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Hot ampamp horny blonde slut judge kayden kross fucks lawyer in office
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Todd was trying to set me up with his wife's sister, Loretta. Funny, since I fuck his wife Lisa regularly up her ultra-sexy ass, since she eats my cum and worships my dick like an idol. But I had seen pictures of Loretta. She was something like nineteen years old, had just moved back home after dropping out of an East Coast school somewhere. And after agreeing to the double date, I met up with everyone at Manny's (always a half an hour late for spectacle's sake).

My heart jumped in my throat. The thought of fucking Lisa's younger sister appealed to me greatly-especially after all the delicious fuck-nasty things I had done to Lisa-but in person, Loretta was just as gorgeous as her sister-dark Italian skin, smoky brown eyes and a body that slinked perfectly under her backless red dress.

The kind of girl that guys line up for at the club, a bitchy fashionista who knows she's as fine as she is. Her dark brown hair was pinned beneath a black designer conductor hat (I had always loved women in hats), and under the dim lighting in the bar and grill she was mysterious and sultry, with tits larger than Lisa's (easily a C cup), and an ass just as round and blood-curdling.

I had just slapped Todd on the back and smiled devilishly at Lisa-who looked enchanting in her usual classy black, with her hair down, her bangs flirting just above her eyes-and was giving the adulterous a thorough, devastating eye fuck, when Loretta nestled up next to me in the booth. "It's so nice to finally meet you," she said, scooting closer. "Lisa talks about you all the time.

I feel like we should have met earlier." She turned to her sister and feigned shock, "He's hot," she mouthed. I looked at Todd. "Yeah, well, Todd's been hiding you beauties from me. Seems he's threatened by my charm." I kissed her hand. "You're more gorgeous in person, and the pleasure is certainly all mine. What are we drinking?" Seemingly Lisa had told her something about me, because Loretta teased and flirted all night. And if there's one thing that turns a girl onto a guy more than anything, it is the fact that another girl wants him.

Lisa, my dark haired beauty, with those beautiful sea-green eyes and her supple tan skin, that warm, dick-killing ass of hers, was married, sweet looking legal age teenager angel takes hard cock my best friend no less; but the chemistry we had was undeniable.

Every time I saw her I wanted to grab her by her chocolate hair, bend her over anything in sight and fuck that dessert pussy and that tan fat ass, grope those stunning fat tits and stuff cock in that glamorous mouth. I wanted every inch of her covered in me, to rub every pore of her skin with my cock.

And throughout the evening, every time Lisa and I made eye contact I could tell: she was mine. I'm not being cocky, just honest; this is true. I had blown my load down Lisa's ass and mouth more times than I can remember.

We had the sexual appetites of demons, and I just ached to have her again tonight. But Loretta was the vision sitting next to me, just as beautiful and even younger.

And halfway through the evening, a bottle and a half of cabernet later, Loretta began rubbing my thigh under the table. I glanced over to her, and she smiled softly. Then, ever so gently, the sexy vixen bit her red lip, letting it slide slowly through her teeth. Lisa must have told Loretta something delicious and nasty, prompting for her forwardness; because, she was asking for it. Calmly, I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a pen, and using the restaurant's napkin wrote plainly and directly: "I am going to fuck you.

Tonight." I slid the napkin over to her, gave her a "whatta think of that?" glare as she read, and then resumed my bullshit conversation with Todd. Loretta obviously enjoyed what she read, for her hand eased down from my leg to my crouch. Through my pants, she stroked the top of my cock, which throbbed, semi-hard, against the seam of my fly. It was hard to concentrate, listening to Todd go on and on about hedge funds and work.

Delicately, Loretta slid the napkin back to me. I glanced at it, and a sardonic smile crept across my face. My cock coursed. The napkin read, in cute bubblegum script: big juggs teen girl whitney westsate rides a huge hard cock. You're going to FUCK us BOTH." "Both" was underlined twice.

I pocketed the napkin and glanced at Lisa. Her eyes almost immediately met mine. She seemed to sense what Loretta and I were secretly discussing, because her lush lips hinted at a graceful, plotting smile.

With Loretta's dick massage, and the fresh sweeties shag fellows butthole with big strap ons and blast cum of these two spectacularly gorgeous ladies at my disposal for the evening, a hedonistic primalism set in-my cock was going to explode. I couldn't help it-all at once, I put my hands under the table drape, and eased them along both Lisa's and Loretta's legs-Lisa on my left, Loretta, my right. I groped inward, towards the inside of their upper thighs.

I could feel the heat from their pussies. Loretta was sopping, and I eagerly tore up her tight red dress, yanking her panties to the side with my fingers. I pressed my thumb hard against her clit and jabbed my thick middle finger into her. On my left, Lisa-always the sexual goddess, even with her oblivious husband there-slowly arched her back, subtly hiking her black dress up and easing her legs open (she wasn't even wearing panties), all the while maintaining some semblance of interest in what Todd was saying.

Luckily, the tablecloth had a dramatic overhang, and all the action under the table was strictly hidden. I rudely shoved two fingers in Loretta, my thumb gyrating over her clit. Hard, not gentle at all-if she wanted it, she was getting it. But with Lisa, I grazed her pussy lips teasingly. I watched her close her eyes and open her legs wider, casually reaching her hand down, under her lap napkin (which she adjusted ever so smoothly).

She laced her fingers over my hand. So tender, gorgeous babe dildoing and fingering her pussy beautiful. All the while they controlled themselves like perfectly respectable ladies, fucking as much of my hands as they could-Loretta's grip going madhouse over my cock. Once, Loretta nearly moaned-me punching my fingers up the slit of the young kitten-but I sharply spoke over her, asking Todd about his portfolio and his recommended picks.

Whatever, just to keep him talking. And after he started ranting, I shoved into Loretta even harder, with a third finger (all the while massaging Lisa's butterscotch pussy with a lilting caress). Needless to say, I couldn't wait to get out of there, book a room and do all the nastiest things imaginable to these classy dark-haired beauties. I remember getting partially upset that I hadn't brought my video camera.

Finally, Todd came to the end of his long, rambling story. He started to get up. "This wine is running right through me," he said. "I'll be right back." "Another bottle?" I asked. His wife squeezed my hand deeper with her thighs. He rubbed his stomach. "I think I'm a bit done in, truth be told." "Fucking lightweight," I said.

He scoffed: "Alcoholic." When he finally turned to leave, my stomach turned with excitement. As soon as he was out of sight I wrapped my arm around his wife's neck and kissed her deeply.

Loretta, like a good little sister, ravenously unzipped my pants, digging for my cock. The bitch was fast, and when her air-cooled hand yanked me free, all night inches sprang at once. Loretta groaned in need, "Oh god Lisa, you were right." She wrapped her fingers around it like a driver appreciating a ferocious engine on a five speed.

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"It's huge. And so warm. God Lisa, you were right. He's so hot." While she jabbered on about my fuck tool, I was tonguing every corner of her sister's married mouth, rubbing my palm over her massive tit.

I cracked my eye and watched Loretta lick her hand lewdly, lowering it over my cock. She pumped her spit into my cock with a tight fist, never looking away. "Thank god we sat in the back," I thought. For the booth hid this scandalous sight from the main dining room and bar.

Lisa pressed her gorgeous Italian body into mine, throwing herself completely into our kiss. I could smell her French perfume. I pulled her away.

"You marvelous fuck doll. You miss me, you miss my mouth, brunette masseuse karter fox gets hammered by kurts huge cock masturbation and cumshots hands?" She panted: "Yes, god yes." "Your baby sister's fisting my cock." "I want to suck it," Lisa said, eyes half-closed.

I comforted her, rubbed the back of my hand on her cheek. "Oh you will suck this thick meat you sexy bitch, when you ditch your dud husband." Loretta yelped at our dirty talk, jacking harder. "I haven't sucked it in so long," Lisa said. "It's so thick, so beautiful." Loretta complained: "I'm going to suck it first." And with that Loretta knelt over me and in one movement buried my blisteringly hard cock in her mouth.

She stopped halfway down, bumping the moist back of her warm throat. I groaned involuntarily. "Uh!" Lisa lapped at my chin as I threw my head back. Every nerve in my body raged with lust. "Don't worry Lisa," I said. "I'll let you and your sister share my cock later. You can suck the head while your slut sister laps at my balls." Lisa reached down and traced her fingers along my scrotum. "Does it hurt baby?" she pouted. "All the cum in these big balls?

You got a lot stored up for us? A big load for us to share?" "All for you Lisa." She licked her lips, her glare burning me like wildfire. "We'll be good girls for you tonight," she teased. "Good little slut sisters. Servant bitches for that fat cock.

We'll beg for your cum, then suck each of your balls. Or you can jack off on our tongues as we kiss. Cum all over our incest. Would you like that?" I was so hard I thought I might explode. "You'd kiss your sister, beautiful?" "To make that big cock cum?" Leaning toward me, Lisa ran her tongue over her lips. She whispered: "We'd fuck each other." Loretta moaned as she listened, and I felt her young throat swallow the last four inches of my fuck tool. I threw my head back, completely impaled in her scolding Italian throat.

Lisa sucked on my ear. I couldn't help but shudder. "God girls," I said. "I'm going to do everything to you tonight." Lisa nudged against my ear, while her sister bobbed hungrily up and down on my cock.

"Tell me," she said, enticing my imagination. "Tell me how you're going to fuck your best friend's wife and her younger sister." With both hands I pushed down on her sister's head, clogging her mouth entirely with cock until I heard her gasp for air.

I held her there and looked into Lisa's eyes. "I'm going to get some coke and a video camera," I said matter-of-factly. "Then we're getting an expensive hotel room downtown. You're going home and dumping Todd for the night. You'll dress up like angel." "An actual angel?" "Yes. Do you have wings?" I shoved harder on her sister's neck, cock-spearing pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position young mouth.

I felt her nose on my balls, huffing air. Her arms flailed and rattled the tabletop, but neither Lisa nor I cared. Lisa raised a sly eyebrow. "I actually think I do have some wings." "Good." "A white corset.

And some white heels. Stockings." "Baby you'd look angelic," I told her. "Deviously fucking fine." With a firm grip over her sister, I ran my off hand down her hourglass back, up and over her ass. I groped her meaty butt through the thin material of her dress. Lisa sighed pleasurably.

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"Am I your angel?" "You're my angel." "Are you going to fuck your sperm up my juicy angel ass? Bend me over a chair in white heels and angel wings? Make me your little anal angel?" "I'm going to ravage your heavenly asshole," I rasped. "So hard, you'll be begging me to stop." "But you won't stop," she said. "Even when I beg you, you never do." I smiled. "But first angel, I'm going to angrily ass fuck your dropout baby sister. Grudge fuck her asshole." "You're bad.

So bad." Lisa half-smiled. "You like my lil' dumbass sister choking on your big bad cock?" Loretta gagged on my cock. Glasses clinked on the tabletop. Lisa watched me hold Loretta forcefully.

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"Does she suck it as good as me?" she asked. "Your sister's throat feels good baby," I said. "But not even close to your married mouth." Lisa squirmed. "Mmmm. Remember the last time we were together? Todd had you over for the game? Did I suck it good then?" "Fuck baby.

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Todd's dumbass sat in the living room watching the game while I skull-fucked you in your kitchen. You didn't take off a shred of clothing." "You just yanked my top down. Took my tits out." "It was so deliciously wrong.

You with your pearls, GOD." "Mmmm, I jacked the cum out of your cock with my pearl necklace. The one Todd bought for me on our one year anniversary, I used it to empty your balls right into my mouth while he sat in the other room." "You chaffed my dick with that necklace.

Remember what you did then? God it was so fucking hot." "How could I forget baby? You grabbed me by the back of my neck and made me spit your sperm, your thick precious sperm, all over the crust of my Cr?

Brule. And while you two watched the game, I sat on the couch and took my time, savoring my rich, sperm-glazed dessert. I ate your babies in front of my husband. It was so romantic." I grabbed her ass hard. "It was so hot Lisa." "We're so bad," she said. "But I couldn't help it, it was so good and thick and creamy. I could nurse on your cock food. Ummm, I can't wait for what you do to me tonight. Tell me, after you buttfuck my innocent, beautiful little sister, what next?" "I'm going gentle blow job by a curvy beautiful teenie lovingly ass fuck you." She writhed in sinful delight.

"Ohhh, I could cum just thinking about it. You fuck my ass so good." "Then I'll make her eat my cum alexis fawx who can squirt of your angel ass." Lisa smirked. "Will you let us share it?" she asked.

I'm sure her question made me leak cum in her sister's mouth. She cupped my balls in her elegant hand. She asked again. "Can we share your gourmet cock food?" Her red nail polish and wedding ring glinted in the dim light. "After busty amateur rides dick big tits teen sodomize me and fuck your load up my ass, after my dumb little sister licks your sperm out of my freshly sodomized cheating angel ass, can I eat some too?" Lisa knew I loved that word: sodomy.

Fucking Lisa, my angel goddess. "Can I eat the sperm that my perfect ass milked out of you?" "She'll feed it to you with her tongue baby," I said. "And then, we'll stick your naughty sister in time out, making her watch from the corner, video taping, while I take you, my beautiful angel, and fucking impregnate you." Lisa feigned a gasp. Loretta whined in shock and tried to pull of my cock. Lisa, seeing her sister withdrawing, quickly reached over me and roughly shoved her back down.

"Shuttup," she hissed. "Just suck his dick you slut sidekick." Loretta's mouth engulfed my cock. I groaned. "Uh, GOD!" Holding her sister's mouth on my cock, Lisa smiled wickedly. "You wanna make me pregnant?" she asked. "You hot bitch, I'm going to rape my baby into your beautiful body." "Ohhh." Lisa rolled her off hand lightly over her breast.

"I'm not on russian curvy girl with massive natural boobs control." "Perfect." I squeezed her butt cheek.

"Because I am going to cum inside you. I am going to knock your sexy body the fuck up." Loretta cooed over my cock, struggling futilely. "My husband wouldn't like that very much, me carrying around your baby." "I don't care about your dumb ass husband. I'd just kick his scrawny ass." Lisa nuzzled up to me, whispered: "I don't care about him either.

Because after you'd kick his ass, I'd throw up my skirt, bend over and finger fuck my own ass. I'd look right at you and beg, like a bitch in heat, to impregnate me again. To fucking make sure I'm yours." "God baby. Tonight, I'm going to fuck my seed into you." Lisa closed her eyes. "Don't tell my husband, but that sounds wonderful." I licked from her neck to the chin, and we kissed.

Lisa then released Loretta from my dick and she came up gasping, her eyes red, lips lathered with spit. Slightly disoriented, drunk off cock, she half frowned, her lipstick slightly smeared across her mouth. She pouted, still fucking my wet cock with her hand, "Why do I have to sit in time out?"