Naughty blonde twins having fun with girlfriends

Naughty blonde twins having fun with girlfriends
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I wasn't planning to fall asleep in the hayloft. It was just that my older brother Rusty had been pestering me about helping him finish his chores. Shoot, I'd already done all mine. It was too dang hot to be doing what he shoulda already have done himself. He was just about to start whomping on me when the phone started ringing. Rusty ran to answer the thing.

I wasn't to keep my head in the vicinity of his fists. Figured I'd hide up in the loft and hope that the call was gonna cause him to hop in his old truck and get someplace outta my hair.

Guess it was the heat or just being tuckered out from my own chores but I must have nodded out up there. When I came to, I was hearing voices down below. One of them was Rusty's. The other one belonged to a girl.

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They were whispering. I stared at the ceiling and did me some listening. The girl was giggling a bit and Rusty was muttering some kind of sweetness at her. When it sounded like they were kissing some, I figured it might be safe to take a quick peek. Sure enough, Rusty was kissing on Mary Lou Sykes, a curly haired brunette from my school.

I think every boy in my school had a crush on Mary Lou. She probably had the finest tits in the whole county, sitting there high and proud on her short body. When she wore jeans, her cute butt wiggled just right. Like Rusty, she was just about to graduate. Next year wasn't gonna be near as fun without watching Mary Lou wiggling down the halls.

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Well, she appeared to be doing some fine wiggling here in our barn. Seems Rusty had got his hand inside those sweet jeans and was moving his hand against her panties. She was squirming up against his hand as they were kissing all open mouthed and heavy tongued.

When they came up for air, Rusty took off his shirt. He plunked it down on the workbench. Mary Lou jumped up on the bench and Rusty was quick to join her. Much to my surprise and joy, Mary Lou pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees. Her brown bush contrasted nicely with her firm, pale thighs. Rusty tried to strip them clothes right off her legs but Mary Lou stopped him right quick so the boy had to settle for unbuttoning her blouse.

About then, I would have sold my immortal soul; to be doing what Rusty was just settling for doing. As they started kissing again, Rusty got to working on those top clothes and in quick time he had one of those amazing boobies out in the air.

It was pretty and white, with a big brown leah gotti ist time fuck round the nipple. Rusty must have liked it fine cause he slid down and started playing with it some.

Thai teen meat gina valentina gets her wish he started sucking on the nipple, I heard Mary Lou commence to moaning. Just about then I realized my dick had been hard for a while. I slid one of my hands down and fumbled a bit with my jeans. Being as quiet as possible, I slid my hard dick free and held it in my hand. Things were getting even hotter down below. While Rusty kept a sucking on that fine tit he had slid his hand between Mary Lou's silken thighs.

His fingers were sliding up and down along her pussy. The girl was groaning some and I could hear soft slurping sounds as Rusty worked that beautiful brown furred cunt.

My hand was slowly pumping my cock. Mary Lou got to moaning so loud, I began worrying someone was gonna hear. Rusty must have been thinking the same thing cause he abandoned that fine, firm titty and muffled the moans with his mouth.

They were kissing something frantic as ol' Rusty started fingering Mary Lou's pussy in quicker and quicker motions. The cute brunette was humping his hand for all she was worth and finally arched her back and butt clear off the bench as Rusty slowed his hand motions down to gentle patting.

When Rusty broke the kiss, that girl was still breathing hard.

Xhxx story teen ride sensually got himself in a kneeling position and unbuttoned his jeans. He quickly freed his hard cock and tried moving down between those sweetly spread legs. Guess Mary Lou must of realized what he was fixing to do, cause she grabbed a clump of his head hair and yanked it pretty hard. "You got a condom for that thing, mister?" I heard her ask "Ah, c'mon babe, you know I don't got none with me." "I ain't getting knocked up, Russ.

I'm heading to college next fall." "I know. I know. But, shoot, my balls are churning and aching. You could hurt a guy permanent if you leave him all wound up. One time ain't gonna hurt nothing." Rusty pleaded. Mary Lou loosened her grip on my brother's hair and got herself in a kneeling position facing him. I was looking down on that fine, round naked butt as she took my brother's hard cock in her hand.

She began to gently stroke it. Rusty let out a little moan that became a bit louder when she lowered her head and put his hard dick in her mouth. From the look on Rusty's face as the brunette began sucking his root, the boy was in ecstasy.

Up in the loft, I wasn't doing too bad myself. As Mary Lou bent down to work her wonders on Rusty's cock her ass was raised in the air giving me a fine view of her shapely tush and her beautiful pussy. Her cunt lips were pink and pouty; her brown bush was still wet with her pussy juices.

The whole show was rocking in rhythm with her blowjob and my hand was rocking my cock to the beat of her butt. Rusty's face was getting redder. He was breathing heavy and working hard to stifle his groans as Mary Lou sucked his cock deeper and harder and began playing with his balls. I reached down to fondle my own balls as my other hand began jerking even faster. I was just about to come when I heard Rusty moan. "Oh, babe, I'm gonna.I gotta" The curly headed brunette didn't miss a beat.

She aged 15 french girls first time her lips wrapped around his shaft as his hips began bucking and jerking.

She dug both hands into his butt cheeks and pulled him close as he came in her mouth. I was only a few strokes behind my big brother but didn't have anyone there to swallow the load I squirted into the hay as I fought to stay quiet.

Rusty was panting like a catfish out of water but smiling down at the grinning Mary Lou. "Whoa, girl, I didn't know you swallowed." Mary Lou was actually blushing. "Only on special occasions. This one felt special." To this day, the memory of that barn swallow sure remains a special occasion to me.