Hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed

Hidden camera catches blonde masturbating in her tanning bed
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~Chapter 8~ "You sit on your balcony often?' I asked. "Almost nightly if the weather allows me to, sit out here, have a drink. I got this place really for the view." He called out.

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I nodded, still looking outside as I heard the door closed. I turned around to see Hot babe cory having a sensual affiar with milf sierra lesbian and nicole closing the door. He didn't say a word, just started walking towards me and took his wife-beater off, exposing his chest and tattoos.

I knew what was about to happen and I couldn't wait. I undid the belt of my dress, still looking at him, letting it fall to the floor. He took his sweatpants off, kicking them over to the side.

I pulled my dress over my head, standing in front of him in my red bra and thong. "Get on the bed." He said. I silently obeyed, sitting down on the edge of the bed, laying back.

"Goddamn you are sexy." He said rubbing my stomach. I smiled. He kissed my stomach, slowly and deliberately. My pussy started tingling. He worked his way up, kissing the cleavage of my breasts, up my sternum and onto my neck. He gently sucked on my neck, kissing a trail to my chin and my cheeks before finally slipping his tongue in my mouth. I welcomed his tongue. His hands rubbed my pussy through the fabric of my thong, slipping his finger inside. "Damn you are wet." He said.

"Now you know what happens when I get around you." "Oh is that right?" I nodded and smiled. He rubbed my clit, causing me to moan with pleasure. I used my hands to explore his body, rub his chest, feel the muscles in his back. He sat up and looked at me in the eyes while unclasping my bra and letting my breasts free. He started with the left breast first. Taking it in his mouth, flicking his tongue over the nipple, gently biting it with his teeth. "Ooo shit." I moaned as he moved over to the right nipple.

He devoured my breasts, all the while, still rubbing my pussy. I started squirming as an orgasm threatened to take over my body. "Patience." He said staring into my eyes. His tongue darting in and out of my ear, which happened to my most erotic spot. "Shit, do not tease me." I pleaded. He smiled a devilish grin. He licked down, down on my chest, down on my stomach before yanking the thong off.

"Damn.". He parted my legs and began licking my inner thigh. I rubbed his bald head, trying to gently push it over to my pussy and my throbbing clit. He teased me, placing gentle soft kisses on my thigh before finally attacking my pussy. "Oh shit!" I yelled. His tongue started by massaging my pussy, entering its depth, he concentrated on my clit with full force.

He parted my pussy lips, exposing me as he twirled his tongue all around, slurping up my pussy juices. I started grabbing the sheets, the pillow anything I could get my hands on. "What the fuck." I said out of breath sitting up to watch him eat my pussy. The sight of this man between my legs, his tongue bringing me pleasure was too much to handle.

He looked at me while his tongue glided up and down my pussy. "You like that?" he asked using his finger to rapidly rub my clit. "Yea." I said through gritted teeth.

"You gone let me fuck this pussy tonight?" "Hell yeah baby," He smiled and went back to eating and licking my clit. "Drell, I'm about to cum." I said my eyes getting big.

He went in even faster. "OOOOOOO SHHHHIIIITTTTT" I screamed, grabbing the pillow to cover my mouth as I screamed in it. Once he was satisfied with blowing my mind, he sat up and took his boxers off, revealing a perfectly long and thick 9'' dick. it was beautiful. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I licked my lips in excitement as I changed position and got on my knees. "No, sit redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital straight." He commanded. I sat on the edge of the bed, he walked over and stood in front of me. "This what you want?" he asked looking down at me. I amazing teen twat is nailed well homemade hardcore up at him and nodded, licking my lips.

"Yea" "Show me." I took my hand and wrapped it around the shaft. In my hand, it was so heavy, so big. There was no way I would be able to take it all, but I'd be damned if I wasn't going to try.

I closed my eyes and started kissing it, gently. I kissed it because I was damn near honored to meet it. I took the tip in my mouth, letting tongue swirl around it. Just having his dick in my mouth made my pussy splash.

I licked from the base up, nice and slow. I wanted to savor the taste of him on my tongue. He watched me, me looking up at him, him looking down at me. I smiled and I sucked a little harder, jacking the dick as I licked. "Oooo shit." He moaned. I picked up speed, I was ready to take this dick, by any means necessary. Drell reached behind and grabbed my hair, moving it out of my face.

He started moving his hips, forcing a little more to the back of my throat. I spit on his dick, rubbing it all along the shaft to the tip. "Yeah, do that shit." He said. I spit some more. "Suck it." I took it back in my mouth, sucking harder and faster.

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"Open your mouth wide." He said. I opened my mouth as Drell stood in front of me and started throat fucking me. It was amazing. His dick was beating the back of my throat, making me gag and damn near throw up on it. "Take that dick." he said. I nodded and continued sacrificing my mouth solely for his pleasure.

My eyes were watering; I kept trying to turn my head to keep from throwing up. Every time I turned my head, Drell gently slapped my face. "I said 'TAKE THAT MUTHAFUCKIN DICK!'" he yelled. While he throat fucked me, I spread my legs and began rubbing my pussy. I had wanted Drell to throat fuck me without mercy and now it was happening. "Ahhh fuck!" he yelled. I opened my eyes and saw that his head was back, his eyes closed and he was clinching his fists.

He was trying to keep from cumming. "Cum on baby." I said between gargles. "You want this nut?" he asked looking down, out of breath. I moaned my approval. He grabbed the back of my head and pounded my mouth.

Saliva was dripping all over his dick, I used my hand to catch the saliva and then rub it in my pussy. "Damn you nasty&hellip. Keep doing that shit." He said. I smiled and continued the pattern until he announced he was about to cum. "No." I said and stopped. "BITCH WHAT???" he yelled, I stood up and looked him in the eye.

"Not yet." I said kissing him and biting his lips. Anger and rage over took him and he threw me on the bed.

"Oh you wanna play?" he asked getting in between my legs. I smiled. "Bitch don't fuckin laugh!" "Yeah I wanna play." I said between gritted teeth as he picked my legs up in each hand and dragged me to the foot of the bed. Without warning, he slammed his full 9' dick into me.

It took my breath away. "GODDAMNIT!" I screamed. "Naw&hellip. take this dick.". My bottom lip was quivering. He picked up the pace and started pounding my pussy the way he did my mouth. "Oh shit baby." I said holding on to his arms. He pulled his dick out and slammed it back in. He looked down at me and smiling, gritting his teeth.

He took his hand and spit in it before rubbing the spit on my face. "Nasty bitch like getting spit on, don't you?" "Yeah." He fucked me like that for a while, angry that I denied him a nut earlier. "You like this dick?" "Yeah." "Say it louder bitch." Now I am not a fan of women being called "bitches" but there is something to be said about a man that is nasty and disrespectful in bed and backs it up with an amazing dick.

funny animation incest mother young son LIKE THIS DICK BABY!" He grabbed my right breasts squeezing it. "Damn this pussy is good&hellip. nice and tight&hellip.

yeah……you my bitch tonight." Hearing him call me his bitch brought on orgasm number two. "I'm cumming Drell……shit, I'm cumming." "I don't give a fuck, cum on this dick." I did as I was told and exploded on his dick with a loud bang.

"Shit baby&hellip. look at all that pussy juice." He said. I looked down and saw his dick coated with my pussy juice. "Come down here and clean it off." He said sitting down, lying back, out of breath, dripping sweat. I quickly moved down and grabbed his dick, putting it in my mouth and sucking it clean. "Ooo shit." He said as I attacked his dick, shoving it down my throat and gagging on it.

"I'm about to nut." I smiled. He grabbed my head and held it in place, thrusting his hips up. "You want this nut?" I moaned. "AHHH FUUUUCKKK" he yelled. I could feel the nut shooting to the back of my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could, not wanting to waste any. "Drink that shit baby." He said looking down at me. I slurped up every drop of cum, swallowed it down. "Damn, a woman that swallows, where have you been all my life?" Whatever I didn't get and dripped onto Drell, I licked up.

Cum was dripping onto his balls, I licked that up. It dripped onto his thigh, I got that as well. I made sure his balls and dick were licked clean. "Shit baby." He said out of breath. "Yeah&hellip.shit." I said collapsing next to him. I stared at the ceiling, sweating and out of breath. "Keela Keela Keela…" he sung.

I laughed. "Don't even think about going anywhere, we aren't done&hellip.that was just round one." He said trying to threaten me. I laughed again. "Ready when you are." I announced.

~Chapter 9~ Not too long after that, my eyes flickered open. I awoke to the sound of Drell fast asleep and snoring. I slowly moved out of the bed and tried to gather my things, hoping to sneak out. I was a big believer in sleeping in my own bed. I grabbed my bra, but in the darkness, I couldn't find my thong. I looked around as best I could, but couldn't find it anywhere as Drell was still snoring.

I tiptoed out the bedroom, down the hall and quickly threw my dress over my head, stuffing the bra into my purse. I slipped out the front, locking the bottom lock and making a dash for the elevators. I was doing a walk of shame, big time. No panties or bra on and I still had to wait for valet to bring my car around. Later that day, I woke up well after noon. My cell phone had died and my throat was on fire. I stumbled into my kitchen to make some green tea.

I started my jetted bath tub and sprinkled bath salts while the water poured in. I stood naked in the bathroom, examining my body. I looked like I went to war. My makeup was smeared. My eyeliner was smeared. My neck had bruises on it, my breasts were sore, probably from all of the biting. My chest was red. I looked a mess. My pussy was sore from being beat up. I sighed as I put my hair into a messy ponytail. Finally, after my bath, I turned my phone on. Not even two minutes and it was chiming with messages.

'Where are you? Are you home? Why did you leave?' 'I tried calling you, but it's going to vm.' 'Keela, please call me back, or just text me and let me know you are good.' I hit "reply" 'Sorry, you were sleep, I slipped out and came home. My phone died pretty much after I was knocked out.' Within a minute, my phone was ringing. "Hello?" 'Damn Keela, you had me worried." Drell said.

'Sorry, didn't mean to worry you." "You didn't have to leave.". "I know, I wanted to come home and I didn't want to disturb you." "You good?" "Yeah, sore, but good." "Sore huh?". "Yeah." "You got plans today?" "No, you?" "Yeah, a friend of mine and I are having dinner tonight." He said. I got quiet, unsure of what to say. "Ok, well&hellip.should be nice." I said.

It was his turn to be quiet. "I better get going, I have some emails I need to answer." I lied trying to get off the phone. I didn't talk to Drell the rest of the day. The weekend was quiet, just what I needed and wanted.

I went a little too hard in my sexcapade with Drell. The first time I took a piss, I thought I would scream. That's how I knew he beat my pussy up right, when it hurt to pee. "Cherie, I will be working from home today." I said that Monday morning. "You ok?" she asked pretty girlie caresses love tunnel hardcore blowjob surprised. "Yeah, I just need a mental day." "Ok, I will forward your calls." "Thanks, I have my state cell and I will answer emails as best I can." The case would resume pasty white big tits fucking huge big dick tube porn Wednesday, so I figured one day would not kill me.

'So you took off today? I called your office, but your secretary said you were out' the message from Drell read. 'Yeah, I did, how are you?' 'I am good, just finished getting some warrants together.' 'Nice, has it been busy?' 'Not too bad, I was hoping to take you to lunch' 'Raincheck?' I waited for his response. 'How about dinner?' 'When?' 'You free tonight?' As soon as I read the message, my pussy jumped.

'Tonight is fine' 'Your place or mine?' 'Yours' I replied. At 7:16 that evening, the elevator doors opened on his floor. "Hello." Drell said opening the door.

"Hi." "I just need to finish getting dressed and then we can head out." I looked at him up and down. He had on basketball shorts, no boxers, and an Alabama tank shirt.

"Or you could just wear what you have on." I smiled. He looked down and shrugged. "Yeah, I could&hellip. Nothing wrong with wearing this considering where we are going." "Which is where?" "McDonald's" he called back over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes and followed him. His clothes were laid out on the bed, his iron and ironing board in the corner. I could still smell the starch in the air that he had used.

His room looked different in the daylight than it did when last I saw it. "I changed the sheets." He said. "I noticed." I said. "Wet spots are uncomfortable to sleep on." He said. "Sorry." "You should have stayed the night." "I just like my bed, it's Heavenly." "I will have to find out for myself." "No really, I got the Heavenly bed, like the one at the Westin." "Nice." he said walking up to me. He was close, so close to me.

I closed my eyes, inhaling his body wash scent. It was making me dizzy. Without warning, I reached up and pulled his face down to mine and slipped him my tongue. I started rubbing his bald head as we kissed.

His hands cupped my ass, my arms wrapped around his neck. My mouth was wet for him. My pussy was getting wet as his hands moved up and down me. I pushed him back and got down on my knees. "Oooo shit." He said as I pulled his shorts down and uncaged his beast. I took the base of his dick in my hand and started sucking it.

I closed my eyes and relished the taste of his dick on my tongue.

I kissed the sides of it, sucked on the tip. I slid it deep inside my mouth, until it hit the back of my throat and hummed on it. I sucked it as lady-like as I possibly could.

"Damn baby." Drell said, his head back. I sucked his dick like I loved it, because I loved how it tasted in my mouth. My pussy was throbbing but for that moment, it was all about him. I wanted that nut and was devoted to getting it out. I sucked faster, jacking it with my hand. I slurped up the sides, twirled my tongue around it and even massaged his balls as I sucked.

"Shit I'm about to nut." He said. I made a sound letting him know that's exactly what I wanted. His hips started jerking back and forth, his dick hitting my throat again. "FFUUUUCCCCKKK" he yelled as his nut shot to the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed, it was shooting out so much.

Hot liquid with a salty taste. There was a slight hint of sweetness to it. I devoured the entire cum shot he graciously gave to my mouth before standing up. "Damn Keela." He said staggering back against the wall. I smiled, proud of myself. I wiped my mouth with my hand and went into the bathroom to wash my hands. I used his Listerine mouthwash to do a quick cleanup. I walked into the guest bathroom and locked the door. My pussy was pulsating. I needed to cum, but I wasn't ready for Drell to fuck me, not yet.

I unbuttoned my dress and took my panties off. I sat on the counter, spreading my legs open. I licked my index and middle fingers, before rubbing my enlarged clit. God, it felt good. It was so wet and so warm. I rubbed in a circular motion, closing my eyes and imagining the shit I wanted Drell to do to me. I let my head fall back and I rubbed my pussy with my right hand, grabbing my breasts with the left hand. I stuck my fingers inside my pussy, letting them go in nice and easy before picking up the speed.

I wanted Drell to ease into me before pounding and ramming his fat dick deep inside my walls. The thought of him unloading a hot nut inside me was making my pussy seize with excitement.

I finger fucked myself right there on the bathroom counter. My legs spread open, my pussy making noises the more I rubbed.

I could feel an orgasm coming. I looked around the bathroom and grabbed the hand towel that was hanging up, stuffing it into my mouth. I didn't want Drell hearing me cum. I bit down hard big natural tit girl sucks cock gets sperm shower I exploded all over my fingers. My juices were dripping out onto the counter. I was shaking. My heart was racing at a 100 mph. I took brazilian mamita sucks hard shlong hardcore and blowjob fingers out of my dripping pussy and looked at them.

I wiped my juices on my lips, savoring my own taste. All that damn pineapple was paying off. I regained my composure and got off the counter, washing my hands and wiping the sink down. "You ok in there?" Drell asked. I cleared my throat. "Yea&hellip.yeah, almost done." I said flushing the toilet and pulling my panties back up.

I re-buttoned my dress and smoothed out the wrinkles. "I am ready when you are." He announced outside the door. "Ok." I said refolding the hand towel and putting it back where it was. I took a deep breath and walked out the bathroom to find Drell waiting for me by the front door.

~Chapter 10~ We went to Bones Steakhouse in Buckhead. Drell had already made reservations and we were led to our table, in the back corner "This is nice." I said looking around at all the photos on the walls.

"I love their steak." "I do as well, surprised you wanted to come here." "I love a good piece of meat." He said not looking up at me. "I'm sure, I do as well." "Oh I know you do." His hand squeezed my thigh. I jumped as the waiter walked up to greet us and take the order. "Let's start with the 'Crab and Lobster Napoleon with Chardonnay Cream' please." Drell ordered.

"I want to do a rib-eye." I announced. "I am sticking to what I know, a creature of habit&hellip. the porterhouse." He said. "Yeah, I will do the bone-in rib-eye, 24-ounce, and add a Maine Lobster Tail." "Let me get the Porterhouse, medium well&hellip. She will have hers medium well also." Drell said. "What sides would you like?" "Mashed potatoes with truffle butter and we can share&hellip.the steamed broccoli?" Drell said looking at me for approval.

"Sure." I nodded. "Would you like a drink?" the waiter asked. "I will do the Sineann pinot grigio." I said "I will do a Bourbon." "This meal will be a fucking car payment by the time we are done." I laughed. Drell shrugged. "It's worth it&hellip. You are worth it." "So&hellip." I began. He leaned in, sipping his drink. "Inquiring minds want and need to know&hellip." "Yes?

You can ask me anything." "Your house&hellip." He leaned back and laughed. "Wondering how can I afford it?" he asked. I nodded and sipped my wine. "A little." I confessed. "You're not the first one to wonder. No, I am not in illegal activity and no, I am not a trust-fund baby." He paused. "My ex-wife had some money from a settlement she got. We had the place together, but I got it in the divorce." I nodded.

"I didn't ask for anything, but the house." "How long have you been divorced?" "Two years." "Amicable?" "Uhhh&hellip. I wouldn't say that. She cheated on me and she wanted to be with the other person." "Wow." "She met a woman and the rest is history." I almost spit out my wine. "She left you for another woman?" He nodded. "I'm sorry." "It stung, but what I didn't know or understand was why she got married if she knew what she wanted was a woman. I filed for divorce once she told me that was where she wanted to be, with her.

So&hellip. I got the house, which is paid for and I am essentially free, for the most part, financially. I only really have a few bills and my car note." "How fantastic blonde gets nailed in a gangbang after you got divorced did you start fucking around?" "Oh I went german couple picked up for first sex tape wild, that shit hit my manhood hard, I can't even lie." He laughed.

"So you were out giving that dick to all kinds of women?" "Pretty much, and being in probation, I meet all kinds of women." "Did you ever&hellip. with a probationer?" "No, hell no, I value my freedom too much, but I have smashed a few coworkers." He shrugged. "Yeah, wow…" "So, that's how I got the house." "I noticed the cameras in the bedroom&hellip." He threw his back and laughed out loud. "Let's just say&hellip. I enjoy being on film. I told you my hobby was photography.

I also like watching videos of myself and women I have been with." "Did you tape me??" I asked. "No, I wouldn't tape anyone without their explicit permission." He said.

"So, if I want to be taped, you would do it?" I asked. "I would love to tape us." I sat back, looked around the restaurant and sighed. "Well, thank you for telling me. I was wondering." "Now, my turn." He said. "Okay." "What's your deal? Why aren't you married?" I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

"I was engaged before; he was killed in a car accident my final year in law school." "Damn." "So… I dated a little bit here and there, but I haven't met anyone where it got serious, well&hellip. Not really. I have one ex, he is a state trooper, that was pretty intense but&hellip. We aren't together." "Do you want to be serious or do you want to do what we are doing?" "What ARE we doing?" "It seems to me we are being casual, with some good fucking." I laughed.

"I am open to serious, just haven't met the right one but&hellip." I began moving closer to him. "I like this casual thing we are doing." I whispered in his ear seductively. "Don't start something you can't finish ma'am." I smiled as I gently touched his thigh. ~Chapter 11~ An hour later, the car pulled up from valet and we hopped in. "Thank you sir." Drell said giving him a tip. "That meal was delicious, thank you." I said putting my seatbelt on.

"Good, I aim to please." "Oh you please&hellip.you please very well." I grabbed and rubbed his thigh. I kept my hand there as we turned on Piedmont Rd. "It's a gorgeous night." Drell said opening the sunroof of his Nissan Maxima. It could have been the combination of wine and the breeze, but I had that taste in my mouth again.

As we pulled onto the highway, I reached over and undid Drell's belt. "What&hellip. What are you doing?" "Shhh." "Keep your eyes on the road." I instructed. I unzipped his pants, undid the top button and reached in. His dick was soft as I pulled it out and looked at it. I undid my seatbelt and moved my body over, to reach it better.

I took the tip in my mouth as Drell let out a slow moan. I kissed it; I sucked on the tip, before taking it all in my mouth. "Ohhhh shit." I sucked on it, using my hand to rub it up and down. I opened my mouth wider as it grew in my mouth.

Within a few minutes, his pre-cum was on my tongue. I moved closer just as Drell started to accelerate. "Damn baby." I looked up at him, still jacking his dick as we moved over to the HOV lanes, speeding towards downtown Atlanta. "Keep sucking that dick." I went back to work, easing my mouth down, sucking and slurping it up. "Damn this dick is good." I said running my hand up and down the shaft.

I put the tip back in my mouth, moving my tongue all around it. While I enjoyed sucking dick, I LOVED sucking Drell's big dick. It was warm in my mouth, smooth with the veins popping out. I sucked harder and harder. I spit on the dick, lapping it up like a dog. "Damn, I am about to cum." I went faster; I wanted blacked my gf likes his big black cock a little too much load to shoot in my mouth.

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I could hear the engine roaring as we sped down the highway. "Right there&hellip. right there baby." He said, his right hand resting on my head. He started grabbing my hair and pushing it down, further on his dick. His dick was huge, it was hitting my throat and I was gagging, but determined to make him shoot his thick, hot cum in my mouth. "FUCK!" he yelled. There it was, the moment I was waiting for&hellip.

his cum shot in my mouth, thick, sweet and warm, like caramel. I swallowed and kept sucking. "No&hellip. nooooooo" I wouldn't stop, I was ravenous. I kept sucking, getting every drip of his nectar out.

"Shit baby&hellip. You gotta stop." He whined. I loved his whining. "KKKEEEEELLLLAAAA&hellip. oh fuck&hellip. baby&hellip. stop&hellip. you gotta…… you gotta stop." He said out of breath. I refused and kept on sucking, slurping and swallowing, in that order. His dick was slowly going back down. "Shit&hellip. oh shit&hellip." He said, both hands now gripping the steering wheel. Out the corner of my eye, I could see the blue reflection of lights hitting the car.

"Oh FUCK!" he yelled. I stopped and popped my head up. Sure enough, the blue lights were behind us. "Put it back in." he said. I quickly stuck his dick back into his boxers.

"Oooo shit, be gentle baby." He said. "Sorry." I my dirty hobby gorgeous milf teased and fucked his pants up, leaving the button undone.

"Calm down and just pull over." I instructed. He pulled over, wiping his forehead as I wiped my mouth with tissue I found in the glove compartment. "Where the fuck is my wallet?" He looked all around the car, before finding it. "Deep breath." I said touching his arm. We came to a complete stop. Drell let his driver's side window down. "Hello, I'm Sergeant Hawkins with the State Patrol, can I see your license please?" Drell handed it over. The trooper looked down at it, using his flashlight to the read the information.

"Mr. Dawgly, the reason I stopped you is because I caught you on radar going 110, in a 65" he began. "I&hellip. I am so sorry trooper" The trooper bent down to get a better look into the car. "Any reason as to why you were going so fast?" "No, I wasn't aware I was going that fast." He stuttered.

The trooper looked over at me, I was resting my head on the passenger side. As soon as he said his name, I rolled my eyes.

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"Ms. Wallace?" the trooper asked. "Yes." "How are you?" "I am fine Sergeant Hawkins, how are you?" "You two know each other?" Drell asked. I nodded. "Yes, I know Ms. Wallace&hellip. Tell you what, sit tight for me and I will be right back." The trooper walked off. "How do you know him?" "That's the trooper I told you about, I dated him." I confessed.

He laughed. "Wow." "It was a while ago, about five months ago&hellip. We dated for like&hellip. I don't know&hellip. Seven, eight months." "Hmmmm" "Ended bad or good?" "He ended it." I said. "That doesn't answer my question." He said.

"It wasn't the best breakup, but he chose to leave." Drell nodded. "Well, hopefully he isn't pissed in order to give me a ticket. 110?? Damn woman!" Hawkins came back up to the window. "Here is your license. Mr. Dawgly, please slow down&hellip. Ms. Wallace, can you help Mr. Dawgly to slow down?" I smiled. "Yes, I can." "Thank you Sergeant." Drell said. "You two be safe." Hawkins paused for a moment, bent down, looking at me, both hands resting on the car.

"Goodnight Sergeant Hawkins, be safe." I finally said. We pulled off. "So&hellip. What was that? He left you?" Drell asked. "Yeah, he decided to end things," "Another woman?" "He got back with his ex-girlfriend." "Oh&hellip. Damn." "I haven't seen him in months. No contact, nothing." "Well, don't be surprised if he calls you." Drell said.

I shrugged. "No need to call me, but I am sure he knows why you were speeding." "Oh, you have hq porn jav liseli banyoda that before?" Drell asked.

"Well&hellip." "I don't even need to know." He laughed.