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Anita queen anastasia christ remigio zampa and guys iv brunette big tits
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Haley Stone sat on the edge of her bed as she carefully slid the pale white playsome legal age teenager gives a blow highs up her long legs. Admiring them in the mirror. She carefully pulled her crotchless panties up those silken legs, positioning it just right.

So that her delicate, tender treasure was visible, accentuated by that tiny tuft of trimmed fur just over her clitoris. She sat down on the edge of her bed again. Her mind drifted once more to what she had experienced the past couple of months. Haley had always had huge tits. The last three years of high school, she had grown from C's to D's to Double D's, a single E.

Now at eighteen, she wore a double E. She couldn't wear regular shirts or bras anymore. They all had to be specially made to fit her enormous torpedoes like boobs. Though her tits were giant, Haley was a very cute girl. She wasn't a girly girl. She liked hanging around guys and doing guy things like playing football, video games, etc.

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Her skin was kind of pale. Black hair and her eyes changed colors during the seasons. Haley had an hourglass figure with heavy, ample boobs and a nice big ass to match. She was not fat at all. She only weighted 115 lbs. and was 5'4". You would think that having big tits and ass would get her a lot of boyfriends and not just attention.

But that wasn't the case. She was still a virgin except, she has given a blowjob to her last boyfriend before he moved away. A lot of the other boys were scared of her because of her not so normal breasts. Even the nerds were scared. Haley would always try and hide them by wearing super gentle strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose lesbians after shirt and a sweater or hooded shirt. Still it did little to hide her gigantic melons.

Which you could outline in her shirts, bouncing with each step she took. Even though Haley had big tits, she wasn't going to let them stop her from having a normal life. She has a brother named John, who is in college.

He and his friends would pick with Haley all the time about her large tits and even untie her bikini tops to see them flop out and bounce everywhere.

Even though he was mean to his sister, looking at her tits would give him an extreme hard on and he would jack off to her boobs at night. Laying in his room, thinking about devouring them and sucking on her small, pink nipples for hours and hours. Her parents are very wealthy and Haley didn't want to think of herself as the rich type. Her father, James Stone, is a very well known doctor. Her mother, Jessica Stone, is a lawyer for a famous company Stone and Hart.

She barely got to see her parents since they work a lot. But she had friends to keep her company. She had a small group of friends. Three females and one guy ( who wasn't gay by the way). The first of her friends is her very best friend Shannon. She had been friends with Haley since elementary school.

when she was getting teased about her big tits. She was 5'4", 108 pounds long black hair, blue eyes. She had a very nice rack herself 36 DD. She didn't have much of an ass but her boobs made up for it. Then there were the twins, Mindy and Mandy. They look exactly alike except for their hair. Mindy is a brunette now while Mandy is sticking to her roots and being blond.

Both were 5'7" and had incredible 34 DD's. Haley was relieved that she wasn't the only small framed, big breasted girl in her school. The guy of their group is named Wayne. He really didn't find it strange to hang around four huge breasted lesbo awesome babes caressing on cam lesbian and college.

He had known them since middle school and has always kept their relationship on a friendly level. Though he is no fool. Just like all guys, he gets really turned on by their bodies, especially their enormous jugs. Especially when they hug him and they press their big tits on his chest, his cock feels like it's ready to burst. It was summer time, and her parents had left for a vacation to celebrate their anniversary.

The first day passed normally enough. She spent the day out by the pool, swimming and listening to the music on the radio. Shannon, Mandy, Mindy, and Wayne joined her a short time later. The four girls were sunning themselves out by the pool. Haley was wearing a 2 piece black bikini.

Haley started by laying down on her back. Sex with incredible busty teen buffy continue on mypornox com top was a little small, so Wayne could see a glimpse of white where her tan lines started around her tits. The top barely covered her nipples, and showed a little of the underneath of her tits.

Thomas had his sunglasses on, so he could stare a little more than normal, hoping they couldn't tell. After about 20 minutes, Haley and the others turned over on their stomachs. Up until then, Wayne had been able to keep himself under control. His cock was half hard watching them, while they were on their backs. But when they all turned over, the sight of their round ass encased in their skin tight bikini was too much. He instantly became rock hard, and had to jump in the pool so they wouldn't see what they were doing to him!

Haley reached behind herself to unloosen her bikini top string so she could get an even tan on her back. Wayne couldn't take anymore, so he wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way into the house toward the guest bedroom.

Once in the room, the towel and his trunks hit the floor and he walked over to the window that overlooked the pool. His hand found its way to his cock, and he started to stroke it while watching Haley and the others below. Wayne was close to coming, staring at her ass. When Haley lifted herself up on her elbows, exposing her tits. The contrast of her tan skin and her large white tits, capped with small pink nipples, was too much for him, and he exploded all over himself.

He hit the shower to clean himself up, thinking of the girls the whole time. He stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over his head and down his lovely teen beauty sucks and fucks on camera. Then began lathering his body as he thought of Haley's breast.

The thoughts made his cock swell, and he began stroking it as he lathered it up. This only made it grow more in his hands, getting thicker and longer as he soaped it up. He heard the shower door click open and looked to the left to see Haley stepping into the shower, naked. "Hey Wayne! You shouldn't be jerking off watching me sun by the pool!" Haley said, smiling at him as she saw him with his growing cock in his hands.

She stepped over next to him and let the water run over her body." You should let me do that for you." She joined him under the stream of water. Kneeling down on her knees, bringing his cock level with her face, and looking up at him for a moment.

"It's beautiful, Wayne." She said softly. "The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Then she looked back down at his thick cock in front of her, and without hesitation brought her hands up and wrapped her fingers around his shaft.

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Gripping it like a baseball bat with one hand right below the head and the other below that. His cock was so thick that her fingers couldn't reach all the way around it, and the feeling of having his throbbing cock in her hands was wonderful. She felt it all the way down to her soaking wet pussy.

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She gripped his cock firmly and heard him gasp. Then slowly pumped her hands up and down his hard shaft. A huge drop of precum instantly appeared at the tip, getting bigger as she pumped his shaft, until it was so big that it dripped from the tip of his cock.

Without hesitation and without thinking Haley immediately ducked her head down and caught the big drop of xxx sexcy vides for sunny leone on her tongue, swallowing it as she maintained her grip on his cock. She continued pumping his cock, gripping it firmly in her warm, soft hands.

Mesmerized at the sight of his cock literally drooling precum right in front of her face. As another huge drop of precum drooled out of the tip of Wayne's cock. Instead of licking this one up she used the palm of her hand to spread it around kendra casting by pierre woodman head of his cock, causing Wayne to moan softly with the sensations this caused.

She pumped continually with one hand, coaxing the precum from him while spreading it around the head of his cock with the other. She was amazed at the amount of precum that he was producing, and of just how slippery it was. It only took a minute for her to cover the entire head of his cock, leaving it glistening and slick.

Then she started to spread the slippery stuff down his shaft as well. In a matter of minutes she had spread his slippery fluid down and renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat the entire length of his cock, enabling her to slide her hands easily up and down his now-slick shaft. She gripped his cock firmly with both hands, sliding them up and down his thick shaft, spreading the precum over his shaft as it appeared.

Then she slid one hand down to his balls, gripping them in one hand while she continued to pump his cock with the other. She massaged, squeezed, and tugged on his balls. She felt him jerk his hips and heard him moan again in response.

She looked up to see that Wayne was standing there with his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open, as she pulled and tugged on his cock and balls. "I can't wait to feel your cum shooting all over me." She said in a sultry voice, never ceasing the movements of her hands on his cock.

She then had a sudden desire to throw caution to the wind and take him to her room. However, this was just for fun and she wasn't intending to actually "fuck" him yet. While it was incredibly tempting, she knew that she had to draw the line somewhere. She also knew that she had to act fast, her friends were just down stairs.

"Now I'm going to make you cum." Haley said grasping his cock firmly with both hands. "First I'm going to suck your cock and see how much of it I can get in my warm, wet mouth. Then I'm going to make you cum and let you watch me swallow every drop!" She began by licking the tip of his cock with the flat of her tongue, licking up his precum and swallowing it as she pumped his cock to produce more. She held his cock nearly straight up, then slipped her soft, full lips onto the tip as she pumped it.

She slid her lips down and over the head of his cock, knowing that if she could fit the head of his cock into her mouth then she could get his shaft in as well. How deep was another matter.

But right now she just wanted to see if she could open her mouth wide enough to get the big head in. She slid her lips down further, stretching her jaw open as wide as she could, and to her surprise and his the head of his cock slipped into her mouth.

It was a tight fit, but she did it. Looking up at him and smiling with her eyes in triumph. She turned her attention back to his cock, swirling her tongue over and around the head as she sucked on it. She continued pumping the shaft with her hands, pulling more and more precum from his cock as she sucked on it. Then began to slide her mouth down his shaft bit by bit, bobbing her head as she pushed her mouth down further and further on his cock.

He watched in amazement as she slowly and doggedly slid her mouth further down his shaft, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth with each dip of her head.

Her jaws were stretched with and he could feel her tongue on the underside of his shaft. Sliding back and forth as she slowly worked his cock into her wet mouth. When she had about four inches of his cock in her mouth she paused, breathing hard through her nose. Then slid her hands further down onto his cock to give her room to move.

To his amazement he watched as she took another two inches into her mouth quickly. Then he heard and felt her gag a bit as the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. She tried to take more of his cock into her mouth, but she gagged again; that was as much as she was going to manage. Then Haley surprised Wayne again by beginning to move on his cock, sliding her mouth slowly up and down six inches of his shaft she had managed to fit in her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, sliding it in and out of her mouth in long, steady strokes.

Sucking on it and slathering her tongue around the head as she did so. She gripped his shaft hard with her hands as she worked her wet, sucking mouth up and down his cock. Wayne knew by the feeling in his balls that he was going to cum soon. Haley could tell by the change in his breathing that Wayne was getting close. So she tightened her grip on his cock with her hands and started moving her head up and down faster on his shaft.

Sucking as hard as she could. He was breathing quickly now, and was mere moments away from cumming in her mouth. Haley felt his cock widening, and after two more quick dips of her mouth down on his shaft she slid her mouth up to the head and kept the head trapped in her mouth. Sucking hard and slathering her tongue around it as she pumped the rest of his shaft with her hands. He came hard, his hips thrusting upwards as his cock erupted in Haley's mouth.

He felt the cum rushing up the length of his cock as it came blasting out into Haley's mouth. The first long, powerful stream went straight into her mouth and right down her throat. She gagged for a second but hung on to his cock as the first blast filled her mouth, then she swallowed and kept pumping his shaft as his cock throbbed in her hands again and again as his cock pumped stream after long stream of hot, thick cum into her mouth.

Her eyes grew wide in amazement and surprise as his cock pumped and throbbed in her mouth and hands, blasting much more cum into her mouth than she was expecting. She swallowed again and again, struggling to keep up with the cum exploding into her mouth, but it was just too much for her. After swallowing the first three blasts of cum he shot into her mouth and down her throat she lost control of the cum flood shooting from his cock. A stream of cum slipped from each corner of her mouth to drip down onto the base of her chin as she struggled to swallow what she could.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the pulsing and throbbing of his cock began to slow and the flood of cum shooting from his cock abated to a trickle. Haley pumped the last of his cum from his cock with her hands and swallowed it down. When she was sure she had it all she released his cock from her mouth and from her hands. She fell down onto her knees, as she gasped for breath. Her mouth hanging open, two streams of cum slowly dripping from the corners of her mouth.

He was panting and gasping for breath as well. She had made him cum hard, and she was surprised by the intensity of it, and the amount she had managed to swallow. He looked down at her gasping for breath, noticing the delightful curvy black teen banged hard by big black cock streams of cum at the corners of her mouth.

"Oh my God, that was great! Dam Wayne you cum like a horse. I absolutely love feeling your cock inside my mouth! I don't know which of us needed that more, me or you!" She said. Running her hand along the side of his face. "I just can't wait until we can do it again, when we can take our time and really do it right!" More to come……………………………&hellip.

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