Savita bhabhi in white shalwar suit seducing ashok s

Savita bhabhi in white shalwar suit seducing ashok s
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Bradford was used to having the dominant role in a relationship but being unable to do so during his entire period with Anita, he decided it was time for her to yield or for him to move on. With an offer of employment at a state capital in another state he insisted that Anita move there with him and said it was imperative that she follow him if they were to continue to be a couple. After Bradford delivered his ultimatum to her, she smiled a little to herself.

What a fool! By being completely oblivious to anyone else he had painted himself into a corner. For him looking smart was more important than what was actually good for him. Anita's goal was not even close to being a woman seeking meaning for her life by making a man happy with her 'performance'. Not even close! Her goal was to be a nationally broadcast feature reporter. All the work and sacrifice in pursuit of her goal made it easy for her to choose a break up with Brad to pursue her goal over a life with him.

Having put himself in the position of either carrying through on his ultimatum or living with the embarrassment of backing down, when Anita refused he broke up with her. For a long time Anita had contemplated breaking up with Brad but hadn't done so because although it was not a written rule, it was expected that she would have a date of the opposite sex at business, social, and family events. Even though most of the time he came across as arrogant and condescending, he was acceptably attractive, articulate, and convenient.

But he was a stuffed shirt: pompous, impressed with himself, overestimating his own importance. He couldn't begin to see much less appreciate capability in anyone else. She was relieved when his own actions forced him to carry through on his break up threat.

By him being the heavy she was spared from the distasteful task of defending a decision to break up with him to friends and family. Even more important for Anita was that for a while she would be able to use the excuse of a recent break-up of a relationship that had lasted for almost 2 years to explain why she didn't have a date for an event. She might even be able to throw in a few crocodile tears and sobs to gain sympathy and special treatment from colleagues with whom she worked.

Anita in a word was capable and she was well prepared to pursue her goal. She was pretty but not a knock out beauty.

She kept her auburn hair cut so it just touched her shoulders to frame and draw attention to her face. Downturned blue green eyes gave someone the impression that she may be a little sad but the thin upper and full lower lips made someone think she was smiling. The combination of the two made people wonder and remember her. Her academic credentials included a master's degree with a journalism major from a tier 1 South Eastern university.

She was articulate, spoke in a steady, self-assured voice, and carried herself like a woman confident in her own abilities. Anita was smart, well-liked by others at the station, and reliable.

She had earned a reputation as someone you could count on and you would choose to be on any team either as a leader, follower, or member. She knew what needed to be done and how to get it done. As a personal reward for choosing to give her own career goals priority and not giving in to Brad's ultimatum, Anita planned to get away from Redville and spend time at the shore in Raymond.

It was middle October and it would uncrowded which was how she preferred it. Since Raymond was close to Redville she was going to drive. It would be easy for her to cut her stay short or drive back to Redville and then back to Raymond if needed. She planned to use cabs while in Raymond so that she didn't have to try to find her way around the city.

Her goal for the first couple of weeks was total self-indulgence. After that she alle haze sex in lingerie to work in Raymond and travel to the office in Redville only if necessary. Tamed teens featuring jacqueline amp marcella having gonzo style rough teen sex didn't want anyone else around and to add to her isolation she arranged to rent a beach house on a cul-de-sac overlooking the ocean side beach.

Jeff was happy that he followed through on his thoughts about how to get his life on a different path after partying with Edie and Sherry the previous summer.

He had been nervous to ask Morris for advice but after talking with him at the crab burger restaurant on the island was happy that he had worked up the courage to do so. His thoughts about what he wanted to accomplish and how to go about it weren't completely firmed up but he at least had a plan and the means to execute the plan. Following receipt of his doctorate Morris had landed a good paying job with a small but national refining company situated on the coast.

With plenty of money coming in he had an affair with Jeff's mother Lynda Stark and she had gotten pregnant. When Lynda said Morris was the father, he called her a gold digger and refused to have anything else to do with her. Shortly after their break up she married Kevin Thomas.

Jeff grew up treating Kevin as his mother's husband but always suspected that Kevin was not his blood father. First there were the physical differences. Jeff had dark hair and cobalt blue eyes.

Both Lynda's and Kevin's eyes were brown. Jeff had fairly sharp features. Lynda's were sharp but Kevin's were not. And then there were the differences in intellect. Lynda was plenty smart but Kevin was not. Kevin was sweet and always treated Jeff like a son but because of suspicions that Kevin was not his blood father and a fear that at some point Kevin might turn on him, Jeff fidgeted nervously when he was around Kevin.

When Jeff noticed Anita walking toward the beach in a dark blue and white one piece swimsuit he thought she would be a good fit for an order Morris had recently placed with him. He estimated her height at 5 feet 8 or 9 inches and weight a little over 120 pounds. She had the hourglass figure Morris had indicated. Slender waist, good size but not obnoxiously so breasts, and a properly proportioned butt. Her butt was not as close to a perfect heart shape as Jeff liked but Morris hadn't mentioned anything about that in the spec.

After hailing Jeff's cab and getting in the rear seat, she asked him to take her to the market to buy some things. On the return drive to the rent house with her purchases, Jeff told her he needed to make a call and asked her if he could close the bullet proof partition so that he wouldn't disturb her.

With the window closed he put his plan to kidnap her into motion. He thought to himself, Okay babe. Let's get this show on the road. To keep her from summoning help with her mobile he activated the signal jammer. Even though she wasn't completely familiar with Raymond, the route the cab was taking to the beach house didn't seem quite right. She was staying closer to the shore and it seemed like the part of town that they were in was around the trade center.

Anita turned on her mobile to check the GPS. No signal. This might be something to be worried about. She knocked on the window to cerita porn aku sama pembantu to get an idea of what was going on. No response from the driver. He was gripping the wheel tight enough to make his knuckles white, staring ahead, and focused almost as if in a trance.

Now she wished she had brought her gun. Two rounds fired from a 357 would end this quickly if needed in a manner that would keep her safe. Jeff hit the button to signal Morris to open the processing center entry gate. The green light response was the all clear signal and Morris was opening the gate. After the cab entered the garage busty lovely gals get drilled pornstar and hardcore started putting her defense plan together, No handles or door locks in the rear.

Maybe I can force that window open and get to a door lock in the front. If I get him in the open, I can use my self-defense training to disable this guy. But I need to get out of this cab to have a chance to use that. Anita's panic level moved up to maximum when she saw Morris with a mask on standing inside the wire cage holding a hose next to a gurney.

Jeff opened the cab door, left her in the cab, and exited the wire cage through the 3 by 6 access door. Morris was already moving toward the rear of the cab with the hose. Anita considered her defense options. She had to decide quickly. Soon she would have to act, not think. And she had to get it right the first time.

There weren't going to be any repeats or sasha grey deepthroat shane diesel on this.

She formulated her plan, I don't know what that guy is going to do with that hose but I don't think it is something that is supposed to benefit me.

I could try to break a window with my cudgel but that might not work. The most important thing is for me to get out of this cab while I am still conscious. In here I am a prisoner. Vulnerable. Outside I have a chance. In here I am defenseless. As an experienced free diver, Anita was capable of holding her breath for almost four minutes. Her defense plan came together.

Before that guy starts putting something inside this cab, I will hyperventilate so that I can hold my breath if I need to. Maybe I can trick him into opening the cab door while I am still conscious. I need to get the cudgel out of my purse and hide it in my hand in the windbreaker. She hyperventilated until she heard the whistling of the gas entering the cab. Now the race is on. Could she hold her breath long enough to make Morris think she was out?

She counted to 25, rolled her head to the side, and slumped over face down on the rear seat. Morris knew that he had to start getting oxygen in her before she was out for too long or she might not survive or worse have permanent brain damage leaving him with a disposal problem.

2 minutes after she slumped on the seat she felt a draft as Morris opened the cab door, fastened the harness around her chest, pulled her out of the cab, and put her on the gurney. After he put her on the gurney and turned away she took a few deep breaths of fresh air and cracked open her eyes just enough to see that the gurney had straps. When Morris turned to take hold of a strap she sat up and snapped the cudgel open.

At the sharp snap of the cudgel opening he jerked his head around just in time to be struck across the mask shattering the clear plastic lens. Stunned, he fell back against the double door of the cage. Anita jumped off the gurney and pushed it bawdy cleft acquires explored from inside hardcore russian him between the gurney and the cage door.

One follow up strike to his arm and another across his chest. He slumped over the gurney moaning holding his arm before she hit him again on the back.

Anita screamed at him, "Did you like old vhs video tube porn "Make any move to get away and I will break your head like a nut!" With Morris out of commission Anita went to the driver side and opened the door.

Jeff had already removed the keys and moved away from the cage. He was in shock. With the cage closed and him on the opposite side, he couldn't get inside to help Morris. Anita turned to face Jeff, "Okay you little shit! You thought you guys held all the cards!

"I am going to tell you what to do. "If you do not do exactly what I say or if I even suspect that you are doing something aggressive I am going to hit this guy so hard and enough times that you will be a witness to a woman you guys tried to kidnap killing her attacker. And after I finish with him, I will come after you! "And if you think I hit him hard, just wait and you will find out yourself.

"First, come slide the keys to this cab under the door. "Second, walk away from the cage and drop to your knees facing away from this cage. Do not stand up unless I tell you to. "Third, and this is probably the most important if you want to see this guy alive or leave here on your own feet, shut your fucking mouth. "If you don't do what I just told you to I will break this guy's head wide open, chase you down, and kill you if you're very lucky or break your knees and elbows to turn you into little more than a pile of meat." Morris was holding his arm and moaning.

Jeff did what Anita had told him to do. With the keys to the cab in one hand and the cudgel in the other Anita turned to Morris, "Go stand in the corner." With Morris out of range, she tried the double door. It was locked. She said, "Old man this is one chance to keep me from hitting you again. Tell me how to open this door." Morris answered, "Enter number code 77070 on the number pad on the post to the right and push the door." Anita opened the double door and stepped outside the cage leaving Morris in the corner of the cage.

Once out of the wire cage, Anita continued to direct Jeff. "Go in the cage, put the old man on the gurney, and strap him down.

"Then, roll that gurney out of the cage onto the floor." With Morris strapped to the gurney in the middle of the floor outside the cage, Anita thought about how to deal xnxxx six sex stories story com Jeff.

Okay! Next I need to figure out what to do with the driver. "Driver! Come over here and sit next to the gurney." After Jeff had sat down, Anita continued. "Now tie the laces of your shoes together with something other than a pink hole rammed by huge shlong hardcore and russian knot." Jeff tied his shoe laces together with a square knot.

Anita continued, "Now take off take off your belt, unbutton your pants, and push your pants and underwear down to your pasty white big tits fucking huge big dick tube porn. "I am going to come closer to the gurney. You have already seen what this stick can do so I suggest you consider carefully before you do anything to make me hit you." Morris was still moaning.

Anita felt his arm. It didn't seem to be broken. Anita turned to address Morris, "I don't know what kind of business you guys are in but I doubt that it is anything legitimate." "You tell me what kind of operation is going on here and you better make me believe it. If I suspect you are lying I am going to hit you again but this time I will break your knees and then your elbows. This stick is made of high tensile strength stainless steel.

I can beat you with it until you aren't anything but tenderized flesh. "It's your choice asshole." Morris looked at Anita. He was in so much pain and such a state of shock by what had just taken place that he could barely speak. "Have you ever heard of human trafficking? "That is what this operation does. "We kidnap people and ship them to people around the world." "And how long have you guys been doing this?" "I've been doing it for about 20 years.

The guy there has been involved for about 3 years." "You ship people all over the world to other people? What for?" "I'm not sure. Clients send me a list that specifies what they're looking for. They never say how the person will be used. "I can only speculate based from the details what they are planning to do with the person." "And what are your speculations?" "I think the uses include just about anything. Slaves, targets, prey animals, gladiators, and sex slaves." "What was I going to be used for?" "I think you were going to be a sex slave." "What were the specifications as you call them that made you think to capture me as a sex slave?" "Your appearance.

Race, hair color, figure. They all match up with the specifications from a client." "I know enough for now so shut up.

You may or may not recognize me. I'm a reporter for channel 5 in Redville." Morris looked closer at Anita. "I recognize you. I watch channel 5's news broadcast sometimes. I don't remember your name but I recognize your face. "I like your reporting." "My name's Anita Sawyer. Don't even try to butter me up. My panic has pretty much subsided and you are still alive. If you think that what I did to you with this stick is bad, you don't want to see me riled up again.

"But I'm glad you like my reporting. "Now this is what we are going to do. "I want one of you two to get my purse and cell phone out of the cab, put them on the gurney, and go sit on the floor on the opposite side of the cage." Morris warned her, "Before someone does that, close the valve on the hose, open the cab doors wide open, leave them completely open for at least 3 but preferably 5 minutes to make it safe to put your head inside.

Otherwise someone is likely going to pass out due to nitrogen asphyxiation. "And how do you know this?" "Training and experience in industrial safety and health." "Okay.

Driver don't get up but scoot on your ass to the other side of the cage. "Okay old man. I am going to loosen the straps so you can get up and do those things you just said.

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"I still have my club. You do anything that I don't think is right and I will hit you hard enough to knock you out and then break your joints." After closing the valve on the nitrogen, opening the doors, and waiting 4 1/2 minutes Morris got Anita's purse and phone out of the cab and put them on the gurney. Anita told him to go sit next to the driver on the opposite side of the cage, tie his shoe laces together, and push his pants and underwear down to his knees like the driver.

Anita checked her cell phone. Still no signal. She asked Jeff, "I couldn't get a signal while you were driving. Do you have a jammer in the cab?" Jeff looked at Morris trying to get some idea from him about what he should do. Morris answered, "There is a signal jammer in the cab." He directed Jeff to shut it off. Anita checked her phone.

A good signal. Turning to Morris she told him to say and spell his name, that he was involved in trying to kidnap her, that he was planning to sell her as part of a trafficking operation as a sex slave, the driver's name, and that the driver was involved in trying to kidnap her also. After Morris had said what Anita told him to she transmitted the recording to a secure account used for reporting.

Next she made a similar recording of Jeff's statement and transmitted it to her secure account. She addressed Morris and Jeff. "I put a delayed send order with each of those recordings. If I don't delete the recordings or change the order by the end of next month they will automatically be sent to the chief of police in Redville.

He will get them and probably come take you guys to jail." She sat on the gurney and thought to herself. Human trafficking? That's something you don't hear much about. It might make an interesting story. Is there an opportunity here? After a few minutes of thinking about it, it she made her offer. "Over the next couple of weeks or months if needed, you are going to tell me about the trafficking operation.

I am going to use what you tell me to create a documentary about trafficking and lock that documentary away in case anything ever happens to me. I might make something else as a story for a nationwide broadcast. Once I have my documentary I will probably let you guys off the hook. "I want to learn about all aspects of this operation." Morris warned her, "The people who place orders and pay pregnant slut has her wet pussy hammered humans are pretty powerful so I would be a little careful." Anita snapped at him, "I think you should be more worried than me.

They don't even know who I am. But they either know or will know who you are and the whole world will know after I finish my documentary. "If you want to end this right now, I will go ahead and send your recordings and you can both live out any life you have left being screwed by some big brute called Bubba in prison." For the next ten days Anita had Jeff take her to the processing center, then back to the beach house, as Morris revealed details of the trafficking business.

Anita learned how orders were received, how captures were made, how packages were cared for while at the processing center, how they were shipped, and how human trafficking worked. She was making good progress on her documentary. To make her documentary more entertaining, Anita wanted to get some idea of the human emotional side of the story.

"I know you haven't been out hunting as you call it for a while. I want to ride with Jeff when he goes out to capture horny hot babe nicole having a meaty cock inside her pussy and watch every step of the operation." Morris said, "Well, I haven't checked email to see if there are any new orders.

There is the one that you were captured for." "Where was I supposed to be sent?" "I don't even recall now.

I think someplace in Africa." "Then let's fill that one." Anita and Jeff went through several dry run drills to get their actions coordinated once they were about to make or had made a capture.

Bbw turky fit boy semail so that she could pass as a man or woman, she and Jeff went hunting.

It didn't take more than 30 minutes for them to spot a woman that seemed suitable. Anita didn't think she was as pretty as Anita, but she fit the specification.

The woman approached the carmen rought teen fetish fuck presented by tamed teens perfectgonzo and tamedteens and raised her hand for a cab.

Jeff pulled up and opened the door. In the cab, Jeff turned to her and asked her where he should take her. "Trade center. The middle entrance on the east side. "Could you lower the volume? I need to make a call." Jeff asked her if she wanted him to close the window. She said yes. Anita had her mobile on recording everything and taking notes.

Three blocks from the processing center, Jeff activated the signal jammer. Through the ear buds Anita and Jeff heard her react to the call being dropped. "No signal. "Darn it. I was two hot milfs share a young cock to get this out of the way so I don't have to mess with it later." One block from the processing center entry, Jeff pressed the signal to notify Morris.

The green response indicated that Morris was ready. As the entry gate was just reaching 80 percent open, Jeff turned in and drove into the wire cage. Morris was ready with his mask on. By the time Anita and Jeff had gotten out of the cab, closed the doors, and left the wire cage, Morris had attached the hose and started the nitrogen flow.

Anita stood outside the wire cage looking through the rear seat windows. The woman was terrified. She struggled with the doors. No handles and no lock knobs. In vain she tried to open the bullet proof window. She was trapped. In less than two minutes she slumped over on the seat.

Anita was glad she had been able to hold her breath for long enough for Morris to think she was out. Morris opened the cab, moved the woman to the gurney, strapped her down, gave her oxygen, and wheeled her into the processing room. Anita wanted to watch the whole process. She followed Morris into the processing room and watched as he fitted the victim with blindfold, gag, hearing protectors, and monitor.

She thought to herself, The guy has this thought out. It's not just some punk operation. After returning to the floor, Morris instructed Jeff about putting the woman's things in the cart.

Anita followed Morris back to the processing room and watched as he moved the woman to be restrained on the processing room table. Back on the floor Morris moved the cart with the woman's things to the processing room. After motioning for Jeff to come to the office, he checked the monitor in the office, and gave Jeff the 20,000 for the capture. Anita was impressed.

20,000 for one capture. There must be a lot of money in this. Back on the garage floor Morris did a last check of the cab interior and gave Jeff the all clear. Morris explained that normally Jeff would now start the cab, Morris would open the exit door, and Jeff's cab would leave through it.

Anita asked Jeff what he would do after leaving the processing center with the 20,000. Jeff said that he would go home and put the money in his safe. Anita suggested that Jeff go get pizza and beer for their dinner.

Morris told her that he had some details to take care of, that normally he would be alone by now, and that he wouldn't leave the processing center until it was time to ship the package. Anita asked him what the last details were. Morris explained that for this package he would test for STIs and he needed to get samples sent to the lab.

She followed Morris into the processing room to take the samples and get them off to the lab for testing. Morris and Jeff agreed about pizza and beer. Jeff had never had a beer or food at the processing center.

Anita said it was ornelia get ass fuked tube porn treat, that she had found everything today to be informative, and she would add the details about the capture to the documentary. Jeff started the cab, Morris opened the exit door, and Jeff left in the cab to go get pizzas and beer. While Jeff was going for pizza and beer, Morris and Anita talked about the financial side of trafficking, the processing room, the vaults, the crates, and the restraints.

Anita asked to explain again to her about the signals and buttons. Morris explained that the signal from a cab requesting entry was either blue light one for Jeff or the blue light two for Ryan. Anita hadn't recalled hearing about Ryan. Morris explained that Jeff was mainly involved in captures of women for sex trafficking. Ryan specialized in others. But each had from time to time made captures for any specification. Morris went on to explain the processing center response buttons.

Green for all clear, yellow for go around, and red for call it off. If no one were there to signal otherwise, the red button response was set up to trigger automatically. A red button response meant to go somewhere else and drop the passenger off. Since the captures were always made by cabs, the passengers always indicated an actual destination when they got in so it was easy to just act like everything was normal in dropping a passenger off at the originally indicated destination.

Pointing to the white button he said that was to open the exit gate on the opposite side of the processing center garage. Anita's head was reeling. So much information. Anita told Morris that she was astonished to learn that an operation like this was even going on, that it was well thought out, and she wished that the station where she worked was as well run.

Jeff was close to the processing center with pizza and beer and signaled for the all clear to enter. Morris and Anita saw blue light one light up and Morris told Anita to press the green response button. With all clear to enter signal sent, the entry gate started opening, Jeff's cab drove into the processing center, and the entry gate started closing.

Anita calculated the time from when she saw the blue light requesting entry until the entry gate was closed at about 35 seconds. They were all enjoying pizza and beer and having a lively conversation.

Morris and Jeff learned about Brad, Anita's ambitions, and her plans. Morris told them that he was looking to move on from the trafficking operation as soon as he could put together an exit strategy.

Jeff let them know that he was trying to get his head straight on what to do. Morris said he needed to look in on his guest. Anita asked him if that is how he viewed the captives. "You call the captives guests?" Morris replied, "When I am talking to Jeff, Ryan, or one of my customers, I refer to them as packages.

Until they are shipped, I think of them as guests so that I maintain some kind of thinking of them as actual humans." Anita asked Morris if there was room for her to stay at the processing center instead of at the beach house so she could continue to work on her documentary and have better access to Morris to answer any questions.

Morris told her she could use one of the vaults if she wanted to stay, he would show her again how to do things in the vault like take a shower, and they could move one of the day beds into the vault if she wanted. She said they could move one into the vault but she wanted to start out using the table to get a guest's perspective. It was about 830.

Morris said he liked to get in bed about 930 and get up at 530. Anita said she wanted to go get her computer and some overnight things from the beach house.

Morris told her to go ahead, that while she was doing that he would attend to some details, and that he would wait until she and Jeff came back before turning in. Anita said she would ask him about the details in the morning. After returning to the processing center, Anita went to the vault and set it up for her to work. At 920 Morris said he wanted to go to bed, told them to go ahead and make cute blonde czech babe haley reed banged outdoors for cash hardcore and flashing comfortable, and if Jeff was going to be leave tonight she could press the white button to open the exit door.

He explained that a sensor on the exit gate would automatically signal for the exit gate to close once the cab had left. And if Jeff wanted to stay the night he was welcome to do so and could use the other vault if he wanted. After bidding Anita and Jeff good night, Morris went to his apartment off the processing center office and turned in for the evening. Anita wanted to understand what Morris got out of trafficking other than money.

Over the last 2 weeks she had learned much about a dark, sinister aspect of humanity that she had previously heard about but knew nothing. Her memory of the capture of the woman earlier in the day left her feelings in a jumbled unsettled heap. At first the look of absolute terror on the woman's face made her feel sorry for her but then she had felt a little diabolically happy. It felt really good to have total power over someone.

The woman had been and still was completely at their mercy. If they decided to kill her, she couldn't do anything about it. If they decided to abuse her, she couldn't do anything about it. She was as helpless as a fly caught in a spider's web. The reaction Anita had while watching the horrified look on the woman's face that surprised her the most was sexual arousal.

As she watched the capture unfold she felt a twitching and tightening between her legs like she felt just prior to masturbating.

When the woman finally slumped over on the seat of the cab her clitoris was throbbing to the point that it almost hurt. For Anita there was definitely something sexual here. She wanted to talk to another person about her observations, thoughts, and feelings about the trafficking business.

After inviting Jeff to come to her vault and talk for a while, he joined her in the vault. He told her he had never even been inside the processing room or the vaults. Morris had told Anita about the restraints and how they could be used.

She wondered what it would feel like to be restrained so your body could be turned in any way someone else decided. Anita slipped one restraint around one of her ankles, another restraint on the other ankle, and finally a restraint on one of her wrists.

She told Jeff to put a restraint on her remaining wrist. As soon as Jeff finished putting the last restraint on Anita's wrist she tried moving legs and arms but she was completely restrained and powerless. She felt a tightening between her legs like the one she felt earlier while watching the woman being knocked out.

How can I feel turned on by this? Is there something wrong with me? After becoming so aroused as the knock out was going down and right now once Jeff had placed the final restraint on her wrist and she couldn't move Anita was totally aroused and horny.

She decided that if nothing else she needed to have an orgasm and thought it might be worthwhile for her to experience the feeling of being a sex slave. She decided that tonight she would have Jeff use her as a sex slave. "I think this may catch you a little off guard but I would you like to treat me as your sex slave tonight." Jeff hadn't even thought about sex with Anita until now.

He wondered if this was some type of trick. "Do you want me to fuck you?" "I want you to use the restraints to do whatever you want with me. I know it's not the same since I can tell you to stop but I want to try to feel whatever a captive feels. I don't want you to even ask me. "I got really turned on when I watched the woman being knocked out in the cab.

And just now after you put the last restraint on my wrist I felt the same type of arousal. I don't know if I will have an orgasm with the restraints on but right now I am really horny. Do you think you can make me have an orgasm?" "I can't make you or anyone else have an white blindf cheating wife sucks bbc during phone call with husband. But I can help you cum.

"Is that what you want?" After hearing his reply, Anita was getting wet. She told him she wanted him to fuck her hard for a long time, "Yes it is. I want you to help me cum really hard." Anita told him to do whatever he wanted in whatever order he chose but asked him to please put cushions and pillows underneath her because the surface of the table felt cold and hard.

Jeff used the wrist restraints to lift the upper part of her body stretching the soft blue cotton shirt tightly across her breasts. Nice tits. Next, he lifted her hips and thighs and slid cushions under her from her butt to her feet. She's got a nice feeling ass.

Now he was turned on and thinking about fucking her, wanted to see her naked, and was getting hard. He looked closely at Anita. Bradford must be an idiot to break up with her. She's really pretty. Beautiful! Shoulder length auburn hair.

Pretty eyes. Let's see what her body is like. She said for me to do whatever I want.

He sat on the table next to Anita. She's got a pretty mouth. Ok, here goes. He leaned over and kissed her fat shlong stuffs her holes girlfriend homemade each cheek beside her mouth. Anita liked the way he started kissing her. She turned to face him directly, moistened her lips with her tongue, and blew him a small kiss to show appreciation. He parted his lips slightly and pressed his mouth against hers.

Anita found his lips soft, warm, inviting. Anita said she wanted to feel him on top of her. "I think we are off script now. I can't believe guests get kissed like that. "But it doesn't matter.

"Right now I want to lay on top of me so I can feel your smal girl firt sex story pressed hard against my tits and your dick pressed against my pussy." Jeff said, "I don't know what you are trying to feel with me controlling you with restraints but I doubt that you are supposed to be able to tell me what to do.

I think I am supposed to control you whether it's what you want or not. I do want to take the restraints off so I can feel your hands on me. So tell me if you want me to leave the restraints on or not." Anita couldn't recall a man ever telling her he wanted to feel her hands on him.

Most of the time the man wanted to grab her, penetrate her, squirt his sperm in her, and turn over to go to sleep. Anita replied, "I don't want you to take the restraints off right now.

"I wanted to see if I got aroused when I was tori black xxx full sex stories restrained.

And the answer is yes. "If you cum in me while I have the restraints on do you think you will be able to fuck me again with the restraints off?" "Without a doubt." "Then, I want you to fuck me with the restraints on first and then with them off." Jeff put more cushions on the top of the table so that it was completely covered. He lay down on top of her and put his hands on her tits.

Her tits feel good even through her clothes. I want to have a look at those. He sat up and looked at her. Getting that shirt off will be a trick. But I need to figure it out without taking the restraints off. He started by unbuttoning the sleeves and the front of her shirt. With her arms restrained straight to the sides he couldn't get the shirt off without tearing or cutting it so he used the arm restraints to pull her arms so they were outstretched horizontally toward the wall.

He let out as small giggle. Anita asked him what was so funny. After he told Anita that except for being on her back, he thought she looked like super girl flying through the air with her arms outstretched Anita chuckled. With her shirt pushed up along her arms to directly above the wrist restraints he put additional restraints on each of her arms just below the elbows, removed the first set of wrist restraints, and pulled the shirt off over her hands.

He was pleased with his resourcefulness. A little tricky but it's off. She was wearing a light tan bra with a small bright pink bow between the cups and small pink flower petals embroidered along the outside of each cup. He wanted to feel her tits. Remembering what Edie had taught him, he covered one breast with his hand, squeezed it, and then moved to the other breast. After removing her bra, Jeff kissed and caressed from her neck to her waist before he moved back to her breasts and suckled each nipple.

At first the feeling of her nipples being suckled had a negative effect on her arousal. But as he continued to suckle the first nipple she became more aroused and began to thrust her hips slightly. When he moved to suckle her other nipple the intensity of her thrusts became stronger. He waited until the speed and strength of her thrusting seemed steady before unfastening the waist band of her jeans and pushing them down to slightly above the ankle restraints.

She was wearing matching tan panties with a little pink bow and small pink embroidered flower petals on each side from her waist to her thigh. He pushed her panties down to rest against the jeans. Jeff wanted to give Anita a present like Edie had given him. He moved his mouth closer to her clitoris and blew a warm stream of his breath along her labia before kissing from her clitoris to her anus with small soft lip squeezing kisses.

He could see that her clitoris was swollen and erect and wondered if it was as erect as it could be. With the hood gently pulled up he pinched the exposed part of her clitoris as hard as he could between his lips.

At the first pinch she let out a sudden gasp and thrust her pelvis up to press her clitoris harder against his lips. After pinching and kissing until he felt her arousal had reached a plateau, he put his mouth completely around the hood and glans and started licking the exposed part of her clitoris with top of his tongue. When she felt his tongue stimulating her clitoris she put her hands behind his head and pushed her clit as hard as she could into his mouth.

"Please keep sucking me." While he continued to lick her clitoris, he pushed his middle finger into her vagina, and began finger fucking her. Her pussy was wet, hot, and tight. She was so tight that he could barely get his first finger inside her but then he added his index finger and continued finger fucking her. He curled his fingertips inside her slightly and started tapping along the front vaginal wall with his fingertips. She let out another gasp and started thrusting wildly with her pelvis.

Up, down, side to side. She wanted to feel a dick inside her. This was a new level of stimulation for Anita. With her clitoris being massaged with his tongue and him massaging her G spot with his fingertips, she started fucking his mouth and fingers like a jackhammer. She squealed like she had just burned her finger. With her orgasm finished, Anita slowly opened her eyes.

She had completely forgotten where she was and couldn't focus. After almost 5 minutes everything was coming back into focus and she was regaining clarity. She spoke first. "I can't believe that every woman that comes here has an orgasm like that.

"I know I've never had an orgasm like that here or anywhere else. "I completely forgot where I was." Jeff took the restraints off her ankles and wrists, lay down next to her on the cushions, and closed his eyes. He was still slightly aroused from Anita's orgasm but his erection was no longer rock hard like it had been while he was helping her reach orgasm.

Anita wanted to see Jeff naked. She took off his clothes and pushed them to the side of the table before raising her knees to her chest so she could finish taking off her own jeans and panties. As she rolled over to lay against him with her naked breasts softly cradling one of his breasts and her pussy gently resting against his hip, she remembered their first kiss earlier and wanted some more.

His mouth seemed to be calling her, pulling her mouth to his as if there was a magical force drawing their lips together. She kissed him gently but as the kiss continued she used her hands to tilt his mouth up and pulled his mouth to firmly press her lips against his. For their second kiss she opened her mouth enough to pinch his lower lip between hers. She wanted to French kiss him and pushed her tongue just inside his mouth so that she could slide it along the inside of his lower lip.

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His response was the one she was so glad to get. He touched the tip of her tongue with the tip of his. She pushed her tongue deeper into his mouth and moved her hand from behind his neck to trail her fingertips over his skin from shoulders to penis.

The brush of the back of her fingers against the tip of his penis was unexpected and hot. Anita used the tips of two fingers and her thumb to gently caress along the top and bottom of Jeff's penis.

The crackly itchy feeling as his testicles started to swell and stretch was so good. She wondered how hard he was, how much harder she could get him, and how hard she could get him to cum. With Brad sexual encounters were always with him controlling.

Jeff seemed happy to follow but from her earlier orgasm she knew he could also lead and take control. Anita moved her mouth down to Jeff's scarlett johansson milf red black interracial cock bbc anal sex first. She wanted to suckle his nipples like he had suckled hers and starting by caressing and fondling one breast, then the other, and then changed to fondling one breast while she suckled the nipple of the other breast.

The arousal Jeff felt as she started to suckle him totally caught him by surprise. He knew his chest was erogenous but had no idea that his breasts and nipples would respond so strongly to being suckled. Anita continued by kissing Jeff with multiple kisses from his neck to his penis. Once she reached his penis she alternated between slight squeezes of the tip with her lips and flicks with her tongue. Jeff looked at her pretty lips pinching the tip. It seemed a little devilish but he visualized for a few seconds what it would look like and what it would feel like to push his dick as far into such a pretty mouth as possible.

After Jeff pushed the tip against her mouth, Anita put a hand on each of Jeff's cheeks, and pulled his penis into her mouth. He was way too big for her to have all of him in her mouth.

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She flattened her tongue and slid the bottom side of his penis along the top of her tongue until she had taken as much of him into her mouth as she could and started using her fingers to jack him off.

Anita thought he was getting closer to orgasm and ejaculation with each suck and stroke but wanted him to finish inside her so she stopped sucking and jacking him off and positioned herself so she could be in control of the fuck.

She had fucked Bradford like she was about to fuck Jeff whenever she wanted to make sure she had an orgasm. After yong angels drilled hard after dance striptease and hardcore to find a name for it she had finally come to call it race horse style because it reminded her of the way a jockey leans forward in the saddle on their race horse with their knees bent and feet in the stirrups when riding their mounts.

At first she had called it Mountie style but had stopped because whenever she fucked this way she always found the Mountie term too funny to keep her focus. What she found so funny was that like a Mountie she was the 'mountee' and would bring in her man! With her feet resting on Jeff's upper thighs and her knees on either side of his hips she leaned over to put her hands on his chest.

The position gave her total control of the depth and angle of penetration by varying how hard she pressed with her feet on Jeff's thighs, her hands on his chest, and where she placed her feet and hands and allowed her to control the movement of her vagina, clitoris, and labia by old vhs video tube porn her pelvis forward and back to stimulate his penis and her clitoris at the same time. Even during his time with Sherry and Edie, Jeff had never had a woman do what she was now doing.

He thought this was a really special fuck and he wanted her to go slow so he could experience every bit of it and opened his eyes and pulled her ear closer to his mouth.

"This is so good! I don't want to rush." Anita told Jeff that she was horny and that she could fuck him all night if needed but right now she wanted to have an orgasm. He knew that he was in weading first night fucking sex a test. As long as she wanted for him to keep fucking her he wanted to keep fucking her. He wanted her to be the one to say she had enough. She had her legs and arms situated like she wanted and wanted more of his cock inside her.

As she started lowering herself to push his cock deeper into her vagina, she started rotating her hips like a whirlpool pulling him deeper and deeper inside of her until he had completely penetrated her. He wanted her to continue rotating her hips, put his hands on her pelvis, and started rotating her vagina around his penis to contact the front, sides, and back walls.

Now he was fucking her hard with deep penetrating thrusts. She started rocking forward and then back. On each rotation she pushed her hips forward and down to press her clitoris against hot ebony minx rides on a bbc amateur ass penis. With her clitoris being massaged at the same time that her vagina was being so deeply penetrated she was rapidly getting close to having another orgasm.

Jeff is turning out to be the best fuck of my life. She felt his hands pulling her harder and harder against him. From his breathing and movements, Anita knew he was about to cum. Her vaginal contractions started as he pushed into her as deeply as he could and started to cum inside her. The vision of his semen now flooding her vagina was too much. He emptied himself into her with a series of powerful spasmodic contractions. Her orgasm continued with more than 20 intense contractions of her vagina squeezing his entire penis over 40 seconds.

With her second orgasm finished she continued to rotate her hips and push her pelvis down and forward. After 3 more minutes she had a third orgasm. Not as good as the first two but strong and satisfying.

Anita lay down on the cushions, closed her eyes, and held Jeff tightly against her. Jeff kissed and caressed her all over. They were both sexually spent for the moment at least and fell asleep. After an hour or so Anita felt a little chilled and got a light blanket for Jeff and herself. Morris awoke as usual at 530 and went about his regular morning activities. A check on the monitor in the processing room showed the guest was okay.

He walked to the processing room to do a visual inspection and saw that Jeff's cab was still parked in the garage. Must've spent the night here. Back in the processing center office he went ahead with making breakfast. The smell of food awakened Anita. Jeff was still sleeping next to her. She lifted the blanket enough to gaze at his naked body, leaned down, and gave the tip a soft kiss.

I want some more of that. And soon. She studied his face. It reminded her of someone but it couldn't be placed right then. But she was confident that it would come to her at some moment like a light being switched on. Right now she wanted to have a good cup of coffee and breakfast. In her navy blue bathrobe and slippers she headed toward the processing center office. On the way to take food to the guest in the processing room Morris met Anita making her way to the processing center office and told her that he had his morning duties to attend to.

She followed him into the processing room and watched as Morris addressed and took care of the guest. The way he spoke to the guest with such a kind, soothing, matter of fact voice impressed her.

From the processing room, they went to the processing center kitchen, got a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table in the kitchen. She asked him about the last minute details from the previous night. He explained to her about sending a notification to the client to update them on the status of their order, the testing for STIs, and explained that it was only done for females and males when specified.

He asked her if she knew where Jeff was and she crazy years old granny rough anal fucked that he had spent the night next to her on the table in the vault.

Morris took a close look at her face trying to figure out if anything happened between them besides Jeff sleeping in the vault next to her. She might be offended if I ask her. I'll just have to decide for myself. Jeff could do a whole lot worse.

Smart, pretty, ambitious, resourceful. I wish I had a woman like her. Anita asked Morris to tell her what he liked and disliked about being a human trafficker, "I'm trying to understand the human, emotional side of the trafficking business. Would you tell me what you like and dislike about trafficking?

I can't believe that the only motivation is money." Morris told her that he would have to think about her question. After a few minutes he said, "I've been doing this for so long that I don't even remember how or why I first got involved. I don't enjoy it much anymore now. Now it is just a business. It's a different kind of business but it's still a business with all the business issues. Since it is mainly me, there are very few organizational things to deal with.

But it isn't only me so there police mother and cop prostitute hot xxx some people and organizational issues. I depend on others to fly planes, test samples, and make captures.

I know it's not about money anymore but I refuse to do it for free. "I'm really happy when a package ships. And each time one is shipped think I need a vacation or consider stopping all of it. "But then there are more and more orders. Honestly, I'm ready to stop. I just need to figure out how to end the business." Anita wanted to have some time to think by herself about the trafficking business, the sex last night with Jeff, and her future.

When Jeff joined them in the processing center office, Anita asked him if he would take her to the beach house. He said he would and she went to the vault to get her things ready. Jeff told Morris that he had been thinking about their recent conversation about his future at the crab burger place. He hadn't settled on anything but sexy babe gets a big black cock acting on Morris's suggestions he was thinking about setting up a business on his own planning visits for families and visitors.

He said he had saved up a good amount of money over the years and thought it might be a good idea for him to study business management at the university in Stonetown. Morris told him that he was impressed and if he could advise him or help him in any way to let him know. About 730, Jeff went to Anita's vault. Even though the doors were open he knocked and told Anita that he could take her at any time. Back at the beach house, Anita told Jeff he could come over later if he wanted but for now she needed to do some thinking by herself.

They set a date to go for lunch on the island. About 1215, Jeff parked behind Anita's beach house. She was sitting on the deck overlooking the water and motioned for him to join her.

He saw that she had on the dark blue and white suit he had first seen her in and was sipping on a cold beer. After helping himself to a beer, he took a seat next to her on one of the deck chairs.

She went on to tell Jeff that she had come back to the beach house to get her thoughts and feelings straight about last night with him in the vault and Morris's trafficking business. Jeff listened to what she had to say, told her he had been thinking about her too and his plans for the future, and he was considering going to Stonetown to study business administration. They had been talking for almost an hour. At first the sun was a little past directly overhead but had since moved to the west leaving them in the soft shade.

Anita got up and lay down in the hammock. The combination of the beer and last night with Jeff were carrying her along like fog gliding above the ground softly but completely surrounding everything. She motioned for Jeff to join her and held the side of the hammock so he could lay down next to her. Each of them were remembering bits and pieces of the previous evening. Jeff thought about how sexy she looked today and what a good fuck she was last teen rimming old guy sneaking into your companions playmates daughters room. She remembered having multiple orgasms leila gang bang french bukkake from mind numbing strong to strong.

The worst of them all was better than any I ever had with Brad. Jeff told her how turned on he had gotten when he saw her in her light tan bra with the pink bow and embroidered flowers and then later on in her matching panties with pink flowers.

He said he would like to see more of her like that. Anita told him that she wanted him to describe her body to her. He started by talking about how tall she appeared to be, what he thought her measurements were, and how much he thought she must weigh to have those measurements. She listened intently as he clinically rattled off what he thought her measurements were. 34 B or C cup breasts but closer to C, 24 or 25 waist but closer to 24 than 25, 35 curvy boss emma butt gets humped and jizzed on 34 hips but more likely 35.

At 5 feet 8 inches with those measurements he guessed her weight to be between 118 and 123. He continued by telling her that her figure was considered lap dances for the guys and hot pretty girls hardcore reality be a relatively rare hour glass figure, that her breasts were considered side set because of the amount of space between them, and that her butt was considered to be an almost perfect heart shape because the top measurement was so much less than the bottom.

She was both pleased and shocked to hear herself described with such precision. It was such a surprise that she wondered if he had studied her face to the same degree that he had her body. She told him he wanted him to tell her about her face, eyes, and hair.

He told her that he would do his best but the combination of looking at her body so he could describe her and the memory of last night might make it hard for him. Anita said, "While we are making love why don't you tell me?" She moved her hands to the bottom of his tee shirt and took it off.

So she could feel his bare chest pressed against her, she undid the suit strap around her neck and pushed the top down to her waist.

He put one hand behind her back and pulled her to his chest. Today in the hammock with breasts warm from the sun they felt even better than they had last night. She moved her mouth to his and kissed him firmly. Her next kiss was with her mouth slightly open. With his hands on her waist he turned her so that he could look at her face. "Last night when I had the restraints on you, I thought to myself how pretty your mouth is. I think the shape of your mouth would be called square because the top and bottom lips are close to straight across until they ebony beauty copulates her bf interracial hardcore to meet at the corners.

"No. I don't think that's right. It's not square. I don't remember the right term for the shape of your mouth. But by your upper lip being thinner than the lower lip it makes someone think you are smiling and happy." He put one hand behind her neck and pulled her mouth against his to kiss her with a slightly open mouth.

After pulling away he continued, "Then when you had your eyes open, I thought to myself that you have beautiful blue green eyes. The combination of their shape which is downturned suggesting slight sadness along with your mouth shape which suggests happiness probably confuses a lot of people. By themselves your eyes have a pretty shape." He move his mouth to her eyes and kissed her eyebrows and along the top of her eyelids from her nose to the corners before he pulled her mouth to his, kissed her with a slightly more open mouth, and gently stroked her lower lip with his upper teeth.

She was getting wet. To let him know that she wanted him to stop talking, she moved her hand down to his crotch and began rubbing his penis with her hand through his jeans. Jeff was quick to get the message. He moved a hand to her crotch and started rubbing her through her suit.

The feel of her full, soft labia as his fingertips slid over the satiny smooth material with the memory of being inside her last night was getting him hard. He knew he needed to cool off a bit if he wanted to finish inside her. He moved his would you let your step daughter jerk you away from her and said he was more aroused than he wanted to be right now and so that he could finish inside her he wanted to cool down a bit.

She kissed him. "Most guys want to just push their cock inside, pump me until they have shot their wad in me, and pull out before I have even begin to cum. I don't know how you became such a great fuck but a lot of women would pay for you to teach their partners how to be better lovers. "Do you want me to do anything to cool you down?" "I just need for you be a little patient. "I know what to do. But it takes a little time. Not a lot but some." Anita asked him if she could take his jeans off.

After he nodded his head, she took off his jeans and underwear. She quickly finished taking off her suit and added the clothes to the growing pile next to the hammock. It was October and the partially full bottle of beer was still moist with condensation. He wet his hand with the bottle and wrapped it around his penis. He started to soften. Two minutes later he was completely soft and ready to continue.

Instead of just putting his hand back to her crotch, he thought kissing would be a better way to get things going again. He puckered his lips and blew her a kiss. She thought to herself, What a wonderful way to restart. To let him know that she approved she ran her tongue across her lower lip to moisten it and used her moistened lower lip to moisten her upper lip.

He lowered his voice to slightly louder than a whisper and put his mouth next to her cheek. "Did I tell you how pretty your mouth and eyes are?" He kissed and slightly nibbled her ears, "I love the way your ears taste.

I could gobble them up." With her lips slightly parted she moved her mouth closer to his, gently gripped his lower lip between her lips, and slid them along his lower lip from one side of his mouth to the other.

He responded by extending his upper teeth and nibbling along her upper lip. They continued to kiss and caress each other's eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips with small kisses and gentle strokes with their fingertips. Anita felt the tightening between her legs increasing and her clitoris becoming erect.

She was so hot that it was hard for her to put together a coherent sentence. It took all her concentration to say "I love the way you kiss." Jeff was a little way from being completely hard but felt his testicles swelling and becoming more sensitive. He put one hand behind her head, the other hand against the small of her back just above her waist, and softly pulled her against him so that he could feel the her warm, naked body pressed against his.

He seemed to remember that she had enjoyed French kissing. To make sure he was remembering correctly he decided to gently test. He used his tongue to lightly touch along the outside of her lower lip. She responded by flicking his tongue with hers and he pushed his tongue farther into her mouth to slide along the inside of her lower lip. Her response of licking with her tongue along the bottom of his upper lip quickly led to him pushing his tongue deeper and more strongly inside her mouth.

Jeff felt his erection building and rapidly getting rock hard. Anita wanted to feel his hands caress and touch her all over. She lightly trailed her fingertips across him from his neck, along his shoulders, and down along the inside of his arm to his hand. With his hand gently gripped in hers, she pulled it to touch her pussy. For several minutes he lightly pushed his palm against her clitoris as he curled his fingertips up inside her vaginal opening. He wanted to get cuckold creampie compilation best creampies ever motherless com tube porn as hot as possible and slid two fingertips along the inside lip before penetrating her with his finger.

She let out a little moan and shuddered when she felt his finger push inside. Straight in and straight out. With each thrust of his finger she was getting wetter and her vagina was swelling, getting tighter. His thumb and fingers were long enough that he could combine presses of his thumb against her clitoris with several taps on her G spot with his fingertips.

He slid his free hand under her butt and lifted so that he could position her pelvis at whatever angle and height he wanted. The first waves of orgasm washed over Anita like a tidal wave. Her entire body quivered but her legs and buttocks shook uncontrollably as if she had just been hit with a jolt of electricity. He knew she was in the midst of a mind blowing orgasm. Now he wanted to cum hard inside her.

He turned to lay on his side next to her, straddled her lower leg with his legs, rotated her pelvis slightly away from cutie lovenia lux fingers her holes with dildo, and pushed half of his penis inside her in a single thrust. He waited for less than 10 seconds to let the warmth radiate through him, rotated her pelvis away from him a little further, and pushed the rest of his penis inside her.

Her butt pressed against him with her vaginal opening at just the right height and angle allowed him to continue to penetrate her methodically with strong, purposeful thrusts. She was at the point of having another orgasm. The sounds coming from him were little more than unintelligible guttural groans. She felt the first warm bit of his semen enter her and climaxed with multiple squeezes of his penis with her vagina over 30 seconds. Her vaginal contractions squeezing his penis drove him to finish inside her with a series of deep contractions.

The flow of cum out of her pussy and down the back of her butt was what she had hoped for but the smell of his semen mixed with her own cum was an unexpected, welcome bonus. She scooped the first bit with her finger tips and licked her fingertips clean. It tasted so good that she continued until she couldn't scoop up any more. She wished she had more of that delicacy to taste. They spent the rest of the night, the next day, and the following night at the beach house but got little sleep.

Between meals and showers, they fucked whenever and wherever they got the urge. Jeff couldn't decide where or which of the fucks was the best. He quit trying to decide. It seemed to him that each fuck was better than any of their previous fucks.

He finally concluded that, each fuck that followed was better than the previous ones because the memory of all that had proceeded it increased the depth of emotional connection between them. Spent sexually and physically, while floating in an orgasmic cloud of bliss they fell asleep about 300 the second night. About 900 Anita heard the blast of a passing tug's horn. With Jeff's arms still wrapped around her, she didn't want to make any moves to cause him to move his arms away.

She felt so safe, secure, and wanted. At the next horn blast, Jeff woke up. Anita was lying naked in his arms with her back to his chest. The feel of her body touching him was so good he didn't want to move lest she move away. He moved his hands to her breasts, pulled her to him tighter, and kissed the back of her neck. The spark of arousal shot through Anita like the ship horn blasts had cut through the morning silence.

She lesb sexy #29 strapless strap-on from lesb sexy tube porn her back and turned her head enough for her to pull Jeff's mouth to hers. Even though she couldn't turn enough to kiss him full on the mouth as she would have liked, she could turn enough to kiss him with her mouth open and her tongue flicking in and out of his.

The feel of his hands holding her, caressing her, touching her, and his chest pressed against her back made it a very erotic start to the morning. She wanted to feel him inside her and arched her back to press her soft ass against his penis. The feel of his developing erection was so erotic.

She rolled over on top of him and continued to arch her back and press her ass against his penis. He moved down enough for his penis to touch her vaginal opening and penetrated her. They let the pleasure of initial penetration spread and engulf them. He wanted to feel her butt underneath him as he fucked her but didn't want to withdraw from her.

With her held tightly against him, he rolled both of them over together so that she was underneath him on her stomach with him still inside her. With his penis deep inside her, he placed his hands on her waist and lifted while moving to stand erect on his knees. He could feel her vagina and butt press against him with each thrust and pressed down slightly on her waist while raising himself to change the angle of penetration so that the top of his penis moved closer to her butt.

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Her sudden gasp, moan, and slight jerk told him that the tip of his penis had likely contacted her G spot. "You are so big! I love the way you fuck me. Please don't naughty teenie was brought in butt hole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment had no intention of stopping.

He felt her getting tighter as she continued to swell with each thrust. She was close to cumming. After two minutes, he lowered his pelvis to change the angle of penetration so that he was penetrating her more directly and combined up, down, and side to side movements of his pelvis to massage her vagina, clitoris, and labia with each penetration.

She started rocking forward on her knees and then back thrusting his penis into her each time she rocked backwards. Each time he pushed forward she pushed back so that each penetration was deeper than the last. Jeff's cock was as swollen as it had ever been. He again visualized his semen entering her cervix and then her cervix sucking up his semen when she came.

When she felt the first bit of pre ejaculatory fluid enter her, she pushed her vagina against him as hard as she could. He felt her vaginal contractions squeeze his penis like she was trying to pull every bit of the semen in his testicles inside her. She was successful. He emptied himself into her. After they let their orgasms finish, she softly said, "Now that is how to get a morning started on a good note." He said, "Yes it is.

"Anita, I want to tell you something but I don't want to alarm you." "Jeff! "You and I have had sex and made love so much in the last couple of days that unless you are going to all of a sudden tell me you don't like me or like fucking me, I doubt you can alarm me." He wanted to make sure he said his next words in the exactly correct way.

"I think I might be falling in love with you." "Since I think I am in love with you already, I hope me saying that doesn't alarm you." They lay down on the bed, rolled over, and slept for over an hour. More blasts from passing ship traffic woke them. Jeff looked at the clock. It was almost 11. They got cleaned up and drove to the processing center. After pressing the button requesting entry they got a red abort signal. It was only the second time Jeff had ever seen that response. They worried that something might be wrong.

A few hours after returning to Anita's beach house they went back to the processing center. This time they got a green all clear response. Morris knew it was Jeff's cab but since there were no outstanding orders he just welcomed them once they were inside. He told them that he had taken the package to the airport in Redville for shipment because it was too long a flight for the local airport.

Anita asked him where it was going. He told her it was going to Zaire in Africa. She asked him to explain the STI test results to her. After he did so, she asked if he wanted to go get a crab burger on the island. Morris said he had a few things to take care of such as washing down the place and final disposal of anything that might be traceable to the package.

They all pitched in and finished the last few things. With their food at the crab shack, they talked for a long time. Jeff talked about his recent actions to start his studies at the university in Stonetown. During the time that Anita had been working on her documentary he had driven to Stonetown to deliver his application. He planned to start his studies in the spring. Anita talked about her work on the documentary. Morris was happy to hear that Jeff and Anita had been hitting it off so well and that Jeff was setting a significant goal for himself.

Anita asked Morris if she could come back to talk to him as necessary for her work on the documentary. She said she was now thinking about writing a fictional account like a novel or short story. Morris told her that he would be happy to work with her but was concerned about people being able to track down his operation using details in a novel or short story. Anita told him that she knew quite well how to keep sources confidential and not for him to worry.

The novel or story would be entirely fictional. And besides the documentary and the voice recordings from her first time at the center were more likely to reveal details that he didn't want known than her fictional account. Morris told her that he was still concerned. The voice recordings would only be made public if she didn't change the send later instruction and she said the documentary would only be made public if something happened to her. She said she would give him final editorial control and he could change or eliminate anything he wanted.

That afternoon she changed the delayed send instructions for the confessions. In December, Jeff went to Stonetown and rented an apartment.

Between October and December Anita and his relationship continued to become stronger and their joy at having found each other continued to grow. Anita had been moved up to being a local feature reporter. Almost every week end, Jeff drove to Redville to be with her. On several occasions he was her date for events that she attended.

After beginning classes his schedule wouldn't allow him to attend day time events between Monday and Thursday but any evening events were no problem. He made a good impression on her colleagues. And they said how lucky Anita was to have found Jeff following her break-up with Brad. Anita thought to herself how happy and lucky she had been for Brad to give her the ultimatum that led to their break up.

Their commitment to one another became the foundation for everything else in their lives. It was something firm under their feet that they could stand on and know they had a solid foundation.

They discussed the possibility of marriage but concluded that while they were open to the idea of increasing the depth of their commitment by marrying each other, each had too much going on to plan or participate in a wedding. Anita said it didn't matter if they were married or not. She loved him and he loved her. That was a lot more than most people who were married could say. And in time, when the demands on their time decreased they could get married if they wanted. Jeff hadn't been very committed to learning in high school.

He scored poorly on the first few tests at Stonetown. He was capable of learning anything the courses required but he didn't have a good feel for what he needed to prioritize or how to take tests. Anita suggested that he arrange for a counsellor to help him improve his study habits.

He decided to follow through on her suggestion and signed up for counselling with an upper classman. The first session was scheduled for 230 on the third Tuesday in January at an office in the student union building. He made a habit of being early by 10 or 15 minutes and at 215 he found the office where he was supposed to meet with the counsellor and tapped on the door.

The voice that responded seemed familiar. "Please come in." He opened the door and went in. Not only was the voice familiar, the face was one he instantly recognized. Sherry stood up, extended her hand, and immediately pulled it back. This was not a meeting between old schoolmates.

She closed the door, kissed Jeff on both cheeks and his mouth, and gave him a big, warm hug. "Hello my dear friend. I had no idea that you were going to be the person I would be counselling today." Jeff was thrilled to see Sherry, "It's really good to see you. How have you been?" "Fine but pretty busy.

I have some big student design projects to do this semester. "Last semester was busy and more difficult because I hadn't done design projects that big before and didn't really know how to go about it." "And how's Edie." "Edie's fine.

She's in the same boat as I am. She will be thrilled to see you again. We talk about you and last summer often. It was one of the best getaways we have ever had. "But you came here to get some study tips. "Let's talk about that first and then we can go see if we can find Edie." Their counselling session lasted well past the scheduled 30 minutes. Sherry posed some hypothetical learning tasks and listened to how he would go about completing the tasks. She suggested that he make only a few improvements first and then they would have follow up sessions to continue improvement.

The session ended a little before 415 with Jeff anxious to implement some of the improvements. Sherry knew that Edie would be coming from the art studio about 430 and suggested they walk that way in case Edie was coming that way.

When Edie saw Jeff, her face lit up. "What a wonderful surprise! "How is one of the banging with naughty playgirl interracial and hardcore beautiful people I have ever met?" Sherry, Edie, and Jeff talked for over an hour. They agreed that they would get together for supper at Jeff's apartment the following Tuesday.

On Friday, Jeff went to Redville to be with Anita. They talked about what their weeks had been like. Eventually, Jeff mentioned seeing Sherry and Edie.

Anita's yellow warning light came on. He hadn't mentioned anyone named Sherry or Edie before. Where do they fit into Jeff's past? Jeff explained that he had met them last summer in Raymond. He didn't mention the sex, the lighthouse, the rent house, the weed, or the peyote. He thought that if forced to he would tell all but first he had to get a feel for what Anita did and didn't want to hear and how to tell her. He wouldn't hold anything back that she wanted to know about.

His weekly counselling sessions with Sherry continued for the next month. He became proficient at learning the material and taking tests. And as he did, his grades reflected it. Spring break was coming up. Anita volunteered to go to Stonetown for a long week end since Jeff had been driving to Redville every week end.

Jeff hadn't mentioned either Sherry or Edie again since the Friday when he said he saw them again. She was hoping to meet them and conclude that she had nothing to worry or be jealous about.

Friday before spring break, Anita drove to Stonetown. As she was pulling into entirely babe maya kendrick attaching with her companions stepdad hardcore brunette parking lot, she saw Jeff hugging Sherry.

Is this guy fucking around on me? Don't think you can pull that crap on me! He comes to Redville every week end and fucks me all week end. And then goes back to Stonetown to fuck her Monday through Thursday.

How many other women is he fucking? No wonder he likes school so much. Jeff saw Anita pulling into the parking lot and tried to signal Sherry to pull back in so she could meet Anita. Anita's greeting to Jeff was as cold as she could make it. "How's it going hot stuff?" Jeff was shocked at the tone. Did I miss something? "You just missed meeting Sherry.

I tried to flag her down to come meet you, but I guess she didn't see me." "Is she going to be in town this week end? Maybe we can get together later." "I'd like for you to meet her and Edie.

They are two good friends of mine. "They're the ones that suggested I do something else with my life than drive a raunchy tori gets slammed in a gangbang pornstars brunette or be a tour guide." "Why don't you phone them? Everyone likes pizza and beer. Maybe they would like to come over?" "Why don't you come sit by the pool? I have some cold beer if you would like one.

"After I get you a beer I'll call them and see if they can come over." "Okay." Back by the pool, Jeff sat next to Anita. They talked and talked about Anita's job, Jeff's studies, his counselling sessions with Sherry, and Morris.

Sherry returned Jeff's call and they made a date to get together Saturday afternoon. Sherry suggested that she make a dish for their meal and said that Jeff could bring some beer. When Jeff turned to kiss Anita in bed that evening, she turned away from him. "Not tonight! I have too much on my mind." He gave her the warmest, most loving kiss and hug ever. "Don't forget I love you!

And it's only you I want to be with. Now. In the future. Always." Anita thought to herself. You dumb ass. Don't let your ego or your inability to see that others are going to want to get close to Jeff get in the way of your own happiness. Anita woke up nervous Saturday. Am I completely nuts?

If Jeff is messing around with Sherry, Edie, or anyone else and coming to see me on the weekends, I don't know how he is making such good grades. I think I need to make sure there is fire before I try to put one out. Saturday afternoon, Anita and Jeff went to Sherry's for dinner with her and Edie. When Anita saw Edie and Sherry her anxiety increased instead of diminishing like she hoped. She saw how warmly they and Jeff greeted one another and thought she had no chance if Jeff decided to go off with either of them.

Her only hope was that he loved her and he wouldn't. Anita learned how much Sherry and Edie liked and even loved Jeff. Sherry said that she did love Jeff. "Not like a lover but like a truly wonderful person. One of the beautiful people if you are lucky you will meet in life." Anita had no argument with anything they said about Jeff.

He was wonderful. A great lover, kind, smart, capable.

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That night back at Jeff's apartmentAnita said she wanted to know more about Sherry and Edie. They seemed like really nice women and she could see how he came to like them so much. They talked for well over an hour and a half about what he knew of their plans, hopes, and dreams. Anita learned that like her, they were well rounded, self-assured, happy people.

She assumed that they had enjoyed each other sexually. If they had anything to do with Jeff becoming the great guy and fuck he is, I think I shouldn't be anything other than grateful.

No wonder Jeff likes them. So do I. I hope all of us can be good friends and enjoy knowing each other for a long time. Anita said she wanted to take a shower. Jeff said he would wait until she finished and then shower himself. Anita thought to herself, Nope.

My shower will be finished when our shower is finished. It was time for Anita to show Jeff how happy she was to be so wrong in worrying about Sherry and Edie.

She took Jeff's hand, pulled it to her crotch, and squeezed her pussy with his hand. "I want you to fuck me. "Please. Please. Fuck me." Jeff thought to himself, What happened? Last night she had too much on her mind. Regardless you fool. Enjoy. Don't create trouble. It will make its way here by itself. Jeff sat doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex the bed and lifted Anita's skirt.

Oh my! Has she been wanting to fuck all this time? She had on panty hose with no panties. Just looking at the sight of the dark triangle bunch of pubic hair between Anita's legs was enough for him to start getting hard. He remembered the story recently read in English Literature class, She must be a Gorgon like Medusa, Euryale, and Sthenno. Just looking at her is turning me to stone.

He leaned over and pulled the hose down enough to kiss her from one hip to the other, pushed the panty hose further down to rest just above her knees, and kissed from her waist along each side of her labia close up and wild asian oral stimulation her sensitive perineum. Her smell was like a magnetic narcotic drawing his tongue to her pussy.

He wanted to lick her, taste her, and suck her off. With two fingers he pulled the labia up exposing the glans, penetrated his mouth with her swelling clitoris, and used his hands on the back of her ass to thrust her clitoris into his mouth to suck her off. Anita thought she was going to explode.

It had been almost a week since she had an orgasm with Jeff and the built up tension from the time she saw Jeff hugging Sherry in the parking lot until now was stored up inside her like a coiled spring ready to release all its stored energy.

With a final push of her clitoris into his mouth, she came flooding his mouth with her cum. Jeff couldn't decide if the taste of her was better than the smell of her or the other way around.

Luckily he didn't have to decide. Both were there for him to savor. Her legs were shaking to the point they were too weak for her to continue standing and she fell on the bed with her skirt pulled alexis teaxas jack pov 18 to her breasts. Jeff lay on her for more than five minutes letting her orgasm finish. The release of the engorged blood in his penis allowed his erection to dissipate and he was soon half hard.

He rolled to the side, undid his jeans and pushed his jeans along with his underwear down to above his knees. She remained laying heavily on her back on the bed as he stood up straight next to the bed between her legs. With his erection back to being rock hard, he moved his hands to her waist and lifted.

Elevating her pelvis with her head and shoulders resting on the bed angled her vaginal opening slightly upward giving him full access to her vagina.

He thrust forward and pulled her onto him at the same time. Both position and movement of her vagina continued to be controlled with his hands and hips. With her panty hose and his pants pushed down they were fucking like two schoolmates in the coat room between classes. He came deep inside her, lowered her to the bed, and lay down beside her. She scooped up and savored as much of their cum as she could before licking his cock from the tip to base. She thought about the last time she had tasted the mixture of their cum.

Yum! That is better than I remembered. They continued to enjoy each other all weekend.

Early Tuesday Anita returned to Redville in time to go to her job at the channel 5 offices. After he finished the last of his schoolwork, Jeff drove to Redville to spend the remainder of spring break with her. They talked about Sherry and Edie and eventually Morris. Since without him, they wouldn't have even met they thought they hot blonde big tits casting couch they enjoy to poke and supernaughty and handle man either go to see him in Raymond or invite him to visit them in Redville.

Jeff called Morris and made the invitation. Friday afternoon Morris drove to Redville to have dinner with them at Anita's apartment. There was a grill next to the pool at Anita's apartment complex and even though neither Jeff nor Anita were good cooks they bought some nice steaks, salad fixings, and charcoal.

All three of them were enjoying visiting and having cold beers next to the pool. After a couple of hours, they thought they should make dinner. Jeff told Morris that he wasn't familiar with grilling steaks. Morris told him that he would talk him through it. Anita went inside to make salads. Through the patio door of her apartment, she looked at Morris and Jeff standing next to each other. The way they were standing and body shapes seemed similar. The lightbulb that had gone off when she looked at Jeff's face after the first night in the vault at the processing center suddenly came on again.

With a little change in ages Morris's face would look like Jeff's and vice versa. The differences in appearance could be only because of the differences in their age. They could be father and son! Morris is a smart crusty old bird but seems to care for Jeff like a father. I think that's it! Morris is Jeff's father! I need to be smart here. I don't want to alienate either of them. Morris stayed Saturday and Sunday night with them in Redville. In the mornings they talked some more to catch up.

Morris said he had pretty much ended the trafficking business. All orders that he had accepted were filled and notifications to clients made. His clients understood and some asked him for help finding another supplier. He did his best to help them and since he hadn't heard much from them for a good while he assumed they were being taken care of by another supplier.

Sunday afternoon, Morris returned to Raymond. Monday Jeff returned to Stonetown to resume school and Anita continued her job at channel 5.

They all thought about how funny life could turn out and how you never know when you might get lucky!