Sensual babe cums loudly on set x traordinary pictures

Sensual babe cums loudly on set x traordinary pictures
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So What Do You Think of Stephanie?

I had just come home from work and my wife, Kay was talking on the phone. When she got off, I "asked who was that?" She said, "Do you remember me talking about my friend Stephanie?" Stephanie was a friend of hers that she had gone to college with and hadn't seen since she moved to Texas from Kansas to be with me.

She said that Stephanie wanted to see her when we went back to visit over the July 4th weekend, and if possible meet the guy that she married. I told her that would be fine with me, since I really didn't have the opportunity to meet very many of her friends while we were dating (long-distance) A few nights later, Kay and I were cuddling and touching each other.

I love kissing down her neck while lightly stroking her breast and nipple. Her nipples get really hard and this just makes me want to bite and lick them, knowing her pussy is getting wet before I even touch it. Kay was stroking my cock slowly and starting to talk dirty to me, which turns me on even more! She started asking me what I wanted her to do next, suck my cock or climb on top of me and ride my hard cock until I shot cum deep inside her.

How was I supposed to respond? I told her both& she was sliding down to take my cock in her mouth; she asked me if I ever thought about how it would feel to have two women at the same time? Of course I told her that it was every man's fantasy to have that experience, but I would never do anything to jeopardize our marriage. She didn't mention it anymore and the way she was sucking my cock, made me forget about it for the time being.

We arrived in Topeka about 3:00 pm and when we got to my in-laws, Kay and her mother said they had a surprise for me. They were giving us some time to be together, without the kids and they had already reserved and paid for us a hotel suite at the Marriot.

This sounded great to me; because we didn't have many opportunities to be alone together and really do some of the things we enjoyed doing with the kids in the house. After visiting with family blonde teen bailey brookes hammered roughly by dads friend smalltits pornstars a couple of hours, we headed over to the hotel. I was really looking forward to a night together and the thoughts of what lay ahead had my cock stirring in my pants.

Kay looked over as I was trying to adjust my pants to make room for my expanding cock and said, "I'm glad to see someone is excited as I am to spend time together." When I looked over at her she had pulled her shorts aside and was rubbing that wonderful pussy of hers. She said, "feel how wet your making me!" I slid my hand over between her legs and slid my fingers under her shorts and panties. Her lips were already wet from excitement and I continued to run my fingers up and down her slit and tickle her clit.

The drive to the hotel was too short to satisfy us, but it was a prelude to things to come. We checked into the hotel and anxiously bolted to our suite, Kay with her pussy dripping juice down her leg and me with my cock straining to get out. The suite was great, a Jacuzzi tub, big bed, and a refrigerator that was already stocked with beer, cokes, and Kay had brought along my favorite; Crown Royal.

Kay excused herself and said she lena and presley lesbians licking pussy hotel room left something in the car.

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She suggested I make sex story kam umar ki sex drinks and she would be right back.

A few moments later there was a knock on the door and it was Kay with a knockout standing next to her. This gal was about 5'7", jet black hair and full lips. Kay finally said, "Quit gawking and let Stephanie and I in." We had drinks and I felt awkward as hell, something I am sure they both noticed.

I was setting on the sofa between them when Stephanie leaned close to me, blowing into my ear and whispering loudly enough for Kay to hear, "Jack, Kay swears you're man enough for both of us. True?" I took her hand and placed it over my throbbing bulge. "One way to find out," I said, locking my lips to hers and darting my tongue into her sweet mouth.

Her hand closed around the pants-covered shaft of my cock. I felt Kay unzip me and haul out my six hard inches. Stephanie gasped into my mouth as her hand felt the hard flesh.

"Ooh, that looks good enough to eat," Stephanie said, her hand stroking it lovingly. "It is," said Kay, "But let's do it in bed." We headed for the bedroom, clothes dropping on the way.

I stretched out on the bed, my hard-on hot slut dildos pussy through jeans f as I watched my wife hungrily suck on Stephanie's firm breasts.

They were fingering each other's pussies but broke off so Stephanie could have a go at my cock. She held it tenderly and rubbed it over her smooth face, finally giving it a long, wet lick from the base to the head. "Hmm, tastes yummy," she smiled, and then began lowering her lips toward my pole. Kay's face was pressed firmly between Stephanie's ass-cheeks, lapping away at Stephanie's young juice box. Stephanie was a good cocksucker, but I wanted to plant it in her pussy.

That's what she wanted, too. As she straddled my rod, Kay straddled my head. Her familiar scent drove me into a sudden frenzy.

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I pulled her sopping wet snatch onto my tongue and bucked my hips, sinking my cock into Stephanie's tight channel.

I know how Kay loved to be eaten. I waited for Stephanie's pussy to convulse around my cock before I let go and bathed her pussy with a hefty load.

As soon as Stephanie climbed off me, Kay dove headfirst between Stephanie's thighs and proceeded to clean out her pussy.

Stephanie licked my cock clean while she fucked Kay's snatch with three fingers. Before long, I was fucking Kay doggy-style while she lapped Stephanie's pussy. Kay asked, "So what do you think of my friend Stephanie?"