Sexy amateur babe with glasses railed by pervert pawn guy

Sexy amateur babe with glasses railed by pervert pawn guy
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Lisa and Jim were smiling uncontrollably as they left the town hall. "I can't believe we are finally married!" expressed Jim as he held the car door open for his new bride.

"I know I'm so happy." replied Lisa. Jim and Lisa had been dating for almost two years. Lisa is a nurse and Jim is a cop. They met one night when Jim had to bring a prisoner in for medical attention. There was an instant attraction between the two of them and they hit it off immediately. They almost never fought and seemed to agree on almost everything, except for one thing, which was their sexual relationship. Lisa refused to have sexual intercourse with Jim.

She would do just about everything else, but would not fuck him. This was obviously very frustrating for Jim and they would argue often about it. When Jim would ask Lisa why she wouldn't have sex with him her response was, "Because I want to wait until I'm married for that." Although this was very frustrating for Jim, he tolerated it for a few reasons. The first was because he loved her.

The second was because she was beautiful, and the third was because she knew how to make Jim cum and cum hard. She gave such mind bending blow jobs that would make him cum so hard it felt like his cock was going to explode. He couldn't help but think to himself that if her blowjobs were this good, imagine what sex would be like. Plus, Jim was mesmerized by Lisa's sweet pussy. Lisa would let Jim eat her pussy for hours, but she would not let him finger fuck her. She expressed to Jim that it was considered penetration and almost the same thing as sex.

Not letting Jim fuck her was Lisa's way of gauging what kind of guy Jim really was. Lisa was no virgin like she told Jim she was. She had been fucked many of times by guys and had been in quite a few serious relationships, but Lisa was now looking for a different kind of guy.

She was looking for a guy that would submit too her will. A guy that she could dominate! Her past relationships with men weren't very successful. She was cheated on a few times and just couldn't find a man that would just be all about her, and focus on nothing but her.

For the past year and half Lisa was evaluating what kind of man Jim really was. Denying Jim sexual intercourse was a way for Lisa to see if she could get Jim to do what she wanted him to do, and her first impression of Jim seemed to be correct. Jim was about 5"11 tall and weighed about 185 cute sweetie double stuffed by many bbc. He had a muscular build and on the outside looked like a tough guy. His tough guy appearance also had to do with the fact that he was a cop and that sort of attitude almost goes with the territory.

Although Jim had that tough exterior, Lisa could see that there was a hint of submissiveness in Jim that she was all too eager to explore. As Jim and Lisa drove out of the parking lot of town hall Jim looked over at Lisa sitting in the passenger seat and said, "I can't wait for tonight!" "I have been waiting almost two years to fuck your brains out!" "I know baby," replied Lisa. "You will have me soon, I promise." After about two hours of driving Jim and Lisa arrived at their honeymoon destination.

Jim had reserved a villa, which was located at the base of a mountain. The villa overlooked a pristine lake with lots of lush vegetation and trees surrounding it. "Wow its beautiful!" expressed Lisa. "I'm glad you like it." Replied Jim "Let's check out the inside." Lisa said as she walked towards the door. "Wow I'm impressed!" replied Lisa. "You did a great job Jim." "Thanks babe." Jim walked over to Lisa from behind and put his arms around noname jane creampie compilation pornstars and cumshots waist.

Lisa could feel Jim grinding his erect cock into her backside. "I want you right now!" Jim moaned in Lisa's ear. "I know you do baby, but you will have to wait a little while longer." "How about you make me dinner tonight Jim?" asked Lisa.

"Ahhhhh okay," replied Jim in a shocked voice. "But I thought we were going out to dinner?" Lisa walked over to Jim and rubbed his cock through his pants.

"Please baby. I think it would be more romantic if you cooked me dinner." "Ummmm&hellip.Okay babe, but I will have to go to the grocery store and pick up some groceries because I didn't bring anything to cook with." "That's okay Jim; I will get ready for you in the mean time." Lisa said as she rubbed his cock again through his pants. "Okay I will be back in an hour," replied Jim. Lisa's plan was now in motion. While Jim was gone she was going to prepare what she needed for the rest of the night.

Lisa went and got the special bag that she had packed for the occasion. Inside she had two sets of Jim's handcuffs that she had taken from his work bag, a tube of lubricant, a strap-on dildo, a chastity device and a TENS unit.

As she laid the devices out on the bed she could feel her pussy starting to get wet. She couldn't wait to get Jim in the bedroom. After an hour Jim returned with the groceries and cooked dinner for the both of them. When they were finished eating Jim walked over to where Lisa was sitting and began to kiss her neck. 'I want you right now!" Jim whispered in her ear. "I know you do Jim, but you haven't washed the dishes yet." Jim looked at his new wife with a look of amazement.

"Dishes?" he replied "Yeah you don't want to leave a mess do you Jim?" replied Lisa "Ummmmm yeah I guess your right." Jim walked over into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. Lisa looked over at Jim washing the dishes and smiled.

Her plan of dominating Jim was now in effect and he didn't even know it, but he was doing everything she wanted and she loved it. When Jim was finished he eagerly walked over to where Lisa was sitting.

"Okay I'm finished." "Can we go upstairs now?" Without saying a word Lisa took Jim by the hand and they walked upstairs together. When they got upstairs Lisa said to Jim, "Why don't you take a shower and get all clean for me.

I will be waiting for you." She said as she sucked on his ear lobe. Jim immediately ran into the bathroom and took a shower. The anticipation of fucking Lisa was killing him. When Jim walked out of the bathroom he found Lisa sitting at the edge of the bed. She had turned down the lights and lit a few candles. "Take that robe off for me baby and come over here," Lisa said Jim took off his rob and dropped it on the ground revealing his erect cock.

His heart was beating with excitement as he walked over to Lisa. "Now before I give myself to you Jim I have to ask you a few things that are very important to me. Will you answer me honestly?" "Of course I will baby." Replied Jim "Lay down on the bed Jim." asked Lisa. "Do you promise to take care of me and give me whatever I need Jim?" asked Lisa "Of course I will.

Why do you ask?" Replied Jim "I just need to know that you will give me anything that I busty angell summers likes hard dicks pornstar knockers from you Jim." "Yes, I will do anything for you Lisa." "You sure about that Jim, because sometimes in a marriage it can be hard to give your partner everything they want from you?

That's why a lot of marriages end in divorce, because people aren't willing to give themselves to their partners fully." "I will give you anything you want sweetie." Jim said.

"I want to believe you Jim, but how do I really know?" 'Trust me baby, anything you want!" "Okay how about we put that to the test then? Are you willing to prove it too me?" "Yes I am, but how do I do that?" "Well I have a few things in mind Jim." "What would that be?" Jim questioned. Lisa rolled over and opened the drawer to the night stand. She took out the two pairs of handcuffs she had taken from Jim's work bag. She straddled Jim with the handcuffs in her hands and said, "Do you trust me?" "Ummmm yes I do, but why the handcuffs?" "It's all about trust Jim." Lisa said as she attached one of his hands to the hot ampamp horny blonde slut judge kayden kross fucks lawyer in office post.

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"See Jim, most guys just don't want to do their part in a marriage." Lisa said a she attached his other hand to the bedpost. "They expect the woman to do everything, cook, clean, take care of the kids." "Your not like that right Jim?" asked Lisa. "No I'm not," replied Jim. "Most guys are like that because their roles in a marriage aren't set from the beginning and they begin to take advantage of their wives.

I want to make sure that doesn't happen to us Jim. You understand?" "Uhhhhh I think so." Replied Jim. "That's good Jim, now lets get started." Lisa started to caress Jim's now flaccid cock and it immediately sprang too life. She enveloped Jim's cock into her mouth and slowly started to suck on the head. "Ohhhhh that feels sooooooo good.

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Don't stop!" moaned Jim. Jim was so horny from thinking about fucking Lisa's pussy all day that a drop of precum already emerged from the tip of his cock. Jim started to buck his hips as his orgasm started to build. Lisa saw that Jim was close to cumming and stopped sucking his cock.

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"Not yet baby, it's not time for you too cum." Lisa opened the drawer to the night stand again and took out the chastity device that she had purchased. "What the hell is that thing?" asked Jim. "It's a chastity device." replied Lisa. 'When I put this on your cock you won't be able too cum or get your dick hard." "Whaaaaaaa&hellip.Why?' stuttered Jim "Because pleasuring your cock and cumming is a reward you haven't earned yet Jim." "Remember you said you would do anything for me?

You aren't going to break your promise to me are you Jim?" "Uhhh…… No I'm not going to break my promise, but you didn't say anything about this type of stuff." "It's all about giving, remember Jim?

If you give too me, I will give to you. I promise." "Oooookay." Replied Jim with the sound of uncertainty in his voice. "That's a good boy," replied Lisa as she attached the chastity device to Jim's cock. "There we go. Now, I know you are dying to cum Jim, so I am going to allow you too cum. It's time to drain those balls." Lisa rolled over to the night stand and got the TENS unit and the tube of lubricant from the drawer. "Jim, this is called a TENS unit. It sends mild electrical pulses through the body.

I use this at work on patients that have arthritis; it can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and raises the level of endorphins, which are natural pain killers." "But I don't have arthritis, so what are you going to do with that?" asked Jim. Lisa began to attach the electrodes to the underside of Jim's balls. "Well Jim, I told you that I was going to let you cum right?

What I didn't tell you was how I was going to make you cum. Have you ever heard of a prostate massage?" "Ahhhhh yeah I have, but there is no way that you are doing that too me." "UNTIE ME!" "NOW JIM," Lisa said in a stern voice, "Didn't we just discuss this?" "Now, you made a promise too me and I expect that you keep it!" "Understand?" Jim was taken back by the sternness in his wife's voice.

She had never raised her voice at him before and he didn't want to upset her. "Yes I understand." Replied Jim "Good, now I am going to give you a nice prostate massage, so that we can milk that cum out of you.

Since you have never had anything in your ass before you might feel some discomfort, so what I want to you to do is to concentrate on the pulses from the TENS unit pulsating through your balls. This should take your mind off of what I am doing. Got it Jim?" "Yes, I got it." replied Jim. "Now close your eyes, put your head back on the pillow and spread your legs nice and wide for desire for a vagina and huge boobs Jim and remember, concentrate on the pulses." Lisa turned the TENS unit to the lowest setting and then switched it on.

Lisa watched as Jim's balls and cock started to slowly pulsate. After waiting a few minutes for Jim to get used to the sensation, Lisa turned the unit up a notch. Jim's cock and balls now had a nice steady pulse going through them. "How's that baby?" asked Lisa. "uhhhhhhhh okay I guess, it feels kind of weird." "I know it does, but just relax and concentrate on the pulses." Lisa took the tube of lubricant and coated her index finger with it.

She then took a generous amount and coated Jim's asshole with it. When Jim felt the cold lubricant touch his asshole he immediately tried to close his legs and move away, but Lisa was sitting in between his legs, so Jim could not close them.

"Don't be scared baby," Lisa said in a soft caring voice. "You are going too love it, I promise." When Jim heard Lisa's soft reassuring voice, he relaxed a little and spread his legs. Lisa began to spread the lubricant around Jim's asshole. Slowly she rubbed the outside of his asshole with her index finger, so that he would get used to the sensation. As she rubbed the outside of his asshole she began to slowly apply pressure to her index finger until her finger started to make its way past Jim's tight sphincter.

Slowly her finger penetrated deeper and deeper into Jim's asshole until she had the tip of her index finger in Jim's ass. Jim inhaled deeply as she did this. "Shhhhhhh, you are doing great baby." Reassured Lisa. "Just concentrate on the pulses." She said as she sank her finger all the way into Jim's ass.

Slowly she withdrew her finger out of Jim's ass until just the tip was in, and then she slowly sank it back all the way in. She could feel Jim tightening up around her finger trying to squeeze out the intruder in his ass. She loved that he was trying to fight it and that there was nothing he could do to stop her. It gave her such a feeling of power. Slowly she finger fucked him like this for a while, so that he could get used to the feeling.

After she felt Jim loosen up a little she began to insert another finger. As she did this she could see the expression on Jim's face change and he began to try and wither away.

Quickly she put a hand on Jim's chest and began to reassure him. "Almost there baby, just a little more. I promise." "Hang in there for me. We are almost done" As Jim stopped squirming, Lisa began to massage his prostate with both fingers.

Lisa was no beginner at this, she had done it before to some of her ex-boyfriends and knew exactly how to milk the cum out of Jim. Slowly she rubbed his prostate gland, varying the pressure each time. After a few minutes Lisa could see some precum forming at the tip of Jim's cock through the clear plastic of Jim's chastity device and gradually began to increase the pressure on Jim's prostate as she rubbed it. Jim began to moan. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh that feels weird." Jim stuttered as cum started to slowly ooze from his cock.

"Let that cum out baby!" Lisa cooed Lisa knew that Jim wasn't really feeling much pleasure from the prostate milking, because the real feeling of pleasure comes from the stimulation of a man's cock. The milking was a way to make a man cum without providing a lot of pleasure.

It was in fact a way to exert control over a man and Lisa was loving it. Watching the cum ooze out of Jim's cock against his will, while his cock was locked in the chastity device was making Lisa's pussy soaking wet!

Lisa continued the prostate massage until every last drop of cum was drained from Jim's balls. Slowly she withdrew her fingers from Jim's ass and turned off the TENS unit. She got up from in between Jim's legs and straddled his chest. "Ohhhhh that made me soooooooo horny!" Lisa whispered in Jim's ear.

"Look how wet I am," she said as she grinded her dripping wet pussy on Jim's chest. Jim moaned as he felt his wife grind her drenched pussy on his chest. Her pussy was leaving wet streaks across his chest.

"I need you right now!" Jim moaned. "I know you do, and you will have me soon. I promise" "Just as soon as you pass a few more tests for me, you can have my pussy all night!" "More tests?" Jim questioned "What tests?" "For get that right now. Don't you want your reward for being such a good boy tonight?" "Yes I do!" "Good.

Then I'm going to give it too you." Lisa undid Jim's handcuffs and started to grind her drenched pussy on his face. "Eat my pussy baby!" Jim eagerly started to lick Lisa's sweet pussy. She was so wet that her pussy juices started to run down Jim's cheeks, and coochbehar lokal magi xxx story com in face was soon drenched with Lisa's sweet nectar.

Jim eagerly lapped away at the sweet nectar running down from Lisa's pussy. Jim alternated tongue fucking her and licking her now swollen clit. Lisa was now bucking her hips as her orgasm was building. "Yeah that's it Jim, lick my dirty pussy!" she screamed as she got closer and closer to orgasm.

After a few more minutes of Jim's relentless clit licking, Lisa began too cum all over Jim's face. "Ohhhh god that feels so fucking good!" Lisa screamed as cum oozed out of her pussy. Lisa collapsed on the bed on the side of Jim.

"That was great baby, I love you." Lisa said as she caressed Jim's face. "Did you enjoy yourself?" asked Lisa. "Ummmmm Yeah I did!" Jim replied.

Lisa knew that Jim was probably just telling her what she wanted to hear and he probably didn't derive much pleasure from his milking, but she had the feeling that he took a little pleasure in submitting to her.

She would know soon enough if Jim was going to accept his new role or not. "Okay I'm going to take off your chastity device now, so you can go and clean yourself up. You are not to masturbate in the shower.

Do you understand?" asked Lisa "I won't, I promise." Replied Jim "Okay good, because if you do I won't give you what you want." "I promise I will be good." Replied Jim Lisa smiled when she heard these words coming out of Jim's mouth. She knew that he was submitting! "Good, that's what I like to hear Jim." "There is also an enema in the bathroom that I bought for you.

Please use it." Jim gave her a puzzled look. "It's too clean out the lube that I used on you earlier. I'm a nurse remember. I know what needs to be done." "Yeah, you are probably right." Jim said as he walked into the bathroom. Amazed babe in undies is geeting pissed on and poked smiled as Jim disappeared in the bathroom. The enema wasn't too clean out the lube like she had told him; it was to prepare him for what was too come.

When Jim emerged from the bathroom Lisa was standing by the bed. "Come here Jim and let me put the chastity back on, so you aren't tempted to play while I'm asleep." Jim walked slowly over to Lisa and Lisa reattached the device. "It's for your own good Jim, trust me." Lisa said awesome deepthroat and cock riding action with hinata tachibana she got into bed.

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"Will you unpack my bags for me and put my clothes away please. You are the best," she said as she turned to go to sleep. As she turned to her side she listened for Jim's next move. She could feel Jim staring at her back pondering what to do, but after a minute or two she heard Jim go to work unpacking her suite case and putting her clothes away.

She smiled and whispered to herself, "He's almost mine!" The next morning she awoke and found Jim sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. "I made you some breakfast." Jim said as he saw his new wife enter the room.

"Wow it looks good," replied Lisa. As Lisa sat down and started to eat her breakfast she couldn't help but smile at the whole situation. She had to ask. "So what did you think of last night?' she asked. "It took a little getting used too, but I survived." Jim said as he laughed.

"I want to make you happy, so I will do whatever it takes." "Awwww your so sweet Jim," replied Lisa. 'So what "test" do you have planned for me today?" "Anxious to get started are we?" laughed Lisa "Babe, if I don't get too fuck your pussy soon I'm going to lose my mind!" said Jim "I want to finish up these little tests that you have in mind, so I can prove myself to you and get what I want." "Well, let's get started then!" said Lisa She took Jim by the hand and led him back to the bedroom.

"Take off your clothes and lay on your stomach for me baby." Lisa said as she caressed the side of his head. Lisa attached Jim's hands to the bedposts with the handcuffs again. "You don't need to handcuff me baby, I'm not going anywhere." "I know les teen straddles face lesbian and babe aren't, but I like the handcuffs they are a turn on." replied Lisa.

Lisa hadn't originally planned for what she was going to do next, but since Jim was being such a willing slave she figured she would capitalize on the situation. Lisa went over to Jim's dresser and took the belt off of his pants.

She went into the bathroom and got the bottle of baby oil that she usually uses to keep her legs soft and moist. She began to apply the baby oil all over Jim's back and ass and started to give him a full body massage. "Oh that feels great," moaned Jim. "I will do as many as these kinds of tests that you want me to do." He said laughing "This isn't one of your tests baby, I'm just getting you ready for the test." Lisa stood up and grabbed the belt she had taken off Jim's pants.

She held the belt by the buckle and swung the hard black leather across Jim's back. Whaaaaaaack!! "Owwwwwwwww yelped Jim!

What was fuck was that?" he screamed. "Your belt!" replied Lisa. "This is part of your test" She said in a firm voice as she gave Jim another lash across his ass cheek. "That friggin hurts!" Grunted Jim.

"Come one Jim, be a tough guy and let's see how many you can take." "Your tough right?" asked Lisa "Yeah I am!" replied Jim "Okay good! Now I want you to try and count how many I give you Okay?" "If you get it right I will you finger fuck my pussy tonight! You want that right Jim?" "Oh god you know I do Lisa!" "Okay good.

Now let's get started. Oh and Jim, no talking during this okay?" "If you disobey you won't get your surprise!" Jim nodded his head. "Good boy!" Lisa cooed. "Such a good listener." Lisa wound up and gave Jim some good firm swats across his back.

Whackkkkkkkk! Whackkkkkkkkk! Whackkkkkkkkk! Jim had his head buried in the pillow trying to fight the pain. Lisa had spread the baby oil across his back and ass because she knew that the baby oil would help to magnify the pain. Family sex mom and dad Whackkkkkkkkk! Whackkkkkkkkk! She was amazed that Jim was taking her punishment so well, but she didn't want to push him too far too fast, so after about twenty lashes with the belt she stopped and sat next to Jim.

Jim picked his head off of the pillow and his eyes were a little watery.

"Oh you did so well baby! I'm so proud of you!" Lisa said in a soft voice. "Thh……aaaank You!" Jim managed to spurt out.

"You want your reward now?" questioned Lisa. "Yes I do!" replied Jim. Lisa undid Jim's handcuffs, so Jim could sit up on the bed. "You are passing your tests familystrokes step daughter seduces dad infront of mom flying colors Jim; I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

By tomorrow night you will have my pussy to fuck!" "We are going to make a great couple right Jim?" "Yes we are baby!" replied Jim Lisa laid down on the bed and said, "Finger fuck my pussy baby!' Jim was so excited to finally be able to finger his wife's cunt! It had been almost two years and he hadn't been able to do ever do this before. Lisa was already soaking wet, so Jim's finger slid effortlessly into her pussy. Lisa let out a long moan "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeahhhhhhh!" Jim rubbed Lisa's clit with one hand and finger fucked her with the other.

Jim then slid another finger into Lisa's pussy and she started to buck her hips in pleasure. "Ohhhhhhh Yeah just like that Jim! Finger fuck my pussy!" moaned Lisa. After hearing Lisa moan in ecstasy Jim started to really pound her pussy with both fingers. Slamming them in Lisa's now dripping wet cunt.

Lisa's pussy was tight and Jim could feel her pussy muscles clenching around his fingers. "Oh god!" "Oh God"! screamed Lisa! Bucking her hips wildly. After a few minutes of Jim pounding Lisa's pussy with his fingers and rubbing her clit at the same time, Lisa started to shudder as her pussy exploded in orgasm!

"Oh god that was great!" Lisa muttered as she tried to catch her breath. "Yeah I have been waiting for that for a long time!" replied Jim. "I know you have." "Did you enjoy yourself?" "Oh god you know I did Lisa, but it made me even hornier!" "I need to cum sooooo fucking bad right now it's not even funny!" "Can you please take this chastity off?" "I know you need to cum baby, but you still have one more test to go.

Just one more I promise." "Well let's get this damn test over already, so I can fuck your brains out!" "Okay Jim, since you have been such a good boy with all of this I will make you a deal." "What kind of deal?" questioned Jim Lisa went over to the night stand, opened the drawer and took out the strap-on dildo. "What the fuckkkkkkkk!" Jim stuttered. "This is your final test Jim. I want to fuck you in the ass!

I want to watch you take it for me!" "Lisa, there is no way I am going to do this! I'm not friggin gay!" Lisa went over and sat next to Jim on the bed. "Jim, this doesn't make you gay! You're either gay or not gay, you don't just turn gay one day.

Besides, you love pussy don't you?" "You know I love pussy!" replied Jim. "See then there is nothing to worry about! Besides, you haven't heard the deal yet. There is a chance you won't even have to do this for me." "What's the deal?' asked Jim "Well, I'm going to give you my pussy! If you can last more than five minutes without cumming, you won't have to go play or fuck teen with ayumi anime the final test." Jim's eyes were wide open.

"Five minutes? Hell yeah I can do that!" Jim blurted out! "So it's a deal?' Asked Lisa? "Hell yeah!" replied Jim. "Okay then, let's take that chastity off of you." Lisa removed Jim's chastity and his cock immediately began too rise. "Looks like somebody is excited huh Jim?

Don't get too excited now and finish too soon!" Lisa said with a slight smirk. "Don't worry I got this!" said Jim in a confident voice. Lisa pushed Jim down on the bed and straddled his chest. "You ready for my pussy baby?" Lisa asked and she slid her wet pussy on Jim's cock.

"Fuck yeah!" replied Jim Lisa lifted Jim's cock off of his body and slowly slid it in her pussy. "Ohhhhhhhh god that feels so fucking good!" moaned Jim as his head fell back on the pillow.

Slowly Lisa fucked Jim's swollen rock hard cock. Each time she slid her pussy up and down his cock she could see by Jim's facial expressions that he was trying to fight his impending orgasm. She knew that after almost two years without sex, plus the use of the chastity device that there was no way he was going to last even two minutes, let alone five.

After a minute of slowly milking his cock with her pussy she bent down towards Jim's head and started whispering in his ear. "You like how my pussy feels don't you?" "So fucking hot and dripping wet for you! You feel my horny blonde milf masturbates hardcore show homemade and camshow dripping down your hard cock?" Lisa could see that this was sweet torture for Jim and knew he was ready to explode!

She slid Jim's cock all the way out of her pussy so just the sensitive head of his cock was still in, and slowly fucked just the head of Jim's cock with her pussy. This sent Jim into another world and he started to flood Lisa's pussy with hot sticky cum. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Jim grunted as he came in Lisa's pussy. With an evil smirk on her face Lisa climbed off Jim's cock and lay next to him on the bed. "Wow that was great!" expressed Jim "I knew your sweet pussy was worth waiting for!" "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Jim, but you realize you only lasted three minutes right?" Jim looked over at the clock on the night stand.

"Oh fuck!" he blurted out! "It's not my fault! I haven't had sex in almost two years!" "You agreed to the deal Jim, so now you have to keep your end of the deal." "I'm sorry." He said in a low almost ashamed voice. "Its okay baby!" replied Lisa as she caressed his back. Lisa walked over to the nightstand and began to secure the straps of the strap-on to her waist. She had purchased a 9" realistic looking dildo for the occasion. She walked back over to where Jim was sitting at the edge of the bed.

Jim's facial expression was one of shock. "Buuuu…&hellip.tttt that's too big! It's going to hurt!" complained Jim. "You are going to do just fine Jim, don't worry. It will feel good once you get used to it." "Now lay down on your back. I'm going to fuck you missionary style." Jim hesitantly lay on the bed and Lisa attached his hands to the bed posts with the handcuffs that were still dangling there from earlier.

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Lisa then put two pillows under Jim's back so that she could have better access to his asshole. Lisa picked up the tube of lubricant from the night stand and started to rub it on her cock.

As she lubed up her plastic cock she looked directly into Jim's eyes. She could see the fear in his eyes building and she loved it! "Spread your legs nice and wide for me baby." She took a glob of lube and smeared it on Jim's asshole. "Ready baby?" "Ummm… I'm scared." "Its okay baby, just relax your ass and it won't hurt.

If you clench up it is going to hurt a lot." Lisa positioned the head of the strap-on at the opening of Jim's asshole and started to firmly apply pressure. Slowly the head of the strap-on started to penetrate Jim's ass and he inhaled sharply as the head disappeared into his ass. Lisa paused for a moment so that Jim could get used to size. "Relax baby, Relax! You're clenching up! I can feel it" "I can't help it!

It fucking hurts!" whined Jim. "I know it does, but you want to make me happy don't you Jim?" "Yeahhhhhhhh……I do!" Jim stuttered as he tried to fight the pain in his ass. "I got the head in you Jim, you are doing great. Just eight more inches to go baby!" Lisa put her hands on Jim's inner thighs and slowly, inch-by-inch she slid the strap-on deeper and deeper into Jim's ass. Lisa could feel Jim's legs quivering as she impaled him deeper and wet and ready for drilling hardcore blowjob. "That's it baby, don't try and fight it.

Just let it happen. Xxx 2019 sex stories story full sex stories your ass for me." Lisa almost had the whole nine inches buried in Jim's ass and her pussy was dripping down her legs at the sight of her new husband submitting to her! Jim let out a long moan as she drove the rest of the strap-on into his ass. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" "There we go baby, it's all the way in now!

You are being such a good boy!" "I know it hurts baby, but I'm doing this for your own good. Until you feel what us women have to go through for you men, you won't be able to appreciate us. You understand right?" Lisa questioned as she began to slowly fuck Jim's ass.

"Ohhhhh god yes I understand. Please no more." "Shhhhhhhhh Jim, no more talking now. I want you to be quiet. Just lay there and take it. I will stop when you cum, so the sooner you cum the sooner this will be over." Lisa smiled as Jim obediently put his head back down on the pillow. She watched as Jim pulled at his restraints and how his eyes rolled into the back of his head every time she drove the strap-on deep into his ass. She loved the feeling of power that the strap-on gave her! Slowly she began to pick up the pace as she fucked Jim, and as she did she could see a drop of precum forming at the tip of Jim's now half erect cock.

"Oh look at the cum oozing from your cock baby!" "That's making me so fucking horny!" Lisa moaned as she continued to relentlessly fuck Jim's ass. "I love watching this cock slide in and out of your tight ass!" "You are taking it so well!" Cum continued to ooze out of Jim's cock until a pool of it had collected under his cock.

Satisfied that Jim's balls were now drained of all his cum she slowly pulled the strap-on out of Jim's ass. She loosened Jim's restraints and sat next to him on the bed. "That made me so happy Jim! I love you!" Lisa said as she caressed Jim's head. "I love you too, replied Jim!" Lisa smiled and knew that she had found her perfect man!