Breasty beauteous cutie wriggles on cock pornstar hardcore

Breasty beauteous cutie wriggles on cock pornstar hardcore
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"So what do you look for in a woman" she said. "Well physically, slim, brunette, tight bum, sexy legs, boobs not too big.

Apart from that, good fun, likes to laugh, easy to get along with, sense of humour. You know, the usual stuff!!" "Ah, ok, so are you saying that cause that describes me and want to get into my knickers then?" "Well I wouldn't say that, thought getting into your knickers would be a bonus" I said with a smile.

We'd been sat talking for a while. Had a drink or two. Sitting by the window in a bar I'd not been to before. People walking by outside in the rain. Water streaming down the window. Nice bar though, not been here before, good atmosphere, relaxing. Good subdued lighting and some background music. I'll come here again. My pal had set us up, friend of a friend she is, Emily, apparently we'd get on well.

He was right, we are. She's nice. He did warn me she likes to take control, not quite sure what he meant by that, or how he'd know. I had asked him what he meant, but he just said 'if you get on ok and she likes you she seems to be able to get you to do things maybe you wouldn?t normally do". Sounds fun I'd said, so here I anal threesome for a blonde teen fucking and sucking, having a good time, drink, good foot and very nice company with a hot girl.

"So" She said, "how's your sex life?:" I almost spat out my drink. What? That's a bit personal I thought, and a bit soon I hardly knew her and she's asking stuff about my sex life. Not that I'm bothered actually, guess it means she likes me. I'll play along, see where it goes.

"Crap. Well maybe not crap, but I don't meet many women so I guess you would say its slow. I'm not normally too good at talking to other women, a bit shy perhaps, but give me a drink or two and I loosen up a bit. Maybe I've not really found the right person to be with" Why was I telling her this stuff. On the one hand I don't mind but on the other hand, I'm talking to an almost complete stranger about my sex life.

Feels a bit weird. She's nice though, definitely someone I'd want to take to bed. About my age, 40 (ish) I guess. Daren't ask her that, not the done thing is it. She looked at me with a grin, or was that a smile, or maybe even a smirk, and asked "So in the bedroom do you like to take charge?" Getting more personal these questions.

Was feeling pretty relaxed now though, probably the drink. "I do, I think women like that, to be told what to do. From my 'limited' experience I think that's what they want and not sure they complain'" "Did you ask them? Maybe they feel taken advantage of?" "No I don't ask, we just go with it I guess. The girls I've been with seem to enjoy themselves. I like to make sure they orgasm" "I should hope you do, women aren't just for family webcam sex xxx hot ballet girl orgy own pleasure you know, we have needs too" "I Didn't mean it like that" "I know.

I'm only joking with you. Anyway, one more drink? I go get them" "Yes ok, last one though, I'm a bit of a lightweight with booze. Whisky and coke please, single shot though" She got up, and wandered off to the bar.

I watched her go. Couldn't help notice her nice bum as she walked away. Those skinny jeans fitted here well. I waited, looked out the window. Watched the people walk by in the rain, umbrellas up, coats on. Wet. Getting dark too.

Autumn is here, winter is coming. She's nice I thought. Like to see her again. Wonder what she makes of me. One more drink then the awkward bit, what next. I don't really want to eat or drink anything else. Club? Not really my thing. See how it goes, she might have plans. "Right then, drink up" she said as she sat herself down opposite, putting the drink in front of me.

"Thanks, so you've asked me some personal questions, what about you" "Ah that's simple, I'm the boss. Men do as their told" "I'd sort of heard that" "Says who" "Paul, who set us up together" "Hmmm, Paul would know" "What do you mean by that?" "You'll see". Said with a tint of a wicked smile.

"Drink up" Bossy she is, can sort of see what Paul meant. Picked up my drink, hoping it's not too strong and took a big sip That's nice, cold, not too much whisky, though did have a funny taste to it. Maybe it's the whiskey they used, or the coke I guess.

"And in what way do you like to take control" I asked "Well I get men to do what I want them to do, whether they want to or not" "You can't get people to do things they don't want to" "Yes you can, you just need the right tools" "What tools?" "Well, how's your drink?" "It's ok thank you, slightly odd taste to it though, did you see what whisky they put in it?" "It's not the drink, it's what I put in it that's given it that taste" "What did you do?" "As I said, one of my 'tools'.

I'll see if its working. Come and sit round here, next to me" Now I felt a bit odd.

I was quite happy sitting opposite. Nicer to see the person you're talking to that sit next to them I think. But I felt a strong compulsion to do as she asked. Whether I wanted to or not. I don't mind actually. She's not making me do as she wants.

I don't mind. I got up, she got up to and let me have the window seat "OK, now finger me" "Excuse me? Now, here? People will see" "No they won't, and anyway, I'm sure you want to" I did, I really did, the thought of putting my hand in her knickers, feeling her pussy, getting her wet really turned me on.

I ran my hand up her thigh, under her skirt and she slightly parted her legs revealing what felt like some lace knickers. I ran my fingers over her pussy, hidden behind some already wet knickers. She was looking at me, smiling.

I ran two fingers over the outside of her knickers, up and down her slit. Ever so lightly. With one finger I lifted up her knicker elastic and with the other slid my finger over her wet pussy lips. I felt her move in her seat. With one finger inside her knickers the other one joined in and she was getting very wet. I ran them all over her pussy, feeling her wetness, and slipped a finger inside her.

She moaned. I'm sure people could see what was going on, I didn't care. She maintained eye contact so I guess people assumed we were chatting, if anyone even cared. I moved my finger in and out and at the same time my other finger played with her clit, which was now swollen and hard.

"I should stop, people will see, we'll get kicked out" "No, you won't stop till you make me cum. And I want you to get your cock out with the other hand and play with it. No-one can see what you're doing so long as you play slowly" and with that she put her hand on the large bulge in my jeans and started grosse bite et tout le foutre dans ma bouche mstoryporno unzip me. Took a bit of fiddling but she released my very hard dick which felt wonderful to be out of its constraint.

She grabbed hold of my other hand, guided it to my dick. "Now play, and no cumming" I continued teasing her clit with one finger, the other slowly pushing in and out of awesome girlfriend anal banged on sex tape very wet pussy.

Bit tricky getting some momentum with her knickers in the way a bit but her breathing had increased and her wetness was running down my fingers. It felt amazing. I was struggling to concentrate on her, and doing my self but soon got into a rhythm. The faster I fingered her the faster I was masturbating myself. I'm sure people would see but I wasn't about to look around and check. I could feel myself starting to build my orgasm.

I know she was close too as her eyes told a story all in themselves. Not sure who was going to cum first but she'd said I wasn't allowed to cum, so I slowed my own strokes. I was so excited with her wetness and what I was doing it was hard not to cum from just the thought. I wanted to taste her there. My tongue ached to be there, sucking on her clit, licking up her juices. I carried on, adding a third finger. Two inside her, one on her clit, and increased my speed to a steady temp.

I knew she was cumming soon. She was struggling to maintain control of her breathing. "Don't stop" she said" Don't you dare" I didn't stop, thrust my fingers in as deep as I could, and put her hand on my cock. She started jerking me up and down way too fast. She'd make me cum like that. Just as I was starting to think I was going to shoot my load her breathing changed, she started holding her breath, her legs closed a bit around my fingers restricting movement.

I knew she was close.

Deeper, harder, faster I went and she held her breath. Looked at me with begging eyes, closed them, and her legs and arched her back, biting her lip. I felt her cum. The pulsing of her pussy on my fingers. I carried on, slowing down as her orgasm faded. She let go of my dick. My erection hard and dribbling pre-cum.

"Now see, you can do as you're told. Do yourself up. We're leaving" She said as she composed herself. She looked a bit flushed. I imagine I looked frustrated. We left the bar. She must be soaking wet down there. And I was struggling to contain the obviously bulge in my trousers as we walked outside. "Take me to your house" We hailed a cab, hardly saying a word to each other. I was so horny now. Not sure I could have cum in that bar, what would I have done with all that mess?

Would have been all over the underside of the table, and on my jeans. Rather hard to hide. Ten minutes later we were at my door.

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I opened it, turned on the lights and went to the kitchen. "Drink?" "No thank you. I want you to strip. Show me where the bedroom is.

Go in there and strip. I'll go freshen up. When I get back I expect you naked and lying on the bed" Who henessy in fitness babe loves public sex I to complain. Might finally get that release I so desperately needed I went to my bedroom. At least it was clean and tidy. Bit of a neat freak. Put the bedside lights on and stripped.

Quickly. Just the thought of seeing her naked was enough to get me hard as I did so. No sooner had I removed my pants and about to get into bed she appeared.

This was all a new experience to me, be told what to do. Didn't feel right but to be honest it was fabulous. I'd like to switch it around though, show her what it's like the other way around. "Come here, kiss me" No objection from me. I went to her, naked and erect. Pulled her to me and kissed those lips. My God they were lovely. So soft. I held the back of her head with one hand, the other moved down her back to her bum.

My tongue exploring her mouth. I pulled her into me. I'm sure she could feel my hardness against her stomach. I wanted her. I wanted to taste her. Feel her nipples between my teeth, suck on her clit. I needed to see her naked. I pushed her away slightly. Reached to her front and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. I tried to pace myself but I need to see her. All of her. With the blouse quickly removed I took off her bra and her luscious boobs were free.

They were awesome. The perfect size. Her erect nipples were just begging to be touched, kissed, pinched. I kissed her once more and bending my knees slowly moved my tongue down here body.

Kissing her neck, her collarbones, her breasts. Taking a nipple into my mouth I sucked on it hard. And gave it a slight nibble. She gasped, holding my head not wanting me to stop. I didn't want to. I gave each nipple some much needed attention until they were both very hard, much like my cock. But now I needed to taste her pussy. I knelt on the floor, and pulled her skirt, and knickers, in one move to the floor. Lifted each foot out of them.

There she was, naked. Her pussy, shaved, was wet. I could see the wetness on her pussy lips. I could smell her. Her scent was driving me wild, I need to taste her. I pushed her legs apart. "Lean against the wall" I said She leant back, spreading her legs again. I buried my face between them. She gasped, grabbing my hair. She tasted lovely.

OMG she was so wet. Pushed my tongue inside her as far as it would go. In and out. Pulling out I licked this aint fast furious xxx 5 aimee black toward her clit. Sucking it into my mouth. I sucked, and at the same time massaged it with my tongue as fast as I could. It seemed to drive her wild.

Up and down her slit, sucking her clit. I was in heaven. Think she was too. I put to fingers inside her. They slid in easily. Angled them towards me and made a 'come hither' motion putting pressure on her g spot. At the same time sucking on her clit, teasing it with my tongue. She was so wet now. Her juices running down my chin. I loved it. She pushed my head into her. She didn't want me to move, stop, change anything. I had no intention of stopping.

I felt her orgasm building. She moaned. Her breathing increased again, I knew she was close. I pushed into her as far as I could, increasing the speed of my fingers on her g spot and my tongue on her clit. Her juices flowed quickly into my mouth. The taste was fabulous. "Oh shit, I'm cumming'" I heard her say. I knew that anyway. With one final hard suck of her clit she came.

Juices flowing down my chin. My fingers covered. I felt her pussy spasm with contractions. I didn't want it to stop. She was breathing hard. It seemed to last forever. "Oh my God that was amazing. Not sure how I managed to stay standing" "Me neither, that's what the wall is for.

It's not for holding up the ceiling you know" She laughed "Lets get into bed" No objection from me. I needed to cum She pulled back the sheets, got in and looked at me "Come here then, and sit on me" OK. I can do that. I got onto the bed, straddled her. God she had a lovely figure. And looked her in the eyes "You can't cum till I let you you know. You are to do as you're told tonight.

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So I want you to play with yourself. I might let you cum" I sat on her stomach, looking at her face, and boobs. I wanted to fuck her. Hard and fast. Maybe I can later. My erect dick ached to be touched. "Come on then, do it.

Grab your dick, and play with it. Fast" I started to move my hand up and down my hard shaft. It felt good. Already pre-cum was leaking out. Slowly I masturbated. "That's not fast, faster. I need to see a look of frustration in your eyes. Desperation. Young teens have a bathroom sex homemade amateur it faster.

And rub that pre-cum over your dick so its nice and wet, you've ready made lube" She was right. I did have a lot of pre-cum, dribbling down my hard, erect cock. I massaged the head, getting my palm really wet then rubbed that wetness all over. Getting nice and slippery I started pumping faster.

Nice steady fast rhythm. Looking into her eyes, and at her boobs I longed for her. She smiled back at me "Faster, but don't cum" Faster I went. My hand a blur up and down my wet shaft, lubricating itself. I could feel an orgasm building "Faster" Wasn't sure I could do it faster, but I did. Felt amazing. "I want you to edge, to get to almost cumming but not. Stop and start again. At that speed. I want you to edge at least 20 times or until I say you can amateur teen getting machine fucked on webcam. If it take 15 mins or so then so be it" I can't do it for that long I though, never tried edging.

Try anything once though I was so hard, and as I got closer to orgasm, and stopped just before, I felt my cock get even harder, the head especially got more swollen.

I wanted to cum, but at the same time didn't. She's such a tease, looking at me with those lovely eyes with a sort of pleading expression on her face. Her eyes moving between looking at my hard cock being pumped furiously up and down and the look on my face which surely said 'I need to come' I almost came again, caught it just in time, so that's 2 edges.

I needed to stop for a break or I'd surely orgasm "Hey" Emily said "I didn't say you could stop, I said you weren't allowed to cum so when you stop that orgasm you need to masturbate again within a second or two" OK, back to it, but it didn't take long for me to come close again, second break and at it again. My cock was on edge, super sensitive. Pre-cum dripping down my shaft acting as natural lube.

I couldn't do more than a few strokes before I had to stop again, each time bringing me closer to orgasm and the head more swollen. I was going to explode She saw the pained look on my face. "You want to cum don't you" I little thai girls anal porn xxcccxc young. "Ok, 1 more minute, then let go" That last minute seemed like an hour.

Every couple of strokes I had to stop. I must have edges 5 or 6 times in that final minute. "Times up, you can cum" That was all I needed to hear. I did a few slower strokes as I was right there anyway. I could feel the orgasm building at the base of my cock, I was going to explode with cum. She knew that too, looked at me and smiled. As she did so I came. The first splurt from my dick splattering her face, just above her eyes.

"Ah, that's what I want to see, all that lovely cum" There was loads of it, it kept streaming out in big, powerful splurts, over her face, her breasts and dribbled down my still hard cock onto her stomach.

The release was amazing. I'd not cum so hard all my life. I looked down at her, relief overcoming me. "Get a tissue and clean me up" she said I leant over her to the bedside table to the box of tissues, and gently wiped my cum from her very sexy body.

I was knackered. "Good boy, you did as you were told, now come lie down next to me" I did as I was told, I wanted to hold her now, cuddle up and sleep. I lay there thinking about what I'd done.

It was a new experience being told what to do sexually, quite liberating. But next time, if there was a next time between us, I hope there is, then I'm going to be in charge, see how she takes that. We lay there looking at each other. It felt like we'd known each other for ages. "So are you staying the night" I asked "I'd like to, unless you want to call me a cab" "No that's fine, I'd love you to stay" And with that, she turned over away from me and went to sleep.

Guess it must be late.

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I've no idea. I snuggled into her and dreams entered my mind within seconds. When I woke, it was just starting to get light outside. I glanced at my watch on the bedside table, 7am. Emily was fast asleep on her back. She looked beautiful.

I lay and stared at her for a while, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful and content. Right, my turn now I thought. I turned back to my bedside table, opened the draw and pulled out a red cloth bag. My goody bag. Inside was a selection of different length ribbon. I took them out, got out of bed slowly, careful not to wake her and moved to the bottom of the bed.

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Conveniently one of her feet was near the corner of the bed, so I gently wrapped the end of the ribbon around her ankle, tying it so her foot couldn't come free, and pulled a length of the ribbon to wrap around the end corner small bedpost. She didn't move. Good. I secured that end. One leg done. The other would be more tricky. Her legs weren't together asi la montamos gorda brunoymaria follando en publico they weren't that far apart either.

I wrapped another end of one of the ribbons around her other ankle, secured the knot and pulled a length to the other bedpost. Now I need to pull that foot closer to this bedpost. How am I going to do that? She might wake up! Slowly. Inch by inch I pulled on the end of the ribbon at the corner bedpost, and her foot got closer, her legs further apart. She slept. I took my time, it must have taken almost 5 mins but eventually her legs were far enough apart, her foot close enough to the post.

Perfect I thought. I secured her other foot. Now for her hands. She'll wake up for sure. One hand was just under the pillow, I could see it sticking out.

I'll try that first. Luckily again it was close enough to be a simple case of wrap the ribbon and tie it. One hand left, but that was under the sheets. I slowly pulled the sheets back to reveal her naked body. Gorgeous. I could feel an erection starting just from looking at her. I got the ribbon out, and started to wrap the end around her wrist. "Hey" she woke with a start "what are you doing?" She tried to sit up, and realised her legs and one wrist were secured to the bed "Getting my revenge" I said with a cheek grin and smiled at her.

Now give me your free hand She obliged "OK, well this could be interesting, what are you going to do to me" "You'll see. Needless to say you're going to become as frustrated as you made me feel last night" and with that comment I secured her wrist to the bedpost. And there she was, naked, spread-eagled naked on my bed. What a site she was. Stunning. I went back to my bedroom drawer and pulled out the magic wand vibrator.

"What are you doing with that, it's for girls, do you bring lots of girls back here?" "No, not at all. Anyway, it's for massage" Now lie still, you'll like this, I hope.

I plugged it into the electric socket, and took the wand part, lay it next to the top of her inner thigh, resting the head on her pussy. I pushed it close onto her already wet pussy lips, and pulled her outer lips so they wrapped ever so slightly around the wand head. I took the ribbon I had left, and wrapped it around the wand securing it to her thigh.

"Right, try and wriggle your leg for me" She did, the wand stayed put. Good I thought, and turned it on. She shuddered. "Oh my God that's strong" "I know" I said. Let me find the right setting for you. I scrollled though them, finding a nice variable one. From slow to fast and back to slow vibration.

"Ooooh that feels good" "I hope so, its going to be there for a while, I'm going to take a shower, have fun" and with that I got up off the bed and went to the door. Looking over at her on the way out the look of shock was a joy. "Well, you bugger, don't be long you'll have me cum in no time" "I know, that's the plan, and if you do, then you'll have to put up with the sensations till I return anyway" I left the bedroom door open. Listening to her breathing and the sound of the vibrator as I went to the bathroom.

I took my time in the shower. Wondered if she'd cum or not and if she could stand the vibration if she did. I washed, shaved, did my teeth. All clean and refreshed. Once done I walked back into the bedroom. She was writhing around. "Turn it off, turn it off, I can't stand it anymore" "Did you cum?" "Yes, and for God sake turn it off, PLEASE" "Not yet.

I want to see you cum" I turned the speed down so she calmed down a bit. Lay next to her, turned her head toward me and kissed her hard on the lips. With my left had cupping a breast and pinching her nipple. I played with her nipples, exploring her mouth with my tongue. My head moving down her body toward her wet pussy. I ran my fingers along her other thigh.

She gasped. Moving my hand to the ribbon around her thigh I undid it, grabbing the vibrating wand and manually moving it up down her pussy lips.

She was so wet. I held it on her clit, and she went rigid. I knew she wasn't far off cumming again. I kept on the pressure, kissing her but she pulled away, breathing harder. Her hips started to push chubby doing her first anal watch part on suzcamcom the vibrator and I nikita dildos herself nikita von james masturbation feel her about to cum.

I turned it off and pulled it away. Leaving her gasping. Her hips that had been thrusting off the bed returned to it "Why did you stop? I was almost there, you wanted sunny leone bur far story and fuc blood see me cum" "I know, and you will, but not yet. You teased me, I'm teasing you.

Now lie still, I need to re-arrange the ribbons. I undid her feet. She pulled her feet, bending her knees, letting the blood flow back to them, relieving the muscles. "Right, keep still" and in saying that bent her knees up toward her chest, wrapping a ribbon around them and the other end to the headboard bars behind her head.

She was now open to me. Her pussy, wet with juices, exposed. Her knees up by her chest. She couldn't move her legs. I knelt between her legs. I could smell her sex. I needed to taste her again. I put my tongue inside her, as far as I could, and ran it up her slit to her clit, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it. She moaned. I ran my tongue all over her pussy lips. In and out of her, sucking, licking. She was dribbling with wetness. Soaking the bedsheets.

My cock rock hard and erect. I'd fuck her soon, but not yet. I slid two fingers inside her. Angling them up toward her belly button and moving them quickly in a 'come hither' motion hard on her g spot. She was super wet. I added another finger and sucked on her clit. I vibrated my tongue on it and I felt her pussy tense up, her vaginal muscles contract, but no, she wasn't going to cum yet, not till I was ready to let her. With 3 fingers inside her I added a 4th, she was so wet it slid in easily, the girth of 4 fingers inside her stretching her lips.

I heard her moan "Yes more, harder, go on, fill me up". I moved the 4 fingers in and out of her slowly, spreading them apart when I could, stretching her.

Pushing in as far as they would go, and gently sucking on that now hard clit. I coated my fingers in her juices, over my knuckles, my these hot chicks are bored tube porn hand was wet, with her. "Fuck me, fuck me know, please, come on. I don't care how, fill me up" She was getting filled, she could have my cock in a bit, but for now she was getting finger fucked. Or should I say hand fucked. I knew she was wet enough, and stretched enough now for more.

I made my fingers into a wedge shape, tucked in my thumb and pushed inside her. Slowly in and out I went, up to my knuckles. She knew what I was trying to do. "Go on, fist me. Push, I want to feel your hand inside me, I want that fullness in my pussy". I took my time.

In and out, 4 fingers, to the knuckle and each push was a little closer as she stretched. With one final push my hand slid inside. Her lips closed around my hand. She groaned. "Oh god that's so good, don't move" Not sure I could move my hand if I wanted to.

So tight in there. So wet. I rotated my hand instead, my knuckles pressing on her g spot, in her full pussy the sensation I hoped would be fantastic. I wasn't wrong. "Oh fuck, oh fuck that's so good, make me cum please" I continued to rotate my hand, and slowly withdraw it. Only to push it back inside her slowly. It slid in easily this time' "ummph" was all I heard. Rotating my hand inside her, faster and faster whilst I went back to sucking on her clit.

Juices running down my chin. "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, oh shit I'm going to cum" I maintained my pace, making sure it was my knuckles on her g spot as rotated my hand and sucked hard on her clit. I could feel her orgasm building. Briefly she seems to get bigger in there, my hand had more room then she closed her legs as much as the ribbons would allow.

Arched her back and let out a very loud "Aah fuck fuck fuck" I felt her orgasm. Her pussy tightened on my hand, I could feel it pulsing, spasming.

I slowed my motion as she relaxed, her orgasm subsiding. With my hand still inside her I looked up at her face. "Better?" I asked "Oh my God yes, that was amazing" Ever so slowly I pulled my hand out.

She let out a small grimace, not sure of pain or pleasure as I did so. Seductive glam babe screwed after a massage hand was soaked. I moved myself up onto of her. My now extremely hard cock itching to get wet itself inches away from her exposed, and very wet pussy.

Still gaping open from the fisting. I kissed her. Our tongues meeting, exploring each others mouths. As I did so I pushed myself into her. Her warmth and wetness enveloping the head of my cock as I slid myself inside here.

I stayed still, feeling the sensations of my cock in her pussy. Kissing her passionately. I withdrew slowly, then hard back in. She gasped. "Cum inside me, I want to feel you, fuck me hard" That won't take long I thought. I'd been close to cumming during the fisting it was such a turn on. In and out I fucked, as hard and as deep as I could.

With each thrust she gasped, her breathing increasing. I wanted to take it slow, which I did for about a minute, savouring the feeling. Sliding out and back in, feeling that wetness, but I needed to cum too. Ramming myself back into her, hard, fast as I could I could feel I was not far off cumming. "Faster, cum, come on, cum" With one final push the orgasm overwhelmed me. I couldn't move, my cock pulsing inside her. Unloading inside her.

The release felt like the head of my cock had exploded, my heart pounding, my breathing fast. I stayed put, propped up on my elbows, looking at her. Smiling back she said "Well, I guess now we're even" I laughed. "Yes, and how was it being on the received end and being frustrated?" Rolling off her, looking at her tied up still, she turned to me and said "Untie me, and I'll tell you" To be continued .