Neighbors ally partners daughter vintage and sugar daddy cums me sally gets dicked down

Neighbors ally partners daughter vintage and sugar daddy cums me sally gets dicked down
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My name is Alison White. I am a 38 year old married woman. I got married to Derek when I was 22 years old. Derek is 8 years older than me. We had a fabulous hardcore sex life.

I am thin, white blonde lady with tiny boobs where as my husband is a tall, hefty black man with a monster cock. We used to fuck like animals in our early days of marriage.

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Derek loved to dominate me. I use to be his slave every single night. For the years we spent together, I never cheated on Derek. But my husband did cheat on me with younger women. Once with my daughters babysitter and another with his secretary. I was worried if he ever got his eyes on our daughter.

Both women were vulumptous.

I realised that he prefer women with huge boobs. I was still craving for hardcore sex at this age but my husband had apparently lost interest in me.

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So on his birthday I wanted to plan something he had never expected. I knew a man, Alex who provided girls for a night. I wanted a threesome with a good slut as a birthday gift for Derek. Alex asked me to come to his office where he did show me his four available girls. I wanted the one who is raw, delicate, less experied with huge boobs and a big ass.

A girl name Rose, an Italian teenager was a beautiful slut amongst the four.

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Alex asked the other girls to leave and he asked Rose to strip down her clothes. She was the perfect slut for us, big boobs, big ass, innocent face. It was her first time that she would be fucked as a call girl. She was too new in this profession. She agreed to be our slut for the night but she wasn't aware how brutal a night it would be for her.

On Derek's birthday evening, he was in his room watching TV when Rose came to our apartment. She was wearing a tiny dress with a plunging neckline where her boobs were sticking out. Her butt cheeks were visible while she was walking. I called Derek to come out. The moment he saw Rose, I could feel his monster cock getting a hardon in his boxer.

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He was checking Rose out in the most lusty way. I told Derek that this is his birthday gift indicating Rose to start licking his cock. By the time I could go and get few condoms for us, Derek was fucking her mouth mercilessly. Poor Rose almost had tears in her eyes already. I asked Derek to slow down a little for which he said 'let me abuse this young whore for the night, you better strip down and do whatever I say'.

I stripped down and Derek was undressing Rose. He got crazy when he saw her huge tits and a shave pussy. He was squeezing her tits with both his hands and then sucking them and biting them till Rose felt the pain.

He ordered me to sit on the couch and watch him dominate Rose. He started fucking her mouth and was about to cum. He exploded in her mouth and made sure she swallowed every drop of it. Derek always fucked me two three times a night. I knew it hasn't finished.

He dragged Rose to the bathroom by pulling her hair and I followed. He wanted Rose to drink all of his urine too.

When Rose refused, Derek slapped her and forcefully urinated in her mouth. Rose was already in a mess. Crying and weeping. He dragged her again to the living room and asked her to start licking my pussy.

He made sure that she licked my asshole till she could taste my shit. Rose was too new to such hardcore sex. But Derek was enjoying it and wanted Rose to feel like a bitch born to be fucked. He slapped her ass with a mosquito squatter while rose was moaning with pain and tears rolling down. Her ass was red mya leah dildoed then giving head and dicked pornstars and hardcore of the spanking.

It was painful for her. But if she stopped licking Derek would spank her more. Derek was ready for round two. He started fucking my mouth while Rose was licking me. And then he started fucking my asshole. He didn't enjoy my loose holes. So he started fucking Rose in the pussy extremely hard. Derek fucked her in the doggy style and pulled her hair. Rose couldn't take it and started crying in pain. That made Derek go more brutal.

Rose was an anal virgin. She resisted for anal sex but Derek fucked her in there too with very little lube. Rose was screaming when he entered her ass. The huge 9 inch black cock in her red asshole. He exploded again in her mouth and made sure she swallowed everything and then took her to the bathroom to pee all over her.

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Derek wasn't done though. He asked Rose to clean herself and come to him. He got the three huge dildos that he used for me. He inserted two dildos in her pussy and one in her ass and asked her to walk in the house. She just could walk and the pain was too much for her. Her holes were gapped. But Derek enjoyed watching her crying and weeping. Rose was crying heavily cause of the brutal treatment by my husband but I was happy that he enjoyed.

Rose could barely walk and was feeling pathetic of herself. I paid her and Derek did give her a tip for her tight holes. He also told her that he would be calling her again soon till her holes were tight enough. The 18 year old was ruined. She was just a year older than our daughter and my husband used her brutally for hours.

I am sure that both her holes are bruised. It would be painful for her to even poop. He thanked me for the wonderful birthday present and kissed me for that.