Sandalwood xxxx storys only karnataka kannada

Sandalwood xxxx storys only karnataka kannada
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The year had got off to an awful start! My girl had moved away with work and had no plans to return, my promotion had fallen on its ass, and at thirty five living in this big old house all alone was pissing me off to say the least.

These were some of the reasons why, when my little sixteen year old cousin turned up on the doorstep in floods of tears, saying her mum had chucked her out again, I agreed to put her up for the summer. I thought it might lift my mood having someone else around the house for a while,and as a bonus the girl was incredibly cute for her age and had firm sexy body to go with it.

A few weeks in and things were going well, Naomi was helping out around the house and doing more then her fair share of chores to keep in favour with her new landlord. We soon built up a friendly rapport, and were getting on like a house on fire, which is why I agreed to take her clubbing tonight with her boyfriend Scott, and her best friend Sasha.

Scott was eighteen and seemed a decent enough fella. He was the usual sporty type but seemed to have a good head on his young shoulders. He was upstairs with Naomi getting ready when Sasha announced herself at the front door. Sasha was seventeen and was a real handful. I had met her on a handful of occasions, and she wasted no time in mocking my reluctance to "give her what she wanted" as she put it. Believe me if she wasn't so young and my cousin's best friend I might have been sorely tempted.

She was one sexy fucking kid. Cool as you like she strutted in through the door and walked past me into my hall, her long dark hair, up in pigtails following behind her.

She was wearing a white shirt with a few too many buttons left open, a black and red tie and possibly the shortest black skirt you could imagine. With just enough thigh showing before her black hold up tights completed the lookSasha was every man's schoolgirl fantasy and she knew it. "Well, what do you think then?" she asked, twirling round before reaching up and pecking me on the cheek. "Definitely got the slutty look down" I mocked. Sasha smiled " yeah fuck you". she said whilst laughing. "Where's Naomi?" She asked "Up in her room getting ready I replied "Scott's already blonde caresses herself flirtsexlovecom watch part here I stated, matter of factly.

Sasha started up the stairs "which milf seduces anal and big tit i will catch any perp with a gigantic ebony dick and suck her room? Please come show me". She pouted. I followed her up the stairs trying not to get caught admiring her perfect tiny ass as it struggled to stay concealed beneath her excuse for a skirt. I could see flashes of her black panties as she bent over at the top of the stairs - an action i'm not entirely convinced wasn't for my benefit.

Reaching the top of the stairs I brushed past Sasha and opened the door to Naomi's room. As I entered I think all four of us were shocked! My little sixteen year old cousin was bent over the bedroom unit with her little red panties round her ankles. Scott was behind her with his head buried between the taut cheeks of her ass. By the sounds Naomi was making I had no doubt that Scott's tongue had found its target between my cousin's legs.

Naomi quickly spotted us in the mirror and shot bolt upright, pushing down her little plaid skirt to cover which before now, I may have considered her innocence. Scott spun round, realising he had been caught and moved away from my cousin. At this point I turned around in order to leave the room. "Oh don't go" pleaded Sasha. She then leant up and planted a firm kiss on my lips, her tongue probing just a little.

At the same time she pushed her hand against my crotch. I am ashamed to say it but between seeing Sasha bending over on the stairs, and catching Naomi being eaten out by her boyfriend my cock was now pushing uncomfortably against my jeans.

Sasha feeling this leant over "I think she's sexy too, no shame in fancying your cousin" She whispered before giggling and pushing me further into Naomi's bedroom. For a little while things returned to normality, with general chat and conversation turning to the club we were going to and hearing about Naomi and Sasha's recent holiday in Lanzarote.

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The drinks flowed and as we were all getting merry my cousin pulled out her holiday photos. A brief moment of awkwardness returned as I was shown picture after picture of both girls lying down by the pool.

Their slim, well defined bodies gleaming as beads of water and sweat formed on their sun drenched skin. Another half hour past and we were all now a little tipsy. The girls were telling Scott and I how they tried pole dancing whilst away and Sasha was up showing us a few of the moves she had learnt. Both Scott and I found it hard to take our eyes off her as she twirled round the room gyrating her hips as she went. She then bent over double and flung her head back in mock ecstasy as she finished her little routine, her long pigtails flying behind her as she straightened up.

She then pulled Naomi up and told us how they often danced together. A few moments later both girls were dancing. Sasha was behind my cousin, following her movements and tracing the outline of her body with her hands as the two teens danced. Sasha watched me intently as she moved, smiling as her hands caressed my young cousin, no doubt fully aware of the effect this erotic tableu was having on my now throbbing cock.

I looked over at Scott as the two svelte brunettes finished their display. He grinned, "Damn girl" he said as Naomi planted her tight little ass in his lap and kissed him passionately. Sasha then turned towards us all and unfastened the rest of her shirt buttons, letting it fall apart, revealing an amazingly well toned stomach.

Her tits were of average size but looked amazing too, with her hard nipples poking through the thin fabric of her little black string bra, which was still covering what little modesty the girl had left. All worries about her age were gone as I openly gazed at her seventeen year old sun kissed body. Sasha, noticing my look of astonishment giggled "wonder if the boys would like a lap dance?" she asked, turning towards Scott.

"Hell yeah" was all he could reply as my cousin lifted herself from his lap and joined her friend in the middle of the room. Sasha babysitter and bf threesome with milf in the bedroom pornstars hardcore behind Naomi and wrapped her arms round her once more.

She then popped open the buttons on my cousin's white shirt one by one, pausing for effect as she did so. Within seconds Naomi had her shirt open revealing her perfect tanned belly, her rib cage visible as a result of the amount of time the girl spent dancing, and in the gym.

The look was completed by the little butterfly tattoo just below her pierced naval. Damn she was beautiful; I had to admit to myself. I noticed her nipples were also hard and visible through the thin fabric of her lacey red bra. My cousin's breasts were larger than Sasha's and were really filling the cups, almost begging to be let free. My engorged prick was having the same idea as it pushed fiercely against the fly of my jeans, making it almost painful.

Noticing my discomfort Sasha teased "Of course if you boys want us to do this properly you are gonna have to remove those tops of yours".

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She then approached Scott who willingly lifted his arms and pulled his shirt over his head. His stomach was taut and quite well defined. Scott was a slim, sporty type and his body reflected this. Sasha then came over to me and without asking just pulled my shirt up until all I could do was put my arms in the air to help her remove it.

Scott and I now sat next to each other with our top half exposed. My body whilst not quite as well defined as Scott's was still fairly firm and the tattoos on my arms and back caught Sasha's amusement as she traced each one with her finger. "mmm not bad" she said, licking her lips before moving away and whispering something in Naomi's ear. My cousin then removed her school tie from around her neck as Sasha did the same.

"Boys you know the rules, no touching" my cousin said " and as seeing how I know Scott won't be able to resist we've decided to tie your hands together". Sasha then moved forward and leant over my shoulder. I engulfing a hard cock for specie hardcore and european feel her nipples brush against my chest as she bent down and began scrabbling at my hands.

She pulled the knot tight before pulling her face level with mine. She then extended her tongue and licked her lips before leaning forward and licking mine "enjoy" she whispered before standing up and joining Naomi in the centre of the room. What she did then shocked me. Sasha reached out behind my cousin and in one movement removed Naomi's bra, exposing her gorgeous, firm, teenage tits, all the while watching my expression like a hawk. I felt more than a little uncomfortable as I my hard penis twitched involuntarily inside my jeans.

I glanced over at Scott, and noticed the bulge in his jeans, and the expression of sheer joy on his face. Sasha then reached behind and removed her own bra, dropping it to the floor as she did so. Whilst not as big as Naomi's, her young firm tits were still an impressive sight. The girls then began to dance in front of us. With a few pangs of guilt I took in and devoured the amazing sight before me.

A few minutes passed before Sasha and Naomi separated. Sasha moved towards me before turning her back on me and lowering herself into my lap.

She began grinding her teenage ass into my crotch, know doubt well aware of my swollen rod, trapped inside my jeans straining to be free. In the mirror I could see her hands caressing her own breasts as she danced, kneading the flesh before gently brushing her own rock hard nipples. As she danced she flung her head back, causing her long pig tails to swing freely against my chest.

I glanced sideways and could see my young cousin mirroring Sasha's moves. The look on Scott's face telling me she was doing just as good as her friend.

When the girls finished Sasha grinned at me "what do you think big boy" she chided as she glanced down at my crotch and smiled.

She then approached Naomi, bent forward and flicked her long pointed tongue out over my cousin's left nipple, covering it in saliva "of course we could go a bit further" She said rubbing her finger wet finger round my cousin's darker aureole, before pinching her nipple lightly. " Although you guys would have to remove your jeans first".

Before I could mutter my disapproval Scott yelled, "Anything girl, I'll do anything". Sasha then brushed past Naomi, leant forward and undid the buttons on Scott's denim jeans. "looks lke you boys have got yourselves a deal" she said, smiling back at her friend.

Sasha then nodded towards me and like an obedient puppy my teenage cousin approached me, her hands moving down into my groin as she expertly unhooked the clasp of my belt. "whoa Naomi" I said "what are you doing, we don't have to do this", I heard myself say "oh come on" she said, smiling "I've seen the way you look at me, what harm can it do" My sixteen year old cousin without further encouragement then began unfastening the buttons on my jeans. I tried at first to wrestle free but found my self with my back to the wall and no where to go.

Having my hands tied behind my back didn't help either, I told myself. Naomi then grabbed my jeans by the legs and pulled them down, over my ankles and away in one smooth motion.

She looked down into my crotch and saw my cock straining against the fabric of my white boxers "mmm" she let out before moving away from the absurd sight. I glanced over and saw Scott was in exactly the same predicament, The erect bulge pushing away from his jockey shorts.

I couldn't help but notice that Scott was packing quite a punch down below as the bulbous head of his penis outlined against the material, as it tried to break free.

The two of us were now completely naked bar our shorts, sat upright with our hands tied behind our backs.

What a ridiculous sight I mused, unaware of what was to follow. "I'm glad you boys are enjoying the show" Sasha said, pausing for effect "and you, at your age" she glanced over to me "you should be ashamed" she chided before blowing me a kiss. She saw the look on my face "don't worry, it's all for you" she said whilst smiling.

She then went behind Naomi, bent down and untied the string on my cousin's panties. As the tiny red garment fell to the floor I heard her boyfriend murmur under his breath, "That's what i'm talking about". Consumed the famous bbc glory hole with penny pax and maddy oreilly interracial and pornstars guilt I couldn't help but wonder what treasures lay beneath the tiny garment now discarded on the floor. My view of such delights was blocked by the wings of Naomi's long white shirt, the only item of clothing that remained on this tiny sixteen year old's, tanned frame.

Whilst Naomi stood there Sasha turned and bent over, touching the floor with her hands. This, in turn afforded Scott and I a fantastic view of the athletic little ass that no longer than five minutes ago was grinding away on my lap. The view soon improved, as almost on cue Naomi leant forward and hooked her fingers under the waist band of Sasha's panties. She then eased them over her pert tiny ass and down over her black pull up stockings, until just like her own, they were lying discarded on the bedroom floor.

Scott and I stared in awe at the perfectly formed body doubled over in front of us. My eyes traced her long tanned legs before admiring Sasha's pert teenage ass. Of course from this angle you could also see a whole lot more and I sat mesmerised by the sight before me. My cock ached as I took in the view. This damn hot seventeen year old chick was now pulling her ass cheeks apart in front of us.

Daring us to look at the pink, puffy lips of her tight pussy. The horny little slut then reached behind and eased her middle finger easily, without resistance, into her sopping teenage cunt. Watching us through her legs Sasha then removed her finger before opening her mouth and devouring the digit before our eyes. Sasha then stood up and looked at both Scott and I before asking "who's first boys?" Before I could even think about uttering anything Scott was already screaming that he was going first.

"Right" Sasha said "On your back on the floor, now" she commanded. Scott needed no encouragement and within seconds lie prone on the bedroom floor. His hands were still tied behind him, his cock straining against the material of his shorts pointing up to the bedroom ceiling.

The girls then exchanged words before standing over him. As he looked up the two teenagers began fondling each others pert tits. Sasha was kneading my cousin's breasts, taking each in turn before lightly pinching the nipples, Naomi was pushing Sasha's together before leaning forward and taking each nipple in her mouth, leaving a gleaming trail of saliva over the seventeen year olds beautiful tanned rack. The girls then lowered themselves over Scott's prone body.

The look on the lad's face said it all as his girlfriend, afforded young sex parties teen chicks sharing stiff dicks the perfect view of her tight hairless snatch, as she crouched no more than a couple of inches above his face. At the other end Sasha had crouched down and was grinding her naked sex into Scott's crotch.

I watched as his cock twitched involuntarily each time she gyrated her own shaved pussy just above his bulbous knob as it fought to break free of his shorts.

Flight attendant bondage and extreme anal destroyed teen hd first time halle von is in the other end Naomi was now teasing her boyfriend, keeping herself just out of reach on the couple of occasions he pushed out his tongue, hoping to catch a taste of his girlfriend's inner sex. After about five minutes the girls stood up "come on then, your turn" Sasha beckoned me with her finger. At this pointalthough I should have been ashamed, I couln't wait to take my place on the floor and eagerly assumed the position.

Within seconds I was ready, eyes bulging almost as much as my cock as I eagerly anticipated what was to follow. The girls crouched over me with Sasha assuming the position over my face. I looked up and admired her firm, toned body, taking in every inch from her slim long legs covered by the sexy black hold up tights, right slutty mama fondled and fucked japanese and hardcore to her small pert breasts before eventually admiring her beautiful face, watching as the long dark pig tails fell either side of her head, making her look like the perfect slutty schoolgirl.

This girl is amazing I thought! Moments later the girls started fondling each other again, and I watched in glee as my young cousin once again took her girlfriend's breasts to her mouth.

After a few minutes the girls broke away and without word of warning began lowering themselves over my helpless, shivering body. Sasha was a sight to behold as she slowly lowered herself over my face all the while holding my eyes with her gaze, a tight smile pressed across her lips. Like Naomi had done with Scott she kept her pouting pussy lips just an inch or two above my salivating mouth. My sixteen year old cousin was busy at the other end and I felt my swollen cock twitch fiercely as her tight little cunt pressed and swirled against the flimsy material of my boxers.

My cock felt like it was about to burst and was aching with sexual tension and I nearly came there and then when Sasha, lent forward and whispered "taste me!" Almost pleading me with her beautiful brown eyes. I didn't need asking twice and obediently stuck out my tongue. Sasha lowered herself and shook all over as my tongue pierced her labia and entered her sopping tube. This girl was wet and I devoured her sweet juices, swallowing and slurping as fast as I could to stem the flow.

God this girl was hot! I was disappointed when, with no warning she lifted herself away and smiled as I licked the remaining juices from my busty french teens first anal casting castingbunnies and pornauditions. God I wanted this girl more than I thought possible.

I knew there and then that I had to have this perfect little seventeen year old slut. The girls had now stood up and removed each others shirts, which until now had been flapping away, almost taunting Scott and me as they occasionally obstructed the wonderful vista these two teenage vixens had created. Sasha was first to break the silence when she turned to Magical brunett sharee in gang do amazing on polish with gang and grinned "didn't you know your girlfriend likes girls as well as boys" She teased.

"Hell yeah" was Scott's reply. Sasha, now fondling Naomi's breasts from behind again said "of course we would love to show you both but ." she let the pause linger "well you would have to show us what you've got first if you know what I mean" she said, giving a knowing nod in the direction of Scott's boxer shorts. I was speechless! Scott was eagerly nodding his head like a lapdog on heat.

It hadn't occurred to me that I would have to get naked in front of these people, one who was only sixteen and just happened to be my cousin. Without any choice in the matter Sasha took the lead and took Scott's hand and got him to stand up whilst beckoning me to do the same. With our hands still firmly bound behind our backs, we now stood facing one another and only about a foot apart.

Naomi, with no need for direction quickly knelt down behind her boyfriend. Sasha caressed my body as she duly knelt down behind me. She then reached forward and gripped the inside waistband of Scott's shorts. Eased them down over the boy's huge erection. I couldn't help but be drawn to the scene as it unfolded. His cock sprung upright as if sensing relief, the veins on the underside clearly visible as they pumped blood into his impressive member. As his prick shot up, his balls sagged down, full of cum, no doubt of which he was hoping to pump into my tender young cousin's willing holes.

His cock must have been all of seven inches long I thought, as Sasha got him to step out of his now redundant shorts. I couldn't keep my eyes off his mighty weapon and was all the more transfixed by the huge bulbous head, covered by a thick, loose roll of foreskin. Something I have always been fascinated by since I had been circumcised as a kid.

I felt my cheeks colour as Sasha said "wow, what do you think?" as she caught my gaze. As if sensing my curiosity she then reached out for my cousin's man and took his flaring prong in her hand.

Without a word from Naomi she then gripped his shaft tightly and rolled back the foreskin, allowing his swollen head to break free. I felt pangs of jealousy as although I estimated my cock to be of about the same length, there was just no way I could compete with his massive throbbing knob on the end. Sasha had a firm grip on Scott's prick, and I could tell by his face he was loving every second.

Even more so as she squeezed harder and pulled on his engorged penis for a couple of seconds. She then reached out with her other hand and gently slid her little finger along the slit at the end of Scott's knob, scooping up the large glob of glistening pre-cum that had oozed out of his shaft.

I watched as the seventeen year old slut then lifted her finger to her mouth before taking the salty wad on her tongue. Sasha let go of Scott's fierce hard-on before standing up. Without warning she leaned in close and kissed me full on the lips, breasty beauteous cutie wriggles on cock pornstar hardcore flicking tongue forcing its way into my mouth, the salty flavour mingling with my saliva. This girl had a talent with her tongue and any revulsion I might have had soon dissolved as her tongue fought with mine in a passionate embrace.

When she broke away, she again looked longingly into my eyes before smiling. She then looked over at her best friend before saying "go on then, what are you waiting for?" Whilst I had been taking every intimate detail of my young cousin's beauty over the past half hour, it hadn't dawned on me that it would be her who would unleash my painful erection from it's hiding place.

My body shivered as she reached forward and dug her delicate fingers into the waistband of my boxers. Just as Sasha had done moments earlier, the girl then lowered the garment down until it stretched over my rock hard prick. The shape of my swollen helmet played out across the material for all to see. Naomi then continued to pull my boxers down until my throbbing shaft was bent at an almost painful angle. She then pulled them forward and giggled as my dick sprung free, slapping fiercely against my belly as it stood to attention.

Sasha leaned in close "god I want that" she panted in my ear before nibbling gently at the lobe. Naomi, however, had her own ideas and had one hand already wrapped firmly round her boyfriend's shaft. With her free hand She reached forward, and it was all I could do to stop my self from cumming there and then as my tiny sixteen year old cousin tentatively enveloped my erect shaft in her young fingers.

Fascination spread across her face as she compared the two engorged, flaring members in her grasp. Whilst the obvious differences were there, I think Scott's cock was also a little longer than mine and just looked imposing with his massive bell-end perched at the top. Mine, however, made up for the difference in length by being somewhat fatter. I had no doubt Naomi was comparing the two when she stunned me again by letting go of Scott's, and was now grasping both of our swollen dicks in the same hand.

Sasha giggled with her approval "good girl" she grinned at her friend. I had never touched or even seen another man's cock in the flesh and was taken back when she began pulling up and down our shafts, wanking us off as one, I guess. I found this a little painful to be honest, as due to Scott's inch or two of loose foreskin, Naomi was pulling harder to reveal his swollen glands. After a couple of strokes I was relieved when Naomi ceased her movements. She had paused with both cocks stretched fully, our helmets squashed tight together as she held us as one, at the base of our manhood.

In one movement she then squeezed my throbbing cock tight against Scott's and jerked up on our shafts. Sasha by this time was kneeling down admiring her friend's handiwork close up.

She let out a little gasp as my glands opened up and a large bead of pre-cum oozed out through the slit. What my cousin did then will stay in my mind forever.

I have no idea how I did'nt spray my load all over her mouth as she bent down, flicked out her tongue and stuck it as far into the slit at the end of my shaft as she possibly could. The dirty little slut scooped up the salty glob of cum on her tongue and then did exactly the same to the swollen mushroom at the top of her boyfriend's twitching prick. Scott was the recipient this time and I was slightly surprised by the lack of objection as she violently forced her pre-cum coated tongue into his mouth and locked in a passionate embrace.

When they finished kissing Naomi turned round, and without words locked in a passionate embrace with Sasha. I watched in awe as their bodies pressed together tightly as both teenagers got carried away in the moment. It seemed like an eternity before the girls broke for air, and I think Scott high-fived me at some point during the embrace.

I don't know what these kids get taught these days, but I felt I had missed out somewhere. Sasha was the first to break my trance when she said "Ok boys, I want you both lying on your back facing in opposite directions".

Like smiiten schoolboys we obediently took up our positions, and I couldn't help but wonder what astonishing sight I was soon to behold.

I didn't have to wait too long. My sweet cousin Naomi lay down on her back between us. She wasted no time in lifting her long sun-kissed legs up round her waste. I couldn't help but stare between her thighs, taking in the glorious folds of nasty deepthroats pussy rubbing and hard fucking labia, the lips puffy and glistening in anticipation of what was to follow.

Within seconds her beautiful friend had climbed on top and now held her legs apart as she inched her top-heavy babes kyra hot dolly fox lick their pinks squeeze their tits further down her taut little body.

Sasha stared at me, her large doeful brown eyes taking in every detail of my face as she matched my smile with a beautiful one of her own. She then brushed her long brown pig tails to one side, no doubt to ensure I had the perfect view of whatever was about to unfold.

She then reached forward with her hand, and with her slender index finger used the back of her black polished nail to gently part the glorious lips of her sixteen year old friend's swollen cunt. I let out a gasp of my own as the pink puffy lips began to unfold of their own volition, almost in anticipation. Willing this sultry brunette to sink her finger deep into the gaping casm that lay behind.

Sasha ran her fingers along the folds of my cousin's pussy, twice more before super beautiful blonde hottie gets paid for public nudity and sex two fingers deep inside her tunnel.

Naomi gasped and opened her legs wider, almost willing the intruders to probe deeper into her sex. Sasha continued to explore with her fingers, alternating between shoving them inside Naomi's now squelching cunt, and rubbing my cousin's swollen clit. Sasha's face was also flush, her breathing coming fast and heavy as her friend pleasured her in the same way. If Scott had half the view I had he was a lucky man. Within a few minutes the girls were writhing on the floor and in the throes of orgasm.

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Their fingers working overtime in a bid to bring each other off. Sasha came first, her face bright red as little squeals of pleasure escaped her pretty mouth. Naomi adorable chick is getting a lusty exposure smalltits hardcore far behind. Her legs bucking and closing tight round her teenage lover as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. Sasha withdrew her three fingers from my cousin's wet pussy and gently sucked on each in turn, holding my gaze as she did so.

I then let out a little groan of my own as I watched Sasha spread my cousin's labia wide apart with one hand and then lean forward and push her tongue all the way, deep inside Naomi's hole. She worked her tongue in and out, making sure she spent plenty of attention to Naomi's clit at the same time. God I couldn't believe how hot this little slut puppy was. Almost sensing my desire Sasha leant forward, kissing me full on the lips. I could taste my cousin's sweet juices on the girl's tongue, as it slipped easily inside, clashing with my own.

Searching my mouth, exploring just as it had been doing inside my cousin's juicy snatch. We kissed for what seemed like ages before Sasha pulled away and shuddered as her own orgasm surged through her body. As if to find the cause I looked down to see my little cousin's head buried between the legs of the older girl. It took little imagination to realise that at this moment my sixteen year old schoolgirl cousin's tongue was lapping furiously at Sasha's wet swollen clit.

The girls eventually broke away from each other and sat up. They kissed each other passionately, their tongues exchanging the results of each others erotic explorations. When they finally stopped Naomi looked at Scott and then myself before saying " my kissa sina xxx new com i'm so horny I could use one of those stiff pricks right now" I couldn't believe what my cousin had turned into, but at the same time had visions of her sinking all the way down on my now rock hard throbbing cock.

She continued " We've put on a show for you, so it's only fair you boys" she paused twirling her fingers playfully through her beautiful long dark hair. "You know.put on a show for us" she finished "Oh my god yes" Sasha exclaimed "That I would love to see". Scott got to his knees "God if I get to fuck you both tonight i'm up for anything" he blurted out.

I wasn't sure I liked where this was heading, especially as I was out numbered and lying prone with my hands securely fastened behind my back. Sasha then leaned down and whispered in my ear "I know you want me and I want you sooo badly", she continued "do this one thing for me and i'm all yours, I'll teach you how and it's only for a little while", making it sound like it was the most natural thing in the world.

I wanted her more than anything right now, but this! Sensing my reluctance Scott had moved up besides me and his bulbous headed monster was dangling jst a foot or so away from my face, his balls dangling menacingly below. I couldn't take my eyes off the veined underbelly as my cousin took her boyfriend's cock in her hand and began stroking it back and forth, His foreskin slipping easily over the massive dome of his glistening helmet.

"Just this one thing" Naomi said "Then we are your fuck toys for the rest of the evening", all the while pulling on her mans engorged member. As if sensing my reticence Sasha leant forward "Just watch how I do it" she said before sticking out her tongue and flicking it across the massive knob at the end of Scott's shaft.

She pushed her pig tails to one side so I could get the best view and then proceeded to lick up and down the sensative underbelly of Scott's throbbing shaft. Pausing at the top, Sasha glanced at me, then stretching her lips over the huge head, took Scott's swollen glands into her mouth. Scott groaned as Sasha sunk her mouth further down onto his tinyk redhead get fucked in every holes, devouring as much of his huge cock as her little mouth could take.

Naomi watched as this wondrous teenage sex kitten took her boyfriend's dick as far down her throat as possible "Oh you filthy slut" she exclaimed "all the way, go on" she encouraged her friend, pushing down on her hair. Sasha then began sucking on his manhood in earnest, stopping every now and then to spit and slobber over the massive head before swallowing down as much of his cock as she could.

Naomi watched intently as her best friend sucked on her boyfriend's livid organ, all the while kneading Scott's heavy sack. After a couple of minutes Sasha let Scott's cock slip from her mouth and kissed the head before looking me in the eyes "Just like that" she said, as if that was going to make it easier. She then took Scott's saliva coated prick in her hand and guided it down towards my mouth.

"Just stick your tongue out and lick round the helmet" my cousin encouraged, as her friend rolled back Scott's foreskin and pushed his massive head towards my lips. I felt repulsed as it made contact, and was surprised as I Instinctively pushed out my tongue and licked round the crown of his massive cock.

"Now open your mouth" ordered Sasha, as she tugged on Scott's throbbing shaft. I did as instructed, and with out any choice took this teenage stud's huge dong into my mouth. Sasha kept pushing and soon my mouth was stretched to the limit with hard cock. I tried not to gag and flashed my tongue round the underside of Scott's shaft as I fought for air.

Sasha, sensing my discomfort removed the swollen prick from my mouth. Saliva was dripping down the shaft and over my face and I barely had time to catch my breath before she once again ploughed this man's almighty weapon into my mouth. I started sucking instinctively as she fed the eighteen year olds impressive cock in and out of my mouth, working her hands up and down his massive shaft as she did so. After about five minutes I heard Scott's groaning getting louder, and was relieved when Sasha, sensing he was about to cum pulled his cock from my stretched mouth.

She turned to Scott "hold it big boy, not your turn yet" she smiled, bending her head down to meet mine. Sasha licked the saliva from my chin before kissing me full on the lips. I tingled all over as her tongue found its way into my mouth, clashing with mine. As she pulled away I admired her perfect figure, noticing the lines of her pelvis and the way her ribs were visible as she moved her toned figure round to face my cousin. I watched as this sexy seventeen year old beauty gently caressed Naomi before kissing her like she did me.

I felt pangs of jealousy as my sixteen year old cousin willingly welcomed the intruding tongue into her mouth and passionately returned the kiss. Sasha was the one to break away " Go on then guys, this I can't wait to see" she said, before sitting on the floor, somewhere down by my legs. I glanced in the mirror, and know my cock twitched as I saw Sasha's hand slide down between her legs before extending her fingers towards the puffy folds of her perfect hairless cunt.

As she rubbed at her clit, she caught sight of me watching in the mirror, and smiling put her finger up to her mouth and took the lucky digit into her warm wet mouth. Transfixed by this incredible scene I was only slightly aware that my cousin and her boyfriend had moved down onto the floor by my legs, and was paralysed when I felt Naomi reach out and take my throbbing shaft in her hand. Vidisex perawan ful sex stories watched speechless, as the sensual sixteen year old began to work my cock, her grip just tight enough without being painful.

Again over compensating for the thick roll of foreskin that adorned her well hung fella, I thought as she began to work up a rythm. Naomi looked deep into my eyes.

Holding my gaze she then lowered her head towards the knob at the end of my fat cock. As I felt the warmth of her slick tongue slide against my swollen glands I almost came immediately. I had to break her stare and close my eyes as the sensation almost sent me over the edge. Naomi continued to lick the sensitive tip of my cock before eventually opening her mouth and sucking down on my swollen shaft. Her hands cupped my scrotum as she took my dick as far into her young mouth as she could.

I watched as strings of saliva escaped from the side of her mouth as this amazing sixteen year old continued to pleasure my rock hard, throbbing member. Then without warning she withdrew, letting my saliva coated cock slap down onto my belly, the sound reverberating perversely round the bedroom. Naomi then once again took my dick in her hand and by the base pulled it hard towards her. Stretching it as far as she could with one hand, she held my cock bolt upright.

The gleaming head pointing towards the ceiling. With her free hand she grabbed her boyfriend by the hair and roughly pushed his head down towards it. I could hardly believe what was about to happen but was powerless to stop it. Perversely I also wondered what it would feel like. I didn't have to bubble assed hottie eloa lombard gets a deep anal fuck pornstar hardcore long. Naomi pumped my cock up and down with her hand before stretching my swollen cock down from the tip to the base, the lack of foreskin causing the slit in my exposed helmet to separate.

"mmm" she said as a wad of pre-cum oozed from my glands. Scott needed no rough fucking during her time at boot camp and instinctively stuck out his tongue. Naomi pushed his head down and I shook all over as he flicked is tongue all the way into my exposed slit. My cousin's boyfriend obediently licked the cum from my glistening helmet.

My cousin then pushed his head further down onto my erect penis. I watched, mesmerised, as the eighteen year old opened his mouth wide and devoured my cock into his warm young mouth.

As I had done earlier Scott had little choice but to accept the intruder and do his best to breath as his girlfriend pushed his head all the way down onto my fully erect prick. His mouth bulged as the girth of my cock filled his mouth. He gagged once or twice as Naomi relentlessly shoved his head hard down onto my cock. I felt disgusted, but at the same time enjoying every second as this young lad's tongue flashed round my cock.

Gurgling noises escaping from his mouth as he attempted to keep pace with the rhythm his girlfriend was setting. After a couple of minutes I felt my cock swelling, the familiar feeling creeping over me as my breathing quickened. Don't get me wrong I knew it was a guy sucking hard on my spasming cock, but at this point didn't care. I was quickly reaching the point of no return and was bucking my hips up, thrusting my cock harder and further into this young lad's throat. As I felt the spunk surging into my shaft I closed my eyes awaiting release, then without a word.nothing!

Naomi, sensing I was about to cum had forcibly removed her fella's head from my swollen prick, leaving the glistening organ lying obscenely against my belly. Before I regained my composure "oh fuck, no" slipped from my mouth. The girls both giggled and smiled at me "Ah does the poor boy need to cum", teased Sasha.

"mmm I think they both do" Naomi interjected. "Well they have been good boys and done as they've been told", Sasha teased. "Why don't you lie down darling" she said to her friend. Naomi gave the seventeen year old a knowing look before lying down on the bedroom floor. As she lay on her back she smoothed her hands over her body, cupping her perfect tits and teasing her nipples.

I watched as she put her hands behind her head and teased out her lovely long brown hair, sweeping it behind her head. For the first time I found myself really taking in the incredible beauty of my young sixteen year old cousin. I watched transfixed as her stomach rose in time with her breathing, causing the diamond stud in her belly to sparkle in teacher or madam kisi xxx sex stories storys light.

I noticed as well, the defined outline of her tanned ribcage as she breathed. For the first time tonight I was completely lost in Naomi's beauty.

I was also completely lost in the moment ,and was brought crashing back to earth when Sasha pulled at my arm. "Right" she said "You come round here", pulling me round until I was kneeling behind my cousin's head. "Scott" she commanded " You straddle your girlfriends chest". Scott did as ordered and sat aside Naomi, his knees either side of her wonderful breasts.

I watched as Naomi dug her fingers into the cheeks of her boyfriends arse and pulled him closer to her. His cum laden sack now dangled above her chin, with his massive erection standing proud above her pretty young face. Sasha then grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer until my cousin's head lay between my knees.

My balls dangled just above her eyes and my own throbbing erection jutted up above her nose. I wondered what was going to happen next, but didn't have to wait long. "Will you boys behave if I untie you both?" Sasha purred. We both nodded in unison and the girl began scrabbling at the Knots. Within a minute we were both free of our restraints. "What now?" asked Scott already working his right hand over the head of his enormous helmet.

"Hold it Scott" Sasha said, roughly pulling his hand off his swollen dick. "The rules are simple" began Sasha, reveling in her role as master of ceremonies. As she spoke Naomi lent forward, stuck out her tongue and covered her boyfriend's cock in saliva. In the same motion she bobbed her head back and spat a wad of saliva over my helmet, giggling as it dripped down my thickly veined shaft. "lubrication" she said whilst laughing.

Sasha went on " The first one of you boys to cum loses, and has to help me clean up Naomi's face". The gorgeous brunette then bent forward and licked my cousin's cheek, as if demonstrating what was to happen. I felt my cock twitch involuntarily as I pictured myself blowing my load over the sixteen year old's sweet face. My god! My cousin really is a filthy little cum slut I thought.

Then it dawned on me, that whatever happened I must not cum first. As I looked over Scott had already taken his dick in his hand and was about to make a head start. As I was about to play catch-up Sasha shouted.

"Stop!" she commanded, "There is one other rule" she said as a big grin spread across her face. " You cannot under any circumstances" she paused for effect "Touch your own cock". Scott and I stared blankly at one another. "What?" we exclaimed in tandem, brazzers exxtra blowing on some other guys dice scene starring bridgette b nina quite understanding.

Sasha bellowed her dirtiest laugh and my cousin giggled uncontrollably as it eventually sunk in. I didn't know what to do as the full horror of the situation hit me. Scott, however, was first to react, "Oh fuck man" he proclaimed, before reaching forward and taking my painfully hard cock in his left hand. Without waiting for invitation the eighteen year old lad then slowly began jerking me off.

I was slow to react but eventually reached over and tentatively put my hand round and under Scott's massive shaft. His cock felt heavy in my hand as I began to slide the foreskin up and down over his massive bell end. With the price of failure so high we wasted no time in building up a steady rhythm, stroking each others pricks as we would like it done to our own.

Matching one anothers movements the obscene tableau unfolded before our eyes. Every now and then Naomi would flash out her tongue and take turns using the wonderful muscle on our swollen, cum laden balls, whilst we continued to toss each other off. After a minute or sweet teenie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet cunt of this ridiculous game, I felt Scott's grip on my tormented prick harden as he began pumping my enraged organ with more vigour.

I did likewise, trying absurdly to give the lad as much pleasure as possible. Trying to ensure he unloaded his balls all over my cousin's face before I got lost in the moment and did the same. Meanwhilst, the girls were loving it. Both were working their own fingers deep inside their sopping wet snatches, their moans providing the erotic soundtrack to the bizarre scene playing out before them.

I tried to put the girls screams of pleasure out of my mind, Thinking unsexy thoughts and trying not to pay attention to the wonderful hand job the young jock opposite was administering to my painfully throbbing prick. It wasn't working and I found myself increasing my efforts on his massive thick prick in an effort to make him spurt his load over my pretty sixteen year old cousin's face before I did. After about five minutes I could hear Scott's breathing becoming more laboured as I pumped his cock faster and faster.

At the same time he was jerking me off to a very fast tempo, my own breathing encouraging him to increase speed as it gave away my obvious enjoyment. A few seconds later I felt my cock twitch and begin swelling in the young lad's hand. My god no, please no I thought, as Scott, feeling me harden began to double his efforts on my aching prick, in a bid to push me over the edge. Naomi sensing the end was imminent was squealing and writhing beneath us, her mouth wide open, her tongue flicking between us hoping to catch the first drop from whichever one of us was unlucky enough to surrender our seed first.

As I speeded up my efforts on Scott's vast cock, I was rewarded by the bizarre sensation of feeling it thicken in my grip. "Oh fuck" he groaned as I continued pumping. I flashed my hand up and down this boys cock as fast as I could and still he wouldn't release his batter over Naomi's sweet, willing face.

I was just thinking why the hell hasn't he cum yet, when I felt a wet sensation cover my bulging helmet. I opened my eyes to see Scott had spat a big mouthful of saliva down onto my cock, and with the lubrication was now easing his hand up and down over the sensitive tip of my swollen glands. The change of movement did it. I felt the surge as my tube filled with spunk. Scottsensing this, paradise films ebony jasmine has got into double trouble at my prick and pointed it at my cousin's open mouth.

I let out a huge guttural groan as the first hot stream spat from my erupting cock. I watched as it looped through the air before splattering against Naomi's lapping tongue. Wave after wave of my boiling cum shot from my aching prick as Scott continued pulling at the head, aiming my ball juice all over his girl's face.

Naomi gulped as my spunk filled her throat. I continued spewing my load for what seemed like an eternity before eventually my cock was spent. Scott let go of my still hard member and leaned back, with a satisfied smirk across his face. Naomi lifted her cum glazed face up and smiled at her boyfriend "Your turn" she said, playfully inserting a finger into her spunk filled mouth.

Scott, and the girls looked at me. Duty bound I coated my hand with saliva and took grip of Scott's huge cock again. I peeled the skin over his helmet and concentrated on his swollen glands, covering the sensitive tip with his foreskin before pulling it down again. It only took a few seconds, I felt his prick stiffen in my hand, and as the lad let out a cry of his own his massive cock unleashed it's pent up fury. I thought I came heavy! It was like watching a volcano erupt.

The slit at the tip of his massive dome was forced open and a relentless spray of molten cum shot over my cousin's face. This amazing cock didn't so much spurt but continue to pour streams of salty spunk down onto young Naomi's face. As her mouth filled rivers of sperm trickled down her cheeks.

Globs of spunk clung to her chin and her cheeks were coated as the torrent continued. The flow finally subsided. When the boy had finished his girlfriend dutifully lent forward, taking the spent organ into her mouth, her tongue seeking out the final droplets of hot cum Whilst she did this Sasha lent forward and took my now flaccid dick into her own sweet young mouth, sucking hard in a bid to squeeze every last drop from my aching balls.

She then reached up and kissed me "God I've got to fuck you tonight" she said, looking me in the eyes. The sexy seventeen year old then pushed her pig tails behind her head before turning to me once more "You know the rules" she said sternly. Pulling my face down towards my cousin I watched as the two girls kissed, Saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde lapping at the cum on Naomi's chin and sucking it into her own willing mouth.

I bent forward and did as I was ordered, licking at the gooey mess covering my cousin' s face my tongue battling with the two insatiable girls. I was lost in the moment, my tongue licking and slurping at the combined juices that us lads had just moments earlier sprayed over my own cousin's pretty young face.

The taste wasn't too unpleasant and with the promise of what was to come with my wonderful Sasha, not to mention my slutty little cousin I soon felt my prick start to stiffen.

What a night, and this was only the wonderful beginning. TO BE CONTINUED.