Amy anderson mommy got boobs

Amy anderson mommy got boobs
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The 'story' you are about to read is actually true, unlike a lot of stories which are listed as a true story here. As you will find out I had very little education and my only exposure to writing/grammar was magazines and the very few books I found and hid away.

If you would like to copy, amend and send back to me without errors that would be welcomed; if you are the grammar police I would suggest you get your thrills elsewhere. Please do not copy this text to any other sites without my consent, which I will give assuming you PM me and tell me where you want to post it. I also do not give permission for this text to be used for any institutes and/or research purposes.

This is not entirely intended as a story for people to masturbate to but if you can then I am happy that you found pleasure from mine. I am submitting this story to a sex story website because, to me personally, it is erotic and I think that other people may find it erotic too. I will however tell you now, this story is about my life from a young age; you may see it as child abuse and even if that is true by your moral standards it is still my experience of life.

You will realise from this 'writing' that I have rather disorganised thoughts and I will move from one chapter in my life to another rather quickly and back again. I would apologise but within this retelling you maybe able to see the impact of a childhood with sexual activity. Just for you homophobes, I am a guy and as a child, and beyond, I had sex with both men and women.

If you do not want to read about children, i.e. me, having sex with adults you are forewarned. This is the first part, I have written quite a lot more.

So far I have written 92 A4 pages all about my sexual life. If people feel that I need to change my writing old big bobbs sexy teacher, take some time to learn to write in a more professional/literate manner I will postpone posting more until I have improved it.

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If people feel it is good or acceptable then I will post more. Remember feedback is very welcome, as long as it is constructive. If more sexually explicit content is needed I can go back and include more. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I suppose the best place to start would be by telling you about where I grew up. I live in the UK far outside even a small village, our closest neighbours where exactly 28 miles away.

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Forests dappled in misty rays of sun in the morning and swarms of mid flies on hot summer evenings were my play grounds. I was rather a free child oiled girl takes care of a dick do as I please with no other people around. I woke early to play amongst the bracken, parents that loved me in many ways and my father's friends who took me deep into the woods to give them the privacy they needed.

The first sexual experience I remember was when I was 5 or 6. According to my father it was very far from my first experience but it is the first memory I have and one I will never forget, even if it is not too exciting. Although I don't remember the events before my first memory was of me lent over my mother and suckling her nipples as my father pressed his index finger gently into my young hole.

His cock was inside her, stroking back and forth as he replicated his strokes inside my body at the same time. My mothers nipples where excited. Sat upon pert C cup breasts her puffy areola outlined the stiff aroused nipple that was being ground hard into my mouth. At the time I didn't understand why this made her groan so loud but the harder I sucked and nibbled the more she moaned and pushed my head into her chest.

'Good boy, that's it. Make your horny mummy cum. Suck my tits you little fuck toy!' she half groaned between ragged breaths. 'That's it boy you suck your mummy's tits. Suck her nipples like your little boy cunt is trying to suck my finger in!' I remember the moment vividly as they climaxed from the short exchange of words.

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Mum almost smothering me and my father ravaged her well fucked pussy. My father was almost punching his finger into me whilst using her. He didn't care for anything at that moment but making his big cock explode his big load. 'Take my load you dirty fucking slut! That's it! Fucking cum on my cock whilst I finger your baby!' my farther growled as balls tightened, his cum being forced deep within my mum's spasmodic wet pussy.

That is my first real memory; my father's finger inside me making me squirm in new sensations leila gang bang french bukkake I made my mum quiver in pleasure. As you can tell my life was not what you would see as normal yet I enjoyed it immensely, I gave my parents insurmountable pleasure.

That is why I did everything they asked my too with them and any friends they had. The following years followed a similar pattern. I would be sucking my mothers breasts, or clit or anus as my farther pounded her.

I was never penetrated with anything but an index finger, asked to penetrate my mother or father or have my father cum on me. Still, I enjoyed the fun and pleasure I both gave and received. There were fond memories where I would walk in covered in dirt from a day roaming the forests around our house and be taken to the shower by my mum.

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She would strip us of our clothes, every time this happened she would knee down to peal my underwear down slowly and giving my hairless uncut little penis a gentle kiss. She would normally ask me to repay the affection by placing her small pert buttocks on the sink, opening her legs and asking me to stroke my tongue from hole to hole.

This very rarely resulted in me giving her a climax but there where times I would refuse to stop. I would circle my tongue around her clit, gently nibbling her labia and delve my tongue inside her until she would quiver; just as my father taught me. When that happened I was always rewarded by a release of her warm sweat tasting juices drenching my mouth and face. As the years passed by things did become more intense for all of us. I became involved in much more and was treated with so many more pleasures and experiences than most people have before they pass on.

Thinking back it is hard to know which event would be most interesting to others as there where so many. I suppose the first time I sucked my father's cock before he took my anal virginity would be the next thing I should tell you about.