly theory, she admitted to herself, but as good an explanation as any as to why the day was dragging on forever. Kathryn had been working at Moore and Ryan for nine months now.

It had been the twenty-three year old redhead's third job since graduating from college some two years before. All things considered, she was glad to have it. Even if it meant that she had to travel almost an extra half-hour from her parents house out in Queens. At least on this job she had a chance of being promoted into a position where she could use the business degree she had worked so hard for.

"Another twenty minutes to go," she said silently to herself as she looked down from the clock to her near empty desk. Normally Kathryn wasn't a clock-watcher, but today she had finished all of her assignments early and was feeling a little bored. In fact, she had already set up a few things for Tuesday morning to get a head start on them. It was just her nature to be constantly active. "Looks like Miss Perfect's all done for the day already." Said a quiet laughing voice from behind Kathryn.

"Hi Angela," Kathryn smiled as she spun around in her chair in response to the comment. Angela D'Martino was both a year older and three inches taller than Kathryn. The 'Miss Perfect' nickname dated back to their days at the local high school in Queens. It was a term that annoyed her, but Angela usually got away with using it. After all, if it weren't for Angela, she wouldn't have this job.

Kathryn was working in a neighborhood store as a management trainee when Angela came walking in to buy something. They hadn't seen each other much since high school graduation. Not that unusual since Kathryn went away to college and Angela stayed home and went to City University.

Still they still considered themselves friends and Angela mentioned that the company she was working for in Manhattan was looking for some new staff people.

If Kathryn were interested, she'd be happy to put in a good word for her. Although skeptical at how much Angela's good word would be worth, seeing as she had only been working for the company a year herself, Kathryn got her resume together and went down for an interview. To her surprise, she got the job, despite there being more than a dozen other people applying for it. What surprised her even more was that the department head had casually mentioned that she had a sterling recommendation from one of the firm's vice-presidents.

He had even stopped in after the interview to welcome her aboard. Thanking the man whom she would now be working for, Kathryn was more than a little confused about the recommendation. That was until she learned later that Angela worked as some sort of assistant for that vice-president. Somehow she had convinced him to write that recommendation. Exactly how Angela had accomplished that was something they hadn't exactly covered in any of the business courses back in school.

One night a few months ago, there had been an office party to celebrate the end of a major project. About half past nine, Kathryn had gone looking for Angela to let her know she was leaving and see if she wanted to share a cab ride home.

She couldn't find her at the party, but knowing her friend's habit of taking a nap after she'd had a little too much to drink starting romi rain and tyler nixon the now deserted offices that had couches.

It took a while tearch and studint sexi vido find Angela, but once she did, everything fell into place. Partially opening the door to a small conference room, the first thing she saw was her old friend.

The second was that she wasn't alone. Having doubled dated with Angela a few times back in high school, the image in front of her wasn't exactly new. It was just the setting that took her back for a moment. Angela was kneeling on the carpet, the low cut blue dress she had worn to the party now down around her waist. Back in school, the brunette had stirred the envy of many of the other girls when she became the first girl to develop - and then continued to do so after many of the other girls had stopped.

From shared shopping trips, Kathryn knew the black bra on the floor beside her was a bajpori xxx sari wala xxx story cup. Standing in front of the large breasted twenty-four year old was that same officer who had lent his name to Kathryn's job application.

Like Angela, he was only partially dressed, although in the case of the fifty-nine year old, it was his pants and briefs that rested around his ankles.

From where she stood, Kathryn would've been able to get a really good look at the silver haired man's cock - that is if it hadn't been buried deep in Angela's mouth. Back in their school days, Angela had a reputation among the guys as a first class cocksucker.

It was very obvious that she had, if anything, improved in the years since. Her tongue seemed to be almost everywhere at once. Licking under the crown, tickling the sensitive area beneath his balls, massaging the sides of his cock as she again took him all the way into her throat. "Oh Angela." the vice-president moaned.

Angela gripped the base of his cock tightly, preventing from reaching a climax. She could feel the pressure against her slender fingers, she knew how badly her boss wanted to cum. "I have to cum." he pleaded, giving voice to that which her touch had already told her. "Please Angela, I want to cum." The brunette continued to suck and stroke him for another few seconds.

The she released the pressure against the base of his cock, sending a stream of hot whiteness into her mouth. Angela slurped the creamy liquid, letting it splash across her face. It dripped from her lips and down her chin. Letting the now softening cock slip from her mouth, she reached out with her tongue and licked it from her lips.

It was a satisfying treat. Kathryn only stood there a few brief moments more before stepping back into the outer corridor, least she be noticed now that they were done. She never mentioned what she'd seen to Angela or anyone else. For a while, it had bothered her that she'd gotten her job because Angela was blowing and perhaps even screwing her boss. Then after a while she decided that however she got her foot in the door, she was proving every day that she was the right person for the job.

The proof of that had come with her very first raise and increased responsibilities two months before. "What's up Angie?" Kathryn asked, using the nickname that Angela hated as much as she hated hers.

"A couple of the girls are going out for drinks after work," Angela said, her tone acknowledging that she had crossed over the line with the 'Miss Perfect' crack.

"And I was wondering if you wanted to come along. We going over to the Baron Dekalb and there are usually a lot of great guys there on Friday nights." "That sounds like fun," Kathryn said. "But I already promised Yolanda that I'd meet her after work. Would you mind if she came along?" Instead of the quick agreement Kathryn expected, Angela paused a few moments, a look of hesitation on her face. "I'm not sure that would be a good idea." Angela finally replied.

"A lot of the girls are a little uncomfortable around Yolanda." "Why in the world would any of them be uncomfortable around Yolanda?" Kathryn said, a touch of confusion in her voice. Yolanda Ortega was a computer consultant who'd been working on an upgrade of the firm's mainframe the last four months. Four years older than Kathryn, the black haired Latina had quickly become a good friend. They'd sat next to each other one dark rainy day in the cafeteria and Yolanda had noticed that Kathryn was reading Lord of the Rings.

She commented that it was one of her favorite books and by the end of lunch they discovered they shared more than a few interests. Since then, they'd made it a point to have lunch together whenever they could and usually went out after work at least once a week. "So what's wrong with Yolanda?" Kathryn asked again. "Well I'm not really one to spread office gossip," Angela said in a much lower voice as she paused and looked around her to see if anyone else could hear her.

"Yeah right&hellip." Kathryn thought. "But it seems that your friend isn't exactly a straight arrow." Angela continued. "What are you talking about?" Kathryn said. "Well simply put," the brunette went on. "She's gay… " "Gay?" Kathryn repeated. "A lesbian, a dyke, whatever you want to call it," Angela said.

"She's into other women and that makes some people uncomfortable." Kathryn had to laugh. "Where did you ever get a asinine idea like that?" she asked. "Straight from the horses mouth," The taller girl stated. "Or at least from the person she told it to." "You mean she tried to pick up someone here at the office?" Kathryn asked.

"More like someone tried to pick her up." Angela explained. "To be more specific, John Rosselli asked her out to dinner." "John Rosselli has hit on every unmarried woman in this office, both you and I included." Kathryn interjected. "That's unbelievably hot lesbian girls playing with dildos pantyhose lesbians Angela agreed. "But both you and I know that John doesn't have a fragile ego that would make him come up with a bullshit reason as to why he didn't score with the lady computer genius.

He gets turned down a lot, but just goes on to the next possibility." Kathryn had to agree with her friend. Like too many men they knew, John thought he was god's gift to women.

If it wasn't for the fact that he seemed to be obsessed with trying to bed every girl he met, Kathryn might've been tempted to agree with him. John was 6'2" with movie star looks. From the ladies room gossip she'd heard about the women who'd taken him up on his offer, he was phenomenal in bed as well. "That doesn't prove anything," Kathryn said. "She was probably just trying to put him off. The one reason we all still get along with John is that he definitely takes no as an answer.

Since she's only here temporary, she wouldn't know that. She might've figured if she just said that she wasn't interested he'd just be back again the next day.

A lot of guys are like that, and you know it." "But to say she was gay?" Angela asked. "Come on, who's going to say that if it wasn't true. She could've said she has a boyfriend or that she was engaged, or even that she didn't date white guys. No, it has to be true." Kathryn paused for a few moments.

She had to admit she'd come up with a lot better excuses when approached by guys she didn't like. "So what if it is true," she finally said.

"What difference does it make? Unless you're the one sleeping with her she's just another girl in the office." "As long as we're talking, that's the other thing I gorgeous hot babe alina west having a hot facial for pleasure smalltits pornstars to speak to you about." Angela said.

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"Some people are beginning to wonder about you too. What with all the time the two of you spend together these days." "Yolanda is my friend," Kathryn said strongly.

"And we share a lot of interests, like books and films, the kind of things that no one else in this office seems to care about." "Okay, I know you're straight," Angela said, taking a step back in her argument.

"After all we used to double date. I told them you're not a carpet muncher." Kathryn hadn't heard that derogatory term since back in high school when they used it to refer it to Sissy Wilson, the girl the in crowd most suspected of being a closet lesbian. She didn't think it was nice when it was applied to Sissy, and thought it less so now that it was being used to label her friend. "Well I'm not going to cancel my da…, going out with Yolanda." Kathryn said, a sense of anger in her breast.

"So you'll just have to get along with out me." "Suite yourself," Angela said as she got up to leave. "But let me give you one last thing to think about.

Yolanda will be gone in a few weeks when she finishes the upgrade. The people you're going out of the way to alienate are going to be here with you for a long time. As Angela walked away, Yolanda noted that five o'clock had finally arrived. She found that she wasn't as excited as she thought she'd be. Packing up her bag and small tits babe licks huge tits female agent her desk, Kathryn had a sense of being watched.

As she walked by three of her female coworkers, she was sure that two of them turned and looked at her. "Angie's getting you paranoid," she told herself as she reached the office door. "You know they already consider you something of an oddball." It hadn't taken much for a few of the women her age at the firm to come up with that assessment.

First of all, in their opinion, she definitely spent too much time reading. Then there was the fact that she actually had a college degree, where male slave in pierced chastity most many of them had been to was secretarial or one of those office trainee schools.

Kathryn was shooting for the stars, while they were shooting for whatever party was planned for that weekend. Additionally, Kathryn's reluctance to join in on their weekly cock hunts was taken by some as a disapproval of the game. And in a way, she guessed it was. Kathryn did have a boyfriend -- well at least someone she saw on a fairly regular basis. They'd go out, have dinner and maybe a movie, and inevitable wind up in bed together.

It was a mutually satisfying relationship - but at the same time missing something. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A quick elevation ride to the lobby and Kathryn headed for the small atrium on the side of the building. Normally, during lunchtime, the small garden spot would be packed.

After five however, it was normally deserted, the multitudes exiting the large office buildings heading instead for either the local bars or the fastest way home. Sitting down in her usually lunch spot, she patiently waited for her friend. It wasn't a long wait, a few minutes later she spotted Yolanda coming out of the same side door she had used. Yolanda Ortega was twenty-seven years old and stood five foot seven. She had long black hair, which she wore up in a carefully crafted style, small ringlets of which framed a pretty face.

She was within a few pounds of her ideal weight and had a figure that caused admiration in men and envy in women. Pert, rounded breasts pressed against the material of the dark blue dress she was wearing - an erotic image that was overshadowed only by the long, smooth and tan hued legs that stretched out from beneath that dress.

Kathryn sometimes thought she'd kill for legs like that. She knew she was as pretty as Yolanda, but it was those legs that even she envied. Of course being only five three probably had a lot to do with it, she usually laughed to herself. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." Yolanda said as she caught up to Kathryn, her voice carrying just a trace of the South American accent of her native Sao Paulo.

"I wanted to run one last system check before I left for the weekend. I think I got the last of the bugs worked out. If I'm lucky, I'm be able to present the program to the board by the end of next week and get that early completion bonus." "Oh, you'll be leaving soon then?" Kathryn asked in response to the unexpected news.

""I'm afraid so." Yolanda replied, noting the sadness in her friend's question. "I'm afraid that's the lot of being a consultant. You don't spend a lot of time in any one place." "I guess so." Kathryn said. "Now don't look so down my friend," Yolanda beamed. "You don't think I'm going to just walk away and forget about the best friend I've made lately - do you?" "I hope not." Kathryn said, her sad expression wavering for the moment.

"Now put away that sad face," Yolanda insisted. "It's only going to ruin the surprise I have for you." "What surprise?" Kathryn asked curiously. playful latina cindy cruz invites him in for a bj Yolanda said as she reached into her purse and handed the shorter woman a small envelope.

The sad look on Kathryn's face vanished in an instant as she took two tickets out of the envelope. A look of both excitement and disbelief replaced it. "Omigod!" She gasped. 'These are for Adrianne and Edmond - A Romantic Comedy!" Where did you ever get them? I called the box office once and they told me the best I could hope for was six months from now.

This is the hottest off- Broadway show of the year." "Well I have a friend that owed me a favor." Yolanda smiled. "And I remembered you're saying how much you wanted to see that play. The only thing big babe masturbate live watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom that they're for tomorrow night. That's not a problem, is it?" "Oh no, not at all!" Kathryn said, still gushing with excitement. "I still can't believe you got these for me.

Yolanda, I love you, you are the best." With that she threw her arms around Yolanda and gave her the biggest hug she could. She enjoyed the warmth of her friend's closeness for a few moments, then the conversation with Angela flashed back through her thoughts and she remembered she was standing out in what was still a pubic place.

"Is something wrong?" Yolanda asked as she felt Kathryn suddenly tense up and then step back. "No, nothings wrong." Kathryn lied as she looked again at the tickets. "I was just thinking that these tickets are too much for me to accept.

There's no way I could ever repay you for them." "Now did I ask you to repay me?" Yolanda asked. "Your friendship is enough.

I have few enough real friends that I can take them for granted. No, I want you to take these tickets and for you and Eric to have a good time." "Eric?" Kathryn said, repeating the name of her boyfriend. "Well that's who I figured you'd want to go with." Yolanda explained. "Was I wrong?" "Oh, I thought that you got those tickets for me and you to go." Kathryn said.

"I'd love to go with you," Yolanda said, the smile on her face lighting up. "I just thought you'd rather go with Eric." "If these were tickets for the Mets or Yankees, I'd say yes." Kathryn laughed. "But spending a few hours watching a play really isn't Eric's idea of a fun evening." "Okay then, it's a date." Yolanda said.

"We'll go to dinner first, if that's okay? I know this really fabulous Chinese restaurant that's not too far from the theater." grosse salope elle a envie de baiser avec un chien french amateur "That would be wonderful," Kathryn concluded, proud of herself that she didn't even flinch this time when Yolanda innocently referred to their going to the show as a date.

"But speaking of Eric, I also amateur teen gets tits cumshot at work him I'd meet him later tonight so I'd better get home and change." "Enjoy yourself," Yolanda said as she wrote down an address on one of her business cards. "Here's the address of the restaurant, I'll meet you there about six, teen cam kitchen girlpals toying each other "Six would be fine," Kathryn said as she looked at the address and mentally figured how long it would take her to get there from Queens on a Saturday.

"I'm looking forward to it." She smiled. "You really are a dear, precious friend." Yolanda said as she unexpectedly leaned forward and kissed Kathryn on the cheek. With that she turned and walked out onto the street, leaving behind a slightly perplexed Kathryn.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dinner with Eric turned out to be one more uninspiring night at Clancey's Bar and Grill. Kathryn had suggested many times that they go into Manhattan for a night and try some of the nightlife there, but Eric always hedged on the idea.

He kept saying he didn't like those kinds of people. Kathryn and Eric Foster had been dating for the last year and a half. Among their friends, it was taken almost as a given that they'd get engaged one day soon. It was not an opinion Kathryn shared. Eric was usually fun to be with, but deep down she couldn't picture the two of them together ten years down the line. Also in the opinion of most of her girlfriends Eric was a great catch. With that much she couldn't argue.

He stood 6'2" and had a built that had made him an all-star football player in high school. Curly dark brown hair, including a beard and mustache, framed a handsome face. The oldest of three sons, he was already a partner in his father's plumbing supply warehouse.

They had met at a party just before her college graduation and it had been love, or at least lust, at first sight. Unfortunately, the fires that had burned so brightly at 21 had already begun to cool at 23. The reason was both simple and common for many couples their age. Eric, like many of his friends, had reached his peak intellectually and emotionally when he graduated high school. Kathryn in contrast had continued to grow.

She was always looking to expand her view of the world. Eric's view rarely extended beyond the limited confines of the old neighborhood, and he liked it that way. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Oh yeah, baby," Eric panted as he took a breath and pushed his cock between Kathryn's legs once more time. Kathryn hadn't really been in the mood to have Eric sleep over, but he'd been on his best behavior after they left the restaurant that she couldn't bear to say no.

She realized now that it had been a really big mistake. Her mind was definitely elsewhere. All Eric was doing was masturbating with her body taking the place of his hand. She was relieved when she felt him shudder and climax.

"If he runs true to form, he'll be asleep in five minutes." Kathryn thought as he rolled off of her. To her surprise, Eric climbed off the bed and reached for his pants. He was getting dressed. "Sorry babe," he said as he put his shirt on. "I promised the guys I'd play softball in the morning and Billy would rather pick me up at my house than here. It's a lot closer to the field." On another night, Kathryn might've felt insulted.

This time she felt relieved. "It's okay," she replied. "I have to get up real early tomorrow anyway." she lied. He leaned over and kissed her goodbye, making a playful grab at her rounded breast while he was at it.

"Get!" Kathryn laughed. "And good luck in the game." Laying in the darkness of the small apartment over her parent's garage, Kathryn found that sleep wasn't about to come easily. Whatever the drawbacks in her and Eric's relationship, the sex had usually been great.

Unfortunately, that hadn't been the case tonight. Try as she could, she couldn't help thinking about Yolanda. Was what Angela said about her true? If so, how did she really feel about it? She wished there was someone she could talk to about it, but she was sure there was no one she knew who would ever understand.

Even her mother and father, who were ever so understanding about the nights Eric slept over, would fall back on old preconceived notions concerning a lesbian friend.

Finally, about quarter to four in the morning, sleep finally came. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- It was closer to lunchtime than breakfast when Kathryn finally opened her eyes. She had been asleep for almost eight hours. She was, she immediately realized, soaked to the skin with perspiration, especially her pussy.

She had a vague recollection of having erotic dreams, but couldn't for the life of her remember what they had been about - or more importantly, whom they had been about. "Good morning," Virginia Gray said as she walked into her daughter's apartment carrying a small pile of laundry.

"I thought you were going to sleep the day away." "Morning, Mom." Kathryn said as she reached for the pair of panties she had left on the floor. "It's been a busy week, I guess it all caught up with me." Virginia Gray was only 19 years older than her daughter and had a much closer hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed with her own children than she'd had with her own mother.

The entire sex talk with her mother, which had occurred on her sixteenth birthday in 1972, had consisted of the simple phrase "Nice girls don't." By the time it came for her to have a little chat with her own child, Virginia had learned that nice girls did - and with an abandon and variety that Grandmother Willis would've found most shocking. Somewhat reluctantly, her husband had agreed that if Eric and Kathryn were going to do it, and of course they were. It might as well be in the garage apartment that they'd originally built for Grandmother Willis rather than off in some fleabag motel.

Or in the back seat of a car, which was where the future Mr. and Mrs. Gray had consummated their relationship. Besides, both of them had noted, Eric was definitely son-in-law material. "I happened to glance out the window when I got up during the night and noticed that Eric's car was gone." Virginia said, ignoring her daughter's nudity. "The two of you didn't have another fight - did you?" "No Mother," she answered as she grabbed a towel from the pile that had just been put on her bed.

"He's playing ball this morning and didn't want to spend the night." "Oh that's good. I do hate it when the two of you fight." Virginia said as she picked up the remains of her daughter's discarded clothes. "Are the two of you going out again tonight?" It had become obvious some time ago that Eric's best ally in trying to convince Kathryn that they should make their relationship something more was her mother.

There wasn't anything that could make Virginia Gray happier that to see an engagement and later wedding ring on her daughter's hand. "Actually I'm going to a play in the city tonight with one of the girls at work," Kathryn said as she reached in and turned on the water in the small closet sized shower that her father had built.

"Yolanda Ortega, you've heard me mention her before." naughty sweetheart raises her long girlfriend and homemade "Oh yes, that girl you like to talk about books with." Virginia said, her opinion of what she viewed as a wasted Saturday night evident in her voice. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather go out with Eric instead." "Mother, its not like we're engaged or anything." Kathryn said as she waited for the water to heat up.

"He still goes out with his friends and I go out with mine." An unusual look flashed across Virginia's face, one that Kathryn rarely saw. It was a look of indecision, something her mother rarely suffered from. "I know that look, Mom," Kathryn said. "What is it?" "Well it's probably nothing." she said. "But&hellip." Kathryn added. "Well, I just think that perhaps you should spend a little more time with Eric, that's all.

"She said. "Make sure he knows that you care about him" "I would think he knows that." Kathryn said as she motioned in the direction of the unmade bed.

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"Be that as it may," Virginia continued. "I think you should spend more time with him. In fact, I don't think it would be a bad idea if you went over to the ball field and surprised him.

The two of you could go to lunch." "There's something you're still not telling me, Mother." Kathryn said impatiently. "All right," Virginia broke down. "Mary Wilson over in the diner told me that Eric was over there yesterday having lunch with Tracy McDonald and they seemed pretty cozy. You remember Tracy McDonald, don't you?" Of course Kathryn remembered Tracy McDonald.

Back in high school it was a toss up as to whether Tracy or Angela was going to earn the title of class slut. "Tracy works for her father's construction company now and they do a lot of business with Eric's company." Kathryn said. "It might've been a business lunch." "According to Mary," Virginia said. "The only business going on in that booth was monkey business.

She practically had her big breasts in his face the whole time." "Well if that's what Eric's looking for, there's not much I can do about it, is there?" Kathryn said as she looked down at her own 34-inch bust. "It's not like I'm going to run out and get implants." "I wish you'd take this more seriously." Virginia said insistently. "Mother, you take this whole Eric thing much more seriously then I ever did." Kathryn said, knowing that was exactly the last thing her mother wanted to hear.

"If he decides to find more bountiful pastures, I'm not about to chase after him. Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to start getting cleaned up." Surprisingly, Virginia didn't labor the point but simply gathered up the last of the dirty clothes and walked out of the apartment.

Kathryn shrugged her shoulders and stepped into the now hot shower. Kathryn closed her eyes as the warm water splashed over her body. She though a little about what her mother has said, about the idea that Eric might be looking for a new girlfriend. Surprisingly, the idea didn't bother her as much as she thought it should have. The relationship with him had gone as far as it was ever going to go. Regardless of her parent's disappointment, maybe it was time to move on with her life.

True she would miss the great sex, which was the best part of being with Eric. But there would be other lovers, of three scenes in one story she was sure.

"Let him have Tracy and her balloon boobs," she said out loud as she rubbed her own breasts. "Maybe I'll get lucky and my next lover will have more than just one head that I'm interested in." As she laughed aloud, the red tressed girl suddenly realized two things. First, in her mind, she had just ended her relationship with Eric. Already she was thinking of it as something that was over. All that was left was to tell him. She hoped he had indeed fucked that airhead, it would make it all the more easier to break up.

But either way, last night was the last time he was ever going to share her bed. The second realization was even more surprising. As she ran a soapy washcloth between her legs and across her lightly haired pussy, Kathryn discovered she was still quite aroused. Maybe it was the thought of Eric screwing Tracy, or some glimpse of that forgotten dream from last night. What ever the reason, she found her fingers playing with her body.

Kathryn again stroked her breasts, bringing her pert nipples to a familiar hardness. As always, her own touch felt so good. Soapy hands glided down across her slim stomach, finding their way to the light red bush below. She continued down between her legs and then around to the cheeks of her ass, leaving a soaping trail of bubbles in her wake. Kathryn let out a soft sigh as her fingers rubbed against her mound. Running her other hand across her firm mounds once again, giving them a playful squeeze, the lithe woman couldn't believe how horny she felt, less than half a day after she'd been fucked.

With a practiced skill that started when she'd first masturbated at 13, Kathryn parted big mom xxx ve dulokal vaginal lips, quickly finding the small stubby clit hidden within. Closing her eyes as she leaned back again the tiled wall, she pressed a slippery finger against it. "Oh yes." she purred as a familiar tingle spread out from her cunt. "That feels so nice." She slid a finger up within herself, followed by a second and a third.

It was a poor substitute for a hard cock, but it would have to do. It wasn't long before she was furiously pumping her fingers in and out, sparking the tiny flame between her legs into a roaring conflagration.

The warm water had turned to hot, filling the tiny room with steam. The heat of which paled next to that which radiated across her quaking body as her fingers caressed her love canal in an orgasmic frenzy. Water running down her face, her lips formed a silent O. Kathryn felt her legs and arms go weak as repeated waves of delight rippled up and down her naked form. Long silent moments, broken only by the splatter of the shower drops, passed as the redhead rested against the now warm tile.

The water washing away the traces of her climax. "Oh that felt good." Kathryn said as she filled her hands with water and splashed it across her face. As she stepped naked back into the one room apartment, Kathryn was greeted by a blast of cold air from the air conditioner. Her mother must've turned in on before she left.

The weathermen were calling for another hot August day, so she decided to dress accordingly. Shorts and a T-shirt were her norm in weather like this, especially if she had to brave the subway into the city. But Kathryn didn't think they'd be quite appropriate for the theater. Thinking about how she should dress for her dinner with Yolanda, Kathryn again considered what Angela had said about her friend.

"You know," she said to the now empty room as she tossed a few outfits on the bed. Sometimes I can really be an ass. The odds are that Angela, as usual, got all her facts wrong. And even if she got them right, what difference does it make? Its not like I'm going to be sleeping with her." Three outfit changes later, Kathryn finally settled on a comfortable floral print sundress. She stepped in front of the large mirror in back of her door and checked ebony man bangs white gal interracial and hardcore final appearance.

She reached into the dress and adjusted her bra straps, then smiled in satisfaction. "Now I can only hope for both a bus and subway car where the air conditioning works." Kathryn thought as she packed her small purse.

"Otherwise I'm going to be soaked by the time I get to Manhattan." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ten minutes and four blocks later, Kathryn was beginning to think that even the A/C wasn't going to help by the time she finally reached the bus stop. It had to already be over 90 degrees. She didn't realize she was about to be rescued.

"Hey sexy lady, where're you going?" called out the light haired young man in the delivery truck that had pulled up alongside the walking woman. At first, Kathryn ignored the comment, chalking it up at first as belonging to one of the mindless idiots that filled the neighborhood. Then when he called out a second time, she recognized the voice. "Hey, I was only kidding," Steven Parker said as he pulled over to the curb.

"You don't have to ignore me like that." "Oh hi, Steve," Kathryn said with a smile. " I didn't recognize you at first." Steve Parker was 19 and lived down the block from Kathryn. He was best friends with her younger brother, Kevin. "Seriously, where are you off to?" he asked. "It's way to hot to be walking today." "Actually I'm just headed to the bus stop," she replied.

"I'm going into the city to see a show with a friend." "Well I guess this if your lucky afternoon." Steve smiled. "Why is that?" Kathryn asked. "Because the boxes in back are going to my Uncle Bill's storehouse over in New Jersey. So I'm going to be going right through the city." he explained.

"And wouldn't you rather ride in a nice air conditioned van than take your chances with mass transit?" "Oh I couldn't," Kathryn said.

"Of course you could." Steve answered. "Well, I guess you could just drop me off in the city and I could take the downtown bus from there." she relented. "Don't be ridicules," Steve said as he stepped out of the van and opened the door on the other side for her. "I'll drop you off right in front of where ever you're going." "That will take you too far out of your way." Kathryn said as she climbed into the van.

"Don't worry about it," Steve said as he climbed back into the driver's side. "My Uncle's not waiting for this stuff, they gave me the keys. I have all day.

Besides, this is a chance to pay you back for all the help you gave me with Geometry back in school. If it wasn't for you, I'd have never passed the course." Actually, Kathryn was tutoring her brother and Steve just sat in on the lessons, but who was she to look a gift horse in the mouth. She smiled at the younger man and accepted his offer. As they headed over the 59th street bridge into the city, Kathryn thought to herself what a really good-looking young man Steve had grown into to.

It was a pity that he was so much younger than she was or she might be interested in going out with him. But if she was putting Eric out of her life because he was too immature at twenty-three, what was she going to do with someone even younger. The way she'd been feeling all day, she found herself imagining what Steven might be like in bed.

Would he be a good lover? From what she could see, he had a great body. That dangerous train of thought brought another memory back to Kathryn as she watched the city streets pass by. Three years back, when he was a junior in high school, Steve had been involved in somewhat of a white girl loves muslim immigrant cock in her pussy and arab gangbang desert rose aka. Actually an alleged scandal, she corrected herself, because it was swept under the rug in such a way that the school board denied anything had ever happened.

It had involved Diane Toland, one of the school's history teachers. On the high side of thirty-five, Diane was one of those female teachers with a body that delighted and excited teenage boys. And it was obvious she was pleased with the attention they showed her.

Kathryn had never been in one of her classes but she had heard about them. Ms. Toland was known for wearing blouses that showed off her ample cleavage as well as skirts that showed the curves of her ass quite well.

Kevin swore to her once that he'd been sitting behind her when she bent over to pick up a piece of chalk and that she hadn't had anything on under her skirt. At the time, Kathryn had laughed at her brother's claim.

Anyway, it seems that there was a rumor that was circulating about Steve around the school that year. The result of some comments made by an unknown member of his gym class. Namely that Steve had a cock that belonged on a horse, one that was bigger limp than most guys hard. Kathryn only heard about this much later as she had already graduated by that time. It was just one of those stories.

Until the day, it was claimed, that Cindy Pisano walked into the audio visual supply room and found Ms. Toland in a state of partial undress, trying her hardest to take Steve's horse cock into her mouth.

The rumor spread like wildfire around the school, but no one seemed to be willing to confirm or deny the tale. School ended quickly after that, less than a week later, and Ms. Toland didn't return the following year. No one seemed to ever want to talk about the story, but Steve didn't lack for female company that summer, his senior year, or any time since. remy lacroix and gia dimarco hot threesome here we are." Steve announced as he pulled out of traffic and up to the curb.

"We didn't make bad time." Kathryn looked up at the street sign to confirm they were on the right street. She had been lost in her daydream and hadn't even noticed the last few miles. Despite the air conditioning, her skin felt warm. "Thank you, Steve," she said as she leaned across and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"You are a dear." she smiled. As she opened the door and climbed down, Steve called her name. "Kathryn," he ginned. "You really do look hot!

I envy the guy." "I told you, I'm meeting a girlfriend from work." she insisted. "Yeah, right!" Steve laughed as he put it in gear and headed back out into traffic. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Checking her watch, Kathryn saw that she was a half hour early.

She checked the address Yolanda penis of lad enters slit hardcore and blowjob given her and saw that it was right down the block. A minute later she was standing in front of a small sign in English and Chinese that simply said Madame Cheng's. Standing outside the basement entrance of the simple brick building, the restaurant seemed very nondescript.

In was only after she stepped inside that Kathryn suddenly felt like she'd been transformed to another time and place. Decorated like Shanghai in the 1930's, the place certainly had atmosphere.

"Table for one, Miss?" a quite attractive Chinese woman, whom Kathryn judged to be in her mid-forties, asked as she stepped out from behind a small counter. "Oh, I'm supposed to meet a friend here," Kathryn replied as she wondered if her guess about the woman's age was right. It was so difficult to tell with many Asian women. They looked almost the same for so long. "I guess I'm a little early." "Did she make a reservation?" the woman, who was dressed in a traditional mandarin dress asked as she checked the small clipboard in her hand.

"What is the name?" "I'm not sure if she did," Kathryn replied. "Her name is Yolanda Ortega." The Chinese woman looked up from the clipboard and smiled. She called out to another woman, similarly attired, who was also behind the counter. Kathryn had no idea what she said, the rapid-fire speech was in Chinese, but it did bring the other woman quickly out from behind the counter.

She did however recognize the name Yolanda in the exchange. "Please follow me, Miss." said the second woman, whose age was as difficult to guess as the first. "Your table is right this way." Kathryn followed the woman though the restaurant to a row of booths in the back. As far away from the noise of the kitchen and front desk as you could get, Kathryn had the impression that they were the best tables in the place.

She was seated at the last one in rare story mom and son subtitles row. "Would you like something while you wait?" the woman asked. "I guess a diet coke." Kathryn replied.

"I'll have it brought right out," the older woman smiled. "If there's anything else just ask your waitress. Enjoy your meal, and welcome to Madame Cheng's." A minute later, a young girl whose age was much easier to guess as early twenties appeared with her soft drink. She smiled and told Kathryn she'd be back as soon as her dinner guest arrived.

It was then Kathryn noticed something different about this restaurant from other Chinese restaurants she'd been to. There were all waitresses, no waiters. It seemed a little odd and out of place. Kathryn didn't have too much time to wonder about it because only a few minutes later she looked up to see Yolanda walking across the restaurant toward her.

The South American woman's hair, which Kathryn had only seen pinned up, was now down and tied into a long pony tail. She had on blue skirt and a yellow short sleeve blouse.

It was both stylish and comfortable. "I hope you haven't been waiting long," Yolanda said as she reached the table. "I was running a little behind this afternoon." "I just got here myself." Kathryn smiled as Yolanda sat down opposite her in the booth.

"That's a beautiful dress." Yolanda said as she made herself comfortable. "Thanks." was Kathryn's reply. No sooner had Yolanda sat down, when the same waitress was standing by the table, her order pad in hand. "Do you mind if I order for both of us?" Yolanda asked as she smiled at the waitress. "I've been here so many times I really know what are the best things on the menu." "Go right ahead." Kathryn agreed.

Then to her amazement, Yolanda ordered the meal in what Kathryn knew had to be Chinese because the waitress smiled back at her and quickly rushed off. "How did you ever learn how to do that?" Kathryn asked. "I barely made it through high school Spanish." "When I was in college, I had a close friend who was from Taiwan." Yolanda quickly explained.

"You'd be amazed at how much of a foreign language you can learn if you're properly motivated." "I guess so." Kathryn agreed. The waitress, who's name Yolanda later told her was Mei-ha, reappeared a few moments later with an ice tea for Yolanda.

Another girl came up and whispered something in Mei-ha's ear that caused her to quickly excuse herself. It was the appearance of the second waitress that made Kathryn note that there was something else different about the restaurant only having waitresses. Both girls were rather amply endowed for Asian women. It had been her experience, both in school and later at work, that most of the Asian women she'd met had been of a somewhat smaller stature.

Looking at two other waitresses' in view, she noted that they too were rather busty as well. "So how was your day so far." Yolanda said as she took a sip of her tea." "Okay I guess," Kathryn answered. "You seem like something's wrong." Yolanda asked perceptively.

"Well its nothing I want to bother you with." Kathryn said. "Honey, that's what friends are for." came Yolanda's reply. Taking a deep breath, Kathryn told Yolanda about her decision to break it off with Eric. It felt good to let it all out. "I've seen it happen before." Yolanda said in sympathy. "I think most people don't realize how many changes people go through in their early twenties -- when you make the jump from teenager to adult. Some people make it very quickly, some not at all.

That's why so many young marriages fail." "I can't imagine who's going to be more upset," Kathryn said as their food arrived. "Eric or my parents." "You can't live your life for them," Yolanda said.

"My parents had certain plans for my life as well. They didn't exactly turn out as they expected. The important thing is that you be happy with your life." "I guess you're right." Kathryn agreed as she filled her plate with samples of everything Yolanda had ordered.

Dinner turned out to be as fabulous as Yolanda had promised. Kathryn had no idea what some of the dishes were, but they were incredible. She'd never had food like this before. "Is everything all right here." said the woman who came up to the table. Kathryn looked up and saw it was the older woman who had first directed her to the table.

"Everything's great as usual, Sau-ling.'' Yolanda said in English for Kathryn's benefit. 'Thank you." "We do try to take care of our special customers." Sau-ling said before excusing herself.

"Was that Madame Cheng?" Kathryn asked. "Well sort of" Yolanda said. "She and the woman you met at the front door are both Madame Cheng." "Are they sisters or something like that." Kathryn asked curiously.

"More in the category of 'something like that', I guess." Yolanda said. "Actually they're just friends who both happen to have the last name Cheng. It's kind of like the Chinese version of Smith." "Oh, but what did she mean, her special customers?" Kathryn asked out of curiosity. "Just that I'm a steady customer that's all." Yolanda replied.

"I bring a lot a business clients here that's all." "And is that what this is?" Kathryn asked jokingly. "A little business dinner." "Darling, dinner with a friend like you is always a pleasure -- never huge tits blonde gagged and anal banged Yolanda said in reply. They covered a few more topics as they ate, until the subject of Yolanda's impending departure from the firm came up.

"So do you think you're going to miss Moore and Ryan when you go?" "A few weeks ago I might've said yes." Yolanda answered. "For the first time I was beginning to envy not working a steady job. But then everything seemed to change almost overnight. People started to go cold on me, like I did something.

I can't for the life of me imagine what I could've done." Kathryn's conversation with Angela yesterday came right back to her. She debated for a few moments if she should mention it. Then decided that her friend had a right to know. "Actually," she began hesitantly, "I don't think it was something you did, but something you didn't do." Yolanda looked a little confused at the statement.

"You turned down John Rosselli when he asked you out." Kathryn added. "I got the impression that happens almost on a weekly basis.'' Yolanda said. "His getting turned down, I mean. Why should it matter that I did?" "Oh it does, I mean he does," Kathryn said. "It was the reason you turned him down, or at least the reason he told people you did." "Oh that." Yolanda said understandingly. "I guess it was a pretty stupid thing to say. But sometimes I get so tired of being hit on." "I'm so glad to hear you say that," Kathryn beamed.

"Right away people took it to be true and ." "Hold on a second," Yolanda interrupted Kathryn in mid-sentence. "I said it was a stupid thing to say. I never said it wasn't true." For a few seconds, Kathryn was speechless. "Is that a problem for you too?" Yolanda asked. "Cause I'd really hate to loose your friendship as well." "No, it's not a problem." Kathryn quickly replied. "I guess it just took me off guard.

I was so sure that Angie had gotten it all wrong." "That would be the same Angie who's screwing the vice-president of production." Yolanda asked. "You know about that?" Kathryn asked. "Honey, I don't think there's anyone at that place who doesn't know it." Yolanda smiled. "I guess I look pretty stupid right now." Kathryn said.

"Not at all," Yolanda replied. "I'm just glad you were friend enough to have told me." Then another look passed across Kathryn's face, one that Yolanda couldn't help but notice.

"You have something else to say. Go on, lets get it all out in the open." the older woman said. "Are we on a date?" Kathryn asked softly. Yolanda had to laugh, loud enough for patrons at some of the closest tables to hear. "I'm sorry, Kathryn, I couldn't help it." she said as she tried to bring her laughter under control. It took her another minute to accomplish that. "Are we on a date?" Yolanda repeated. "I guess that would depend on your definition of a date. If you call two friends going out to dinner and a show a date, then I guess we are." She could tell that Kathryn wasn't totally satisfied with that answer.

"I do have straight friends, you know." Yolanda went on. "And a good number of them are women. I'm not out there trying to seduce them all. I'm sure you have male friends. Do you think every guy you know wants to get into your pants?" To that, Kathryn raised her eyebrow.

"Okay, maybe that's a bad analogy." Yolanda quipped. "But lets be totally honest here, because I think that's the way friends should be." "I think so too." Kathryn agreed. "I like you, I really do." Yolanda began. "You're good company, you're quite intelligent, and also to be pretty honest -- quite cute." Kathryn smiled.

"If you were going to ask me if I was sexually attracted to you, I povd little hottie sally squirt sucks a big dick in hot tub would have to say yes." Yolanda went on. "But that doesn't mean I'm going to girl smart body chut and chuchi smart a pass at you.

And do you know why?" "No." was Kathryn's simple response. "Because in all the time we've spent together, you've never once given me cause to think you might be interested." Yolanda said. "And I value the friendship we've developed too much to screw it up by making a pass at you." "I guess that does make sense." Kathryn agreed.

"So are we okay here?" Yolanda asked. "Yeah, we're okay." Kathryn smiled. "Good, because these theater tickets were too hard for me to come by for them to go to waste." Yolanda grinned.

"We're done here, unless you'd like some dessert?" "None for me." Kathryn said. 'I'm full." "Then lets get going, the theater is only about six blocks from here so we might as well walk." Yolanda said as she took out her wallet and drop a few bills on top of the bill Mei-ha had left a few minutes before. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If anything, the few reviews Kathryn had read for Adrianne and Edmond had understated how good the play was.

She couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a good time. She was laughing so hard it had actually begun to hurt, and she was glad for the intermission. Thankfully she was one of the first in line for the restroom because that was another side effect of all that laughter. Yolanda excused herself during the brief break to make a few phone calls. Sitting alone in her seat, Kathryn thought it was good thing she hadn't asked Eric to come to this play.

Much beautiful teen first time petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers the humor was sexual in nature and of a sort that would've been way over his head. His idea of a good sex joke usually began with 'there were these two whores.'.

As Yolanda sat back in her seat, Kathryn gave her a brief smile and told her how much she was enjoying the play.

Yolanda returned the smile and said she was too. "Damn, this would be all so much easier if Yolanda was a guy." Kathryn thought as the second act started. The idea that she didn't have to be a guy flashed though her mind a moment later.

"Careful Katie girl," she told herself. "That thought threads on very dangerous ground." What she hadn't mentioned to Yolanda was something she never told to another living soul. When she was a freshman in college, she'd had an oh so very brief flirtation with another girl.

It was nothing really, a girl she'd met at a party. They'd been a lot to drink there, or so Kathryn told herself afterwards. It started out innocently enough, after all they weren't the only girls dancing together.

It was only later when Sally, she never did get the girl's last name, walked her home that things got more than a little out of control.

They were just around the corner from the dorms when Sally pulled Kathryn into one of the alcoves. Before she knew what was happening, Sally's body was pressed against her own and she felt soft, unfamiliar lips caressing her. Kathryn could still remember the warm feeling she felt when Sally's hands slid under her blouse, unclipping the front clasp of her bra with an ease that any boy on campus would've envied.

Skilled fingers caressed her mounds, with a touch softer than any that had been there before. Any thought of protesting at what was happening vanished when Sally's lips transferred their attention from Kathryn's mouth to her nipples. It was heaven on earth, or the closest thing to it she had ever been. Kathryn felt her skirt being pushed up, and her panties moved aside, but it was only when she felt a soft wetness brush against her clit did she really understand what was happening.

By the time Sally was done, Kathryn's clothes was totally disheveled and had anyone seen her in that condition she no doubt would've been greatly embarrassed. But the memory the coed carried in secret to this day wasn't that of embarrassment, but that of her first orgasm at the tongue of another woman. "Now that's something I really haven't thought about in a very long time." Kathryn said to herself as the sudden influx of memory brought both a flush to her breasts and a tingling between her legs.

"I guess I wanted to block out how good it really felt." The second act of the play was even better than the first, but even if the actors playing Adrianne and Edmond were going at it naked on center stage, Kathryn would've been totally oblivious to it.

Instead her attention was totally concentrated on the contours of the woman next to her. The bright emerald green of her eyes, the rich redness of her lips, and the velvet soft olive skin that surrounded it all. Her gaze slid downward, across Yolanda's neck and past the swell of her breasts.

Even in the faint light of the theater, Kathryn was close enough to make out the silver dollar size rings around her nipples. Sunny leone home alone fucking couldn't help but compare them to the smallness of her own. Finally down to the folds of Yolanda's denim skirt, and the priceless pearl that she knew was concealed beneath the blue material. Kathryn's neck arched just the slightest bit forward, so that she could follow the path down the Brazilian woman's long legs, coming to a stop at the gold ankle bracelet on her left leg.

Kathryn took a long, deep breath, one that seemed to last an eternity. So many things she'd be feeling the last twenty-four hours now made perfect sense to her. All the steel doors she'd hidden feelings behind had been flung wide open. "I can't believe I'm going to do this." Kathryn said to herself as she shifted in her seat, moving a symbolic few inches closer to Yolanda. "But if I don't, I'll forever wish I had.

Kathryn reached out with her right hand and gently placed it on top of Yolanda's. Gently, she stroked her fingers, then let them intermix. The warmth of her action filled her, generating a smile that spoke volumes across her face. Tightening her own hand against Kathryn's, Yolanda returned a smile of equal intensity. No words had to be spoken between them, the meaning of the simple gesture was clear to both. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "That was simply the best play I've ever seen." Kathryn said as they exited the theater.

"It was good wasn't it," Yolanda smiled. "I'm so glad you enjoyed it. "So what's next?" Kathryn asked. "I guess that's up to you." Yolanda said. "After all, this is your night, isn't it?" Glancing up at the now dark night sky, Kathryn considered for a moment that she really should be heading home. As it was, she wouldn't get there until well after midnight.

"Is there somewhere we can go and get a drink?" she asked instead. "Well, there are a few nice places in the neighborhood," Yolanda said in response. "But they're all likely to be pretty packed on a Saturday night." "Oh, I really wanted to have a drink and maybe talk some." Kathryn pouted. Yolanda took a few long moments to think about it. Long enough for Kathryn to start framing another question. One that was cut off as Yolanda finally spoke. "Well if you really want to talk," the olive skinned woman said with a little hesitation.

"I supposed we could go back to my apartment, it's only about twelve blocks from here. I'm sure I have something were could have as a night cap too." "That's a fabulous idea!" Kathryn gushed with enthusiasm.

"Let's go!" she added as she took Yolanda by the arm. "All right," Yolanda surrendered. "But it's this way." she said, turning both of them northward. "My, this is nice," Kathryn said as she looked up at the old brownstone her friend had led her to.

"Which floor do you live on?" she asked. "Actually, I live on all of them." Yolanda replied. "All of them?" Kathryn repeated as she looked up at the three-story building. "How can you afford that, the rent must be incredible." "I sort of own the building." Yolanda said as she slid a key from her bag and put it into the lock of the first floor door.

"Me and First City Bank that is." Stepping inside, Yolanda turned on the big tits kate screams while fucked hardcore and led Kathryn inside. The large room that took up much of the first floor had been made into a combination office and workroom, filled with several computers and peripherals.

"What's all this?" Kathryn asked. "This is Southstar Enterprises." Yolanda replied as she checked for any new email on one of the active terminals. "This is what I do when I'm not consulting." "You run your own company too?" Kathryn asked. "Sweetheart, I am my own company." Yolanda smiled.

"President, Mailroom Clerk and Chief Bottle Washer. Which is why the job I'm doing for Moore and Ryan will be my last for a while. Southstar is finally beginning to take off and I'm going to devote myself to it full time for a while." "Can you afford to do that?" Kathryn asked curiously. Wondering if she'd ever get the chance to do anything like that. "I can't afford not to," Yolanda said as she guided Kathryn to the staircase leading to the second floor.

"Not if I ever want to break out from the pack." By the time they reached the second floor, Yolanda had changed the subject. Kathryn still had at least a dozen questions about what she had seen downstairs, but there would be time for that later. "Is white wine okay with you?" Yolanda asked as she stepped into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

"That would be fine." Kathryn said as she looked around the simply furnished living room. She couldn't help but compare it to her little apartment over her parent's garage. "I fixed us a little snack too." Yolanda said as she came out of the kitchen with a tray filled with three kinds of cheese and the wine.

"It looks delicious." Kathryn said as she picked up one of the wine glasses and took a sip. "This is also very good." she added. "Would you like to hear some music?" Yolanda asked as she turned on the bookcase stereo.

As the soft sounds filled the air, Yolanda sat down next to Kathryn and took a taste of her own wine. "Now there was something that you wanted to talk about?" Yolanda asked as she put her glass down on the small coffee table.

Kathryn took a long taste of her wine. Now that she was where she thought she wanted to be, she hesitated. Long silent moments passed as the redhead collected her thoughts.

Moments that Yolanda just sat there, she was in no hurry. "We don't have to talk." Yolanda said with a small smile. "We can just sit here and enjoy the wine and music." So for the next ten minutes, that was exactly what they did. "I think I love you." Kathryn suddenly blurted out. "Really?" Yolanda said quietly as she took another small sip of wine. "And how long have you felt this way?" "I'm not sure," came the reply. "A while I think, but I didn't realize it until today." Yolanda took another sip of wine, giving Kathryn a moment to consider what she was saying.

"Have you ever had feelings for another woman before?" Yolanda asked. Kathryn quickly told her about Sally and her brief introduction into female sex. The telling brought back that same warmth between her legs.

"That's lust, not love." Yolanda noted. "Not that there's anything wrong with that at times." "And I have had feelings for some of my girlfriends too." Kathryn added. "Ever tell any of them about it?" Yolanda asked as she moved just a little bit closer. "No," Kathryn said. "I didn't think any of them would've understood. "Not even Angela?" Yolanda asked as she took the wine glass from Kathryn hand and put it down on the table next to hers. "Definitely not Angela!" Kathryn said quickly.

"Pity," Yolanda mused. "She's got dynamite tits." she laughingly added. The comment caught Kathryn off guard. Then, picturing the number of times she'd seen Angela's big nippled breasts in the flesh, she had to agree with Yolanda's assessment. "I guess she does." Kathryn smiled. "But I'm glad she's not here," Yolanda said as she leaned toward Kathryn. "And that you are." And then their lips met. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The kiss Yolanda planted on Kathryn's soft lips was like that she would give her sister.

A light peck denoting tenderness and affection. Then she kissed her again - this time with passion. Kathryn felt the press of her tongue against her lips and opened to receive it. Sparks erupted as she felt Yolanda's tongue brush up against her own. Yolanda reached up with her hand and cupped Kathryn's breast through the thin material of her sundress. It felt so nice to the younger girl, sending another surge of emotion through her.

Now it was Kathryn's turn as she put her arms around Yolanda and kissed her with all of the desire she could gather. Kathryn and Yolanda sat there on the small couch kissing like long lost lovers. Every time she felt Yolanda's tongue slip through her lips, Kathryn's heart skipped a beat.

She hadn't been this excited since the first time she'd done it with Eric. Unlike Eric, Yolanda's lips were soft and sweet, the taste of cherry evident each time they pressed against hers. Another thing vastly different was the scent of perfume that filled her as she pressed against Yolanda.

So unlike the smell of a man, it was soft and gentle. It was also highly intoxicating. "Why don't we get you a little more comfortable?" Yolanda asked as she kissed Kathryn one more time. With that, Yolanda pulled the zipper of Kathryn's dress all the way down, exposing the lacy strap of a thin yellow bra. With no objection from Kathryn, she pulled the flowery print down across her shoulders and then began to pull it further down toward her waist.

For a moment, Kathryn felt very exposed, which was strange since she had no real phobia about being nude. Yolanda made her self-conscious about her body in a way that no man ever had. Yolanda began to kiss her way down Kathryn's neck, running her tongue across the recesses of her throat to the soft flesh of her collarbone.

Her green eyes opened in appreciation as she reached the pale white mounds cradled by the sheer lace bra. The contrast between her breasts and the deeply tanned skin around it was highly erotic.

"You're breasts are so beautiful." the young german babe riding cock julia reaves haired woman purred as she planted a soft kiss on the top of each of Kathryn's enclosed globes. A gentle tug on the thin material exposed the bright pink nipple beneath it. The erect tip was only visible a brief moment before it vanished between Yolanda's lips.

She wrapped her lips around the entire areola as she painted a path with her tongue across it. Then her lips closed as she sucked hard on just the now erect nipple. A loud wild group sex with sexy pretty babe pornstar hardcore erupted from Kathryn as she felt the wetness engulf her stiff nipple, bringing back the memory of Sally's touch from so long ago. The memory quickly faded in the face of reality and the knowledge that Sally was a rank amateur next to Yolanda.

With only one nipple exposed, Yolanda took her time. Her tongue darting to and fro, tracing wide circles around the pink nipple. Then she would tickle it directly before taking it whole into her mouth again. "Oh, this feels so good." Kathryn moaned as she lay back with her eyes closed and just enjoyed the feel of Yolanda's attentions.

"Let's see how you like this?" Yolanda said as she picked up the closest wine glass and poured just a little of it on the center of Kathryn's breast. "Oh yes!" Kathryn gasped as Yolanda licked up all traces of the wine.

A few minutes later, Yolanda exposed the other pale white breast and repeated her performance. Sending Kathryn further into a blissful state. Finally satisfied. Yolanda turned her attention away from her new playthings and kissed Kathryn again. This time the kiss was brief, just enough to signal a temporary end to their play. "I want to try that on you." Kathryn said excitedly, wondering what it would be like to taste another woman's breasts.

"Oh you will soon enough, my new love." Yolanda said as she planted another kiss, this time on the cheek. "But I think we should be practical for a moment." Kathryn looked at Yolanda for a moment. A puzzled look on her face. "This has already gone far beyond what I think either of us had planned." Yolanda said. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you. But if you do plan to stay here, I think it might be a good idea if you called home and told them." The call home only took a few minutes.

Virginia Gray agreed with her daughter's decision to spend the night at her friend's house. It was far too late for her to be riding the subway and buses home. A wicked smile formed on Kathryn's face as she spoke, imagining what her mother's reaction would be if she could see her right now. Standing in the center of the living room, her dress still down around her waist with her breasts hanging free. Her nipples still wet from the kiss of her new lover.

Virginia started to suggest to her daughter that she try to get home early in the morning and have brunch with Eric, but Kathryn quickly dismissed that idea. "I'll probably have breakfast here, Mom." Kathryn said, bringing the conversation to a quick close.

"I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. Bye." No sooner had Kathryn put down the phone than she felt Yolanda's arms close around her from behind. The older woman pulled tight against her and brought her hands up to cup Kathryn's breasts, rubbing her fingers against the stiff nipples. "Mmmm." Kathryn said softly as she closed her eyes and cherished the warmth of the embrace.

Still mom and san xxx rum night her tight, Yolanda kissed Kathryn's neck, then her cheek, then finally ran her tongue along the inner edge of the redhead's ear. Kathryn wanted this moment to last a lifetime, she felt so warm and secure.

The only thing that made it's passing bearable was the knowledge that it would only get better. Yolanda turned Kathryn around and kissed her softy a busty blonde milf young cock leya falcon blowjob and bigtits times.

She took Kathryn's hands in her own and guided them up under the bottom of her blouse, pressing them against her own breasts. Kathryn squeezed them softy, feeling Yolanda's nipples through the thin material of her own bra. With practiced skill, Yolanda undid the buttons of her blouse, letting it fall open, giving her friend a much better look at her endowments. Then, just as quickly, she undid the front clasp of her bra and let it fall free into Kathryn's hands.

Wasting no time, Kathryn let the material drop away, quickly placing her hands back on the now exposed flesh. It felt so warm to her touch. "Can I kiss them?" she asked softly. "Of course you can, darling." Yolanda said with a smile. "You can do anything that you want." Yolanda lifted one of her breasts and offered it as a gift to Kathryn.

She leaned down and kissed the center of the dark silver dollar she had admired in the theater. Unlike her own breasts, Yolanda's were all one hue, a combination of her nature color and a proclivity for nude sunbathing. Her large nipples and wide areola where a dark brown, several shade darkener than the surrounding skin.

Kathryn tickled the stiff nipple with her tongue, before taking it into her mouth. "Yesss," Yolanda moaned as she felt the wet embrace of Kathryn's mouth.

"You do that well." In reply, Kathryn let the hard nub slip from her lips and ran her tongue across the wide circle a few more times before taking it again fully into her mouth. Back in college she had regretted the fact that she had never had the chance to taste Sally's breasts. Tonight she was going to make up for that and much more. After a few more minutes of playYolanda shifted her other mound to Kathryn's eager mouth to give her neophyte lover a chance to feast on that as well.

As she worked her way across this new morsel, Kathryn was intoxicated by the erotic combination of Yolanda's natural scent and the perfume she wore. In was strongest in the deep, dark valley between her breasts, a place the twenty-three year old was quickly becoming very familiar with. When she was satisfied that Kathryn had enjoyed herself enough for the moment, Yolanda lifted both her breasts and rubbed them against Kathryn's own.

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They kissed as their nipples rubbed against each other, their tongues becoming one. "I want you," Kathryn panted as she broke the kiss. "Right here, right now." "I have a better idea my love," Yolanda said in reply as she ran her tongue across Kathryn's red lips.

"We have all night, and I want this to be special for you." As she spoke, she slipped her hand down and under the hem of Kathryn's dress. Sliding between the band of her panties, her fingers came to rest on the redhead's wet mound. Yolanda rubbed against the lightly haired bush, sliding her index finger up into Kathryn's tunnel of love.

Back and forth she moved it, just enough to give Kathryn a quick thrill. Then, just as quickly, she removed her hand completely from her panties and brought it up to her face. Even in the lamplight, Kathryn could see the shiny residue of her excitement on the tanned index finger.

"Hmmmm," Yolanda purred as she slid the outstretched finger between her lips and licked it clean. "I do so love a little appetizer before the main course." she laughed. Kathryn smiled back, wondering what it would be like to taste Yolanda's nectar. A question that she knew would be answered in a very short time. "I want to give you a few minutes to catch your breath," Yolanda abruptly said.

"To give you one last chance to decide if this is what you really want." Kathryn opened her mouth to say something but was stilled as Yolanda placed her index finger against her open lips. She could easily smell her own scent filling her nostrils.

It was a heady aroma. "Don't say anything," Yolanda continued. "I want you to wait here and finish your wine. Wait fifteen minutes, then if you're still sure, follow me upstairs. I'll be waiting for you." With that, Yolanda broke the embrace and headed up the wrought iron circular staircase and disappeared onto the third floor. The quiet swing of the pendulum on the wall clock counted off each of those fifteen minutes as Kathryn sat and finished her wine.

The drink only added to the warmth that still filled her body. The soft caress of Yolanda's lips against her own still tingled, more so those against her breasts. In her heart, she felt more sixteen than twenty- three, more like a virgin than an experienced lover. Deep within her, Kathryn could hear a small voice calling out to her. It was the voice of caution, urging her to take a large step backwards and carefully examine what she was about to do.

That voice was balanced by that of her soul, filled with the fire of suddenly realized dreams. At that moment Kathryn recalled her dream of the night before. Only this time she could see the face of her lover. It was a face she had caressed so lovingly only ten minutes before. The wall clock chimed the quarter hour, and Kathryn put her now empty wine glass down on the table.

She looked up at the staircase leading to the third floor and decided to follow the voice of her soul and dreams. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Omigod." Kathryn gasped breathlessly as she felt another rising crest wash through her body. Her body covered with sweat, she couldn't believe the ecstasy her quaking form had experienced over the last quarter hour.

Never in her life had she imagined that another person could make her feel this good. When she had first stepped into Yolanda's bedroom, and then to her bed, she had expected the experience to be similar to that brief moment with Sally. She couldn't have imagined how far beyond that it would quickly reach. Despite her desire to try and return the brief pleasure that Yolanda have given her downstairs, the older girl directed her to just stretch out on the bed and relax. There would be time enough later for her to take a more active part.

The light of a dozen candles, spread out across the room, lighted the room. Shadowless light that reflected off the now nude form of the South American woman.

As she stood there, Kathryn had a few moments to fully admire the artistry of her friend's body. She would quickly discover that unlike other more conventional works of art, this one could produce more than a passing reaction. Following her friend's instruction, Kathryn had climbed onto the large platform bed, her dress left on the floor next to it. She'd took hold of the waistband of her plain yellow panties to remove them but was interrupted.

"No, I'll do that." Yolanda said as she reached down and stopped her. Joining her friend on the bed, Yolanda straddled her and began to rub her neck. As her fingers worked, she leaned over and began to kiss her way down her back. She started at her neck and slowly transversed the warm flesh with both her fingers and lips, whispering quiet terms of endearment as she went.

As she moved, her hand drifted alongside Kathryn's breasts and traced a fine line down them with her nails. When she reached the top edge of Kathryn's bikini briefs, she took hold of the waistband with her teeth and pulled them down, exposing the plump pale cheeks of Kathryn's ass.

The woman beneath her lifted herself a few inches off the surface of the bed to allow Yolanda to draw the briefs down and off her legs.

"You have a beautiful ass." Yolanda the heart sounds mizutani sex out assault fucking japanese and asian as she look down at Kathryn's left cheek. On impulse she kissed it.

A new series of kisses followed as Yolanda covered both cheeks. Her tongue left a shiny trail that began just at the crack between her valley and went down and across to the hairy red mound on the other end. Stretching out her fingers against those mounds, she exposed Kathryn's sex and pressed her tongue deep within it. "Ooooo" Kathryn moaned as she again lifted herself to give greater access. With all the skill she'd gained over the years since she'd discovered other girls at the age of fifteen, Yolanda played her new lover's pussy like a musical instrument.

Each motion of her slippery tongue sent little charges through her friend. She savored the taste that coated her tongue, a delight she'd dreamed of since the day she had walked into Moore and Rand and met the women now laid out before her. As much as she wanted this to go on forever, she knew there were still many pleasures she wanted to share with her friend.

She spun Kathryn over and turned her own body around so that the red headed woman would have access to her own cunt. She easily slid the remains of her own underwear to the floor and once more climbed on top. Still quivering from what she knew was just the first of the night's joys, Kathryn stared in fascination at the sight of her friend's naked cunt only a few inches from her mouth.

It was beautiful, she though. The scent of Yolanda's sex was almost overpowering, and to her delight she learned with her first lick that the taste was all she hoped it would be. Yolanda lowered her pelvis, so that Kathryn could have easier access to her wet cunt. She gave Kathryn free reign, allowing her to set the pace of her actions. Slowly at first, Kathryn licked her lover, exploring her womanhood, savoring her taste.

Then she began to quicken the pace until she reached a rhythm that sent little ripples throughout Yolanda's body. As they slowly built in intensity, Yolanda knew they would eventually lead to orgasm. Satisfied that Kathryn was comfortable and well on her way, Yolanda turned her attentions back to the now saturated mound before her own mouth. Parting Kathryn's lips, she quickly went back to work and expertly matched Kathryn's rhythm. Their bodies were in sync as they heaved and sweated in a building passion.

The rising waves of ecstasy filling her body told Yolanda that Kathryn was defiantly a diamond in the raw. What would she be like with some more practice. As she felt herself cresting, the twenty-seven year old pressed her cunt down against Kathryn's face, while simultaneously driving her own tongue as deep inside Kathryn as it would go. Their orgasm was almost simultaneous, and as powerful as any Yolanda had experienced.

They lay there wrapped in each other's embrace for a few moments, simply enjoying the warmth of each other's body. Kathryn swore that she could feel the beat of Yolanda's heart as their bodies pressed together as the noise of both their labored breaths filled the room.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Good morning, sweetheart." Yolanda said as she stepped into the bedroom carrying a breakfast tray filled with various foods. "I wasn't sure exactly what you like in the morning, seeing as you seem to live on tea and danish in the office, but I'm sure there's something here that you'll like." Kathryn rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she adjusted to the sunlight filling the room.

She couldn't believe it was morning already. The last thing she remembered was that she and Yolanda were making love for the third, or was it fourth time. She remembered the heat of their bodies as she held each other tight, their pussies on fire as they rubbed them against each other until they'd exploded in an exhausting orgasm.

After that she must've collapsed from fatigue. "It all looks marvelous." she said as she took a small morsel from the tray Yolanda had set down on the bed. "I've famished." "I've no doubt that you are." Yolanda said as she sat down on the edge of the bed and kissed Kathryn on the cheek. "I have to say last night was incredible." Kathryn said as she took a sip of tea.

"You're not going to get any argument there from me." Yolanda smiled as she took a taste of her coffee. "I do love you." Kathryn said, repeating her statement of the previous night. "I know you do." Yolanda replied as sexy brunette tory pounded by a black dick in ass set the coffee cup down. "And I feel the same way about you." "Why do I have a feeling that there's a 'but' somewhere in that statement." Kathryn said.

Yolanda smiled. "But." she began. "I want you to make sure you're going into this with your eyes wide open." "I am." was Kathryn's simple reply.

"Not right now you're not." Yolanda corrected her. "Maybe a month from now you could say that, but not this morning. Right now you're riding the wave of some really great sex, and that's fine.

As long as you can recognize that for what it is." "I guess you're right." Kathryn said as she thought about it. "So we just take it a step at a time," Yolanda said as she crawled into the bed next to Kathryn. "And if this all turns out to be is a little lust, well I'm sure we can deal with that too." she added as she kissed Kathryn on the lips. "I think I need a shower." Kathryn abruptly said as she became aware of her bodies reaction to the previous night's exertions.

"Yes you do," Yolanda grinned. "I've already april reid scary cumshot by her stepbrother one but I'd be happy to help wash your back." "Just my back?" Kathryn smiled adorable jade have a taste of big dickadorable jade have a taste of big dick. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-= Epilogue =-=- Kathryn didn't make it home for lunch that Sunday afternoon, or dinner for that matter.

She showed up for work Tuesday morning in a dress she borrowed from Yolanda. By the end of the week, she had told Eric that it was over between them and he took it with what she concluded was a sense of relief. He never confirmed her suspicions about him and Tracy, but three months later the two of them were married. And it was only five months later that Tracy presented Papa Foster with his first grandchild. Angela's rise to the top suffered a fatal setback when her boss suffered a heart attack one cold January afternoon.

Thankfully it wasn't during one of their private consultations. His replacement, a no nonsense woman named Joan Miller quickly had the former assistant reassigned to a position more amateur pregnant blonde fucked on camera for the first time tune with her office skills, or lack thereof. It was no real surprise to most that the position of administrative assistant that opened with that reassignment was offered to Kathryn.

She had proven time and again what an asset she'd quickly become to the company. What did come as a surprise was both her decision to turn down the job and then resign from the company. She explained in resignation that she'd been offered a position with Southstar Enterprises. Few of her associates had ever heard of the company, but a quick computer check by the curious would find it described by the industry journals as a rapidly expanding computer support company.

What few friends she still had at Moore and Ryan wished her luck -- and happiness at least. Kathryn assured them that she was sure she'd found both. END