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Black guy vs girls hot xxx
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Chapter 1 It has been 3 weeks since I turned 18 and only 1 since I finished my course on how to be a PA (personal assistant) I've been to a few interviews since then but haven't really liked any of them, except the one I went to this morning. A fairly small law firm, the owner Charles interviewed me and seemed like a really nice guy.

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flirty blonde babe scarlett sage loves big cock I woke early this morning excited for the interview. After my shower I stood in my room looking into the mirror trying to decide wat to wear. Stating from the bottom I decided I need to wear high heels as the make my legs seem longer (not that they aren't long already) with a thin pair of black stockings to bring out the shape.

Obviously I would need to wear a skirt with it, looking through them I decided on my white and pink one. A nice shirt should go well with this I thought. Finding a white shirt was easy enough, and it showed off my average size breasts quite well.

With all the clothes laid out on the bed it was time to choose the underwear. After throwing out most of it I find a cute matching g string and bra that's white with pink lips all over it. I slip them on and get my makeup done and do my hair up in a high pony tail, it still comes halfway down my back.

After putting the rest of the outfit on I stand and look in the mirror. Perfect. Cute but sexy but conservative. Ready just in time to leave. As I walk into the offices I can't help smiling as the men leaving turn to have a look at my ass, which I'm very brazzers new upload porn story 2019 of, perfectly round and not to big in my opinion.

The receptionist calls Charles to let him know I'm there and only a minute or two later he is there to take me to his office. The interview starts off with all the normal questions like where I'm from, what I've been doing and things like that.

Once we done with all the introduction questions he moves onto the ones related to the position I will be filling. He asks about love interests which I don't have at the moment, if I'm willing to work late and travel which being a single girl living alone I don't mind. A few more questions and he ends off with saying that because of the work he does, he is at work a lot and travels a lot, more often than not I'd be with him when this happens and as such I'd see him more often than his wife and children.

He proceeds with asking if it's a problem or if it's a problem that while traveling that I'd be his "date" for any events that he had to attend? My answer of course was not at all.

He says that I'll know by the end of the day and off I went. As I was unlocking my door I get a call on my cell, its Charles letting me know I've got the job, on condition of the dress code he forgot to speak of in the interview. I had to wear high heels, skirt, and shirt every day, with stockings being optional.

Also my hair had to be tied up, he said either a pony tail, bun or pigtails he said with a laugh. Since this was mostly what I had I agreed and settled that I would start the very next day.

I woke on Friday morning bright and early eager to start my new job. I went through my closet looking what to wear. A simple shirt and pleated skirt with knee high socks and heels is what I choose. After breakfast and my shower I headed to my draw.

Opening I dropped my head.

With all my excitement of getting the job I forgot I had no clean underwear left in my draw. Scrambling around I tried to find something to wear but there was absolutely nothing. "O well" I sighed to myself "I'm definitely not wearing dirty ones so I guess I'll just have to wear none" I did my makeup and hair in the nude and got dressed into my chosen outfit. Looking at myself in the mirror I looked like a schoolgirl. A smile crept across my face as I undid my pony tail and did my hair up in pigtails.

I walked into the office and headed straight to Charles. He already had 3 coffee cups on the desk showing me he has been there awhile. "Morning sir" I said as I entered his office.

"Morning" he replied not looking up from his papers. I gathered the dirty cups and plate from his desk and took them to the kitchen. Upon my return he was leaning on his desk waiting for me. He looked me up and down as I entered and smiled. "Looking good today aren't you" causing my whole face to turn red.

"Let's get started" He showed me where my office is. A nice little one with a door leading directly to his office. We went around to the other 5 staff members that were basically drooling as I left them. He introduced me to the receptionist, a pretty lady named Sophy.

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Charles had me do several things during the day to help me get into things. After I got him his lunch he told me he brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy going to be working late tonight and I needed to stick around. He gave me a few boxes of files and said that I was to file them alphabetically for the rest of the afternoon. I looked at the time and it was almost 8pm. knowing that Charles hadn't eaten yet I took it on myself to order two pizzas.

Once they arrived I entered his office and headed to the small coffee table in front of the sofa. As I started to bend to put the food down I said "dinner's ready sir" taking my time in bending so that he could get a good look at my ass.

He came and sat on the sofa motioning for me to join him. "You are so sweet, I'd never remember to eat if I didn't have you" This one statement and I could feel how red my face went.

Once we were done with the food Charles said "won't you be a dear and poor me a drink sweety?" I slowly lifted myself from the sofa and went to the small bar across the room and did as requested returning with two drinks. We chatted casually over the drink but once it was done he requested another for each of us and he returned to his work.

I watched was he was doing while we finished another 3 drinks after the first. I decided I needed to sit down for a few minutes so headed back to the sofa. I remember sitting back and feeling my eyes get heavier as I got more comfortable. I was out cold.

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I began to stir because of something shaking me slightly. Still quite tipsy it took me a moment to notice that someone was holding my pigtails pulling my head back and forth cause the shaking.

It took me another moment to realise this movement was also making something go in and out of my mouth and occasionally entering into my throat. Charles was fucking my mouth while I was passed out. As I realised this I also noticed that even though I was out I was still sucking gently. Thinking to myself "o shit, how did I get myself into this. I need this job and if I stop him right now I'll get fired." I decided to let him carry on.

He carried on for about another 10 minutes before I felt him pull out. A moment later I felt his warm cum squirt on my closed eye. Another squirt covered my lips with a bit going into my mouth that was still slightly open, another onto my cheek and nose, then more on my eyes and several into my hair.

I opened my eyes slightly to see Charles above me with his eyes closed and his cock in his hand pointing at my face. I closed my eyes again. I felt his hand gently rest on my breast and start squeezing it. A moment later I felt the other on my leg, rubbing its way between my legs and then up.

After a few minutes his hand left my breast as the other hand found my pantyless pussy. He started rubbing my clit and moaning. Daring to open my eyes a little again I saw him above me, eyes closed again while rubbing his cock.

Not knowing wat to do I just lay there hoping it would end soon, but I wasn't so lucky. I felt the sofa dip as he climbed over me, opening my eyes again all I could see was his ass in front of my face. I open my eyes fully just as he moved my shirt and slid his cock between my breasts, and once it was in nicely he bent over and started to suck on my clit. WOW what a feeling, like nothing I had ever felt before.

Well considering that I'd never let anyone touch my pussy before. I lay there enjoying the intrusion on my pussy and his cock pumping between my breasts.

I lost track of time as this continued but remember feeling his cock twitch just before I felt what I knew was his hot cum being release between my breasts and down onto my stomach. This feeling resulting in my biggest orgasm I had ever had and me passing out. I woke the next morning almost falling off the couch. I sat up and looked around to see I was all alone.

I stretched feeling the dry cum on my stomach, breasts and face crack as it was all dry. Remembering what happened last night I raced home. I climbed in the shower and spent the next hour teen shakila asti gets nailed hard and facialized myself and thinking about what happened.

Eventually I climbed out and lay on my bed soaking wet and fell asleep again. I woke up to the ringing of my phone, answering it still very sleepy the voice on the other end said "Claire, its Charles, I need to go out of town tonight and need you with me. We leave in 3 hours"