Rough homemade amateur ashly andercronys son in treat me with no respect

Rough homemade amateur ashly andercronys son in treat me with no respect
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Mawile was the strongest and most warrior like Pokémon in the land and his partner Sableye was a sexy devious creature and they were the most famous Pokémon rescue team.

Their team name was Team DarkPower and they were more than just partners. When not on missions the two usually spent their time in bed.

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Together. Mawile and Sableye loved to have sex but loved when it was kinky and unusual sex. Tonight Mawile was tying up Sableye in soft velvet rope. As he tied her up he would stroke her body and pinch at her nipples. She squealed at the little shocks of pleasure he caused, smiling Mawile finished the bondage.

"Oooo~ Mawile you tease me so much" Sableye said. "Haha I know and you love it!" he said pinching both of her nipples hard. She cried out as he started play with her breasts that were being squeezed out from her bindings. Mawile turned her over and slapped her ass hard causing Sableye to squeal.

She shook her ass at him and he felt his cock emerge from his sheath. He slapped her ass again making her purple skin tinge pink. "Do to me what you wish Mawile~" Sableye said her head against a pillow ass in the air and her legs spread apart. "Oh, believe me I will" He growled into her ear and his cock fully erect now. Mawile licked his finger then started to rub in little circles against her asshole and little sounds came from his partner. He pushed harder on the puckering hole and his finger slipped in feeling the tightness of her hole.

Sableye moaned in delight as she felt her ass be fingered. "Spread those wonderful legs Hun" He said as his fingers rubbed against her wet slit. Doing keisha grey and valentina nappi sex she was told Sableye spread her legs and arched her back so that both her ass and pussy was in the air.

Mawile kept fingering her ass and added another finger as he placed his hard cock at her open sex.

He forced himself deep into her squeezing pussy, the forced slammed Sableye hard against the bed and she screamed. "Oh god! Mawile I love it when you do that~" She said looking back at him as he started to fuck her roughly. His cock was starting to get larger and stretch her as it was pressing against her cervix. They were both grunting as Mawile slammed into her, fingered her asshole and with his other hand slapped at her ass cheeks. Sableye was in a fit of pleasure as an orgasm raced through her.

"I'm going to cum!" He growled.

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"Cum in my ass~" She squealed. Mawile removed his fingers from the tight hole and started to press his cock into her. The tip of his hard member just slid in before he came, shooting deep into her quivering ass.

Breathing hard he popped back out of her and laid down as Sableye flopped over still bound and cum dribbling out of her ass.

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When he finally calmed his breathing Mawile unbound his pet and helped clean her up. Sableye giggled and walked to the closet fool of their toys and put on a corset and strap-on cock.

Walking back over to Mawile he saw the fake silicone cock and instantly got on his hands and knees. "You ready to get your ass pounded Mawile?" she asked stroking the fake cock.

"Yes!" he said quivering with excitement. Sableye rubbed the cock against his ass hole making him gasp and start begging for it. She loved when Mawile begged for her to fuck his ass, fucking him with the strap-on always made her sopping wet.

She moved the cock and placed her finger against the hole and rubbed lightly. It puckered and she smiled in a sinister smile and grabbed a small tube of lube and messaged it into his hole. "Sableye please fuck me" He whimpered. "Not yet~" She said as she started to slowly finger his ass making the lube go into his asshole.

She made sure to put just enough for her to slide in, but still she pushed slowly into him making his ass stretch wide around the cock. Mawile moaned loudly as she pushed deep into him. His ass squeezed the silicone cock as he grind back against it.

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Sableye started to fuck his ass hard as he screamed his pleasure and dug his fingers into the sheets. Feeling her pussy start to drip from getting so turned on she fucked harder into his ass and leaned over his body to stroke his rick hard cock.

Sableye's skilled fingers made Mawile gasps and the cock fucking his ass mad his scream. Biting lightly into his shoulder she thrusted hard into him and that made him give sharp cries of pleasure. This was her favorite part about fucking his ass is when he started to tremble she knew that Mawile was about to shoot his seed all over their bed. She smile sat up and started to fuck him fast and hard. He started to scream his pleasure and rock back on the cock forcing it even deeper.

"Oh! Sableye, Sableye!" He grunted "I'm… I'm Cumming~" He said drawing his words out as little streams of his seed shot out to make a total mess. She slid out of him and Mawile collapsed and was gasping for breath. Slowly Sableye took of the strap-on and her corset allowing her breasts to spill out.

She was super horny again so she went back to her closet and fished through the large assortments of Dildos she had.

finding the largest one they had she placed it on the ground and fucked against it impure joy from lesbian sex games dildo and toy she came and came till she was so tired it was all she could do to lift her body up. She crawled over to Mawile and cuddle against him and felt his arm slide around her. Sableye smiled happily and started to dose off feeling the warmth of her partner.

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We make a great team, she though as her mind started to slip off into sleep.