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Kinky sex with astonishing milf mature wife
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Marci reluctantly hung up the phone. It certainly is a treat for her, to be talking to me again so soon, so late at night. She looks around her, dark, empty apartment wishing I was there with her. Turning on the lights and locking the door, she slowly goes towards the bedroom. She is remembering my sexy voice purring into the phone, explaining in explicit detail what I wanted to do to her when I fucked her.

As we had privacy tonight, she gives it right back to me, telling me one of her darkest fantasies. Marci was not an aggressive lover, she hesitated to take control in bed, or climb up on top of me when we were together. I'm very aggressive in bed, taking control immediately.

Tonight, on the phone, things are different. Marci mentioned to me that she would love for me to force myself on her. She told me in explicit detail, details that made her pussy wet just thinking about it and details that were sure to bring my cock to attention.

While those are pleasant thoughts that we had shared, nothing could change the fact that I was hundreds of miles away, and it would be weeks until my next visit. This saddened her, as she would be completely alone until I returned to New York for another visit and certainly non-stop fucking, the fond memories I had left her of my last two visits lent her some encouragement.

She opens the sliding doors to her balcony, letting the refreshing night air brazzers monique alexander monique keeps it fresh, and headed for the bathroom.

Steam fills the air, as hot water splashes from the faucet, filling the deep, claw-foot tub. A smile spreads across her lips, as she stretches her long arms, spilling lavender scented salts into the water.

She closes her eyes, the scent filling the air, as she begins to hum along with the gentle music that seeps into her senses. She set the bottle of salts back on the counter, and reaches for the hem of her shirt. The silky soft material slipping over her head, and she tosses it into the laundry basket that sat next to the linen closet. Her fingers slipping to the front of her trousers, and she slowly lowers the zipper, soon slipping the trousers down over her hips.

She is a beautiful voluptuous woman, her hips rounded and soft. Her breasts are full, and as she removes her bra, the blush colored nipples hardened into tiny little pebbles. She moves slowly over to the tub, turning off the water and stepping into the velvet warmth. She lets out a sigh as the heat caresses her body, sending a shiver of delight rippling through her. Leaning back, her long dark hair cascading over the rim of the tub, falling like waves of silk.

Her fingers drifting over the surface of the water before moving over her skin, which had warmed significantly.

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She is so preoccupied, not to mention the sound of the music, that she did not hear the door open and close. Nor did she hear the footsteps that moves to the edge of the tub.

I stood there, a smile on my lips as I watch her bathe. Her body is perfect to me, as I preferr a beautiful woman with curves. My cock is already hardening, pressing against the front of my jeans.

I reach down, adjusting myself a bit, unable to stop the quiet moan that escapes my lips. Her eyes snap open, hearing the sound, her head spinning towards the source.

Her eyes fills with delight as she sees me standing there. " What are you doing here?" I chuckle softly to myself as I bent forward, pressing my lips against her lips, my fingers drifting up to caress the exposed nipple, " Well after the teasing you did on the phone this morning, I couldn't concentrate at work. So I decided to stay in New York another day. Looks like I made the right decision." I gently lift her breast, my lips moving from hers, to wrap around the extended nipple.

Her lips parting, an animalistic growl escaping them.

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Her hand reaches up, curling around the back of my neck, as she holds me firmly in place. Instinctively, my hand dips into the water, running possessively up the inside of her thigh. She trembles, a deep ache building within her. My tongue flicks across her nipple, now gripped within my teeth, just as my fingers find her pussy rubbing across the sensitive folds of her pussy.

She gasps, her body beginning to tremble as I open the lips of her pussy, my fingers quickly and purposefully beginning to rub across her clit. Her hips bucking, causing the water to splash up a bit, I didn't care. My only thought is on teasing her, as she had teased me that morning. My tongue flicks in unison with my fingers, as I continue to work her into a fevered frenzy of desire.

Without a pause, my finger slips from her clit, pushing purposefully, deep inside her. I curl my finger up, stroking inside her as my thumb works her clit. I feel her, so tight and wet, clamping onto my finger as I slowly insert another.

My teeth bit her breast gently, as she moves her hand down to stroke against the tightly bound cock pressing against the front of my jeans. I groan and she smiles as she feels the wet spot, from the precum that has already leaked from me. With a growl, I suddenly lift her from the tub, carrying her into the bedroom. I toss her on the bed, and she giggles as she watches me quickly shed my shirt. My pants are next, and as I lower them, my cock springs free, pulsing before her eyes.

I look down at her, my eyes drifting along her body. I lower myself between her thighs, kissing each in turn. " I want to taste you. I will taste you." With that said, I lower my lips, pressing them hungrily against her pussy.

I suck gently, my tongue probing out to open her, to taste her sweet nectar as she drips readily onto my tongue. She squirms beneath me, her hips bucking up against my face. I lap hungrily at her, my grunts becoming animalistic, as my hips rutted and rubbed my bare cock against her foot.

Her fingers slipping down, gripping my hair tightly as she holds me firmly in place. Her scent fills the air, joining with the lewd sounds of me lapping at her. I lift my eyes, looking up her body, a growl escaping me.

I suddenly move to my knees, my hunger for her too much to contain. Before she knew what is happening, I have the head of my cock pressing against the opening of her pussy. My eyes closed, with one hard thrust, I'm nestled deep within her velvet warmth. " Oh god, you feel so good," I whimper as she grips me tightly within herself.

My eyes open, as I lift her heels to my shoulders, and slowly begin to move in and out of her. The head of my cock nearly leaving her, before pushing back in with a rough hard thrust.

My hips moving purposefully as I watch her, loving the way her full breasts bounce and sways. Her lips are parted, her tongue passing over them repeatedly as she moans. My hips begin to move faster, the strokes harder and deeper. My fingers slipping down, gripping her hips as my pace increases. I'm drilling into her at this point, my cock swelling with each thrust. I feel her beginning to flutter around me, and the feeling almost sends me over the edge. I slip my finger down, letting my thumb begin a torturous tease of her clit.

" Oh god, oh god, oh god," she pants as her eyes close tightly. My deep voice trembling throughout her body as I commanded softly, " Cum for me, cum for me now!" Her eyes snap open, locking on mine, as her back arches.

It is as if someone has opened the flood gates, allowing the waves of pleasure to slip throughout her body. " Fuck, I'm cumming," she screams, as her body shakes around my cock. I continue to thrust into her, riding her wave, before moaning deeply, burying myself to the hilt, as my throbbing and jerking cock begins to fill her with my thick seed.

I close my eyes, leaving myself buried deep within her. My sweat covered body collapses against her, as my breathing begins to slow. I slowly roll to the side, pulling her close to me as I whisper, " I love you, Marci." Her body is relaxed, she smiles, kissing my chest as she purrs, " I love you too, but I don't think I am done with you yet." Her breasts sway as she slips over my body, kissing my chest, my belly, and biting gently on my thighs.

She teases my cock with her nose, breathing in the mingled scents of our sex. I moan loudly, my cock still hard, and growing harder by the second. She chuckles, teasingly kissing the base of my cock as she watches it bounce with each strained breath I took. My fingers are gripping the sheets as I strain, my cock tangling in her hair.

" Down boy," she chuckles. " We are going at my pace this time." I groan, knowing she is slowly coming into her element now, and knowing it will be awhile before she will let me get my release again.

Suddenly, she bits down roughly on my thigh. Beautiful, blissful, erotic pain slices through my body, causing my cock to harden painfully. " Oh god, young girl taped while sleeping with hidden camera so that her vagina can be seen under her dress wi I groan, yes groaning.

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Her teeth move slowly along my thigh, moving closer and closer to the base of my cock. Her fingers move up, wrapping around my cock and squeezing, gently yet firmly. Her eyes are shadowed with lust as she watches me, my hips bucking, my body trembling. She begins to stroke slowly, her lips moving to breathe against the head of my cock. She flicks her tongue once across it, the second time letting it move slowly along the slit, tasting me.

" Mmmm, my own blonde young floozy sucking dick striptease and hardcore lollipop." I couldn't speak, just look at her, my eyes pleading. Her lips wrapping around the tip, feeling it pulse, as she slowly lowers down until her lips touch her fingers, and my cock nestled deep in her throat.

Her throat contracts around me as she begins to twirl her tongue, letting it flick along the pulsing vein on the underside of my cock. My head tossed back, sweat trickling down my face as I strain, my hips instinctively bucking, as she works me over. She slowly, torturously, begins to move up and down the length of my cock. My toes curled, fingers tugging at the sheets, as she works me. Her own moans vibrating up and down my length, nearly causing me to erupt.

I know better though. I know that if I let go now, she will hold out on me for a long time. She has learned my body so well, and it shows in the way she wiggles her tongue on the underside of my cock head, teasing the precum from me, before slowly licking it away.

" Mmm, you taste like a lollipop." Her tongue twirls just around the head, as she watches me. She continues to work my cock with her hands, her mouth, and her tongue. She feels me swell, getting so close to the edge, until she stops, pulling back to let me breath, before starting in on me again. She continues this for some time, her other hand dipping down to play with her clit and slip into her pussy, still coated with my cum.

Her teeth scrape gently along my cock, sending shivers of delight, through every part of me. I want her so badly, to feel her tightness gripping me again. I knew she sensed this, as a wicked look came to her face.

She pulls back fully from me, and slowly stood, her feet straddling my hips. She stood above me, her fingers slipping along her curves, down along her creamy thighs, and over the folds of her pussy.

" You want this don't you? You want it so bad you can taste it can't you?" She grins evilly, her fingers pushing open the folds of her pussy and flicking over her clit. " Mmmm a nice little taste would be good about now." She steps forward, her feet now on either side of my head, and she lowers herself right onto my face without warning.

She smiles as she hears my muffled moans, her lips parting as my tongue dips eagerly into her. I suck on the tight little bud of her clit and she leans back, bracing her palms on my upper thighs. Her hips roll, pulling away from my tongue, then going back, pulling away, going back. She teases me, teasing herself as well and her whole body is trembling in excitement. She growls softly, her hips rolling as I lap german couple picked up for first sex tape her.

Her nails dig into my upper thighs as she whispers, " Hungry aren't you?" She teases her fingers down and rubs the tips across my balls, feeling how intensely swollen they are again. " Oh yes, my nice little cum bags are ready to fill me again." She stood again, and without hesitation she lowers herself directly onto my hard cock, gripping me tightly within herself.

" Oh fuck," I moan loudly, " Oh god I wanna cum for you so bad." I gaze up at her as I watch her body move, taking me in completely and with utter abandonment. She looks at me and growls deeply, " Don't even think about it." I close my eyes swallowing, willing myself to wait.please wait.

Her hips are moving slowly as she rides my hard cock, her palms planted on my chest as she braces herself. Her hips move slowly.then faster, as she grips me then squeezes me, relaxing, before doing it again.

Her nails bit into my chest, drawing a faint amount of blood as she moans. She threw her head back, her hair spilling down her back and caressing her shoulders. She rides me hard, her body becoming covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her breasts bouncing, and she leans forward, smothering my slickened lips with hers. Her nipples are hard, I suck the nipple deeply into my mouth, twirling my tongue around it and flicking it slowly. Her pussy tightens more, and I groan as I feel it, nearly spilling myself then and there.

There is a deep fluttering inside her and suddenly she snaps her head up looking into my eyes as she whispers, " I'm going to cum on you now.oh I am going to squeeze you so fucking hard." Her body erupts around me, and it nearly sends me over the edge.I waited. I waited until she said those fateful words, " Cum now, fill me with that hot cum." I erupted, filling her fuller then I ever had before, my cock is nestled so deep in her.

She grins widely as she erupts around me again, her eyes closing. Her body is shivering, as I am, and both our bodies are slickened with sweat. She leans forward, collapsing on top of me, kissing my chest as she whispers, " I love you so much. So, so, much." She is finally satisfied, allowing herself to relax fully on top of me. I kiss her forehead smiling, " Thank you.god I love you too." We lay together for some time, our breathing growing shallow and even.

I kiss her tenderly, holding her close, as we fall asleep, my cock nestled within her pussy. She rolls languidly over and once again spreads her legs apart. Moving to her head I begin to kiss down her neck and over her shoulders. I cover each arm with moist kisses and gently suck each finger into my mouth. There is an occasional moan from Marci. I work my way down her back focusing on the small of her back going as low as the beginning of her crack. I skip over her ass and went up ravishing kayden plugs her orgasmic pink slit down each leg.

As I got to the top of her legs I see her cunt dripping juices. Kissing up one cheek of her ass I reach the top of her crack. Gently spreading her cheeks apart I softly kiss my way down to her anus.

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Sticking my tongue out I circle her anus. Marci lets out a loud moan and I thought she is going to cum than. Kneeling between her legs and positioning myself I slid my cock under Marci until it touches her clit, eliciting another loud moan, thrusting her hips.

Then slowly kneeling up my cock drags over her slit up over her anus. Marci is moaning continuously now. I slid my cock up and down several times until there is a sheen of moisture over Marci's anus. Leaning over I whisper in her ear, " kneel up". She does so quickly. I kiss her back several times and than kneel up. Then taking my cock in my hand I gently press it against Marci's ass hole. As expected of a virgin she instinctively tightens up. Leaning over her back again I gently caress her breasts while kissing her and telling her to relax.

I feel her anus relaxing and begin to press inwards. Marci moans as she feels her ass being spread open. Slowly the head of my cock slides pass her spincter and I pause.

I ask Marci, " are you all right?" She responds with a moan, " I'm wonderful!" Pressing deeper I begin to feel Marci pushing back. Finally, I'm all the way in Marci's ass with my ball's resting on her clit. Pausing I let my cock throb for a moment in Marci's ass. Than I pull half way out and push back in. Marci moans. I start to thrust in and out. I pull all the way out and briefly admired the gapping anus before shoving myself all the way in.

Marci screams in pleasure. I grab her hips and start to slam her ass while leaning over and instructing her to stroke her clit. She did and this mari likes to get fucked by hard her to begin pushing back on my cock.

I'm moaning as my cock is throbbing in Marci's ass. Tightening my grip on her hips I scream as my cock explodes in a hot stream deep in her ass. The moment Marci feels this hot pressure she came in a massive orgasm. Pushing her ass hard against my cock she sucks rivers of cum out of me.

It went on for what seems like forever until we collapse on each other. My cock slowly softens and finally slides out of her causing Marci winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob moan again.

Reaching down I stroke her ass " Well, was it worth the wait?" I ask. Smiling Marci said " Absolutely. shall we do it again?" I led her down the hall to the bedroom. The heat between us had nothing to do with romance.

I usher her into the bedroom, eyes hard on her face in a way that brought a flush of heat through her. I turn her around pushing her forward, she bends over the edge of the bed.

I spread her legs apart, stepping between them. I roughly push my thumb into her ass, she whimpers then I pull my thumb from her ass reaching forward, grabbing her breast and curving my body over her ass high in the air, grinding myself into her.

My cock filling her ass, slick with my saliva letting me move easily through her tight walls. She whimpers again as I keep pushing my cock deeper into her ass.

She feels me swelling as I grunted over her, thrusting faster, hand in her hair and on her breast pulling her to me. " Fuck baby cum for me, fill me with it.aah fuck more, cum in me baby please!" Marci screams. I arch up from her, my cock stretching her deeper yet as I swell and groan. She screams once more as my climax floods through her.

I stood up pulling out of her and pushing her forward. Breathing hard, letting the shakes slow as we came down. My hand trails slowly down her skin. " I will stay in town for another two days. I will be busy tomorrow, but the day after?" My low voice purrs in her ear, my warmth against her back feeding the satisfaction that rolled through her. Two days of heat to hold her another month perhaps, she thought.

It made her smile. " Yes, that would be very good." She feels me behind her, sliding down the bed again and pausing to press my face between her legs.

My tongue licking once, slowly across her lips, making her shiver and moan softly before I stood and took her hand, pulling her up as well. She smiles as we walk towards the bathroom. The pleasant ache between her legs let her know she would be more than ready in two hours.

She is learning to accept and satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite. She is slowly learning to relax and accommodate my girth in her pussy and ass.

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